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-West Point Oysters
Fresh Every Day
-?* on
jr none.io?
Eggs and dar old chicks.
Suff Plymouth Rock-Prize winnini
stock in Augusta, Atlanta, ric.
Fawn Indian Runner Ducks (winner*
at Belton nud other fairs.)
Fekln Ducks-From prize wluners.
Bronze Turkeys-Pure or also crossed
with Virginia wlid turkeys.
Young Cockerels Caproned so can car
ry all chicks given them.
"Will gladly answer all tnqulrcys.
Anderson, ------- S. C,
Will cause headaches.
Glasses properly fitted is the only
remedy. Let nie fit them for you.
! do it for less money and guar
antee satisfaction.
The Leading Optician
Over Evans* Pharaaey No. 3
W. J. Maness
When you want Fish or
Oysters Call 292.
Two. Berte Ferai to rent, flee Eutin?
Anderson at Bank Office over Wah
. ter Ray's store. . 1-20-tl
T?5?T. ' the Ssnitsry B*u*ber Shop
Sterilized toola and clean, linen
used on every customer by First
?Haas workmen. Give . us a trial
and be convinced. C. A. McClain,
v T. C. Farmfer, J. L. Rgmpey.
1-17-Xmo. - . . ;
We de ?'ot Cater to cheap trade. Ii
you appreciate clean towels, high
grade tonics and tho best service at
reanonable price, call sud see us. Wc
appreciate your patronage. EAGLE,
Bellevue Hotel Building. 1-18-lmo.
Last-White and tan Scotch Collie,
long nose. Answers to tho nama ol
"Billy." Suitable, reward If return
ed to Sanford or Edward Vandlver,
"12 N.McDuffl* street ??? phone 38.
. 1-2S-SL
nine acre farm, in 1 1-2 miles Lump
kin, Ga., county seat, wm trade for
32.000.00 stock la Anderson Bank
ing & Trust Co., or Citizens Nation
al Ban?. Worth investigating. P.
O. Box No. ?7. Townville. 8. C.
l-22tf D.
X08T OB STRAYED-Malo shepherd
puppy, about four months old: Re
ward for .'nformatlor. leading to re
covery, or .*cturn to-W. W. Smoak.
SH E. Orr Street 1-22 tf.
LOST-Bunch of koya in Poetofflco
or between thara a nd R. W. Trlb
hiss* residence on Greenville St,
Finder please return to lt W. Trio?
hie ? Co., and receive reward.
"2-21-31 . .
WANTED-You to know ihat ws have
{^opened a wood yard" and hare a
nico 8?O?H Ul ury pino winr? O.?
hand! Orders glvon prompt atten
tion.-Piedmont Wood Co., J. H.
Shearer and W; O. Ulmcr, Props..
-v. B. Whitner Street l-23-3t
Another car arrived today. Our
Wanted;-Readers bf The Intelligen
cer to save thc voting coupons and
?end them in for mo or to mo. 1
shaft appreciate the kindness
Dr. 8. G. Bruce,
for M?as Frances Harris Brue-,
contestant, Anderson.
buyer wires us that this tot ls all high
class, Tonpy Young Mules.- Come and
select what you wuut
IPrices and termw always right
Andente?, S, C.
allambia .Tun. 24>*-The house Sat:
cnnstcsrorj only local and :
Ml(f- v ob second re
senate sid not hold i
The houso re-aaasiniblcB at 10 o'clock
Monday aird tho *en?te at ? o'aloeh
nlondey night.
Mr. O. D. Gray vt Anderdon, In?
a bill today increasing thc
>ffice of the Anderson sneer
ot education to four years
Throoka, of Route 7. WAS ir
nnirrrpT un
" ininti mu
To Succeed !n Carrying
Calls for No Pa?
The Moments are Gold*
The Contest [Manager whims tu an-|
nounee that u iib*-ri pt ton boc;k:i v iii
bc given out to ?ill those, wishing* thom
frotn uaw on. ?Votes will bo given
ior rmbacriptloi:.?; and this will be the
main issue in tins grout race. Sub
scriptions hooka may bc hud upon
application to the Contest Manager,
If not convenient to call drop a pos
ttil card or phone Contest D?part
ment No. 321.
In this tnornlng'B Issue will be
found a lift cf candidatos names.
Ijook over the lint of names and vote
for your favorite, liiere are n few
who are not hen\ but thof will be in
:i day of two. Surely among such a
neloct and desi rublo let of Indien, you
Bee the name of some you you want
to help.
