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The Peoples' Journal.
T. J. MAUr,nrl, - - - Editor.
W. IaaLIE MATnENY, - 11us. Mgr.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising R-ites Reasonable.
Untered at the Post Office at Piokons as
seoond-olaan" Matter.
Thursday, March, G, 1903.
As will be noticed in the adver
tising columns of this paper, a
real estate agency has been organ
ized under the firm style of J. D.
Holder and Company. This firm
proposes to deal in real estate and
will not confine its operations to
the town of Pickens. In fact, the
object of these gentlemen is to con
duct a business through which
buyers and those who desire to sell
or exchange may be helped to sat.
isfactory and advantageous sales or
exchanges anywhere in Pickens
Thus organized, these gentlemen
will be in position to secure pur
chasers and place property on the
market to the advantage of those d?.
siring tosell. if you have land any
where in Pickens county, list them
with Mess. Holder & Co. under
contract that will be mutually sat.
isfactory and if there is an oppor
tunit.y to place them they will tini
a purchaser.
'Ihis is a concern that is worth)
of your consideration. It wit
prove a good thing for Pickens, Wt
believe, for in the course of thing?
it will naturally stimulate trade
and give to real estato tho advani
tage of proper advertisement.
This is the season when farmers
fret under the restraints of unset
tied weather--when every furrow
that is run and every li^k is struck
mean so much advantage to the
planter and counts materially in
work that must be done to kee;
the everybody busy whether th
sun shines or not.
We have enjoyed bounteous har
vests the past two years. Much o
this is due to better farming, anc
with the same methods equall:
good returns may be confidentl
looked for hereafter. Land. ac
being brought to a higher state c
cultivation; the people are plant
ing less acreage and cultivatin
their orops better; they aie takin1
care of their lands and their land
respond to good care in a way thas
justifies every care given to them
Let this be the best year of all
decided improvement on any w
have yet kniown.
The time of y'ear approachei
When survivors of the Con federat<
armies are wont to come togethei
tinder the auspices of Con federat(
Voterans Associations for the pur
p0se of paying just tribute to the
cause for which they fought and
to do honor to the distinguished
soldiership of their comrades who
felJ bravely lighting, died in hos
pitals or have passed away since
the memorable times of the sixties.
There are just and proper reasons
for assembling once a year, and to
the suiccess of such meetings the
women and youth of the country
ought and do lend their aid and
every possible encouragenmen t.
4demorial Day I What grand
feelings it inspires in the aged
soldier's breasti WVhat martial
spirit the thrilling rSeoltions of
those times avails as old soldiers
are gathered in groups to talk of
privations and hardships and
deathly struggles or as they lite
to the elojnent rehearsal of the
heroism and self-sacrifioe of those
days I
What touching pathos and pa,
triotlo fervor dominate as men
think of their honorable service
and of their comrades, equally
brave, who have passed from the
stage of acion I
What is more inspiring to young
and old alike than to see thegray
haired heroe. meeting, and to hear
hei* II1 of their parts int the
3tttwar of mnodern times?
*Ioquteno. is truer than
* wh ob ~iuifee the
truth of history and the facts of
Continued sacrifice?
It would be eminently appropri
ate to begin now and arrange for
the proper observance of Memorial
Day in Pickons. It could not fail
to (10 good, and the little trouble
it would cause would be more than
offset by the real pleasure it would
bring. Pickons people are willing
and always ready to contribute in
any reasonable way to a movement
like this. Lot us try it.
When you feel blue and that
everythin goes wrong, take a dose of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
'rablete. They will olcange and invigor
ate your stomach, regulate your bowels,
give you a rel h for your food and
make you feel that in this old world is i
good place to live. For sale by Dr. 0.
W. Earle and 'T. N. Hunter, Liberty
of the Union meeting to be hold with
Mountain Grove church the fifth
Sunday in March and Saturday be.
fore. Saturday at 10 o'clock a. m.,
devotional services by llev. J. M.
Stewart, thirty minutes.
Queries: Does not the spiritual
life in our churches often suffer for
lack of more rigid discipline? Open
ed by Hon. M. Hendricks.
Man's duty to man. Opened by
Iev. A. J. Manly.
Sunday morning.-Dovotional ser.
vices by ltov. J. E. Fostor, thirty
What is a Christian church? Op
ened by lRev. J M. Stewart.
