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Eutered April 23, 1903 at Pickncis, 8. U., as second class matter, under act of CongrHes of Xlarc 8, 1879.
The Richmond (Va.) Time -Dispatch
Prints Some Raps Against - aw York
City ''Do Things" Newspapers.
On July 24th a citizen refused to
pay a second fare to the Brooklyn
Rapid Transit company, and was
thereupon arrested by the State of
Now York for creating a disturb
ance. When the case was brought
before Justice Gaynor, the defend.
ant was paroled, at d 'w > days later
whlen the base was tried, the coun
sel for the company alleged that
the whole affair was a trick gotten
up to depress the stock of that
company. However, on Saturday,
the 28th, just bofore the heavy
rush for Sunday began, Judge
Gaynor, one of the candidates for
the democratic nomination for
Governor, handed down a decision,
holding the party who had been
arrested not guilty. It will be
observed that the conflict was be.
- tween the State and thd individuals
for law-breaking, and that- the
Brooklyn Rapid Transtit company
was not in court at all. Neverthe.
loss Judge Gaynor undertook to
give a lecture on double farea, and
stated the perfectly qbvious propo
sition that "a public service-cor
poration is no nrore entitled to
exact a foe or charge in excess of
that prescribed by law than is a
public oflicer." But it has never
been decided by any competent
tribunal that the double fare was
01excessive in point of law. As soon
as this decision was handed down,
the cheap journals of New York,
especially those that are under tho
ownership or management of Wil
liam E. Hearst, urged the people
to take the law in their own- hands
and stand up for their rights, with
the' result, says the New York
Herald, that one young womaln
lost her life, a dzozen women and
girls were sent to the lospitals,
forty men are in jail, the traffic of
the entire borough of Brooklyn
has been deranged, business at
Conoy Island has been injured,
sufforing has been imposed upon
thousands of peaceful passengers
willing to pay their fare, other
thousands have been deterred from
enjoying a visit to the beach, hun
dreds of men have voluntarily en.
dured discomfort, if - not actual
risory, in obedience to what they
fancied was their duty, and the
good name of the city has dragged
in the mire.
Commenting on this condition,
the News-Leader, of this city, says
that if a similar condlition had
arisen in Virginia and the news
papers had urged the public to
take the lawv in its own hanids a nd
resist paymnent of the second fare
to the extent of manslaughter, "we
,can imagine that a few solemnn and
scowling bar-room loafers, sup
ported by their wives and
d (aughters, would thump their
dirty fists on the bar counters and
say, 'That's the stuff' I Some irro
sponsible bo.>s and young mon, out
of jobs or hdlding on by thoir eye
lids, because their services are
-grudging or careless and unsatis
factory, would applaud enthusias,.
tically. Some hias-.beens or disap
painted men01 and some persons
with ambitions larger than they
are willhng to work to or capable
of, would be secretly or openly
pleased. Tihe great mass of sobeor
ciizos, the clerk, salesman, me
chanic, merchant, wago-oarner or
* wtge-payer, 'going quietly from
w'or-k to their homes and families1
with the average man's share of
happiness and sorrow, sense and
w'eakness, troubles and hopes,
comforts and annoyances, wvouki
laugh and say, 'This mani is a fool:
does lhe want us to set ourselves ni
to decide tho law whore our judge:
"Yet New York newspapers hayE
given just that kind oC, advice, anr
have had New York public raen
* politicians and lawyers, to suppori
* and sanction them. With incen.
diary articles and utterances they
have dotne their best to induce citi
an to kill .street car conduciors
mnotormnen and inspectors, depuL;
sheriffs and policomen. It is no
their fault that some poor. hal
crwed devfi, craving notoriety an(
eager to 10 a yellow nowspapor
hero, or some tough, instinctively
at war against authority and eager
for riot, has not committed niurder
and found himself in prison with
the elefrio-chair death looking
him in the face.'"
The fever of excitement raised,
the mob spirit has subsided. In
its place has con. a feeling of
shame and mortiication to the
great majority of law-abiding citi
zms of New York city that they
should have allowed themselves to
be betrayed by the self-neeking
desire for notoriety that is now
inflaming the p issions and distort
ing the judgment of a few politi
cians and newspaper owners.
Random Farm Notes.
Whenever water stands on any
portion of the farm at any seasii
of the year it indicates that drain.
in", is necessary and that much of
tho land contiguous to it is wot and
It doesn't pay to do the chores
atter dark in the spring aind sum
m1ier. The chores are just as im
portant and profitable as any other
farm work and should be done in
the daylight.
There is no. reason why the
farmer should not drive just as
good a team as the man in th city.
He must have hors, s, why not have
gc.od ones? It costs no more to
keep a good team than a ioor one.
The re are a great many farms
and fields that can never he culti..
vated at a profit. These, if planted
with forest trees, such as chest
nuts, oars, pines and larches, will
produce a growth of timber which
will be a source of pi'ofit.
Wood ashes make a good fertil.
ize.t when put upon the land beforc
thety become bleached. One ton oi
ashes contains 100 pounds o
potash, 40 pounds of phosphorik
avid and 600 pounds of limo.
You may run a ton of coa
through the fire box of an engini
n nd not raise a pound of ste mi
also you may run several tons of
feed through your stook and nol
get any result. Another man may
give half the amount of feed and
realize twice as much.
