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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULDIN ............. Editor
W. L. MATUINY.......... Bus, Mgr
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable
1Cutored at the Post Ofilee at Pickens as
second-class matter.
Thursday, November, 27, 1902.
Old debts are like barnacles
they impedo progress and work
decay, Got rid of them.
With the advantage already
gained through the year 1902, thc
next year ought to ho easy in com.
" w w
The man who has not saved corn
and wheat out of the 1902 crops
enough to last himii through I1903
fools lonesome if lho lives Jin Pick.
ens county.
? M "
A cotton mill for Pickens would
be a welcome addition. Thore is
enough money energy and ability
in Pickens to bring it. And it
will be a fact before many luonthr.
Whatever good may be said of
Pickens county, it is only a sug.
gestion of what Pickens county
will be if the people continue in
their present ways of industry and
M M *
'his week brings Thanksgiving
day in a year that has proven a
prosperous one to the people gen
orally, and all the people should
ho thankful for what they have
" * .
Piokons merchants are in foi
business. They treat customere
fairly, giving goods that are of thu
best quality at living prices, Thea
have worked hard this year an<
will take holiday this Thanksgiv
ing Day.
The Legislature will meet earla
in January. New members an<
those who have been returned wil
have a season of hard work an<
delicate duty trying to adjust law
to suit the varying demands o
the people.
* *M*
In planning for Christmas "goo<
times", don't forgot that self-do
nial now may mean an advan tag
later on. Better use somec of thi
surplus in charitably trying t<
help the needy than in induilging
self recklessly,
A man in Anderson hlistis
have solved the qjuebtioni of per
petual mfotion but he failed to giv,
uny explanation of his inventioa
So it has been with all men, ali
wanys, who have sought after th
Safe blowers follow progies
Thley cannot ply their trade wher
there is no hope of results. Tb
instance of the attempted robber
of the Liberty Bank sets all t
ways of carefulness in theo saft
keeping of their money and va:
Wheat sowing wals ilnterupte<
just as most of the farmers were ii
the midst of the preparation an<c
planting. Whleat is a profi tabhi
crop when the lands are prop)erl3
prepared. The yield of wheat ii
niot all the p)rolit, because hay fol
lows wheat, |and the lands5 gel
needed rest.
Greenville is Greenville again
with a new sensation every week,
and sometimes they come at thne
rate of two or t.hreo a day. Homi
cides break loose in epidoemic fash
ion occasionally. But Greenville
* ~ is a big town and one mlay expeoct
more erimie in a populous commu
When you come to Pickens,
drop down to see us at the rear of
MoFall's store in the Anthony
brIok building. There are some
old accounts we would like to ad
Just and in the adjustment we on.
* ly want to get matters straight
an S; waK s totetevrbd fair.
t..om in anasee t iou are
alvt issaweecose,
to te oonr...h
tolhe rdiyken Raloan ithoma
To lnoe it s manaemeofi theqto,I
is here to stay, the people mua
sund will support it.
~e a
there is for the country. ,hduca
tion is a force that is not moasured
by the visible botterment in the
individual, but inures to the
whole connunlity. Public funds
voted in aid of public oducat ioni is
money wol l spent. Every dollar
spot. in education wisely, hlp)1Is
every element in a community.
The churches of tho Method it
donominationt, so far' as we have
hoard, throughout Pickens coutity
are closing this fiscal year with
assosnents practically paid Up.
Church obligations ought to ho
considered eyon more hindling than
any, for how shall the people know
inloss the gospel is preachod and
how shall the preachers go unless
the b sont?
Next Miniday is salesdy. 'Thero
are seV(er1al valutable tracts of land
in (osirnble sections of' Pickens
OuMIty to ho 1)e disposed of on thatt
day b)y the Sherill', I'robateo Judge
and Clerk w hi ose ad1vert iemnts
appoar on the first piage of this
paper. lI'and them i aad it yOU
want a good home coml1 prepared
to bid.
i*n.. a aS;Ui
'1tI' Governor has (t iered a re
Witrtd for the capturo and Convic
tion of the assassin of Nero [al.
luns. The po0ople of section
spoke (tIot in mass meeting atnd
Voiced the 8o1tinents of tLe entire
country . All that the good p:'o
plo of Pickens c'olntty call do to
bring tho guilty party to justice
will bo done. In this crimao pub
lie sentimtent has boon outragcd.
Every good citizen has the burden
on his shoulders of seeing that the
law is vindicated.
