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Entered April 23,1903 at, Piekeim, S. O., ns second e'asa mailer, uurier ael of CotipjrosH of Match :5, 187D.
fiREATRRITAIN ll.iPMPn ln?.v? t,. w- n.>
VllAJJI A L/11A 1 I X 1 J
Scrni-Offloial Orgm
Would Approv
London, March
want t/> appear
we would be d<>
good if wo conce
the present sitna
foreign alVaiis is <
aiixintv," will
Spectator, in n 1c
effect of tho Iii
international re)
tlio relations bo
(i reat Butain.
The Spectator
Russian fooling
against ureat Is
rising, the Rues
vineed that Grea
the child cause o
by encouraging tl
to war."
Without recot
inert) 19 any tri
continues the Spe
taut fact is thai
Russian people a
opinion is in bi
citemont that wn
ain would bo ext
Proceeding to
military party i
capo the humilia
(lelent l.iy n small
Spectator remark
"A great Kui
obliterate all tr
atiese war . A u<
------ - - I"
/ cover >ip an unpfl
the Russians an
peaco with .J a pun
Japan's roach ai
bleeding in mon
going on in Manc
F..rth? r, aceor<
t ft tor. military mi
lieve that, w?r ap
ain would be c<
pany with Gorr
and present. no
the brunt of th
full on Francean<
colonics could l>e
ol the Britinh
Url\iln T> .. r.
" j ii7 nr> | U& IVllo
gone, Great Brih
Hift injury on III
TIih Spectator
Htfoinnt giving fi
pick ibg h quarro
in;,' *" i lie agg!
?ian tone ot' tli
impropsion of p
it doc] a res "it ii
done or ovon und
Continuing, tl
"That the Tim
<'a?ion to thoso
broil Russia an<
rendered nioro
fact tlmt th<? Tin
< xcellent aervicf
trend of (Jcrnuir
be f'Mircd Unit
the want of rei
shown by tlie lb
now he undone,
I 111 Vlk T l it Itoru I'on I i
playing into the
t-iry prirty in li
material f ir tin
' *
it nimiimui/ i1 ~
tp. nr nimoi* ll)Ben treatodin
jD Or RUSSIA, | iil? npint by tin
Tho Spnctatoi
ITMENT TOWARD inff lh" Kwvt!r"
BRITAIN. nnfl liavoimpl,
i Will Say Russians ' Workiu
'o of War with i^'St, mUl'l,lw,
tlH'IOH?, little WOt'l
land. 1 T'il?. a;iiii<
; night and ?lny, <-i
i 4.?"Wo do not' ion.'-nosi nonstip
' ..II . . l i:
as alarmists, but 'W ?
j JMisy, pleasant, Kill
mg Iuirni ai vl not j Pickens I)r;ig
uled t hn fact, t lint
tion iij regard to! RUSSIA BEGS G
>iin of consideraldo I
say tomorrow's Russian Press^!3
>ng article on 'the ?f America, an
lSao-Japaii.'se wur | isfaction her
ations, esp?cinlly i st. Petor.?htn
twee 11 Russia and | Russian press ht
fiction the Ami
points out ''tho tho lust ft>\v <1
of resentment in the;
ritain i? storulily Washington p<
iiiufl b;ing con- Russia.
t Britain has been Tho Bourao G
f their dilliculties , voe Vrpinvn ft
i<i Japanese to go in a sober-mind
so-Amoncau r
isidoring whether danger of a pe
ith in this view, ment.
otator, the impor- The Gazette f
t it is held by tho thing profound!
md that "public present rolatioi
nch a state of ex- two world powe
r with Great 1 iiit- "Thoy trans
reiuely popular. common logic.
cAjiiuiu wny uie,by America si
should try to es- the anti-Ruasii
>tion of a possible paign in the I
Asiatic power, the inexplicable th
s: nightmare. Sit
opean war would of its history A
acei? of the Jap-1 the liveliest feel
>pular war would and admiration
pillar one and give \ and diplomatic,
excuse to make ; proasiona ol tl
lkl. I Kaam
*' ?? liiiiii u\v | I uiii "cuu IA/hiiiiU'MIH
i?l so staunch tho "In Russian
i and money now! has < \<r boon
ihnria. " of tlio classic
ling to iho Spec- the Americans 1
i'n iu Russia bo- foiv made Rush
gainst Great Brit- cornerstone of t
>iulucted in com ''Suddenly, n
nany and Kr.ince had broken 1<>
risk to Russia, uh despite their
e fighting W">uld mind, began t
i uerman)', whose Stimulate Japa
taken in theovout *n>'l t-eem no'
being victorious,' awaiting Japan
isiuns have already , whore Ainericai
nn could not in- ests aro cnutore
lSHia. i ''As a math
warns the presn1 between tho
'iissia occasion for Russia would b
1, (.-specially rofor- tuno to civiliza!
