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44$10 IN GOLD FR1E9
The Liberty Chamber -of Commerce,
feeling the need of a suitable slogan
the enterprising and pro
>irit of the toWn of Liberty
a prize of $10.00 in gold
rson suggesting the best
1%1 the town.
The conditions are as follows:
The contest is opel) to every per
Son in Pickens county.
The slogan must not contain over
six words.
No person can submit over three
The slogans will be numbered as
rcceived and in case 'more than one
person suggests the slogan selected,
the first received 'will get the ten
trustees of the Liberty school
t will a.t as judges.
contest closes September 1st,
Tle slogans submitted should be
short, snapry and full of pe).
Address all conniunicatCons to
Secretary Chamber of Commerce
Liberty, S. C.
Get busy now-win the ten dollars.
Vote for 0. D. Sday for State Sup
erintendent of Education. (Adver
tisemn cut.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
a otabs
The purified and refined
calomef ablets that are free
from ne and danger.
No nas rece ary, as
C Ca !ot1e bN rc f4: c- mel
anci . cnine'. De
mand th a Eznuine in 10c
and 35 packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
A .: etly Rdue<
Fr.m TIo AXtln tc C ity,
Aldbhevil, S. C.......
I ;:deltn. S. C. -
t lilackli urg S.(. C.
(:analn, S. C..~
r? '(uumiatd S. C.
Gagey..~i(~~ , S. C.
Gt~r~evll, S. C'.- --
GreewadS. C.
Gree r, S. C.....
l.eekart, S. C.
Ridewy.S. C.
Union. S. C...........
Yr'k, S.C.
Tickets Good for. Eighte
Dates of Sale--Jul.y 12th~
2::rd , 2Ath, Sep Dtcmber~ oth a
Tickets good on all reg:l,
S road C ongressio~nal 1.12mited.
N ~- * 1, ilmito ikt. lii *n m
N .\ .\
lDates ti Sals --I. 1:1
2 :t h, :ot , St [LLemh< . 7t h
11. CI., on danys t31 :wi!..t
eversi~ at Bual, P hil1adl l
ington on the return trip
final limit of ticket.
Call on Nearest Ticket Age
etc., or address:
R. C.
I, spj
Sul.t. A. J. Jewell of the P:ckens
Cfptca nill extends a hearty wel
cAln to all to "Come to the mill and
brink." Some folks there who have
been punIy are getting fat.
Below is an analysis of this water:
Sanitary analysis No. 2796 of water
received August 15 1922, from Pick
ens Mill:
Parts per million.
Color---- -- -- -- -- -------- 0.00
Cholorine----- -- ...-.....-.5.00
Alkal nity. ------- -- ---- 11.00
Hard ness ---- -- -- -- ------ 20.00
Fxce Amonia.. - - ....-..._... .03
Albumnoid Amoni..-a--.. ... .0-1
Nitrogci s Nitrates- 0.00
Total Solids ---- -- -- -------- 60.00
flacterial Analysis
Bacterial indiciitions of ccntamina.
Remarks: Analysis indicates water
to be of good <iuality and free from
Respectfully submitted,
v'. L. Parker, Ml. D).
Friday, Sep1temlber 1st is . aptist
Bundle Day. The ladies of the Bap
tist church are gathering up clothing
for thc suffering <.nes in Russia andl
wish to get the box off so it will
reach tIje people before cold weather.
Ainyth iig that will keep out the cold
w'll be acceptable. Gathier Up all the
clothing, shoes or bed coverings and
have it ready September 1st. Thev
bundles will be called for by the com..
Elliot & Sons, of Spartanburg,
were the low bidders on the seven
mile section of the Pickens-Brevard
road, in Pickens county, when bids
were opened last week. The figures
of the Spartanburg firm was approx
imately $85,000. On the two-mile
sectin running from Pickens to Re.
dy Cove Gvp the bids were clos
betwCn J. B. Ross, of Andrews, N
C., and Ellictt & Sens, the approxi
mate figure being S30,000. No awar,
has bcen made in either case. hu
it is probable that Elliot & Sons wH
get the longe! section and possibl.
the short section. Ell ott & Son
were also the low bidders foe th
bridges on the same rcad to be buil
of Locnst Timbcr, the amount bein:
.pproxinatcly $4,000.