It is just one month till Christ.
iats day. The crops are nearly all
gathered and most farmers h aVe
their wheat in the ground. I'repa
rations are already beginning for
the year 1903, and there is a good
month ahald to lay the founda
tion for good crops nex t. year. The
peoplo are ill good condition finan
cially and this Thanksgiving Day
will find them with pleuty whore
s they havo diligently worked and
f t iken advantage of their opportu
What hias been observed and
generally commen ted 01n b.y pee.
3 ple ini a p)ositionl to see and know
relative the bettered condition ol
the peop)le ot Pickens county by
reason of the beautifol crops gron-n'
in 1902 and the good piices re
ceived1 therefor, is also true of
other counties in South Carolina,
and more especially those coun
ties comprised within the Pied
Imont sectioni. This hai boon a
-good year, and ,19)03 wvill be an easy
a year in comparison.
.Dr. Chas. H. Utter, a prominent phy
.steiin, of Panama, Colombia, in a roeoul
laltter states: "Last March I had as mo
patient a youug lady sixteen years of
0 age, wvho had a very bad as tack of dysen
tory'. Everything I prescrib>ed fir hei
proved iuoffectual and she was growmpt
0 worso every hour. Her parents were
sure she 81 would die. She hadi~ becomo1( so
weaik thatt 81h0 conl not tunrn over ini
- bod. What to do stt this (:ritic'al mon
meltt was a stutdy for me)1, but I t houlght
.of (Chambiierlain's Coi ( Cholera00 114 aI )in
rhmoca Ilmedyland as. a last resort pro-.
scried t. heiost wVondelrful resnit
wai'ts effeted. Withint eight hour11s sltc
was feel ing mtuch hei ttr; 1isid1 of I tree
dlays sho was upioni hter feet anid t the'
en'1 of one week was enIt irely' well.
For stale by D)r, (1. W. Eaele.
T.he best phlysie---Chamberlint's St onm
ach and Liver Tablets. Easy1 to take
Pleasaint in effoot. For salho by Dra. (1O
WV. Ear'ie. _____
WOuropean Ornipeg In the South.
The United States impor~its every year
Jlirge Qulantitles of Euriop)eani gra pes.
Wvhich are so1(d 1mostly for table use. It
was believed that sonme of these v'arie
ties could be grown in the south, and
to test the matter a number of plant.
lngs wer'e madec there three years ago.
These grapes fruited one year ago, andI
the Indications are that somne of the va.
riee will be fchrnd valuable for our
Brief Mention.
It is estimated that there are 25 ,006
acr-es in olives in California.
.arasil. has demonstrated her capaci.
tShdtiter* favorable conditions, to 51,.)
k~the world with coffee.
-Speed the plow and be sure to plu
plety of cornt. Tott will need It all
befot.' the year is gone, r'eftiuke South
ern Cultivator.
A AITissipplmn who ha9 tried eas
saVa with great suecess recomniends
It heartily. It affords abundant and
cheap food for swine, horses, sheep and
Peanuats make an eteellent hay and
whben planted not exceeding eIght inch
es aat in the row the vines grow
lipright aild ean be readily out with a
tAisike clover is a jnarennial, and so
C t Will cover the grounkd by the time
that ted clover has run its cGuirat.
ot -her
Lest Reason After
Daughter Had Fre
quent Spasms.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Cured
Them Both.
Dr. Miles' Nervine is n specific *for nervous
disorders. It removes the cause and effects
a speedy and permanent cure.
"I feel it is my duty to let you know th.it
your medicines have cured ay little girl t'
nine,of spasms. She commenced having theit
at the age of three. Our family doctor sa:d
she would outgrow them but she did net.
We took her to another physican who said
her trouble was epileptic fits in a mild fotin.
lie did her no good eithet. She was so
nervous she could hardly walk. As I had
already usrd )r. Miles' Nci vi and foun.l
it a good remedy for my:,vi 1 cununcnted
giving it to miy child. I gave her in all ten
botttles of the Nervine and one of the ltltod
Purifier. [hat was over two years ago and
she has not had an atta.k s:nee we con
nenced the treatment. She is no lon cr
troubled with netrvousress and we cO.nsi let
her petrientlv cue i. I en:lose hier pt
hire. NIy iother-in-law lost her reasrtn and
was in-atie for three n nths frem the lffetr:
of 1.,G(:ppe. Six bottl s of I)r. NI t s' Net.
vine cured her. My sister has also taken it
1.i 2ick he.arlache with .go >d resits. We a'
thank you very inuch 'or your godl "nh
aInes and kind advice. I don't iiimik thete
is any t ther mIedicine half so t;oodl. I sei .
my daughter's plhotograph so that vi in.tv
see what a sweet little girl lives out in
.\rk..nsas.' -- MRs. IANNAII hi.\:KI I r,
Springdale, Ark.