If you do not find your favorite's
name, telephone thc Content Depart
ment und have bim odd it to tho Hst
and ft will be published the uext
ttrne the n&me.i appear. Then go to
work and amuse ull tho Interest you
possibly can in your friend's belmlf.
Have you the ambition to win or
are you one of the co^xplacent kind
who. do not oar* much what hap
pens? Do not lag behind In this race,
it ls J ii t- t as easy to be ahead on lo be
at the bottom of '.no heap.
The Contest oleses the twelfth day
of March, I?:*. <*all. phone or
write for further information night
or day.
To succeed in carrying off one of
the prlxes call for no particular train
lng or education or faculty or any
sort. Plain grit, the siune old fash
ioned kind that pioneers used when
they grasped this country from the
hands of the Indiana and the buffa
los, is all that lt requires to succeed)
hi this Contest. BEGIN TO DAV.
Clip the nomination ballet and send
it to the Contest Editor.
Mrs. James T. Snow *.. '. .4,000
Miss Frances Harris Bruce ..2,a60
Miss Nell O'Donnell ..'."*.'.. .. n.200
Mrs. J. W. Threatt.4,200
Mrs. Geo. W. Speer.1,026
Mrs. Anna II. Weston. ?.025
Mrs. J. Pearson ... ... ... 1.03ft
Mrs. Geo, M Telly.1,03?
Mrs. Will F. Tolly.1,026
Mrs. Della M. Tolly.1,025
Mrs. J. H. Townsend . 1.025
Mrs. J. D. Hammett. 1.025
Miss Ellie M?Cully.1,025
Miss Anna I. Berger.1.025
Miss Catherine Stetting. 1.025
Mrs. W. F. Farmer.1,020
Mrs. T. 8. Crayler.. 1,025
Mrs. M. R. Campbell.1,025
Mrs. H. R. Wells ... . 1.023
MTS. John Fx. Anderson.1,025
Mrs. Eva 8. Murray.1,025
Mrs. W. W. Sullivan.1,025
Mrs. N. B. Sullivan.1.025
Mrs. C. S. Sullivan .;. ... ... 1.025
Mrs. Loila F. Sullivan. 1.025
Mrs. C. O. Burriss.1,025
Mrs. P. K. McCulIy. Jr.1.42$
Mrs. O. Oelsberg. 1.02:.
Mrs. C. W. Causey.1,025
Mrs. E. R. Horton ... ... ... 1.025
Mrs. C. A. Gambrell. 1.02ft
Mrs. E. C. McCants.1,025
Mrs. J. N. Pear man.1.025
Mrs. K. P. Smith. 1.028
Mm. W. W. Chisholm.?.025
Mr*. C. 8. Minor ... ... ... 1.025
Mrs. D. 8. Gray.' 1,025
Mrs. G. B. Walton.1.025
Mrs. J. L. Farmer. 1,025
Mrs. R. Dee Sanders.1.025
Hrs. .V. J. Breateale.1.025
Mrs. C. M. McClure.1.025
Mina Sadie Fretwell ...1.026
Miss Vina Patjtck. ... 2.175
Mrs. vT. S. E-ctUn .1.028
Mrs. Frank Johnson.2,025
Misa Edna Bailes.t-025
Miss Zons Geer. ..1.025
Miss Mollie Han Vs. ..1,025
Miss Pesrl Hall. .1,025
Mrs. Dossle McHugh .? ?. ..1,026
Miss Helen Reed.1.025
Miss Mona Burriss.1,025
Miss Clara Osborne.1.026
Miss Estol Johnson.1,025
Mise Alu o Bray.4,003
Mles Maggie Archer .l .020
Miss Kate Liddell.1.025
Miss Myrtle M--nie.1.026
Miss Isabels Webb.10,15'
Miss Myrtle Boa. 8.675
Mise Alma Burri ss .. ,.1,026
Miss Tommie Holland.1.0??
Mrs Dana Osborne.l,02f
Misc Myrtie Barton .. .. .. ... .1,02?
Miss Nell Burton.1,02?
Miss Alpha King.1.02B
Mina Dots Garrison..1,025
Mrs. Julia Mae Fiuher ....... .. 1,029
SSlss ?tqja Payne. 5,825
.".rawr Pruitt.1.025
.Mus J?salo piruobs.1.?25
Miss Launs Watt ...1.025
Mrs. bidna Byron.1,026
Mis? UH le Mae Simpson.1.025
Mis? Evelyn Kay.1,026
M!*s Dieacker Clark.?.OJi
Miss Marie Reyht.1,025
Miss kath Watkins ... ... ... l.02?
