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* PieR Seilel
f-, ( A~(D LES= h
Legal Neteesfirst Insertion per inch $1-00.
For eali subsehquent 5 P
Conmercial and. other advertising for three
months or longer will. be made at reduce umtes
and prices cMn be-had on-application.
We e not ATi~rdibe for- the views of a
Entered al piens Fonoce .a Secord Cla
Man Matter
l Child's Noonday Grace.
(Wilbur D. Nesbit in Ladies'
Home Journal.) i'
- "ord bless this meat -that we s
shalleat, t
Thisbread thatwe shall break;
Make all our actions kind and
We ask, for Jesus' sake." I
We nt Correspondents.
Wouldn't yoa. like to have the
local news :from your.section in
The Sentinel? .We went to pub
lish news letters from every see
tion of Pickens countjr and are
foe1r a correspondent in
section to write for us.
have some good correspon
uts and want some more.
us hear from those who
wish to write for us.'
.Wzat We cMost Need
It isn't, in my -opinion, nine- e
-ent beef-we want to look for or I
butter; but rather the c
Practice: of better niethods of t
breeding and feeding that will t
enable us to secure reasonable
proftslin six-cent beef and 30
cent butter.. It is not the $6
bariel of apples we, should s
strive for, but a. more business I
like way of handling our or- (
chardsathat will insure us good
profits on the product at $3 per
-barrel. It is not dollar-and-a- 1
r-onwe need so much, -
use of better methods of
IZ~our lands and .crops so t
ercrops may be made]I
abl price. It is not t
tcotton that we need as 1:
yaswe need~to so handle ']
ouf business that good profits
nmay be insured from the gin
& ~ nig of ten-cent cotton. TheI
'f'cring need of 'our time is a If
nore careful looking after our lI
~ ~-~poducts while on the way toa
& thatat times, perhaps, a non-1 'I
producing middleman-because h
ofexpensive methods of hand- t<
lingor a natural greed- secures g
more in the handling of the n
products of the farms and mills t2
than the service 'he. performs t]
- warrants.-A. L. French in the h
*Progressive Farmer. ti
Mr. F. B. Hipp, presentedg
the Daily Journal with a sweet
- otato yesterday that is a prize
winner for weight, length and
size. It weighs 96 ounces, or
6 pounds, is over a foot long.
and measures five or six inches s
-n circumference.-Greenwood
~~jmB~hw, that's no tater at all.
to our Cedar Rock corres
pondent: "Mr. A. White Single- N
ton, the champion potato raiser,
had one that measured 3 feet
and 3 inches this time. Hurrah,
for A. White!"
~This is a most splendid c
stores offer superior tradia
service. The MERCHAb~
* representing various lines
advantages GREENVILL
Come to Greenville, b
$49.00 one railway fare wi
Edw. L. Ayers,
Barr Dry Goods Co.,
Dry Goods, Notions, Trunks, Ladies
Ready-to-wear, Men's.Furnishings.
Busbee-Southiern Furni- o
ture Co.,
1<urniture, stovet .and Hos H
HEndel, -
Clothing, Men's F ni hing Hates
Pull, also push, for Pickens.
Paid up ,your back subscrip
Any man who repeats half he
ears talks too much.
Wonder who's the guy that
ut the ill in Greenville.
If South Carolina was to have
ppendicitis which town would
e cut out?
Pickens county has the best
eople in the world; why not
he best cotton?
Wouldn't it make you feel
ood if, just before you leave
is old world,. you could hear
>meone say-of you, "He made
his world a better place to live"?
Nearly one-half the people in
'ickens county think Pickens
3 the best town in the county
1 which to buy goods-the
alance of the people KNOW it.
The postoffice department
ay or may not be hard on the
ewspapers, but if it.don't mind
b1l have a suit on its hands.
Ve received a letter the other
ay addressed to the Third
arty Newspaper, Pickens, S.C.
We saw in a paper the other
ay that a boy put a baseball in
is mouth in order to win a
mall wager. He couldn't get
he ball out and had to call doc
ors who pulled his teeth in or
er to get it out. Looks to us
ike they could have gotten it
ut thru the top of his head,
here must not have been any
hing in the way up there.
"If Westminster was to go to
leep and not wake up, would
Valhalla, and would Rabun
-ap?"-Pickens Sentinel.
Too much sleeping, holloaing.
nd gaping. We are trying to
ep Westminster keep-awake.
-Tugaloo Tribune.
We did not intend to insinuate
at Westminster w as asleep,
a fact we do not see how that
wn could sleep with a news
aper as wide awake as the
'ribune to whoop things up.