Is the spiritual growth of our
churches to bo tmeasured by interest
manifested in Missions? Opened by
J. T. Taylor.
Let the churebsr send full delega.
tions, and brethrcn of sister churches
are cordially invited to attend and
participate in tie mi1eeting.
.ary List.
The followin ; is the list of Grand and
Petit Jury dra+wn to serve at the ent,u
iug term of court whieb eogvenes the
third Monday, with Judge H. 0. Purdy,
G;RAND) Jt'nons .
Ed Garrick. E E Mauldin.
J 1) Holder. W It Lawrence,
W W Aiken. C E Hamilton,
F 13 Morgan, J 1) M Keith,
W W lord. Gideon M D)vnch,
W Austin l;.lggs. John E Holden.
I I, Clayton. W Ed Hendricks,
J P Fendley. Wm M Trainum,
J Silas Williams. David L Kay.
W F Johnson, J Lucien Hendricks,
J Craig H,uward, Fred Williams,
A W Palmer, Geo W Holcombe,
W V Clayton, J T Hitt,
. . J E Brown,
8 nm,
SW G Hendricks, Eia ice~r
W W Hammond, Fedn ei
W T Bates, 30Cmpol
D A Tompkins, floss Moon.
To All Stockholders of State Allanci
Exchange In Plckens County,
The following certifiuat.es of
SStock issued by State Alliance
Exchange are not in the hands 01
-County Trustee Stock holder This
is to notify any person holding
said certificates to send them tc
mue at once at Roanoke, S. C. If noi
received in thirty days fron
March 1st. I wil apply to the
ofilicere of the Exchange foi
Sduplicates Tbo object of this
e proceeding Is to collect money
from exchange paid by this Co.
and return same to the origitial
Tlhe missing certificates arei
Cross Plains, one share; Httl2ters,
one share; Glassy M~ountain, onie
share; Maynard, one sharer Mile
Creek, one share; P'etets Creek, one
share; Cedar Rock, one share ; Lib.
erty, one-half share.
Countee Trustee Stockholder.
Tho seratchm of a pin may cause the losq
.a limb or even death when blood
poisoning results from the injury. All
danger of t his raay be avoided, however,
by promptly applying Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. It is an antiseptic and quick
healing liniment for cute, bruises. For
sale by U. WV. Earle's and T1. N.
Hunter, Li berty.
The best physic. "Once tried and ycu
will always use Chamberlain's Stomach
and Live-r Tablets," says William A.
Glirard, Pease, Vt. These Tablets sre
the most prompt, most pleasant and
most reliable cathartoc in use. For cale
by Dr. 0. we Earle and T, N.
Hunter, Liberty. _
The L.oot 3e..
"I've lest moy war." a brows be. 5S84
"And when I think it @oer
The proper path, I fancy, 1.6
Aerosa the 6.1d of cloer,
lt was a pityv, such a pity,
Sadly did he sigh~,
"To rn astray on such a dap
3ehind a buttefly,
"1 fanoted one so finaty drese
Wa full of noble lear'nhag,
And so within his path I ProMme
And followed every ttering,
bnow I'm weary, faint and We.Ne
Bat did he sh.
A thount the cot .f haee ts
ht shado oe
Ahronh a uany garden strapii
It mad e me sewr.yey er.
-To i.av..Sueh .ws,a
Dehind a bottoray, o appy S0were
"fit. now I th1ata oa
I uite suere the kya
tht eld of
heemt ten
Women as Well as Mei
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble pr4ys upon the mind, di
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vig
,.., and cheerfulness so<
: ~disappear when the ki
neys are out of ord
. ,or diseased.
Kidney trouble h
.t - become' so prevale
that it is not uncomm<
for a child to be be
afflicted with weak ki
neys. lithe child uri
. . ates too often. if tl
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the ehi
reaches an age when it should be able
control the passage. it Is yet afflicted wI
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the fir
step should be towards the treatment
these important organs. This unpleasa
trouble is due to a diseased condition of tl
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made ml
erable with kidney and bladder troubi
and both need the same great remed
The mild and the immediate effect
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is so
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mail '
