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Fkkis Eeati&el-Jouraai.*
_f __DY_? ??
The Sentinel-Journal Company. 8
w,'- . - . i. ..l' j ^
.1. U. 6, THOMPSON, Knnoii.
? j O'n <
Knljftcripjtioii $1.00 Per Annum. I
AdvortiBing Rutea lleuHonuble. 3
Knioiot at Pickens PoHtofllce an Second Class I
Mall Mutter
Wednesday. Septewbor 14, Ifl04.^
. _ t1 1
Appreciating tbe liberal support
and hearty cooperation of our subHcribtTM,
wo wish to present each and
overy nni> with a good knife, but
there i? ? 'string attached to the gift.
To nil who will pay up to 1st of
.Tftnnnivv. t00f>. and one voar in ad
vanc-efrom that date, we will give the
knife To till now subscribers who
pay to that date find one year in advance,
wo give a knile; and to nil subscribers
who have already paid into
1905, who will pay one year in advance,
wh irive a knife. These knives
aro made and warranted by Miller
Bros , one of tho best knife making
liimR in the United States. Tho
knife is a good ono, no cheap, shoddy
piece of metal, and at retail, would
cost you 35c to 40c. Somo of our
subscribers who were presented with
knives Inst fall sold theirs for 50c ft
Tbe following editorial squib up
peared in The State of Sept. 10:
"A few weeks ago the governor received
a request from the sheriff of
Pickeus county for one or two companies
of militia to prevent negroes
from rescuing one of their race who
was about to bo hanged. It was reported
that negroes were"orgauizing."
The governor denied the request, cr
tiering the shoritr to use bis powers in
drafting a posse. Of course tliore was
no organization or danger. To tbe
white man of the coast, where the negroes*
are as ten to one, and never
feared, tbe idea of fenring them in the
Piedmont, where the majority is reversed,
is inexplicable. Yet pome panicky
person sets going somo "organization"
yarn every month or two.
There is probably as much foundation
for the existence of "Before Day"
clubs in Georgia and Florida as there
was for tbe uprising in Pickens. All
xne otaio neea uavo no mars aooui
the courage of I'iokens county's sher*
ilY or its citizens. It is truo that
thero were rumors of liberation of the
negro rourdoror, Henry Jones. It is
equally true that such threats had no
more dread among Piftkens county
citizens than "the whito man on the
coast, where the negroes are ivh ten
to one, and never feared." Tho reason
for the sheriff's call upon the
crovernorer for a comoanv of State
rnalitia was simply this; Tho sheriff
was laboring under tlie impression
that the State malitia exists for tho
purpose of quelling just such distur
bances as "mi(.ht have" arisen, but
fortunately did not. He wua aware
of course that he Oould deputize every
man in the county if neods be, but
thought that the State is taxed to
keep up the State militia, which ex
iBtB for preHorving peace within tho
State, nn<l that a company of militia
wan not far away and Hhould ho culled
into requiwition simply as a roattor of
It won ftnlliorntively roportod here
at tho time that a company of State
militia in Greenvlllo remained in
thoir armory a mnjor portion of the
night ready to come to Pickonn at n
iiii/iiiuut n iiutir-u.
If thoy wore not acting under the
instructions of tho governor, the State
will please keep mum and not roport
the matter to the governor and have
the Greenville laddies court martialed.
They meant w?ll and felt that
in holding themsolvex in readiness to
quell a possible disturbance, they
wore discharging their duties as soldiers
to the State.
No, the fact that the sheriff of
Pickens county called on the governor
for a company of State militia in
no indication that the people of this
county are cowards.
? Tho fact that tho Greorivillo company
remained in their armony subject
to onW is a clear indication that
they knew their duty aB soldiers to
tho 8tato.
If The Htate has no fears of cow
ardfl nearer home, it noed not worry
about tho lack of bravery on tho part
of the sturdy inounttAneers.
ktetl -"ml
How, brother candidate, just be
ruiHo you hav?? won out iu the second
ntnarv, don't come <o the conclusion
hot you lire the whole thing and oau
lever be beaten. Just as good men |
h you. in yout alioee, havo come to J
Vvk. kVL.i- ilx.ltt U)i>.< liMlA/t V>i .. !?<? I
auvi mvu mini mvcuwu
lecond battle of ballots. Of course
ou have known that you wore going
,o be elected nil the time, but uo oth>?
mortal knew it until the votes wore
sounted out. Do your duty while
four commission lasts, and tlio
chances are that whoti the next eleo
tiou rolls nronnd, you can hold your
iob if von want it. "Your "record" is
what you will run on next time. Yoa
cAn nmko tbat so good that the other
fellows will be afraid to run.
