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i'lnor Events of the Week in a
Brief Form.
A chamber of commerce ha' been
(rrganized in Anderson.
rho Parmers' Institute at Green
Ville was largely attended and imuch
good accomlplished.
Work has bcen begun on Spartan
hburg's new 1.'irst llaptist church. It Is
to be a very clegant structure.
tin Ion C(1un1ty 'reports heavy daml
age fron the recent high water an1d
excessive rains.
The president. Friday l'eappoilited
I)r, W. D. ('rum11. colored. collector of
t'Ustom1s at Chai:ricsion. The nomlina
tion fail1d of confirnlation at the re
cent session of the S(nate:
The 51upr(1m1( (ourt, has lately affrm
ed ia decision of the circiit (oulrt in
Orangeburg. awarding a verdict of
$6o.00 to the plaintiff. in the case of
Annie 11. Carrel1 vs. the Charleston
and Seashore itailroa1d Company.
The Dll1on I ierald notes that. "two
checlks for $1.000 each were received
by W. M1. IHamer fromi a lady in New
York wit h the requlest that one che'1k
be used in purchasing stock in the
Maple Cotton \lill and that the other
be given to flamer Cotton lill for the
Same purpose."
The court of generat sessions met
at l"Ior11nce \loinday morning and a
large (idrowd has been in attendance.
All intlerest is cont entrated in the two
utlrd(er vases fo,r which W. C. King,
a white man. is being tried. The
whole of Thursday was devoted to the
Itvalring of thme case.
The preliititary contest. to see who
was to represent Newherry College in
the state oratorical contest at Green
Wood was held at the college at New
beery Wedne: day night. The speakrs
were so nearly on a par that. the
manuscripts will have to he examinied
before the namv of the winner can be
The Robbins trial, in which George
). KtrIkland killed Fletcher Bennett,
and in which the three Dunbars were
also killed, was comnlenced Tuesday at
Barnwell. Two days were spent in the
trial. lFeeling was high. The best legal
talent was obtained. Counsel for the
defense so coeliisively presented it,
that in lc,s than twenty minutes a
verdict of "not guilty'' was returned by
the jury.
A stranger walked Into the bank of
Columbia ''hlursdiy and in offering a
piece of negotiable paper, gave a well.
known Columbia man as reference.
The cashier inquired over the 'phone
and received the answer. "Yes, if the
cheek Is for $100.000 it is good." The
stranger is Christian Schenck, of Le
banon, Penn.. who with Mrs Schenck,
Miss IRamsey and .1. H1. Sehenek Is
Sepnding the winter there.
The secl'tary of State has decided '
that in the future traille through the <
state house grounds in Columbia will <
be restricted. No heavy drays or wag- 1
ons without springs will be allowed to <
use the roadway. I-hacks. private car
riages, and the express and mail wag- i
ons may go through the grounds at a
walk. The ambulances. police patrol
and fire apparatus are the only vehic
les on which absolutely no restrictions a
have been latced.
"Today,"' says the Ke)wee Courier,
"Oconee county is wvithout a chain
gang. Last Saturday cr-ening thie'term
of the last ('onvielt In the county ex
pired, and now the 'man wIth the gun'
Is without a job. Boland Ellington,
who was serving a two months' sen
teceiC for petty larceny, was the happy
sinner who quIlt the gang last Satur'
day. It is also notable that there Is I
but one, prisoner in the county jail
awaiting trial.
C. A. WVoodl, of Spartanburg, a re
spectable looking negro about Gi5 years
of age, was picked up~ on the streets
In that city Friday night by Police
man McAbee about 8 o'clock 'and cal'
rledl to the statIon houlse. When te
two reached the yard in fronf. -of the
station house, he negro became vio
lent andl tried to get loose. He gave
the officer a rough, tussle before h'e wvas
-subdued Wood was found to be a co
.caine fiend.
The Black Mingo and the Black
River Stejimboat Company of George
town has appliedl to the secretary df
State for a commIssion. -The purpose
for' which the 'omlpany will b)e organ
ized is to own and operate a steamboat
line between the city of Georgetown
and Black Mingo bridge both in
Gieorgetowvn county. T1he nature of the
pr'oposedi eqluipmnent Is to bo a side
wheel steamer suitable for fr'eight and
passenger tr'ansp)ortation.
Telegraphi Company Fined.
Bilrmingham, Ala.. Special.-E. 14.
Williamns, local mnanager' of the Wecst
ern Union Telegraph Company, was
conviet,ed of the violation of a certain
section of the State pool selling law
and wa:s fined $50) in the first division
of the Criminal Court. The dlefendatnts
was adljudgedl guilty of the violatIon
of section 2, of an act "to pirohihit
book-making or pool selling on1 horse
races and other forms of gambling."
by allowing alleged bets to have heen
transmittedl by telegraph. Prominent
counsel has been securecd and It is said
the case wIll be fought in the UnIted
States Courts.
Classified Service Extended.
Washington, Special.-Under a re
vision of tile civil service rules, to take
effect April 15, and announced the
claasified service is extended to all
PosItions which are sub)jedt to classifi
catin under the civil service aet. The
classified service hereafter will em
brace all. places which are not mere
laborers or workmen or are not sub
joct to confirmnation by the Senate.