Miss Florella. Beck. r ".?.*.
Vitt Lo?!??? rjHm?r _ .
Miss Janie Hamlin .. ...'.. ..^
Bira. George Jolty.1.V36
Mrs. Malcolm McKall .. .. .. ..1,026
Mrs. Marleston Barton.1,035
Mrs. Jim Keith.1,026
Mr* ,tim Craig., .. 7,400
Mrs. Hunter Thompson.i.025
Mrs William Muldrow ,.?,0."5
Mrs. T. ifi. Howard ... .?.v?o
Mrs, Frank Johnson.1,035
Mrs. Leon Hice.1,025
Mrs. Flossie ?rlttgn .. ,.,1,0^5
Mrs. Haytnoea Cockran .... .. . .1,025
II i nr i inri v
rig- turi i
Off One of Those Prizes
*ticular Training
in With Opportunities j
Min? Leila Mostly.\y?:>
Mr?. Ola Cooiey.1,025
Mrs. H. D. Brownlee.1,025
Mists Elizabeth Van Wyck ... 4,025.
Mrs. J. M. Cathcart.8.425?
Mr?, tl un UT Thompson .. .. 1.17.11
Mrn. J. J. Stuart . 2,025'
MPH. H. 1'. KlFoinan.2,975
MIKS Lula H. Smith.7.275 ?
MifH Kdna Campbell.7.:J;.?!
Mia? Greta McClellan.<;.';:.<J:
Mir*. O. V. Taylor.3.125
M.?KB Anna Cunningham.3.0251
Mrs. C. J. H. DeCasnpi ... .. 2,8251
Mit.? Lula Brown.*. 2,325
Miss Elizabeth Mx-Gee.1,750 j
Mfa* Kiln Avery . :!.7K>.
Mn?. Gua Hudgcus.3,025.
Miss I.O!K Garrison.::.40(i|
Miss B. (J. Harrison.4,075
Miss Annie I. Bergger.3,100
Mrs. w. E. Raysor.2,900
Misa Majttle Gaillard.4,200
Mrs. Raymond Beat.2,fK 0
Miss Lizzie Agnew.1,0251
Miss Lela Martin.1,025 i
Miss Lucille Humphreys.1.025
Mrs. J. T. Johnson.1.025 [
Miss Lille Dodson.1,025;
Mrs. Steve Brown.1.025;
.Mrn. Dr. Carlton. 1,025 ,
Mrs. E. H. Booker.1.025 ?
Mlas Virginia Kelson.1,026 j
Miss Oreholle Martin.1,025 !
Mrs. R. Ii. Eannore.1,025 ?
Mrs. Melvin Agnew.1,025
Miss Lela Farmer.1.025
MIBS Mozelle Huckabee.I,(i25j
Miss Ida Allen.1.025?
Mis* Anna Belle.1.025
Miss Ella Floyd.1,025!
Mrs. TV. W. Thompson.1,025 j
Miss Louise Harper.1,025
Mrs. Dr. J. D. Wilson.1.025
Mrs. C. T. Baker.1.025
Mrs. 8. J. Huckabee.1.025
Miss Louise Harper.1.025
Mrs. R, H. Mostly.1,025
ITA. /
Miss Eula Maa Hanks.1,075
Mis? Nora McCullough . 1.325
Urs.. 6. M. McAdams,. 1,025
Miss Nora* McCullough.1,025
Miss Anni? Beaty ...1.025
Miss Anni? Sadler.1.025
Miss Minnie Spearman.1.025
Mlas Lula Grittin.1,025
Misa Mattie Simpson .. .. .. ..1,025
Mn. Lula Reid.1.025
Mrs. Frank Gilliland.1.025
Mrs. I Adie Leverette.1.025
Mrs. Harper Hall..025
Mrs. Dr. J. E. Watson...1,025'
Mrs. B. A. Wharton.1.025!
