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Entered April 23, 1901 at kns, M..e d 1asaAs umtter. ader get of congrem of MarNo 3, 10TL
Some Will Pass--Others Will Not--Ever)
Member Looking After His Own
Pet Measure.
Co'n mbia, s. 0.. F. b., 6, 1906 -
Onl) few nio.re da*s and the lab
will be ti.i -thin bession o1 Leg
islature will a lie thing of the" p-tit
Maniy hiIh haiv b.-en introduced
som1e of which wert. V ery good, ant
some that were not ao good, ait
some of them have passed an
sune have not 1i;ssed.
Inere has been omeo freak bill
introduced, but they comoo up4ver'
sesIion, s, they are kinder expect
ed and looked for,
The past week has boon a busj
one and everybudy has been look
ing out fr their own pet measures
Only another week and the show
will be over and the boys will go
home and tell the "dear con
stituoncy what they have (not
.done, and why they didn't do so
and try to hoodwink the dear peo
pie into sending them back to
another term, and some of th
membors are worth more to thei
constituency while in Columbii
than when they are at houe.
The following bills have bee,
given a third reading in the lows
house and sent to the senate:
Mr. Binkler's two bills to rope&
the charter of .the t iwn of Moultrie
ville and to establish in place there
of a township government on Sull]
Tan's Island.
Mr. M. W. Walker's two bill rot
lative to duties of boards of regia
Mr. Richard's bill to repeal a]
statuary provisions tor the holdin
of special terms of court of commoi
pleas by special judges.
Mr. Sanders--To amend the lai
as to appointment of townishi
boards of assessors in Spartanbur
and Cherokee counties.
r. W. McD. Green's relative t
op'rating of motor cars.
4 Mr. McFadden's relative to at
thority of police officars in pursui
of prisoners outside of city limit
Mr. Beamguard's to afford polic
protection for public gatherins
outside of cities.
Mr. Sinkler's "giving to the cit
counsel of Charleston, 8. C., jurii
Sdiction over the water front of th
city of Charleston, and empowin
said city -council to eLach ord:
nances for the registration of th~
- Mr. Ballentine's rcquirint COn]
to start at Monck's Corner on Tue
day instead of Monday.
Mr . Optb ran's to repeal spec ii
courts acts.
Mr. T. J. Mauldin's to authoris
Pickens county to borrow mone
hoom sinking fund commission.
Mr. Edwards' to authorize 0ow
pens school d istrict to -issue bon<
to build a dwellhng for teacher.
Mr. Spivey'sproviding for ere
tion of new court house and ja
and building of new bridgesi
Horry county.
Mr Calhiso:,'s to provide for cap
tation tax to be paid to school de
tricts whence collected.
Mr . Cothr .n's to pay treasur<
of Graer'Ville county $100 omitte
by accident in supply bill of 190
Mr. Arnold's to define the duti'
ot school trusteus in reference
the establishmnent of schools.
Mr. Lawson's to provide a gene
el law for issuing bonds in sch'
districts so that there need not 1
a special act for every school di
trlct as is now the case.
Mr. Faust's to ieq i.e Southei
and Seaboard railways to do certa
grading around depot at Denmar
Mr. Harley's to declare the la
with reference tocolaim and deli
ery proceedings.
Col. D. 0. Herbert's to authosi
tlstees of Roweaville aohool to e
ecute a mortgage.
Mr. Pittman's to repeal act M
thorizing Lee county to b.>rrt
from sinking fund last year; ai
anlothey bill to va'idate a debt di
by Lee county to the Bank of Bir
are c
f resl:
e and
est, E
us b
9 Capt. DoAr's bill to authorize
building- of a steel bridge over
0 Black Mingo creek.
Capt. Pyatt's to remove all ques.
tion as to the title to Crow Island.
t Mr. LaFitte's to amend act crea
ting Bamberg school district so ai
0 to change "Barnwell county" in the
a text to "Barnbery."
Lexington delegations bill rela.
Y tive to disposition of taxes paid by
- Columbia, Newberry and Lauren.
e road in certain townshipa in Lex
ington county,
Mr. Sinkler's to amend act crea,
e ting draininfcommission in Char
leston county.
t . enator Johnson's to repeal act
- creating Edisto Liiver shool dIs
JMr. Lyoni's to require bond' of
clerks in the State house. .
eMr. Yeldel' to provide compen -
'V ationi for cotton weighers an
Greenwood county.
r- Mr. Nash's to. permit sohool
18 trustee. to build dwelling for teach
or of school at Fair Forrest.
Ball by Fairfld delegation and
il one by Pickens and one by Dor.
'J chester delegation authorizing the
governor to appoint comnmissions to
I- .sxuamine into financial condition of
a the respective countios..
Mr. Clifton's to provide for pay
na ing expenses of special election in
d Sumter oounty.
5. Mr. Ga~que's relating to pay of
a magistrates in Marion county; My
Lc R enve's -to increase pay of county
commnisuioners ini Marion.
r Mr. Nash's bill to authorize
4chool trustees of Spartanburg to
J' borrow moneaIy.
Mr. Brice to authorize Fairfield
.o borrow funds and gst on a cash
fn basis.
in Mr. WVhaley to amend law aix.
k thorizing transfer of qIuarantine
*w itation to United States governa
v nent.
