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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, May 04, 1904, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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It Will Do Known as the Autjubta and g J> .f .?''r^j , / (j
Elbsrton Railroad.
Au?ufttu, Oa* April 30.?Ou the R?art;*^i.r^- .
uv>ru4ng ot May .4, thv Augusta and j " For years ! bav,
JDlborton llallroad company will bo | missed taking Ay-, r'j
organized In Augusta to build and op- I every ^rSn?. . Jj . lc.".:v
erato a railroad betwooa tho two \ !*?
piano* from whioli It takew |t* name. ] 2 V"?v* r ^ :
J^Tho line of (ho road will aplll Co-j .^11
lumbki aud Lincoln counties half In | ft P'p'fci 'l?l 1 i icb
two and the only town, ftt present In. U 1 4 * v
existence, that it will touch will be| a carries fiCW lilC to
Lincoln ton. Tiie route proponed will j U nor* 0F fr.be
about midway between the Geor-1 1 . . ' '
gla road unci the Savannah river, leav- 3 ftfO illtCvi? fU.i\
lng Appling, in Columbia'county, about * Yon fee [ TlMioU"
8 miles to tho right. M ,
There HooniB to bo no doubt JuBt ?| ilCllVO. I OU OCCOniCl>
now nbout the buocusu of the project '! etr?irlv rnMi'" vnn<; I
for the entire capital etook of ?100.- g
000 hue been subscribed by peoplo fi Wtlili AyCl S oliiSSlj
along tho lino aud most of tho i.siiuo | will CtO for VOU.
vm. (piou.umj worta 01 o ik\t com lirat 59 ,, .. , ' ,
. f 51.00 11 bcilic. All di-ottlMt
mortgage bonds has boon spoken for A llt< iu
none of the money to bo paid untli ^ a?ic your <iot i?r wimtiio ti.ink.i
, .. . . ; b?i4xpurillu. llo knoniHil uboutl
tho load la in opomtloil. old fumlly iinvllcliie. Follow his n
<' Tlio projectors of the enterprise arc s wo ",u b0 "j.'^'avkh i'o.. i.owoi
Fi*od T. Lockhart, J. 12. llogan and; SfftaTrvHT^f~n*-1 txjxarMSMonBco
Bruce Young. !
' ) __ The road will run through a very
rich farming section. ? p 1 j- p J* C r* ^
6hlp Named for Georgia City Sllpa, .
from Ways. j Miu.lim WIISJ ? y.'^Wnn gh
Chcstor, Pa., April 30.-?The? steam- ,
, . . m . ,, ! usual ula'-k lialr and eyes* ot
ehip City of Atlanta, built for tho , , , . .
Ocean Btoain&hip company, was ' l' ^ s'" '(
launched at Iloach'a ship yard hero f>^lH of the trop.es an
today girls ot' twenty in tho uort
It was ohritlonod by Miss Jennie' w"" h,,t n iW)r ,uan's (1muEnglish,
of Atlanta. Among tho**;' vt r,v "11 'L' otl'|oalloii. One
who witnessed the launching wore atoppo*l nt her fat ,
Governor and Mrs. Terrell, ^>| Georgia. 1 , 11 oiuj \\ .
mi /- ?^i . i i? ii uiiu uniu tyea uiiu uiK)ve an
I ho City of Atlanta h< a city .ship pm)1(( n<j nUu;(l i(
of the City of Columbus, launched at lum> on , of h< r JJoW ,r.} ^
tho Roach yard lost winter. Tho bt(, hr;..(lo {l o <lpor and v.,u.
Cn-y m Atlanta will carry passenger* Km||4>d at her. That was t
land freight betwoon Now York and Marina'.; lx.aco o( muul. Ik
fiouthorn porta.. or, the stranger, a young
, ~ nrer on the railroad la-lug bu
I OHOT HI9 MOTHER. the valley below, had pluckci
? ? lira easily as he had i>lucked
South Carolina Man Mistakes Her Mut there Is danger in phi
for a Burglar. In those tropical garden:*.
Columbia, 3. April ;JU.?Mistuk touching <in,> of tin' heautl
inK hor for a burglar, Capons Folk #f 'he country. Marina did
ehot and probably fatally wounded Cooper, but oik? Narvacx., a
his mother at their home In nrunson Mexican, who had seen the
~ Folk had rati rod about 'nidu'.ght wud.'e and how it went to a
Hearing a noise, ho reached for nb ho lmd In vain tried to appro)
pistol, oponod tho door of hla room, 1:1:1,1 'lis ''uem,., aiwi sue!
and seeing sonio one standing at tlu x>'1" i,nMl!al>l> JV ll"
front door and lingering the latch t(> Z " i ' ? "'! ' ?
n<>xt day he had cut an ci
Jie fired. Instantly his mother, Mrs . , , , ?
.r i ^ ^ ii i > > .. fadcil many colored searf Mi
Henrietta Folk <nolro nt?r. > .. >n
.. ? , , . ' 'V . ?""^1 Sill' followed him to tho Jill!
fact tbat h0 had shot hor- In* as HlH. wont, ami tho
Cooper wild to her wns,
Ca6c Goes Up Second 7 Ime. wear your souvenir In my hi
Oohimbud, (>a.. April in>. FVir tho Cooper had no mionor dep;
?ooond timo tho damago suit of Mia Nsiivae/.. who had U?on t>
Suaio Dorsey against tho Columbia evening Ul'oro Indeed he
Railroad company goea to fho nupromo huiiKiug about Mnrlnn ir.o?t ?
court. Ilor son, Claud Dorsey. an 0111 ? entered and upbraided Ik
ployo of tho Soutliorn itoll T^lophoiifl conduct toward the stranger,
company, was Idllod whllo worldug or dm t had been without exctu
a pole by touching a live wire of ths rina was betrothed to i*ttr
Columbus Railroad company. in tin- hml consented to be l?is w!
flrst trial in flio city oourt ho.ro Mr:: cause she loved him, 1 ut 1
poraoy rocoivod judgment for <) .'?' ,Vi,s 'he lirst man she had
jX&uu>g08. The low or eotirt was n? s''l> ''merged troin childhood
^ j-v?H of pfli by tho supremo court whon th-J J" be at all allium
w over** ** 'fellroad company oarrfWl tho oa^;o up 'n^ ,U,M1 1 **t' as.de so eaf-.h
m On the second trial tlx;.- company won Spanish tl
Ml*. Dor.sev is now fiurrvln* ti,? ??.J !l miserable specimen of lum
... _ . tho Mtranjjfer was n ;j'<d. Na
to tho supremo oonrt. , ., . .