Temporary appointments will be ro
Another Fatal Tragedy With a Bad
New York, Special.-1'illed with
jealous anger at finding another man
being entertained by his wife, Wiml. J.
Peppier, of East. Onehundred and Nin
eteenth street. threw the visitor out
into the hall, fought him from the third
floor to the front door of the iapart
inent, house in whIch lie lived, his wife
screaning and weeping at their hcel5,
Itnd was then shot (leadl by the man
whomt he thought hall wrongel himl.
This mlan was Wml. Earl I)ob suu. a
ceshier in a stock-broker's office. lie
lied, and the police have sent out a
genleralil allar1ni f liiin. I'epIer was
abollt :1 years old and a clerk. Hie had
not bwen uairriedul long. A polit"enan,
1inml)111nted( by- the c"rics of the other
tenants of the house. who wer(' alarmt
II iy the shooting. rusheI into the
buoilding alhd in th- hall stinnbled ev'er
tIhe dead bodty of I'(ppler .n l which
bli; wife was lyin:; un11onsc iolls. Pp..
1iler had been shot in the sitde. the
tlilet passilig c"1:ar throllgl the boly.
.\fter" being reviv iI. .\rs. Ppptler
aid that she and )obson were to
bther wten her Illisband retlured unl
-s:pctedly from work and i fight fol
owetd, resutilng in I)obson being
Ubrown fromn the ro(tm andl bcing por
tted down stairs by her husbandl. In
he lower hall the mtlen linhed again
i(d I)obson fired one shot. After that
he woman remembered nothing, for'
he fattiteI. )ob.'sonl is said t)o b aI
it1Hod man Witn a Wife an1d two chil
iren living somtevher in Noth Caro
i)obcson1 until re(centIly was an vxp1e'rt
l outtttt inl the office of, im' 4outiih1
'rn Rtailway Comlpany, in \\.ishInug..
)obson was alrrested tonight in fit
1lpmrtments of 'ri-nds Iivitg ton \\est
)nm' flundrbed and1 E:l(ev;nth strret. Ill.
ook his arrest Viy calmly and re
us-i>to make aly statementl. At the
olice station he said he had a wife
Inld two ehildlre;t in W\ashinigton. ile
Vas locked uphi.
Seven Mills Shut Down.
I >weIll, Mass., Special.--Organized
('xtile labor showed its strength inl
he shnt-down of the sev('n largest
ottol mills here, antI not conteit
vith this, the Textile Couitncil, the
lelegate hody of the local tinions,
onsiilere:l the advisabihty of (otm-t
elling an even wider appliention of
he shtit-iown ordered, by bringing
[tout a strike int the I.awrence 1os.
etry W\orks. 'T'he hosiery mill was f
'xemupt'd frornt the strike order last t
eek, the Knitters' Union being per- t
ittled to reiaint netutral, as it hadi
hown that it had no grievance pit her'
a wages or timle sc-hedile The coun
it did not find the prop)osition) well f
e'eiveI anild the outlook is not h
avorale for a strike of the knitters.
'his incieit waas the chief ton of the
ay. Operat Ives wore t'heir best. I
lothes and p'oitmnadi'(l the stlre'ts,
o smoke enme fromn the tall mill
'hilmnleys ald Itre was lai abs('ltnce
f the hum of industry whieh martks
rtshiing, bustling New England mill
ily. No trouble of any kinid o(c"u)rredI
,t the mil gates. through which su)me
peratives passed at diIfIfetent timits.
i tothinitg OC(utnrrul n l tlhe st re'ets s
i liteettintg plaics of' the stikhers to
ritn g forth Ii tticism.
Under Heavy Bail.
Newvark N. J., Speial.-A. J1. Cas
aftt, president of thte Penntsylvai i
(tad: John 1). Crimmins, E. B. Gaddis.
llrector's of the Nor'th Jcrsey Street
Ialway Company, and1( E. F. C.
(oung, presIdent; David1 Young, vice
>resident and general mantager;
4. Shlinman, general superinitendenit,
ntd James Smith, dilvislon stupetin
etndent, appear-ed In thte Cour't of Ses
Ions here. They were present to
ns5wer to the Indictment for man
laughter In connuection with the
rolley ear wreck of February 19.
vhich resutltedl In death of 9 chIldren.
Cach was placed untder- $2,000 bail,
vhich was futrntshed. No unte was set
or the trial.
Visit to Tuskeegee.
'ITuskeegee, Ala., Speclal.-A par-ty
>' delegates returininig fr'om the re0
ent convention of the Woman's Nat
tonal Suiffraglsts, In New Orleans, itt
laddlng Susan 13. Anthony, spent a (lay
'islting the Tuskeegee Normal and it-1
lustilal IustItute. Exercises wvere spe
'ially held for the ylsitors, Speeidtes
vere delivered by Susan B. Anthonty
TrainIng Ship Goes to Norfolk.