Mr. Bass to pay bac~k pension of
a 4156 to Mrs. Susannah Floyd of
x- Williamsburg.
'Mr. Cothran relative to duty of
#- reister of mene, conveyance.
Mr~llags to authorize trustee' of
n~ Lake City school to issue bond4 to
*a build school house.
L Mr. Wimberly similar bill for St.
To Our Customei
Dicd you make any New Y
Your Trading at 'the Big
ld do so.
Ye have never been hetter y
stocks in our
Three Larg
omplete in every respect an
t goods.
We V
will leave no stone unturnec
Reasonable prices, polite att(
nd sound business methods
We will handle this season t
sh, Cotton Seed Meal and N
4fore buying elsewhere. Coi
Mr. Keenan to permit county
board of control of Aiken to be paid No Al
for 50 days instead of 36. N
The house of representatives
met at 11 o'clock Saturday morn. Nothiug
ing and after passing a great n a
ny bills of local import adjourned
niit.il Tuesdav. Among tho bills Cut
passed were the following:
Mr. Stoll's to reptal the law ex..
empting certain territory from the
stock law.
Mr. McColl's t' authorize Ma
Coil's school district to issue bonds
to purchase a brick achool building.
Senator Well' joint resolution to
require secretary of state to pur
ob~ase neiw flags for the state capi
Senator McGowan's to ba'e a
committee to examine the fican. An invento
cial affairs of Lauren. county. much stock on I
Mr. Nash's to authorize Pacolet 'nous stoc~k of n
station school district to issue Price~ Clothing I
bonda for a school building. Men's Yot
Mr. Sinkler's to amend law as
to the time for holding courts in Schl rsiz. a
Charleaton county. Prir~co, Albert a
Senator Bates' to amend law as Come early
to Barn well school district.
Cheroke.e delegation to inereisse
salaries of certain officer. in Cher
okee county. Etr
Senator Peurifoys's claim of AEnr
G. W. Hill to be paid by Colleton FNIE
Senator Butler's to vindicate 33 1-3F
bond election in Goindyvi:lo school
Mr. Whatley's to authorize
Hampton county to construct a
ta iseway over swamp of Coos.
watchie river, ~n ~
Mr. Toole's to require the super.-L1'L i
visors of Aiken county to reviale
registration books, and. ai similar IAnd extracts to mak
bill for Florence county presene1pie are raoal
by Mr. P'oston.pics esoal
Seintor McGowan to increase I have somec rat
salary of supervisor of Lauren.
c~unty' In)men's and bc
Senator Bivens to provad for glbves, eta. A nice
the payment of a por di m of road, ho.iery ets., for ladie
overseer of Dorchester counuty. dlrolla flour to make
Senat r William4 to anti orige make a nice cake wit
b md electon at ;Lake City for fora dnerry Chkristi
the buildinig of a rebool house
Senator Elird relative to digpo.
sition of taxe-a paid in Lexington'
county by Colujmb a, Newberry A. nice line of C
(CFiUuad on Editorial Pago.1
Morrow Con
r, and the Public in Gen
oars' resolutions? One of thei
Store!" and there are many ri
>rbpared thau now to meet y(
,e, Department Stores
d are daily being replenished
rant Your trade
L to secure it.
mntion, having at all times an (
have been
he leading brands of fertilize
trates of Soda and ask that y(
ne to see us early and often.
t the 333
Per Cent Dis
Mid-winter CGo
For Thirty Days---E
SThursday Febr
y of our stock of Men'., Yeuths', Boys', and Children.'. Clot
anid left over from tho Winter. We need the room for Snri
iedium and Winter weight Clothing, we still on Saturday mo
ales over held in Greenville--the prices vill be cut to ONI[C'l
ith, Boys' and Childrere's Suits, Dress Su
1 colors-Back, urgos, Plaids-every suit in te store goes
ud Cutaway suits in thba sale at *5 to *10 a suit, our usual .p)
-they will move fast at the pricea--agaificent bargains to1
~SocoHI. End
n~e of Fruitsg
o fruit oakes for Christmas have arrived and the er arn 2
e bargains to offer the trade during**
the Holkdays. vam
sy's hats, shoes, pants, underw ear, overshiirts
ine of fascinators, union suits, calico, corsets,
a and children. l)on't, forget to get a sack of Cin.
Christrm cakes, the best in Aum,,raca You can't
,bout gool flour. Thu best Is the eh st. Yousrs
F. H ARRIS, By msel.
vercnats to go at a hargain.,m
n should be to
3asons why you
>ur eveiy want.
I with new and
xye to your inter
L'S, Acids, Kainit,
)U come and see
AT Co.
25 Per Cent
Than Original'Price
thing Sale
-uary 15th
bing, Over coats and Trouers, shows that we have too
ng Goods soon to arrive. In order to move this enor
rnin~g. Jatnuarv 13th. inaugurate one of the greatst Cut
its, Tuxados, Trousers find Ove coats
nito the sale, not a suit reserved; including the famous
ci at the 33 1-8 per cent reduction. Black Clay Worsted
-ie $18 to $25, sizes 33, 84, 35 and 86 only.
2o secured.
reenville. One-Third
3ring Cash. Original Prices
1 -
aR. m.6s3-a
KENS 080m CO.

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