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Picks Sentinel-Jour&al.
&r-' ?
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
** Thompson & Hiciiey, Puops.
v > t , . J. L. O. THOMPSON, Editor.
Subscription $1.00 Per Auuum.
Advertising Rutos Rensouable
Entered at Pickens Postolllce us Second Clas
Mall Matter
Wednesday, April 27, tl>04.
To The Teachers of Pickens County
Yinlaud School, Apr. 25,1904.
)' My Dear Co vrorkors:
Permit me through the column;
of Tlio Sentinel-Journal to appea
to you in regard to a matter (ha
should bo ol tho utmost Interest t(
all of us. 1 lefer to tho Sum me:
school for teachers,
Tho State Superintendent of Ed
~ ~ ti. . a
uvdnun nan uuiiucii iiiu on per 111
tendnits of the various counties
that it there iw not an indication o
a reasonably good attendance 01
the Summer Echools in their re
spoctivo counties, (bat there wil
not bo any hold in the couutin
whore such is tho case.
Now, follow teachers, in tlv
Word8 of Holy writ, "Come let u
reason together. " We, as teach
ers, cannot afford to let tlnsoppor
tllllitv r?f tieUoriniir rmrDoluf.u alii
/ ? D..|
away from us; but some will sa;
that it is only an outlay and no
a benefit and instead of helping u
along it only takes a part of tb
small pittance that, by eloso living
has boon suvcd out oi our uieage
salaries, and instead of our attend
iug, it being to our advantage es
pecinlly from a financial stand
point it is a sacrifice without hop*
of return. To any holding sucl
views, permit me to say in all can
dor, there never was a greats
The writer caino to South Caro
lina a few years ago a per fee
strnllffnr ill A. atrnniro lotirl i?i
0 w, v. **4*'
comnionced teaching at $25.00 pe
month and only about three month
to the term, but am now able t<
got torms of reasonable length am
__ _ atr figures more than double thos<
received at first; and lie gives tin
Summer school credit for tho ad
Whenever a teacher attend:
those schools ho comes in contac
with men and women of inllueuci
and if ho has the warp and woo
necessary to make a teacher ant
shows that interest m tlie work
that no time fcrving man or wo
man can show it will bo very visibli
and those in charge will take pleas
nro in hoi ping him in every \v:n
| they can to better places and bet
ter pav. We are froo to ndmit
that wo attend these schools foi
the benefit that we got from then
personalT^f but while this is till
HP^^^ireet outcoue of it, yot there is ;
vory grand result that i-i general
that in mutual help and benefit; fo
ra school with only one pupil woulc
be a very dead ailair, somewha
like some of our rainy day aessioni
in the rural districts, (although w<
uuuuoi complain about that, as th<
patrons at Yineland bring am
alter their children, thereby
T^^giving us a good attendance ii
spite ot the weather*) but \v? al
know how hard it is to keep upam
1 interest at such times and undei
such circumstances; so it is witl
the Summer school, if the attend
anco is poor the interest hurti mw
tho benefits are diminished; if 01
other hand the attendance ii
>od the interest steadily increase!
I toin tho very start and the bono
fit.' :u'o groat and legion.
Again these schools are sustain
I nt a heavy cost and this ox
nso is mot by the State, tha
\ ry t-achor may bo benefitted
1 mit how can wo receive any bene
unless wo ure present?
Ilonco, evory teachor in roepon
Timbers of oak keep the old
^nomcstead standing through
Jm years. It pays to use the
r" Men of oak" arc men in
rugged health, men whose
bodies arc made of the soundest
Childhood is the time to lay
^ liie foundation for a sturdy constitution
that will last for years.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
L , < stuff.
WL Scott's ?Kmulsion stimulates
( the growing powers of children,
them build a firm
Rndation for a sturdy constiluonci
for free aamplo.
ph' &, now NE, Chemist*.
M^yurtiuti Now York.
eiblo for the use or mieuse of t
funds sot apart for the purp<
above mentioned, therefore from
moral standpoint wo cannot st
away, as in that case wo would
in oxactly tho same wrong as t
patron, that willfully keeps )
child away from the public scho
without a reasonable nxcuso
Again, it is our duty to use evt
means within our reach to bot
qualify and equip ourselves for <
; noble an<t responsible work t!
