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The Easley Messenger.
__r___ Mie x torc, the more it's shoo1, it shines.
gh jasley ffestnger.
Egh, MRs. P. A. OWNBEY will board
scholars for the Easley High School at
reasonable prices. jan 4, 1884-2t
-Miss Pet Partlpv, a most enter
taining young lady from Anderson, is
visiting relatives in Easley
-Col. J. J. Norton, of Walhalla.
)assed through en route for Pickens on
Wednesday last.
-THE MESSENGER wishes- its read
ers A happy New Year. Let others
add their names to our list.
-Santa Claus,. on Christmas Eve.
1resenited our friend Smith, of Ander
son county, with at five-potm d-boy.
-Col. J. E. Hlagood, Clerk of the
United States Circuit Court, was in
town last Sunday. At present he is in
I ickens.
-Rev. W. 11. Kirton delivered a
good and an interesting sermon in the
Methodist Church on Sunday morning
-For convenience, hereafter our lo
enl and County news, etc., will be
found oil our first page. Our editorial
natter will still be found on the second
p age.
-Rev. S. A. Gary has exh:hited his
p)hilanthropy, by the presentation of a
nice organ, to the congregation of
Eion Baptist Church in this county. A
noble gift it was.
-We ieturn thanks to Messrs. W.
and B. for their communications to be
fouild in this issue. We will be glad to
receive ComIlulieations from our
friends, and will give them a place in
our1 colimns.
-A very destructive fire occurred
in Greenville on the night of the 2nd.
A row of buildings, extending froni
Freeman's bar on the corner of Wash
ington and Main Streets, i) as far as
McPherson's grocery store, was burn
ed. Doubtless some were insured. We
hav'nt heard the particulars of the fire.
--We solicit correspondents In all
parts of our County, whom we would
be glad would furnish us wit h marriage
and dleath notices, and in fact aniythiing
worthy of note. Please bear in mind
1t0 make your communications shlort
and to the p)oint, as our paper issmall.
-Riley Edds, who( lived on. Rice's
Creek, about four miles above Easley,
(died onl last Fr'iday ighot. One hout
p~revious to his8 death. he hadI beeni at a
neighbor's house attending a party,
and about 9 o'clock he went home.
But befor'e 10 o'clock he lay a corpse
from somie sudlden, fatal disease. He
was buried at Liberty on Sunday. Rev.
S. A. Gary conducting the funeral ob
sequlies. We extend our sympathy to
--The young ladles of town gave a
Leap Year Party to the young men on
Tuesday night at the residence of A.
M. Folger. It was an exceedingly
pleasant affair,and-an interesting sight,
to see the fair forms take the lead.
Easley has been alive with anmsement
for the last few weeks, and this was an
oocaslon that was much enjoyed.
-James Stegall, Mr. liunt anA oth
ers in that vrcinity. in this county,
have recently lost good and valuable
horses from blind staggers, whilh
ca uses alarm. We have heard the fol
lowing remedy higly1' recon)mended:
Knock. the head out of a liour barrel.
place rieh.lightwood in the barrel, set
fire, plac green pine tops over the
blaze, hold tihe horse's head over the
barrel, placing it as far into th- barrel
a you can, aid relief will follow.
--The Knights of th, Golden Rule,
held a public meeting in the Chapel of
the Ea.'ley Academy oil Tuesda y
mlorningl~ la-st. ColI. I. E.Bwn r
sided on tle occasion, and itroduced
to the auldieclee Capt. R. S. Morgan, of
Greenville, who delivered anl mh11ress.
We uniderestand it was iie, ind was
appreciated by th' atidienee. Good
music was one of the interesting fea
tures of the occasion- T'lls Benevo
lent Society seems to be piute a suie
cess inl our1 Iiuidst, ald we tender it our
best wishes.
Atterntion is directed to the new ad
vertisetileit of tile Easley Academy.
The first Session of 1884 begins Jai
uiary 14, and continties six school
ilonths. Send in your children anid
have them educated at. oie of tile best
schools inl th; w1hole country.
Also, read notices of Public Sale and
notice to Creditors and Debtors, by J.
It. Gossetc, EsqAdmr.
Also, to new advertisement of C. P.
Runion, who offers you better induce
ments for 1884, than ever before. Do
not rest until you have found out wit
lie proposes to do.
-There Is a negro girl in Lo urens
county wit h the sintgularly poetic name
of Fair Rosa Beauty Spot Temptation
I'ouch Me Not. If there Is any more
of her nlamie we will certainly inform
our readers as soon ss the discovery is
--Immersion andl close communion
are said to be (lying out among the
English Baptists. D~r. Spuirgeon's
church is said to be among the few
holding the 0old faIth.
[For t he Messenger.
D)ACUSVILLrE, Dec. 28. 1883.
T1wo ladies near this place, each
gave birth to a child on Christmas day.
Both lived~ ini the sameW houise, an bo1 )th
named0( Martha. R1.
-Trhe Ohio liquor manufactu
rers and dealers have organized to
fight nrohibition.
Prof. Moore's Entertainment.
On last Friday evening, Prof. C. W.
Moore, Principal of the Easley High
School, with a troup of good: actors,
selected from his roll of scholars, gave
a most enjoyable entertain tl tt, con
sisting of music; ta1leiux scenes and
charales, to a hirge and ippreciative
aiiiffence, inl the Iailn room of the
Like o.ther entertainments, Prof.
