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S81lA3 S.
" The World
of Medicine
lecognizes Grip
as Epidemic
Catarrh. "
Medical Talk.
A Southern Judge Gured.
Judge Horatio J. Goss, Hartwell, Ga.,
"Some five or six years ago I had a
very severe spell of grip which left me
with systemic catarrh. -
"A friend advised ine to try your Pe
runa, whicli I did, and was immediately
benefited and cured. The third bottle
completed the cure."-H. J. Goss.
Cured In a Few Weeks.
Miss Jean Cowgill, Griswold Opera
House, Troy, N. Y., is the leading lady
with the Aubrey Stock Co. She writes
the following:
"During the past winter of 1901, 1
suffered for several weeks from a severe
atlack of grip, which left a serious
catarrhal condition of the throat and
"Sone one suggested Peruna. As a
last resort, after wasting much time
and money on physicians, I tried the
remedy faithfully, and In a few weeks
wad is well as ever."-Jean Cowgill.
Metrologlcal Table
By John TP. lon, observer, leiety, . S,
- ~.. Cllaracr of
. ~ thiodaiy.
12 u 3 20 '9 Clear.
3 n 31 0 Clear.
14 07 46 0 Clear.
15 5 :! 0 Clear.
10 46 2 0 ('lear.4
17 55 2 0 ?. Cleair.
* Tlrae of rain, less than~ one hun md redth' inchl
of rainfall.
ll@DueflnES o! a Local and Per'sonal Naure
-J.. E. iridlges, ot' entral was cir
culating among his many friends in
Pickens Monday~i.
-q-Mir. and Mr's. J. D. Mc~onnell e
of thbe Tlwe lve Mile section, visited the a
family of R1ev. J1. P. Attaway, in Piek.
ens this week.(
-Revy. ,J. 1R. Davis will preachl
at Bet hlehem school hlouse, three
miles south of Pickens on the 4th
S'unday in~ March at 11 a. im.
--Miss Hlortoes Stansell a ww.l
saime young lady of the upper sectionl
Sof thle county returned home after a
plieasant visit to Pickos last week.
-Come to the entertainment ne'xt.
WVednesdlay evening. One of tile
best attractions on the road today is
the Bell Rlingers and Male Quartel.
-Mr. S. M. Cox and daughter,
Miss EuI~, of tho eastern sid1e of the
county were in Pickens Monday.
* While in town they paid this office a
very pleasant visit.
--Married on Sundoy evening. 18th
init, at tile residence of 13. 1). Garlvin,
Mats Rosa Bracket to Mr. Jessie
Smith, both of Liber ty, S. C., H. D).
Garvin, Notary Public, officiating.
-There will be an examinalion at
Hamlptonl School on1 the 9th of Mlarch
and an enteritainent will be given at
Mountain Glove chulrch tat night.
The pu~blic is cordially inivitedl to
attend. Thle exercise are free to all.
-There will be an all day at Gol
on Creek Chnrch, near Hnnter's Mill,
first Sundady in March. Let every
body comIo and bring books and din
nor. A good timne is (xpected as some
fine singers have been invited. T1he
singing commences at 10 a. im. and
will 1)0 condutcted by P. (3. Ciarte.
-Rev. ,J. P. Attaway is called to
the Crow ironik section today ( Wed.
nesday) to oiliciat at. thle mfarriaige of
Miss Ella Adams to) Mr. Gdis Timrn
111, wvhich hapilpy (event occurLs at 4 p.
In. The young coup'e wvilt havWO the
b~est wishes of their numilerous
friendo for a long, happy and pros..
p erous lif.
-Elev hadl( a carnivali last week.
They speak well of it; but how much
mnoney dird it leave in Easloe? H ow
muchel mnuch money didl the mor
chants make by lta being in thleir
' idst? The town wvas tihe gainer by
a few (loll irS in tines but wve are sure
that the ecarnival carried away moro
money thani they caused to ha loft in
.haa,. ofr me.. -...ta.
I.. GtR
Grip Resulted In Catarrh.
Miss Alice Bielko, Treasurer Young
Women-s Society of the Lutheran
Church, Menasha, Wis., writes:
"I gratefully acknowledge the good
that Peruna did me after I had been
sick with la grippe which left me in a
very weak and emaciated condition,
with catarrhal trouble of the head and
"My mother suggested that I take It
to build up my strength and rid myself
of the troublesome catarrh, and it
acted with wonderful speed.
