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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 02, 1903, Image 3

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Raneses Colossus
MONG; the linany colossi iwit
Whileh Rlauneses 11. ndornecl
the dif'erent temples through
outt his kingdonm there is in.
nIore chlilracteristle rehreset(atJon of
tbis mighty 1 ruler of the desert, accord
Ing to our own ideals formed from our
historic knowlet'ge of hitn, tha111 the11
tliighty c"olossui of .Meniphis, whIchl
livhelongs to the Biritish natioln.
lRaised fromn its Nile led within the last
few years, where it has hili fa(e down
ward for c'enturies, reposing (4IalmlyA
b enea th thte watlers of thle sitered river.
8:1 Iat the dry sea'son, wenii It be
c"alne "visilc' uiitil the inunctationt a".1in1
hurledi it, it now rests hligh andl dry
:thove all daneis of hii I aIer, on
heavy l'. tesials of stont'work:. Orig
inaily this li:turt stood on one silcl of
the doulrs ofI lte Inagilfico t ToInple4c
11 1'tlh:1lh. Ilhe aiie nt111 g1 fl''(Iniversal
Life iItu .\r1i n of l t- \i\'rb, as he
is tall'-ltby .1:aantilith s w' hct s' i ni0l hll
ltatntesus 11. I"trther t"tit"ic"ht<d with the
tolossi. TIh'1' tompaniou liutr, hi w -
t'Ver, wi e b1( sll,llci 11 thet oploslt'
portal is abstnl. :ti its re reseutatlo'
is 1hrott4h8 ! n14 81nystery,l thle ('tu'tt l u
il2res ive i o he lilt:;'itrnhilen'o'i statl
holdling irmly th st"rr tt'reol tr . In
flet, there is but lilo vee c e an
iug of this tninle, S grea inotuads
of dt(:Iying and tiunbling grlanite and
congloauc'r:a e.
There is a: narked facial restnib l:anlt e
anonr all the Stone reprs'llatimns (of
1t:iIu s'es 11. wh e 'h is euriously notict
i i t 1' on atc't"ollnt of the cli'f o 2llnce",'
1 teriod ind it'i' of c onstruc t ion. T1he
ttiversai liktoness l rollinhutt's amngi
the111 11 2 tro 's b2tss-rt'Iit'fs:li n l col. ssi
fromn thc' youthfutl uho utn alt 141y - t
Abyd1s. :1111 Hi on o the enryatid I 11814114
g lry 111 'Il 1111)10inn Pni i lt los u t of'Il
tin' utinewunt. T l'saiep0vs
in lin 1' 111. 11v(1o lon Iio th coWhpetted
lilysng!1siU toth ab l in ' epr snt:
ing. The2 ailluIstrati ito t,iO0 I'll
ti of 7 hi000 for is, Ct1 I:hunn-dt
h ie feet.h :Is wiro--f agIsst ndina
isntrnhh-, esn' iovaen X the un g.s
exftedl. wi- sahu trsi
This Elephant
Lived in Texas.
Relative of Barnum's Jumbo,
Butt Higher Than That
Immense Circus Brute.