' _ so beside himself with ran
? ,, _ was tempted to run a knli'i
Child K.Med by , b(M WMR Ju<) mm.h lnfalUJltw
I Wilmington, N. G., April a,.- While j to (I(> n? 1,,,ohV(l tlmt
playing on the end of (ho croastle.;,| |nkt, rov,.MKl, the Amerlea
unconscious of clangor, tho 2-yoar-oh! j v\?,1,, r < c.ntlniu'tl to veur
fon of .1. W Winders, of (isu-.tlc: s? .ri- in j.u buttonhole. \\
Hnynes, :) mllM from Wilmington, vv;is didn't have tlr..*- to take
?truck by an extra express train ou; whether h<> expected that
tho Atlantio Coast hmo. Two tor/' 1 meet tin; 1111If > !rl from wh
%)lo Kusho.s wore (>ut. in l)w< child'*! It and <U ired to loi Ihi* hi
Corehoad by the end of the pilot and valued It, no one knows.
it in thought tho wound will provo la- his associates asked Idni win
tal. ?was it tho badge of a aoei
- . ..i orntIon-whot was it? Rut i
8naki:'s Dite Proved Fatal. . I1'1' ' that lie bad it iron
Macon. Ga., April 30.-?Aftp?r lisir r- One day ?-oooer was c:;nyii
'? 'n terrible ni'ony alnco Monday | 1 he cxva.uniil;
vc.ll. a per.ro. died Friday! ??1,lllw [ ?*- ]" *'?
x?v i,\j mi wuAafyf*'* nal<iy? bite. Doutv "" 11 u "" ,A" ' ,l s'
- ,. , . , ,, ... ; some tl^uivs ,n Ids i< >t?
of tho cordial p"- Ushlng Monday afternoon! . ... , ..
Vllv^ VyWI u "" 7 , , ! found it a tedious pn?cess.
e,\i' _ *1111 his I 4t hanulnir ivvov tho
" ,'"vi while ho sent hl.s rodsmau
of thu boat. when ho was bitto? by a; (listlUl(.(, hu Hnt )Iou ? ()l
. vatej moccasin. i wait. Tluirc w?? tic oho
I niiu '< sat cttjcying the po
; Lord Curxon Qailu for England. j listening to the blnlrf.
Ilombay, April :;o.?J.<ord Ourzori, ol bupre stone eamo down on hi
/ JCedleston, viceroy or India, nailed for crushed Ills skull. The roc
homo today. He was Klven a pr all hearing or weiiix anything
eon/l oiT. The city wan dceoratod for Home time, finally wen
qjhI In me crowds gathorod on tha| liml out what wan the mutt
fiou front to bid hhn farowoll. The \ was dead.
viooroy appeared to he in excellent There wim no clew to the
health. Cooper's valuables had not li
jit least none was mlflsid, n
-pp LEdRAPH IP. P.rtRWITlPO could UI li lor-.t a nd how rtnv m
huvo liiid any interest i11
A Tojcaa jtirv rcauiiod only two '"m- -Not '?ug attei (lie tr?.
hours to aoutenco a negro criminal renewed his attentions
^ ,|t.u t j, who, so lsir as lio could so<
i gotten the handsome Strang
Tanl Krugor, former prow Id cut oil "When ahull wo bo man
th? Door republic, bns u oorebral af- t)jr |jt(|e Mexican ono day t<j
footion and iruiy lose ills mind. ?p|| toll you," slut replied.
l'orii and Ohilo may again go t< be married whim you bring
war. Chile may attempt to anao.x uiy scarf f gave tin; ongli
two Peruvian provinces. ' bring you tbo bit of sc
Senator M. H. Quay, of Pwinsylva* 1 **'' f 11'
... ... . . \ on must 11ml it. 1 erhi
nla, is in vory bad health and nis .. . , . .
' ? , . it >?mong his clothing. You i
friends are much alarmed ar. In a <*m- jj ?
(1'"on- "I will not do auch a thinj
At VVhcoliiiR. W. Vn? Bister Alma, "Then I will not marry yoi
tlio nun who last Soptombor was as> Prom that time Marina \i
vaulted by thmo negroes, had a lx>ttle nothing to do with him. A
of carbolic aohl throwiv in her face day ho brought her the souvi
K?y a whlto tramp. Bin? named a day for the ww
.1. IMerjHrtit Morga'n In 'n Parbi, <bi that day while Nirvito
wnoro iu> is making il.-- arrangoinont > tin.: ?>u n new milt of cloth
for tho payment of tiio Panama can;'! bought at a Htore f'*r Ills in
. purchase i?rico to tho French hanker- was nr rented and carried
11, who advanced tho $40,(TOO,000 for th*> Judg<. rheie \ccn> pri^ent. a
United Statra. t1"' ,Mon oin ployed on rail rou<
tlon, and Hitting In a con^plc
"Tio a Hrii.g nronnd your linger.' wearing on her Ih*;oiii the 1
Oct that hotllo of lUionrnneido today lie- which she had made the pi
fore yonr rheumatism gets a lirm hold consent, wan Marina. Narv
and hccomoH dnngerouN. I ?t her in lutonlrtlnrifiiit. Hh
1 " 1 11111 ' his look with a iuld blooded
Ih-st Cough Medicine for ( liihlrcn. Narva07. wns accused of t
When yon buy a cough nicdioiuo for pljf Cooper, and Marina was
nmall children yon want ono in which n?, gtand. Nho told her >>t<
von nan nlnCc. implicit fv?nil#i?. ?/.? v.... 1
i - .wiii tll| ;i<voitnt of Cooler's vlwi
want one (lint not only rnliuvcH lint | giving liim tlx* bit of wurf,
on,OS Von want ono that is niKjncs-i t(,,tilIloIlv tlllrt wlw,.
tionably lini'inItWM, \ on want onn tl.nl | snior Jll(| m
is pleasant fo take. < lo'inoonnin?(.our; , , . ... . .. . . .
lloiuedy meets all of tl.os!> rtomhtionF. h(u} kill.'.! ta> A.noruano I
There ia nothing po good for the concha ' ll", ','1" pnni.?hed v
and colds i nan lent to oliildhood. Ii is l'>ool. I know the .-v. merle
also a certain preventive aud onic for wonr my scurf, tor he pre
eronp, and Micro ia no danger whatever When I hoard that It was n<
frOm whooping cough ^heu it i-t givr n. him I suspected Narvaez It
J Tjt haw been used in many epidemic* of trophy. I pretended not to fit
Jl odlmt disease with perfect succeHs, Fori vaoz of tho murder, but to
< / [deed iii? l)y Co., and t'mlo'H nmst steal It for me from tli
V , "K Htore, Pickens; oncl Ilnnfor ?V no's elotlies. At lust ho br*
3, It 18 a faikens, Liberty. me."
tin the willrfo. It did not take km*? to ee
1 and it A? f Makes a ( lean Sweep. vaez of tho mnnter. Jn?t bef
, ? S, ... ... , . ... led away ho seized an Iroi
ing to fllafcf-heron nothing like doing a tinner , .... . . -
^^lfcntfc'>oronKW Of all tho naive* yon ever " " UM>"' """ o? '?
