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The People's Journal
...The Story With
A Sequecl...
i And now, Hot," announced the
Rising Young Writer, tilting back in
his chair from the table and conliden
tially addressing the ink receptacle,
" we come to the end of the story."
" The beautiful princess has boon
rescued; the primce has undergone as
many hnir-breadth escapes as we can
really afford to throw in for $8, and the
naughty ogre has been killed off by
partaking of a box of poisoned dragons
sent anonymously through the mails.
An up-to.dato touch, that last, Botty,
my hoy.'"
'l'ho container of writing fluid re
mlainling. unresponsive, he continued:
" Sonie folks say, Mr. Bottle, that a
writer always pictures in his hero him
self, but I doubt that, I guess my
heroes are nosliy composite creatures,
with just enough of me in their make
up to furiish thew with mlovable joints,
so to speak, at the knce: and elbows.
' But I'll tell you who poses for my
villiains---all of them,'' declaimned the
it. Y. W., with vchelence. " Mr.
I)onnis Q. Smith, commonly called
Donny. Fate tried to conceal him, I
suppose, but I wish she had gone far
enough to iive him i or'n in i settle
Inent ofl the railroad it, A fghaanistan,
and made Afuhanistan an undiscover
ed islandl, tuni instigated ;internaational
laws against cxplurin,. Denny is a
sniing,' good-taturcd clapll), too, and
I could like him were he not fool enonulh
to see the good 1ualties in O th'iI I
like, and to carry his au(acitv to the
point of lking, her also.'
Nothing being forthcomin., froin the
insensate vial, the Ii. Y. W. kept it
up, with much sat isfact ion.
S Iut let hlirn Siile ani situle-h
ahvays he my villains. lie'. been it'
hard-hearted usurer, that turned out
the widows and (rphais in the C(ld,
cold snow; he's been the "alithless iaw
yer that destrotyeI the will and left the
rightful heir nothin:; but as mournin'.;
ring and starvation. lie's coniittaed
every dlastardly deed from treasoil and
arsonl to boltinc' the traight I'rol i
tion ticket; ail'i in1 our l' ''- t Mat,
lot, I've mlade him the ho(rribl- otri ,
a fiendish outcast, antI eaarri'd hitis tde
r'ationl to such a deree as to make lamalt
opposed to the higher critici"nt, and1 mn
dmagrace with the administlration.
" I've heaped indignity, 'ntilttumely
tanl insult upton him. I've male himt
at Victim of inovin accidents by fiehl
aal1 flood. I've slhiiledI him off this
mlortall coil by every kn( wni means fritim
the wheel aII ra'k to ch( kin, to leath
n) a col1arh button, notwithslttuliing
which I invariablylI iu(i hiti occupl)yii'
1n-r front stepts orI imarlr .4t06z o' night-'
"Iiut niever, miriit, I it. I'in 'ture
shie's mine
St w'hat calre I
'iiThough Smth hte n ighi:
i'll live for Nan
Fotr Nan i'll die."'
A knock came11 uipon1 the tdotor. Thel(
warbhler arose andl admiit teti, thecidhedly
to his Ainpjrisc andit di:rcomilture-, the
v'ery lady, I he sub ijeet of1 hiis impaltS
sioniedl (dity, and( obtject otf hiis affrectionis.
Pecrhaps he0 wi)Eondere ho v th ick the
woodlwork w.'15
'' Why , w~hait oin0 arth, Nan.-"' he
"I hauve somiethmig tt tell y-ou, D)ick,
replhed the y'oung lady', ini a toneC that
might have heen 11irmer.
"1 You must hav -('- I ut w.oni't you
" No, it. wrm't 1take btut a miinutc,
shen went on. " D ick, I'mn going to be
Now, "' I1)ek"' hwi ofteni imautginied
her telling' him- t his very thing, and(
himself nobtliy resigning her, acknow
ledginizI hi' OWn Utter uinwor'thmnesa,
wishing lhter joy, anid 50 oni. A quito
humian sort of picture, and one that
most lovers hlave sometimes conjured
up. Nevertheleas it. hit him hard, and
the onlly speech lie could frame was
the v'ery uromantic yet natural q ues
"You know-D)enny."