The battles along the Yalu river,
at Liaho and on to Mukden fade into
insignificance compared to the great
battles of Manassas that havo been
racing in our own country the past
week. The maneuvers have cost the
govern m on t over $1,000,000.
A Bright Young Life Cut Short*
in Tfnlmvf (^Irln lirtmo nn
Wednesday, Aug. SI, Mr. Thomas
Allgood, second son of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward F. Allgood, of Equality,
Anderson county, S. O. Thomas
was born near Pickens C. H. 32 years
ago, moved with his father to Andorson
comity when he was a child, in
early youth ho professed religion uud
joined the Baptist church at Flat
R< ck. lie attended school at Kurman
University in Greenvillo. When
still young he went to Texas, where
he wooed and won for his life companion
Mies Alice, daughter of Mr.
Med Looper, of Texas, but formerly
of PickeuB county, S. C. Three years
ago Thomas sold out in Texas and
movca to nooarc, vyKia. luomns
had done well in Oklahoma during
bis short stay there. He was held
iu high esteem by the best citizens
of the community. At the time of
his death ho had farming interests
out from the city of Hobart, while he
.managed a largo hardware business
iu the city and received a tine salary
tor tho sumo.
Tho cauB'j of his death was a little
bug crawled into bis oar while he
was asleep. The bug was gotten out,
but the drum of the ear was punctured
and rose, which" called for an
operation. After the operatiou it
was thought that he would recover,
but death came and carried bun across
the river.
His broken hearted wife with her
four little fatherless children came
with hid body to.Liberty, B. C., where
his body was met by his masonic
brethren and carr^d to his father's
home. It was a flight never to be
forgotten as the loved ones, father,
mother, wife, children, sisters, brothers
and other relatives and special
friends viewed the body for the last
From there the body was carried
to Mt. Pisgah church, where a short
funeral sorvice was held by the pastor,
Rev. D. W. Hiott, then the masons
took charge, and with the burial
ceremony of that fraternity, Capt.
Qeorgo Rankin officiating, his body
was laid away to wait the morning ol
the resurrection, when God shall bid
it rise.
It must have been a great source
cm f iuf&i/tf Jr\?? fn Hia luirAiii/twl muiu
to see so many of their friend* at the
funeral ready to do anything or sa>
anything they could to help thorn in
their alHiction. It was by far tin
largest funeral that this writer ever
Haw at that famous old church aud X
have boon going there for the past
28 years.
Jesun said, "What I do thou knowest
not now, but thou shalt know
hereafter." We cannot understand
the mysterious ways of providence,
but after awhile, if it bo right and
bent for us, wo will understHnd. We
cannot see why tho old and helpless
who are praying to bo released from
, suffering are kept bore to linger and
sutler on, while t bo healthy and strong
are suddenly c died away. Lot ue
! place our hands in His and pray tht
Lord to load ub.
' Not now. but in the coming years,
, It may bo in tho better lund.
We'll rend the meaning of our tears
And there, sometime, we'll understand
Then trust in God thro' all thy days
Fear not for He doth hold thy hand
Tho dark thy way, still sing and prais<
Sometime,sometime, we'll understand
P.nmmissinnor Watanri I ictinn I n,irl<s
I ?
I Commissioner of Jmmigratior
Watson 18 preparing for the proai
a complete list of the deairabl*
lands iist?cl in hie oflice for Bottlers
This list now shows that there ar<
nearly 400,000 acres available anc
tl.efse are divided oil' into sections
: the largest tracts coming first am
tlio smaller ones aftetf, the nam*
1 j of the owner ai?d the location be
! in# given in each case'. All cor
I ivspondenee with prospective bo'
tiers is (lone through the office
however. . j
i \
Summons For Relief.
Complaint uot Served.