^l\ca- \{>tf booklet)'* Arniea Silvn is tho Pro nted hurled It at the *.
Huan 1& 'ttNawvepa away and onr*n ImniR, "lippoowl ho was to marry th
HL^y'< ^rittaOH, onfcn, boils, nicera, Hkiii w'10 Instead of becoming hl?
BjL' TJ n Wd piloH. It's only 126c, ami Jtefconw the Americano's uvc
$}}? Kivc an 1 infliction, by Pick- 'tuiiately he passed her.
W'"' ' \ i'VYJUi.-' M<
] 1 vi- J A .a.
^HSiL w . ; . la
Mil1 HWWWIH $" ' Sf ' ' - ' -;V> ' ' *
;.;y- ' y ;> M: ; !
,j ? Pml> Thill Ktpena* on t1:o
? i the Wny Mitrk Twain Helped r Not Cuttuble Vvr Fo?
Yonnpr Uuctor to Win Fume. There is ;? vast amount of
;"A certain prominent New York J prevailing among Intelligent
; never |j physician owes his start to Mark tj,0 north concerning tho gro
"iparilia ? Twain," said u New York magazine d action anil marketing of
;es my ft editor, "anil I saw him get it. It was Many people Imagine that tl
nf,, and M many years ago, anil tlie then young ju tropical climes step out or
iiy.' - Hi tillvhIiWiiii linil inu* lm..r# #?<*
MV HI """ft ,,ir? ill tlio curly morning and I
Y i shingle. Mr. Clemens knew him quite oat imnn,ius from tho plant,
" .""'"*^0 I wwl,? unU 80 dKl l< and wo botu bc" us they would oranges mid otl
OlOOa |j ! lieved that he hud tho real stuff in him, i{alliU1UH ripened on the plan
r -erv H ' but tho 1)eopl? 1,udn,t h'urnea of ll,m suitable for food and would
; , ' > i yet, and his oltice will empty. One day tho 8UU10 aa tll0 L>|tli which la
/ OU \\ | Murk was in my place talking when a the northern cornstalk or el
o! -,1 M bunker of social niul ilnnnelul proml- nnunB KOld In tho United fcti
vlK ? nonce came in. Incidentally lie men- afu,,. traveling 0,000 miles li
tO be tloned the fact that his physii'lan lind stute, ure every bit us good ui
frnna 'i; *'1(i 'dflht before with heart dia- ripened under a tropical sun
| ease and he needed his services that ,uobnbly true of no other exp<
That's t! vt'ry ml,'uto- Mtuk ut olu,u suggested Tho ,')lant of wliicli bauun
2yI $ that he give our friend n trial. fruit i.< not n tree, nor is it i
d j.' " 'WilliI kind of a man Is he/ inqulr- vino. It is simply u giguu
J cd the hanker. growing to a height of from
g 1 " 'None better, I should say.' respond- twenty feet. About eighteen
mi T.ii.m?r| eci Mr. * h'luens. 'lie has never lo.it ground the leaves, ofttli
of Ayer'a H u patient.' feet long, come out In n slioi
dviccanii p . " 'That sounds gooil enough, Give. from the center of which i
I, Mass. P me ,,(h address, and I'll go to see bunch of bannnufl. These do
riTrtimwrn'MT hlui.' with tho bananas pointing up
i "When he left the ollirc, I look- urally, ami If tho stem grew
ed at Mr. Clemens inquiringly. they would hang exactly iu
, n ji ? ? 7" "'Oil, that's all right, ho said with . 11 fruit stores and grocers'
g H r R Rly sn)"?' 4 S!,kl hC> ,UUl n0V0P 'OHt ' however, i:i not th?. cs
JUtllll " l-iiii'-m.
"'lie never had one to lose, did heV *!UM.n ,k'ik1m under the wcig]
I asked reprovingly. null, unci (his brings it int<
'"Of couruo not, but it wasn't nee- l'!?, opp<,SJ,to direction, with
i, with the ?f?.siiry !o say that.' 0I,(' ot^ t'*? fi'3?up and tl:
.Mexicans "As it turned out, the humoi-bt was po|I,tin# toward the nun.
at sixteen right, because the young fellow lnin- A Word of explanation e
an old as dle.l the banker's cane wiih success and p<" ',,'p banana terms. Hath l
h. Marina u w?*? the kind of an introduction he m >(! il s"?;l well of
hlor with "ceded."?IUr.dcr. I elusters of lingers surro
evening a I stalk Is called a "hand." Tl
rzr:iPEA8ANT wfm? in japan. : ^
a winning Tt'"> <>?'> i>?? vi.o Homework, v,'C)I,(!('r ,K)"' tlie fruit Is cut
he might b,,t |,,ow < "' I'li-liix. ' ol a ,,lant nftoon feet
>wlng in a Tll? sewing la the kimono consists of ' v','!'n(1- unlive, laborui
11 lip did so 01,0 ??>?" and one long stitch, n species , ,Pi? .Jvny. "p ,ls ,H'1'
he last of of "'"t^lie hasting, 't here is reason in ' ?, , , uit CHl:;ios
Iwin Coop- tl11^ f<>?-whenever the kimono is wash- I , y b<>n.a OVor ,m,il {
civil engi od " >lpp<Hl to pieces. This Is per- >?"???? ?>rst nicely ren
lit through h"l'-s why the Japineso, who bathe fr< mul: then the l?"?< h Is eu
1 her heart daily, wear such dirty clothes, while !1,0 ovrl' "'"dy inr.ehete am
her (lower. 11,0 Chinese, who bathe sometimes 1rlvor or n,iln,1'-d for
ting hearts wear sueh dean clothes. Thu kimono , V , nt 1 ' 8,111,0 U"
It Is like aU-'l?? ?! ?' dabbed up and down with ? ' ,1?, ?rou,,(l- T,u;
\ erv uroIilie nrodneer of i(
fill insects out HOS,l>. scrubbed with a brush and I 7>n,
not siln^ ,m> by drying (lit'in carefully oil \.oct, / '*
? Sri rrr';:;
?5? * "',l08 uf t"? J
I enemies, Tll? Peasant women not only do llio Vfr I.Th TV,7- ?!