(I Ro-un! Trip Excursioi Fares
-s Will Apply from Stations Shown;
N. J1. To Niagra Fallse, N. Y*.
2. 15.. -. .... ........ ....3- 9
2.2G ---....... 8.43l
2-- - -2. 5- ........... ... 718
-::--,210--~---October-5th 1han
en aa Ilading Deavin. Sale.gon
ICk CIT. . TikJ ,godfrso
1hh, 2trihur, Agutimoreand, Wash
on. inot (oExceed en dlays wilhi
.ntforfu.heit'oma-:n, reservation
COTER DP. A.>Otbr5t 1h"o
hi:tanburg, S. C.atmreadW
onl.mnm 4 to exced te (1 mmmithi
The following is an extract fron
The lEspIy Prcgress of the acouil
if the eengressional campaign meet
ing at Pickens court house last Sat.
urday as relates to E. P. Mc.Cravy
The three candidates for congres:
lessrs. Dominick, Shefaid and me.
Cravy, spoke at Ickens last Satur
day afternocn to an audience esti.
iated att 2,000 people. The speak.
ing was held in the tabernacle whiel
isa plendid place for such gather.
ings. ' All speakers were giveni goo(
attention and the mceting was fre<
fom1 mudslinging, altho Messrs
Sherard and Mr. McCravy lambast
e Mr. Dominick's record,.declarin
.hat they had a right to criteise h7
1ilitial acts. The meeting was pre
riled over by lion. W. L Findley
c-unty elairnian, and was opene<
vwith prayer by Rev. W. L. Spinks
of Etsley. Mr. Sherard spoke first
3Mr. Domin'ck seccnd, and Mr. MC
Cravy last.
The feature of the mCting Wa
the spcach of Senator MeCravy, an'
the ovation which was given him a
the close of his speech. Mr. Me
Cravy was the last speaker and be
gan his address by thanking the vot
ters of his home county for the attin
tiei they had given the visiting can
d'dates. le recalled to the mind
of the voters the successful fight h
made against the telephone compan
in the senate last winter. He the
launched into an attack of the ofyi
cial record of Mr. Dominick. lie de
clared that Mr. Dominick was incon
sistent in opposing a bonus for th
soldicis and at the same time allowm
ing his clerk and seerctary to drm
an annual bonus from the govert
nment cf soeictling like $480 P
year. Mr. MeCravy then referre
to a newspaper article appearinge i
a New York paper to the effect th
Mr H Drry Dominick, brodher (if Col
grssnian Domini.k, is on the go'
( einent payroll as a ek rk to t1
enn1gressman,1) anld enI invest'.g-atic
Mr McClavy d,-lared that he u
that IHarry Dcninick riuns an oil ni
in Newherry and rnnders n1o ervie
far as he knows, to the gover
imnnt for the Imionley he draws. Su
mni as these he declared the NC
York new..paper referral to
"prrasF.ites" on the go'vr.nmvIt.
)omniiick wls pXseIt adV did V
do.ny tt tatIent.
r.viCia-y teld1 the vt ers 0l
be di netwanlt t htm to~ Icom
jsa s n1( 1 M.tlI ho. wa ruiming
Din k's .ns, but thit he had
1 .1c tat the O :rtfln n
had done and 1 had n(t done, C
h-. cuIn t .stzy i.' of Dominie
coi He d ec hied t et he ham
tt enl" l the acti of J
n'. enterssnm. Mr Mc1~rt
aLd....., w v men'.h. o h lr
.-Ic n ,n as thes, wobI Ibeln
Mr9~ . cCr'avy, refenedu to the
that Conigic4.ssmani Dominick vt
Sago'inst war, voted against the dI
act, and vo'tdt aginct. the 1onu.5
thelse m<.mientous questions the
gressiiman frcmi the third ti..d
s'J ood alone among South Caiu
conigressmian, the ether six congi
men from~ this state voting in f
~of these mieastuesc. Mr. McC1
o~elared that if lie had beein ini
Sg-ress he woeuld have v'otedl diffe
a und ably defended his pos uon.
