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SAe ThIn !oi Knit ad Somo
YIO DOEL "oT About Oir
Towns, Coalty & People
Have you done vour Chi ist
nias shopping Yet?
The decorations and toys i
ihe s4ores remind us that Chrisi
m as is near.
only eleven more days befor
Christmas, and Pickens is th
ac to get your Christia
Don't forget Buster Brow
and Tige will glie a free per
formance at the Big Store 01
Vh- 20th.
* We apolozise for tie scareita
ojf -eading matter in tiis, issue
Alvertisements and joworl
roared in on us, and there ava
:. dodging it.
An interesting communica
ticn about the Sunday schoc
ivention at Libe-ty is crowdei
o-t- this week. It will appea:
in i-ar next issue.
Twenty-five bales of cottor
were burned on the platform at
I-berty last Fridy, supposed t
have capght from a spark-of 1
pasing, engine.
The Pickens Cornet Band i
putting in good timae practicing
They are making great progres
- and will soon be ready for a
public concert.
Mrs. Rebecca Masters, widow
f the late John Masters, died-a
Ihit home of her son-in-law, Mr
J. R. Keith, on the morning of
Zh 11th inst. She was about 7
ve ars old.
O.ut of an appropriation of
AM ,000.from the state treasur3
* s aid to high schools in th<
st aie, 'the following is Pickenf
co'~nty's share. Central, $500
Liberty, $500; Pickens, $500.
On the afternoon of Dec. 15t1
no' Daughters will have a salt
of rticles suitable for Christmai
tinthe Freeman building
T as wllbe a rare opportunita
'Scenes for a Day in the Unior
Depo lay given by the
roaring success. It was
wel1 rendered by the finest 'ol
irmateur talent. Thei door re.
Spts were $40).
The Farmers Bank at Central
isl a very prosperous condition.
.Uder the excellent manage
me.~nt- of its officers in the .fivE
vearxs it has been in business
'$S.00hias been paid out in div
idendsland they have now $3,50(
t" their profit account.
Messrs. J. E. Parsons and J
". Ash more have bought th<
eck of goods of the -Keowe<
a:pply Company and will con
tnue business. We call atten
tie to itheir advertisement ir
this issue and bespeak for then
alberal patronage.
The Pickens Chapter U. D. C
1l be at home to their friends
on Friday afternoon, Dec. -15
mm 3.3& to 6.60, up-stairs,4E!
~he Freemani building. ThE
b lic is cordially-invited to droi
and have acup of tea, ani
munine and buy the various
pt icles displayed, all of which
w 71 bi for sale. Dolls a spe
F'or genuine kindness and bb
;'olence there are no people
who excel the Pickensites. A
few days ago it became known
n town that there was a case
of great suffering in our midst,
brought about by that terrible
malady, pellagra., Many hearts
went out in sym pathy and mai~y
? nuds went into pockets for ma
jal aid. Even so, "Ye did it
e1ro the least of these."
arer's Mass Meeting.
the Farmers of Pickens
:-I have been requested
0. B. Colquitt, of Texas,
ameeting of the farmers
2; hers interested in cotton
m wing and prices to meet al
:kens C. H. Saturday, Dec.
* .h, at 11 o'clock a. mn., to take
'e action on the plans sug
sted by the governors' con
'ntion in New Orleans, Oct. 3.
>rther information given Sat
lay,and every farmer is urget
h e present.
Jorns T. BoGGs,
Rep, P. C.
'he half million dollars th(
>ple had to pay for schoo
* )ks this year could have beer
sed to them if our laws wert
what they should have been.
Never uzsed Dr. Miles' Anti-Pais Pills
.adache? Better start -DOW.
.. . . . . . ... . . . .
o a o c
W"rs AOdo
aIn SfasU.
me'satr. ' fWupr
-asm 0om-O
As the holidays approach
marriag and given in thiarriage
increase. The festive season
will wifn m. the fruitful work of
Cupidc and for the next few
1weeks, his arrows will fly thick
and fast.
Dhring the past week he
brought eight victims to Hyv
men's altar.
On the 3d inst. Miss Ida Hester
and Me. Claude Moore were
untd i the holy bond hLe
hound otherie' p artsage
newbersy atnr H se nti
t he.blc saerdaymand b the r
0nthf6inst. Miss H aa
Keey&Mr. JererB. Myesrkn
had C.The hert s an duhter
bofn ther wit F. mriager
merlysuperntedn by educa
tionery this offic.
