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PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S_C. as second class -ail matter, under act o Con
Established 187.1-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C.. JANUARY 9, 1Me
Easley Locals
Miss Cleo Bailey, of Anderson
as the guest of Miss Janet
o!t last week.
Miss Fannie Caudle, of Green
-le, was the week-end guest of
er sister, Mrs. E. L, Bolt.
Miss Miriam Howard, of Bir
ingham, Ala., who has been
he guest of Miss Fannie Lath
m for several days, returned
ith Miss L ithem to Limestone
liege Monday.
Miss Evie Harrison, who has
en yisiting Miss Ella Hiott,
eturned to her home in Ander
on Monday.
During the holidays Miss Eva
yatt had as her house guests
liss Maggie MeAlister, of Wil
amston; Ruth Archer, of And
rson; Ethel Cromer, of Green
ille, and Lake Ballentine, of
ear Easley.
Dr. J. L. Bolt has returned
from Anderson, where he-svent
several days at the bedside of
his mother. who is seriously ill.
Rev. and Mrs. E. V. Babb,
who spent the holidays with
relatives in Laurens, have re
turned to their home. They
were accompanied home by Mr.
Babb's sister, who will spend
several day- '.th them.
Mrs. J. N. Watkins, of Green
ville spent part of last week
with Mrs. J. E. Hagood.
Miss Jennie Robinson, whc
has been on a visit to her sister
in Spartanburg, returned home
last week.
Miss Margaret Jameson visit
ed her grandparents near Dacus
ville last week.
Miss Frances Bruce, of Pick
ens was the attractive guest of
Miss Enmily Robinson during
the holidays.
Miss Sallie Watkins. of Green
ville, spent last w,eek with
friends in the city.
Mrs. J. L. Bolt and children
spent the holidays with Mrs.
Bolt's mother in Anderson.
Mis. H. E. Russell and child
ren. who have been visiting rel
atives in Elberton, Ga , have
returned home.
The following girls and boys
who spent the holidays 'at home
have returned to their respective
colleges: Misses Bennie Duck
worth, Vir-gil Sellers, and AddiE
Holland, to Greenville FemalE
College: Helen Clyde to Lander:
Maggie Anderson and Essie Ha
good, Col!ege for Women, Co!
umnbia: Eva Wyatt, Columbia
College: Fannie Lathem, Lime
stone; Sarah Smith, Converse:
May Beth Johnson, Atlanta
Coirservatory of Music; Grace
W yatt, Chicora. Messrs. Lloyd
Smith and Waddy Anderson,
University of South Carolina:
ill Folger and James Anderson
'itadel: Walter Robinson, Roy
erry, Frank and J. M. Smith,
enhardt Wyatt and Vincent
amilton, Davidson; Fulton
binson, Cecil's Business Col
ege, Spartanburg; Belt Folger,
Washington, *D. C., Charles
Robinson,- Furman: Lake Jame
son and Carl Pepper, Atlanta
Medical College.
Pickens Route 3.
Edward and Leo Winchester,
who have been visiting friends
and relatives in Walhalla re
turn.2 home last Saturday.
H. A. Townes and Misses
Louise and Annie Gravley and
auline Townes spent Friday of
Christmas week at the home of
Mr. and 3irs. M. J. Welborn.
Thomas -Cantrell, who has
beeni in Montana is at home
visiting his parents and friends.
Everybody is glad to see Thomas
back again.
B. E. Ligoni, a former citizen
of this section but now of Elber
ton. Ga., was a visitor in this
county last week. Everybody
was glad to see Bruce back
Ernest McWXho n
the picture busines
-community lastw
e pupils of
I gave a box
r 2th. From
they purchased a one hundred t
pound bell which added a great a
deal to the school.
On last Saturday night Miss
Pauline Townes gave an enjoy
able pound supper in honor of f
her many friends. All who
were present enjoyed the occa
sion very much and left thank
ing her for her kindness and
wishing her a happy New Year.
