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EB mo. sELLERs, Director of Eve
ning Department The Moody Bible I1
stitute of Chicago.)
LESSON TEXT-Genesis 6:9-2Z 7:11-.1
GOLDEN TEXT-*"The wages of sin Is
death, but the free gift of God Is eternal
life in Christ Jesus our Lord-" PoLM. 60
. V.
-The first great fact recorded in the
book of Genesis Is that of Creation.
which may be divided into several les
. facts. The second great fact Is
t of the Fall, which began with the
temptation and ended with the exclu
sion from Paradise. In this lesson we
come to the third great fact, the
Flood, the account of which embraces
the fifth to the ninth chapters. Chap
ter five gives us Noah's genealogY;
six, the history of the building of the
ark; seven, the occupancy of the ark;
eight, Noah's departure from the ark.
and nine, God's covenant with Noah.
In this lesson sin flourishes like the
proverbial green bay tree. "Every
Imagination of the thoughts of man's
heart was only evil continually." v. 5.
These thoughts were crystallized into
the lives of men, for we read that
"the earth was filled with violence."
Viewing. this awful development of
sin, God was so deply grieved In his
'heart that he turned aside (repented)
from his blan and purpose thus far, to
a determination to destroy man (v.
7). Noah, however, found grace in
God's sight, as we see from v. 9, even
in the midst of these adverse circum
stances. Environment is powerful but
not all-powerful, and It is never a
match for God's grace. We must not
gather from this verse that Noah was
faultless, but rather than he sought
to conform his life to God's will and
not to the standards of those among
whom he dwelt. Noah gave himself
to a whole-hearted service to God.
We are told that the foundation of
Noah's acceptance before God was his
faith, Heb. 11:7, like his great grand
father Enoch, he had "walked with
God" (5:22). Noah stood absolutely
alone and was thus thrown upon com
panionship with God, compare v. 9
with I yohn 1-3.
Given Due Warning.
God could no longer endure the
sins cf men, their Iniquity was full,
therefore God determined to destroy
them. He did not, however, cut them
off, for we read that they had 120
years' announcement of the coming -
the flood (v. I nough in
whchtoThey also had a
~ii~'preacher to warn them dur
ing this time, 2 Peter 2:5. But their
apostasy was complete and they
would have none of God's mercy nor
heed his warning, Proy. 29:1. Noah's
obedience as he built the ark was a
daily reminder of the Impending
'The ark was a flat-bottomed chest
450 feet long, 76 feet broad and 45
* feet deep, built of cyprus (gopher
wood) and coated with pitch. Under
the eaves of the roof was an open
space for ventilation and Its three
decks were divided Into compart
As to the "eight souls" (I Peter
3:20) who entered the ark we need
to remember that usually children and
servants are understood without men
tion in such enumerations. We -are
not to Infer that of all created animals
two of each entered the ark. The
flood certainly was not universal and
hence such a miracle was uncalled
Race Swept Away.
At last the flood arrived at the en
act moment prophesied. Its cause
seems to be twofold, a subsidence of
the ground and a downpour cf rain.
The Euphrates valley where this
event took place fils all the necessary
conditions. Subsidence would allow
an Inundation from the sea. Such an
inundation took place In 1911 In the
Yangtse valley and another In 1901
rendered more than ten million people
homeless; the water rising from 50 to
90 feet. All that the account de
mands, however, Is that a c6' pt
race was swept away and that e
saved his righteous servant and his
household. It Is the privilege of ev.
ery believer In God to save his house
hold. See Acts 16:31, 2:9; I. Cor. 7:14.
The only way qod could insure the
purity of the race was to destroy Ir
revocably the impure.
Skeptics hive read .Into the story
of the flood much extraneous matter.
Some have sought to prove that be
cause nearly every race under the sun
has a flood traditicn therefore the1
writer of Genesis Is merely passing
on a "Babylonian tradition." It Is far
more reasonable to believe that these
traditions are corrupted forms of the
true account found In the Bible.
For the younger pupils get the
story of the flood as told by Dean
B~odges and tell a connected story of
what has already happened in the past
lessons and tell them that the story
will be continued next week. Some
good live questions for class discus
sions would be: Wha.t does It mean to
walk with God? Of the four-1gno
rance, indifference, consent or con
demnation of sin-which one must
God take? What Is the difference be
tween wages and a free gift? Did
Noah earn his salvation? Is faith
more than an attitude of mind? Dd
.we need more hatred of'slitoday1 3
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