Mr. McCravy :.iso touched on
Enm1i gration quest in and said
&wanted resti icted immigra
cit se '.:i we sh tuld save A mnerier
the Am2iericani ytph and stop
inf. i x efI undesireabhi.ior1 gners~
Itouchedl i n th< subject of
-nexchans'~(. (1(1heing1 thaut.
r ~2iet(ed sale *f Iutu.re ((en1t
the farir ofi ml2l.(ni (1
yjE than2t! thi v t14.
if tu-t f'' th< Ii 2 u :1o d
bc-ar(rs thet I'iiilins e(utyt
.a r .<e- fui nish( :1 a -n~ s~
tis i our ili' 1V21nhy. At th<
Bl so'4.ion of his addla.- e he wvas
2. gre(at ov'4ationi. M\ n who san
I'd nevcr clappe~d thLeir hands
3yielded to thei impuls
E- thcutedl, "H~uielh i : NcCra
(Po'it'al A d vi tsiment.)
I wish to annciunce that I have de.
cided to make the race for re-elee
tion as county com eissioler.
So many of my friends have urgud
mia to offer k r -ve-election that. I
have decided to do
You elected me your commissioner
four years ago nd I endeavcired to
discharge the duties of the oilice to
the best of my ability. For Som1e
reasen I have net beenl given at Fquare
deal1, and I ha've yiehld( to the( de
i mnlld of my fr'eeds anl ask vin'di
cation at the hands of the voters at
all times. I have cnb avered to do
ily lduty, but not- havin'. any control
et' the county handZ and machinery
I ha've been unable to) do anything
only as I would empley day nands.
I have conduct(il liyFclif as a gen
tlemniiu and have handled the alfairs
of the culltv with cCml hands, andi
have donte all that I could with What
I had t( do With.
'I ask re-election at youlr ha nds to
+how that I have been faithful to the
-ffice t which you so generously
eletctd wer four Years ago. I again
soliet yolr support.
There will he a pulblie. musical (0-(,?
. cert next. Saturday after the spenkin).
- if Pickens5 ;nd I will make a spee-h
- if the pevc)l want it. I have the
- promise of eight good siIgers and
- the Easlcy string band to assist. ill
- the concert.
I did nit. citt r the rice 11 time
' to canvass the county, but Iy inten
tions are good and I will ap prreciate
v iy SUI)ort the peolle may give me.
- Your frield and servant..
(Poltical Advertisement.)
I 1Ie is oppcmel tt wxat:lg the peo
I ples' llonvY by frequent change o
n chool hocks.
t ()wnt io automlobile trouble l
faile- to g'.t to Pikcns in time t
speak to the people aboiut this im
c rcrtat matter.
ni --_______________- _____
Vete F(-r
Calndidatc F<.r
(Inte nd(l fr I last w (.)
Dr. Peek has returncd to Salud
N. C., whaere he !s takinis a speel
p anied on their way t, C;ulhwnee.
t v. ird 'Mrs. F. R1 Brc'.w. !I a
c'hi le art v:iiti c:. thet ra
sl.- iunsino ra m wi lctd ni
tr1fn (Cf the -~ ilor- a io here
I Iweek.
tm i 6 a v h - ll'. v..
be ( I . G l.
. and~ \h'. W\\her are a
Ir a fe w~* ey. vi-itt their he
ra amr Spartano'-ure.