Washington, Speelal.-Action hans
>een taken by the Navy Department
o0 check thte spread of diphthei'ia
.whhith has deCveloped on the training
11h1p at Norfolk, All suspects wvill be
noved at once fr-om thte sh111 andh quar
oired In tentts antd thte sick will be0
ared for at the Naval llospitail at
M'or'folk. A telegtram was r'e'elvedl at 1
he D)epart.ment today, stating thtat no I
iew eases htad dleveloped int the last 241
toutrs .TUp to today onte (eath andt flye
'-ases have been r(corded. it is oaidl at 1
ithe Depart ment that the authoritieos at
Norfollt. have the (disease well in
Schooner Ashore.
Newport News, Va., Spcelal.-Thte
fotur-tmastted schooner Chias. L. Daven
port, bounid from this por't for- langor-,
Minte, witht coal, wvent ashore htead-on
at Old Poitt Comfort in the gatle to-.
dlay. She Is high antd dtry on the rocks
and is br-eaking to p)ieces. The captain
says Ito mIstook Oltd Point lght for
Thimble light. The.~ schtooner will be a
tOtAl 'loss, but part of .her cargo may
be saved. The crew landed safely,
High Water and Heavy Winds Swee
Carclina Coast
Heavy )aiiage At i'lany Coast Point
Strewing the Shore With Wreck
WVilmintoin. '1 i ial. -IThe nlorwth la
'torun Ipr< tlietl e ilby til h \VeatIllier lturena
eached its greatest inten'litiy ;iloig iil
oast betweenl I and '2 o'cloc-k \loinla
1norntipg ac"t"111n1aniedI and f,ollowe
.' at delge of rain, which. with hig
i(I''s. inllndat" ''I n-h of the- low-laind
hroighout this se-tiol. TI'he w\"at(
ailie ainve' (ih :t sreet le ! along th
-ily d!o("ks, anid igle Islandl. ac"-rc:.
le" river was practically submergeci
lowJ-Ver. wVithinit damanrlr c ( p'it to ilh
111 npillc' t,f the lItrun\sVic"c liril)g' ali
'('r:y ('::1m1pally. VhiI "r,Sses it. lI'ur
li i'1.) in the lowlands betweent tht
rth"east and Cape l'eal riVeIs th,
itc ) of the I two )Iarns met al"ros
he iiiks of the .\tlail i & Yadkii
taih"raml and undernmined tih' ti(": for
listan(("e of aibout Ilu yards. A'tr) out
ming, loc-al freight train at G.:; c ThI
niorilig r11 ilnto the washAliit it 1<
otlr ("ars Were ' td"railild af'ter" it. en
,ine hail pa:;s(s'd iiver sallly. No on
,as injur(ed aid tlie tracc vill ib
-le'ared1 by monin11g. Thel ''y vily' l!
IssIeIIger t rain w"as slent aiIoil I
'hladhotirn-a and !':Irud.
In t he oity th(' damanutge was of u(
'"nIS('(I'rl(nc'. I' windl r('arinlcJ i
naxill(n1 velocity of 16; mil('s. I)ala g
o Shipping lutig a tl cOa)st 1iu.( hay
)ein heavy and r('por- itit I(r aii aIl;l
oning in. Iht schooner .loIhn II. it
"Ini. (aptin C. \\. Spra?in'. whiti
aliltd t'r(,)n i\'ilin11gto n Saiturida
1')rning. for New Y; h-k. withi a cairg
f son 't hin' )ver i5011.000(I feet of 111m1
I'r. consigned by the (ape Pear I.11rlm
rI Company, of this city. Went ishor
)ni Frying Panl Shcals during t h
tight and Vas poundedI literally t(
)ieccs. calsing ai total loss. i0. Il
prague, 28 years old. of Tremont. le,
birother of the raptain and first. mat<
it the vessel. was washed oV('irboarld a
a. m).. and drowned. Thel captain an(
'ew of 70. including tie captaini'
\'ife and son. were reseued at 5.10 nex
norning by the Wilnington tug .\lox
inder .Jones and were brought. to \Vil
uington in the evening. \Irs. Spragul
s suffering from nervous prostration.
I.at.e this afternoon the revenutie io
er Tusc'arora towed into Southpor
he Standard Oil bark Conemaugh
>ound1 from Philadelphia to Port. AI,
hur. Tex. She was in tow of the tan]
teamship Winifred, but broke loose i
ew miles east of Frying Pan Shoals it
he storm, went adrift and was picket
ip by the cutter. The Willifred is be
leved to have gone ashore. but noth
ng had been heard from her tonight
nd the Norwegian hark lirodefolket
tom)) Mussel liay, arrived this evenliig
mt have not yet reachved dock. ThI
'ewV Yotk steallre'. du1e to leave la;l
aturlday, diii not clear nttil . o'ilcl,
his aftetInoon.
Fight at Sea.