Ontht the same fdicter
said e rswihd Miss na
To whes happy young~ pepl
Mr. Jese . antyrel of t.kln
nporTh coride sdhtng
ftook plate at Mr. F. BrigTlley's
Tersptehdbe a con educa
in and tha cnumeronihbr
wern'thee fte the smhufcern
sdthe grds whihor meade Miss
mAi Anaer obndon.Jae
Thi Ssentdl jonthermny h
houert go out ishes. ear
Thes twJee Cared, Shot
Ctelgr was htold rolbehav
He fulled outepistoLaandmbe
venpt bckofo rom The showd,
took pacte aMr. A.m B. Taes
here pisao inthe drcon shucke
inrowd. almoents thatpistol
wand adnumerge and nhbrsl
erh,.Afe the balhstking mi h
Thero avbenowd beei
twen Candstre widthea yng
wn here thadspunotprovcatio
Thes stoon wer sarll. ,an
The negro wad his eave
Hd pullt been captd.Iti ade
Mrgantre aksf frothe rwodd
and acre the aeim to alvies
hiastol Pickns he direin ofcuhe
ctivatIn baancent patue pisto
woadsarednd ntrellod
fell, 7-roo ballstryn himse. thet
makereahadiceenhat words bnees
tween Canteiathe seioi
yoand t wse no provoatio
for. hootin atral .C
hawotbe 5c apue. It is i
PENN' CanrlHi ayIonded
Subcre r a Thal meniles.
tian, balyancoser inatue a
mak a prc tha.t wil nte+rTbet.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Youi Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For pOver
Thirty Years
The Big Store..
Twelve or thirteen years ag
this immense plant opened fo
business in this city. Have the:
done the business since that timE
You know it. The people of th
entire community were not sloi
to recognize the ability of thi
firm. /They were not slow t
understand that the very larg
line of goods carried made possi
ble the satisfying of every vant
and. that garments of meri
could be secured here as well a
at any other place in the state
hence the gathering of the pec
pe from all quarters.
The manager,Mr. R. E. Bruce
is a gentleman of recognize
ability, and because of his mar
ner and methods there has beel
an advanced movement yea
after year% Doing, business 03
so large a sc ale has m|adeC it pos
sible for this'store toi ever trave
at the head of the .procession
Facts and figies are not neede<
-to prove to :oui th'at when a
(the mfarkets buying this firn
can command the very closes
figures-and buying right al
ways means selling right.
I Central, Route 2.
Business is progressing nicel
in this vicinity.
Mr. Henry Y. Lawrencei
running a saw mill near hi
Mr. James Holden, formerl:
of Califoinia, has returned ti
his old home on Keowee to lool
after his father's estate.
.Miss Pearl Pelfry was marrie<
to a Mr. Dickson, Sunday, Dec
3, at Newry.
Kings school opened Monday
Dec. 4th, with Miss Jessie Chal
mers in charge.
Garvin school began the' sam
time with. Miss Elma Clayto:
as principal.
Long Branch school is plan
ning to give an entertainmen
Friday, Dec. 22 to help raise
fund for an organ for the nev
chrhsoon to be built here.
The Long Branch people ari
hauling lumber to build a nev~
Methodist church near the mair
Central road, between the home:
of Mr. Gordon and Mr. Coke
Mr. J. R. Morgan is having
grist mill put in to run in con
connection with his gin at thi
place. His son Leslie will hay
charge of it. The public~ ar
,cordially requested to patron
ize it. .
Miss Bessie Smith and Mis
Ethel Lawrence attended. th
Sunday School Convention a
Liberty, as delegates from ou
Miss Berta Jones, one of th
teachers at Six Mile Academny
spent Thanksgiving at home
and attended services at Pleas
ant Hill church first Sunday
She reports the school to. be i:
a fourishing condition.
Notice of Final Settlement ani
NOTICE is bereby given th-it I wvi
make aplicatiori to J. P.- Newberr
Esq., Judg of Probate for Pickens cour
ty, in th Stafie of South Carolhna, o:
the 15th day of Jan.. 1911. at .
o'clock in the forenoon, or as~ soon thiere
after as said application can be hear<
for leave to make final settlement.<
the estate of David B. sloan.iece ase
and obtain discharge as .\dministratri
of said estate.
Dec 144 Nannxie P. Sloann.
A dministratrix.
Before going to bed take a-Drh. Miles
Eazsatve Tablet.
Christmas -:- Goods
for Pickens county. Call and see and decide for your
We have the goods for the little folks. Santa Claus
can find a full supply for the Xmas stockings, such as
Dolls and Toys
For the grown-ups and near grown-ups: Chinaware,
Cut Glhss. Toilet Sets, Xmas Candy in Fancy Baskets
and Boxes. Stationery in Beautiful Packages, Foun
tain Pens, Shaving Sets, Ladies' Hand Bags, Desk
L Sets, Cigars in Small Boxes, Meerschaum Pipes, Ko
aks,. Dollar Watches, Razors, Pencil Sets.
