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Picke s eiiel
,_derkising Bates Reasonable
g E DAY, S 6 92
Erat insertion per inch $l
~ " 50
and other advertising for three
0oager wnl be made at reduce rates
b had on application.
3 ago& s es FIMoe as Second Cla
c o Scholarships.
The result of the examina
U ntly held for scholar
ships atClemson, so far as this
county is concerned, is as fol
Full four 'ear,course-D.
O'Dell, Liberty, R. F. D. 8.
- One year at large-J. M
Hutchins, Pickens.
One year agricultural-E. E.
Davis, Pickens.
Southern railway scholarship
was awarded to George E.
Prince. Easley.
Six Mile.
Protracted meeting will begin
at Six Mile on Aug 10th, con
ducted by the pastor, Rev. B.
F. Murphree, and evangelist W.
M. Walker.
Rey. Jeremiah Cantrell and
family are with Mr. Cantrell's
father, Mr. Staton Cantrell, of
Keowee, for several weeks.
-Mi-hristopher Parrott. of
Washington, D. C., is spending
several days with relatives and
friends in this section and other
parts of the state.
Miss Eula Baker, of Six Mile,
is visiting her friend, Miss
Ethel Eubanks, of Oakwav,
this week.
Mrs. S. R. Kelly and children
came to this section last week,
visiting relatives.
Miss Etta 'May Merck spent
near -8hiloh, and relatives in
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Garrett,
accompanied by their daughters,
Misses Mae and Flora. spent the
latter part of last week with the
latter's mother. Mrs. Prince.
near Greenville.
Prof. S. A. Rutledge attended
the Piedmont association at
-Flat Rock last week.
Mr. Austin Dillard. of this
hamlet, has been on an extend~
-ed visit to Tennessee.
Mr. Eugene Lewis has gone to
Elberton, Ga., where he has ac
cepted a school for the summer
Mr. and Mrs. James Win
chester, of upper Pickens coun
ty, made a short visit here last
* A Distinction Ii
YOU may not alwa
It takes a good ju
but if there is one
*is-you pay for all yor
able to see the differer
similar appearance at
you buy from a reputal:
the difference in qualit
*I H COiland 4
cost more than some c
more carefully made,
tested. Skillful desis
better workmanship, nm
and more thorough t
run. Given equal care
less per year of service
you can buy. If an I
the work it will do, p
running the grindstone,
silage cutter, repair:
separator, churn, washi
- it will pay for itself i
money and labor saved.
I H C engines are r
horizontal, vertical,
stationary, portable an<
opera.te on gas, gasoline,
tillate or alcohol, in si
Kerosene-gasoline trac1
45-H P.
The I H C local dea
logues and full informat
International Harvestei
I H C servi
The purpose of this B
of charge to all, the best
on better farming. If yol
tions concerning soils. cx
gation. fertilizers. etc.. ma
.arad isemh to IHc~s
tulig hiao S
reek enroute to Central.
Mr. Cleo Mann. of South
'arolina university, is spending
Lis vacation pleasantly with
iome folk.
Garvin school is in session,
eing taught by Miss Greeta
3laines, an efficient -teacher of
School will open at the Acad
amy here at an early date.
A Family Reunion.
The fourth annual family
reunion of Mr. and Mrs. Jack
son Hunter was held at their
home, about three miles south
of Pickens, on Saturday, August
3, 1912.
At an early hour the friends
and relatives began to arrive
and continued to come until the
number present had reached
about one hundred and fifty,
though all of Mr. Hunter's
children and grandchildren
were not present.
The morning was spent in a
song service and general con
Ab->ut 12.30 o'clock the bas
kets and boxes were brought
from the vehicles and a bounti
ful supply of all good things
was spread on the table under
the large oaks. Rev. Sterumy,
of Anderson county, returned
thanks and all then did justice
to what w as spread before them
Immediately after dinner
lemonade was served. The
song service was resumed for
about an hour. Religious talks
were then made by Revs.
Stemmy, White and others.
About 4 o'clock the crowd be
gan to depart, having spent a
most enjoyable day. May Mr.
and Mrs. Hunter enjoy many
more reunions is the wish of all.
One of the Number
The County Campaign
The dates of the county cam
paign meetings as adopted at the
meeting of the county execu
tive committee, are as follows:
Ant'och, Thursday, Aug. 15
Mile Creek, Friday, Aug. 16.
