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*biune1oena10 omps4.
TaoursoxA;N & RciUr. Piora.
J. L. 0. THOMPSON, Erros.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising RAtes Reasonable.
utere4 at Plokene Postomle as second Olass
Mal Matter
Six Mile Sketches.
It affords me great pleasure tc
have another. opportunity oi
writing to the dear old Sentinel
Journal this beautiful day, aI
though I have no news of impor
tance but I enjoy writing for my
Misses Nettie and Leila Kelley
two charming young latdies fron
Liberty, R. F. D. No. 3, visited
their friend Miss Sophia Mauldin
last week.
Mrs. Robt. Mauldin is very nich
at this writing. We hope for her
a speedy recovery.
Miss Essie Arnold visited her
grandma Mrs. Lou Alexander o1
the King section last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hendrioke
of the Oconee side visited in ou
burg a few days ago.
Some of our farmers are putting
in good time plowing this week.
It really looks like we are going
to make something. I am glad I
have lived to see the time for us to
go to work and hear the birds sing
so sweetly this morning.
Miss Sunie Mauldin of Central
visited her sister Mrs. R. H. Hol.
combe last week.
Hog killing was in order Mon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Snyder of
Gregnville, is visited at the home
of Mr. R. W. Willimon this week.
Miss Cora Durham visited her
sister Mrs. W. B. Harris of Cen
tral, Saturday and Sunday last.
Mr. Walter Mauldingf -, '
Stewart sectiotri in this vicini.
ty last g'i
- DIed at the home of her daugh,.
ter Mrs. Minnie Stewart, Mrs. Lu
cy Evans. She was only ill five
days. Her remains were laid to
rest at Gap 11111 the funeral ser
-vices being conducted by Rev. Joe
Say, 'Mad Cap,'" don't you sup.
pose those ten cakes were tea cakes
--ten to a small plate? If that
girl carried ten cakes, she .evident.
ly likes te bake them better than
I do.
The health of our section is not
so very good at this writing.
Why, bless your soul, just what
about Mr. "B.'' wondering if "Old.
Riddle" was hunting a job in the
* - 23~tonl mill? If he but knew it, it
is a grand thing for any of us Pea
Ridgers to go into a cotton mill,
though I don't think I ever could
work in one; I will thump these
rocks a while longer with my old
hoe. Mr. "B.'' was so overjoyed
driving that fine team that he was
liable to wonder anything for a
while. He raminds me of when I
was a child and Mother promised
me a Sun~day hat, I would ask heri
~how long it wlas till Sunday.
A small child of Mr. John
Merck is very Ill with pneumonia. I
Mr. Walter Willimon visited his
sister Mrs. M. C. Findley of the
Btewart section Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Nelson Garrett has sold his
farm to Mr. Mat Baker and has
moved to Norris sidetrack.
Mr. L . L. Willimon is very sick
with the grip this week.
Mr. Jule Durham has sold his
house and lot and has moved to
This seribe has had a severe at.
taok of the grip but is better at
this writing.
Mrs, 0. L. Willimon visited Ca.
L. teechee one day last week.
F I will close as 'tis supper time
and the lady is lookings oross-eyed
at me now. "Old Riddle"
The Farmers' Elducational and ?o.
6 operative Union of America, held a
ni'$ueresting meetinir with the
de~x~ ~al union on Satur'dsy t'h
1t instant. Addressed were mad
2 J. . tribling,: B. F. IKarle apd
The meoeting was well at.
'i~,~ ~~1o ,~4much interest manifested.
a Unti. "A surpptuous din.
* 4. teve4 on'the ground after
cn~ etingajore.o
~ *t~ or~er Grete union, at
4~s / hT es south
6t ?4ss Rub'baras jlaio t)uslO class,
it the Pickens Graded Sohool audi
kotliut Wednesday evening February
7th t.B p.Ii.
1 Vyinn-"I Need Thee Every
Hor" -class.
2 Piano. Solo--"Nearer, my God
to Thee -$ei-Miss-Inez Morris.
8 Piano Solo- -Martha-Krug
Miss Janet Bolt.
4 The Sweet Violet -Streabbog -
Master 110y Nealy-Piano-Mr. J.
H. VonHesseln- -Violin.
5 Piano four hands-German Song
-Miss Alice Thompson and Master
Henry Bolt.
6 Piatno Folo-''Tbo Merry G.>
Round"- Richard Goedlor--Misi Ei
ie Freeman.
'I Piaao Sulo --"The Skate -s"
Heurivan Gil-Mis Patti .aj :
8 Liou-diu Bal--1-'iiot Gurlet
Mits Inez Morris-- -Piano- - Mr. Vot
9 Piano Sulo--"Auld Lang-Syne'
--Gurlet--Miss Lorena Taylor.