Which we are very proud of, you will find the fol
lowing: Rings, Bracelets; Lockets, Locket Chains,
Stick Pins, Brooches, Tie Clasps, Cuff Buttons, Pen
dants, Waist Sets, Belt Pins, Fobs-both Ladies and
Gen t's-Beauty Pins, Collar Pins, solid gold and gold
filled. In gold filled goods, we have Watch Chains,
Collar Buttons, etc., etc.
Spoon s,= Forks. Knives, Ladles, Carving Sets, Spoon
Holders, Sugar Dishes. Syrup 'Pitchers, etc.. Many V
of these articles are Sterling. Our silverware com
Dosed of Community, Rodgers. Wallace and Reliable S
brands, all known and guaranteed. by.us.and the man
ufacturer, and not the peddler's tind. We can not
name all we have. Just come and see.
' We ha~ve <decided to close out our stock of Fall and
an in1 1 many cases'b~elowV cost.e
This sale will last from now until D..cenmber 24, and $
i11f yo have not purchasedl your Fal! Hat now is your op
~portunity to pur<-hlase it at a big~ saving. e
uptodaeMy Stock.Is All N ew,
up-to-a( an h is se ason's latest styles, but rather then '
carr anyof them over unitil next season, I have decid
edl to close out the wholelot at and below-cost.
Ccmne early or~the best selections-.
Parlors at Folger, Rhornley Co.
Six Mile.6
The town of Six Mile is forg
ing to the front at a rapid pace.
There are many signs of progress
and prosper'ty among the people '
of this good community, and
all seem to be working with one
accord in the advancement and ,
upbuilding of the place.
They are all proud of their
academy, and speak in glowing
terms of the excellent work and .c
efficient management of the
school by the principal, Prof. J.ASITFOSNT
E. Crim, and his assistants. cdhsolwr srayhr.Jwlya
They have only one dormitory aehr o ordlgt
at present and it is well filled EIITEEROY
with young ladies. The dl.J o i wtedslyadfelsr hyhv
tory now being used is whollyneesenafnrolctnofewryThef
inadequate to accommodate allargftinueblfo egadodme
the girls who have applied and iteahiaprenwohgtigasouil
who would attend the school. ditweyusei.
SThey realize the limited ac- II -ID R
commodations, and the school is
not as large on this account asEa ey
)~it would be if they had more_________________
room for boarding pupils. But
they hope these conditions will
be improved in the near fature. EETL O
SThe school now has an attend-1 co inI
ance of 120 and theyfare exp.ect
ing others with the opening of Lok .
Sthe new year,
BThe church is in a prosperous AElOOPSPRTTOOP.
condition under the leadership LRT e-h n h cwsi
rof Rev. B. F. Murphree. Theyj habdeys
have a live Sunday school every Onetelesbcm idTe
Sabbar h. a WmnsMissionary benoretdthuhsfnt om b
Soiety, and a flourishing B. YT. etettyrlxioofhemce.
P. U. organization mnegts every TEBSTIMo
Sunday evening. T aahtefoni hni is
Seeaaeossae now ipolears i ed ee eer an
~Christmasrarefnatdrallynassocdated andTbotY
businesshe ihouseas- aendsrenthyvhav
areb gettiueaeoyeng andiro popeld, matted
Thsiln f h ietc In- ec sapeetwrt etn syuwl
iies n th couty. t n m it THEn BEST PLEe it
~ to heHfont.ID R
- Libarty,,S..C.
hscowli-hng yoia ml fe
Practce a Cenral veryWdnda ot a bdr fesow Lasa ablets? onl
Sa a ys
Practice at Central every Wednedays gng Dr, Mnes' Lakative Tablets?
Buster I
t Ile I
Vill give a free entertainmei
er 20.- Everybody invited f
ee Buster and his dog Tige.
We have a few Pattern IF
ave cut'the price almost hal
rill not last long at the price
1.50 Hats
2.50 Hats.-...
3.50 Hats.........
5.00 Hats.
7.50 Hats.. - -
10.00 Hats
You can afford to buy an
We want to clean up our
er of sizes and colors. We ]
bese suits were $8.5o---we -
Here is the best lot of all
izes are regular and we can
>A for............
Here is a lot that will sui
t. These suits are $17.5o.
Do your Christmas Shop]
epartments many things tha
ome here to do your Xmas si
ont 30 bush
s white multiplying onions, at
L per bushel, in trade.