When we heard of Mr-AI
red Taylor's death, weo~uldn't
elp but think h~yiich better1
nd nicer it Ms that he was
ble to ra ispastor's tribute
. ' Whch was printed in
'he .Baptist Courier just before
is death, than to have it writ
n about him after he was
ne. It must have added
iore happiness to the life of
e good old gentleman to have
aese good things said about
im. Too many of us wait un
I our friends are dead, and can
t hear us, to speak good of
em. What is that old sayiuig
bout "scattering flowers in the
thway of . the living"? It
Lakes a man feel good to have
od words spoken of him. God
Lade him that way.
Darkey in the cotton field
De bee gits up fo de break er
But de yuther feller eats de
igger pick de cotton, but you1
hear me say,
Hits de w'ite folks gits de
e Rair
ifer to the trading public t
g advantages. Stocks are
.The Association is ender
E merchants present.
from any of the merchax
1 be refunded BOTH WAY
[runks, Bags. etc.
ireath-urham Co.,
Jewelry, Chine and Fancy Goods.
stoves, Tinware and Household goods
iantle, Tiles and Grates.
M Goodlett,
Harness and Saddlery.
sm.f onmen and Children.
Women who ..:-er the miseries caused
periodically ailing. They endure pains
to every part of the body, producing ri
which make life one long, dreary existe
for these suffering woren in
. DR. SI]
Squaw V
- The Womai
It is just the thing t lee2the di
composed of vegetable ing
the female body. Painful irregularities,
tation of the Heart, all disappear before
medicine. It brings back the strength,
and makes life worth living.
Sold by Druggists and Deah
Short Story Writte
No one knew her. No one
save Mr. Norton, the wealthy
lawyer, had ever met her, and
he had only met her in a busi
ness way as she was his stenog
rapher. He could not be pre
vailed on to tell her name.
Speaking of her, he always
called her "Madame," so, in
time. every one spske of her as
The girls, for such they are
termed in villages, had called
on her; but she was never at
home to any of them. The
long pointed-chinned, beaked
nosed old women, who were
village gossipers from away
down South, had talked them
selves -into a fever over her
style, her ways, and a thousand
other things of which the little
lady had never dreamed. They
had guessed,until,for the eighth
wonder of the world, they had
stopped guessing, and merely
gazed in wonder at the wavy
golden hair and dainty little
figure of the little stenographer
as she walked by their homes.
As time passed, interest in the
violet-eyed little business wo
man grew warmer than ever,
when Mrs. Nosie started the re
port that "Mr. Norton's sten-o
grapherest was the darter of a
wealthy New Yorkerest, and
Sat she and her pa had had a
eave home and she had done
o and--"
A year passed and still no in
formation had been received
and still the villagers wondered
he girls were jealous of her
and called her bad names be
ause all the boys had deserted
hem to gaze on the fair face of
he little lady.
It was a warm Sunday in
---FOR 1
Six room house on College
in. Price $1,500-0- -
122 acres fine farming lan
rice $50.00 per acre.
85 acres fine farming land
ear Pickens railroad. Ten a<
5.00 per acre.
For terms apply to
oad Far
roughout the PIEDMONT
large and varied, which
posed of the leading mnerchi
tvoring to convince the tradi
s named below, and on pur
within a radius of forty mi
Royal, Nettleton, Florsheim, Selby,
Wright & Peters, and Duchess lines.
[obbs-lendersonl Co.,
Men and Boy's Clothing, Ladies'
Ready-to-wear. Notions, Dry Goods,
Shoes and Hats, Furnishings.
1. 0. Jones Co.,
Men's Furnish
ly Women
by disorders in the ovarian function, are
wrich extendi their exhausting influence
ielancholy, nervousness, and weaknesses
nce. There is relief and renewed hope
Ir 0lf
ife Wine
's Medicine
seases which cause this suff ,ring. It Is
w h are known to act beneftcially on
mation, Headaches, Palpi
the power. efficacy of this marvelous
vigor an ulness of earlier years
Price $1.00
n by a Pickens Girl
June. Over the little villagi
quietness reigned, save for t
lazy buzz of the bees as the
flew around, sipping the hone
from the beautiful flowerc
In the little church on the hil
the usual crowd of worshipel
had gathered. The old wome
gently fanned themselves wit
large palm-leaf fans; the graN
haired deacons over in th
amen-corner were kept bus
slapping at the flies that ur
fortunately mistook their head
for skating-rinks; the bal
places were so slick.
Suddenly, something happer
ed. There was a hasty turnin
of heads and a craning of neck
The palm-leaf fans fell to th
floor; the flies skated on th
deacons' heads as much as the
pleased. Consternation fe
over the congregation as Ma
dame, more beautiful that eve:
in a pretty white dress an
large black hat, walked dow
the aisle. Madame was leanin
on the arm of a handsome man
The.preacher arose and saic
*'It gives me pleasure to join t<
gather in the' happy bonds <
matrimony Miss Dorothy Le
and Mr. James Masey.