10 "The Sweet Violet"--Streab.
bog-M aster Hm ty Bolt.
11 leuno fouir ha.n(1s- "He1imwich"
---Misses Lizzie Bello and Alice
12 Piano Solo -"Home Sweet
Home"--Gurlet--Miss Sadie Nealy
13 Piano Solo--"The Mucking
Bird--H. Zeiler--Miss Grace Prince.
14 L'inguietude--Guby Oberbert
Miss Janet Bolt -Piano---Mr. J. H.
15 Piano four hands--"A Dance
on the Grass"--Miss Sadie Nealy
and Master Roy Nealy.
16 Value--Francois Behr--Miss
Essie Freeman--Piano -Mr. J. H.
VonHesseln - Violin.
17 "The Magic Doll"-Waltz
Robert Goedler--Miss Lizzie Bello
18 Kibdergarten Waltz--Francois
Behr--Miss Alice Thompson.
19 Holiday March--Kimball- -
Miss Eilene Gillespie.
20 Waltz from "Faust"- G.
Wiobtel-Miss Lorena Taylor --Pi
ano-Mr. J. H. Voniesseln -Violin.
21 Hymn-"The Light of the
World is Jesus"--Ulass.
This program was well rendered
and greatly enjoyed by those present.
The evening's entertaimment was
very muhbly enhanced by renditions
on the violin by Prof. VonHesseln
who is a graduate of the Berlin Con.
seavatory of Music.
Miss Hubbard is -a fine teacher
and her class is learning very fast.
Don't deceive yourself. If you have
indigestion take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
It will relieve you. Rev. WI. E. Hooutt
South Mills, N. 0., says: "I was tron
bled with Chropic indigestion for a1m
years; whatever I te spp ~ cause
heartburn, eo.Rdfaj56, fluttering of my
h~ear,t-.Y'general depression of mind
End body. My druggist recommend Ko-.
dol, and it has relieved me. I an now ]
eat anything and sleep soundly at night.
Kodel Digests what you eat. Sold by
Piockens Drug Co.
Well Wishers. r
T1he followving good citizens have -
paid for their paper since our last re
port: 3. S. H. Price, D. 0. Tomp
kins, Mrs. M. C. Lynch, Mrs. N. E
Balentine, L. R1. Dalton, R. E. Steele,
R. B. Crane, H. 11. Bowen, W. B
Mann, Mrs. Bell Attaway, R. A.
Fisher, D. 0. Parsons, L. N. Gosnell,
Jiohn Lewis, WV. R. Dalton, G. W.T
Lesley. R. A Simmons, A. M. Walk -
er. B. D. Mauldin, J. Massingale, I
T. RI. Merck, G. Hi. McGill. -
o~a*mse onez.a.. -
I3fars I he ElIuYeuNasAlm i
All Rlun Down
HiSi is a common expres
Usion we hear on every
side. U nle ss there is
ome organic trouble, the con
lition can doubtless be remedied. i
'our doctor Is the best adviser.
)o not dose yourself with all
binds of advertised remedies -
get his opinion. More than likely_
rou need a concentrated fat food
o enrich your blood and tone
p the system.
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil
s just such a food In its best form.
t will build up the weakened
mnd wasted body when all
>ther foods fall to nourish. If
ou are run down or emaciated,
give it 'a trial a It cannot hurt '
iou. It Is essentially the best
>ossIble nourishment for delicate
kildren and pale, anaemIc girls.
WIe will send you a sample free.
Be sure that this picture
-in the form of a label Is on,
thewraperof very bottle
-Chemists 1
409 Peard Street/New York
* ~Seaa $1 Mn n....aw.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
AVegetablePreparationforAs- Always Bought
siilating theFood andRegia
tig the Stomahs and Bowes of Bears the
--- -Signature
Promotes Digestion.Cheerful
ness and Rest.Contahns nelher
Opium,Morphine norileral. Of
Aperfecl Remeidy rorCoastipa. U' 88
aion, Sour Stomach, DiarrhoA
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSimite Signature of
NEW "YORK. Thirty Years
Special Cut
Price Sale.
February 19th to March 3rd=2 Weeks
Cut Price Sale
On clothing and Hats. Bargains i
n all lines of merchandise.
2 cars of flour. 1 car of corn. 2
1ars of Timothy Hay. 1 car fine !
[ennessee mules--Just received. ~
Special price on flour for 2 weeks. 2
This sale is given to make room
'or spring goods.
!. G. GAINES & DASSA$ WA Bo. Central, .0.