free, also pamphlet tell, Home of aw.pR
ing all about it, including many of t
thousands of testimonial letters receiv
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilm
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure a
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but rememb
the name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmei
Swamp-Root, and the address. Binghamto
N. Y., on every bottle.
The 1). A. Cooper Home Place, eo
taming forty seven (47) acres, lying
milea north of Packetns Court House
the Saafras road. About 40 aer
clear,'d, the renauinfi 7 acres well tir
bered. School houso within oneo mil
Good wheat and con mill within o
mile. Well watered, land level and
good condition for cultivation. On
acres of this land in 1902, were ma
three bales of notton nd 219 bushels
Salh must be effe ted AT ONCE or tl
same will be witihdrawn from the mark
A good opportunity to buy a nice hon
in a good settlement. Terms reasonabli
Good Tit les. Apply to
T. J. Mauldin,
Ivy M. Mauldin.
All persons are herahy warne
not to hunt, fish, trap or in in
other way trespass on any of m
lands. All persons are also not
fied that trespass of any nature <
kind on any of my lands by stoc
fowls or any other dotnestic an
male is absolutely prohibited, at
the owners thereot will be prosect
ed if they willfully violate th
i Notice to Trespassers.
All persons are hereby warn
not to hunt, :fiih, out timber
trespass any of our lands in a
way, without express permishi
from us or either of us. This n
tIce i8 given as warning aigult
trespassers and any violation
the same will be prosecuted to t
full extent of the law.
f26t4 13. P. Kelly,
W. J. K elly.
All pera ns are hereby warn,
not to harbor, shelter or assist
any way my 601n, Carey Lawren<
Hie has left me without my conag
Joter Lawrence.
Resolutions Board of Directo
Liberty Cotton Mills,
Liberty, 8, C., Feb. 9, 1908
At a meeting of the Board of Direots
of the Liberty Cotton Mills held to.d
the following resolutions wore adopt.<
R ESOLVED i 1st. That a mieetl
of the Stock-holders of the Liberty C
ton Mills be bold at the offiee of the Co
pany on
at 2 o'clock, p. m. for I
purpose of considering the propositi
of increasing the capital stock of as
Corporatiotn from 8100,000 to 8175,01
aend of adding to the equipment of t
plaut sunficient buildings and machine
to make the total equipment 10,000 sp;
die. and other necessary machinery.
2nd. That tihe notice of the tin
place, and purpose of suich meeting, a
t4ne amount of said increase of ce.pi
stock be published in the People's Jos
nail once a week for four coneeou i
weeks prior to Mare.h 6, 1908.
3rd. That t be stook-holdera of re
on above date shall lhave preferece
taking such increase of stock in prop<
tion to the amount that they may th'
Pres & Tre.
Oounty of Piokens.
By 3, B. Newbery, Ewquilr.., Probal
WH~TEREAS, Augus ta 4
VI' Higgins made suit I
me to grant her Letters of Adminita
tion of the Estate and effedte of 8, U
H e~s; deceased
s r theeore to cite aod admotb
tah all and singthlar the kindredI aub
oreditore of the said 8. (1. Ritggin
deceased, tbat they appear ' tore me Ii
the Court of Probate, to be he1 d t ko
ens Oouart House, 8.0C., on thn 19th
of Mta,@h 1908, after publication hereol
at 11 o'oRook in the forenoon', to shei
cas,i n hhare, why the est,
AdminIstaton ooid not he gnted,
Grv2lf under my hand audesa, taa
or Never beforo have we l)e--n
>on ats wt. are now.' A trenotitlot
er Cot tln Ilarrows, (Unano )istribu
want along this line.'you Will fiund
- Anoth(.r Shipment of the fan
le received. There is no quostioi a
I Star Leaders ing their own pr is,
to FAl11 BELLS-Thoro is no
*i bell and every thing will work lil
nt This is 1i1d-s.-ison in our Dr
ti fering many bargains int brokezi I
a to inspect this (,partm111ent.
Shot 6
.s ("We Have a
IIv * Wiil Sc
Far i supllies, Blacksmith 14
Easley Ha
Foley's Kidney Cu
stakes kidneys and bladder rigJ
Th. ceat highw,
is Excellent Service Quic
An Trip to a Pt
Travet va T H E
The Finest Dining-4
oa e,..rasa.w...... .....
0- '-SUM--- ,s -"C-.