L. E. Looper, of Canada is at
home visiting parents and
Hampton school opened last
Monday with Miss Ida Baker as
teacher. The patrons of the
school are glad to have her back
with them again.
Hubert Hamilton and family, s
who have been visiting friends e
and relatives in Greenville for t
the past week, have returned i
J. W. Winchester and iamily, t
who have been visiting friends
and relatives in Oconee returned
home last week.
Rev. R. H. Lupo filled his
first appointment at Porter's
Chapel last Sunday. We hope
everybody will be highly pleased
with him for their pastor.
We noticed in the paper that
all the doctors in Pickens have
signed a pledge not to go into
any tenant's home unless the
landlord signs a certificate to
assure him of his money. That
is not right. The doctor just as
well take chances for his pay as (
the lawyer, merchant, farmer 1
or any other profession. You
say the landlord will have to
sien a certificate for the tenairt. I
What are you going to do with t
the cotton mill people: are you
going to have the president of'
the mill to sign for them? And
what are you going to do with
the people that live in rented
houses; are you going to haye
the owner to sign for him or let
him die? It seems that the doc
tors want.the landlord to stand
good for other people's debts.
The health of this section is
very good at present. Should
anyone get s'ck and no one will
vouch for him ws can give him
some boneset tea and sassafras
tea, and if that won't bring him
out we can fall back on Mr. I
Wonder how the mail carriers
are liking the parcel post system?
Don't guess they will like it
very much when the people gett
to sending coops of chickens or
a barrel of syrup or something
else of this kind-.
Will close wishing the editor
and subscribers much success
and happiness during 191:3.
Farmer's Boy.
Health in this section is very.
good at this writing.
Rev. Mr. Lupo preached his
first sermon at Porter's chapel I
Sunday, a yery large crowd at
tending the service.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Stewart t
of Greenville spent Christmas E
at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. I. H. Watt.
Mrs. Lemuel D. Gravley re
turned from Greenville Thurs
day, where she had becn called
on account of the serious sick
ness of her mother andl sister.
Mr'. Wilson Watt has bade,
home farewell and taken up his,
place of abode in Greenville.
Mr. Tommie Cantrell, who
'has been in Montana for the t
last year, is at home again,
Bub Porter visited Tommie I
Can trell Sunday.
Mr. Acker Porter and daurh-I
ter, Miss Jyrtie, have been vis- i
iting at J. HI. Lollis'.1
Miss Esther Gravlev and
brother, Luther, c'harmingly
entertained a host of their
friends Saturday night.
Elbert Porter went to Pea
Ridge Christmas. GJues~ he
called to see his best girl while
there. Farmer's Wife.
ILost or strand last Sunday,
while visitin/Mr. B, C. Baker's
near towxn' onle rointer pup. ]
bi1x monthls'old. liver colored on
i , white ring
e nsmaa
Fire at Six Mile.
On the 31st of December, 1912,
he people of Six Mile were
roused from their beds by afire
larm. Mr. S. C. Martin's
arn was burned on that night.
"he fire was discovered about
ifteen minutes af ter ten o'clock.
Ul the stock was goLten out
vithout injury, but there were
)etween thirty and fifty bushels
f corn burned, about 600 bun
lies of of fodder and some gears
Ind farming tools. By fast
vork the other buildings which
v-ere nearby were saved.,
School opened at Six Mile
3aptist Academy December 30,
912, with a good nuniber of
tudents. We have a good
imnlber of new students com
ng for the latter part of the
ession. Both old and new
tudents are making new resolu
ions for 1913. All have had a
nerry Christmas, and are now
t the end of a week's work for
his year.
Cedar Rock.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Julian
vere the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
ack Jones Sunday.
Grover Dacus, of Sugar Val
y, Ga., is visiting friends and
elatives in and near Easley at
Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart
vere the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. Welborn Sunday,
Mrs. Millie Hendrix and
laughter. Miss May, of Easley,
vere visiting Mr. and Mrs. John
\nthony Sunday.
Mr. Jim Fe dley. of the Cross
oads section, was visiting i1
his burg Sunday.