.(lark, are housework, hut out of dcor work us n!!. i
r went the well. Like the coolies, they wear trou- ' *' 1,0 ? uc L'?
Hi from n s,,,s aIM* Ktll"d knee deep in the slush .
ulna wore. ,'H> rl(,;' P'lddles, guide the water ' ^1 M LE l HOUGH"
to, chatter buffaloes "t the plow or hind up the T>1
Inst th.nu straw to dry on the trees. This is the WMnppolntinent is not n
, w|n Japanese Idea of a haystack and makes re,,son for dl8COUrn?enient.
itton'.'o! *l!" ,n'lS l??'k as If they were wearing He with yourself li
urtod than skl,'ls- ' ^ut tl? not 1h> ?utlsiled.
i-o.-HMit tin ?n<! of i1m> novel nights Is the old A" t!'l'?K* come to those \
ha'd been women inowcr <, clipping the lawns i oft waiting and go after then
>f the time with scissors as neatly as a lawn j The claims to wisdom of all
>r for her mower and stopping now and then ln?st uicn rest upon their Iool
This eon- t(> ??8,jlP ?ver their tea. Iloth in China | Clood <pialltics, like good st.
?e, fnr Ma- 1111,1 '"I"1" Hie ten.ling of silkworms ! grow dull of edge unless they
rne/. She ls not ?"'y ?lonu by women, but Is re- | Many a man who Is ottered
IV not be- fforued as an elegant duty. In Cldua of a hfetlme for a mere soi
>oeause ho eat,i t,ll> on.press Inaugurates it sing.
lnnt 8,nco Z.h?i?n.oSv :,S tTh0 ein,:0r0r a?c* Ul? I ffrlp on success depot).
Xlw. ,11,1 Bjulng plowing. in each country the 1 on tiio other thlmrH von
(1 of li' v other iiuporlant industry the Ion lot go.
Vhe ti.Ul *rmv,nK i? hirgoly in tho hands of wo- | u'hcn n ,na? Kcla popularl
int ho \vna men. ^ _____ ' his oyos, ho is likely to lot pri
,unity niul I of his lioni't.
was . , T"? AllmenlN. lf WQ ,nu, n0 fn|IillRtJ ou?
lh;lt h? Aphasia, or tho loss of memory or ' H,)((Uld m)t |al;|, ,,, ,
Into her. c??i|"ol,onsion ot speech, is n ,,uoor Jlnrt| out th(jSO of ol|i(>,.;J
, , complaint. A iiimm wlio had forgot ton
1 with lior , . . , , . . , .
Jus sisters mi mo nhviiys roforroil to
ll<. Would , . ,, (iooil Ki'i'i'i'i to Klin'
her as "that oilier woman. A poison
no. .. ,, . r ? i i.i A man wont to a noso a
, , ,, apparently otherwise in perfect heaItli
ill.- 1)11 ot l,\, , 1 , specialist tho other day to
,, . win nuhsi'tu'.e t!te "f ono nrtlolo . , , .
rhotnor ho . ... . culii . ?;sv !. A-' was na
.. , ? for anoihor totally dilioront in tho most ........ ,
it out or ' i fur tho lirst treatment he sa
. ... ludicrous way. i , , ,
ho might , | * , ... long does it take yon to enri
, Ainnsia is a form oi aphasia which , ,, , ,,
oin ho j;ot . 'hire v.veks, said tho sp
,, , , nrcvont!i the patient from remember- . . . , , . . .
o that ho ' ' . 1 "And how ion?jr would it ti
nnisie. One niuusiuc. unconscious . .
Several oi ,, ;,'et woii u I diun t ooino
, . of tho odditv, snug tho Marseillaise . . ., , , .
it it meant : .. , . asked tho alarmed path nt.
, ? , throughout to tho syllables tan, tan, ,, , , ..
ety, a doc ' | '. .. I "Twenty-one duvs," said th
,, ,,.,jv tan. On tho other hand, another ] . J
' ' nphnslne, also a Frenchman, con hi ' ,, Jt
i> a ; ii | ii . i ? ii And It wniin I nnlll the pa
, ? . speak brtt a idnglo word, but could I , ., ,
a th. >'! , half way home that ho
sing tiio "Marseillaise correctly. ,
; V Si L 11 Ii I ' * - * '
l;!, k j,^ j( j niiti wouorieu \\ ii
mid nmdo 1'iiKtlim'M in .iitpaii. j '' hiuj/h <>r t Hilary,
book. ll(. 1,1 Tnpmi to vet up parlies to behold '-v gelded *Imt perhaps the
mill OI,CO the freshly fallen snow or the cherry j 111,(1 u':in!?'d was worth tho
I'onviird a blossoms or t.he maple trees in their !l1"' ,ur " 11 !{ Rood
i the g:.is-? ??"ttiimuil glory ?jr to > to the 1 lmver : 'u,ow- Saturday Kvenlng I'o
else ahout, K''owslw n.s <le rigiicur as are our <1 inlitmli!
liU1| ors, cotillons and theater parties. | nnio ox Rt:.siii<>*
uddenly ;t *'"-inot/iii !.i:;it!ng Is u fashionable j ^ 1 ll'r young tiling \\ ho hi
n h? ail anil Pastime, while in the hou-e harp play- \ " nil street nuignate r.n:i n
Isniari, not '"g. v,-l'8t* writing, embroidering -anil j w,|at was his rule of huslne
from him l,'a drinking aie the most ahsorhlng j z'inK ov<,r his answer:
t back l<i "MMipntloiis. 'J lie most pretentious en- ' "Very simple. I pay for f
er. Cooper h'rliiinineiit is the tea eereniouy. It Is I that I ea:.'f ;?e| wit!i money
very formal, an<I tliere Is nmeii elabo- ' a,,<' "'en *e|| what I nevi
niiinlerer. r,l^? performanco connected with It, ! ,l,oro than It ever cost."- .N
eon taken; 'illieult tor a foreigner to compro- j I ress.
nd no one ''end. Good Housekeeping.