Is mfaking( 1)i
Our buyers ai
fall will be headqi
Watch this s
Female Weakness Is U
Cures Catar
............ ...... .....
Mrs. Mable Bradford, 18 Citurch stroot,
Burlington, Vt., Secretary Whittier Oratorio
Society, writeso
"Peruna is certainly a wonderful medicine
for the ills of women. I have heard it
spoken of in the highest praise by many,
and certainly my experienco is well worthy
of a good word.
"I began to have severe pains across my
back about a year ago, brought on by a
cold, and each subsequent month brought
me pain and distress.
"Your remedy was prescribed, and the way
it acted upon my system was almost too good
to be true. I certainly have regained my
health and strength, and I no longer suffer
periodical pains and extreme lassitudo."
Mable Bradford.
Thousands of Women Cured Every Year
by Correspondence--This is What humia I
Dr. Hartman Proposes to Do
For You Without Charge. e-r
Women who sutffer should read the Perin:
evidences presented here. We have braues,
thousands of letters from grateful and a pc
friends who tell the same story. The w
Halt the ills that are pecullarly cover ti
woman's own are of a catarrhal more to
oharactor. Female weakness was not than all
understood for many years. Many
Dr. Hartman deservos the credit of beauty,
having determined its real character. the dayi
He has made catorrh and catarrhal using P
l OW ,i i ile Eastern I rt1I
1l1l' S for c00i'e00. niePidii
pace for ourI adEvert.isemenIt
sually Pelvic Catarrh. Pe=ru=Aa
7h Wherever Located.
Ifrs;. Lizzl, tedding, W:1 N Clif-An l St
LouCi.- Mo., writes:
"I found after trying many different medicines
to restore me to health, that Peruna was the only
thing which could be depended upon. I began
taking it when I was in a decline, induced by
femalo weakness and overwrought nerves.
"I began to feel stronger during the first .week I
took Peruna and my health improved daily until
now I am in perfect health and enjoy life as I
never did before."---Lizzio Redding.
- - - ~- D N
~ k
diseases, including polvic ca- InPrathswoefnd rmp
tarrh a life long stuldy.anIraotcr.
curcs catarrh, whether of the IO~~lBo eiioiikt hi f
gans or any other organ of thbetctrcrecld vDrlirmaeer
Syear. rho good that Peruna has ac
comuplihed in this class of cas ean
L-na, a Natural Bleautifier. PearC'ly he over-e::timated.
L, prod ures clean, mUucou mem )I l- *-++ *++-+- +-----.--....
tho basis o.f fitial symmentry If you do not derive prompt aiind
rfect comiplexion. y Z atisfa'tory 1 resut romt the useof
omen have n~i heeun sow to di'- | Peru tn vito at. onee to Dr. II art-I
iat a course of P: ritu will de .vman, . i vinug a I uill st:atemnent of your
w'ard restoring yonthful beauty ease,:(u ide will bet pleased to give
the devices knowni to secine. you~ his valuable ad(vice gratls.
agirl has regained her faded o A~lrossI 1011r.1 l:itatani, Prosden
many a matron has leng-thened ofTeHrwnaitruoum
4 of her comely appearance by 1 te 'h, Al"rrespondenco ho ldj
4 40
kets andl( alreadly new goods h av'e bg~
X(ise at the .i prICes.
, ue have something )t tel1 yogot.
gansor ny ohororga ofWe ect re ecoled y D.Hrtan every
-Endel's Greater SAte
Begins Saturday, July 9, at 9 A. M.
High Grade Clothing
l''olohing our tsusal custom ovory suimer we will place on sale our en
i too -k of 11iigh Grade Clothing, TrousRers, White and PFI alncy Vests fit
9 I : per cntI les thiaui Ihn orgind pric. It is not, lecesSary for un t
vloset ' tit omo to nu11rk ourl. goods --- thy ara markod in plaii figires-- .31)1
enln fi-zuire the pien yoursecl f, take oil' ono third and pay us tho differeuic'
and1 the su it is y . Thu entire stock of ULOTHING goes in tho salo
T his seaun's goods-Men's Youths and Childrens' Cloth
in I-Nti\ Ig Rt I ' e Ise:rved: I lack--, Plues and Plaids and Fancy
silits. Every sale has a purpose. Our purpose in holdine
this sale is to clean out every spring1 and suimmer suit we have
on hand an( we have put the prices n them that will move
them. You cannot buy 11 same gradle of goods at these
prices anywhere in South Carolina. le sale opens Saturday,
Juily 7th, at 9 a. im., for Tiwo Weeks. Remember the place
and bring the cash--- give you such values for your
money that you will go home Ia)py. Comie!
All Clothing go in this sale, Nothing reserved.
No goods on approbationl.
No goods chargeid during this sale.
All alterations must h paid for during this sale.
12o South Main stree,
* B dcig Greenvilee, S. C.
There are Pictures
and Photographs!
For a photoograph that is true in every
xsense, jist asi the camera sees yOU, every
h Ifeatur sh.: an1d clear, every detail shown
IS what 1 giVC.
Only the be:t material diat is used will
be ilndI in my wor. My nany satisfied
Patrons, their rpeaWted orders, is anl atte,.st
of mly good work. I do Irluning anId enlargin .
N. D. TAYLOR, Easley, S. C.
1 .'.

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