" Hut isn't this rather sudden?"
"\Maybe it is," 8sa(d the girl, half (d0
liantly, " btut his uncle dtiedl and left
him11 8101,00t0, and lie came and asked
m'u, and( 1 just couldln't stand thtt
factory any longer, and now I've
goit to go on) with it, for yesterday 1
<1luit. Antd you know, Dick, I never
said1 1 di't like him as well--as I
"I shouhl think you'd like him ten
thousand times as wel
" You nee'Ldn't talk that way, Dick."
"Well, then, $10,000 is no princely
fortu ne. 1 might make that much
eventually, wit,h a single story."
"Yes, Dick, yeu might, and I truly
hiopet you will-but Dick, you never
ha:ve; and( what Was I to (10?"
"~ Ten thousand dollars won't last
forever," he continued, ignoring her
gentle yet rankling reminder.
" No, but Denny is going to invest
part of it, amd open a printing shop
with the rest, and it will be a good
start for him-for him."
"Printinig shopi" lie sneered; "you'll
have a man of letters, after all, won't
" Now, Dick, you needn't talk like
that, At first I was going to write
you-after it was over - but that
seemed kind of sneaky, and i've al
ways been honest with you, haven't I
"Yes, Nan," he admitted, " you
" And you know that work room
was no place for me."
" It was not."
"And I had nothing- else. And I
would have waited for you, Dick, if
you had ever seemed able to get along
even if only enough to barely take
- care of me. It's not the moneyr, Dick,
though $10,000 Is a great deal.'
"Yea," lie said, "it is. Especially
to earn on the payment-on-publication
"And I couldn't stand it any longer.
V Dick. The heat, the dirt, the awful
noise-they were just driving me tk
death. And you know you've si<
yourself many a timo you wouldn'
blame me no matter what I did to go
away from there."
'I'm not blaming you," ho replied
'Hut I blame myself for-fio wha
has happened, for I know you hke
me, Dick, and 1 liked you, I'm sorry
It's just circumstances, Dick."
''Just circumstances, Nan."
'And Denny, he likes mue, too," sh
said, softly.
"Where is ho?"
''lo's waiting for me on the land
Dick went to the door and called t
him: '' Comie in here, Deniy: ['a
not going to have at thee, or anythinu
of that sort. Come on in."
Denny cane in and stoo<d mainly or
on foot, and gazed at the floor with al
much apparcnt absorption as if he ht
never previously seon any eonltrivanc<
of the kind. ItL was an enbarrassin%
situation and all three stood ill at ease
the girl particularly so.
A description of her probably wouk
be in order, but it makes no differencc
whether she had blue eyes and brown
hair or brown eyes and blue hair. Slt
was the one girl for each of these men.
or at least each thought so, which it
enough. As for her eyes, it would at
that moment have been diflicult to do,
termine their color, even had she hehl
them up, for by this tim they were
blurred and moist.
Flinally I)ick spoke: 'c Well, I sup
pose I ought to say something, I)enny.
I know you'll be good to her and all
that, because 1 guess you love her just
as well as anybody could. And I con
gratulate you on your inheritance, you
know. Wouldn't object to having
some kin of that kind myself, but I was
always careless about selecting my re
And then Denny muutteredl som
thing about '' thanks,'' and the girl
glanced at Dick, an<d somehow or other
the ,air of them stumbled out.
The Risimg Young Writer went back
to his table and for a long time he sat
there, while the shadow of the squat
ink bottle grew and grew :md lay across
the floor, a broad, black bar.
At last he gathered tie scattered
sheets of paper together and again
took up his p(en. " We must finish it
upt, Hot,'' lie said, '' for time, and the
day of issue, wait for no man.''
And so the prince cane to his
own,'' he read aloud as he wrote it,
'and marrlied the princess, 1111(1 they
livid thalpplly together ever after."
