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R Kuterod at I'loieua I'ostofflce as Seco'id Clash
fg | Mall Matter 18
PICKENS, S. C. s sil
Wednesday* Feb. 17, 1001. jn
It has been assorted that Mr. Bry- ul
au and Mr. Iloarst have combined m
their forces anil influences for the w
control of the Democratic National
Convention, and this announcement U
hasn't been contradicted. It seems Ji
that the Bryan forces and the Hearst 1<<
^delegates will work together, tho si
^|rst delegates assisting Mr. Bryan ni
Bunko the platform and tho Bryan ol
A helping tho Hearst delegates b
Ainnio Mr. Hearst for President, ri
It baa beer '.''^irly understood ever si
sinco Mr. Bryan returned from Eu- 11
rope tbat it was bis purpose to leave n
no means untried to control tbo o
Democratic National Convention. He g
m is determined tbat tbo Kansas City r
B platform shall bo reaffirmed, not I
tbat bo thinks its reaffirmation is of v
such great importance, but lie wishes e
to sbow tbo party tbat bo is still its
leader. He believes thot those who e
are against tbo reaffirmation of tbat t
platform wero not in hearty sympa- c
thy with him in his two campaigns, t
'C. and ho wants to mako them take a c
/ back Beat. ti
Tho extent of his lnHuenco is" r
matter of speculation. Un >
Buoomo of tho Western t
j^fc^-yconsiderablo I
Bo bo ad
a posiJKny
delo- <
^^^S^SmunT IIo lifts an organization I
in about every Stato, and it is doiug I
an immense amount of work, -from t
ail nccounts it lias plenty of niouoy, I
^to|^^^and tuonoy will do a trroat deal in so- 1
P^^ rw ?<tior ^n,iidato for tlx;
ir nomination who has aiTvr^fyftUiza^on
ill Indeed, tkoro is no ono of H,,,,,, ()mt ?
mm is an avowed candidate. Evon Jua^o
Parker, who it is thought, will bo 11
HA the jjJjoico "of thb Now York dolegaytion
for the nomination, hasn't inti- v
mated ovon to his closest friends that K
ho desires tho nomination, It was 'l
thought after Mr. Cai lisle spoke of
him as tho choico of tho Detr ocracy *
for prosidout at tho dinner -'?t'lho 1
Manhattan Club last Saturday night ^
WHBSSjSBBHHIHFa response of some
'eft New
so mentioning *
Hlmt his Jiamo had been cou- (
Blii tho nomination.
HH|^^^H^^Hl('arMt having no
work of getting delegates for 1
H As soon as counties begin '
mLj. delegates to the State con
the conventions which will
* chooso delegates to tho Democratic *
National Convention?llio eflect of !l
his work will bo Honn n.ni "
- ,
are being received by members of tho
Democratic National Committee in- ''
m. dicate t hat the Bryan-Hearst strength 0
I \ in the Naiibnal Convention promises ^
BA o
to bo a surprise to the great ninjoriHjEfija^^of^Ijrn
loaders of the party. ^
Ipjopan iij the lust Asian Power of '
^Lnortnnc.o that is left. China is 8
B^^yinil helpless, ready to fall nn- "
^fejunii nation of whichever
Ah) the r<;nt duel now in '
and Turkey have J1
becoffl^^Riudly or virtually depond Hl
encies upon European systems.
Should lluouia prove the victor, .In- sl
pan would fall back into a minor do- i
aition and Russia would dominate ''
^^^g^tho vant Ohineso empire and Uorea, : "
fckus practically putting an end to I he ''
^bIIow peril" of the Far East. w
win, Iter inlluence m
l^l^eatly oxtonded and China r
H^CTUorra would in all probability bo ^
jominated by her. \ Undor Japanese
^domination thero ia\ no tolling what ''
might bo tin; future of the Chinese. ?
Japan might be able to make them ^
throw off their lethargy, to organize _
f them into ofticient armies ami llms 1H
put herself in command of about
one-third tho population of tho world.