--Forland anywhere in Pick
as county see or write J. IR
shmnore. 'The Land Man."
FoR .RENT-Wheat and'cod .
ElF aria innery. -CaWon
ov23 t3 R. 3, Central,S. C.
FOR.SALE.-400 bushels of
rn at 75 cents per. bushel. ]
H. E. Hamilton, -
Pickens, S. C.
rov. 30, it
Wanted- 50' cords of good
ry pine wood, at $2 per cord.
dec7 Pickens, S. C.
For Sale-Two mules, about
years old.
Pickens. S. C. --
dec7 R. F. D. 1,
Whben in Easley call on John
. Cr'aig, in the White Front,
or bargains in general mer
handise. dec7-1t '
For Sale-A good horse and
uggy. Apply at this office.
If you desire anything in. the
swelry line, I have the best:
ratches in solid gold and gold-i
illed that are miade. Prices that
vill nay any one to call and see.I
H. SNIDER, Easley, S. C.
If you need anything in the
ewelry line for Christmas pres!
uts I have it. Bracelets,lockets,
ountaiti pens of various styles
nd designs, cuff buttons, silver-.
vare of many and ailkinds
H. SNIDER, Easley, S. C.
FoR SALE.-I offer for sale the
touse and lots known as the A.
L Cameron property, in thel
own of Pickens, and in a good
>cality. Reasonable terms can
e had. T. J. MAULDIN.
I have not visited Sani a Claus,
ut Santa is at my store, to re
iain until the holidays are
ver. He has all kinds of toys.
ee him. He will save you
oney. T. B. BoGGs,
dec14 West End Store. I
WANTED-In Brevard, N. C.,
good, sober, eapable miller,
'ho can grind good meal and'I
mna rve mill. One of the best]
tiller's houses in the state,with]
arden attached. Applicants
ril please furnish references.
WM. E. BREEsE., or DR, R.]
JRXsEY, Brevard Mills, Bre
ard, N. C. dec14 t3 ]
FouD-A sum of money on
public highway, by Dr. L. F.1
obinson. Owner can get it by
roin'g property and paying for
The Real
3rown and
g Store, I
it in front of our store at 4 o'cloc
md the children have a Special il
[afs'to close and in order to clean
f in two. These Hats are the h
they are going.
-85c .$2.00 Hats
81.50 3.00 - Hats..-.
. 2.00 4.00 HatsZ
3.75 6.00 Hats
4.75 - 8.50 Hats.
6.75 - 12.50'Hats..
extra hat at these prices.
Coat Suit stock by January 1st.
iave ten suits of Black and Blue.
'ill close this lot for
8 Suits of assorted colors, -Blue,
fit all of you. This quality is $12
t every one's taste. We can giv(
We will close for $15.00. All sna
3ing early and avoid the rush. T.
6t are suitable for Xmas Presents,
Leaders in Low Pices.
The Motor Car wiih2
parts of the- world, f
satisfactory services.
Pord Model T, the motor e
expectations without any
Lower in price and higher
The lightest weight 4-cylinder -car
md capacity considered-60 pounds fo
~eavy-weight is vauab!e in a motor ci
the heavy cars'advertise the fatt? -The
$69O .0o. 1&
knon rom"Geenasiyop pemuter
The ca ofi medant pbilty o t
as reiabl, seri~ceBle a ndihebld
pae te Tsothe ily. Sur ayou'
quait than goweever o e otea
Keepg sth esign factsimind; bExtrs
covniumnses (siniialyhar
nebilt i th ae car. For plasvn
to moehanm.000 tow25emile Ther sa
10,000 fm renons tires Everta
advercariofismadfate adtbioflitt<
pend steeof the city. Surely yoi<
grt o, ao and tegothreer yookelet
nKaddithese ats inR mod; TTr
Vaadumstel(sietiicll hate deivr
neq uied int the B. For pln
ord spring susoenion l Fora
10,00aleso R ombeseoftr.Eer
adetti i Complt nohn- f~gi
agerquien. Yo. ca Denuo o
een po Cars OD MdlT
k, Wednesday,
mitation to co n
them u
test styles and
We haveI
The o
Gray and Blact' ise
5o. We iR sel this
you a perfect Iailb i
ppy colors.
ou will find in- all-ou
it wi p
- **'
IC- -
)dl teferu[tb
reery ssom
nrtefarm s i
ostadeen readn~ek n
ruing sgenraiis
-advrtiset s
ar.tImmdiate elier
Car weave ofo .ll nne
utharas sgr
mey sqippciyd,
axl. Qeutik
d MdeLT

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