essively anti-Rus ''Ontury as was
e 'l imits and the Franco and Go
urtiHjinship, which teonth. The <1
* difficult to con- minded man in
lerfitand." of tins animo.sit
li<> Spectator will ^ at y owes it to
to t ho whole c
09 should ^ive oc- its utmost."
who desiro to em- The Novoo 1
1 Groat Britain is not know whet)
remarkable by the i cabinet inlluen
ics has dono much as tho gift of
> in pointing the II. Oran.?, of <'1
i policy, It is to czarina's fund
tho harm done hyjimd sailors, th
nnuiit originally ucmonsirain n
itish proas cannot tlio quietor to
but at loast our prc?n, hut the
z<( Iho noed of not notOH an imp
handa of th^mili- American oflici
lussia or providing with a disinclii
oso who (losiro to Japanese cabU
,w ?.. <? v 1ivi ii 1iy i11is
mi unfair and lios!
British people.
r concludes by urg- jfcWiflRaT
moiit. t<> be vigilant j
ms prepared for a!1 i
X Overtime.
s nro ignored by tliopo
k< r?- l)r. King's Now
nim nrn ylwuvci of 1
nmi}? unlike: tiun, biliti'd,
k.'oIc hcaduciio
vt rami bowel tronblo.
fc, .sure. Only *25o nt j
00D WiLL OF U. S. I
lends For Friendship j
li Views With SatProbable
rg. March I.?The
tils with rent satis- B ;
)r 101\ 11 diepatches of
ays as indicnting a
disposition of the
ivcrnment toward
ivzotto and the Noiib
morning diseusH
leu lasuion tne Kuselations
and the
rmanont estrangejftys
there is somey
regrettable in the
a between these
trend tho bounds of
The position taken
nco lobt June and
m newspaper camfnited
States nro so
at they seem like n
ice the beginning
m?rica has inspired
ings of friendship
among thu Russians
and political ex
i Oho leelings have
, OWiflEriK
and constant.
social circles thai?
ft veritable worship
land of liborty and
i i ""twit
iiivo always heretoian
friendship the l>y the report of
h<>ir foreign policy, j dissatisfaction wi
a 11 uii uv11 Hpiru junto jh-?6m cunipnij
<>so, tho Americans, ition was further ji
practical turn of ] insisting on (iis
o do everything to j States consuls ti
nC9e npgrossi veil ess Mukdon at thistir
IV to 1(P n n vioiinl v I 5ll?rpft? Willi Prnni
1 O - -vw.
es? vi<!toiie? in Asia, dooision to allow
ii commercial iutor- pointed United J
d. Port Dalny to rei
>r cl fact, hostility the prevent and
I'nited States ?md battleship Kontn
e as great a niisfor- of hostilities in tli
tion in the twentieth paper adds:
the rivalry botween "We are ccrtaii
riuiiiiy in tho nino- in uh agreoablo t
uty of every light us to us.
to arrest tlio growth "The antagoni?
V. Russian diplom* i-ogsecl l>ut <li<
wuu iiuin n aiin aim
ivilizcl world to Jo f"r <n<l not
tuIV, an prudence i
I'romyu Hiiyg it docs in dominating ii
ier the Washington being no serious r<
(jrd such incidents rol. The pnietic
#10,000 hy Charles realizo that the
Iiieago, to the young American consul ji
for Russian soldiers cftgo, to tho olToct
? pro-Russian Irish business in Russia
iu Now York and reason of the auti
no of the British said to exist,in t
pai>?ji believes it illustrated (lie fei
ort'int change in the Moscow inon
nl tnctics beginning branchos of Russi
lation to favor the he predicted happ
A "0
You can nmke out vnnr i;?t
ST I* I i 1) I V ANT'S arid yot anything yon wi
Dry Goods, Clothin, SI
a ? ?'Notions
At a less prico than any other store in (!
satisfaction of knowing after vou 0f?t. hnm.
bought and find any article not satisfactor
and get your money ore something just at
Our Clothing business last Fall was u
sjood many lots of one or two Suits. All <
down so low it you can find your size it w
it away till next Fall.
When you oome to Greenville, come r
Bring the whole family?Plenty of room fo
Yours for bai
H. K. Sturdiva
Greenville's (
Secretary Hay's tho British shoes."
th tho unti-Rus- j In conclusion, tho Nov
jn which disposi-; says:
roved hy his not' ''All is well Hint ends
patching I'nitod tho light cool log whie
a Antung and hanging ov.r Washing;
... ' Yuil toil ? I I?a ^
ne, winch quite VVo Rhal'f bS' thVfi'i
dent Roosevelt * COmu them* '
Mr. Morgau ap?| ? ?
stutes consul at , .1 Favorite tomwly for
Tt8 plojiwmt t4i?t4^ uml 1
main fit homo lor . |mve made ('lirnnlu'vlniu'R C
not to soml the <ly ? favorite with the moth.