?Practical Blacksmith, Wheelwright ^2
Woodworkmanu. Scientific horseshoer.
Bring your horses to me to be shod right.
Ift the shoe to the foot, not the foot the shoe_
All of our work is Guaranteed. Your patronage solicit
ed and appreciated. Respectfullly,
I havet a~ good line of
Among the~m are the recommendahln old style Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, which I am selling at special bargainms.
And a new line of SIINERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATOIIES. A nice line of Spectacles; I guaranino -
glasses to fit eyes. All kinds of repair work in the jewelry line.
II. SNID)ER, - - Easley, 8. C. gi
OARiTER, Pres. W. H. CHAPMAN. Vie-Pres. 45. 0. SU1RLLEY, Caghier.
CAPITAL, - - $25,000.00
PROFI'I S, - - 5,474.48
DEPOSITS - - 53,254.00
v. Hi. CHAPMAN, Z. T. CASTLEBERRV, Pres. First National Bank,
Gainesville, Ga,, J. N. MORGAN, Pres. Bank of Central, Cr.
J. r. sIUrI, Pres. Liberty Cotton Mill. 9
Notice eotFina Settlement
[ will apply to J. B. Newbery
Probate Judge for Piokens county, on
the 14th day of March 1906 for a fiunl
settlement of' the estate of William
Sizemore, deceased, and ask to be dis
mixsed as administrator.
J. S. Sizemore.
Feb. 14, 1906t4. Administrator. .
Chauberlain's Oough Remedy the Moth
or's Favorite.
The soothing and healing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and perinanent cures have made 4
it a favorite with people everywhere. It
is especially prized by mothers of small
children, for colds, eroup and whooping
cough, as it always affords quick relief,
and as it contains no opium or other
harmful drug, it may be given as confi
dontly to a baby as to an adult. For sale
by Pickons Drug Co, and T. N. Hunter,
For Iiillousmnpas and Siek Eleadaelhe.
Take Orino Laxitivo Fruit Syi up. It
sweetens tL'e stomach, aids digestion
and nets as a getile stimulont on the
liver and bowels Aithoit irritatiug these
organs. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup
cures biliousness and habitual constip.i
tion. Does not nauseate or gripe and
is mild and pleasant to take, Remem
ber the name Orino and refuse to take
any substitute. Pickens Drug Co., R.
F. BuSith, Easley.
startling Bug True.
People the world over were horriled
on learning of the burning of a Chieigo
theatre in which nearly six hundred peo.
ple lost their lives, yet more than ive
times this number or ort'r 5,000 people
died from pneumonia in Cbieogo during
same year, with scarcely a passing no
tioe. Every one of these cases of pneu
monia resulted from a cold and could
been prevented by timely use of Chain
berlain's Cough Remedy. A great many
who had every re'son to fear pneumonia
have warded it off by the prompt use of
this remedy. Tite following is an in.
stance of this sort: "Too much cannot
be said in favor of Chamberlain's Cough
Rem, dy, and especially for colds and in
fluenza. I know that xt cured my daugh
ter, Laura, of a severe cold, and I believe
naved her life when she was threatened
with pneumonia." W. D. Wilcox, Lo
gan, New York. Sold by Pickens Drug
Co. and T. N. Hunter, Liberty.
Just a little Kodol after meals will re
lieve that fulness, belohing, gas on stom
ach, and all other symptoms of indiges
tion. Kodol digests wyhot you eat, and
enables the stomach and digestive organs
to perform their functions naturally.
Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
NolrosidInt S*Sumons,
ourt of Common Pleas.
ummons for Relief-Comiplaint not
ank of Pendleton, a corpor.ition duly
chartered by law. Plaintiff.
ames Peek, James Peek the Junior, T.
M1. Lowery, and W. G. Wilson.
o the Defendants above named.
You are hereby Summoned and re
aired to answer the complaint in this
Aion, of which a co)y is herewith
irved upon you, and to serve a copy of
our answer to the said complaint on the
babcriber at his office at Pickenis, S. C.
ithin twenty days after the service
3reof, exclusive of the day of such ser- ---_
cc, and if you fail to answer the com.. --_
amnt within the time sforesaid, tlee
laintiff in this action will apply to the
3urt for the relief dlemanded in this
Dated Jan 2nid, 1900
A. J. Bogcgs,
C. C.P.
J. P. Carey,
PlaIntiff's A ttorney.
Tro the absen t defendant James Peek,
ike notice that the summons in the
ove stated caseloftvwhich the foregoing
a copy, and the complaint was flied
the office of the Clerk of the Court for
okens County, 8. U. on the 2nd day of
nuary 1906. J. P. Carey,
.016 Plaintiff's Attorniey.
brkansas sad Southwest~ Y
One-way tickets at half fare plus $2.