Mr. L. F. Smith spent the
eek-end with relatives near
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones
vere visIting at Mr. Joel H.
iller's Sunday afternoon,
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Porter
vere the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
lorten Hunter Sunday.
Miss Pearl Turner returned to
raveer's R.est Sunday, wvhere
he will resume her work as
Mr. Bramlett Por ter, of At- t<
anta. Ga., is at home on a short (
acation. .14
Mr. Robt. Stewart and familye
vill move to Pickens this week.
hey will be great.ly missed in s
his community.t
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Free
nan, of Pickens, were visiting
he latter's pare.nts, Mr. and T
Jrs. Dave P'orter recently.
Miss Flessie Williams has re
urned from a visit to her
>rother, Mr. J. A. Williams, of 'I
he Vineland section.v
Miss Geneva Looper, of the
4ooper's Gin section, was the
ust of Miss Rnla Hendrix t
ast week.
Mrs, Geo. McGill. of Green
ille, is the guest of her daugh
er, Mrs. Sim Hendrix at pres
nt. Rexie. a
Marietta Dots e
Hello! Wonder -what all the
orrespond(ent s are doing these
any (days?
Well. Christmas passed off v
eryV quietly here. There were s
Ut few parties and weddings. v
Mr. W. R. Hlicks has moved
o his new homie. which is the
1. M. Simmons house. HeI and
ts family are well pleased with
he change.
J. H. Heaton, who has beens
n feeble health for severa -
noths. is slowly improving.
Ye hope he will soon be well.
M r. and Mrs. M. A rthur Jones a
a Easlev visited the former's ~
arents the fifth Sundar. Both
'eport a joyous trip.
M r. Frank Chapman visited
isiteatE eySaturday
Mtssrs. lievoie Sin.leton and I
Khitmire Austin visited the
ormer's cousin. Dell Lynch, of
?ickens route 4.[
Miss Bessie Jones vi:-ted Miss
llie Lyn ch last weekt
Ali&i Lynch w s visiting
le last we k. . .
+ M . Johnny
Now, this is not a preachmenj
Who give us song and story i
Who in the realm of pleasutre
Why is it these "good feWlw.
The artist with his fancies, the
The writer with his stories in
Big hearted, open han , the
No praise or srgiend oastin
All of us join their ughter;
Why is it these " good fellows
Is all their fun to Ick us? I
Do they count folly ihollow -,c
Is there behind the laughter the
Is there a heart all gloomy
His lie belongs to' other,- I
Why is it these "good fellows
Now, this is not a preachme
To hear, as they go from us
Do they not want the story, j
To echo down the pathway
long? .
But no; forgetting -shunning
Why is it these "good fellow,
alone ?
eTor eo deon the p ovedcy
>onae, svnmlsblwS
Whciy som f the "goorls.o!wd
alon e? oe f h pe
etonrlst reek. ecio hve ove in
adeanjoyous Wie.alrge tor
L. suchro andcll familyh
svecill frome the rs. A! S.
MisnelaJoes tof the upper fo
uthean yustce. o
The Sunday school at Mt. bi
aer is pro,gressing nicely, th
ith Uncle Samuel Looper as cu
uperint endent. . rn
We saw a new rubber-tire
uggy passing the other day, of
with Miss Leila Jones and her1 F1
est fellow in it. Hurrah for Pi
~eila. be
Wonder what has become of W
i the old correspondents, such th
.s Brown Eyes, Blue Bell, Grey ta
ves, Dismal Turkey and sev- 01
ral from out on Pea Ridge? re
all again; your items are in- la
W. R. Hicks and wife, ac-t
ompanied by their little black t
yed son, Roy, spent Christmas a
eek with relatives in Ander- a
on. They report a jolly time!
hien. Cloudy Day .a
Liberty Route 4.
pace in your valuable paper for~ pj
,few dots from this section? s.
The health of our people is ai
t so good at present. Most,a
.11 who have had cold and grip b
.re better.