Tho .Taps nre progressive, resourceful I
highly ambitious.
^k'J'ho city council of Aikon has flti
Bird ft inftBS meeting of tho citizen* w<
HHao town to ho held on Fobnmrv !!'
- . ' ( G
oriiov to ascertain tlieu* ou
upon a plan to build and sot tlx
oity park named Whitney
Btahonor of the memory of tho
fl ^k|nfcfactor, the Hon. Win ',Y
tlK ic.in a stoiut *'?
HtjmuiI of tho
'1 I
!' 1
W ii n
It is war at lufct between Japan and ffr?
itteii, and hostilities have actually pi?
g?n. Japan is lighting for her
ry life almost, and in that she ban Col
9 sympathy of tho civilized world.
10 is comparatively weak, but rIh ?*
s a well organized army and her
Idi(-r3 are brave, ;.jind lmvo proven
at they are epleudid lighters alio >a'
n endure tuo greatest hardships 01 I *
e fit Id of battle and in militan I ^ '
mpaigns. Her navy in tho far oast
said to bo superior to that of Hub w1
\ and alio may bo able to hoM bei aP
vn in that iespoet at first, but tak- m<
g it all in nil sho is no match for
ussin, whoso resources surpass her
,vn immeasurably. That Japan will
timatoly bo defeated scorna certain, no
^.withstanding tho plucky fight she
ill put up. ha
Tho cause of all tho troublo if
ussin's aggression in tho far oust. n?
i pan's territory is small, her popu co
,tion is largo and congosted and if co
10 is to preserve hcrsolf as a nation 0f
ud grow and prospor sho must lmve w
ther territory in which to expand. ju
Iio has] boon dominant In Manchu- |u
ia and Korea heretofore, but Rus- nj
ian lan 1 grabbing propensities bi
ii r oat on that .supremacy in commoietr |?
nd industry. If she is forced out lt
f thoso countries her national d
rowth will bo retarded, and in many
osp^cts brought to a standstill.
Jnder such circumstaces it is no
wonder that the; plucky little Japan ''
iso intond to light evon to the death. ,r
.Japan, it seetns, would havo been 1"
latistied if Russia had ontored into a 111
reaty to guarimtce tiio independence w
>f both Korea and Manchuria, so as OI
o allow freed Jin of trade and rosi- Nv
lence,. but to this Russia would not
igreo. Blio promised that sho would H<
Jmlo by such on understanding, bul "
vould not bind herself by treaty to
lo ko. Russia's premises lieretoforo NV
lave not proven to lie worth much, if 18
luythiug. Sho promised to got out
){ Manchuria lust October, but she ?
Duly strengthened herself in that ^
iountry. Japan, exasperated by hor j
Jelays and evasions and having no
aith iu her promises, proposes to ^
Liring tho issuo to settlement by tho ^
jword. Japan may have right on
lier side, but wo much fear that
iniyht will prevail.
There are two points in tho synop- t
us (if Senator Clay's speech on tho t
I'nimnift eaiial treaty that will arrest t
,tteimv?? .One is tho cost of '*
anal and t* . <<?? oo.ifmbiu 1
kill, in pM probability, bo given a
atisfact^'T conponsation for tho 0
)bs of l'^oaina. ^
The impression tho publie 1ms hail
JLVnlong is that tho cost of tho canal, ^
ncludin<* tho atno.mt paid tho Panama ft
'anal Company and that paid for tho r<
oncossions. wouldn't r>Yiv?>. 1 si>nn i
100,000. Senator Clay spanks of |
1400,000,000 or $500,000,000. No j ^
loubt ho is well informed in regard
o the ultimate cost. Ho bears the tl
object discussed by thoso who un- i(
lerstand what work thoro in lo be
lone ami what the cost of it will liUoy
be. ''
But if the cost of the canal is to be c,_
400,000,000 or $500,000,000 why 1
re tho estimates of tho engineers so
ouch below theso figures? It seems
o us that tlio public ought to! Jj|
lave the truth as near as it can bo , ai
btained. There is a wide difference j"
iet voon $200,(101,01)0 and $500,000,-j ir
00, or even $400,000,000. . )"
Tho inference from what Senator ta
May says is that Colombia ought to j1,1
ie compensated for the losses which ti<
he sustained on account of the revo- ]ti(
| Kt
ition. Ho aayb, "If Colonihia has i iff
con wronged let reparation i.e made, j
iut every douht l>e given in favor of ai1
ist and fair tivuiment of Columbia, ''fi
;> far as lies m our power."