Cateechee, Saturday. Aug. 17
Dacusville, Thursday. Aug 22
Pumpkintown, Friday, Aug 23
Pickens, Saturday, Aug. 24.
For Tnfants and Chiidren.
The Kind You Have Alway Bought
Bears the
Sigature of *a4744 '
Send us Your Printing
rith a Difference
s get what you pay for.
Ige of values to do that,
sure rule in business it
get. You may not be
ce between engines of
different prices, but if
le firm you may be sure
e is ther6.
lasoline Engines
thers because they- are
and more thoroughly
ing, better material,
ore careful assembling,
sting, tell in the long
an I H C engine costs
than any other engine
HI engine is given all '
nnping, sawi ng wood,
feed grinder, hay press,
shop machines, cream
ng machine, etc., etc.,
1a very short time in
ade in everv style
ir and water-cooled,
. mounted on skids, to
kerosene, nap'htha, dis
zes from 1 to 50 H1. P.
ors, 12, 15, 20, 25 and
ler will give you cata
ion, or write
Company of America
A Buireau
zreau is to furnish, free
infornationi obtainable
have any worthy cues
ys land drain~age. irri
ke your inoui riesspecific
rvice Bureau. Harvester
For Congress
liou. Wyatt Aiken is hereby announced as a
mudidate for Congress from the Third 'on
ressional listrict, subject to the rules and
ction of the voters of the Democratic party in
he approaching Primary election the result of
-ieh be will abide.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
nited States Senate, subject to the rules of
he Democratic party. Your support and in
uence will be appreciated.
M'R. F- S. EVANS is hereby announced as a
andidate for Congress from the Third Con
ressional district subject to the action of the
oters in the Democratic Primary election, the
result of which he promises to abide.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
ongress from the Third Congressional District
of South Carolina, subject to the action of the
voters of the District In the Democratic primar
Walhalla, S. C.
For Solicitor.
I herebv announce myself a candidate for
Solicitor ' of the 10th Judicial Circuit and
pledge to abide the result of the Democratic
Primary and to support nominees thereof
.INO. M. DANIf..
For House of Representatives.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
re-election to the House of Represantatives
from Pickens County, subject to the action of
the voters in the Democratic Primary Election
the result of which I promise to ablai.
E. P. McCravey.
The many friends of MAJ.J M, STEWART
hereby announce blza a candidate for the
House of Representives sunjact to the action
of the Democratic Primary. The result of
which he I rorrises to abide.
M1r. .udge M. Welborn is hereby announced
as a candtdate for the House of Representatives
from Pickus county, subject to the action of
the voters in the Democratic Primary election
the result of which he promises to tibide
With sincere ap preolation for your past loy
alty and support. I hereby announce myself a
eaididate for the liouse of Representatives
from Pickens County, subject to the rules and
regulations of the Den ocratic Primary election.
Sam B. Craig.
For Clerk of Court.
M R. A. .J. BOGGS is hereby announced as a
candidate for re-election to the oflice of Clerk
tpf Court for Plokons county subject to the
action of the voters in the coming Primary
election, the result of which he promises, to
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
oftice of Clerk of Court for Pickens County
subject to the rules of the Democratic primary
election. 0. S. STEWART.
The many friends of Mr. J. 11. G. MeDANI EL
hereby announce him as a candidate for the of
tice of Clerk of Court for Pickens County. stib
ject to the action of the voters in the Demo
cratic primary election.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
re-election' to the office of Sherif' for Pickens
County. subject to the will of the voters in the
coming primary election, the result of which I
promise to abide. R. R. Roark.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
office of riheriff of Pickens County subject to
the will of the voters in the coming primary
election, the result of which [ promise to abide.
J. C. Jennings.
For County Treasurer.
.1t the solicitation of friends I hereby announce
myself a candidate for the office of Pounty
Treasurer subject to the action of the voters in
the approaching primary election, the result of
which I promise to abide. I. W. FARR
A\t the solicitation of many friends, I hereb
announce myself a candidate for the office of
county Treasurer, snbject to the action of the
Demoratic voters in the Primary election, the
results of which I promise to abide.
The. many friends of Mir. JT. 1). Aiken herebv
announce bhim as a candidate for the office of
County Treasurer subject to the action of the
voters in the primary election.