AlIus(U111 of NaturattllHistory stands
IN Ith' hasee'nt of the AIllerietlIt
the sloelo ' of .Junbo, oice the
central aittlilon of l:ttrnuIn's big
show. 1'"er Sh(ePc it Waits 1laced on
exhibitlon the IbIg franle of hone has
h eeat one- of' the p)opular :.how piees
of the luistitulion, hut n rival for 1)ulit
favor waS addIed to the F'ossIl 1 ai
I121 1101 11!i,11 4 2 k II ii
l'Ilk' C;UI,(.)A1, STATUE OI" RA\.\K:
ntuill1ail Ini the forni of at skull and
ttisks of tinl unaln of the salue fatily
which wais inii u larger than the (eile
brnited circus elelhut ntl lived hitn
(Ires of years before .Itnhl o 11in11le hils
<1eh ut in the s:iw<i2st ring. ''h' s1we"i
anen wtls (liseoVeretl inl the Sains ofi
W1ester-i1 Texas n1any years ago Iy an
anllitPur collector, tn(1 was only re
'ently Ser(elI'd Ihe Aniteriean .lu
selana. The utpper portions of tih' skull
havre beven rel)ro<luiee(l ill 1Iaslcr, but
the entire lower nortion of the skull,
It' :ari' Ir' of* rling tl 11eh andl t1'
g;;i;;ig ntie tus. s 4whieh :Irr tIhe hiiiino
l 2ues of Ihi(' in("l-or teelIh inl ituIII 244're
4"(22i it't('. Te 1:14te' 1:11 1 li t' shlot' 42
bevin;t tie har;gesi c'1"l:I nt Iu:ks I1111$
f:ar d(esc"ribed :111 14 In-. oilther lIving , 'or
fosshl t rnhlllers 4f1 1hiS f2:a1n1iy. So f:11r
as )r'c'serve(I they nl$esure thi't e'ln
444' Six in4-hs front 1t' 1:1se of 1he
tisks to h lip4,11 I il s.111tl I here Is It la:11
:a foot b ruken1 a w, ay ( fron t li' ('n(1 o
It' 111p, 1n:ikIng the a14 li esnt 12.1ted4
le1thi. tI oulrteen ft'eet six inehes. ()n
le:ving the skull, thle I1us1ks (wh"1ich
wer' 111t1loubtee1v 1sed1 for light ing
i,urimoSes) eulr'e honarli'i( an(1 out
w\\:rti, then 111war(l an(l In w irl, un il
the tip) :)nlost nleel e:-h otIr. 'I'h'
hei.ght of this :)nin:Il nlnst h:mve b eenl
at leat (es thirteen eel ; th11us h1e w:aS ("oil
Sidlel"1 )1y higher than11 .11n111 i.
\ -eientilie des 'iptio11 4 1 ' iter
eating; txhibit States:
is distinguX2ishe frn2 ta2ofte:i4a
22r:214114g 1244I lit' l ha 14 of '2h1 ('41hnnblan's
iilp u '44 larnh('4,41 by il3 2s veryv Irge'
ize,'~:42( n it y lt' c.2nparativ ely sinull41
24u1424'r' 444 its -2 ntun1 ! pl' 14 te44, whieb'1 :14e
bron::i l':bar!s of e'4'ne:- IIn 424'.2'r in
4rS 'If 12h-- N4ort4hu-l innianio4!h tI.4' 'p.
Fount iiiTexa . Ree ty nin td
Alue fN
a nlpate re x e lynmru
and losly apresed andthee i
| i l rn ein., Thi sechou
thereore,nthi gretly o ou knowl.
Utig , nii, ogeter ith he iantfor
Ihytiwi Ind' iire. ~
:The4 lt :t *44 4ioll$t ib el, who4 I0'~I
-'l' 14h14y enntgI't 1out,~iI w 124 llste 44in
4124 cout~lin2tils 2't4 hi lsiin'I 143' tt' (f .\1.
rai 2 . 4: lowi4t t "\ l11y don't.s yol'244' ii'
4roIln02 eivIu4silsli1ess? he81 ('24 I'''' 1Asked
one41 day 4'II.i r'eferred42't 344 more'parleu
0ou4," het answer1'd' t. "'At. Iteast I (n't11'
get 0111t4 1n ('rnIs wh12ich21 I feel It wouhl1i
be hontorabe t 144 44 et.t I had1( 21 chanet('
some1 I time' aIgo 1 t' 1el out 0our Trento21 4
w(orks, but tilt' t'ondtion44 was11' 11hat tIlt'
shoulid be losedt' down(1 permanently,I1 13
'PThis Would have thrIown 241)out 501) o4
0(1 our men out of w'ork; people41t who had1(
1)been With 11s for years2'1, andl111 may o4
whom bought thle)ir 11ttle' homnes i1
terms11, so here I ami, wIth tiohe ur'deo
yet 0on 'my shioulders, and2( I supp)1ost
death alonn wmii rltcno. ,,,e of ILn
Exquisite Sorts That Have the Brilliant
.\ ( v e Itarting : cheine in tionlc
-:u;lis1h houses is to lit ' growlVin.
vine's iII gitss-Iui'los,ed pore ti('. This Ib
t.he v i-y lthinl; for hll-hard1y bleaulieS
that evnt nol live ott of d1oot's. 111ttl sti'
do not retltuite it-heit heat of iee hotihouse
11ere we $olnt)tIn1105s se glasis-hit(losete
porchIS. but altitoSt nevetr the V"ine:
grotwinug inside. I'venI vineits t hat nre
netly hardy will bloomn earlier thul
One Ingli fat vor-Ite for fibi, sor
of tultiure is the clett):tis l-3.ry Queen.