Norfolk. Special.--Captian Carat h
rs. of the lritish steamship Induna
1'o11 1P'cnsacela i for Grimsby, whiil
(lt. in he're for ("oal, reports at mutin%
hoard hiis vessel whiclh resulted in om
f the muntineets crtt.ing shot by 1
lnte. WhIiile at Pensacola 11 memu
ers of thle Indiunia's irew refus5ed t<
v'ork. Capttalin Caruthiers had thlen:
ut in ~jai 1 until th1e ve(ssel was r'ead13
o sail, when they we?re broutght aboari
nd in thie lpesen)ce of the liritish Con
uii, refused to work. Th'le Consul or
lered the men 1)ut in irons. 'There wa
ot rooni enouigh in (lie Induna's brlp
or all of theni. as two meni weire pu
bloard the British steamnshilp Nithi
hich(l is now ini thIs porIt. F'ourl wer<
acedi aboard another vessel and flv<
vere kept on the Induna, which (her
uit to sea. Shortly after she saile<
rom Pensacola thie mutineers brokE
unt of the brig, andl armed with barn
f iron, attacked the capltaini and ereu
numbier of wvhom were Pensacola ne
~roes who wvere shipped to take till
nutineers' places. It was then thal
he mate flred 01) the pi'soners. wound,
ng one of them in the leg. The othierm
owed b)y this dlisp)lay of firearms. wer<
eplaced In rons. All will be0 taken t<(
Cngland for trIal.
High Tides at Charleston.
Charleston. S. C.. Special.-Abnor
nally hiighi tides pr1evalledl here Sill
Iay 0on aiceunt of hieavy w intds. Thi
Igit ship Relief, ini Cooper' r'(ier driag
;ed1 her' anchor andi wenlt agroundt o1
)rumn Island, about the city. wvhere sli
tuIck fast. Th'le German har'k Weois
niger was blown from her anchorage
Tin cololi with th(le wharf. but scuf
ered little dlamlage.
A Registration Surprise.
CIncinnatI, 0., Special.-Th'le reogis
rat Ion her~e for the0 election A p)eiI f
vhiich elosedi Saturday nIght, caused
ensation in pol Iitial circles, The ad
litional registration yesterday wa
'.428 and todlay 8.141, makIng a totai
>f 17,569, the largest additin to thl
lsts ever known for a mniciphlal elc
Ion. It is stated that during the eon
entlon between (lie so-cailed John II
decLean and Tom L. Johnson factions
ast autumn, more than 10,000 I)emo
!rats (11d not register and that they arl
eglster'ed nlow so as to supp)lort Mr. In
~alls, the fusIon candidate for mayor.
Consults the Presidenit.
Washington, Specilh.-J.ohn Mitchell
Iresident of the United Mine Workers
4. C. Burdett, of Charleston. WV. Va
ittornely for (lie West Virginia Min
workers, andi Christopher iEvants, on
!)f the mine) leaders, talked with th
President. regarding the recent shoot
ing of strike(rs by deputy mairshalsq, a
Staniford, W. Va. They reqlueste
that a v'ery thorough InvestIgation b)
nade of the affair. The Presidecnt too
the matter under advisemnent.'
A Fatal Railroad Wreck Occurs Near
p San San Antonio. T
San Antonio, Tex., Special.--Thrcee
palssengers were burned to death and
19 persons were injured in a rear-end
collision, at Coste station, 20 nilca
w west of here, on the Southern Pacilic A
Railroad,at 10 o'clock Fri<day night.
The dead are: Guadalupe Cantee, Nlon
s terey, Mexico; Antonio Arisepe Sabi- A
- nas, .exico; llaniel Trevino. Sanobi
nas, Mexico. The injured aro: Nabor
ilores, Mlonterey; V. P. Morrow,
traveling passenger agent. TLouisville &
Nash 'ille IRailroad, San Anltonio. t wo
ribm broken; Alrs. J1. 1''c.ttr, I lous=ton,
TIexas, hip dIisloeatced; l(obecrt Iia.r"na-- .t
1 haln , I)1akm('ilan, Salt Antonio, a1mi
t broken; Mliss A. Kissler, (reat 1iend, 1
t Pa.; \\'I. I )obro.aiki, San Antonio;
W . 1.. !i e.s. i'. S. A.. Hospital Corps, n
Washigton, . ). C. ; Johni i Quinn, eni
ginie, b)ruisedl and 'irusbed; J. T1,. d
1"lowers, Ne Y Vork. imak wrenched; II
laan- 'I. 11ann. I1rwn'l,cIl, W\. Va., I
bruised; R. lioneyian. lireant, shoul- <
d(e' iislocnted; Margaret Fisher, New '
Orlean, bruised; Mr. Jam1es Fisher, 1
New Oreans, bruises about head; 11. 11
Fores, (;ohinas, Mexico, bruised; Mrs. do
11. May M. alllchester, Mich., scalds on of
wrists; Thos. Hiarper, Chicago, head ir
hurt. leg bruised; 1". M. Coins, St. Paul, S
head h11rt; Mlichael Creston, Fort i)
Worthi, armsii briokenl. f
thThe limited crashid into the Eagle :l
Pass exprcss, which was runini1zg as b)'
the first section of the former train,
The PI1llinan sleeping ear and the pri- 1
vate car of (leneral (;'ronilmo Travino, i
military commander of the Depart- nl
ment of the State of Nuevo Novel, al
Mexico, were splilltred and tlhree
hin1sm11en of General T''r(VInlo were .I
burned to death before they coul he al
extricnted from the lrninii sg ears
which were iglited by es'aping oil ti
from the tender of the limlited engine. TI
General 'Trevino is al son-in-law of tbe
late (;eneral Ord, T. S., anid was en ( 't
route to San Aitonlio with a sick son.