The miany friends of Mir..1. P. HYDE here
by annouL'ee him as a candidate for the of
:ice of County Treasurer subject to the
action of the voters in the Democratic pri
mary election. -
The friends of Mir. Eb II. Field hereby an
ounce him as a candidate for the oflice of
County Treasurer subject to the will of the
Democratic voters in the approaching primary
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
oice of County Treasurer of Pickens County
subject to the rules of the Democratic Primary.
Taylor H. Stewart.
For County Supt. of F4ucation
I hereby respectfully announce myself a can
didate for re-elcetlon to the otfice of Superi
tendent of Education, subject to the action of
the Deioeratic party in the Primary election.
For Auditor.
Mr. L. .J. Connelly is hereby announced as a
candidate for the office of Auditor of Picken.r
County subject to the action of the vo-ers in
the lDemocratic Primary election, the result ul
which he promises to abide,
M R. N. A. CH itISTOPHI ER is hereby annou ne
ed as a candidate for re-election to the otlee
of county Auditor. subject to the action of the
voters in the Democratic Primary election, the
result of which he promises to abide.
For Counity Commissioner
The friends of M\r. G. Wash IHowen hereby
announce him as a (-andidate for County Conm
missioner, subject to the action of the voters in
the primary election.
The many friends of .JAM.lES . L A W RI-NCE
hereby aniounce him as a (-and idate for re
election tothe ottice of Couty Coznnmissioner
subjeet to the pesople in the demjocratic pri
Thec many friendsof J-. bl'TH ERt lAGttELLI
h-retbv annuounce. him as a varljdate for re
election to the iflice of County Comun issioner,
subject to the action of the voters in the
lk-eorat ii Pri mary electien.
M1r. s. IH. Mloore is hereby announced as a
candidate for the oIilee of County Commissiona
cr subject to the action of the voters in the
primary election.
The frlienads of Mr. E LIAS t. Yi hereby an
n)uce him as a candidate for toe office of
County Conmmissioner subje-t to the actioti of
he voters in the Denmoeratic Primary election.
the result of which he promise t a'ide.
Frn (otton Weigher.
.t solic'.itation of 2pay;. friends I hereby ani
nutc-c myself for the pdsitLO ~jofcof~ton w~eigh
r for the township ofFcana, 5./ ;j: to th.
acction of voters on .August 20ti.
- For Magistrate.
NI r. W. S. Gantt is hereby- announced as a
-an llate for the office of Magistrate of Ht arrc
can Township. suibject to the action of the
voters ina the Democratic Primary election.
a I . F. Stokes is hereby announced as a canl
didate for yhe ofice of Magistrate of Pickens]
Townhip so b4~ft to the actioni of the voters in
the Primary e!RWu2. .the result of which he will
iia; friends of Mr. Aaia o. Pprter hereby
anaounc lhinm as a candidate for ;bie o'!ice of
lacgistrate of Pickenis Towns hip. stib)e~ i.0 the
ac-tiona -f the votol-s itn Demoretic Priary elec.
ion the resul&. of wpjfrh he promises to abide.
-A(NT sejlO L.\ EiSHliPS iN -Tim E CIT.\ ID L
Charleseon. S. C.
nt ,a-anecy in Pickeus -ountv in the beneti
iarv schoilatrhips im the Citadle, will be tilled
by -,ampettive exammitatlIon on August 9. P11
Next session begina Sep.temaber 15. 191. -
Thec Iitadtel otfers (:ozr'.es int Civil Enagineer
u .ngli.sh. Chemistry and Phiyysi.
peerees of t' E-. and Hi. S. conl errei. ]
Ii s designaatedl by the war department as o.ne
ef the distinguiiseed istitutions, onae of whose
rad u ates rec eiv-es a a-omtndsiotn in t. S. artmy
y r aloaue and' informiation. address
T HE C IlT AD)E l..
Chtarle-ston,. S. t.
Yonah Land,
The' famnount Piedmont section. North
ast Georgia. TChe land of opportunity
Special inducement to fruit growersi. 1
dairymen, stockmen and poultrymen
A great demand for diversified farming.
Some products to sell every ba
lono market and best prices. Twen
y odd Toirist hotels lin Habersham
County. (both Symmert' and winter re
sorts, oinly S'S miLes froms Atlanta on
ain line of Southern Railwa.y to Wash
igton, D. G. Ten acres apple archard -
podced 3300) bushels of apples netting
39000. Erually e's good for peaches
pecans~zrpes etc. The best of fa rrng
ands will produce from 1 to 2 bales of
ctton, 60 to 100 bushels of corn per
eriee, liesides large crops of small grain
nd hay. Pure water. fine climate, no
nosquitoes, splendid sceuery, fins
:hools and durchles, iS800 feet eleva
ion. Prices range from $5.00 to $25.0(0
>r acre. Sesa for desc.riptiv-e Pamph
Lt and price listy.