Mrs. John Welborn, who has S
teen sick with fever is reported ai
Mrs. Sailie Shirley has been
-ery sick at the home of her
>rother, Jasper Lesley.
A. A. Adams and his excel- w
ent wife and family have moveda
ip near Pickens. We hate to h
ive up our good neigh bors, but a
he have our best wishes.
The Five Fork school is -po
~ressing nicely with Mr. Clau
~lenburg as principal.
v. ~Mrimru nrae a
and this is not a screed,
t all of us should heed.
-men rich in sense and fun,
ind cheer us every one,
are lifted to a throne
r'' must meet their death
minstrel with his strains,
all their varied veins
idols of the crowd;
P makes them a whit too
none hears their passing
go down to death alone?
s it a masque of mirth?
thing of little worth?
xt rings so true and clear
the salt tang of a tear?
t is his death his own?
the dark way alone?
,-but why they not
the last long laugh they
he rollick of the song
the pathway straight and
-the friendly grasp and
r'' must meet their death
G. chapman.)
beresting sermon at Flat Rock
nday af ternoon from the 15th
apter cf the Psalms. They
ve changed their preaching
.y from the first Sunday to the
D. Bagwell, 'of Pickens route
was in this section last Friday
W. G. Cooley ar'd W. F.
>ng visited the city of Easley
st Saturday.
My, but didn't we have a
izzard last Friday. Guess
at wind kept most everybody
rled up in the chimney cor
I think many of our men are
the same opimnon as Jack
-ost about the new rule the
ckens doctors have made. I
lieve if some good doctor
uld move there and not sign~
at pledge they would soon1
ke down their signs. Not
ly the doctors, but let's all
ad aind study our Bibles more,
d tfy to do more good than
a have been doing. Read
-overbs 22:16 and remember if
i never want for anything in
is life you may want mercy
the .iudgment bar of God.
Best wishes to all for a happy
Ld prosperous New Year.
At Keowee Graded School.
Undler the auspices of our
hool improvement association,
-of. W. K. Tate, of Columbia,
C., will address the patrons
id pupils of the school in the
iditorium of the new school
ilding next Friday night,
muary 10th. Prof. Tate is
ate Supervisor of Rural.schools
id is a most interesting speak
.His subject will be Rural
:hool Tmprovement. The pub
:is cordially invited to meet
ith us, and it is hoped that all
her schools in reach will be
ell represented. Any teacher,
Ltron, or pupil, who has not
aard Prof. Tate should take
ivatage of this opportunity
ar him. Come. you will
lcorne. 'R. A. Gentry,
Principal Keo
Graded Sc
Our Tenant Class
I have been wondering what
would be next and the remedy
to meet existing conditions. I
remember some fifteen or twen
ty years back that the word
went out that some doctors had
met and formed a trust or com
bine. They passed a res->lution
that when a man failed to pay
for services rendered by one
doctor that such a person was
put on the blacklist. No other
was to render services until the
debt was paid.
As to what effect this had
with the people or to what ex
tent it was carried out, I cannot
say; but from later actions it
would indicate it did not bring
the relief sought for.
Only a few years back the re
port went .forth that another
meeting had been held and that
an agreement was that for ser
vices rendered prices would be
double what it formerly had
been, and it would appear that
this has not brought the relief
required, and the last report
comes forth asking that the
landlord give the tenant an or
der-a pass, the tenants call it.
To some tenants it is humiliat
ing, seeming more like slavery
time-a pass.
But the question to solve is
why the doctors wish the land
owners responsible for toe ten
ants' debt. Does the law that
gives the landlord a lien for
supplies give him the right to
enter doctor bills against the
tenant as a lien? If not. -why
not all men bear their own risk;
the action of ou- doctors with
no uncertain sound: but it may
be that if he. wuid- stop and
think of the way the world is
moving, he would not b. so
hard. Then, at the same time.
if our doctors would give more
strict heed to the word of holy
writ they might be the means
of bringing relief inother ways
I want all to read the religious
reports and you will learn that
not half the money given in the
name of foreign missions is paid
out to have the gospel preached,
but is used to establish hospitals
and dispensaries arnd buildings
ing, and other expenses in dif
ferent ways. Now, while our
people are so liberal along these
lines (I am not), why not bring
these things home and help our
doctors to relieve conditions with
our tenant class, who are reap*
ing down our fields.