R stands bofoio us at the beginni
" of every scholastic year; and
attending these schools and lmvi
access to the interchange of id*.
. that is continually going on wo?
enabled to grasp new ideas in
gard t,o how to teach, which
vastly moro important than
11 iul what to teach, ns wo can by
* review of the different text hoc
' accomplish tho latter at homo.
* Ajjain, from a professional stai
5 point our attendance is absolute
1 as a mat tor of self-defence, who
us, if wo were critically ill, woi
bo willing to call a physician, \s
novor takes any medical journ
' or attends the associations or ot;
1 ...
meetings or me profession, but
1 content with the meager slock
information he picked up at
1 lectures and, which enabled him
p get his diploma? Or who oi
cares to listen to the minister, v
l> is unwilling to stock his libr
s with useful books, or is too la/o
indifferent to peruse them if
* roo.Io ( .,o ,1 ?
? VsClVJ J Hi' IV j ) l.'t I i I a I I > VJ 1 IIO U'.?
;) 8Uine thin^ by alluring our servi
^ to the public, when wo have sp
^ neither time or money to prepi
h ouaselves to do better work tl
L we have done in the past; it is j
'' such dragging along that lias dr
r god teaching down from its rig
till position ns a profession sect
to none to a mere occupation
channel through which bread i
butter may How into our larde
i i_ it .
ur as is in? cage will) many, |lis
Step-atone to some othor prote
r ion, that thoy may consider 111
honorable or perhaps more reu
nerative. We are unable to i
t <lerstaiul how any one with th
j eyes and heart upon some utl
profession can discharge the dut
r devolving upon them in the eon
s room in anything like the wa>
.) should bo dune, as the great
1 teacher the world has ever kno
a | has taught us that wo cannot se
two masters at the same time.
In conclusion fellow teachr
- lot me beg you to give this mat
your most sober t hought, and mi
3 up your minds, that happen wl
t may. that you will attonu the Si
mer school and make it the hail
L> school of the State.
' Yours in the work,
1 John E. Hood,
^ R.F. D.No.2. Easley, S. C
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then use Hall's Hair Renew
A! nnrlif 11 fa *? ^
? I WI V/tu ly lilt I^diuicu IU yu
p ?
; Ricl, Taste
r '
' 3R!Of
i' CI,"]'
1 Don*t fall to ?>?'?' <
; J. F. BRIJ
1 Not being nl>lc to find a suit
, I'ickout", and havo jn?t returned I
. a nice lino ot'SPliiNCi GO(>OS,
Neckwear, Etc., which are now <
t hem.
It Doesn't Take
To soo that my goods aro a
ternH, and that tlio price in way
and Summor Clothing, ,Shoes, II
1 me, iCou will always regret, it.
For tho beat goods at a snif
Freeman Building.
Tobacco Ta
A little tiling to fo< 1 with, still ?<
Reynolds' tngw, micIi mh lirownB Muh
'2 tnf(? buys y<ni u l ox of matches, 10
r? Intra 1111 v ft ii l)iir nf r/rmil liimmrv Hon
equal value?. Bring inr> your tags, if
tr.ulo thorn for something cIko,
liy u lucky purclmp.- I nui ofior 3
JJOo in 10 gal. lots. Theso aro fully a
have a No. 1, rod syrup at 25o in 10 i
My priecfton Tobacco in Inst ad.
A fow old stock Cotton Ifoos cho
For a short time I will aoll Mens
At lOo a paii profit. Como mul neo a
|>l nm cloning out n few flno Glim
Wig prices paid for Cliioionn?On
~ [ Poorhj?')
ay Riiiii.ni iiwi
be B ? For two years I sufTercd ter- f
ho H r'bly from dyspepsia, with areat t
H deoressiori. and was :tKvav?i 4
Ills R poorly. I then tried Ayer's Sarxa- |
ola E P?rilla? an'^ one v'eek ,VRS n :
g new man."?John McDonald, ?