The Quleen's b.eSt rentitre i hler color,
which is pink, and her size, which is
linrnense. She shows gloriously Iin any
light, which cennnot hie said of* our pur..'
DIe c"eenn11s. InI addition to this pink
hlit' (, tre1 flw's feitye s h ot roiti
hi bi ns iti re f:ti he (i'. h ih I n
ligh,nwls'i pcitiw:lii of vajn or Tpa
ie tle,1iil Is it atllit-:, theis;:pifn ko
F.aI. .i.\.M .1<.T!1
" \\hlei nex iito atth n.'in
itt' t'itgr w wh)'id llT'xa s ial,' '.-m'd I
IttoIt -losophi liht' is a r i n it tii s yl.h
valn,sp in in up ev ry yer he
yon n atrnt. l innann
it p si in, bu nlilg igt-r1e
ft annully
Iht glofi 'olld ii, who.dS a id tra rliti sa s
lby olnu ofalvn o nhi e oS<
it'i'tlyl~ beenJi lt ('lOgged,"' lit say s.
int this wily: A hal of' 'a.it' .V' tt
o ith s e ll of' ttt mud tt rt l; o ~then litl
antimaii wast it pu 1Einto Il th t entrneltof
li:'lt pah mnhoIlit' andst emegh ft j e.tu
A Manitl's i s Ifortune a(
some mant's ilsfortune.-NeW .lork
- . .1
New York City.--Sa11ll eapes allway:
take desirable wraps for Inu11(1 weathei
weatr. 'I'lle very stylish Maly Manto
oneIl litst rated 1-4 adaptedW( both to1 th1
Costume u1(d to tIh ser).ate wt -;1ty, hb1t
as shown Is of. tau colored cloth and
imakes part. of an1 entire suit. The vtote
fronts are trtimmed wit', drop (.rna
ments, but the edges andl sea ins are
Simply machine S1tethed with corticelli
silk. 'The cnpe is cut it, give the of
feet of a pointed yoke It the baek,.and1
with elreultr p4lrtions rhat fall. over
the shoul(ders 11(1 ire joilled to.. the
rentte portion witt inv.tried pile:'ts :t
Ifronts and( on ventre bacek. Thel( neck
Is finished with a1 fl1t 1-,lar thac ier
muinates InI sh)lv etnds.
The qluant.ity of 11atieri:rl re.t-tiiredl
for the inedIlurn size is Tbree an 1 onie
futrth y.1rdl.< twely-.,ie inrhu'.. wiie.
e 111141 l ve-ight II y:rrIs 4orr y- foin
inI-hos wide, or onr ::t ","live ih i
flrids tify- i o in,he w' iit.,
wonmn', Sh li 1.w'.F'ni.t.
Shirt. wa':li:ts ire :t u-n ; the <i'sitrablo
thlings oi' which n,., w(mtrl:u wer yet
had 1041- nn1y. 'I e styllish .nodel I
I:tIlus tt"ra ied (In Ih ar:Z: -tawin;. inc(l e:,
the lntsst fen:tltr'eti 1 h le gradlu:1eed
box pltit :itt the wide tut--' itht ec
telnd to yoke: dlell. ''l'h,; original is
made(1 of whi1te meraeiziedl vesting wit hi
dotls of blue,.1114 and la ntrimitd wit ortu(414
menCItatl pea1r1lt tuilns, bunt all1 w;tistiing
mnateials, 4(otton41, 111nen, wool nudiiit silk
tare appr)loprinite.
