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Entered April 23. 1908 -st Pickens, 8 0., a send cls maitter, under act of Congress of March 1679
llAi111hfbB bOWlI
Chief Constable Puts 35 on "Black
Ar GAIColumbia, Nov. .3 -O1e of (Ihe
m.+st imuportant orders "vejr issueid
Iih. eona abula ry f -ree was marls
Iubi(, y-,ltE-rda4y by Chief C(iota.
ble Hain mwt,. h'le citctliar put.,,
about thirty beveraves and pateit
iedio.it-ea Out of bu-ineii mi th i.
sinto imtss they are sold oi pro
scription, and all ciders are alo
put oil the tahoon( list. The med
if-1-es and cidors wero analyzed )y
the ste cihemist and the spirit
)roof of nil (d them is givmn in tlt
circular which is we follows:
To"d) divilion c1h et C )tabhl#.s
and ieinbors of tiei c.>nitabulary:
I am handic-g voun i bt (if patent
ii.dic inei ind .Alher go-d,. whie
are being sild in this statfi a-;
whebi- hav0 beon anialyzed )y tI e
site oenist. Fron his report I
find that tlhy oro stiongly alo.
holic and under the law of South
Carolina cannot be handled except
as rovidod by that law. Reputa
ble licensed druggist nre permit
tetd to dispose of theni upon pre
scriptione, but not othorwise ano
you are hereby authorized to make
seizure of same wherdver found
when you canl satisfy yourselvep
that they are being used as a bevo
Section 565, 574 and 600 of the
Dispensary law will amply post
von and from 'Them you will ob.
serve that druggists cannot Iegally
sell those goods except up->n a
prescription from a Iractiing
physician and it can be given on13
to bona-fid- patientsq,
Name of Goods. Spirit Pro6f
AMaltine................ ....8 20
Dr. J uot Celery and Pepsin Tonic,90 00
Blackberry Bonne-, (Jones Bros).13 00
Blackberry Bonioce (0. L. Greg.
ory Vil Co.)............... ..18 50
Cataiwba Bloaino).................26 40
BIl ekbery N'eiar............ 10 00
u.herry Phosphatte............10 00
CubanOingeric..................61 10
Poruna.................... .....52 00
Hostettomr Stomich Bitters...... 82 00
Gee Whiz(abont)................ 200
Pabst Malt......................12 2n
Port 0. I cnte................. .23 20
Euroka Kidney Cure.............59 70
Willians Kidney Cure.........50 00
DeWitts Stomach Bitters.........65 20
l-xican Beef Wine and Jron.....12 00
Daniels Grape Juice............ 12 25
N cc Alcoholic Low Grade about.. 2 CO
Blckborry Phosphato, (0. L.
Geogory V (Co.)...............17 00
Imfpoverisfted SOL
Implloverished soil, like impov'
fertilizer. A chemist by annulyz
ing the soil can tell you what
fertilizer to use for dlifferent.
If your blood is impoverished
your dloctor will tell you what
you needl to fertilize it and give
it thle ridh, red corpuscles that
nre lacking in it. It may be you
need a tonic, but more likely you
need a concentrated fat food,
and fat is the element lacking
in your system.
Thelre is no fat food that is
so easily digested and assimi
lated as
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver 011
It will nourish andl strengthen
theo body wheni milk and cream
fail to (10 it. Scott's Emunision
is always the same; alvays
p~alatable and alwvays beneficial
where the body is wasiting fromI
saiy cause, either in children
or' adults.
We will send you a samplo free.
Resure thait this pe
ture in tho form of a
la beI Is on the' wvrappeIr
of every bottle of Emaul
469 PeatilSt.,Jew Yo[u
50e. and $1.00.
All Druggiats.
Largest Sto<
- T H
Pickens county is on a rupdh
made great t-ff.,rts to kfep i) fro
bevity.ii, himoe we ar" in apit
bten abe to do in the past. W
make things hum from now unti
Dress Goods, T
Tren--ndos stock of wooll
you visit largor t.wns you will i
to chs'e f rom. Big atock -f St
cott,n wais willing fur 71o We
prices. but below we givo you a:
5000 yard Easley Sheating
One lot Plaid at. only 5", w(
One lot. Outiig at only 5c.