"Anid t hat, But,'' he said, putting
its the pen, 'I guess, is the end of
the story.''
The caie another knock upon the
dI":, but this time it swung swiftly
(pen. She did not onter, but stood
Iookim: at him in a way that he had
ntevrr .cen her look befo'e. Then she
mi ttl, -ver so slightly.
"Nl,yhe there's a sequel, Dick," she
A rttt'omple list of Membersm of
S A gutst Kohn, Cplumbia cor
Ie ndet of the News and Courier,
says~ there have been frequent requeste
for a compllete list of the memb)ers of
the new General Assembly. Candi
dastes, the advocat,cs or opponent.s of
certain pet measures, and( all sorts of
folks harve been wanting a list of the
miembecrs of the General Assembly.
No comiplet.e list has yet been publish
edl giving the names and addresses of
all of the members. Partial lists have
bleen published; one ias complete at
p)ossib)I was p)rinted mn The News and
Courier Septoember 8. After conlsidIer
able troub)le what is helieved to 1e ai
correct. and complcte list of members
of (lie new Assembly and their p)oCt
oflice addresses is here presented. The
roster is as follows:
Abyillo.-Senator, ,J. R. Blake,
Abbeville; Members, Maxey G.
Doiiald, Due WVest; J. D). Carwile,
Hlonca Path; NM. P. DeBiruhl, Abbe
Aikon.-Sonator, Wmn. E. JTohnson
Aiken; Members, G. R. Wobb, War
renville; Giasper L. Toole, Aiken; R
J. 'Wade, Oakwood; and ii. F. IIolman
Anderson.--Senator, ,J. K. Hood(
Atnderson; Members, J1. II. Loveritt
Ivy; G. A. Rankin, Equality; WV. P
Weight, Hlonca Path; M. P1. '1'rbble,
Andlersoni; S. N. Pearmian, Anderson.
IBamberg.-Senator, S. U. Maylld,
Doinmark; Members-Span n Dowling,
Bamberg; J. B. Black, Bamberg,
Barnwell.-Senator, Robert Aldrich,
Barnwell; Members, ,J. 0. P'atter
son, Barnwell; W. C. Smith, Willis
ton; RI. Hair Walker, Appleton.
Bieaufort,-Senator, Thomas T1al.
bird, Beaufort; Members, Cornelius J1
Colcock, Rtidgeland; Joseph Glover
Grahamville; J. C. Railey, Okatie.
Berkeley.-Senator, E. J1. Denma
Macbeth; Members, G. 11. Davis
Betheria; E. J. Doennis, .Jr., Macbeth:
S. W. Russell, St. Stepheni's.
Charleston.--Senator, George F.
Von Kolnitz, Jr., Chai leston; Mem
bars, Huger Sinkler, Rtichard S.
Whaley, Charleston; E. Mitchell Sea
brook, Edisto Island; Rt. M. L of ton
McClIelanville; W. Turner Logan, 1)
J. Baker, James E. Herbert, B. P'
Carey, Cha leston.
-Cherokee.--Senator, Thomas B3
Nitler, Gafney; Members, W. J. Kir
by, Gaffney; W. Judson Sarratt, Sar
Chester.-Senator, P. L. Hardin
Bascomville; Members, J. M. Wise
Hlalselville; W. B. Strong, Cornwell
Arthur L.. Gaston, Chester.
Chesterfield.-Senator, Edward Mc
Iver, Cheraw; Members, George K
Laney, Chesterfield; and W. P. Pol
lock, Cheraw.
Clarondon.-Senator, W. C. Davis
D)avis Station; Members, J. HI
Losesne, Manning; Ralphs D.el
Champs, Pmoewood; John C. Lanham
Colleton.-Senator, J. E. Peurifoy
Walterboro; Members, J. W. Hil1l
Cdttagevilloe; W. Rt. Fox, Osborne
.Wm. Bennett, Smnoak's.