CKV U> t Mm scone a;;a'1 V.'.-iivenV^'an
10 K.ir East. The pnniimoniii or otuer serious (
: Tt not only miriw croup, but
i uh soon us lli?? cronpy conf;I
? that this chango | |'i?v?>ut tlio utt...Fw? ...
4 ; ctiM Drug Co., L'lcken.s, an.
o the Ainoncan8jpiokt>nHKLjl)<:rty
in oi W ashington 'o ine reopic 01 ncken
1 not frighten up. ,Jy vour Kullruge I hay
m it ted to be your BherifY
come to a rup-1 0jnv0n yentH? now nerving
must end always n,M' during (lint timo I hi
, . .1 I ored to discharge mv dul
npulao un<l ilinrO:,yi f(,?r|t??iv
eason for a (|uar-'?nd of Ibis f. n.. I
ill Yankers must with a fvoling of e
i?l.?graia of tlio:<11ifi(',mr{r'' of R"'1
, . i the peoplo. I hereby roti
itlWoscow to Chi-' .11 . .i '
cero (minus to tho j>c<
tliiit Ameriunn 1 county for their liberal an
was suffering by | past, for their kind inch
-Russian fouling treatment, wliic
i i' ?, i bo jftMiioinbered l'<r mo wi
ho I nited States T . in
uc'Hm. I biiv to ouo and all,
clings not only of, ' Vory rpHI),!(.tfni
slmnts, but <>1 all ^ H. O. I
an trade. What __Wo ~ catthigofr
0110(1 ill tho Cri- wj10 (]oUt pay. It tuke
nuy stopped intoj run u nawapnpcr. No pay
HiBiH s??
8 I I-T'Ci
* V f H ?^ "V 7
JL \
aving homo?Como ri^lit (o
ant in
hoes, Hats and
* ii n
rc'Onvi 1 ]o and and have the
I) anct examine what you have
y. You can fetch it back
> good.
tnaacnse, ntul naturally left n
)f these lots are now marked
ill pay you to buy it and put
ight to ST I' R DIV A N T,S?
r the Children.
lilt Co.,
Greatest Store.
I A Kidnapp
00 Vrcmyn. Houston, Texas
iel Cushing, brotf
1 woil. I' ing of tho Soutl
h has been way, was last nitf
ton is (lis- at Del
feelings ro- men a notice on
t(> ing'a handwritini
had boon taken
?rompt cures ,JO 1,oM {ov
'ough lie mo LuHt ui^lit K. 15.
thoir coiiglis ft ino8M?? <r
y ilungov of brother hud ;e'u
:nn??cquf moos |lousc nejlr lh;ifc
whoti given
i nppoar^ will Audition aiul t l
l.?. "j . . laLon to Del Rio i
,1 IItintm* A-1 Ho Htat((<1 lhat af
with the men nil
s County. leased during tl
? been por- told how t<> inuk?
for tlio past Del Rio.
the twelfth, I ]<], B. Gushing
nvo ewlenv-I . ,,
.. , , , to solve the matt
11MB 1 111 11> III1 - ,
sly. At tho been notified to I
from tho of- Tho banditH infor
DTiaciont ioiiH I |le NV()Ui 1 ho hoi
i'riitoful to r
for some roaBon t
11 rn my sin>plo
of t ht, i miiiils. During
pport in tho country tlioy k
wi(1) RackM Cus
h Shall over
itli grateful NV"S not
thuiik you. that J"' was forced
'.v, which whs |)ohI(j
UoDiuiicl. tank at Devil's K
subscrihers pla?o of the fillejj
s moimy to very wild and
?no ^aper. ideal for such woj
ling Story.
, March 15 ?l>uiiior
of K. I> Otishlorn
Pacific iiaillit
taken from tlio
Rio by a party of
the door in (Jusli
J st a tod thill lie
away aud would
Bum of $10,000.
Cu^hiuK receivod
Del Rio tliat his
li'iiod to a section
point in a ila/ed
nit he would be
>u u special t rain,
tor he hiuI been
"igbt ho Wiirt ro
io forenoon and
i liiw way hack to
left lor the pcone
er. jtung.Ms have
help M >" Cashing.
inctl Gushing tliiit
<1 1?jr ransom, hut
l>ey changed their
tin; lido into tllo
t 1?im In ad c <\ i rod
li i?g nays that ho
so mistreated, but
1 to write the noto
(I on the water
iver JStatio:,. The
'ed kidnapping is
usoly settled and

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