'lTe w'ai't con151sits of frohnts , hark4i
and pilnt. Theii back is lph ii and4
drawn~Vt (downi in g:l I iers t I t' w:t 1st
line, butt the f'ronts are14 arr1:1 lied t4
blouse11 slIihtly 4ove'r thle 1helt . Thei
grad (uated 11142nt is1 joied (4to trig ht
onto t he left. 'lThe slieveis are4' the' ni'w
ones tha:t lit smtht2lly ait the4 shouhh-rs,I'~
straight ('u1l's. Artihl' nieck Is a si iik
Thte <pttl1ity (4of11 nm4e1ial res'piired1 for
the medium siz' is four11 11114 live'-4'tihth
wAd, o toi yards1. foty-iurit. e
You:' (Iress:l:kerl will lbe sure24 to er
shirt waist suit for yout. It is a gtill!
2)atterniIt I for a 1fouhidii or) siamer4 silk.
wlh willIIhe uisedl as a stree4t gown.'l
'lThe ''sirm t ist"' ideai does no42tltnece'
i('(. ManIy of the so4-('1alld 'hir't wa:isI
wis'1teet) effec't. 'lThe back'l 44f lthe 1b444
jnekItfrns aret14 neverIIt loo41s, but4 are(
rtilhed dow t~ theigii f lnn ' ITh 'i'las
itepts pIIemit'es'n goodidt' o aia
frontfro the 114tI' titula modl, 1m14 lti
ylis ehoIice 2144 determ2' ine iy wh
oigroin lri (Iet old1.rIt 41
tOt'ig ed ornatn'ents I areSl llbt fo'namenin
adti ont gies'ringltutes, both 0
t'lk,t floner d4sogt ti woln 51t. IThi(i
hu3t.erfly wi'th3 "11il se" in tfullt prigh
ori( th iian'y dr s'~agon2 fly e favort1t2201
mtodes. Thyor eto the ueu blouse
front, orChouers ivl usully,I andtic tho
prettlest l of he mol hovw oe woara
,7RK rAnih1oN5
1:1' \'eil, T'y'1' (anntt lifterst:-ndl
w hese tissue: .Il h llbl I (' sIt. init(
t lsly4 ovtr the' . '-' T 'ir tlr{ linntl t
I Il th t It mn(11d1h r('iI siluulhl ha lw( aR
ly dtr:1ei'tl u\'v'r Ih(' r"uulln(tnu rIt', hting
I ih lik' a v.Il - f'' tront It hlat or
nlllt'. all ut'\vt' 1rI'Igt'I I ight Iv r'1"
1t I':tt t. It is Iltlf' rlIt'tlul I IA Illis 1tillt
thet \"til n1u"t n t-t"tss:-ilv ii' gatherre' l
i b-r tIi- llin ttr ha. b tn t1111 w4ith t
;I'" Iit' w\ \'iI! i. 11 l ti st ) Sillllllbltt: I f 3"'
tlt"- Il--. t' ho 'v r. :Illl [lol t ' tlra w n\iki :
ni:l'k "t\'t' ntl.t ;ulet' e"h( I%-..
\Y 'Itv'Ie,t : t 'wet.
44 I ' 1 18 : tit4 \'t"i\'('-. I I:1 I'( :11 I tl'4
Ta "trs 14 lt: 44 4:111 I - p ,,,:
44y In St r t) ' l :t r t Ih n t . I':1I -Im''
i"t' lii ti s . 4 4 i\-i-i;ts rl i.(t" : 1 li ' I". "tv 1
1y li ht \'I i l I: tl : u ha :Ir (t ll ltn in
iEt t 4ll Y 4:ll la ' ht1' i rlll t, :1; IIt' ; 1i1 '
ie h I :t :ist S 1 t'fft'tti\'t : 1oyal ur1p11' lt'.
h':il1rl( i i i 41 \' w uj1 b4'velyt
ir,l tislt " :llpilly. w h'I(II I ttinst hII 4it Ilhr
Ih t t' Il'rtl<tA l(r. I ht' r inlt's. Itb
s thel favo(rit+'. ha;r theI front1 is t"IIlt'
flmwiug or (lr":1[etd. :11r4 , in n(Iblitht.ll It
tlit' 1Ing tnits. tII -"- Irnt is noli r onuit
1':vugh to hlitl(' tlit- fr(t.!
itait (.row yrnrll('r.