Darlington.-Senator, George W
Brown, Darlington; Members, J. RL
Coggeshall, D)arlington; Gen. W~. E
James, Palmetto; IR. 0. Parnell, Dar
Dorchest.er.-Senator, T. W. Stan
land, Suimerville; Members, C)yru'
I W. Minus, Harleyville.
t Edgelled.-Sonator, John C. Shop.
t pard, Edgoeold; Members, Thomas
II. Itainsford, Edgeflold; J. W. Devore,
Florenc.-Senator, J. Willard Rags
t dale, Florence; Members, Walker B.
I ause, Coward's; John M. Humphrey,
-Cartersville; J. Wash. King, Ebenezer.
Fairfiold.-Sonator, Glenn W. Rags
dale, Winnsboro; Members, W. J.
JJohnson, Rlidgeway; C. S. Ford, Asa;
Thomas W oodward Traylor, White
Georgetown.-Sonator, Le Grand
Walker, Georgetown; Members, May
ham W. 1yatt, J. W. Dgar, George
Greenville.--Senator, Alvin II.
Dean, Greenville; Members, Lewis
Dorroh, Greenville; B. A. Morgan,
l Greenville; J. O. Wingo, Campobello;
G. W. Richardson, Fairview, or
Cooper's Creek; W. L. Mauldin, Green
Greenwood.-Sonator, T. M. Gaines,
Gaines; Mcmbers, David I. Magill,
Greenwood; J. Ham Brooks, Cam
bridge; P. 13. Callison, Callison.
IIamlpton.---Senator, E. Frank War
ron, Hampton; Members, T. Ilagood
Gooding, Hampton; J. P. Youmans,
Brunson; G. M. Buckner, Ridgeland;
'T. O. Middleton, Scotia.
Ilorry.-Senator, J. A. McDermott,
Conway; Members, Jeremiah Smith,
Conway; ). S. Hlarrelson, Loris.
Kershaw.---Senator, J. T. Hay,
Camden; Members, Mendel L. Smith,
Camden; J. G. Richards, Jr., Liberty
L,ancaster.-Senator, W. C. Hough,
Lancaster; Members, T. Yancey Wi1
alllam, Lancaster; O. W. Potts, Pleasant
Laurens.-Senator, O. P. Goodwin,
Laurens; Members, W. C. Irby,
1aurens; Rt. A. Cooper, Laurons; R.
W. Nichols, Tumbling Shoals.
Lee.-Senator, Thomas G. McLeod,
Lynchburg; Members, It. Frank Kel.
ley, B3ishopville; George M. Stuckey,
Lexingtou.---Senator, W. H. Sharpe,
Edmunds; Members, John B. Towell,
Batesburg; ). Frank Efird, Lexing
Marion.--Senator, James Stack
house, Marion; Members, J. C. Mace,
Marion; J. F. Stackhouse, Little Rock;
Dr. J. E. Jarnigan, Toby.
Marlboro.- -Senator, C. S. McCall,
Bennettsville; Members, D. D. Mc
Coll, Jr., Bennetteville; Welcome
Quick, Clio; J. P. Bunch, McColl. ,
Newberry.-Senator, George S.
Mower, Newberry; Members, Arthur
Kibler, Newberry; Elbert A. Aull,
Newberry; John F. Banks, Sligh's.
Oconee,---Senator, E. L. Hernion,
Walhalla; Members, Dr. E. C. Doyle,
Seneca; W. M. Brown, Oakway.
Orangeburg.--Senator, Thomas M.
Raysor, Orangeburg; :Members, E. L.
Culler, Raymond; Adam H. Moss,
Orangeburg; W. A. Tatum, Cope;
Robert Lide, Orangeburg; D. Oscar
HLerbecrt, (rangeburg.
Pickenis.-Senator, C. 11. Carpenter,
Pickens; Members, Matthew Hlendrix,
Table Mountain; J. A. Hinton,
Richland.--Senator, J. Quitman
Marshall, Columbia; Members, .John
1'. Trhomas, Jr., Columbia; John Mc
Master, Columbia; Lodie M. Rawlin
son, Congarce; Lewis W. Hlaskell,
Saluda.-Senator, Banks L. Caugh
man, Mount Willing. Senator Caugh
man has been nommnatedi as railroad
commissioner and his successorlhas not
yet been named in the special primary
that is to be held. Members, Edgar
Reedy, Johnston; Dan'l Peurifoy,
Saluda, C. HL.