All dltlrggists sell and ;'aa:,antee tist lot tie
Dr. Milks l'einedi's. 'e:dal t: tie 1,ok
finl Nei vtis and Il eat t I )rseases Address
Dr. Miiles Mledical Co., -I'.ahait, lud.
All pel'r)l.-o :vis ae l he b warnl'le t Iln t to
liut, fi'l, iip 'r. in :i1'v tither a'x:1
it it) SS man itl i:eilias. At\ I .Irltt of
his niotice' willit itr i:th l to the ful
!x tt iof ihe hiw.
'1'. ('. 11%)t)1I NSo N.
i ARKi BROS. & CO.,
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
MonmnenU ts,
and Iarkebj
Now in St:h tit
20 per cent
ess Ct'an usual price. We have
some exceiti")nal valtcs.
West End Store,
Neeley & Prince,
GIeneraI Merchandise.
Moss, J. M. Neeley and W. HI,
Prince have formed a part nership
inid bought the remaininig stock ol
I. D). Mr;oro at the West. End
Mtorn. TPhey will coint(inue to do a
eneral M\erchantidise business at
the sa tno standl, and will lay in a
fresh, new tupIply of goodsn wh.ich
ivill be offered at p)rices reasonlab)le
and to coinpoto with all doalers,
l'hey will carry a foil line~ of Gen
iral Merchandise. See themn,
ire the most fatal of all dis
SGuaranteed Remedy
>r money refunded. Contains .
emedies recognized by eml
~ent physicians as the best for
Cidney and Bladder troubles. a
PRICE 50c. and $1.00. fi
(your own '*lectioni) to everys sub
a icriber. Only 5 cenLlts a year.
4, bauiful olred ylatest lates
worl; s ;tIns tcS
da1 'C i um eah.,e lho
1-1-17West 31st St. NEW YORK.
Poley's Kidney Cure
inakes kidneys and bladder right.
o ?DiPOSIIT. it..lt. Vl? a s4
It b' $ehopin 'hu oli
#mft ok lln M
II i':'.- I \'o ' w e l l t t i
Wllt' 1 e t) r t lu' r i'n 'sti
,T a ,;t411s wv r boug'I1tiiI ini t't
th t lid aStoil, h.1 I. tle it' iauti
I~vfart h 1'~~ tit'1 l'it
o' ok tll) : 'v t tl;l I :l iltl. ( rv
We -Mw Yogi eih tr
til an co p4 'Jiiin.,an
h hIl i l " t i aSSOI t.td pal
ll II ch I ll w 1 rlO ., tbl ' m. 1
II)00 yarti )trlll :;ud lal .,i '.,
.I tlun .\e d litig s- f ob
$2. .e let nhall tirmes sul I
cIo .0 t and Co7. 50 .
B ig :\'! ' - 'tin n tii, l.ne r nd th
|," W e .' la s i na\ l'"a 1 Slit
Sht'les othi"s try1 to In:;''t t t I
liy far t o!r tc
Cook 6 t t Stv t i i' , G(ut
-.Pitts, Oib, anid nih .
and Swi,t's &oWh1at Gul
hO hi, owl. id'as o ta-!e and1 i
susits y. Whe 'V boughtu
1~S ondFI SunxSlel'r
' cot e lin c i4
WeTwi'h we ould thrach e
ot sweb ta tonks that way~
lways the hihet--o if yo bu
We eepa allk timeu ahfull li
resh Sasage,an Coge.an Frsh
A nic lin o ta tiary, b
---A%t ,R.'hec
i i
6 S 0
Ld in earnest, and the Big Store is elyini the largos
n1' l p'I)le ' f l'ieke s CO nlity Ot of the bst tradiu(g (
at !tock to oi' thlre largr! stores (lily lar" its OUt ib
ion) th' Iargosi 810k of (eerial i\erchlal(iso that. li
n i1t,ln \withll our. ft l"our large 801es inl Not I -il ;-tul
Utur(it101 m11I WI have pr i"ce'd therin to knock out Ill so
LJntiI January,
ug l i'l il rrtr' of tfhe gI ; te.st 11g11y Saving opportul
;(' tyfour shut i'r.