SItrliler and strnitl('r grrow\" 1h1 Ilta
it1sp ht y'd ft r ('arlyv aprring wvitr. . 11Ti
tiltr1barrl wit Itu Irn1el nrl lri-in is 1 in W
:int1 rrrrr"t popll ar" all te tirnt'. 1-'Y'r Ifs'
rninm rrrt. w1i.1( ite Ir:rr is 1(ot nlhli.'
-rl (' soft n1:It('t'Iiil. rth lritl i:: I:'te'tl
w ith 4,ntt(. x(Ift '.a':n"i(', 11114'. ,'tiIYntil
o,1' "fr.-rt ( rilk:t.''" (ht harsit ll'nos
w\-ill r"t nrr ag int , rte f:ri't. anls rht'
liii in :'t Ille h44tt i 1'...t1 rl:ltr.\w tha. :llt
'Ill' b ii' is s 'I -I
11Inn : i 1''I-'' . 44 t1 i~' C1: tr(ht4 4 11':4YlrIntt
nt rrtn(. (4444' lilt it eh iF 111:1'"" t11, ('s:4'l
1 'l l l.4 4 '4.'1l 4':I),' 1- 144 :Is 14':;1'" :1S II
I e1.: '- I i s a h' i r4: i)4 :. I'TI t ru4o
ril'h n s at l ' bI t n is l ' b h i r c rru fi-l
tirri.' is rl'sll- ' u tc' 1i1de(r, t u(l it
lilts a knltf: 4f v- le out " b:.rilt 11ee.
ribon a It lh' ~rt4 op. .\now ))4holehrof
FInlt(tted- Wit tu arren.1 Mrv)+rlt.
%I:I 1y ,,'lt he t'\\w sI 'lr i;' S;(tds nee.
ho4 lt'4'8r ;: i'0 eff1l' i e oi 44 he 4 l44 1441144n 4of
4th4 skIC l ' o44:r j4 t'lle inl I4~ l b. i Vise'
straps4 444 th4e se'.414:'s4 4144 5he ' :4hi ''well
as 14 ilIie 141 le ;411c4 sleev It4' -2'. TI -'y :iire
:4441 4'4l4 ,n44 . -is well :4s SiIk. '4.44hairs.'
n i::d 11444 1it .
Tasti4im4g Annio4 I '(4puha444.
Ihir'. AlIany 44 of t' new slirtug wa':ists
44n:14h- 'If th4e she'lr'esi lawn's and44 14ungs1,
have~4 insets~II 1:f4 taiI inl wheel4' des'igns
aill 4'.e the fri'ont441, 514'eve~s :indi .5to'Cs.
1:4'' 444)4 iai 4 urhi nation1 144' .' it I1.*ii
I.t44se( lil t iii.2 lucked'4 444n44 44r'e grea:tIy
in 'ogn fori' 44 little' girls and44 w'i;l be
The) :41ylis h lilt- It' 4)deiil sho4wn is ISnni:41
"I' l44Iu.4 wilth iri44444ing ot' heavy''3
linen 1:41 hi 1 of io. sinelt sh.:444. hut n'11
'T' ('44:1 4'onsists 4of 1front4s :tina hack',
both441 ofI whVIil'h :are tcked :444l stiIched'4
w.ilh ('or'ti'll i si1lk tol 1l44nn4'( det' h,
(414er 4144 shoubler14')s is arran'~ 4ge~ a4 (deep
* 14i14' 44llar ('it is shnin4'dI with 44 ent-'1
with11 4as('. Th'Ie ri:ght sht l of Ithe coaut
In4is (ove'r 14 thelf, :4nd( Is ('losed( 14
double-br'ensled45('4 style with bulklons and14
bit44144Io it,Iles.
'The4 (1unuti4y of' ~ Innt1eria' 1'() ed't'or 01
meldIuin size (four years) 11s four (and(
one0-half yards(I twenIty-0one Iiches wideo,
four yards twenity-Reveun 1riches wide.
or two and4( one-fouIrthI 3'ards forty-four
lncnna mido
Thto Tricky-Olbros.
-1'llegendu B1aetner.
Qn Five PNetures.)