Of course if tlrs government is re- ^
ponsible for the losses which Colomia
sustained through the revolution
ought to make reparation, hut is it
sponsible? Th.it question must he M
? finitely settled before the people
ill be wiilin<; 111 it nnv considerable !UI
' v tO'
ira of money sliall be frnnaferred |
oin I no treasury of the United | nf
tat oh Jo tho treasury of Columbia. be
.Senator CJlnv nays that ho cannot
ring himself to believe, in Ibc face j'
tho President's disclaimer, that the
nited States promoted the secession ty
Panama. That being the ease, it
diflicult to m o on what grounds J'"
io United States can bo ex pie ted to |
iv Colombia ft?i* lur losses. (|a
Any pa)inei.t to her would seem
be an admission that the United
nf/iu ni??, ?
u 111!r in ? imo wr.y. A I
might out <l>>11 at ion to Colombia | ^
jiiUI hardly me< t tho approval of 1
e people. If anything ia to bo givon ^
ilombia, therefojo, it ought to come
t of llm amount that is to bo paid
u now Republic of Panama.
' wo
Aiaj. 1). F. Bradley ban rotired ^ju
tit tho ediloiial ohuir of tho Eaaloy Wai
to t'.ie ivgret of the readers 1
l hut paper and also of bin many wo<
ondg throughout tho country. He Ul)<
a versatile wi iter and a polished j(,[
>tleman of tho old school, and a atai
Ilaut Confederate soWier, who lost pov
arm in defence of his country. He
i been <^elp atv1, ?}n incentive to
ne^O^fc^i^ofo^sion this
to "well done" com
hco him stop whi
bo hnrnfHM witli fjpj ~
)do reason, possibly, why the con- \
>ssmen are so anxious for the com- |
lion of their new oflico building in
ishington, authorized by tbo last
ngress, is tbat there is a law on
> statute books prohibiting tbo sale
liquors in the Capitol building and
>y are afraid to repeal tbat law.
t llieio ift no !nw lorhiddinc tbo
o of liquors in tho ncv office build
and the congressmen will wee to
Lhnt no such law is adopted. With
ictrie buttons connecting the officoe
th tbo cafo, and n stud of white
roncd waiters to aiigwcr culls, the
. inbers will feel that they are living
ain, when they got into Iho oflieo
Tin re was no pillaging, uo robbery,
t riolinir. no imnickv htamnjdea at
o Baltimore fire. Affairs seem to
vo boon managed splendidly under
o cirouinstances, for which Haitiore
and liev peoplo deserve highebt
mmendation. In what striking
ntrast was tlio great Chicago lire
1871! Then the people went crazy
ith terror and the authorities were
nverless to hold them in check. The
wlosa element wont in for a carval
of crime. Diui.kenness, arson,
irglary, and ivon murder added
Drror to tho situation. There was a
>igu of anarchy, during which nviler
life nor property wns safe.
Prospects are good for a fight be-1
veen tho steel trust and organized !
ibor next summer. Since tho retire
iont of (Jinnies Al. Schwab from tho
residency of tho trust tho managoleut
has devolved on Houry C. Frick,
ho has heretofore had labor lights
11 his hands. Tho announcement
as made in Pittsburg the other day
lat at tho ending of the current
?alo year, Juno 30, Mr. Frick, for
10 trust, would dcclino to have any
ealing with tho unions, but only
ith the men as individuals. This
i likely t.) precipitate trouble.