CO?~RNi A . GA.
All Oxfords to go
Boyden $6.(
Good year
A complete
Clothing, Shoes
Sole agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves. New Hon
eli Wagons and Mitchell Ai
Pickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
ractice at Central every Werdn~.1ays
A1 Mc~IC.>llough B. F Strtin1
E. M. Blythe
M11l0o1gh, Mat&11 Bilyth
LaSoig TgjnpIg GreCRville, S. C.
A poclate firm
M A lt T[N, (R E tNNs & E A pl
Anderson, S. C.
actice in all Courts.
fthe expert, reliable kind that
>u have been looking for.
No matter how delicate and
fficult the work may seem,
u can safely entrust it to -us.
o matter how trifling a task
u mnay n you emn rest as
ured we will use the samed 41
king care that characterizes
r work on important repair
asaria-Chills and Fevers-ommon
aplaints amnojg people living in the
otheastern States, eggi be effectlyely yp.
~e in the shortest possie tinge twy
L, T.--Rlchardson's Laxative Tonie,
his prescription has been used thirtyp
eyears by Dr. Richardson, of Anderso;r
C., in his daily practice as a family
hscian, and has behind it thousands of
stimonials from many prominent South.
arolinins and citizens of other neighbor
.gtes R. L. T. is a wonderful cor
.etor of 4ivesr xc.4les and the greatest
:oic on the market today. You c~p agsao
i~ely rely on it in any case of chills and
~eer or malarial poison, constipation or1
f any member of your family. need a.
ne that strengthens and builds, go to
ur druggist today and get a fifty-cent or
dollar bottle of R. L. T., and watch the
eic, steady improvement. If your drug
ltcan't sup, ,you write R. L. T. Co.,
nderson, S G
R. L.T.
The Best LUver Medicine
socn.W per 3.4. ADmergw res.
4 Thori
at greatly reduced prit
)0 oxford now selling
$4.50 oxford now selli
$4.00 oxford now selli
$3.50 oxford now selli
caseings and inner
stock of everything a
Yours truly,
R, TH0
, Hats and Gents' Furnishing Go
Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhai
le Sewing Machines,Chase City a
Notice of School Election
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Whereas. a petition:from the free
holders and electors of New Town Dis
trict. No. 55. has been filed wuh the
County Board of Education, asking
for a special election to determine
whether or not an extra levy of 4 mills
shall be levriea on said District for
school purposes.
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition meets the
requiremernts of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
tees of the above named District do
hold an electaion in said District at the
school house within said District on
Saturday, Aug. 10th, 1912. for the
above stated purpose. The Trustees of
the District are hereby appointed man
agers of said election. Said election to
be conducted according to the reqjuir
ments of Section 1208 of the General
By order of County Board of Educa
3t-15 C . Supt. Ed.
Notice of School Election.
County of Pickens,
Whereas, a petition from the~ free
holders and electots of Iholly Spring
District number 47 ha~s filed with the
County Board of Education asking said'
oard for permission to hold an election
to determine whether or not an extra
levy of 3 mills shall be~ levied on said
District for seLool purpcses:
It appearing to the (Xounty Board of
Education that the petition meets the
requirments of the law:
Therefore it is hetreb;J ordered": h:it
the Trustees ' f the above named D.'s
triCt do hold an election in above named
District for the alere stated purpo:-e'
the election to be hieldi at the school
house on Aug. 10th. The Trustees of
the above named District are hereby ap
pointed man~agers of said ele'ction. The
eleotion to be hell according to the re
By order of e unty Board Education
1:. T, liallum,
t. F-ec.. & 2Cr.
No Lice.
Comfortable. healthy
hens. More eggs-more
profit-Eous3es free from
lice are stire Mven you
use Pratts Liquid Lice.
Killer. If you kill the
lice you get more eggr.
35c a quart: $1.00 a gal. ~
FOR SALE-tMergy farn
135 acres, 10 roomi 'dwelling.
Fine cotton flnd, Good prach
rchard. Railroad thironith
place, and one niil'' to stattion,
East Terms.
Write "Box L."