"Wall by Harry's coat tail!
whispered one of the old deacor
in the amen-corner.
"'If that jis' dont best tlh
fag, hispered M
"Boys the game's up!
whispered Jack James, as th
bride and bridegroom walke
down the aisle and out of th
church, leaving a congregatioi
that did not hear a word th
preacher said.
The villagers are still wondex
ing and talking about it.
Greenville News.
:street in city of Easley. Clos
d, three miles below Easley
two (2) miles above Easley
:res fine bottom land. Prio
Pickens, S. C
SECTION. Greenville
fact means satisfactory
ng public of the superior
hases totaling $25.00 to
les, or ONE WVAY with
11$ FROM I
Marion B. Leach,
Groceries, Incubators and Poultra
Ketts & James,
ure st'oves and Househoki
old Co.,
* ,Dry Goods
Mr. Carel Wilson.
It again becomes our sad duty
to chronicle the death of anoth
er of our old landmarks and
citizens Mr. Carel Wilson, who
died on the 25th instant at his
home three miles east of Easley,
in the Croswell section, after
a short illness. He was born in
this county on Nov. 22nd, 1842,
being 70 years old at his death.
Mr. Wilson was an honest, hon
orable upright citizen and was
liked by all who knew him.
tie served four tlie
Confederate y, having en
listed ompany A. 16th S. C.
egiment and made a good
soldier. He was married to
Miss Amanda Miller in 1872,
and she with four children, as
follows, survive him, Messrs.
Hovey, 0. W., and Miss Kate
Wilson and Mrs. Maude God
' frey. He was a member of the
e Baptist church. His body was
Y buried with militry honors by
members of Camp Jasper Haw
thorne of Easley on Monday
afternoon, Rev. D. W. Hiott as
'S chaplain of the. Camp conduct
" ing the services. The inter
2 ment took place in the George's
Creek cemetery, the funeral
e being conducted by Rev. J. R.
Williams. Tr Aly a good man
has gone to his reward. Peace
s to his ashes. To the bereaved
we extend sympathy.-Easley
e Made Strong by VinoL.
Y Run-down conditions are caused
[ by overwork, worry, too close oom.
flnement, a chronic cough or cold
which it is difficult to cure.
We want to say to every person In
d this condition-you need Vinol, our
delicious cod liver and iron tonic
1 without oil, the great strength cre
> ator. It will supply iron to the blood
in the most easily assimilated form,
create a good, healthy appetite,
strengthen y6ur digestive organs and
make you eat better, sleep better and
-feel better.
f A case has just come to our atten
e tion from west Scranton, Pa.. Mrs.
*Ca.Proper says: "For three years
I was all run down, weak and had
' no app~etite, and after all that time4
I am glad to say Vino1 has brought
s back my health and strength, which
is just what I was told it would do."
We are confident that Vinol is the
e best body-buider and strength-creator
refund your money if it fails to.
abenefit you.
I Pickens Drug Co. (ad)
SEducation consists in know- Ir
aing things-Know how a h2
range is made inside and out- t;
side. Call at our store during C
our Special Majestic Range De- I
monstration-week of Nov. 11 b2
to 16, (adv.) a
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co. b2
Lands for Sale or Rent.
SMy Keowee farm *of 1,000
acres for sale, as a whole or will
cut to suit purchaser, fine high j~
-bottom and good upland, plenty b
of timber, Purchaser can make
his own terms.0
, One thirteen acre lot with P
: new house house in the town of I
Six Mile; also one other house d
and lot in the town. of Six Mile y
both for sale or rent. Fine
school and church facilities.
A portion -of my Keowee farm
for rent. See J. Frank Stephens
,at -Six Mile or me at Central.
R. G. Gaines, di
ini a radinw of f n-tv-one to
refunded BOTH W \ YS v
at one time or from any 0r
will be refunded as indica1
chases. Keep the book ai:
trade $25.00 or more, turn
tion, at the Board of Trad<
No receipt from Railw
Piedmiont Shoe Co.,
Full line of shoes for all the family.
E. S. Poole, L
Furniture, Stoves and Household
Sanford-Goodwin Shoe Co.
Beacon Shoes for Man and Boys. S
John Kelly Shoes for Women & Girle.
Pride, Patton & Tillinan,
Laesa' Shoes-..A rmstrng, Tz &
Solid MIT
Most durable, I
d Wagoi
They could make them
them better, but they cant.
A little higher in pricE
give twice the ser vic:.