B Philadelphia, Pa.
ter I Don't forget that it's ^
tho J "Ayer's" Sarsaparilta r
)ftt | that will make you strong \
nif- B i i p i ?"n >.
n anu uvpeiui. ljoh i waste i
8 y?ur t'me anc* money by [
t' I tryin^ some other kind. \
as| m Use the old, tested, tried,
l f(3 i ' ' 1 t
rcJ i and true Aycr's Sarsapa- t
is ! $ rilla. $1.00 a Mile. All it/u?i}!a. lj
?*j??*< rjmmm i muiwowxt.Mbm- < ' -Jn
R A*k your doctor what ho tMnks of Ay i^r'a ?
J SaiuapartUn. ll?: know * all about litis strain!
il [ oltl finally iiH?Ji?uno. roTow hU .ulvico *uul ;j
. } we will bo satisfied. 1
)KR J *1. 0. A visit Co . Lowell, Mp.hs V
ul. Thn C4", fo P/?noinn M i-??^r>w
v. I MV v/utiv/ i c 11 u i u 11 munvy.
L'ly Columbia, Special.?The j> nsio
of warrants were sent out Friday '
ild the pension clerk, Miss Kai
rho! Mayor, to tho various clerks <
als court. Tho following are t!
her amounts sent oa?*h county, le33 c:
, is ponsea oi' county boards, oxpein
of of Slate board, printing, etc: Al
the bcvill?>, $'3,-111.97 ; Anderson. $10
i it,!?.?1.5.0P : Charleston. *.'5 l'2s?{)f
us Clit*i'okee> $5,05-1.12; Given villi
vlio $ 10,957.81); Cireenwucul, $15,118 71
iiry Hampton, .f.'5,1 Li? 77; Horry, $4
or 707.0.1; Kor&lm .v, ; Lm
ii 1 - custui, $5,7'-l-o.lil*; Laurens, $G,(>21
tho 02; Newborn-, $3,r>S7.o9: Ocono
ces $7,207.20; Orangeburg,
out Pickens, .f;"),099.40; Kiehlaml, $5
are 130.02; Spartanburg, $ 10,070.H
ian j Union, $">,155 SI.
usl Robbi<1 the (?ravc.
A staitlmg iuoidont is narrated l?y Jul
lit- Oliver, of Philadelphia, us follows: '
)iul i wns 'n nn condition. My skin \v
! almost yellow, oy< s sunken, tongiu} con
y 11 i oil, pain continually in back ami side
Hid i "? ni'potitc, growing weaker day by d.i
I xnreo pnysieiiius iii.d giyon mo u
13 > j Tli p. 1 was advised to umj Kit otiic 1?
t a ! tors; to my firent joy, tho lirst botl
mv.d i a decided improvement. I co
tinned their use for three weeks, and >
Off! I now a well man. I know they robb
1U, ! tho gruvo of another viotini." No oi
j j should fail to try them. Only 50 con!
, tguaranteed at Pickens Drug Co.
1.er School Electien''
, On petition of electorn and vote!
"'.'' of Central school district No. 9, r
? it ... : i i l - i i ii "\r ? i
uicuih.jii in unn;ifti iu uu iic'iu i
t>!~ :it school house of above named di
w 11 trict to determine whether or uot 11
1 V(> speciul school levy of district, fclndl i
, ir.iood fivJiu two (2) mills lo (t) mil
,rs> : on ail property within tho district It
^ r school purposes. Tho present boai
ikOjuf trustees to act as managers. I'ol
to open at one o'clock and clobe
l,n" six o'clock. Tho election to be col
nor ducted according to rules and reg
lations laid ilowu in school law. .1
I order of Countv Board of Educatio
11. T. IIulluui,
Apr. '20. w4. Sec. iV Ohm.
STvegeta bleT's i cil'i'a"
3* Hair Renewer
? Then keep your gray hair. If not,
er, and have all the dark, rich color
ur hair, "14
rmn^jaaeMsaaxmnnmi mcanaw:.'.uwnwywamMM?
fill Cvnlnoivpl
UK, \Yr.\T(JlI KS,
>S, .1 KW KLIIV,
( i I i.\ SS.
imii' liau* of Art I'oilcrv.
M Q The Jeweler,
' J KID N. M illii M. (> remtvlllo, S.
able location, I havo docidvd In slay i
rum the nmrkfta wlioro I hive piir(has<
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11 new, fre.-ili, and thin season'* pa
down. If you fail to lniy your Sprin
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tl 1 profit cal 1 at
Louis Opel, Prop.
o-s Wanted !...