Pickens S, C,
Entanc' ' eninait'li ms~ at all I he canat.1
It offers courses.~ inl A neient and Mod nh~i
ical Sience, I :ehtog.. Chemistrv. Phsi
Courses for IH.l S. anc. IH. S d.gr.
A free- tuition schotarshi. to IachI coun
sholarship-S xiv ing $1 00: a ear andc fr-ee t;
in S pem her.
Expenses reasinable. Termsi and catato
:es for sixty days.
at $4.50.
ng at $3.75
ng at $3.25
ng at $2.75
tubes, and
t all times.
ods a Specialty.
-t Overalls. Hawes Hats,
nd Babcock Buggies,M itch
"Clean Up the Bowels and
Keep Them Clean"
There are many remedies to be
had for constipation, but the difli
culty is to procure one that act.s
without violence. A remedy that
does not perform
b y force whia t
should be accom
splished by persua
-sion is Dr. Miles'
I Laxative Tablets.
______ After using them,
Mr. N. A. Waddell,
-3 I 5 Washington
St., WVaco, Tex.,
- "Almost all my
r jilife I have been
roubled with constipation. and have
tried many remedies, all of which
seemed to cause pain vwithout giving
much relief. I finally trie-d Dr. Miles'
Laxative Tablets and found them ex
cellent. Their action is pleasant and
mild, and their chocolate taste makes
them easy to take. I am more than
glad to recommend them."
"Clean up the bowels and keep
them clean," is the advice of all
physicians, because they realize the
danger resulting from habitual con
stipation. Do not delay too long,
but begin proper curative measures.
Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are a
new remedy for this old complaint,
a.id a- great improvement over the
gehbartics yot have been using ia
the past. Tlipy 'taste like candy
and work like a 'charm. A tr-ial
evill convince you.
Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are
sold by all druggists, at 25 cents
a box containing 25 doses. If not
found satisfactory after trial, re
turn the box to your druggist yd
he will return your money.
.... . 12
~Baby ChicksA
Smust be started right.
SPratts Baby Chick Food
Sdoes the tr'ick antd pre
vents disease: makes
themi grow stronig and
Svigorous--it's a scientific
Sration th at guarantee sur
I30c., 25c.. 5c
Notice of Final Settlemen t and
NOTICE is hireby given that I will
make application to J. B. Newberry'
Eq. Judge of Probate for Pickens.
outy, in the State of South Carolina.
on the :ll day of Aug 1912. at 11 o'clock
m the forenoon. or aw .soo)n ther.'after as
said ipplication can be heard for leave
to make final settlement of the estate
of Ivev Clinton Cannon deceased, and
btain~ discharge as executo~r said esta'e
Subscribe NOW
The Election is
Next Month
OLPH, President
f, S. .
The Cream of the Coffee Crop
Specially impoed; specially prepared in
New Orleans, America's Good Cofee
Capital; specially pa4ed in dainty, damp
proof, dust-proof, freshnesapreserving cans;
a VERY SPECIALcee of top-notch
perfection sold by only oftedealer
in this town.
At its price you cannot duplicate its quality; at
twice its price you cannot find a better. We
recommend and sell this cofee exclusively
Folger, Thorn ley & Comp 11
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
Afford idoal employ ment for girls and women; also for boys and ytune men
who wvish to learn a trade. and earn good wages.
limirs: Begin 6.3.- a. mi.. and work till 12 noon, Dinner. 45 minutee. Begin
12 45 p. ; and quit at 6,15 p. m., except Saturdays, wh n work itops at noon
NeaL mill village on tract of 30 acres. Four, five and six room cottages. Rent
fifty cents per room iler month.
Good pasture, U-) acres with spring branch water, rent free.
Amusements: Baseball diamond adjoining beautiful park of three acres.
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
fURING the month
of August we will
close out our1 entire.
lot of Odss and Ends
in Summer Goods. We
will offer such values
that it willipay to buy
them even it Is late ini
the season. Corn d
see what we have, ani
bring all the chickens
eggs and what money
you canl spare.
Saving Useless Trdps
'l forgot to tell you to brins esug,5Iar.h **Akgt. Ia ithe strenow.
You can afford to forget things if you have I
a telephone in your home. To telephone-saves
inndkreds of useless trips every day for those whc
m'ur homne at small cost. it will save you mnoney"
ml~d add to the pleasure of your family.
Our free booklet tells all about this wen
erful service. Write for it today. A pcstal
will do. Address
amers uine Departmenit
south pyor st., AtlanI8. y9.

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