A disp aich from Beaufort says
Everyone hero is anxious lest the
Jnited States become involved in tho
lusso-Japaneso cinbroglio, since hearog
that the impetuous Bob Evans
las beon sent out near the scene of
ho naval engagements. It is exacted
that ho will put his foot in it
or want of prudence."
Tho grand jury of Talbot county,
daryland, has recommended tho q-%
ablishmont of a whippiny r?^t in
hat county for th- punishment of
linen l)6ttV ofloDSCS. tllO
uipping to bo Btrielly private ami
mder tlio direction of a physician.
An easy way to <jnin cheap notority
now is to volunteer, with brans
and accompaniment, lor services in
ither tho Japanese or Russian army,
s a neutral power, tho United
tates will not, of course, permit any
(icruitinj* in this country.
Why should Congress cull ou S03
jtary Cortelyou for information i?h
j the hicrh mica of If
mgrcssman wnuts to assuro himself
iat tho prices nre high, lot him go
j market unci try to buy a steak.
When the Japs saw flighting was
levitahle, they at once begun to cut
ibles. Thoy must bo t?king George
>owey us nn example.
*100 IttiWAItl) $100.
The readers of this paper will be
eased to learn that theru is at least oil"
eaded disease t5 at science has been
?le to cure in all its stages and that is
Ltarrh. I tail's Catarrh Cure is i he onpositive
cure now known to the medal
fraternity. Catarrh being ii eonstiitional
disease, requires a consdtutiontreatment.
Hall's CatarrJi Cure is
ken internally, acting directly upon
io l>lood and mucous surfaces of the
stem, thereby destroying tho founda)n
of the disease, and giving the pa>nt
strength by building up the coniHit?on
and assisting nature in doing
j work. Tho proprietors have so
ueh faith in its curative powers, that
ey offer One Hundred Dollars for ai y
ly caao that it fails to cure. Send for
it of testimonials.
Ad'bvqR 1'". J. (Ihf'llftv I V?
Toledo, ().
Id l?y all 1 iruggists. Hull's Family
lis are the best.
Senator Hanna Is Dead.
Wash inn I on, I). C., Feb. 15.?
ni'cus A. Hannn, United States acnr
from Ohio and chairman of the
itional republican national commiti?,
died today.
All hope wan abandoned vonterdav
J i
tfcinoon, and miico then ho hns
on kopt nlivo simply by iho heroic
ibrts of hin physicians. Their of
rts woro directed simply toward
timato recovery.
Tho senator's (loath was duo to
phoid fever.
Tho interment will take place id
n aonator'n fornu-r homo in Ohio,
t tho exact day Iiiih not been set
t. It will probably bo on Thorn
y, however.
Distillery Seized.
Tho government distillery, No. 020,
orated in Dacusvilie tr?wnnliir? i??*
- - I' "J
in Cox, in the name of It. C. Unntt,
h hoized Ii\st weok, for irreguluri
u, after tho permit wriH revoked by
s fstuto Board of Control. On the
i iiiHt., idler the State confttnblefi |
rked up the ovidenco, Deputy Col* |
tor J. I*. Hcrutf^# took chargo of (
> outfit. Tho following property i
ft confiscated: <
Pour ferinontcrf, one beer well, one i
>d Htill and iron connectiona, one <
)d doubler and connections, one
per How box and of piping, one
Doer pump, 0110 lot of piping, ono
un boiler and piping, ton Iioiho
rer, Hoover, Owen, liontschler &
, mata, on? Eclipse, six horse v
or an engine, ono copper worm, A
cisterns, ono hiilf acre of land, n
Ly-silt' package#* of corn 'vkiskoy .o
laining (.rations. Tho 1
akoy was slipped to Columbia. ^
IfViti-/. j. w - w - ? ill * ii* ^ i ?