>mi' porplosnvo llioin. For moft of I!. .
Si'.|ii)fipp?, Enrly I'm), !>?< i |> <?to
0 to box. 15 tng? buys a bar <>f ('afdilo koh]
i|?. Kt'd Mont and Lib* rty Moll Inn
in:.trims and soap i* not whftt you wan
pon n linft Molfuflon at ;s gal, for <
h good und bright ns home-mado .sorghum,
fal. lots.
hold good for a whilo longer.
apor than T can buy them now.
and Woimu.H
: shoes
lx>nt tliin ?Money in it for you.
<e for wlmt ttioy w'll brintf.
imIj or Goods, tit I always want Piodnce.
^jjjjjj .WiH- wor^
I'if? acidt that cause rl
I \$W/LI \ N digestion, boilt, ch
K*"Z r l *' antJ t,ie Ker'?s that
I aru' contagious bl
T f
l % SMITH &,
1 (l
;; | The Smarter
J Offered Her
' to T'10 siniirtost tailors on'earth are <
i" u that fiuni.ih this store with apjiav
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s'u're's no <liivtronco in the made
th<> smart suits we offer?except t
<Sr pared to convitico you of this fuel
f wmr or vI
...rsm 3PRINQ
/9 than at any previous lime. The I
fiji/ readied?Perfection in the art of
ni K new garments that now comprise
'I >S? here ahout lOaster time, so ad vise
as }/ your new spring and summer suit
it- yk our time in fitting you. It is our
>s, leavo the store until ho is pleased
i (( Smith &*.
h if LEADING <
no vv Grernvi
i Real Istati
i( Now is the tiuio to invest in I
Hi _ . , . . U
lM 2<7 acres within 3 milos ol Six
)}. balance in original forest. Kino ti
.(l plenty of water. Terms to suit, pi
jH Oiio lot li acres in town limits
splendid barn and fino garden. \V
a. I 1G acres, gne farm in 3 miles
u wood, also running stroama. Aric
jy 11)4 iiercs in f?pl.?ndid ncighhi
n. houses. Kill" timber. Terms to sui
For further information call oi
J. I). HO LI
O'li^e fit. I )oj ot.
I f cou
P Miuiuj'h Horehound, 1VIulli*:
olVeetive remedies known for < r.i in^
CA ami nil idVeolions <liio to inflamed
B sitycs. li is prompt in nIVording
3 toning a cure.
Murray's Horehou
? may 1>? mcd lo advantage in oner
It is pleasant, purely vegetable ai
?j Nothing cist' like il in all the wo
3 house, ready at liand when needed.
j?j in eases of cronp. It tins rein.'iiI
fl ysms of whooping cough. 1'iiee'J
nnn'ltiiKni1 AT I 11* I T
/ '
. ' 3 "J '
i"\ '//?> P
is.v./. *?? -VVA
v% ^fv?M fi'
**>* Rl
xl0Mmm u
\ Jfcftjf t(
in ,
.,1 hl
s< islily ocnclinlo that it m n very Hinipln m:
,(1 who I him I Hid <>xporion<io or niado a Hliiily
import iik'o; it glass may <lo irr?
<iglit i>ii<| health. C'nn yon afl'onl to 1???
Dr. Crimm in through cxpcrimontii),
mt'iiUi 'Hiti Kiuilcri! methods, to mnlco tlx
normal "peiiee.t" eye You will bo wino
I Hie giving 3011 trouble have thorn examh
i 1. K. Ci
EY1-: !
1 W il M* 14 I il I
'I Iumi' li'ltoi'H nponk for UioiiHolvofl:
Ol'KK T. OK liAI'i'lHT CuUlltKU.
A. J. S. TIioitvih, W. W. Koys, Edit
To Whom It May Conoorn:
I hid lining glnwues littrd on mo by I
_ 8 it inflict i'>11 anil civnfort, find I must c!i<m
ha.i workfd for tliu best pooplo in (?
rjommont on hia work.
I olirorfnlly testify to tho HiUmfactioi
fitted by Dr. Crimm. W
I- All glaMHos at ttio moftt reus "liable jir
without culling.