L.et me appeal to all you who
give to establish hospitals and
dispensaries and sdch like in
foreign lands to give it to re
lieve conditions at home.
We need not be so liberal as
to send such great sums of mon
ey to other countries and for a
name establish all these free
dispensaries for (the dagoes of
the world to the neglect of
home, At your next meeting
take a collection to ht Ip the.doc
tors to relieve conditions at
home, and don't go before the
people in the house of God with~
a spirit of deception, call every
thing mission to get money'and
send it off to be used as mention
ed to the neglect at home
Mark you this, such barriers
will sooner or later have to be
broken up if we save the cause
most dear to us. Jo Jo.
Campaign On Evangelism And
The Southern Presbyteriar
Church has started a great
Campaign on Evangelism and
Stewardship throughout the
whole Assembly. The objeci
is evident from the name; firsi
to gather many into the church,
and second, to enlist all thai
are now in the church to an
adequate support of the bene
ficent work of the church. T<
discuss and plan methods foi
attamning these objects, Pres
byterial Conferences are being
held all over the South from
Virginia to Texas, and .Froridb
to Oklahoma. Sixty-three oj
these will be held in Januar'
and early February. For Pied
mont Presbytery the cbnference
- held at Anderson, S. C
-24 The leader 6
Dr. 0. G: V$i
4i.O. '
National Corn Ex
position at Columbia
Columbia. S. C..'-(Special)
With six feature days, each
carrying a special program of
addresses by distinguished 7
speakers, the opening week of
the Fifth National Corn Expo- i
sition will offer a splendid va
riety of topics of especial inter
est to every visitor. This great
agricultural event, stressing
every phase of agricultural pro
gress, and. the culmination of
two years careful planning and
preparation, will opeu on the i
27th of this month. With only 1
three weeks remainina before
the buildings will be thrown ,
open to the public, the hundreds
of details are rapidly nearing
final perfection.
The National Corn -Exposi
tion -will continue two weeks,
closing on February 8th: Like
the first week, the second week
will have a number of feature
days, but it will also be charac
terixed by conferences on rural
life and community work,
which are expected to prove of
great benefit to all visitors inter
ested in the social .development
of the rural community.
Monday. January.27th, will-be 1
strikingly- celebrated in a-sig
nificant manner as the Opening
Day of the . Exposition. Tues- I
day - ill je South Carolir.a Day.
when special events representa
tive of this State will be featur
ed. WednesdAy' will b I Na
t.i':Hive Stodk Day, Thurs
day, National Farmers' Union i
Day, and Friday National Ed
uca al ' On'each of these
days ther6 will be specia
diesses by prominent speakers
on pertinent. topics. Sat'urday
will be Boys' Day, marking i
the close~ of" the Exposition
School for Prize'Winners, to be
conducted during the first week
of the Exposition. -
The program for the second
.week. is.-rapidly.ihain mp ~
ed, and the full list of speikers
for the two weeks will be an
nounced in the near future.
Earthquake Shock
Felt Here Wed.
An earthquake of sufficient t
violence to cause a number of.
chimneys to topple rover was
felt throughout the Piedmont a
section of South Carolina at 1230 4
o'clock: last Wedriesday after
noon. Thertrembling of the earth i
continued for five or six seconds 1
and caused people to run out of C
their hous'.s in alarm. In open t~
country a low rumbling noise a
was heard. The shock does not -
seem to have, been distinctly felt
except in the.Piedmont region
of the Carolinas.
In Union county the shock1
caused !ar'e cracks to form in
'the old. county jail while plast-'
ering fell in rnany residences.
Many chimneys fell down.
Many people in Pickens felt
the shock very distinctly.