Moore . ls g'ven heretofore, it w as
qiiito siccessfiul. Ii them ll never
fails to entertain pleantly a large
alulience. The )(ople in) goino th.r(e
kiow what to look for, and they feel
that any time spent at one of his enl
tertatinients will not be lost.
The object of the last was to raise
monIey for t Piano. This instru
ment was purclased whieq the school
was Start-e( lre aboti a year ago.
The extWilt of the usefiulne4s k readily
arrived at, by Simply aIttellding one of
these entertainments, and listeniingo to
tie sweet strains of nm.ie. as they are
inade by tihe accomplished youing ha
(lies of town and thJse in the vicinity.
The exercises opened last Friday
even int'g with a tuost tonehing tableaux
scene entitle(l, "Angel ind Demon."
'T'he angelic character was, Miss Maiie
Quilliin, who kept wNatci over the
slepiig beauity; Miss Zoa Gilliland,
while Mae'. Iiggins acted inl the cIL
paulty of "-lis Satanic Nijesty.'
Next in order was a charade, "Con
try Cousins.'' This was splenid, and
was acte(d by Misses Nora Hlolcomibe,
Lila Qiuillian, Lidie Wbinson and Do
ra Fol ger'.
After th's the audience listenieId to a
song, "'oo Late to Marry," sung
sweetly by Misses Cora Ohyde and Ma
mie Qliillian.
Following this was a c'iarade, enti.
tledl, "The Canvassingy Agent," actedl
vell indeed, by Misses Nettie Barton,
Mamie Quillian and Richard Berry,
Hovey Clyde an( Willie Williams.
Next inl or(er was anothtr tableaux
scene, O"Jealousy,'' Misses Cora Clyde,
Rachel Akins and Nora Holeombe.
Following this was a very fine cha
rade, ini which all did well. T1he char
aicters were Messrs. TIhiomas~ iludgenus,
Willie Hamuilton, Willie Grice and Lil
lie Cly'de.
After this thme audience was showni
'"Courtshmip under Diffleuties," ca rriedI
on by BI. 1).,Lenihardt and Miss Lillie
Gossett, unuder the mischievous direc
tioni of Elbert Hester.
Just at this poinit it was the pleasure
of the aud(ience to listen to that sweet
0o(d songi, "We parted by the River
side." suing sweetly iby Misses Lila
Quillian and D)ora Folger. It was a
musical treat.
T1he entertainmencut closed with a
successful attempt at m inst relsy, by
he following young meni : Messrs.
Bailus Higgins, El bert Heoter, willi
Hamilton, Richard Berry, William
Grice and Mac. Higgins.
All the exercises were interspersed
with music; which added greatly to the
enjoyment of all.' Miss Lila Quillian
had the music in -charge, and reflected
much credit upon herself.
[For The Messenger.
Tournament at Payne's Store.
There was a Tournament ride at
Wi. Payne's Store on the 26th uit.
Th day was pretty fair for the ride,
and by 12 o'clock a large crowd hd
gathered together for the interesting
scene, and by 1 o'clock all the riders
had assembled at the race track, with
I heir fine horses, waiting their-names
to be called before riding for the lovely
John T. W n1111m was the fII'st to
rid tlrough on a-beautiful swift-foot"
ed black.
The following named young men
were the- riders : .., Knox, J. B.
Jameson,.J. E. Knox, :. AV. Stewart,
Wim. Snied, G.' W. Ijendricks. V. R.
IIendricks, J. T. WIIlimn.
J. T1. WilHiman 'von. the first prize,.
taking eight of the niie rhigs. The
other successful iglts were: UR. E.
Knox, J. B. Jameson aptd Wmi. Snied.
W. He Thomas, of Six-mile, called up
the successful Knights before the
crowns were placed upon the lucky
young ladies' heads, and made quite
an interesting ad(ress, which suilted
the occasion.
J. T. Williman crowned Miss Alice
Barnes; R. E. Knox crowned Miss
Eugenia Craig; J. 13. Jameson crown
ed Miss Ida Finley, and Wi. Sneid
crowned Miss Lula Williman. II.
Easley Post Office--Money Orders
and Postal Notes Issued.
No. Orders issued in 1883, 1,106.
Aimt. of Postoffice Orders and Postal
N otes........................ $25,637.83
Ant. of Fees on sanie.......174.37
No. Orders Issued in 1882, 1,094.
At. of Orders isied in '82, *24,.827.08
Ant. of Fees on same......... 168.30
Increase in amount over 1882, 810.75
Total amunlt issued~ in the
past t wo y ears.........$0.401.91
-It is saidl that Emory Speer's
raid into this State will result in
the Senate refusing to confirm his
nomination as Distr'ict Attorney of
-Subscribe for T1HE MESENE.
Married, Decembler 30t h, by Rev. .J.
D. T1alley, at his. residence, J. A STM-.
MONS and Miss MARY OwENS, all of
Pickens county.
IOn D)ecember'1 310th, at the residene
of the bride, .J. C. ALLEN, of (Green,
ville county, and( Mrs. CARRIE A.
GARSON, of (irove 8tifon.

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