One lot Outing oily fc, w,
One lot extra heavy (uting
All kinds of Bleaching,
etc.. at prices that manufacturel
Capes amv
A tremendous stock. all pri
have your -ize, style and collar,
leerine, R. Becker... ........... 1 70 I it kind of n shed lke placo
Vurtzburger Malt...............10 00 the cutting took
31 ruvis.........................45 30
Ltwoods LaGrippeSpecifie.......62 30 1 ce and tio wtooss ure to be
Vild Cherry Tonic..............87 00 found. Chsittkan ectived a dan
hockers .......... .... .... ...57 50 gerous gash three inches lng in
each Phosphate................17 (0 the left chok, the left ear ijog
]uraooa Tonic............... .56 20 completely laid open and half a
leiutz Curative Bitters ..........43 00
X. L. Bitters..............52 5 0dozen D Baces calp and
ValkeraToi...............39 50 n
izomores Aromiatc Eiixir Ginger. 56 40 tewudd~ircee vr
1 want to call your atttion to tb b eti) athsato h0UUe
act that all ciders ar alcoholic. This ~hr ewscrid hpa
a necessary to their prescrvation. Consto thoprio ofewjgu
quontly cider of no kind on be sold,.h oggibmweladhv hu
U. B. Hlammet,
Chief State Coutatble. ore pythtkehepsiI
Bears the haKimn You ais A Bog ol elntigaotteafi
Bignatureoota sm ht mnqarl
DeadBut Nt Morned.O-aier le r wa theutir to
Muscaine, owa, ov. 4-l .>ureac Chapmna afereive w a
potrgadyetra tteoundd gahhre inc he mang inB
who icdof elirum remns. The iglt' cha.thlvef dran. i
doozadtn hlre e e badj.~ iahs ong mhsalp and
gtrdarudhekthn thre, er odd mean cee a everyis~I
Whe ased or he aitcu re heattentfi-mr athe istaUtion hStae e
sio okpni adppr~ddty teeratin of e sinu
prpr~lteflwn ofrtethe loy ngdee wll accn had tbou
press: oerdl u b the asm theaa phi
Plese o rotsaytht te cil had drese 'ihr.Is nous toe
familydeepl mournft thi outd elanth~(irngbou thealdai
dead. rorryetrsnheomae whiti mas qudrreet
band andfather edy with himFo
retur , Bt Not Moed.Oter Kelhmleruta asi wa h fist tod
Mur scatne, oa tNov. 4.--e-u a.T~r;P~t(Plss
yporites bale ye sdya thet3WVUi~uSfwgte"oes
numble home of William Cilarrkecx
wh de ofliriumf rem&es. w.scTe drwyh.woke o a
iithAeed aoun bot kthn m re. ra aehadt
Wenkb aske orwth par ticubir the Ltai asitohue
ridor ook pyenci andr papjetr~ mndr it i.tth agt
prisparefteoow t ing info the t' t nt ed~ihe od
wouess: yrsl etiul. l rui r
*-Phasea dos not ay h t te Toot'j~(phabe.bu
famonly- der mourn fwur teb.~gte. :4~da ha '
band and fathear only in nam. For
qarel,,tiohni giv uolye blows~ adCame',r' ~ona.hadLvr'c.
sretn It is bet tr forhi
Thecrwdin~h r~ o t~ ts rechb Chek.~am after he wa
:k, Lowest Pri(
to thE frnt in the way of progress
nt of the procession. All kindls of
ion to sell yeku all kin-Js of nr3h
i have done more business than
I January 1.
rilmings, Etc.
Mn and stnole Dress Goods. If
eOt find as complete assortmonte
kplos bought last summer when
haven't space to quote maniy
at only 5c, worth 6ic.
>uld be cheap at 7c.