Pickens County Men
Pay Income Tax
Pickens county has eight citi
zens who pay income tax,- All,
income above $2,500 is taxable. <
The followin> gentlemen pay
income tax in this county:
A mt tarable Amt tax on
income income
J. McD. Bruce $ 800 $ 8.00
J. P. Carey, Sr,. 3506 35.00
W.M.Hagood,Sr. 4500 45-.00
J. T4 Lathem, .700 7.001
R F. Lenhardt, 1000) 102.00
IT. Mv. Norris, 700 -7.00
Dr. R. F. Smith, 1200 ..12.00
I. Mv. Mauldin. 540 5.40
:1. . . $12,940 $129.40
'John- L.' Harris, son of our
townsman Mr. T. D, -Harris;
was here for only a short-'time
Lduring the holidays visiting his
-parents.. John is a full-fiedgesd
"knight of. the grip" and -has
been working successfully the
Lterritory around Atlanti, It is'
learned he is to. be located for
rawhile in either Alpbama -or
-Louisana opening upj territory
for his hou.se. Wihjs lfbl
-pleasant m"anrjayf i not sur
~ siigt~iei etn
fow the"_aw- tts
tie-Mmes Anld
and Conscientlos
Their Particuaariflelds. *'2
Washington. -
oth capita
rhat. they
or pnhbcatic.n a
he commission on
rhich has s
Tresident Taft ih
'estigation a"'sitify tn
oeans for adjsi k
he futureand
,ce altogether. -
The cmmission'
7aft appointed- i
At ef*oongmres is
lenator .Geogge
Inon City, IS.; i
f Chicago
airoad; AdlhLbI ;~
AunB an~4
)Connell, sbnt)
It shoild not be
a the work of
irevent fue
ft ~ - &
tal andllabofit
d ittsof
he slate of aol"
oiven it, it
datory as the'
enefactors. ever
ii impossibl
lo afl tbdat-Itdol&)
f it does onef
o It foisolution
bomethig- -of~ lc
of the economics--,4.
What t Duti~
The law -providesT
nembers of the
dlon, threesal.
or. and not less
atives of o
R,w will be.
oitted to the
"It shall in
in the genera
he principal in
Istates, icui
ielaiy in those-awdih~a
n In corporate
eaons .betweenifa
onditions on publ
be rights and powers
Ity to deal therewi Ifo
Itions of anifatann&aife
>byes -and the Npolfans-fo
ng the life,-Iimb afLdtb
byes; lntb the gr &o17
t employers and
he effect of sc.
mployes; Into the. x a'
f methods of cleUe
cito any methods i~
ried in any 'state r14
ries' for 'malnug
icory reladons ~ews
ad - employers4n p
.voiding oer adjutlj alori
brough peaceful and~
sting bursne oElabor aiHt
le ways ofinceszgt* -
aess; Into' --%do~f
r otherfflegal'4try:"on
he United States or 4ts InUunS
essions, and of the mebo~~
ntch A.sa?fcs have 'ga la a
uIning such amisn."n --
-The commisnion ~wi ~ V~
peration of the dprma>~
merce and. labor; and'it'a
' ,bold, meetings'aybz
Inited .States. ac
lraw $10 a day -as alrA6o
rill be ad
rhile endd'Iahew2
.Barrett Represents Vu~r
Labor conditions I girl~
ne of the specE8c%d **'
ommion.- Charles En
f -Union City; Ga.
resident oif -the Frt
s recognized~'as the
he farmers upon~
rhie the Iabbr
roper gatherIng 2 2
he life .of ,the
John B. enno nd
Lell are officials,fte"
rat1on OfLbr
if Railway odOq
Ths iO$$f
nission v1sIcefrhas
president of .thT'm(
nost famouS y1h 2'
~d an 'nisia' -
me In the b s~
inmed by Thed'~
o investigate '
n Pennaylvania.
xommlston a'nw ,
present induTstrl
io well known85
:1te coal strike"
oy no means is
he chances 'of
:mission s an'
nan selectd. tor
ben davf

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