.,-son could <lt,
murdering *ot Sl??- j - il1' J'H ><ems to bo Ini]]
igody Nur- Mr 1 ' ' gnsoii put on his slippers and j N'dlce the spring in
to Mt.rlna, threw himself on the lounge. "It's so "OW'idays
\ had for- 'h'hahtful to be at home again," ho I , "v<"8; ,nH hoen taking a
Raid. "I think I never appreciated it \ dulek'exercise at
> . . more Hum I iW? im>i..iii " ! hist two weeks,"
ieu saw r I nder whose instructIons i
, \i,.iIts delightful to hear you say ko, ; ,, . , ..
> Marina. ,, . "111.4 three weeks ol?I sou.
w. .. in rjeorge, eooeil .Mrs. eerguson.* ..
\ve will . .. , mi t i 1 hues-Star.
me the l?It ?es; those confounded new shoes
have tortured me nearly to death to- j T?Ktl
, ,,, ... . ? (iCtdllMT KVOII.
...e, r, ... ?hiy! -Chicago Inhune. Al ?
am How J ^ _____ ' I'atlenee -You nay they r
j Patrieo Yen, and alio return
ips he left .. . * ' pi^ts. And what do you si
ni./i.t i Homes- Ilowes was quite indignant , .. .. .. ,, *
night Mteal .I. ii. | . I die.? I'atlenee ( an t guess.
I when he heard what you wore about, i . , ... , ,
? ,, , .. , .. | . Sent her halt a dozen boxe
,.. 1 lie says you can t make a tool or him. , , , , , , .
^ I ,,, ,, .... I.. .. . powder, with a note cxploiuli
, .. bhedd Ol eourse not; but I can direct ' ' ,
' I ??| ,, , , , | | . . thought he hud taken at 1
... i.t i.... i public attention to what Is already in , , , . . .
' on mi have I mueh home on his coat sinci
i i ... * existence. Boston Transcript. . .
t last one 1 her.- Yonkers Statesman.
nil*. Then _
/. was put- ^3^ 'n,? I think sin
en ho had f1 & Sm pretty as sin.' can be. The \
arriago he Vjjg? mM*9,*i3' Most girls are. Detroit Kn
before the
number of A man may be a blot or a
1 construe- T-'wtM rcntq a noinul is but n blank he can never be.?
uouh place, lulu ,l !'
-it of scarf wli.it a young woman i aid for School Election'
V' t u' Ivo nriiin/la i\f (lf.li - -11 - *
avy. KKucoti i' wn p? mion oi eipoiors ni
? Slic was thin and weak and ^0,'":nl "V1'00! 1,,i"lri1cl.
staro. t eloction m ordered t,o oe hoi*
In; murder prtil ( T.C <lol 1 CI 1" f()l* a bottle of at. school house of ahove n
* called to ~,,,i k*r lib trict to determine whether t
. . A?miiibio 11, ai''j ox i.iK- . , , . , , .. , .
>i.v. xivhiK j ii* i apecinl ft hool levy ? f diatric
It and the i:i?r regular doses had gained raised from two (2) mills In
ending her . v, L|V(J pounds ill weight bef >VC on ?" property within the <1
, . , r . , , ' Hchool purposes. The prefli
It Nnrvnez U?C bottle was finished. (>f ? H*to act as manage
Hit I (YWkl i i > | i i
without tho I.ight cents a pound ^ lo ?!u:" .,il oc',,rk H,u
uiio would r . , . t ??* odook. I ho election i
iii111" ,l-" siTlii y?Tiu.iijTc Mil* ?1 net4*<I nerordintf l<> iiiIcm I
it round on tcrial. Some ]>ay more, somt lotions hud <loun iu school
url it ns n i i r order of County Board of E
wVrtNnr lc a; KO"lc get "Qth.ngfo RT. II,.
id him lio the ir money. You your Apr. 20. \% i 8eo. i
0 America- . ., i * i
LiKht it to Money a worth when you buy ;
>nvlot Nnr ^ i'-niulsio.l. Muscles sore, joints jialuful rli
oiTho w"ns! Wo will send you a little Sore muBolos or painful j.
, J nionn an approaching iiitaok c
^ inkstand tlm. Ellfoifs Kmufflified Oil
>i .i"?, } 'M.' tubbod on tho affected parts \
flrl no Mn ' ... ... tho pain and sorenpes, nm
at day and ? : I i: ..( > .v _: i\, rhftnoitttlsra, Elliot *0 Emuli
1 brtdo had t, , t N Y k Li"imftnl in n satisfactory rul
vicct, Nt\ - mont for all Horouosi?, Htilia??w
vSfii ^
XM *; ' . j?? ' """ 'M
nnisiiiiPTiBi pjiKn i
wibi^wiviii m wwhhbvb \
peoplo of 'Doctors Said I Could Not Live, but Duffy's Pure A
wth, pro- Malt Whiskey Cured We In Three Jlonths." ^
m 'llutivi^ /?v 44 * Had llemdrrlingea ntul Was Ro- J
n ?i.. i,,.*" duced to a Skeleton, But Your ft
luou nuts Wonderful Remedy Built Me Up \\
duck and ar.d I Gulnod 60 Pounds," Says ]
tl?? snnio Cora Riley, Coslezvlllc, Fa. /
iov rruitH. Ajbvr,?. " Four years ni;o J wkm u more skeleton. \
it are not ' J&3S& I h.';d in p<??r health rlnoo childhood. ]
bo much S3S& "^V?y/ The doctors t<>! J ino if was consuloption f
i friii,..! in ' i 1 and that 1 coul. 1 not, ^-cb well. As winter &
iounu >\ iij poached my coujjh Ixv'iuno moro fovoro ?
dor. Ha- ^ ami my ooiuliti >11 so m-rious that I hud a \
itos, oven \. . ^v'/ number of hemorrhages, and my woiglit
i n croon P^v tdQ w<w rodiucd to less than ninety pounds. /j
4 lin 11si iiiim " I first learned that PniVy'd l'uro Malt ?