The Lowell Strike. i
Lowell, Mass., Special.-Acting un- tl
der the law, the State board of arbi- cc
tration and coliciliation formally re- (1
quested the mill agents and the Tex- sti
tile Council of this eity to submit the "
question of a wage inoreaso in the cot- ti
ton mills in the city to arbitration, tc (.
avoid a strike next Monday. hot h
sides have the request, under consider- 11
ation. Very slight hope, however, is eI
entertained by the eitizens of Lowell w
that the State board's request will he g
granted. The mill agents repeatedly
have expressed their opinions that a it
wage increase is impossible and the 11
textile council having in view last p
years' result of a civic board of arbi. C
tration has said since receiving the re- hl
quiest that it (1id not carIe to be trap- a
tped as they say they were last year, ft
when after a strike was declared off b
nothing was done to advance their in- 1,
May Be Hanged. n1
Roanoke, Va., Special.-A special d
from Illuefleld to The Times says:
"llarvey Williams, a burly negro, to- ti
(lay outraged Mary Jones, the 13-year- (1
old daughter of a respectable white y
niner and left her for (ead on the ti
mountain between Pocahontas, Va.,
and Cooper, W. Va. After regaining il
consciousness, the child managed to l
reach her home, where she told what
had happened. The story spread rap.
idly and posses wenlt ini sear'ch of WVii
liamis. He was locatedl near' Pocahon..
tus and taken to Bramwvell, where lie
wvas lodged in jail. The jail is heing
heavily guardled tonight, hiut informa-0
tion from Bramnwell points to a lynch- '
inIg andl probably a burning befoire
(aylighit. Williams' victinm will die."*
Pritchard For the Bench,. 1
Washington, Special.--Chief Jfustice z
Bingham, of the District oif Columbia w
Supreme Court, retired Friday, his w
resignation to take effect April 30th. h'
Associate Justice Henry H., Clabaugh T
was promoted to be Chief Justice andl si
ex-Senator J. C. Pritehard was ap- T
pointed Associate Justice, t:he appoint- IT
ment to become effective with Justice a:
Bingham's retirement. The salary of ri
Justice Pritchard is $6,000 a year for e
life. He will qualify May 1st. The ap- nT
plointmlent was urged by Senators, s]
Representatives and leading lawyers
and citizens of the District and gives a
universal satisfaction, n
First Response From Richmond.
Washington, Spjecial.-The first re
sponse to the offer of the Secretary of
the T1reasury to refund 3 and 4I per
sent, bonds in 2 per' cent. cons.ls, was h
re.ceived( Friday. Two up-.Lonal banks A
in Richmond, Va., annlouncedl their ~
-readhiness to exchange $380,000 undlIer n
the Secretary's offer'.a
News By Wlre.
Mrs. Alice ilurdick, widow of Edwin
L. Bui'dick, testified at the Ithe inquest 0
ini Buffalo that she had no k nowiedge P
as to who killed her husband.h
Thle trial of Ernest Haywood, at Ral
eigh, N. C., was postponed to Juoly 13,
after lie had made a sensational affi-- 0
a dlavit. 8
- A sale of the late Anthony ,J. Ante
- lo's art collection began in Philiadel
,The testimony was concluded and
argument begun im the case- -of 'Elmer
Collins, charged with wife murder, at
3 Geori,etown, D)elaware.
A $15,000,000 meat lackling combine
was formed ini Chicago.
An oirdeir was issued against 2D In
dian coal concerns, restraining them
,from combining to regulate price and
Gen. Hector MacDonald, commander 3
Sof the British forces in Ceyl6n,,will be0
tried by court-martial on charges of t
t At Port of Spain, Trindad, 14 per- -,
.sons were killed and 40 woundod int the v
o' riots in which the Government build-,
Sings weie burned and 'the Governor of
Trindad was forced to take refuge onr
the cruiser Pallans-,
lie Cuban Senate Accepts Without
pproved By the Senate By a Vote
of 12 to < The Question of a Time
Limit Dispensed With.
Ilavana, Ily -al-The itr aty of
'<'il lriuity het w\een ('uh,a :und 111he
fited States is amlentl d by' t II. S<.1
17of th 11ni ted tates w", .\ : ;tp.
rovd at : I e'clo l: Saturtdat i nillI in
This h i aplpro\al iS alhcslIte ini is
it hamiJu-redI by an:u} co(n<itionl.-. thie
I, Stielnabbl, tiIII limtit IIutvintg bet,'n
isl 'nsed \itI I Ilthr~ ' ii Ihe" rii'ItI1 s
tilc* , 'ilh i11 ss;igee i'n,1t t ' I'. il
ay. inl which it w1s positi\, % c
aredl that 1'resid, lt li{onseve lt w. uI
ill a iiec"ial wS ssilin ot' t' n;;r', .
