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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, November 16, 1883, Image 1

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The Easley Messonger.
_ruli, like ;r torch, the more it's shooh, it
jghe f;urn flersenger.
IAnered it the Pos li(ce (it Easley,
S. C. <t tcw Clt aler.
11Ui IGENS, IAGOOD & CO., Proj'rs.
O1e Nelr, strIetly ill a dv ulee.......1(o
One sfillm'e (1 inlch) 1 ilsert.ion......75
T'10h slIhsetinent inserIt i n ........10e
L iheral dlisvoltutt on contracts or hv
til e eolillill, I lf or (1lllt'1 er e<liiiiii).
NI~ll'l~ge 101i<!s fr.(.( :and so livitvd~.
Oituaries over 12 lines charget for.
Cmar's pm 1(l.ll s, I I:.-,I I'e a t fet v It i ,
P\t g iv h111 i' fi llUI 1 1 l' . ) I.
Wean r l not rsponsible- for theopn
.0IlS Of ()ll (or'esp]mi ae11ts.
A l i e i l c I IIe l t-t olls for tw he ape ur
1111 he :ltI4'e-sse-w t o t he EAl Ito rs ;
Lusiessle tte rs (() t he Puiblishe. r fthe
Mil.:ssi;N( , E Sly, S. C.
Co(wr's)~miledl' Th 11of T i 'es4se-.
"D)o the (itt. Hlint lies, lIwnresl thjef.''
Ill evel'y , 1 1:1 vM~ k' L h:rV I ; I, S O
(if oblig" oacncoui.so oe
1 hill io bm. < ( 'e. (I;r uuo phils ..
phri vs.y : "Iere ar- t Iw eal
t0fill tI fi''hill Ih ii' ii rse'(V -- ui 's i ir
k ov er hit r h1:I'ls l' the entil)11n ii
f <. in I I.'' (
p'1 l u(' 5 here 114 perform cert1i1i 4 ask '
:Itl n4t h i l inl , anl it kois u lu v IM
w his Ikd with 1 a 1ihi
iri11it, :u) hi t l lxionll, bV ul to 'll
wheel :1111 obhli 4.1 to 11 1 \N .' wit h evV ry X
rev oluton with iswvs tre n 14n bo
forc(.l I fr1.u)1n iei So ke S, but w\.ithi
re)Saly :tl thtr wat liv lintion liing
ill wheel IoIf frm 11 1) hI tI re
bIng w hate-; NN1:1ver. fa.t( we chom- -e.
i1 low c esa r 1- ei l f I wi la ng e lm (I it vm
'y ig w iof o the:wr ('1. il' )W
ne ''~1 1111) he provt' h i ei i t g iv )
Ui~ \Vm did11 he duy' i)n allI( t h relt diou1s
(f life. Work nlots tis talo ore ill
ierest in ()Ill fellow cre t 1r4) eh e1
uineindies a well'as h r f lie .vt
ille :1tn 11k 41 mad wait fr' e o s ')ie
ekw 'to Iii ut i ltel force tha1 li
to neccmplishA wondlers noth1ing) will be
donef, but. 1.t each exert his o'wnpow
rs.:1111111 h ! Ihe w orld rj( ic inl erod
ill prv'e w wi t 's, mad '1hu is blss the
' oat (f it . ae(nts by whose4 ves
su1h happinless.. Is at tainled. This is an
a14g' Of work, it. is, evenl the faShion t0
fromn heyolid the 'eil, ")o the du11ty
that lies nearrst. t he." Yesido the dil
ty. Doh not, fol your hunis and fix
Your1 eyes u1poni solne f:a. oil- tiel of
labor sayinig, ""If I were th1re I cbil
ac omnplishi inuchl" buit loo)k arotual
wit hil the sinmall -IIeie of whicli ,vol
are the cent re. Do volu not See f(lose
t.() yomr right Iluuul a failing flower
Ii'hich needs your care? A desponding
sister wio liveud a kind :nul enieoti-a
Iing) w rd ? TheII (h Iot scorn to givv
it. What ieixt you say ? I 'atniot tell
Vo nore tha i I hat tIte little deed wvll
(1h11- t)-day is. a proinise of solinethiin
t0 Of)o, :Illd Off- st.rengt h tn doit t o-unlor
Iow. We wal k i broug-h Ow he ist of
stonii s. a Ild I hotghi we .I raiI ofu Ir ired
Vae I I'. We aher a.111 draw b:-k I]' v
tired foot'. S.1ying "1 Thme ki ll u Ine
it '."l No e nlter soy the wrin s Ie
Glitde, 'Taki that, a111 then you wiU
f'itlh' neI xt.''t S lot. ! 0go4 Inwat.
ot ur I prgr( Z. -I be i siw, eIt w- will
k nI o Im wil l1. ino) 'l it- sh t'owN
it cmi ts %.tw wil sta pi st-1 llt ti 111h e
f ii l !, llj pjn t I i t lit-s I I .lte - - . 1 )
And I think l it the int V10-Zitu h L
t to) our h' t i -St''1l( i t
thn ll to j'l k1 eis n t ii- lt -
ci I:L1 InI . Il ver lti ' lt-. id - h t i11 1
d1t y li(i )11' stl1i, . ()ft -,t' i o it i t li.
m irele, ll ( )f mll. (laily l fe, w it ,.ik .
(of olir bk): pm vwer-. {ilu \k. no
i '1t) (1 t ti li <r \\g e iw
r v n-tt in- 1l i- r i w rl, I \ih I - t)
A I i ' li I ) cr ' I t' St10 d!