,,,, >^/,\* \v>* Whiskoy \v:i3K"odi'?>rcon3uniptioii through t|
J I"8 la y'x.&l iv. ii liii'.; <uo of your cdvortfscmonU iu u
ni.l f 1'iilt . 1
Ml , m^aor f " 'IIv;>>. l'lilladolpUlft vapor. Then my family took S
ih ih fllo jgW ,(SJ / ?-lVtM\X t V; l'? t*V W."v\ tt;?) IWatl?H* ui> wiuionvl- aldi-urfglstoii.lho
aB IB lllu /T| T/\j)Jr'' bfl ?f tflii $' S i.'yottt'v/bls'.rcyassuchftfct'and J
a bunl. or I VM/ I I -Km <,\s-;u-x ; . y ? < vnni;)>li >11 ,li ifc I began talcing I U
tie plant, V -J&J M\f ! i. 1 - Vii( i.VU'' ' : t U; f >eWb< r ?; * I c ?-uV uuedits row through- ft-,
,1 I vft38wr\\\? -K * ' 7 4 I ' ' ,/Jv "'i5 tl. > wl !-r. I b-'.'.iui to improve nfc
! ' I *^KrVV^ I i'i' ) . .,>c> ? ud *\ 'V! " months I Was cured l'
foot from jNsjaKo\MA.{ f) V IPX 9 olawfulc .mptlo,, . b
lies eight b i ' ' I H you tio*v, after u lapso \
t cluster \r ' ' \ 1 ' P>i' ' ' 1 rs> ",nt * nm ln PWfoct I
. ' 1 t i I h'til.'i i v. i/li ov *r br>0 pounds. 1 L
springs a uUl.il)Ul.. i?.j,s<r f.i; v. ami - (: <>; ; i ' > \ '<' l,<m \ . i I Mult Whiskey." This f]
not grow tflgtiuiouial m published hi [?odd f??iih Hud ;.;,j.uru,"l"nl. { t?
ward nut- t . rJ ? > , ? t {/ - ^? >j a I %
r straight > i \
< seen In j?.* % ?i ' 'i -a * - U" i> f.kt =/>fcV.?ly Jf . j
windows. Tho^Orcat Conouinplio'i and Throat C?ro, j
t'f'f tZ is uswl l?i' o.'Pi' (t.CCO <1 . Uv >i'i\ ! ' '^Iv'ya:'. >' mplcto and porfoct /,
i. V, car? fur con i?:. : . V:', ' : r'. pi-nnsy, pneumonm, ca- ^
3 ulrofily tan-h an 1 all <' .? . /iru;': i.;-' 1. i.-; >'uh. ..tien, t'.y , j-.aa and every form of \
the largo utoinaoh troub'f*, nor t-. . : ' 1 n.l ! /
0 fringes lj?w fevOM, ftiul for n'.l t>
diseiu'ed ov ,c\v.j cciKOtuuiS o. ' ?.??;. t L'SiWu, ^ * v\ yiJ't ?%. j
iiorveandliiviW'le. / !''<$ ' '.<1 wv. '
oncovn.i x Duffy 3 l'uro <Iolt pt?i. < ,'y ilriv. ' '
janaua Is out cliscfiZo i...-r::i.;, bu'; build-- up i. > li 1 > //' 't ?> ^ I c'.
Ihcsc lit- ronovaU'8 the :.-ullro uy*U ii?. j ?: ni l- ' ^ \Vvf. >
imilliiiy i ' oiu'lohes the bb-1 i, s'.bnaiut.'.; i;t- ' C/ \V>3ft ?...
f,. I up tlr? honrt, qs.;- ' C. > , /., V . MW,/ \w\ ^
io qual iy j |)jildi> uj> the b.r y su tlu?t n- v.: . 1 't-1 f ( ^iv^\i
ml on the i and prevail dijt x. .<.
onio tuny 1 At Mi" tac'i' \\conv Ml Ion !n Alb f ;> i v \ \v - ' |kvij| i
from llio I P?OTOR BAIDs ??| would ckv.ut <u \ . . ' &?} / & . !
f i Dutty ftPurc Mcll: V?-iiuVuy io cmc \\ \ > * // i
fiom luo tton irnd U'?ctfc.-*-.:c tx t!?? tbroril niid lu i^' >'J:. " ... If j
a cut tbo a]| otherintlio world." An<uW-?< \ v /. '5JJ *
?ht. The tors prosont agreed Willi him uimnlt ly. Jf
tin? ulnlk DuM'.v's Fvre M;\U V.'hKfcey ?.< hiv.-.'.r.Hb!* s \ -
i.a bunch ov"'r's'i.
iiervoii.-; women. . !y elm hv.i. .i. -v.^, icncd
the moles hi'nli.h ; .? *! ' 1. V, !;onr t: o eld young,
toll' with and iiiul.<?s (be; ywuiij: >>'. i m.iI
carried It is absolutely rontnins i.i> i.:?.p1 oil, rr;l ia tho only whiskey recognized by tho
Khl-miont. Qovcrnir: a n metiich.K 'i'his id a f.'u.itunhv.
I ..4. CAUTION.?Whan yon r.r.l: lor Duffy'* I'uro Milt \Vld:*.i:ey bo <iure rtct tho fjcmilnc. j
,l Unrcruuuloi: >' } the cxtci'.idcc ol lli'rt t>rcpnri?H.',n, '.. lirtrv io sell you clicnp I
II:UI;i is 1\ iroHntloi..* i.m\ V ..'>i!'V;cy substitute!), j'liirli isri: ji-.it on Slip im-rkrl for profit only ontl !
- %vl'.lch, (<ir from i jviiisf t!ic . Ick. sre positively licrmiul. Ucitiun.1 "IJuIfy'*" nntl be siito yon j
' 14,111 it. ',i hi t!-i jrnly ahi..(uirc Muii >Vhisl;cy wlil'.li conmins muutclnal, hcoltli-jdvlriii:ul
It is 1 (junlltlcs. Ouify'o >*<ire A'i i11 WMc'cy in eolO in m-alcd bottler only; never in lln.sk or bulk.
<iw> Loo!i tor tho tr?:?ij>.ii?a'k,\hc "0!<i Chemist," on the label, and be ccrioiii ilio seal over the cork
oi iiil |? unbroken. Bcwr.rj ol rulllletl bottles.
> they are Sold by nil druggists mul urot-ors, or direct, $1.00 a bottlo. Mcdical booklet frco.
may not Dull'y Walt WliLskey Co., Hoehcster, New York.
.uffidct B X y a is e)
Li.^UdUl.KtrkX Ji2dag1ts&&m]&vr3sti?r* ?'
VIin li?!? v??