7R n riuhaa v&ani\ rrjzz^a u
H tiKfc.!
|Q What. .I. I). MOORK fl
1 J am buying Product*
Heoswax and llnw Ilit!
prices you can sco, if >'>11 <I'v
cash, thut's t[.(<) t~ j't.
nfc a low
Rico. V
8ugar, Cofl'eo,FfllL
oil tho Old Man
Htili hero. j^k
quickly, effectively and without |$|
ligeitive organ*. In (act, it will ytf
i better condition every wav, for
>od of poisonoui lactic and uric V,d
leumatism, kidney trouble*, in
ironic constipation miu catarrrj, V3J
leave one an easy |>rey to malaria
ood poison. It is not only th$
ificr, but hundreds of rolicvod
t it does one thing that no other
Bitti r r B k Kw U xbm \jj * \
Q TOW ft ^
e 8>i Years.
inplo;'i'il in tli<> ostal>li?liiNen(a
i l. Tit s is 0110 reason of our flourhave
demonstrated to you tliut JEr
-to-iupnsm e kind of elolhtM and ??
lie price. And we arc Loiter pre- \\
L in &
sunriER wimr.^. |
;op notch ol goodms* has been ii?
tailoring has b *?n attained in tlie /y
our stock, Th-re will bo a rush W
von to come this week and choose ^
, or top coat. We want to take f)
wnv wf doing tilings to let no man \\
in lit rod stjle in every particular. nf
S3 2 o - % a / (I
H?J>B Y\
lie, S. C. \\
i FBI lele.
>ickcns roal ubtulo. Buy before
too high.
: Mile church, 70 acres in cultivation
iniher. Frame tenant dwellings and
* of Liberty, gr.od four room house,
in si'ii or oxcnnnge i?>r small inrm.
of I'ickons, eplcmiid timber and
e *1050.00.
)rhoo<l, 8 miles from Pickens, good
t purchaser.
Piokcuft, S. O.
I i 1-1 trS
n nnd Tar is composed of tho most u
' c(m<;l?s, coMs, In grippe, sore throat ||
ami irritated conpition of i!?< air pas- M
; relief ami certain in its (lit ct of lias- Q
ltd 31 ullicn a it <1 Tar
s wine other medicines have failed |3
.(I absolutely s. fe for ol?) iu:?l young. B
ill!. It t-li<>11 !d l.avo n place in every B
Parents will iiixl its effect magical I
{able virtue in controlling the pnrox S
fx1. (InnrMiitced satisfactory to every I
(i STOHK8.
Drug Co., C<>luml>in, H. ('.
Recognized Specialist in Refract ion,
nriiini>/iiiln. !?/>..i.wl u
- IWHIK >1 uiui immr, O. Vj.
Ollice, 211) N. Main Stroot, over Muuueturerft'
Dr. f'rinun free examination bocnuao
ii want., to nIiow wlmt tin in aldo to <lo for
du lieforo you pay. It ia tlio f .if way.
lon't hesitate to come if tluire is even tlio
iglitfst discomfort of tlio oy< h. Ho adisen
you after tlio examination is made and
nve-t it with you entirely aa to whntcourHo
> take.
FEW PKOI'f.K RKUdZK tho impormce
of properly fitted glasso*, many fool*
utter. the llttina of fflmmvi 1 >;if. nnvrmn
of lliis Bc.it'ucti will agroo that it in of tho
imrnbln injury to the. cyt or it may menu
oxporimnntud iiponf
X and is utile, witli tlm modern instru!
most (L-f'-ctivc! eye perform hh doe* this
ho I hi on tin; oafo niilo, and if your oyo.s
nod by
)r, Grimm find tlioy nro giving mo grout
rfnlly o liiin to tlio public. IIo
rounvillu ntiri I Imvn board only fuvorabln
A. .T H. Thomas,
Editor Hapt nt Conrior.
i rocoivo l by mo from tlio use of glasson
. W. Kkyh, Huh. Man. Haplist Conrior.
ioi'n. Cross oyoH straightened by gla^scM
it tho corner store has to ?ny.
ovory day, Your Cliiekans,
h'^1 ntinff to mo then my
i t want trade I will pay you
thin^H last. A lot of Shoes
yjyTV^'wiH rod u heap of
??^ i
Last week we t
ues in Wash Goods
the unfavorable we
tage of our low pric
lied with their run
several new arrival
etc., that wore not <
2.i pieces, 40 inch white striped Madras,
25 pieces wash Ginghams, worth in a ri'tf
nold at -c the yard.