Ie- pilrpi ott of tJhis ISsuran:ti'1 a.5
ansn iIted Ito 1he S'natt. by I'r-i.
fit 'alla and r' ad at thi' eginning li
the si'ssion, aln unierst:liilin;; ha .
g beent reached r',"v'itusly w\-ih11
'nator' litstalente. 'a1 tc alnd
oz, composing hl(, majority ,t' t h('
igli re tions e nnn iittee with 'he
)jectionable eeonditiont In the rc"port
ing elimninted. This was done hv
is tering of amendmenwits by ther
nministo aton Senat.ors susiut(1 iug
e I nconditional adopto f11 1I till
I(n<nltn"nts to the treaty by the Nt n
Th(' final waction was (d laye'd l'or ai
ngIi l' by, t he dis l lssion o an
endtml,nt. offc're'd by tinattors 14an
Ii11y, iTIallayo andl Ite-io. re tuiring;
LIublit to pass p n1 the traty.
s wars Voted flown. .1 to 1.1
A\n amendm ent to ubhstiteoutc for the
aIttio's report was hein offered
Senators a''ias. ,loneagldo anl
tlaneourt. This a11urov"ed aaa n rati
!d all the itmendiitents of Ict'e Sinate
Washington (and rectiil'londed
at th' Cu)han Pexl(ec utieak action
nduelive to obtaining effetivo re
procity ats soon ats .possible. To this
hlstitute wa added the following:
i'his recotmmendaition m ust not be
ken as an amendment or at moditi
itin of the treaty."
Senator Bustamente ninounted
eltr satisfaction at the outcome. The
lief contention of the inalseco citted
as the action of the American Con
Senator Sanguilly, in a long and
npassioned speech against the rati
(aIlt:o1 of the treaty, impressiv re
icetrd the gradual abhsorpitlon of
tuha by the United State, in which
e said the present action was one
et. Ioe, argued- that it was disgrace
i' for Cuba to be a party to such a
-heme. Senator eustamente, in e
ief and able final speech, eited
,rious incidents of history to show
at neither weak or wicked nations
aike commercial treaties, and ire
'it-ed With certainty the results ino
is as(. Th'le vote wa'ts taken separ.
ely in each section of he substI
t report. Thote t ont the 111con
tional ratifleation of o treaty was
to we; on t inqrectoiledatio to
1 executive it was ntn to th.
'The peSet session of the Senate
en adjourned. The ratidlation will
exchanged by cable.
hie mao Fihataotces. gndr
St.n( Pet etburg, tf tCable.-- theat
rivec ront cenepanioeed y muh
icrdstod her rod( andth to
'yo Sask iondte goaeoverto
tdf. Tw enty-'esight persos wer
tem and iters were woundd.7
hestrik starte anth Statrk ro
Girks, wheeia500- menbwalked vist,
1maing the reas of thol.M rlboe of11
h. went tuirey ninto the'affair,
astobed ati he wits nteogrinte
mse ofe te manaer nd thtei works.
pnahed n (?te dorsan idows.( t
'e' layor wloit orce oft tiendar
i'ived on pthesce funds ordere the
reotrsuto diperent The'tter how
er,1'(1 stoo wt her hrusbnd and thne
ayor ' Ashr. wasde byl'w a reolv er
ni'se gend111'arme and t)roopsni
Safone Rvatier maj ork. h
,e't. diisturday niht, antd athe
s"rtone and cuthot l nolytherne
iportsionoftee amoney t lned t,o
lrtye as pos1 toile(l fund's Trisl
cle, tbt of thersiwih LndhoundsWI
New)1~ Gs, h Paragraphs. l
Thes Kais1oer Augutiale Vitora wilt
1at r cith er'nhusband anldson,ll
111Nrse~ Ilda and her arm wastbroken
Thel Cnervate naaority in I ithe
hertzy iisign of Srreyt. ain~ by1
(e ionwa (lie Cbtini hetatfante.e
Elt wasl Wionsiderd blw to rthen inv
Peaciei has ben ratiie(ndpoca.
Theg ttn af PeidheLnd ofl wase
John11 W.Gts- onSetnWl
am an thr 'etfidbeoe h
Coffee--'T'he itsrklt rloaed quiet,
with (luotations oi the basis of 5/@(t
5'%. for No. 7 lIio. \lid ('olTees wore
steady at these (Iotatlions: Santtos,
7',. ((17 %e. pier piunrl : \larac"aibo !)-M )
11,%,t; JlaVa, 1951'2:c-.: .\loc"ha. IS(:t190.
lit New York t-uture; i losed barely
steady, as follows:
Sales were 45(100 hagi.
eeipts at tiio for I wo days were
15.0010 hags; stock. 4;,tt.Iit aas: ex.
change 12 I-:32d.: nlrk t was dull. It(
(eipts at Stla ts, lltw lys wVere
2I01 Ialgs: Stock, 1. : ::;.0 hal : mar
li 11ul .Ai 1lart ftrtrcs clos ed
lit ailt f h in . S:tah- e li ri's were1.
Illt bags.
ltotaste 1 'offev. ''Th n t: k(1 wast,
sIeady al ttu att(tilts a:: focllon g l.:. I,.
('.. in rases, l 141 1 1 p. -r u.nd(I. In
(:ins and hgs, tur( .Iava :;-' .r :
ie .\laraeibO. :t.. . ; . :1 utoS
1 t...4i itl : Java It l .\cto l to"nd,
27' .(u'_s('.