* " ?j
owj3 nna I he Suit or Overcoat you buy here fits you '
cs. perfectly and looks well.ro matter in what
el knives, position you si md or sit..
nre uscil. ' I :,
a chaiu't! Our clothing i;i made to f.t as they are, v
i? cannot not as they might 1 e. It it dor; not fit at first Ne
u iai'Roiv we alter it until it does fit. the
NNilllllK 10 Everything latest in style, of the most worthy ijf
n.v i)oforc fabrics and tailored in the most perfect manner.
l. rgthsghild z
uasui'e in GREENVILI K, S. C. j mSole
Agent for Hawes' Hats, Dutchess audi IV.
ml II,rent I Nufangl Trousers. j
jrhiR well , " : Pr
OIK-HVO i r\tf\ >1- infiMi ;
fchilist. .L V / I / ( . L ^ ' JL ( v .. v ) \ i C i 1 I L V K ? > ? r
iko mo to
to you I A lit'lo Miiiift lo l.i 1 v ilh, hliii roiim >. oplo a.iv? t. For mo t <<!' I!. .1.
J?f<vno'ds' t ip!', : in- i i IIkai>,n .\ui!< , .ii j j >. I" ,-Jj S,'.' |> S.iikc. . oh'.,
t* Hpoclill- :? tag*! 1)HV? y 11 ;i I ox of niltcllOS, 10'i l< 1 . X. Ill,: hllVS Ii i) .< i' i'il lild Snap. j
f? tn?:? l-i:v - ;i bur oi' ^ix ! law iv K'-iip. )? . il ainl i .ii v Moll Ii>:rs lm\ 'I
t it?n 1 was oipinl valuo. I'.i in.r; mo yum it n. ilihos hi 'I < up i> : ?t what ,\i>u wunl,
suddenly ir nio tli??in for jvhih Ihi'.i.v oh.o, .
io(lior ho ''.s 11 lurky me na 1 c:iii oiloi vim lino .Mn!r.H(v ; !. !\?r !,' (>, . r "
lie final- *?0o in 10 ;>nl. 1- ' . 'I i it iiio |'ii!!.,p iri i i l.ri^hi as lioiiv li-iil.' <>: 'i.imi. I 1'"'
-t'orol lie ',!,V(' " N'u* ' 1<,(| syrfip at -fn' in J<) g-il. lot"..
?rioo lio ''',v ' 11 ' h ",1 ' "I'-" oo in i..!-.! ii.I. I.old ooil tor i?. v.liil > Idii/j. r. f;pj
A fow iiUI : loo'; Coifon llo.-holir pi i tliiiu I can liny t:11 vow.
1 or a short time I will .sell Mens an.I Wo i.m a
at. WO
ir.i.Ne snows ...
Iltonlioll'll , . . .
... , \! 10 a p;.n i '" Ii<. ( i inn i.il foo :ihoul II m Mon v in i' f ; \?ui.
I.'M'?I 'I 'Hi , , 1 , . . , .. ... , ,
j is i)iix- ' :"11 ' '* s" ft : " '(W ' .*' * ' mo f i v. ..at il.iv v.ill living.
" ' lii, <> icis p.iiillor C!i i< Uoiif.?Cash or Mooda, '. I always want I'lodaoo.
joinothlng T? V w
is? fl.-O. Harris. 7
>OW X OIK r >'
4&-'. W j|i^.??nl . .? . wJy.tVi ^ w 5?;^ If
IB '
coilrso of M Mmu\\ 'h llor. lioiijul, Mnllii n ami 'l av is oon)| ..; i <! of llic mrnt [J
homo tin; UJ oftii-livt n i: < il.i.. 1 i.own f-i i ill it /{ n uf'.hs, i*t !? If, la pi ij>} o, ( oir tin* :.t '
l,i a i.i l al! ii fit s t'ii.i f-. (' :< t<> ii fluipi <1 in:il ii l i latin! eoupilioli < f i ho air pnfi? K'l
jj Rngc.H. It in pn inj-l in iilV'inlii!^ v> lit f anil ccrfain in i:? i IV ot of linn* M
Clncln- fl lC,'ing " C,ir!!: '
| Murni.y's Hovcliound 31 allien nud Tnr [']
[* mny b?> uvnl to u' Vdiilngo in o. hk wlmro oilier imdirii.r. Imvc failed '-j
lunrrt'li'il? f* ft in pli an.iit, pip < lv vi unlablo and absolutely fnlr lor old ar.il voniig. *.j
od all bin Nothing liko it in all the world. It i lionld Lave n placo in oV? vy ;'4
ippoHl' |in ' Imhim , loady ut 1 > :i d wl ?>n hi rded. I'niridH will liiid itarlitcl li'.lif.'ii'.ii -I
I'atrlrc ? i" ??? b ol iioi.p. It I an iruunUnb't) virtue iu eoidicllii ></ tl e paiox j* j ,
r hwi p y?n;s of wln opiut* cough. I'nVe 9,~;o. Oui>?:>idctd flntiffactorv lo ? u r>* >1
, W pun lnifor. AT >S'iOHES.
'? riopnjrd by tlii> Murray Dnift Co., Columbia, H. C, ; i
cast that % J *;J
' WMIfclMM aiUMilMl'tli1 IIIMiliiillllililiill I lillil i M ' >< OBSaS^
v'liliJw M
i blessing,
Chalmers. a ||||
N >. 0, an }/'. '$$1^1
1M ,y,u ^ * <? %W'mI** v Sjh
atni'il tliH- ^ 8V/a #2b\ 1 JW 1/ KR i^vl'
tat p. pJ^-UJL *.tE A*Jw#r (i||
asfc' LJH """gp
3kS 0 !lM9ykeVe<f?t&l>I? H 5
reiru- C" ? ? 1H
V Superior to all otHersA ??
pumnltant. ' fjfer * fcStfSi 'i>0
SH fa It is sold evetvy-wfoerep* *
?. f i'H <>n
) The Smartest Clothing \
y Offered Hero in Years. S
^ srmammm i 11 m n n > i?bttr iiiwihi?nmwi?itt
3 Tho smartest tailors on'c.arth are employed in tho establishments
^ that furnish this store with nppavel. Tin's is one reason of our flourj)
blunt* business. Season after wo have demonstrated to you that Jm
, there is no difTtrence in the madc-to-iueasnre kind of clothes and
tho smart suits wo < ffei?except tho price. And wo aro better pre4
pared to convince jou of this fact in rfjr
f rUIT or PEW 5UIT5 f
1 ...r2R SPRING as SWinER WEAR... 1
f than at any previous time. The top notch ot goodness has been Mj
f reached?Perfrcliou in ilu> m-i. r?f t?i*?? ' 1 1 '
Iitin W.-UII illllllllt'U 111 um A3f
' new Kannen's lluit now comi ris-o our stock. There will be a rush ?4 A||
\ l>ere about Easier time, s > advise you to coin tUta week and chooao
V your new spring and summer suit or top coat. Wo want to ta1<o f?