" I hnd ft very severe sickncss * "
that took <?ff n:l my hr.ir. 1 pur* jj
chased a hull!s or Aycr's Htir ' {
Vigor and it lirouf.ht nit my hair
back nijaltt." A
W. D. Qutnn, Marseilles, 111. j "
j One,tiling ! ; certain,^- j
! Ayer's Hair Vigor makes J .
j the hair grow. This is j i
\ because it is a hair food. | {
| It feeds the hair and the |
| hair grows, that s all tncre i
[ is to it. It stops falling 3 <
t of the hair, too, and al- |
j. ways restores color to R
g gray hair. I (
JI.C3 n bo'lle. All B (
? ' * '* 1 Hi*??
V ir your <lrri(ririst cannot supply you, JJ
[ send us oho (UiUstr mm) wo will exprdss y i
' you a bottle. )lo sure Mini plvo tlio limno I
: of your nonrrst ox vrc.?^ odlcc. AiMrons, I
J.i'. A V r.U CO.. 1.0*611, Mais. I
Varr:.tr>r^-piTf->^ II Oirnjf n 1 ?
Liberty Dots.
Sunday was a cold, dark and oloudy
day and wound up with a light shower j
of rain and tho clouds hnvo rolled
'away. Nothing of special inleroat
happened yesterday.
The old spinsters' entertainment
Friday night was a success.
An ovsfer supper is billed for next
Friday night by tho ladies of tho
[ Presbyterian church to increase the
/fund for building the uianse (not
mansion as you put it last weok).
Rov. Dronon and family are to arrivo
hero next Wednesday.
There will bo preaching at tho
Presbyterian church tho 2nd aud 4th
Sundays, and perhaps threo Sundays
a mouth.
Tho latest throad mill rumor has it
that it will bo built on tho old Liberty
spring branch, throo fouiths of a
mile west of town. Town people
hate to lose it in town. It seoms
that some of tho parties who owned
,.i t? I..J.J
luim iiiusb duiliiujlu mi it UOIJUIUMl'll
tlioy had a part of paradise and thore
was 110 more land money would buy.
A man cannot afford to farm on
$100 an aero land in this country
when ho can't make the interest on
tho money, besides, if a man wantB
to farm there is plenty room out of
town. Turn loose the land in town
when offorcd good prices. Can't _
havo much town without room to *"
build on.
]3errv Gary sold his residence to
Ross O'Dell and bought i^euox
property near tho Mr. Lenox
has gon" L'? live with his son, Joseph,
in cv.rirlotto, N. C.
| Freight trains run Sunday as usual
both W113S day and night. The
plows, wood wagons and farm work
stopped and tbo stores closed.
If a bannt happens to make a
alight noiso at night be sure it ain't
a mule before you shoot, as that kind
\h not bad to sit around on the porch
at night. ?
Several of our townsmen saw the
light of tbo fire last week when Labaw
Muuldin's burn was burned. G.
When you Have a Cold.
Tbo flint nctiou wliou you have a cold
nhould bo to roliovo the luuga. This is
oesi accomplished by the free use of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. This
veined; liquefies the tough mucus and
Cannes its oxpujsion from the air cells of
the lungs, produces a free expectoration,
and opens the socrotions. A complete
cure soon follows. This remedy will cure
>i severe cold in less time than auy other
treatment and it leaves tho system in a
natural and healthy condition. It count
oracts any tendency toward pnenmonix.
For salo by Pickens Drug Co., aud Hunter
& Pickens, Liberty.
Salem Dots.
The health of this community is W
very good with }ho oxception of colds.
Farmers are doincr verv littln fn. *
ward preparing a crop.
\\'limit iy very r.orry in this section.
Pooplo of tho Salom sretion Bay
tlioy aro not going for guano verj
heavy this yoar. Tho idea in to
mak? corn and raise hog< and cotton
for a BurpluB crop.
I am gratified to Hay to tho Sonti
not-,Journal that I hoar Hoveral in
Oconoo county Hay thoy aro going to
Hiibflcrihe for the pa|>er. Tho pooplo
in Oconee liko to read the Piek
oiih nowH. Why Bhonid a man not
take a paper when he can get it for
one dollar.