"I was able to resume my work in
ide of two months and I am in splendid
health now."-Alice Bielke.
One reason why Peruna has found
permanent use in so many homes is
that it contains no narcotic of any
kind. Peruna is perfectly harmless.
It can be used any length of time
without acquiring a drug habit.
Peruna does not produce temporary
results,-it cures.
U-J. . Stribling of the "Lost Cor
ier" of Pickens counlty was in Pick
11s Moiday. Mr. Stribling says the
)ublic oficers of this county should be
aid a higher salary and says he p'ays
~killhands mfore mioney than the Cjun-.
3' C.ommnissioneru get for their ser
sea, thounh hle holds that in as much
they have thrown away the rod
h1 is section they should not be paidl
- Miss Jeinnie 1Ellis, daughhetr of
iri. Wm. Ellis of Easley, R, ute 2,
ad .Ilr. Clarence ltichey, son of WV.
. Richey of Easley' Route 3, wvere
aarried in Easley on the 16th inst.,
ev. J. F. Matheson performing the
remny. The happy young couple
ave bright prospect before them
ud carry the well wishes of their
any friends for a long life of useful.
ess prospei~y, happiness and joy'
--Claude Hester, wvho has been
lping (Guy McFall in his store
neo the holidays has accepted a po.
tion there for this year, and invites
I of his friends to call and see him.
lade is a golod fellow and a splen
id salesman and will treat the cua
Lwmra of this reliable firm night.
'hen in need of anything usually
rriedi in a general mnerchandise
ock call on Guy McLall and he or
in clerks w ill do the right thing by
....Jno. T. L'Flnnell, who for some
mee has been manager of the firm of
. T1. Fnnell & Co., at this place, has
urch ased a lot near the Easley Cot
an Mlills and has ere'cted a store
ouse theroonI, and will in a few cdays
ifer the peopl, of that place a clean
traighit stock of goods. John is a
ood fellow and will make friends
werever he goes. The firmi he has
een con,,ected with, having been
lissolved by mu tual ouc)et, offers
heir entire stock at and belo.w cost.
-.The Bell Ringers will be at Pick.
mIl nex t Wednesday night, Febhru.ar:
8h. I)on't fail to hear this mzusical
rent. It is' something that seldom
camos our way and all losers of good
usic sBolld attend. Tfhi a is a very
hgh class attraction whioh the cotn
mu ten is bringing here and the prie
is hight r thana the o1thers hieretofor<
>ut on but the tickets will be the samw
>rice. Come and bring the familj
diion g. This comnpanly has been boarc
n thirty eight states and have "mnade
good" at ealch entertain ment.
-The enterltainmhlent given by lth
Daughters of thu Confederacy las
Wednsday night wvas greatly anpiy
md by all wh attended. A hitrg
.rowdl was prst011 and neatly twentI
dollars was ieal ized. T1heo enitetair
ment wvas a high class one', a reguli
50c prograim hbeing rendered. Eec
and~ every number was i ls
it4ell anlil each one was a gem. r
prticula rize and~ mont111ion each fea
tre is out of the questlionl for1
would be huardl to tell which foum
was the host or' made the greatei
hit. The inumaical num11bern were 11
lino arid especially those of the bat
n~ bic 1wa asaiated ~y tho E isit
hand. Tlhe evening was a suce
froum start to liis h and the U. D.
are to be commnO. edd for frnishir
*such an e.ven' ig of amusemnlt. It
to be hoped that they will repea~t L
pogram, or give Lometing neW,
an early day.
LaGrippe Is Epidemic Catarrh,
IT spares no class or nationality. The
cultured and the ignorant,tho aristo
crat and the pauper, the masses and the
classes are alike subject to la grippe.
None are exempt-all are liable.
Grip Is well named. The original
French term, Ia grippe, has been short
ened by the busy American to read
Withoutintending to do so, a new
word has been coined that exactly
describes the case. As if some hideous
giant with awful grip had clutched us
in its fatal clasp.
Men, women, children, whole towns
and cities are caught in the baneful grip
of a terrible monster.
Have you the grip? Or, rather, nas
the grip got you? If so, read the fol
lowing letters.
These testimonials speak for them
selves as to the efficacy of Peruna in
cases of Ia grippe or its after-effects:
Saved by Pe-ru-na.