(-ilned Sugar.;. TIh i to: rl was:)
llull aII iflltl ng:ed 1(r . TIh(" <( 1(1ta
tiontts wele as I'li Il sP 'Ir 1o tnnl, l'tu
I 'oa .' . u ni; l s I'owder tl.d t. : Stanl
d;(irat iran iuiate( . Iet i. ;. ;. ' rai
('lu lthitt i.\ 4.i '%. Yellow. -1.2(:art
(oOINTiY 11 1 iOD)t I CE'.
utter T''here was no chang in the
}uleterP Iman1rket. Withl a oinuned
seelith y t V of tc ' ''rad's ri s w(" et'i're
irmIot and healhy, but the mlaovnllement
was (Iuil. Tlel (iuetations were as fol
C'reamncry S("paral(tr . . .. .. -Gt:i
('retne ry ( ltherd ('rean t .... ---t1
('reanl(-ry Imiltation .... ...... 226t 2:
I()W,( Northwecstern I,adl'. ..... --'(e21
VesteVrn Store 'a eel ........ 176 ; IS
rea nery rints (1 -lb) ....... i ,:t3
Cr1eamen ry PrtInlts ('.--lbI) ...... ,116r,,{.
ld1. \'a.:lnd I'a. I'rintts . . o1 r
('reante'ry ltlowks (2-Ih) ....... :110 :12
Small johhinl'e lots sobl e to 2.
heighier than te wholesal(" quotations.
('hees- -T her " s.s a Stady ingquiry
for hri- es weran re wire wirmt. Tlhi
(lotatiob ins wr: 'er imund. New York
full c'ream, ittnIs 1.1%nd 4rei bot.; at
311 pounds, 14 i G_t 141..1("i; pinie , 14% i
E:ggs-'Tlhe undertone was easy and
It was said that prices were largely
1maintained at the existing basis by the
ttehase of sorck to go into cold stor
ge. 'TIhis market is now about on a
level with other enters and, therefore,
no outlet in that tirecotion en he found
for the surplus .tock here. Q2uotations
at the close were as follows: For
choice Maryland and Pennsylvania,
14'.; Virginia and Western, 14.; West.
Virginia, 14.; Southern, 13%et.; D)u
iC(S. 3h@25e o.Th 'es prices are for
Strictly wholesale lots; jobbing lots
sell at le. higher.
Live Pooltury--WVitht a continued
senrenty of Chickens., oth young and
old, prices were very strong, with the
demand by no means satisfied. Ducks
were also wanted and were bought at
full ries. Taurkbeys Were Sare acod
in slow demtand. The (Iuotations wvere
as follows: Chikens, liens. per pound,
14e.; ;old Roosters, eaar , 30tn35.
young large C'hiketns, per pound, 15@
1(le.; moedium size, 1S0,ba0.; small
WInter Chickes. 22t , 25.; Spring
Chickens, ;3u(.; young stags, 140 i51.;
1)uck. gurhie, 15bbe. Mluscovy and
Aontrel wIAe, in'.; white eins, re.
C)lery, .I Geese, Western and South
ern, ers,h flOId.; Trkeys, choixo
)lens, se.; y1n Gobbalera, box..; ol
and ixed, 116 5.; lressed Caps
borg, 110@2315.; Noralk, per barel, s4ps
Dsel, dii:$.'n Hogs Tety war wbathel
box,ked 5t2he reeot and FthIea deand
Te'e',$ marke,-2herAefore, apuet,barrel
pr( ios bael s.teay. Th r e qus lottions
per baound.%@820. mdium, 7%@*
busel, heav,c A%@7a.;agus, othie.;,
Prviicesl wer steadybut.the.under
tne owean esier..endency.. for1
ii' qutitrl.The.quottions.wer
asu folows i aos, sterdyushel, 65@
A70.;iSwet, per aret.,$...50@.25
Yamul so $,5 2Itn .n, pe ox 5
1.i5t0.t Catba, eryn,$7@8;..orida
fanctIyl gre Cabbage $1.50@2........ er4
ca)te; wie, poor,.7c.@$...r..rate
Ce.Louiy, aive,...r.unch,.4@. 1u
cumbrsi, FloIa, per.bx.or aske
baset.Yk $1.50e....a..,.native,.pe
box 1a0i in. Ni orlk,d oeralege40
45'hr. Lexican,soutern, IlerI baskoet
$1.50nother trinne, ntive, pntnIo
Ar brea of.1 Trios maie, wier ibushe
levee 1at0c - Tren aile s., Foida, perl
tIlarrea $1.ozo50 delts r ar
A ear 15&30e wree adeans Newther
Ceralo, $2.50n3.lrenla PSt. Palrd
oter ailroad $2.5i.50 onions, NepYr
pErcbunchg2e. e
A Measure Introduced That Will Be
of Vast Benefit
I'lie Irish Secretary Introduces the
(lovernment Land Bill into British
Hiouse of Commons.