Married, at tho residence of tho officiating
minister, ltov. J. B. Trammoll,
Mr. Gordon Hunnicntt to M bb ?
Tilda Manly. All of Oconoo county.
Mr. "B." was mistftk?n nWmiK m
Ilydo being nt tho throttle when |
Miles Mnlkoy wah married. Ilov. J. g
15. Trammel! was at Ibo throttle.
Mi;dftkoH will occur in best of famil- "
ies. J. a
Another Case of Rheumatism CufmI i?jr y
Chamberlain'* Pain IJalM. i
Tho efficacy of Chamberlain'B Pain
Halm in the relie; of rheumatism i'h he- /
1DK demonstrated daily. Pnrkor Trip- &
lott, of Grigaby, Vn., aays tin t Chamhor- y
hin'H Pain Halm gave him pormam-nt /
roliof from rhonmntiam iuthobaok when ^
nverything elso failed, and he would not
l>o without it. Voi- a"1- '? ? T>:-?
. ... ? Uf X tUAUUd
DriiK Co., Pickens; Hunter & Piokenp, %
Liberty. J
Important Notice. J
To tho Lund holders and HchoolTrus- "
teen throughout tho county: 01
I ask thnt both assist mo in got- ^
ing parties to mako their returns so gi
hat tho different parties may appear ^
>n direct or duplicato this tax paying
lino. I will furnish returns uud pos- m
nge for both land holders artd triw- J
oca. PIohso assist mo in this mat- ^
or. Very rospectfully,
fc. Foster Keith,
County Auditor. %
Kseapflil an Awful Fate. ^ ^
iMr. H. llagginn of Molhotirne, Fin.. T
rriloH, "My doctor told mo I had Con- *V
umption and nothing could l>o dono for |p
10. I wan given up to dio. The offor M
f n froo trial bottle of Dr. KingV Now I
>iHoovorj for Consumption, indnofed mo \
> try it. IV anlta wero fttartlin^. I am ?
ow on tho road to rooofory, and]owe ^
II to Dr. King'a Now DifwoTory; -It J
urcly savod my, lifo." Thin prrftt ouro Q
kuiarantood fa* all throat and }'.ng dinIM.li
^ ^
BBBBBHrdSr "" ,,, K I
lm *
A as
t Cotton Seed Meal!] j
For Fertilizing purpores and Stock Fo d, wo manufac- Jr >
tare a pure Cotton feeod Moal Becou-1 to none in the State and /
jnsfc as free from hulls and other adulterations aa is poSbiblo ff ,
to manufacture it. * \
P We Guarantee 8 per cent. A monia, but an anulysiawill !lr \t
S show a higher perceutnge. ^
Compare our Mo-?l with that mmufactured by other &
Mills before buying elsewhere.
^Liberty Oil Mill. $
Long nnme for a newspaper, but not so long as it mi^lit i;
JOURNAL, would nearly take your breath. ".Jnw-lmalter." g
Working people don't cure to bo bothered with lung tostors 5
like that. Whnt they want is something abort?"shi.rt and j
sweot;" like this: Finest New Orleans, South Georgia, and
home-made syrups over ott'ored to the eating public. It is said
that the "proof of thepuddin' is the chcwin' of the rag.'' v
And Still Another Car of that F 1 OH F
IUne hundred barrels sold in weeks, show that tlx? good peo- k
plo know a good thing when they eat it. Fivo thousand pounds 8
ol shorts, for your horsbs, cows and hogs, good, rich feed?a g
lot of tho liueat colleo on the market; sugar goes with it. S
Beat Cream Cheese; Finest Salmon and frosli crackers. Large j?
lot barb wiro and wiio nails. Plowt and lions of the latest s
styles and now coming in and will bo worn extensively this g
enminer. Furnituro rooms full up. Nice, new goods; all e
sizes and styles stoves, both good and cheap?from beet Iron J
King down. Good cooks know a good stove when they see an
Iron King, We can't think ot all the good tilings we liavo in |
stock, at once, bo come in and look through our rooms?see |
for yourself?seeing is believing. Remember our prices are |
right and we appreciate your trade.