SWatches, Clocks, Sewing
I: chines;.
o PhonIograpihs and Sple o a
m- regulation pnees.Sppisfral
on Always on hand.
bid Private and Public mitsical enterta
X0, monta given on short notie.
he Sewing Macijines, NeedlJes for all:
,ry chines and tluest Sewing Machine oil
LI- wa.ys on hand. New parts furnished
fitted at short notice.
SBIeyeles.Pairs andt Finidlngs.
. Rspair work done in all the ah
-linets---25 years experience.
ye T'Watebes for RlIailroad Service
rd I cain make it to your interest to g
of e a call for anyting in the above lie
Jeweler andi Job Printer,
Liberty, s.:o. ____
DeWtt's R.'e.I Salve
Foe Piles, Burn., 8ors.
Things we
Like Besi
Often Disagree With Us
0Desuse We ovesat of thetm. ind
gesition followu. But there's a, way 1
- ep such consequences. A dose of
I Weak to di midhatp. 66 h a
t lou a
teed by fo. s ti
HO well equipped for tho Ilow Sea
Is stock of turn plow', Disc Iarrow%,a,
tors, anod in fact anythitig you may
here and tho price is right.
ous "Star LEa(er Cook Stoves" juit
s to the niortts of this stovo. 'l'he
thing like system on a farm. Buy a
co clock work.
y (oods )epartment and we arn of
r>ts, 0ds15 1111d eds . It will pay you
bh-Bruee- M<
luns 9
Large Stock of4'
41 at COST. @
,1s, 'lows, TraceoChains, Pae1, F-..
rdiware Co.,
-e Foley's Honey and Tar
t. for children,safe,sure. No opiates.
k Time Convenient Schedules
"seure Trip to thos. who
ta Service in the World.
TIek.ta. Rates and Sleeping.Cap wese.
- Ao -
SAt 70 of Heart Dis.
ease Contracted
Dluring Civil War~
a. Veteran Grateful.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
at Effected Cure,
. Itat diseare is curable, but in Iople of
Advanced age it does not readilI led itself
to ordinary treatment, There 'is, however,
hope for all sufferers in Dr. Miles' leart
.Cure, which we know from watching hun
un. dreds of cases and from the letters of grateful
sufferers, will cure where all else has failed.
It ls not only a wonderful cure for weak and
IMa- diseased hearts but it is a blood tonic, a reg
al- Ulator of the iCeart's actia n and the in. t
mud effective treatment ever formnulatewd for im.
proving the circulation of the blooti.
"During the Civil war I c ntractedi 6 -t
disease, and in 1806, while living in the 6. nd
>ve old town of Lexington. Va., I grew se mm. h
worse, I left there with my wvie to vis:t twv
sister-in-law, Mrs. T. A. K~irbv, at Ran;I.
a Va. While I said nothing to anyone 1 r.evr
expected to live to return to the dear <1
ive ,town. On reachin~ Mrs. Kirby's she ins:.,
-9 curedI a .few bottles of it, alco thec Ne:m:-Ii
and Tonic. After using one or two bat:les. I
could see no improvement, and I despr. m.1
of ever being better, but my faithful w de in
sisted on keeping It up, which I did. Im..
Irovement soon began In earnest and I ter
nall fifteen or sixteen bottles. I was re
stored to perfect health and while I rnm ,
yers old, I am comparativ-ey a boy. \\
Isir, are a benefactor and I cheerfully reco::
mend .Dr. Miles' heart Cure to sufferb:.
humanity."-). L. SLAUGHTER, Salem, V,
lDruggIes'ts sell ad garantee (i st bo:t
on Nervous and Jlear-t IDiseases. Addrc
Dr, Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Znd, e
DySpepsia Cure
Dfgests what you eat.
- I eparation eoon ins all of the
t an ltdgeste al inds ot
. oure. ll e o teatle
c a t,he most sensitive
a Sts * can take it. By Its us many
- eta a -~eeyhi1ea1~I
I, - aI foh twe sto~a, heo n i
. dsetlevs.AAie inncessargs
AT T 1113
YY a g0I
Another Car of "ROCK ill L
Wagons jul,3t rre'Civ(d. You had
Ahoice. All th(, nlut'1Iurers ih
Atd Bug-vies, but th1i5 lot wyill be,
W1'o lhlve a full slpplv of all
gulll"nIll'ed So (ki't. ryi( for tlhe
W , ark h1tter lr'al)1rtl to S'i
hvit l'\Vr beola \id W' want yOlr
ost to colIe aId see 11.