Spartanburg.-Senator, D). E. Hly
dlrick, Spartanburg; Members, S. T. D,
Lancaster, Pauline; Horace L. Bomar,
Spartanburg; L. C. Blackwood, Spar.
tanburg; F. C. Bates, (Clifton; X. D.
Edwards, Martinsville; J. M. M yalley,
Sumnter.-Sonator, Richard L. Man
ning, Sumter; Members, Altamont
Moses, Sumter; J. A. Clifton, Jr.,
Sumter; T. 1B. Fraser, Sumter.
Union.--Senator, J. T. D)ouglass,
Union; Members, A. Cole Lylos,
Carlisle; H. C. Little, Kelton.
Williamsburg.-Senator, A. HI. Wil.
liams, Lake City; Members, Thee 13.
Gourdin, salters; W. L. Bass, Lake
City ; P. 5. Wall, Scianton.
York. --Senator, J. Steele Brice,
Yorkville ; Members, J. E. Beamguard,
Clover; J. Rl. Hhailo, Fort Mil;P.D
The atomach is a larger factor in "life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness"
than most p'eople are aware. Patriotism
can withstand hunger but not dyspepsa.
rhe confirmed 4ya
peptic "Is fit for
treason,' atratagems
andI8 poIls." The
, mnwho goes to the
with a -weak atomneh
will be a wea
soldier, and a fault
A sound stomach
.- makes for good citi
zenship as well as
for health and happi
ness. ..
Diseases of the
stomach and othet
organs of dig es.
tion and nutrition
a r e promptly anda
nrmanently cu r ed
bythie use of Dr.
Perce's Golden Med
ical Discovery. It
builds uip the body
with sound flesh and
"After I received the
adce which you gve ie in regard t tny
ulik tree ieu [timore, Maryland," gJu.ed
yone~ 'Golden Niedical DIscovery* eccomIg to
dtira etionms. After using four btte I considwred
my~self cured, as I have not felt any yntoms
since. Usnd 'tried almost 11remedt tat I
heard of that were good for dyppaia, btwith
oat relicef Finally, I b,ec~qiilIcouraged, and
warote to you for advice, wth the above esnit."
*The dealer wl.i ;ofers a substitute for
the "pIqecovery* is only seeking to make
the lttle more fio1t realiked on the sale
of leasi rneritork$l prprationis.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser Is sentfret on receipt of stamp.
to pay 'ezpense of mailing only. Send
21 one-cent statnps for the paper covered
book, or 31 stamps for the cloth boundl.
IAdd4ess Dr. R. V...Pierce. Duffalo, -N. Y.
Barron, Rock Iliil; F. P. McCain,
Rock Hill.
Mr. Barron is just now taking a
special course at the South Carolina
College, Columbia.
Sometiiig About the Most Per
feet Farints in the South-Make
Money for the State.
The board of directors of the poni
tontiary, the Governor, Superintendent
Grifllth and some other State oillcials
intended to make an inspection of the
State farms this wook, but, owing to
the fact that other public business de
manded the attention of some of the
oflicers, the trip was postponed until
next week.
Those farms are situated partly in
Sumter and partly in Kershaw, but
few people in the State realize the ex
tent of the operations carried on.
There are about 2,400 acres in the two
farms, one being known as the " )o
Saussuro" and the other as the "Reed"
farm. They consist of upland and
fertile bottom lands, besides woodland
and uncleared swamp.
The farms are divided into two equal
tracts, and seventy-five convicts are
assigned to work each, making about
sixteen acres for each convict to culti
vato. Systematic methods are used,
and to this is due much of the great
results accomplished, making these
farms splendid object lessons to every
farmer in the State. Most of the con
victs are negroes, the whites among
them being composed of mechanics de
tailed especially for that kind of work.