More Customers
and More Trade
Our business is increasing every dav, and we expcct
?-? a/- *ii i i
uw uuuuic il. i un win asK now wc expect to do it?
By giving- our customers the best goods for the least
money. We have some bargains in flour. It will be
to your interest to see us before you buy :: :: ::
CI s I H"|rri^is"El
We have on hand a large stock of shoes, which we
expect to sell at a bargain for a short time only. It
will pay you to examine our line before buying.
We have a nice line of Dry Goods and Notions. We
i *
arc aiwavs reacly to serve you.
Hamburg aiul Augusta broke loose in Pickens. I mean
in Prices. I bought out Bridges & Hammonds' 6tock of *
goods and tllofift ffOnds nr<? hnnnrl ?<? nt ti.~ r\~
^ ...w vv....v. vw <%l/ 1"*? V/Ullll'l
Store. I tell you what's a fact, if you come one tune you
always will come back.
I have a lot of SHOES to go chenp. DRY CJOCDS
at a bargain.
.Groceries of all Kinds...
Call on mo. Itomembor the Moat Market in the (lays of
thy youth. Yours truly,
j. n.
* g
\ ..Better Late Thai fc. 11
. y 2
r 1
* W/H wish to thank our customers for the liberal ^ t
\ cash trade they have given us during 1903. f*
{ We wish also to state that we will continue our ^
; One-Price, Cash System, ,
| As we can always give better values than if we soltl ?
' on a Credit.
i We can handle all Chickens, Kggs, Good Fresh J
V Butter, Beeswax, Dry Hides, Musk Rat Hides and ^
" all kinds of Furs at good prices. X
p Yours truly, \f
[ Craig Brothers ?
Ono-Pric? Cash St6re W
' V fc
, j|l y
- Vr|
;. ^ .^v- 4te%sjbtK3 $ttK3#SAi
| There is no need of wearing your Lungs out, when you can
Murray's llorchound, MuMicn and
A few doses of thin Household lfemedy will give inn
\ A poaitiue cure for Influenza, Bronchitis and Diseases of '
i Spasmodic in Croup.
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ m
T^^TOT a Closing Out Sale, but reduced Piicos ii
I NOTIONS. SHOWS HA'Pi oav>h vt>n
, w - - ^ , - - -J, un' > >, i'iivv/i
you to wonder how such goods can be sol
We are offering somo Grand Bargains in these 1 in s
ber. All wo ask in for you to come and inspect our g
and when yon see how much wo can savo you, it mean
Our Shoos are New and of tho Best (Quality over
town for the money. Shoes for the School Children t
Let us soil you your Shoes.
We have some Comforts and Blankets that wo
month at Slaughtered Prices. If you need any of th<
Wo hayo a complete line of GHOCKItlKS at pricc
g*r~ Wo appreciate your trade and will always ti
I he Suit or Overcoat you buy
perfectly and looks well r o
. ^v/omvu ^'UU r>LctllU Ur Slto
Our clothing is-madc to f.t *u?
not as thc.y might be. It" it do
we alter it until it does fit.
Everything latest in style, of t
fabrics and tailored in the most
Sole Agent (or llawcs' Ilats,
1\J 11 J Ci 11 rrl 'I rniipni^
_ A 1 I X I UUOUl
I~|T? ilH Tf*ll I 11 Ml III III IIII'IE III
Prions fiill iii oarnost when wo make up our mind to oloai
PINE SHOES. About this time it is plain that. WO Ulllsf. i'nm
ior next seasons footworn-. Before wo oiiii receivo the new go<
of those on hand, and so wo call you to our aid. As an
chopped down prices, especially in our hcnvit r shoes, until
thing left. The shoes are all this seasons make and styles. K
our guarantee; so you run no rhk in buying shoes of us. Wt
of date styles to <li'er. We will sell for tin; next iittocu days t
a tremeuduoussncriliee.