111'( N ' (_1
Sthe tertor of strong
takes the joy of life
- oi)n to any dixcarc.
,trong purgatives and d
lcave you in a worse cond
TrdLot U? stt ilconyg
and esa 'ex I V . e. .wIo :.\
byv th I' at ni TreaaLlrr. a:aaI
ailties are l.Ot paid onf or bec'ae th
iiaditioa penraltyr of oiei 1per cenitu
Audtaitor oil the cou',t) (duplicate fl
antd if t he said taxe-, Is.,es!i cu.
the first day'L t March et.:L 1lbereuat
ce.r.tura theC'reon shaLI! l ben<ieid by
ente ad celictedby, Couny
Onnts tD enare Pol :l'a a e
n therea:lr, t!: :''C \: . To
vnu a. , tax .a e :- : o
saidt o r p (I .. hi
T -.n
:D lel: da n r ii , X(10 : .. j
slip, 3'.,ds
2) iia.
JP'8 a lc' Sc :1
.. a.i ii ,.
. . ma aa
A p''!l tax of One I):lar prr' ca
1ges of 21 anid G0 yertl', e'xcept aiuchl
rear.'z, except Much ats ar e exeinpte c(
Usla of D. c. 1902, eight dIays wol
equiiredlt under a conitraictor.
^Taxas ore payable only in gold
Rationatl Batnk niotes and Ouupona
iuringt t he yeair 1902.
Pat ties desiring Information by
thlose paying tazes by check :nu:ft int
DdSbI. CI.
o16 1902 W '
ad Buggies.
L" B11g1,i,s and '"S'TUDEBAKER"
bit i r. cloo quick .and make your
ave advancel the price on Wagons
old "tt tie ynttlte old price.
kindls -of' Ferti.l zers, and the price is
rush but Coie on. and get wbat you
I l'r CASH or CREDIT 'than we
t rido, and will make it. to your inter.
Yours truly,
men nnrl delicate women,
away and makes tho system
AssisU Nature; do not take
rugs; which act for a time, but
ition than hofore. Us a genole
ent. 'That is
reco~ perfcct health,
t :11 '.iero.
As: NoI(tiCe,
I Picken;s County, S. C.
ns S. C., Oct 15th 1902.
pr.;ve W':h &y oh 1 February A. D. 190S
.4 1: I 'l tax's co)llce when sbta3t
: u n paIy.ibe on r belore the
(*er ear. n ji suchi tax, s uiji| oEseks
V 'i:n . . I) n::e )I ercent.theet~t
- m:.id t:e- :Id a'si-ssmetu,to andi puiie
e' fir.t <bry o! I".h brary ne.\thereafter*att
m thueeo slha;l be1 added by the Cuty
Cd to ette by the County Trearprerl
2 lo:ues arc not, paid oi Or .befot*
te, urirnadmimnal t enulty of five pe?
anyAudiitor on' the county dupli.
L:e: ter, and( if the sojid taxes, nise.
I e:e'r the tifteen4tb (day of Mares
1 hl ime his ta eIx(cCution for
pi :es ag"a the properIty of gg
:n '' we *2 *O tdoid taxeaSt
'I e Lu h: h ai'e Ler tatore issued bbods
wh ! Yei(.t been comnIletd through
SchoolIn SeilTax, Including
I One~ Dollar Commutation
ad Tax.
rais~e nsup hsfr the flyeal year .gom
hich vie U\n that te ofice of Coonry
* ;. .:4 cu"n of taxes' for sa1id
- ' til Wecduesday, Decembst
t........1 4 rails
lR. nd, P..ens Court Hloue TowD,
R.. unds for rEtatoe Township, .8&
Dis'ri:ct Nu. 9, 2 iill
" "11, 3} ''
"'" 18, 4
" 0. 4) 4
" 49, 2
4',4 4 3
pim ont all iiaih ('itizona betweero ib*
as arte a.c pt by law, will be collected.
nt D)ol-ar wuii bt. collected at the MIse
itizens~ between the nges of 18 andj6
by law. Unl;ess said tax is paid- by the
k upon the public highways will be
md siver cott, Uulted St atesour ,
>d et ate B3ondsg w bich becomeag
mnII in regard to their taxes wil pletS
andi ilnlie postego fOr a r0$.PII s
!ludeo tho obargze (or col.oUtlg,

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