Convicts are not shackled, but there
have boon few attempts to escape.
My Lunqgs
"An attack of la grippe left me
with a bad cough. My friends said
I had consumption. I then tried
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and it
cured me promptly."
A. K. Randles, Nokomis, Ill.
You forgot to buy a bot
tle of Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral when your cold first
came on, so you let it run
along. Even now, with
all your hard coughing, it
will not disappoint you.
There's a record of sixty
years to fall back on.
Three site*: 25c., Sc., S1. All druggists.
Consult yor doctor. It he says take it,
then do as he says. It he telln o not
to a ke it, then don't take it. lne knows.
Leave it with him. wr, aro willting.
J. O. AYER CO., Lowell, Mass.
-00. eiee a, you deot L500t
acoman ode.Ths s hedof
rens)S C
OGrUNeenvillNo,GAN. fo
o anesonth ,Pre hnonly,50,*0.0 n 7.
Prac. Deine al yourdts. Att.nd toa
aucminys rdrotpl. Ti saed
anyaolersrmd for Lspot ie,h
Wrie for termers
1Mc&O20 MRET T.,ARLEsT. O,K La
rena,Snnt ofCutyPrdc.r
Greenfulloied, Po. ty,(gs,&c
is paed in b arroi nxsfor
conr tr aeciat.
O rdi erC T. Yo uth Caih
from,c and ship your AProd toa
R.hT.rDniels. Lesli,
Whlsl n eaFish and roduco
Order Your Fsh
from, and p y s routor
frm T Ter Dais &. Chalon,
8.W.osale ndlumbia Fish and rdce
Co~IGS., Columbia'ro, S. C. wiet
them for price list.
The mon are required to strictly ob
servo all rules, but humanity was the
guiding principle in making them.
They have to work hard, but there are
no complaints as to cruelty on the part
of the managers. Only 200 acres on
each tract is devoted to cotton, the
other crops raised being corn, oats,
wheat, rye, sugar cane, potatoes,
pumpkins, forage crops and garden
The yield of cotton is estimated at
200 bales to each farm, a bale to each
acre. Thore are 000 acres of corn on
each place, the yield estimated at 10,
000 bushels. There are gathered and
threshed 6,000 bushels of oats and
2,000 bushels of wheat, There will
also be 2,000 gallons of syrup and
2,000 bushels of potatoes made to each
farm. On one farm these crops have
been estimated at even higher figures
-15,000 bushels of corn being the
estimate by experienced farmers.
The equipments of the two farms
are nearly identical. There are both
steam and wind powor, and much time
and labor are thereby economized. A
saw mill, planer, ginnery, can mill,
thresher, shredder, hay press, pea
huller, etc., are driven by steam
power on both farms. There are also
tools and wood shops for needed re
pairs and building. The corn shredder
furnishes an additional and valuable
lesson in farm economies.
The crops this season are splendid
and the yield will be large. Most of
the crop is used in the support of the
penitentiary, but a large surplus is
sold, enabling the institution to turn
money into the treasury rather than
daw it out. Numerous efforts 'have
been made in the Legislature to sell
these farms and thus take the State
out of business and in competition
with farmers, but the financial results
to the State have been so good that
such measures have never succeeded
in passing.
Superintendent Grillith has paid a
great deal of attention to this branch
of the penitentiary management, and
when the statistics are available for
the legislator to peruse, he can feel
just piide in the showing made.
Josie Carson Squires, a daughter of
"Kit" Carson, Fremont's famous
scout, is dying in New Mexico.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
couragcs and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
-_ . and cheertuluess soon
ty ' disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
-' or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
-rn -cld th ates too often, if the
urin scldstheflesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized, It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mail ~
free, also pamphlet tell- nome ot Swamrp-noog.
ing all about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured, In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, 12. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
There is
in using goodi
D OE paint.
For beauty,
-economy of
coverin)g aur
face, use *
Masury's Paint.
Leading Paint on the market.
Sample shades snt FR XE.
Write for estimates I
Lime & Cemnent Co.,
charleston, - - 5. C.