<nir time in (Utinjx you. It i.< our wnv of doing thingfl to lot no man \\
y I ave the siore tmiil lie is plens 'd in li' rnd stjle in every particular, u
v Smith ??k Orlstow, \
^ Greenville, S. C.
M) Tastfilnl PtpIpip!
A L U It j X ti ? i U .1 IS 1 IJ A U111 i) 1 ? I? I
p [ '**% fi\ g /?*** L s
tJ rv 1 LJ/\L.. izsl r~ / o
s I lv f iiWj\ u i-:, ava rrc i i us,
!)IA MON DS, ,1 H2W 10Lin:,
Sion'f fail j :> :mm* our lino of Ar( I'ottory.
_J. F. BRUNS,IhAj^eler,^
808 0 ^^8 ...
N<>( Iioiin; :tl !?' !<"> liii'l suitable lorat ion, I havo decided to stay in
*,!>i ii-. :.ikI l ave in; i m t nrm-d fr< m the niiu ki Is whore I liive purchased
lict'In of Sl'Ji\( 1 (.i()( ?I);S, t (.<*}| ?* (.'lcthin^, Shoen, hats, Shirts,
cdovem; Kte., w Inch are now on display nt my Htorc . C'al-J ?nd 8o? v" 151.
: Doesn't lake Glasses
To i't" tli.it my p"'ds am all new, fre.-li, and this si ason'a patns,
and that th-> prire is way down. If yon fail to buy your Spring
1 Sumner Clothing, Shocn, Hat.-, Shirts, Ties and Underwear from
, Ami will always regret it. ^ (
li'or i jo bojjt jj;oods at :t small prolit on 1 i at
cmnan liuiklin^. Mollis Copel, Prop. I
fjgpl Rotate Pol RalB
L.&*?' ti *j&uaJ ii* '^UX ti*CJ L \ii3il" i-Aj &fl 9
>?\.w is tli?3 titno to invest in fictions real otute. Jjiiy before
it y.ors Ioo hijjli.
'St 7 v. i i in iiii11 r o!" P. M ilo < huicli, TOacicein cultivation
sun v in I'viiiin.: I 1 i i < under. l'rfiun.' l* nan I dwelling and
nlv dI ?:ii ' i". *I'?*s iii?-* t'> en it. pure! i.-'1'.
Oiin lot, I ' iii'i'.'-: in town liin.t- of l,iln>vty, ii od foi.r room house,
end id barn .Hid (in tj.tr l?*i?. Will M'l! <>r exchange for small farm.
! I *> acres. cn?! farm in !J miUis <i Pl/d/imo f:??
- , . [ II-.IW UlllllH'i til 111
xl. al.so running htri'iiin). Ari< j #1050.00. H
I*.? 1 iictcrt in ?|?1 ?11vli1 ?i !n i il. inics Irom I'ickenp, good
lsct. Kin,, limi t r. TmI'lih to fuii |;uicli:istM'.
For furtlior information <*:i!l on I
KliAl, EsTATK DI.A I.Kits.
Ollino nt Depot. v TMo!<ouh, K. O.
g sp? f v*** g a g $*** r i I
ong |pa go?# &oa g grai*# |8* B I " |
h k-rcfsa 8 ^ S-Loshi v. :<< t.i Eces* m
W hut J. O MOOKK nt t!io co: nur :torr linH to &'>y. I
11 ^ 1 nin l uying Prodngo overy <l.*iy, Y? ur Chickens, I
h'ggH, It . sAViix an< 1 Kuw 11 i(i< h. Iir.: l? to nv* then my
prices y<>u can so.', i' yuu <!<>??*t win t trndo I wi:l pay you
cash, that's iho way to muko things last. A i>>t of Shoes I
ii t. ;i low down pric?, a lot of I > ry Goods ri <1 a heap of
8ugnr, Ooft'eo,Flour,Soap and Washing Powders. Call L-.
on tho Old Man Moor . Remeniltor Iho Moat Market is
h til I here. Yours truly,
DR. I. E. CRM, J
*'^^ ''1^ lit cogi.izotl SprcinliRt in Rofraction.
Permanent iv located in QrMiiflilA h n
'i Oliifio, 219 N. Main Street, ovor Mann* ifl
.;?,#>j'A faoturei'*' Outlet. '
I >i'o examination because MB!
t v w. ho wants to uliow what ho is able to do for
7W "y^Viv *' B r
^ j i}. :v|j you beforo you pay it i? tho f.dr way.
* S'<?&g Don't hesitate to coin* if thorn is even tho
\ \ nlightCHt discomfort ??f tho ey< s. llo advises
you after tho examination is made and
\ ' leaves it witli yon entii'oly as to whutoourae
Fi:\V 1M - l:1: M/IZIC tlx impor \ JS
*"' tuneo of properly tilled {{lassos,. \'fly fool*/
ly ooneludo that it ip a very simple matter, the fitting of- glaasos, i \ fcnyooo
? ban I.ad exporienco or made a Rtu-ly of this Meieuoe will ngroe that it is of too
alt nil import.neo; a plnss may do irreparable injury to the eyo, or it nuy ivean B
it :iiul health. Can you ft (To I'd to bo xporimonlod njioti?
Dr. Criinm is through experimenting and is nl?!? , with the modem inftru*
ntu nnd modorn mothods, to nviko tho mo6t defective eyo ivrfohn mh does tho I
mal "perfeot" eyo. You will ho wise to ho on tho Hafo sido, and if your oyos
giving jon tronblo have tbom examined by
Tho?? letters *poak for tho.nsolves: ' .'i
A. J. ?S. Tliomns, W. W. Keys, TCditorfi.
Whom It May Conoorn: ^|u|
f am using glasses filled on mo by Dr. ihimm and they are giving mo groat H
nfaotion and oomfort, and I must ohoorfnllyuipfpnien I him to tho public, Ho
worked for tho boat people in GrecigpUo and I havo hoiirtTL'ooly favorable 'fl
imont on hif? work. V I A. J. 'i^JnoMAH,
i Kditor IJajIWfcOourkS
t cheerfully testify to tho satisfaction reotflvod by mo from tho umUfl
xl^by Dr. Crltuai, W. W. Jfjtm, Bun. Ma... Jl:.i>tij
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