CroBsetts 82 ~?() shot s at 82.20. Crossetts
Crossetts . ?$.r?() shoos at .S-.&">. Crossetts ?4.00
Crossotls $5.00 shoes at S'1.50.
Tulane Shoes for gentlemen will bo s'anghhired in the sam
Tulane .$">.00 slices .">$.50. 1'ulane 81.00 ij'JJ. 21. Tulano ?J)
In our Ladies Shoe Department you can find the followinc
fll ? T ? ? %*
Aujior iicuiuug iMclviii/.d.v, (till Graduate, Am
Quern, mill several other litx.s, will bo frold nt tlio sarno red
i!:'.s Kali1 is for \~> days only, commencing tomorrow morning.
Little Bee Hi1
stovkr-i iobus-i iendkrson com
fastest (?k0>y1\g stoke
10G North Main Street. - - - - Gr
Itcinoinlior wo give cup'>ns for ovoiy purcliaso from f>
redeemable 111 Iland Pointed China.
We Arc Rounding
Wo arc now rounding up uiir Winter Stock, nuikii
?-wvS 1 ?K LNG STOCK
We find many short lengths in Dress Goods that \
loll for much loss than thn goods cost. We don't wan
nil lltf.* f l\Oin thai? lw? T/-X.. All r\
J ill.. UU u?i^ainn IUI ^Ull. yvn UOlt(
mich higher this Spring, Wo aro still soiling what \
>nco. A good Canton Flnnnol at. H I ,'Jc which will eo
roni the mills. Standard Hlue Calicoes aic worth in 1
ifH, I am Rolling some goods at ."? els., I have receive*
Zephyr Ginghams, (Spring Styles,) bought last Sopteml
hem at l<>c tho yard.
Now will bo thn tiino to buy Dry Goods, for wo cn
bing wo have now for less than any ono w ill bo able to
A good stock of Kino and Heavy Shoes always on
52^'Como to Greenville and bo euro to como to
>ry Goods Storo, Wost End Green
Ileal Estate For Sal
Now i? tho timo to invest in Pickens rcnl oetdto.
it goes too high.
Half acre lot opposite dopot, Calhoun, S. C , $100
Half acre lot 111 corporate limits, Calhoun, S. C., $1
1304 acres within 2 mile* of Eusley, known a9 tho J
laco. An iclon I stock fur in, #2000.00
133 (1-10 acres in one milo of Noma Cotton Mill; vution,
balance original forefit; wood enough on thia
?r it. Two framo dwelling* and out liousop, #12 per j ci
for lurtnor information cull on
/ OHloo at Depot. ^ p; ,|
get a bottle of jH
Tar. M
m-dinte relief. Y\
riiroat. Anti- ^ H
^ 'i
* vju. n mm
\ \ \
ill J
that will causp 'I
d at such prices.
through Decern;oo(1p,
get prices
a your trado for ^
offered in this I,
hat will pleaso. 1
arc soiling this
sill conic early,
!8 that will pleaso.
reat you right.
, s.'c. I I
rri ' r JBB
here fits ycH
matter in vvhiM
es not fit a^^W* first
lie most
perfect m^^HBcr,
ii r
' out our
nls wo iniiRt
inducement \\V||
t here is limdl^B
Ivory pair sold
> linvo no old
ill Crossets Slu^B
1 shoes at 82.50.
shoes at ?3.;JO. fV
o way.
1,50 slions $'2.85.
f well known mnkgK^B
oricun Qir[, SivJH
notion, ltcntflfl
I'AXY, '
"Convillo, S. C.
conts up;
N'ow York 5 1-1 flj
in sell you any- ffl
'lo later.
hand. j|?
k jag
ville, S^. O.v^ Jfl
le fli
I u ,.g
Buy before
Robinson V
15 acres in cul-A
plftco to
k< n"'jfed

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