Hon. James R. Guill is one of the old.
eat and most esteemed men of Omaha,
Neb. He has done much to make it
what it is, serving on publie boards a
number of times. He endorses Peruna
in the following words:
"I am 68 years old, am hale and hearty
and Peruna has helped me attain it.
Two years ago I had la grippe-my life
was despaired of. Peruna saved me."
J. R. Guill.
A Relative of Abraham Lincoln.
Mr. Silas S. Lincoln, who resides at
913 1 street, N. W., Washington, D. C.,
has the honor of being third cousin to
Abraham Lincoln. He writes:
"I had la grippe five times before us.
Ing your medicine. Four years ago I
began the use of Peruna, since which
time I have not been troubled with that
"I can now do as much work at my
desk as I ever could in my life. I have
gained more than ten pounds in
weigh t."-8. S. Lincoln.
Pe-ru-na Not Only Cured La Grippe but
Benefited the Whole System.
Miss Alice M. Dressler, 1818 N. Bryant
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn., writes:
"Last spring I suffered from Ia grippe
and was partially cured, but the bad
after-effects remained through the
summer and somehow I did not get
strong as I was before.
"One of my college friends who was
visiting me asked me try Peruna and I
(lid so and found it all and more than I
had expected. ,
"It not only cured me of the catarrh
but restored in to perfect health, and
built up the entire systom."-Alioe M.
Address Dr. S. B. Hartman, President
of Tho Hartman SanitariumColumbus,
--Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons, widnov
of A. R. Simmons, who died in 1871.
died at her home near Sheriff H.
Brown's on the ni-fht of the 20th in
stant, after a lingering illness, aged
eigty five years. She leaves nine.
chailren, five sons and four daugh
ters. Mrs. Simmons was a small
woman, never weighing 100 pounds.
Shec had bee~n a member of - Cross
hetadsR church for about fifty five
years. Her remains will be laid to
rest Thursday at the Hendricks
grave yard at Mica postoffice. She
was a conisitenit Christian woman
and eaives a host of relatives and
frienads to mourn her (loath.
ANCEMEN-l have now in my po.
session sixty sevena per cent of the
fonda subscribed to the farmers alli
ance exchange limited for distribution
to the original contributors. Would
like to h~ave the sub trustee stock
h~olders and all ot hers who weore eem
hsrs of the alliance to meet me . at
Packens C H. on Saileaday in March
to arrange for the distribution.
W, T. O'Dell, County Trustee
Stockholders- td.
WVe have secured the agesioy for
Iron King Stoves and Ranges and
and are in a position to - make you
close prices on both.
Folger, Thoratiey & Co.
J. F. Brock, woodworkman, in the
Ashmore building, is prepared to
mend or~ make over your vehicles and
do a general line of repair work. Saw
setting and sharpening aspesialty.
Give mec a call when in needot gen.
er31 repair work. Prepared to do all
kinds of pipe cutting and-86ting. tb
NOTION-All persona- are bereb)
warned mnot to hire, har bor, aid or abet
in any way, my sen, Plumer Brown
otae 18 years, who has left his homa
without just cause. A ny one disre
gardidg this notice will be dealt witi
according to law.
2.7 St. J. L,. Brown, R. F. D. No. 2
Pickens, S. C
Just aeceived the largest ear c
Li Furnituire sver shipped to Pickenm
, Ia icts I ighat.
Folger, Thiornley & Ce
NOT'ICE-- have some very desii
able tracts of land for salo nesar th~
town of Walhalla, S. C. I also hai
,some nice lots5 in Walhalla. *See in
t quick or wvrite me at Waihalls, Si. (
Office WValballa Bank,
a 2 5 4t. F. A. Lewis.
y "Enreka" Stock and Poultry poi
-tiers at J. TP. Fenneli & Ce
h aiof Stri u eelIns
Many people auier for years fro
Y rheumatic pains, and prefer to do
0 rathier than~ take the strong mnediem
- usually given for rhenmatism, not kno
t ing that quick relief from pain may,
Shad simplly by applying Chamnb~rlin
Paini Balm and without taking any am
(;ine internally. For sale by Pickt
DIlrug Co. anid I', N. Hunter, Liberty
y' A aman whlo once hand rough her
a8 hands made themn soft and1( smooth w
W.\itch lHeyA" iBalve, biut lie usaed the g
nine -that bearing the name "E. (I.
Wi'tt. it Co ChticWo." For am'en, hoi
cu4emts, hurns, bruises, ete., it lase no eq'
1)0 ar.d aifords almostl immediate reie~f fr
at blind, bleeding, iching and protruld1
pjiles. Sold by Pickens D~rug Co.