'rn1S s ' Is or t'ts, oUt" pric1, 25e. 2000 yards O
al y' blit', eil Is Ilor. 85c our p1 ico, 50C 250() yards S
' ; l:Ill t l"'T e 'r "11 '''Itls. 'l()u vard('l .
- ll or O iv' cnt,l)O yards e
Cothing ! C
Suit II it yOlu will fit it. htre that uIls well, look
Cotno to us for \'our 'lothing. A nice clay wO1st)d
its t ll- $ .5c k inld oIly $" 5. All wool clay vorstc(
Our Millinery Department i;
I)'ottist styles that wo have over shown It is til
. .ess, Women's, Misses and E
I' 'f of Mlen's. Wouen's, Misses and Boys Shoe: at i
'lit tihey Can i do t.
r and Farming
'HardleIwia in the counltt.y. All kinds of turn plows,
. .le:n Chopprc:;, Cross Cut and'.1 Hand Saws, Carpot
\\ heat ..:vt 4un and we have a full supply of w
a ut. ()ur pac: is tot stmall to begil t tln u erato t
neces)il y. l>eh in livilu:ll wants something espe.cia
e had th') p(uliatii:: al:'l tastes of our custoiors inl
tbl. E" int o Eel ep,
c.a the &Ks .ublic to the
'%tWt shown at Mrs, Curetons. .
veryb)ody that e /<(ry :hin-ig is
ard1 that thec best candly is n t
ne of Hlams, Fish, Lard, Cottelene,
ChOee aulways ont hand.
ts, L ad and Slato Pencils, Slates
S8 (OUD T1I'11E TMENT- is our
" Paries ow
Don't put us of
Stoo) Late f.1'Them--. WO appl~
a and oIl those thinugs
>f thomn are suro to please. No -
satisfaction if yout buy your shoes
1arant eo oveOry shoo wo sell to give
ok ever shown in Groenville to seo.
Reginning Mc
SNESS Alsr' i
atty-stirred so thatSel t.
i in the right ohannoi200Sis
noshould be Invlgorate4no$138 $1
ay begin'hor.wok and ut ow~ 0
he eure!. stsnw$37~
r cure that cornptotety4does ,o7~. $p
injury to any-pigtoD the $51tSO
mphes free of anyp deaIqr, AlGosSl
season. aia 8o
now 12 3O,$1
suis ow$700
su-s nwL$D75
ays brisk
t trado in its history. When we planted our foot
enters in upper South Carolina and judging from
the statmienlt that we havQ fulfilled our promise.
s ever been brought to this part of the 'st'ato.
h Carolina in large quanties for spot cash at prices
-called competition, and from
1st, 1903,
ities that has over been known in this part of tho
uting good dress styles, at 4c per yard.
tandard Prints solls for 5c, our prico, 13c.
iocks good stiles at only 4cts.
hooting the 5cts kind only 4c.
A well, waros well and at 15 to 25 por cent cheaper
suit the ki.d you havO always paid $5.00 for only
the 1'0l(.0t' kind only $6,00. French worstod"from
Complete. A A
no you woro getting your fall hat
oys Shoes....
Literesting lices and when it colos to values in
Disc larrows, Disc Plows, Cultivators, Grain Drills
Iters tools, Piping, Belting, Builders Hardware,
heat t"ertiiizers, anlnomateCd goo_ls, acid phosphate,
he seasonable goods in each department. Each one
Ily suited to his or hor own neads. We have what
mind, the stock shows the influence of our purpose.
w Co.
Do .
You '
Suit ?
A Good Shoe or
A Stylish Hat?
We have just
a nice ne5w stock
of these and
a lot of other
New Goods
invite alli
to ce eand
,et us Have Our Money.
ing on account will please pay promptly this 1Fa11
l' longer.
>rt Cr'edit Makes Long Friends."
ciate your friendship.
---TO BUV-..
thing.and hats.
nday morning June 30th we offer our entire stock of
Boys and Chilids Clothing at
er Cent",DiscouInt off the Regular Price..
te at 83.1 per cent discount. No hat carried fromt lngt
no l$5.00 $18 00 units now *13.50. $1.6 50 units
.00 suits no $11. 25 $12.60 sui ts now $9.88. $10.00
$8.00 suits now $0.00. $6.00 euita now $f.50. *.00b
te-now 38 cents, 75 centu pants 57 cents $1
8$.75 an$6w$ 22,$ pants o$4Q.
or CASH. .Remember the Datg

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