Mliss Bessie Dmutham cC Flhert
aft Six Mile was~1 hlnored at few dh
On ageC by a visit oIf ai numberlO (if I
on- ery's bus15iness and prVofessionail ml
riet They are entemiiplat inag tl'het bild
ina11 of ai road1 between the twvo poii
as. TIf this is a(comrllished Six Mile
vor goUi to have an excellent out
-avy to the 'ngghb)olgng ~,vns5 awtl
L.On.. ge'ng to grow rapiidly. Under('
ent efficient mianagemienlt of our sui
vis-:r and his associates the top
tht- roed betwen Six Mile and Cateet
that 1i: nearing completion.
ion. Trhe presbeets aret. goodl for an
for cel ent school t~nder' the leader:
he < ) Dr. J1. H1. Mitchell. The se
: r d '4, .i-au nity tit fortunlate0 ill 1
the \Iiss ( Eane~r Manni is- vi-itinig
ac si iste(r, Mr's. Rtae Childress, in Ser
andO Mlrs. O1lin Curt is of Graeenlvilh.
- : Oevi' (sing-*l1 fromn t ::phiu. C
.as h<. vie:ting~ M.r. taul rs.
hi l Mines Or and Fhrid!e 1'a
n -i In t wee'k-end( with tht-ir
hi Tl. r vival rer'vices- will 1.
haSundayi- night at the IHap 'to i
an I), -1. W. (hay is palstor.
o1- Mr . andl Mrs. Roy Mc-Call
iveP ol'e p have been visitinlg Mr,
they ('alls leiPntS.
Mlr. a-nd Mr's. Tom Dillard, I
toeh1 '1 ily of Norfolk, Va., are ma
anthe'r hoo; hero now. Mr.
lhas ente;"ed the mercantilO buanm
Mr s. Dilard will be0 remember
Miss Annie Willimon.
1 Mr. J. A. Dillard <ff Highlands,
N. C., spe-nt the week-end with her
Miss Ollie Mac Durhai has re
turned to Greenville, where she is
takiing a business course.
B. F. Martin.' Sam B. Craig
E. M. Blythe 0. C. Keith
Greenville, S C Pickens, S C
Martin, Blythe, Craig & Keith
Pickens, South Carolina
Practice in State and Federal Courts
Pickens Office Phone 39
J. R. Martin .J. 11. Earle
Greenville. S. C. Pickens, S. C.
Pratice in all Courts.
Pickens Officev in Court hlouse.
Greenvhle Ollice opposite Postofice,
Pratice in all Courts.
Ofice over Pickenr Bank.
Pickens, S. C.
F. CBurnett, Maiv
'IA ' tN(
Uarge 'Sinck of F ixtures on Ila,
T uin ?a, 4. ai,...
- u a
N. RaBtreplain
t.. Rg( ast er. lf-tarer f i
le I*er selfK~-sar -. a a
1(1 4
an Tuck plinest
* , - ~ i L ni, th<I f- ne t cr b
rr- .~ws .,s -tai 1
ee . . h si. ilii ---
R6asonable Prices.
Masonie Bldg., Pickens, S. C.
ute fc 0. 1). Scay for State Sup
c rintnldent (f, Educe.ticn. (Adver
New Lefever Nitro
Special only $29.00 .
0. K.'ed and purchased in
quantities b the U. S.
Navy. Wel finished,
considering the price.
Built to shoot right
and stand as much
use as the most
expensive gun.
Most durable
lock ever put
--In a #iun -
SC times.
Every !tun
Withi an ex.
tremie load.A
tu.1 built Only
in 20.ga. 23 In
16.ga. 2o gn., and .
12.gna. 23 and 30 in. with
14In. atock and about 2Va in.
dro . A Lefever won the
world's championship at the
01, n, c C:ames in London. Le
feve'r has stood for service and
r.b!'ity for* over 61 yes,
Lil'eVnr Arms Co., Box A, Ithaca,?I.1.
_____ J\
Street, Pickens. S.C.
d. Estimate., F-urnished F ree.
r In j ie lica
ens,1' S. 2Uli C.U

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