Round trip tickets at less thant one-way)
Lre. From Mempis~i via Cotton nleit Route
an. 2 and 16,
eb 6and 20
Stop-ovrs b'otht ways and 21 days returns
rnit on round trip tickets. Write for mapj'
sidelr, and pick your (late and say when ,
id where you want to go and we will givye
>u full inaformation by return mail.
Cotton Iielt Route,
203 Equitable, 1luild ing~
rhlis week it is plowa 4j. Brown's r
tde tobacco. Prices in the store. 6
ilhorts for feeding.
i. lot of Cooking Stovee at cut pi ices. os
pay cash for produice. a
T. D. HARRIS, - t
The Price Cutter. (
l01' Sale. c
00 acres of land, 6 room bouwaa, one10
mm homuse, one store house, two ten
t houses, barn, crib, one warehouse
railroad, two good orcbards, situ ~
id half way between Easley and Xe
okens. This is a flue stand for
inmess. -
In addition to this we will sell: Soil
10 tone of cotton snede, --
12 tons of meal and hulls,
2 mules and harness,
3 good wagons, 0,1
3 buggies, D~ani
1 15-horsepowver engine, Satni
2 cotton gins and press, and a
100 bushels of corn, 2,000 bundles __
2 new wagon scales,
00O0 stock goods and flxtames,
t set blacksmith tools. o$
molasses mill,
.corn mill, 1 cut off' saw.
Sand and all the above goes togeth.
This is a great bargain como N
ek. Party going to sell.
VE E A-10 !1\
whA you r Lair
Renews the hair, makes it new again, rdstores the-freshhno. Just
what you need if your hair is faded or turning gray, for it always
restores the color. Stops falling hai r, owlso.l 1 e. .
Discriminat ng
Can be pileasesl in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
.and holds customers. if you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
P rde & Pat on,
3 No False Alarm! d
The greatest advance that has been I
made on any article of merchandise,
has been made on shoes and if you
expect to need any soon, we can
save you money on the bulk of our
Some goods that we have recently
bought, will be higher.
Don't fail to call on us for the best S
Flour at a reasonable price.. .... ...
J~g us your proaice and we will
help you to KEEP OUT OF DEBT
and enjoy the liberty of "living at
home and boarding at the same
Tho kind that are made at the best studios of the large~r cities.
The kind that will not fade. That aro natural and lifelike,
and fiuishled on the latest and prettiest cards to be had.
Nice lino of mouldingst and framnes of any size made to order.
kreaseO PARKER'S
ir Acre- n~mo a T tuuaggo.
rhe BESTof every thinG
nd the greatost quantitiosof overy
owing thing can readily bo pro..FO VR KN FWR
:cod with tholiberalusoof Virginia.EONSAN OLR
rou cutiation. Tho naterinleo
oh thoiland,'and the plants to coio
WOros or thres LCN OD-W ORGMCER.
OPS yo o*e rain ano - iCOLUMBIA, S. c.
ferior subltituto that any
ImnV., Norfl, la. Durham, 1,CIT ION
, saa, Gi., otgome'ry, Ala., y. $'LTAT E OF SOUITIH CA ROINIA".
nphis, Ten hrerpori, IA. '('.J, ouuty of Pickeno,
Bly ,J. 13. Newbory, Esquire, Probato
I by Folger, Thorniey & Co 'J"dg"
Whereas, A. J. Blogge, 0. 0. P., has
- modot snit to mao to grant him loters of
irigo Notice. admiujistration of the eutato of and ef
rillttebuilding ofanow frde fots of IA. 13. Wham, deconso~d.
row Creek on rhad leading fron1 ans phtlu An I HEREFOR tho oliend
'l Alexanider's to Keowou church on a os l m mua h ide
dany, March 8, 1906 at 2 p. mn. P1 .n an d cr. dlitors~ o f ti1.o said R. ii,
poolfloations shown on that day. MVum, docesseisd, that they ho and aip
J. P. Smith, (Co. Otn >rar beforo me, iw the Court of Pro
_____________________________________ ateI, to be)1 hldt at Pickens Court House,
8. C,, on the 20th, d-iy of M1archi, 1906,
JP.ATTA WAY nfterp'nbucatL'w hieref, a 11o'clock in
P~~/E OP~. lthe, foreoon t e o eauise, tif an they
not be granted,
~ (Giv.'n under my hand and
81XI - seal, thiis the 6th day of Fob
)TrY''---)in .iy, 1906, in the 180th year
T YPU BLI C ofo---det3d.nco.
lotinsoua Street. West of Jail, j 'P

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