Mrs. Frank McGee.1.026 I
Mrs. N. E. Yeargia.1.100
Mrs. Frank Gentry.1.025
MIBS Lula Dean.1,025
Mrs. F. I. Jones.1,0251
Mrs. J. M. Land .,.1.025
Mrs. Clyde T. Bowen.1.025
Miss Mary Pool.1.025
Miss Mattie Banister.1.025
Miss Lula Price.1,025
Miss Sarah Martin.2.300
Miss Annie McConnell . 1,225
Mies Inez Fields.1.550
Miss Ruby Ellison.1.025
Mrs. N. E. Watkins.t.275
Ailsa Francos White.3.030
Mrs. C. S. Poore. ..1.025
Miss Sarah Martin.1.525
Mrs. W. F. Mattison.1.025
Miss Ollie Acker.1.025
Mrs. A. W. Cheshire.1.026'
Miss Blsnche Green.1.025
Mrs. L .W. Baddox.1.025
Miss Matilo Vandiver. 1,225
Mils Nanette Campbell.1,025
Mrs. Henry Broom., 1.026
Mrs. J. C. Kay.1.026
Mrs. W. II. Trammel.1.026
Miss Grace Campbell.l,0ia
Miss Mattie Dunlap.1,026
Mis? Paine Wright.S.425
Mrs. W. H. Cobb, Jr.1.025
Mrs. W. F. Acker.1,025
Mrs. M. T. Mceuen.1,025
Mrs. R. I* Darnoll. 1.925
Miss Lillian Darnall . 1.&25
Miss Beatrice Godfrey .1,025
Miss Lola Hammond.1,026
Mrs. M. L. Crlgler.1.025
Miss Lela Irby.1.0?5
Mrs, H. Kirby.1,025
Miss Lydia Sherard.l.^s
Mrs. Dan Brown.1,025
Mrs, E. W. Gregory.1.025.
Miss Anna Donald.K ..1.025
Mist Christine Scott ...1.026
Mis* Blanche Miller.1.025
Miss Sal. Cox. .. .... .. . .1.0251
Mts? Maud Bowie.1.026;
Miss Anne Lauri? Colyes .. ,Y ..1,025
Mian Mary Wilbowa.1.026!
Miss Edith Bigby.1,0*5 ;
it?ss Inez Baa*.
Mlas Julia Simenon.1.025 i
Miss Sallie Cobs.1.025'
Mr?. Frank Tripp.1.025
Mlas Agnes Belle.1.02c
Mrs. John Hudgens.1.025
Mrs. 8am Beam.1.025.
Misa Carrie Lander.1.026'
Annie West.,.1,0251
. P.ccc Kadens. =1055
..ri* Agnes McBrady.1,025
a? j Belle Jones., .. ..1.025
Mr?. John McCoen.1.025
Was Mamie s Bat tin.i.02S
Mk? ida Mae Creaaaaw.1.026
Miss Belle Norris.1.025
Miss Lela Godfrey.1,025
Ml** Vita Scoggina (West) .. ..1.026
Miss Vallie Speakman. i.?
Mist Sarah bpe&ruauv . 1.160
Mlas Lillie Mae Armstrong .. .,.1.0*5
PROM m ny
S aiUifl E1UII va?
Miss Ethel ('??bb.1.025
Mis:; Hophill Duncan.1,025
Mrs. W. V. Wench.1,025
,M1SH Sadie Glliiard.1.025
Miss Eva Clifford.1.023
Mrs. j. /.. Leverett?.1.025
Miss Blanche Hutchins.1,025
.Mis? Alina Aiken.2,050
Misa Kredorica Donald.1,025
Mis!? Currie lx>u Ktiss.1,025
Mr? S. D. Campbell.I.b25
Misa Lela Anderson.1 i)2.r.
Mr?. Krank S?ber.1.025
Mrs. F. B. Slrlblings.1.025
Misa Dorothy Jennings.1.025
Miss Florido l'rubat. 1.025 j
MibH Macy Sitton.1.025
Mins Sue Haily.1,025
Miss Lula Glgullltst.1.023
Louiuc Farmer .. .'..1,025
MISH stella Flncanncn.1.025
Miss Mae Hamilton.1,025
Misa Kittie Sligh.1,025;
Mrs. Eustice Hopkins.1,025
Mrs. Sallio Holleman.1,025'
Mr*. .1. K. McKenzie. I,??75
Mir?, w. T. Blalk .... J.025I
Muss Ennn I ?each.'1,675
Mrs. .Jerry McKenzie . 2.700;
Mrs. Oscar McCurfy. 1.825
Miss Ruth Williams.1,025
Mr.e. J. F. Shirley.1,025
Mrs. M. A Kay.1.025
Ml3? I .ola Anderson.1.0254
Mrs. M. A. Mann.1.025
Mles Julia Moffett.1,025,
Miss Lela Flowers.1.025
Mis? Ana Mattlaon.1.023
Mrs. K. B. Dugan ....1.025
Miss Ethel Brock.1,025
Miss Ix?is Monroe.1,025
Mlsn Willie Sulman.1025
Miss L. Gassoway.1,023
Mrs. S. T. Blackman.1.025
Miss Luna Wright."..1.025
Mri Kreneh.1.?I25
Mrs. Ella Hudsons.',025
Mrs. Henry lattimer ....1.025 .