Ything in Car
TED-The larges
Dd to Pickens.
0 $50, Dressers from $5
boards, Safes, Dining T
Mattresses, Hall Rack
ase City Buggies, Cai
ails, Fresh car of Salt
.ces right.
)st up-to-date line of Di
Purnishing Goods, Harc
2ountry. See us for an
ee you and will treat yl
.ng Goods a specialty. Sole Agents for
County of Pickens,
y J. B. Newbery, Esquire, Probate
rher~eas, A. J. Boggs, C. C. P., has
eo snit to me to grant him letters of
itnistration of the estate of and ef
s of Lt. B. Wham, deceased.
HtasR AlE THREuuFoRE to cie and
toInish all and smngular the kindred
ers ditors of the said R. B.
am, deceased, that they be nnd ap
r beforo me, in the Court of Pro
A, to be held at Piokens Court House,
,on the 20th d'iy of March, 1906,
er publiention hereof, nt 11 o'clock in
forenoon, to shew cuse, if any they
e, whsy the said administration should
be granted,
a Given under my hand and
EAL ~.seal, this tho 6th day of Feb
--') runty, 190G, in the 130th year
ur Independence.
J. B3. Newhery,
J. P. P.
Nor'esident SumnioRS.
County of Pickens.
Court of Common Plea.
a mons for Relief-Complaint not
Ik of Pendleton, a corporation dluly
sartered by law. Plaitniff.
aes Peek, James Peek the Junior, Tr.
.Lowery, and W. 0. Wilson.
the Defendants above named.
ow are hereby Summoned and re
red to answer the complaint in thisC O
on, of wvhich a cop)y is herewith
red upon you, and to serve a copy of
ir answer to the said comnplainlt ona the
scriber at his office at Pickens, S. C.
lhin twenty (lays after the service
cot, exclusive of the day of such sor
e, and If you fail to answer the com
mt withi the time aforesaid, the
intiff in this antion will sapl to theA
art for the relief demande in this M r ie
aplaint. M r ie
)ated Jan 2nd, 1906A m
L. J, fBoggs, Am
C.C .J. P. Carey, Grade
Plaintiff's Attorney.
['o the absent defendant Jannes Peek,
cc fiotice that t'w~ summons in the
>ve stated caselof which the foregoing Call o u
a copy, and the complaint was filed OnOl
the ofice of the Clerk of the Court for
kens County, 8. U. on the 2nd day of An
uary 1900. J. P.Carey,
0td Plaintiff's Attorney.
Iamm *m4W~me '4e 33-45
trkansas and Southwest~
On~e-way tickets at half fare plus 12.
Rloundl trip tickets at less thian one-way
la .2 n 1.the samew
Pe6and2 have a few
Calicoes a
Stop-overs both ways and 21 day. retu rn ; *
hmtt on round trilp tickets. Write for m ap~ C
older, anid piek your dlato andi say wheni Reme
51nd where yo'a want to go and we will give'an
y'ou full informatton byreturn mail. ~Pr
i~y because I
. IL. P. SMt'TH, T. P. A. ~s ala
Cottons Iie't Route,
233 FEquitable, liuilding~
SEver 'shipp
we are offe
Suits from $15 t
Everything fn Side
en~ Tables, Springs,
with prices xight.
Solid car of Oh
Barbed Wire and N
everything ~.ith pri
The best and m<~
Hiats, Shoes, Qents I
Saddlery in th eup <
are always glad to s
-Shoes, Hats, .Gents Furnishi
King Stoves and Battde Axe Shoes.
Surveyor and Notary Public,
- Jud
Redmond, S. C.
Notice of Disolutior, a
The firm of J. T. Feninell & Co.
bas been dhisolved by m'utuhl consent. pea
J. T. Fennell, bat
* ~ Manager. 8.
For the next ten days I will Bell at aft
and below -coat a greneral litie of mer
cbandise, at Pickens, S. (3. Come niot
one, coime a.ll and get bargains.