All Kinds of Builders Supplies.
J. E. Bloacis, President.
TIn1tEl TiABLlE No. 2.
*&y-Supersedes Tfimeo Tlable No. 1. Ef
fective 12:0)1 A. M., Febcl. 1st, 1901.
Read Daown. Read Up.
No. 10. STlA TIONS. No. 9.
Mixed- Mixed._
10:40 a m......Lv. Pickenis Ar..:55 p m
10:45 a m...*Ferguon'~s....:45 p m
10:55 a m.....*Parson's... -80 p m
11:00 a mn......Arial's........2:25 p m
11:05 a mi..........*Mauldini'....2:20 p mn
11:15 a ....Ar Easley Lv..2:15 p mn
MiXc(' BTrATIONS. No. 1
4:0p m..Lv. Pickens Ar. :40ii
4:05 p m......erguson's.....6 :0 p mn
4:15 pm......arson's...6.. :15p m
4:20 p m........rial's... :10 p m
4:25 p m......auldin's.....0:05 p in
4:40 pm....rEa ley Lv...:00p m
*Flag Stations.
All trains daily except Sunday.
No. 10 Connects with Southern Railway
No. 88.
No. 9 Connects with Southern Railwa
No. 12 Cofmeets~ with Southern Railwy
No. 11 (0opnecte with Southern JRalway
4.For any information a 1 to
General Manager.
getable Pr~eparedionf&*A9
shmlating IeFoodandIle u t
Pnmotes DigestionjCkerfu
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Oium,Morphino nor Mineral.
Apetfecl Remedy for Constipa
lion, Sour Stomacn,uiarrnoca
nessand Loss OF SLEEP.
FnoSetnib Stgnature of
Owing to some' proposed chia
Carriapres, Surreys,
At an Absol
[Until our a is redueed. D)on't take'
self and I
Harness of all kInds at cost. 1
Jfones, andti various other makes of Bungj
KLudebakor and1 W4eber; as ce'aper' gra<h
Now Ia thme best seeson~I for selling veh~1ich
part, prfi or no profit.
Tesasoni for Mules mand IIorses is
yet. Itemiembotr, we paai no hotuse' rent<
do our own work. We w ill sell anythming.
anid kInd treatmenit to all. Whenom in
glad to see the pe(op)le whether they wish
Comrner Courit, River and Jac kson Stree
WALTE[~li W. WillTE.
We haundle
known to tihe trade and emple
to flinih
if you need anything in o.mr line a pc
with dleeigns ando prices to yonr home, T
prices. Sg-litN FEiNUING AND CO
Your's for trade,
If one full .ine of HARDWARE is
1, Our salesmen are out.
Coleman-Wagener IB
Attorney at Law.
Pickens. S. C,
Practice in all theCourts.
Offioo over Earle's DrugStore
Contractor and Builder
Plekeng, S. C.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
. In
lFor Over
Thirty Years
at Cost!
a thing.
'haetons and Wagons
ute Sacrifice!
our wvord for it, buCOt ema ad see for youir
'e c'arry' the llbonk, Courtland, Tiyson &
les4, &c., as st.rict Iii gh( Gradle Wagoina, t.he
the Owensboiiro, TaIylorI anid Chaitttanooga.
s of all1 k inids, a nd we ar ie going t:o sell our
iretty weli over but we hatve ai few bargainn
r clerk hire, owvn our own renository anid
we h4ave for ensh or p,ood1 paper. Polite
ireenvilio comeh andi see us. W3 are alU1ways
to iiuy or not.
a: & C o.,
all kind1s of
t.ho wvork.
stal eard1 with our address wvill bring a man
Ic hny in car lots and enni give the lowVest
TE & CO., Anderson, S. C.
sot better than any other, don't buy
Iardware Company,
Greenville, S. C. .
*Ollice over Addisons Drug Store.
Attorney at LAwv,
1.13 West Court St. UREENVILLER, 0,(
_Practice in all the COurts, S~t.ate ama
oral. a

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