>rth 10c.
only 10c, worth 121c.
icking, Ducks, Diminles, Joains.
rs would not care to duplicate.
I Jackets.
Des, from $2.00 to $10 00. Wo e
and at prices you cannot du.
Pickens Route No. 2.
Mr. Editor: As I haven't seen
anything from this vicinity re
cently I will eOdeanvor to give you
a f -w dots.
I amglad to ay the kealth of
this community is good and that
we farmers are most through gath
Mr. James Dillard is remodeling
his dwelhat0 which will add much
to its appearance..
Mr John Smith and daughter,
spent a few days in Columbia last
Mr. Hlarrison Morgan and sis
ter, Miss Wanie of Oconne, visiteol
relatives on this aide last week.
Several .f our neigabors atled
ed the fair at Greenville this week,
Mr. James Henry Lawrence andc
Miss May of Calhoun visited al
*he home of R%. E. Parrott Satur
day and Suniday
Mr. DIee Bolding of the Prat ei
eetion moved to his new hosif
above Catsechee yesterday.
Thankagiving will soon he he'r.
and I think we have a great mai
things to be thankful for.
A. news is very scarce I wil
close hoping the correspondent
will wake up and let us hear fren
your section' A. Friend.
Sears as inld YsHale Aing 3eag
a t
The South's industry.
It appears fromt recent sitatis.ii(
that the coetton muil;s of the on bO
nwuse as miuch~ raw~ coJttonu n thom,
of te north, and that in the~ las fi
years the conIsumptin of raw o-itt. I
in the northern milla4 has ireroestte
onily about, 3[ per cent. while tha, in~
*eewo in southern mdla~ ha bet
m >ro than 34 per cent. Five eight hea
of the total epindiles at work in hhit
qspuntry are in the north, but thu
5aiage production per , pindle in the
north is only 87.1 po~undsP againsat
125,4 pounds in the asonth.
T t) takinga of raw eA Ion in thl
noiiern mills h)ave been about sta.
thou.. of the Tthitish mnille fo'r twent v
yesrs. Bo0th the noe: horni dlpinnOer
ol atf~iuma eour.. n mh iillA of Boiw
-es and BiggE
and we have iot been asleep as
nerclandlei ha.; beeni advaincing it
andat old prices-evein lower i
in any pRevious year, and to swel
Men1's Clothing M
Mon-and young men of Ltas
aniv furtbor tinn in our (Ilot.hi ii
of Pats or ai Ovmrcoat with
Eclips" Clothing, ns well as othi
not bi. quesAtioied ats to fashion, I
our $5 00, $7 50, $10 00, $15 00 a
We aro proud of our 'loys'
we represent in th is lini are of
a rgest in this soction. Big line
to $6.00.
It you miss our Shoe Depar
of the large.- and most comi
Some of tHie Birmingham stock
If it's Furnitir you want y
ours. We buv ini solid cars, save
101md atre 1 c1111 erowded out of th4
market, for (oa-- o cotton goo 11 ,
the soIiiheoroi muis, aind in this fli
the trade of th3 world lien teforo th
south The millm of the souLh at
comparatively Inow and their m
chi'ery uj) to date, Iad 01h% CAl gi'
En'glanid and the northern mills
hard fight for the fine goods trat
whenever they che. one to iniva-te thi
Roar Admiral Roe, in his r
port, dt-cl!ares thai.t lack 'f *.-iron
enginei'rs is thte moost serlot:a dia
ger threatei'g th army
Makea Kidneya and Bladder nilghi
To Which Crowd do You BeIangi
Ii you an,. a' home today in t
c'nUetry, y ou Cainnot be In town
t hi samte Lim nb Ii 3ou (1o not 1
10 g to the ernwdl of fai m'rs ti
ar orga''izinig thoisol v's t .gel
er Ly pr.1 C -re lhir owni t.orest y'
are aigsin t isi crowd, an bolb
to thme o thier do niotho i crolwd ti
is willing to stop) iutiide
farmers union, aned 1.4 things go
suitt th, cot toil senc ulati in d ihi
go ablout whaiJnul;u over h ird tini
and atu~sing thie C ,tto i e) -114.
their int or..,t th.1, yin inavi 60iu
(o (0 for your-.