London, iiy ('ablcT---'he Irish Secre
Iary, Mlr. W\yncdham, intr"oduced the
overntient-s long -an ticipated I rish
land hill in the lIlouse of Commons
\\Wilnesday atfterncoto. It proposes a
LtranI of $tt0,000,6o for the purposes
of the l,ill. 'T'c-natnts aro to pay 31/i per
'ent. intere(St on loans from the gov
rnrtmenl. \lr. Wyndhamin said he
thought the :<h "ne would not involve
;ver $0, but,i un, hut that, $750,000.000
rould Ibe safely a dIvanced on Irish land.
Advaic-es to tenants are limited to $2,
,00 in the cnge :sted districts and $5.
000 cisewher e. 'Ihe hill also provides
hat. iuntenantied farns and grazing
land shal be sold to neighboring ten
ants ald that tll-co c"omumissioners to
be known as estat e onnissioners shall
sinervise the sl'li he nane of the
three ciniisst,llis IS are .\ichael Fin
attne, secre'tary to the government's
Bengal generaI anid statisti,"al depart
ment.: hrederick S. -r,'nwh, one of the
Irish land commissioners, and Wililain
F. Bailey, one of the assistant, Commitnis
etoners on the Irish Iandl commission.
They will be under the generatl coatrol
of the Lord Lieutenantt of Irehmd.
They will hcome effective November
''he keen interest felt in this now
legislation, which It Is hoped will pro
mote peace and content.ment in Ire
lindl, was shown by t.he c.awded .1louse.
The peers' gallery and the distinguish
ed strangers' gallery were filled and
there has been no such gathering of
members of Parliament since the open
ing of the session. In the diplomatie
gallery sat United States Secretary
1lenry White. an interested spectator,
while almost every Irish peer listened
to Mr. Wyndham's exposition of the
bill. From an early hour this morning,
the stone benches from the louse of
Commons entriane to the doors of the
lobby, were packed with impatient
Irishmen, among whom were niany
presidents. Most of these went away
without, even seeing the inside of the
legislative chamber. the galleries of
which were crowded as has not been
the case for many a day. Michael
Davitt. the "father" of the Land
League, celebrated his 57th birthday by
re-entering the House for the first time
since he censed to be a member, in or
der to hear the Chief Secretary for Ire
land unfold his plans.
For the most. part the Liberal mem
hers sat gum, the applause coming
from the Irish benches. A bush of ex
pectatxion fell on the assembly as John
Rtedmnonl, the Irish leader, rose to
speak. If he refused to countenance
the hill1, its dleathi and plerhaps even
thle governmenPit's downfall, was de
creedl. When the gallerIes of the House
found himil sym pathetic and( non-coin
mnitial, a feeling of relief p)ervadedI all
sides. Whlat Sir llenry Campbell
Banneiman, the Liberal leader, and the
others said had little effect. T. W.
Russell, who with others criticised the
details and var'ious omIssions in Mr.
Wyandham's plan, wound up with a
guttural and reluctant admission that
"it is a great bill."
The passage of the first reading of
the bill wVas followed by the rush to
the lobbhy, where enlsued scenes that
mighlt well mlake the ghost of Parneil
turn in is grave. The tall form of
Lord D)udley, Lord Lieutenant of Ire
land, couldl be seen amidst a crowd of
Nationalists, who scarcely a year ago
would rather hlave suffered anything
thani discussed with the official head of
the IrishI party any question. Beside
Lord D)udhey stood the grizzled litble
SIr Anthony Mellonnell, tile First Na
tionlal Assistant Irlishl Secretary.
Mr. Wyadham, who was heartily
cheered when lie arose to speak In the
House, announcedl at the outset that
the government thlought cash aid was
necessary for the fulfillment of the pro
posed scheme, but it attached, greater
inmportanice to the credit operation
than to the cash operation. HeI thlen
unfolded the scheme, which provides
for advanlces of money for the pur
chase of land by tIle tenants. The ad
vances will be In the shape of cash and
not of stock, but in order to enable
the cash to be raised a new stock is to
be floated. It will be calledl "guaran
teed" 2% per cent, stock and will be
redeemable for 30 years. Mir. Wynd
hanm doubted if $500,000,000 of the stock
would be needed. It will he issuled at
the rate of $25,000,000 yearly for the
first three years and afterwards possi
bly in larger sums. In addition to this
the gover'inment I'proos(d a free granit
of $60,000,000 to be saisedl by additions
to the stock, the interest and sinking
fund which will b)0 bornei by the
Trenasury, and1( the mnaximum111 annullal
Charge of which will inot exceed $1,
950,000. Against this charge on the
British Treasur'y the Irish government
priop)oses forthwithI to comm ience reC
ducetions in the cost of ad minlist ration
amiouinting to $1,250,000 pecr anniun for
More lighting Reported.
San Domingo, Republic of Santo Do
mingo, fly Cable.-The Inhabitants of
this city were again thrown Into a
state of alarm this afternoon by the
fact that further fighting is taking
p)lace at San Calos, neiar here1'. A com
miission has left Sain Domingo for Azua
and Barahona ,on the warahip inde
pendencia in order to bring about the
surrender of those places. The warship
Colon has loft here for San Pedro do
Marcoris in order to compel that town
to surrender.

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