Mrs W. J. McGee ...1,0-:.
Mr?. Chnu. Bolt.1.025;
Ml.-.s Alberta Cox .v? aol ... 1,023
Mina Lillie Smith .. ,, . .... -L025 ;
Miss"Kennie Killingworth ... -i-LOSS'
Mb? Annie Bellell?rt...."^..i*sr: i?*25
Miss Sadie Prince.>. 1,025
Miss Zula S?ber.'??-Pri5
Batas Hattie Lot. Hidden. .. ,. . .?.025
Miss Inez Wilson'1:..-.1.025.
Miss Nettle Mays. . I'.lOO'
Miss Carrie DaTbtf '. ^?'K.- !.1,"'25'
Mrs. Sam/Hammond.1.123.
Mru. Alice Glenn.l,02oj
Miss Cor,rudo Dduihrt .. .... . .1.02J
Miss Kathleen .VAro? . .. ... . ,L.02.",
Mra. Ti. it ?iced.I.'JV"?
Miss Vela S'.oan. ..l'.V-Vi
Mra. W. I . Hnt'.'hinsoa. 1.025!
Mrs. 1* lt. Abbott.'.v .. -.1,925.
Mrs. ti. M. Boegs . . ..4,025'
Miss Etti Sadler ./ .. ..1?205
Miss Pauline Hughes.1,025
Miss M. Stokes.1.025
Miss Vera Crawford.1,025
Mrs. Casey.1,025
Mies Sadie Marrett.1,025
Miss Lillie Cole ...1,025
Mrs. Bernice Gllmph .. .. .. ..1.02".
Miss Mae Belle Crawford.1,025
Westminster P. 0., IL F. D. No. 2.
Miss Georgia Thomas.1.025
Mrs. Otto Burriss.1.02?.
Miss Amanda Reeder ...1,025
Miss Louise Sloan .. .1,023
Miss Louise Hunter .. .. .:. .J 1-025
Mrs. R. A. Buchanan .1025
Mrs. J. J. Sitton .. ...1,025
Miss Elgar J/oater.1,025
Miss Margaret Evan?.. ... ,. 7,075
Mrs. J. R.Ci/?ciniou . .. ..1,025
Mrs. T. G. Harrou .. .. .... .. i .63!?
Mi?, h. E. Whtttse.l,:-3
Mr?. J. A. Stevenson ... ..1.025
?Mrs. J. D. Babb. .. 1.20O
MTS. Sam Johnson.1,025
Mra.\ Rev. Myers ...1.02?
Mrs. J. W. Dickson ...1,025
Miss Mattie McCarlay .. ..1,025
Misa Janie Gaines .. .. .. .. ..1,025
l?Vs. J. L. Gaines.1,205
Mra.H. W.. Sears.\. ..1.025
Miss Lola Whiting. . 1.025
Miss Burnett Aloxander.1,025
Miss Nelle Robinson.1.025
Miss Mary Gantt ... . 1.025
Miss Pott Chapman.LOM
Muss - Daisy Willis.Ti 1.025
Mlaa Gladys Smith.1.025
Miss Edna' Mai? Folger ... .. 1,025
Miss Ethel Wyatt.2.023
Miss Emily. Robinson.1.023
Misa Jennie Robinson. 1,025
Miss Margaret Sellers. 1,025
Mlas 3all Norri* ... ... .. 1.02,
Afra. Alex Simpson.1.02"
?.?'ss Maude. Whitman.I.O?^
'Misa Marv Lee Norris ... ... 1,0*5
Miss Mary Rowland .. .>.1.023
Misa Stacy Shirley.l.?2[?
M<s.i Maggie C?r?>on.1.02?
Mrs. J. W. Wallace.1.025
Mrs. Florins Norris .... ... ... 1.023.