D). voni beloig to theo cr'wd t:
bs' ev. 8 in) stand(Iin14gi Ur .ud grini
unIj itt 1 ub-s ini pricing larm~ pi
itacts bly tho -rt ihan the' pr.>t ili
af thiso grea Lti iportat prod~Iut
and,( never on. c j .in in with ini
,,.ibnrA t. tr'y to) hIve ai wisrd I
t.: ig pil Ic up' n yo ~ur hot..
D~o you belong. to thi- cro i'd tI
~hmk, and act I ka thwy dhid not r
vorth much. 'itheri ini or out of tL
farmore o~rgsuizat Ion?
D)o you believe that yo -coul
pull a cow out of the mire l:
atanding ofT and hollowing .19 we
a4 you couldl by taking hold at
.st Business
to thoeconiditious4. WO ha1ve
wI wo looke'd ahnd and boughilit
I manly in1 stalles thau we have
that iicrease we aro going to
Aeratelyj PrICedI.
e ali eC111amy-neod mot0 look
e Department for a Suit, pair
style, quality antid it. The
r good Jmikes wo handle, ieed
it and wear You should soo
ud $18 50 suits.
Clothing. The manufacturers )j
the bst, and our stock is the
rat] Ping iii price from $1.25
rme)t you will misi seeing on1o
Jete assorLmei nts to b) found,
left going at 75c on the dollar.
n1 can't afl'ord to miss SOoing
freight inid got a big discouitt.
Haying, aill ready, pull? othecr in some respects and you car.
It it takesi 12 strands to muake a not regul1ate this coniditionl im your1
sowing thread, in d 114 mewingl crowd that in onl thle outsido.
thrneads to make a 1-4 inch rol e The difference is just here-the
G Stronig enlough to hold at hoar, rI cro.(wd on, the outside havei for
a buil, thoen do tell uis how in) the tirmotto, Antd pass-word-every
lelamnlt o1 commonT11 McaSon does at fellow inl the whole pulsh fol, him.
an mani ex peet t o d o an t Iing in1 tla e sel1f, a nd let th 11dmlV ta', Re thei
ew5 of
e. sywiig thlreadyl? anthing oo fre thei protection
-d Dwi yhlng to at dbe4iOit crowd thatst h ognizhed orldfarm
n. ti~s tigou ofk t - nh he fdrir oganrr mstce isogettherendhe
a u. tion (10 ea tell if yow jin the tingsI :temselves Ifodevpect
that -meof xur nigh ors i ostme cottonil boars ad euls
$et alettIe'r ponin in~, t nion we must wind together our1in
han v'on wvilJ? If so. let meI say hividual threads, andi formn a cable
i y"ou j st hire t hat the, e is st rong enioughi to tie dlown these
hto men alrI edyl in your neighbhorhood wd dly animitals or evenl 'nchor the
at thatI belong to your (crowd on tl o big ship of t rade to the shore of
ye outsidoi that stands oneo abovo the egoity. J C. StrFiblin~g.
The New Business Suit
to ti eri h Oy
en pia 3 liutton Sack. LHh~ILM
In this, as you see
from the dlrawin~g, you
have one( of the most .
stylish sujts of the year.
The coat is longer thani
tions have been so cev
crly modelled that the
o.effect is exceedingly
1'& I 'raceful.
hangs from the shoul
nd<ers mn an easy, comn
tfortable fashion, leaving~
-plty ol room all
.It takes good dlesign
aing and thorough tail
8e oring to make these "UlOS Bi$0. Co.
stylhsh "loose models"Fe otsokr
d look just right-that's ne~h~ Clothes Ora
y why we buy. them from the best makers we knowv,
il Schloss Bros. & Co., of Baltimore.
Fall and Winter uits $12 to $25
H E NDE.U ~120s. Main srot ..
.. - -1

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