Htufcc of South (Jtu-oliuii, V
Piokeus Couuty. f
Couri of Commou P1o;?h.
B. H. Williucoa aud .Jobu M. "WillianiH
iu tlioir own light h?<1 an mlmiiiinfcra?lw.
^utuK.ajLjL: . T iU'll.
IVin \Jr VKU */i u^'ini , ?? u
liaius and Elizabeth Wuliauis deceased,
and Mary Moou, Maliuda
Smith, Francos Looper au'l Mellio
Ho wen * PlaintifYk.
J. H. Whitmiro, B. H. Whitmire, E. M.
Whitmiro, Baniater Whitmiro, Essio
Whitmire Arthur Whitmire Flor- ?
"enco Whitrairtf, Emma Williams,
J. D. Williams John Williams Willie
Williams, Wade Williama, Daithnla
Arnold and Barnott Williams.
To the Defendants above named:
You ure hereby amnnioned and required
to tinswor the complaint in thia
action which is filed in tho oflloo of the
Olerk of Conrt, ond to seive a oopy of
your answer to the said complaint on !
the eubsOribef at his olllce nt Pickens, 8.
<p., within twenty days after tho sorvico
hereof, exclusive of the day of such service;
and if yon tail to nnswer the cornphiint
within the time aforesaid, the
Plaintiffs in this notion will apply to tho
Court for the Tolief demanded iu tho
Dated August 4th, A. D., 1904.
J. M, Stewart,
Deputy C. C. P. SEAL V
O. E. Robinson,
PlnintiiT'fl Attornrv. 'I
To the Defendants E. M. \Vhitmire,
Eflnie Whitmire, Arthur Whitmire, Florence
Whitmire, S, W. Williams, and J.
D. Williams, uoii residents, take notice,
that the Summona, of which the foregoug
is a copy, aud the Complaint in tlio
I nbove entitled action wuh filed iu the office
of the Clerk of tho Court for said
county and State on the 4tn day of August,
1904. C. E." liobinson,
Plaintiffs Attorney.
Sum 1110its For Relief.
Complaint Nerved.
Piokenn County. \
Court of Common Plena.
F. A. Riuehart, Plaintiff,
M. 'Elizabeth Carpenter, Defendant.
To the defendaut above unmed:
You are hereby summoned and required
to auswer tho complaint in tbis action,
whieb is this day tilled in the office
of the Clork of Court for Pickens county,
aud to nerve t. copy of your answer to
the said complaint on the subscriber at
bis office at Piokenn, 8. O., within twenty
days after the servico hereof, exclusive
of the dav of such service: aud if
you fail to answer tlio complaint within
the time aforesaid, tho Plaintiff in this I
aotion will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in the oomulaint.
Dated September 3d, A. D. 1004.
&?^?) A. J. Hoggs,
jSEALV C. c. P.
J, P. Careyk
McGowan X Hunter,
Plaintiffs Attorney.
To tho absent defendant, Judge Leveratt
Take notion that tho complaint and
the HumiuonB of -which the foregoing is
a copy, were filed in the office of tho
Clerk ?>f the Oonrt of Common Plena for
Pickens oonuty. on tho 8<1 day of September,
A. D., 1904.
aiouowun x jinntor,
J. P. Caioy,
sep7w6 I'liiilitift 8 Attorney.
DR. J. M. BURQE55,
, SENECA, - 8. C.
i Office. ov*r NitiimorH S-tor<', Bo> It*
) Huilriinjr
' li f urn 9 ?. in. to 1 ]>. m. ? 2 p. in, tc
i 6 p in. "
ur u?? n pcfii
wauium Co rroiim,
I'ickoiiH, N. V.
TMaoksmithiri# and Woodwork,
I BnggioB Kepaintod nnd attiped same
as now.
t All Work Guaranteed.
j ?PLATIHG.,^^^^^
- Special Attention Given to Watch anl
Jewelry Repairing.
- ?
3 Old Postofficc Building,
i Handles a full line of Watches
Clocks and Jewelry. Repau
? work receives prompt atten
' tion.v.v.vv.