Ask the man who bas usE
All sizes, from the lighte
Clothing, Shoes. Hats
Sole agents for Walk-Over ar
Iron King Stoves. New Home Sewi
ell Wagons and Mitchell Automobi
The Sentinel
lo your job
h~large ally I
A Great Building Falls For Salk
hen its foundation is under
ined, and if the foundation of I will
ealth-good digestion-is at- detior
tcequick collapse follows. househ<
n the first signs of indigestion, furnitu:
)r. King's New Life Pills should of corn,
taken to tone the stomach s eads.
d regulate liver, kidneys and largene
wels. Pleasant, easy, safe cot 2
d only 25 cents at Pickens in fact
Irug Company. adv Mules,
fine mi
two fint
Your neighbor knows his Ma- pigs. I
~stic Rgnge uses litle fuel-- McCorn
kes perfect-heats abundance attachn
water good and hot and costs and kin
actically nothing for repairs. tors, mi
et us show you why. Call smith t<
tiring our Demonstration week lots. F
'ov. 11 to 16. -(adv.) adv. n
Heath-Byuce-Morrow Co.
Our best increases with the Al p
ing of it. full.c
e and
sixty miles. On purchases totairi
~ithin a radius of between forty-on
e merchant. Whenever your pu
edl in the above schedule. When
REFUND BOOK, and have salest
( have the amount of your purchs
in your book to Mr. Albert S. Joh
Rooms, and he will refund your:
ay Agent necessary.
Dunn. "Grover Shoes for Tender Feet" Sniith
tens Shoes--Clapp), Hana i, Walk-- Men's
ver Men's Fi
Rothschild, - Stewar
Clothing, Men's Furnishiings, Tailor- lti
ng. -Stone]1
ybt & Carter, Fuel, I
Books. Office Supplies. Pictures and .I.s
Picture Framing. Newspapers and Lies
~iagazines, Y. & E. Cabinets. Notions,
f Received...
I~ uilt for the
cheapar, but they wont; th
, perhaps, than other wag
d one.
st one-horse to the heavy thte
Yours truly,
and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Spe
d Boyden Shoes, Carhart Overall
rig Machines,Chase City and Babcoc
shop Will be
iintillg. I
ore for" doinm
on Wednesday, Decem- I On
ber 4th, 1912.
sell to the highest bid- but the cr<
r ash, on day above burned ha
ed, all crops, tools, salru
)ld goods and kitchensmlro
e, stock, etc., consistingj shoute,
fodder, hay, etc.; bed ISalve I]
springs, mattresses, 'beat for bi
stove and ware, one boils, ulc
xtension dining table
i.50. chairs, rockers, and eczema, c'
ll my personal property. Surest pile
wagons, harness, one flammatio:
ch cow and yearling, 25 cents at
brood sows, one lot of pany.
'arm tools consisting of -
lsc grain -drill, one.
iick mower with reaper I Does th
ent, turn plows all size mean any
ls, plow stocks,~cultiya
ttocks, shovels, black- and think
ols, etc. will knowv
;o be sold in 50 bushel
>dder in 100 bundle lots. ange has
L4 J. E. Parsons. ing not or
least expe
Notice- from the
3rsons indebted to me, See'our bis
at once and settle in
R. B. Waldrop. ,(adv.).He
g $50.00 or more one raiwa'
e and sixty miles. You don't I
hases total the required amio
making your first purchase asi,
nan serving vou record amount
.ses recorded wherever you trai
stonie, Secretary of the Mere
& Bristow R. N. Tann4
and Boy's Glvthing. Hats .Automobil
Lrnishings. ~saddlery, st<
t & Merritt The Johnso
ng andI Furnishings for Men WtisD
ui & Lumber Co., P oos
umber and Building Mateia John IL Wi
~adey Co., *"The Pia
Ready-to-wear. Dry Goods. Victrola Ta
Trunks, Etc. Pianos.
~y would build
ons, but wi
, Hawes fiats,
k Buggies,Mitch
gla)l t
x better
y A Fire Hero
ud cheered, as, w'
rds, he held up
d box, "Fellows!"
this Bucklen's Arni
aold has everythin
rns:" Right! also f
ers, 7sore, pimp
ts, sprains, b'
cure. It subdu
, kills pain. 0
Pickens Dru.g Co
e word Reput
thing to y
and figure
why the Maj.i
the reputation of
ly ithe best but
sive. Let the
factory shoiw y,
add in this paper.
fare will be
ae to buy all
Lt your fare
for a MER
of your pur
le. After you
iants Associa
hi Co.,
es and Supplies, Vehicle.
ves, Etc. . *
idy-to-wear, Notions.
y Goods Co.,

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