J. T. 'Fennrel'. .8
February 12, 1906.
sick Headache. -
This distressing ailme nt results from a --
disordered condian of the stomach. All
that is needed teoeffect a cure is a dose or
two of Cha mberlain's Stomach and Liver ST)
Tablets. iIn fuet, the attack maybe ward
e.d ofif, or greatly lessened in severity, by
taking a dose of these Tablets as soon as
the first symptom of ain attack appears. SurK
Sold by Pickens Drug Co. and T2. N. .er
H unter, Liberty'. iBar
The Best Physic. 0
When you want a phsysic that is mild
and gentle, easy to ta ke and certain to JanI
act, always use Chamberlain's 8tomaolih
and Liver Tablets. For sale by Pickens
Drug Co. and T. N. Hunter, Liberty, To
A Oard. qui
Thlis is to certify that all druggist are act
authorized to refund your money if Fe- sera
icy's Honey and Tar fails to cnre yonr yor
cough or cold, It stops the cough, sUt
heals the lungs and prevents serious wit
results from colds, Cures la grippe he,
cough and prevents pneumonia and con- VIC
sumption. Contains no opiates. The
genuine is a yellow package. Refus, all
subtitutes, Plekens Drug Co.,R.,
Smith, Easley.,c
Wrightfnlly Burned.
Chas. WV. Moore, a machinist, of Ford
City, Pa., had his huand frightfully
burned in ani electi'ical furnacei He ap
plied Bucklen's Arnica Salv6 with the Tal
fusual result: "a quick mnd perfect cure." ab<
Greatest healer on earth for burns, is
wounds, sores, eczema and piles. 25c in
at Pickons Drug Co. Pk
_____ ____ ___-Ji
Thne Yellow Fever Germ. 1-1
*Has recently heen discovered. It bears -
a close resemblane to the malaria germ. ~
To free the system from the germs of
disease, the most effect ive remedy is Dr.~
'King's New Life Pils. Guaranteed to
curo all diseases due to malaria poison .
and constipation. 253 at Piekens Drug
They never gripe or sicken, but
cleanse and strengtheni thle stomachel, liver
n and bowels. This is the universal ver
o diet of the many thousands who use D3
ca Witt's Little Ea'rly Risers. These (a
. mons little pills relieve headache, con
e stipation, billiousncss, jauudice, torpId
a' liver, sallow complexion, etc. Try Little
- Early Risers. Bold by Pickens Drug Co.
All old time Cough Syrups bind the
howels. Thlis is wvrong. A new idea ~
ywas advanced two years ago in Kennedy's
a Laxative Honey and Tar. Th'lis remedy
en acts on the mucous membranos of the
e throat and lungs and loosens the bowels
e, at the i-ame timie. It expels all cold fr. a
d, the M3ytem. It elcars the throat, and
mrr strengthon5 the mucous membranes, re
g lievea coughs, colda, eroup, whooping
ough, oto. Sold by Piokens Drug Os e
Load Lots.
t car of Furiliture
See the great values
to $1.5, Beds from $2 to $10,
tbles, Centre Tables, Kitch
, Bed Lounges, Cots, 'etc.,
Mitchell Wagons, Car of
and Flour. Anything and
"y Goods, Notions, Clo thing,
[ware, Stoves, Harness and
rthing you may need. We
>u right.
s Truly,
the Mitchell Wagans, Chase City Bnggies, Iron
+:30 DAYS+:
During the next 30 days we *
will be rounding up and closing#
out winter goods.
We're not giving away goods,
neither have our profits been so
*large as to permit us to sell at
Bu wewill sell all of our
*heavy Cassimners, Kerseys and
*woolen goods at greatly re
$duced prices, all the profit off.*
Ltof 8%i cts dark outings$
#to go at 6%ets.
S La dies cloaks and jackets to*
be sold for less than first cost.
Have lot of odd sizes in shoes*
that will be sold at bargains.j g
You can save money by calling
on us during next 30 days.
* A. K. Park.
Wst End, Greenville, S. C.
To increase Your Yield, us
niderson Fertilizers
ally. A Labor Saver, a Money Maker, Beats All.
riiated with FISH, BLOOD, and other High.
For Information,
Agent at your nearest Railroad Station, or
~rson Phosphate and Oil Co.,
old by Folger, Thorniey & Co., Pickens, S. C.
Moore SeIls 'em Cheap.
ht a stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
ay, call and see me for most anything you want I
dress skirts and Boy's knee pants to go cheap.
nd Outings at a bargain. A lot of Shoes to go
Lct everything cheap.
mnber the old meat market and bring me some
a~l the Raw Hides green or dry that you can get
am selling goods, I .don't forget my meat market
get yonr meat or anything else you want.
The Old Meat Market.
J. D . M OORE.

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