Thli Will MAthtn,
Mother Or#y'* Sweet I'owitem for children
euro feverl*hnew>, Nlomai'ti, mmminer l><?w<
. trouble)), teething disorders eleaiiKe mil refu
late tiie bowel* anil dmitroy worms. Ti ky hkv
1 kr vaii. Over SftOOO tw.UinottSftl*. At nit rtrui;
Hints, 2fc' Sample KltKV. Adilrevi), Al'en 8
QtmiWd, )<?R4y, S. Y. ?epH-iw,
When You Wear
Star - Five - Star <
$2.50 Shoe | i
You will find the fit, flnl?h ?r<( t
wcurlii|( qualities unequal*. ?i r
fur the price.
r. a C>
Are you ready for yc
we are showing a nice line
will pay you to see this line
White Sea
The White Seal Cloth
larger towns for its seperic
i duribility. None but the b
making this clothing and e
by an expert. We are sho
come and let us show you 1
We are looking for
the rise and we can save y<
1 Pittas Hailrai Company
Tl MB T.\ It I, K NO 1
Xupflrne?l0?Tlmo TnMe No :t
K(fectlv?AHK. 10,1001
Roml Down Head 111) !
No Vi No 10 STATIONS No if No 0
Ml**! Ml.xeil Mlxcl Mlxi''I ;
4:40 |?iii 10:40 i\m Iv I'lckMi* *r ":Mipin 0:!*1 pAl
.. 4;4% ion 10: if. nut KorKUKoii 4:45pm iJjSft pm
' 4:ftfi piii I0:M> Hro I'lirnonN 5;:i0pin A;fA jitn ,
K:0Q pm II :0rt nm "AHflU'ii 2:<2fpm 0; lo pm i
5:10 pin II :(7> am 'MtnMiti BiBOpm'.fliW pm ]
6:15 pm 11: tr> kiii nr Kiinlcy Iv ^;5p in 0:00 pin j
I''i?K StnlloiiH
All Irnlnn'l?Hy cxi'i'pt SnYirtuy
No. loOonniM'tK with Southern Kiillwuy No :w!
Noflronnocth with Southern Itiilhvuv No IU1
i< No. IS connect# with Southern ICiillwny No II
?I No || iionni'OH wlihSouthern ItnllwMy No40
i- 0T Kor any Inforiuntlon apply to
r* I T I V f 111' Hon
.?! .?> n"n, vn ii .?i?iin^i i
'' | ^
HH ft A v JWn jgj
H ^ li
y\ JGGIFS, \V A (i
?v. i i rti y-*\. * -
'M-r, H
nd Farming
ro go
I<or C.ish <
l-)ur fall stock of
k1. If you want
t. ? If you want
ve guarantee it.
W e have a large '
Fall Mei
arriving daily.
^oocis oeiore yon
ire always right.
iber At Brown Bu
)ur Spring Suit. Two piece i
made of "Milton Cloth." "]
l r ? .1
is famous in all the
>rity in style and lit and
est tailors are employed in
ach garment is inspected
iwilg a variety of styles
_ I
a big shipment of flour this n\
hi money,- Call and ^et our
J. I). Moore v
lot of goodg at
About 200 pair of shoes ti
sell to all 1 can fit a lot of
Some Checks at 5c.; Calico,
&T.00; a $1.25 hat for 85c.
two boxes of lye for 5c.?no
Axle grea?e. 4 boxes for 1 j
| cheap. You know I want r
me some sheep to mix with
mm O Vil
V ' ; ^ ^
Shoes have arriya
bargain we have
style and. quality
line of
Rn cn vft "Hr* arsr% r\n r> f
buy. The prices
Pthgj^mffTvV^u -*Ip
- , ' ' v.
wppp'y ; ., ;> ; M
k ' 1
I . L1BEKTY, S. C,
k I
Suits are all the rage and
Eivery suit guaranteed. >1$J,
V'1'' '
reek that was .'night before
/anrs to close out a
, a low price. : : :,:?
a go tor loss thari cost. I want to
No. 4 Ladies Shoes at half price.
5c. HATS: I give a $1.50 hat for
\ ,11 Ann/.Iw, ,.. I ...HI -.-11
i avu v*iiv;up. * v* in rn;ii yuii
w, that's the truth about the lye.
A lot of other things to go
boifi for my meat market. Bring
my meat.

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