Mrs. Jeff ashsaway.l$2*
Mrs. Rslph Biimsure.1.026
M ms Jennie Alien.1.025
Miss Maude Derwin., ., 1.025
Mrs. J. F. Hill.2,050
MHc Mary Lee Norris, RF D 6, 4.425
Mise. Sates Crawford. *> F rt 8, 2,025
.Mrs. Reid Batterwu. R F D 7, 7,300
Miss Eva Greer.2.M0
Mles Duty Todd.1350
Miss Henry Whitfield . l^w
I Want An AUTOMOBILE But Cannot
To enter the contest fill out this coupon and send to the Anderson
Doily Intelligencer Contest Department. Koch contestant is entitled to
one Nomination, good for
1,000 VOTEST1,000
In The Anderson Dally Intelligencer Popularity Contest
I hereby nominate
Mr? or Miss.
... -eet No.District No .
PostoITice ._Statt .
Address .
Profession. Date
Only one nomination will ho credited to each conteptant. Tinder no circum
stances will the name of nominator be divulged.
Fill out the above Coupon, mail it to The Intelligencer Office
and find out how you can easily get an AUTOMOBILE FREE.
Candidates Name
You may send tn as many of these free ballots as you can get, each one
wjll count nfifewa votes.
This free ballot must reach the contest office not later than Jan. 31
New Plant WAI Soon Be Cora
pitted and Ready for Ope
Work of installing the machinery
at Portman Shoals has been progresa-,
lng nicely and tt ls understood that/
! prartroliy all of thc heavy machiri
! cry to be used In tho^ rebuilt plant"
; has ny? been placed. v .. .-. !
With favorable weather ec:. 1> ions,
nnd If there aro no inlsluvps, the nen'j
I plant will soon bc entirely completed.
When tho now nvachrnejjyi'ls all Infi
I sfaHed tho new plant, will hove.a ca-|
ipr.cll y of 7,100 horsepower.* This is'
j ti considerable increase orcr the j
power that tho plain wej? format |y
able to fnrnish.
When tho fire occurred rome time
ugo, there was some considerable nut
\ ':iu?i jr ?l??'.?iy ucUil?ged n???b .v??t
still be used and ?orne of the appa
ratus has already been repaired and
ls now running.
In hauling ont the new machinery
which is to be installed, it was nec
essary at son?.* points for the com
pany to strengthen>some bridges end
in a few Instances it was necessary
to erect entirely new one3. Trac
tion engines were necessary in order
li 'transport the machinery fron. An
derson to Ute plant.
Cabbage Plant Ritte Can't be
Washington; J3n. 2t.-Semite*- Till
man has been informed' by the post
office department that; after eonslder
latjon, as the presen roto of pos
r.lon ha', been rer.ched that no change
can be made in tho rate nf po~tage
rn cihhige plants, except hy legis
?rntfoh, av tho present rate of po*t
p.ge of on* rent for each two ounce.!?
(if ^eeds. plants, bulbs, roots, etc., is|
fixed by the statute.
I Senator Tillman thought that the j
; Pcstmsster Genera! ?night, by simple J
ord,-.r. chango bte rotc so ss tc sive]
the planta. the benefit of the parcel ?
post, and conducted a long corres- ,
pondence with ibis in view. {
j . vlohn H. Mattlson. wlio has boen
j -na>. ig bia home In Mtor-treaV for
i -ome time, han returned td this Stats
ind ls now located nt Wbirmlre, Ile
I formerly lived in Anderson and wa?
j otoo of tho overseen? at the Brosen.
I He was prominent In various fr?ter?
, nal or?ers apo lu po?t??c*.
In the KRANICH & BACH PIANOS,you v/ill
find the highest type :? artistic Piano con
struction. KRANICH Sb BACH PIANOS at ;
ma Je in a musical 'atmosphere. The manufac
hirers are musicians in the sense tha't they un
derstand tone quality, tone character and
tone nature.
'i hey' have, studied them musically, they have
studied them scientifically and they have
studied them thoroughly for fifty Years, and
therefore the Manufacturers are &&tj|gr.e? to
build a high grade piano like the KKANICH
We have some attractive new styles on our
. floor. - . ; : , . , .. ," , .
C. A. Reed Piano & Organ
Company 115-117 N. MAIN st.
Was supposed to trans
mute the baser hetals in
to gold. . Today we call
it ?fficiency.
Efficiency is the result of
knowing how, and of do
in^ the best you know
ht>v?/. We could do our
work cheaper, but we
won't. We would do our
work better, but we

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