('oie inilct' ' f l t' \\ ' 1 i l It(. et,
1it1i Io t oI mI f1. jkI Ie - lIu (. I II V I I lt'I
lIn't tiralli N iatijna )'ll i e Th~e(' \ti'
I N ' io a !i o I l i n' ' tt .l' t t'Itl n \v
i I' i -.I \v II~ t i I I f ,I Il 1 it -
yt 11 '( 'W 11' w ill I M io I
st'att s ;. i mits W~lt~ r hin i l.'t-; l tn
a i v(y in .i I)~ or n A I I I b
s , Yt ;ll inqis t )e t <- ( t A
h P'sit !. v it v(\n
i~ ~ ~ ~ ~ \ . - i ..'v i I ' l<>\rels\
-le e a e s \vI I\\ I jI ()nIe4 I
sonn-1hi to \v ei p a nn he
bu ~ uli v(i ee <i si
V: I Wt. This idt n s I Iar ;uip
ful. I f suc af. I o i. Lu s iIch
r1.4ni II e n l'e Im II*- ( : it- 1, 1 II sve If I
ind .iust. wher. we are, leit lls rem141,1
hel' int [al~l11 is :1 jr l as r v, ,1.
oly -4:111 o i ala l it," :and wewill nom
be ra~piired to w" it I g \VWe mlay.
Therei i-*as ai old deca:li
41)i d v~
P' 'l fld Ille'
*vll w(I I c I
1111 1 ng 1111 I blew
1 IliPV( 1t11) and 14
'V Ii It). n11'I ( I Iv c
-i'3 11 i 14 1 4411(IV - s
p wd i tl i'I j ill thviL-I i
4 1-wro -li I Il l. l('i4W il s IcV
1 3l \ iii' III lii\ldn Id I iI tI>-. I l141 I thei
(1 1 111411 '1 ( o l :1 i o l ,
l'y oo I T ll~ein t Ck ill V \1f Ih :
[114' ~ ht 1)( ,j(ts vt1(1 4o I I ' In~
.til~t 11511J)4IatC~.~V'lII 1111w 5'1Ih(. 'P
(III''i4)U I! al I* I.Ia i I levei
I is1)Hil 1lO))'41I Jot 'lI ilt I W0 V
hifi'k w W90'' I i
We leari hiat a riot o.ccurred near
1 Monitain Shoal.i, inl this CouInitv, be
t ween .'eventi negroes, o last F'iriday
es (r in th shooting of on'e
negro in t.Ie ad.(louenl, dan(rge'ousiv if
Iii fatalily. and tIv 1)re p ki ng of the.
riu of anot her 1Ie~r. 'le(Se lcg-wroes,
it seeinle, had conrated at thec whis
key Vak gont of Moss and Bvers. the
S11Ine IreITfetred to elsewhere as haviig,
beeni aIrrested In Itear Cross Hlill, oi last
Tuestlay. We learn that tvelve var
anI its have beet issli for the arrst of
t he rioters, who will beh brought here
for examination.
It is a great pity ithat thse traveli ng!
haI m--roo , tat have bveel prowliII
1ver he Cointr' So long, calnnot. be
1lit. an elnd to, andl the violators of the(
ha w severely puiished. As aI step inl
i Ila( direc.ioni has been taken. we Iompe
!Ihese4 roam11ingo cur1seLs Will be0rcua.
Iy :v 9 an wrinlanently stopped.-1,al..
Iev;ille lloral.
I ) 'hwek hand-.
edi Is a litte palwI SacIk. a day m- 1wo
ill whiih was a delicioiis iich
of 0 n1ieS. M r. Milwee says I hat Iis
I Ihius tles uc iII )n pwr bg it the (es;
Ve11 ill onier to pn et tem III I 1 i
rI '.oI111 11f beI and in c nseqIenI
' uIt I Ipre IicaI ito im 4e ot or alwavs
h I I Ivfley i lne rape inlis vin'.
v lo.I 1 ft r f h Ii r seasiIi -: IIo e t m i etIi
i *' nip-gowers t ry I.hi v xperwi
Iuk - I I.-L nMInsvil I nt i
LIT 01IERY V EN IMnS, IN J Alm.---ChAi.
Jurv reun ' 1 . d im li ltnIlts a gIraintit
Vc-vriek Erby, Frni'k I frore r, A.
P'arker 1nd 11 11. eIL maley, lforusing
lwI t al'is in Ihe inltere s. I ot ies
Erhy rp litu'yl slo i t' te vi r Cl (olege
hi ry, ()f Lois.Zvil 1, M o 'l.e Louhi
si)(.na State, ltte , :111i Shapley dii
I I-mIm ( 1 t'. I (h t te I, Aloore adt
Parker g I Otave bail.
bIlgr & (1'., have received from Mr..It.
Johnl 11. 1luiet 4f Iatesinrg S.C.,
Mn hal o t!cf (.4 to ra IIIised inI 18 3 0 b.)
Mrs. E. U lvd, nowv Mrs. Feorti of
lo silS. i-. The cottonl co l
haive been Sld 'at one timei for 40 ce~nts
I er pomild inl -?.bA. A s:aInplv has
he-an left. at Ohw U arles-tont Exchange
for- insetionl.
N Iu 1ER1E, I Y 1t1 WW Iiy E ANDI
SwNs.-lioh Coburn1 wa.. nurIIdereld by
his wife anld t wo Sons (m Monhay, thv

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