;.:00) vard? Apron Uin^hama in short'
lengths 3 cents a yard.
Yard wide S'*u Icland, wortli (i cent'*] ^
at the ii>i;I. to tie sold a^ain iliis week at .|j
5 cents a yard. 1.
80 I N? II SOU I MM, rm , J
1'uU bU-;ieIte<l, sever il ilo. igna, at Iho j *|
yai <l "jc. i ?
27 inches wi.lo, ,?oo>| quality, regular' foi
price l ie. l'?ico lie. u 10c. ! f"i
10-1 SlIlCliTS, 4So.
Full h'/.", l)U'ucl?o<l, worth ?5.'> ami 75c. in
rrii-e In re lv'c. j an
Full l>loaclii'd, 45x30, worlli 1r?o and i !
'Oc, ul 1 lc. j v:i
HOI51JS &.
Greenville's Cheapest Store.
j Wl \J I
Ais<! soo iiis
<luni<iise. Five 1
Lax'ge Stoc
HUGO I i<]>S, W
s .\ I ) I) Lb]S, o:
B Oc
' und:
if* i 4
?m ss rra
Arc you ready for yo
we arc; showing a nice line, n
will pay you to see this line.
White Seal
a ^ w ^?vr v
The White Seal Clothir
larger towns for its ?eperiori
duribility. None but the bc.c
making this clothing and ea<
bv an exnerl. \V<- ar< show
^ I
conic and let us show you til
We are looking for a
the rise and we can save, you
' * '
. .V
we a<
old you of some
>, White Goods,
lather, scores of
3os, and lett our
-chases. This v
.s m White Go
in sale last weel
worth tOo to 12}e, tho yard 0|o.
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you pay a big price for your epiin
cfords, ami get a cheap looking and
fitting Shoe. Wo guarantee our shoe
give absorute satisfaction.
1 jiiilies Oxfords in all the latent toe
<1 lasts, guaranteed solid leather, i
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J to 0, f>0e to $1.09. Children's O:
ds fi to b, 60c to $1.25. Misses O;
us, 7."?o to $l.">0
Men's Oxfords, All tho leading shape
<1 leathers, priced from $1 to
! '-'Ox40, with fringe, regular II
hit*. Price here l?)e.
10C N. Main
<r\ i ide
fmmcii.se Stock o
Car Loads of*
a. i /1\ hay, co
ik sh oes, dr:
>ug'ht belore tlxe
r \ r w \ \ r ii \
.1 \ V I V / JS o, I I . \ I
heap For Cash c
C at Rock Botto
a caT-r
unr\ @
r* w
i an d ^ ^
nr Spring Suit. Two piecc
uule of "Milton Cloth."
* D Mm w*m Mm a. mm
r?<4 R bivi LIFt...
ig is famous in all the
ty in style and fit and
?t tnilors aro employed in
:h garment is inspected
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big shipment of llour this w
money. Call and get our
. L trim
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ext raordinary val^
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people took advan^
store fillip satis/eeks
offerings are
ocls, Wash Goods,
c at these Prices.
, railroad wreck s ile, and offer them to be
Our sales in our Clothing department .
g thiB spring has been fur beyond our exa
poctations, and bus cau.~e 1 us to re-order
>a several times on some of the popular
nu mbers.
*s iMens all wool clay worsted Suits, $4.08
it. This has been n big trade winner for
D us. You should soo it if interested.
? Mens spring Suits in any of the new
weaves and cuts Priced from $4.00 to
c- $'0.00.
In the popular Norfolk or doublo
breasted, priced ftOc t<> $15.00.
>s Wo are showing the most comnlvto
lino of meuH Tr<>u?;rs to l>? found in
Greenville. Prices 09o to $5.00.
IC *1.2r> CO U NTH III'INS l)5c.
Full hizo, 10-1, two to a customer, 95c.
i >
Street. Urecnville, S. C.
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i vacuci'su jriorliN,
if GOODS and}.,
advance. ~ v -N
)v on 1 iiue.
m Prices,
ITY. S= 0=
Suits arc all the rage aiul
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cek that was bought before
^ Company.

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