--n a s
lu tte c u c i te Icolo s
,huht i b h o1 ptl 1l :1ta in r 11ti' I"1" 114). 1)%"u
tilt of I 14 I.p le. is on1y rt"urr"ing in
parl itt anI1itt Itrint ltlts- T1hc" 1mwe -
Ing-hluvt" a.t Salin). Mt:ssnehusett,,
1) t11 1 1 1'i:;t by 1h 1c " ir t l'ui1l n o11
t:regIat iult: gath"rt"c1 in1 .\.nltieri , ,t'rvedt
aillpurlt:,.,s ulo f "worshlip, instrlte"tion
f1n 1141 Il . 1tn 1ni,is rattiult for fIvc" y4ars.
Milr-us 11urt"IsIall atiruwI that t"ven"11 In
1I mleta . li t i' , I Ih hel- w1' 1 1 .4 1.
14i41. 4'4 her 4441,l :44 built . k'v I i, a h iii l;t
fi:1)'4 Xl' .'.4 :4e I'4'i. g a al444y (II 144-4.'
4:ion44 :1441j h ~i nIisn to 14l tio s. Ths1'41~
44ittle '44* unihli'.' 11, loo igiI 141 I. chihi'
Ilu- 4'4'Insi tute'4 .4' a -n IIt has a14"
1n' ery : 11 4J 4 :1 i'Ihi s 4'ne': w iItZ-lows, a1' hih
pit si 4154:14'f, ni :a k--y:1;111 lh l niht
i11ve- 1't 44erv 4o. 1 1 a 4110pon of < lit's
1'ni st 441 ina . ~I li: In i4 in4' lf 11 11'41 eI ,-4'(
fill'.'s :llol).' w il t44 her n' .l.\ . il 1clesl'
ofVi4 Liwtho!Irne, nIa '/142 w1 lit4ch. * it.'wn
in this I41e1lin4house 14 ha4 I14lNge \\'ill..I
inru prochl44J iineel. It he- rinciph- 14f4 relig..
I.Ills il wrty, ii. 1444l wa i41lI-ontinently
''e1l 4 ki*ll: li is411 : 4'1I\venl i-olle ht.l
Ill|ll1'41 441 14ie '-triel)y : livil ill N(he
blieis 11:w41 i4'' lo111'be' .\ r'!4'14s'Is'lle14
w:ill's :100:1 'v % '41 Ill zig a f 'lc' is't114 r-3'4
taosen hbywan orin- ay ers. \Veng inl
ginitlr'nt the lvt't1ron stog
vi Vanscltoeh thel Areti'inne wi
h ie pigges ivsity in the evrly
if th ris,the w9, the ob it y b
Te Prevent Imrmae to the -'rulley Catr
Thle t(I(lelle}"- i-z lo(1erl'de h 1 t
m{ahm' all alpp:ira(us and 11metl1ds of
t)Uer1at;;11 ax nearly "fool. proof" as
pot1i lille. Ii: ie hls ( :t11!'"r Iell
dIIIunged or (t.:tryIe!. o';u; to itn
(ontpete'nry (of tpLratl'< that: it hats
h)ee'll 'otlund exped'tit1 it) s:rrutt(d al)
p)aratut,." espec'iul3 ele("tril::at. :l1)911
aices, with all posiI(e safe1a:Irdls.
Alnmost everyliing :Ii '(111 an eiectrie
Car is Iow fool roo, exce1pt i:ig, 1er
hp S, th1e ('ontrollier nllove(,lleIt; bout
tihere hlas been rece'ntly" introutceud l,
dlevi(e which rcnde(rs this fInIIlune fron1
inju)rY by. prev'enting; lnptorunen front
ab usiu.: Ind rduiil ie g the 1 11(liell-y'
of Ilhe t"llllil lnetl' 1Of' :..n1 e'i ('le tri' 1aT!
w:y. 'I'lis li-\ice. which is known as
Ith aIIul nuiton(er. is nil haiti('al itIn its
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All ruelty l hsings fron luidluart
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lost' his rchild':: Ilie:Iri. \It nli-l s.
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the n. - fIi'al .ir.
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lreint neat':1iveo I:abor our l' uost 1;tsting
Th'le elhi('f' on,t i1tuenlts of w\I :II w"c

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