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Locals and BBors als
Mrs. W. F. Arinstrong is visiting
in Laurens this week.
The physical condition of Mrs .1.
Vin Ioldkir is ver y much improved,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Newton made
a trip to West Un'on last Mondaty.
Rev. F. T. Cox s assisting Rev. A.
M. Simmons in a meeting at Oolenoy
Revival meetings will begin at
Grace M(thodist church the first Sun
day in October.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. 81Mtthews an
nounce the birth of a daughter, Mary
Hope, August sventeetith.
Miss Florit net Stewart left for Fork
Shoals :ast Monday where she is en
gaged i t:aching school.
MIrs. 1R. F'. Lukie and daughter,
Marianne. from Washington, D. C.,
ar" visiting in l'ickens.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Robertson and
children spent seveal days last week
in Easley and Piekens.
Mies.s H nni nd Emma Hendler
son1 h1av reim d ho1mle after Snenid
ing a w k w.h h- a'unt near Da
c'u .v ilie
M\Ir. and \lr. . A. lagood and
Judge a nd is. T. .1. 1auldin Went
to Bl'wing R, . N. C-.. on Tuesday of
last '.-' it tu'rni. 10 lday.
Tht many frit nds <.f Carlisle New
tan I f tar (1ems(1.te regret to hear
that he is an"t (Iing so well, being in
the city h *'sp:.al in Greenville.
Miss lItn rietta Young, Who is in
training: at the city hospital in Green
ville f< r a nurse, was here with hei
l:al ent . lr. and Mrs. Rt. E. Young.
Mrs. 'Charlie Brooks returned t(
her he me ; t, - GU'.rc enville last Thurs
day aft1ttr s1widing tw weks witl
Y CrI i )iet,,. MNlr. and r .1J. M\
Cill :, . She re. atly underwent I
vIur( 1-ul mt eion fe' <ia at th
Srm tanbutIg hoapital.
When We Fill
If' y.,ur chib in ~it a b. t ato 'ui
Fifteent ~ ye:n in '. .E I':- ha:
not mmth to Vi2:. ly< with.
R. E. Lew\is, Prop
You Will Find
iness at the S
And paying the
for produce.
30c per doz fo:
25c per lb. for
Hams 15 to 25
Hams over 251
to size and quality.
Your trade is i
Yours I
J. W. H E!
Mrs. H. A. Townes had Miss Ruth
Whitmire as her guest recently.
Mr. R. L. ,Iames made a business'
trip to Anderson a few days ago.
Miss Sadie Cramg, who is teaching
Martin, spent the past week-end
with homefolks.
Thrc wIll be a Baptizing at Oole
noy Sunday, August 27th. Every
bcdy invited to come.
Miss Maud Ashmore of ,Atlanta is
visiting her obl home, her relatives
and many friends here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitehell and Miss
Southerland from Belton were gaeste
of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell last week-end.
Mrs. Meredith of R'ock Hill and
Mrs. Jack Powell of F16rida were
visiting their sister, Mrs. Attaway
last week.
Misses Eva Holder, Nellie rmndy,
Lloyd Grandy and Mrs. Grandy visi
t((d the Elrods mar Piedmont last
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and three
children and Miss Mary Sutherland
of BcIton spent Sunday wah Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Jcwell.
Mis Erline Robinson returned to
her home in Charlotte last Tu'!sday
after a two mc(nths stay with rela
fives in thi+; County.
On Sundvy last Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
,1vans had as their guists, Mr. and
M is. Mcans White and Mrs. Omar
Trigg, all from Anderson.
Miss Ella Belle McConnel of the
Peters Creek section was a visitor at
the home of hecr grand-mother Mrs.
Attaway, last week.
Marricd at the Methodist parsonage
ondlay, Mr. .Joe R. McDowell of At
hinta, Ga., and Mis Annie Maddox
ef Norris, lh v. J. C. Diggs officiating.
Mr. Chmllie A. Durham died at hi
hemi in moldge, Texas, Gn tlh( ont
',r Auiust. lit, was a brothor to th,
Ste L. R. Durhla1m of Pickens1'. ilI
W I '1a tn <11 Soldier, helew ne t
Ilann tn's ti th S. C. envalrv.
Your Prescription
'r k~ and yo den'iit wandt Lue( wo.
-s t'.:e that's beenI tilkid at aniother' store'
: t-w wn' t 1 guess at it and till the
in ess has taught us that medicine. i:
id het Safei.
Phone 24
Me Doing Bus
ame Old Place
Greenville' market
r' eggs at present.
fryers up to 75c.
lbs. 25c,
bs priced ac'cording
ipprecia ted.
1or trade,
Thc Lewis-Childress r union wa;
held at the home cf Prof. .. E. Chil
dress, near Piedmont, en Saiurday
August 12. There were one hundre<
thirty-fout-relatives and visiters pre
sent. All rcsorted to the aitlitoriun
for devotional exerc'scs.. After th
reading of the scripture ai prayer
appropriate addresses wtre nimade b,
Rev. E. L. Thoniason and Rev. W. H
Lewis. Several songs, .just the kin
that bringup the memrics of thi
past were sung by those present.
After the addresses and songs, thi
table was prepared with the riches
and most bountiful dinner whicl
everyone enjoyed. After dinner thi
childrcn played on the lawn and thei
fathers and mothers talked till even
ing. It seemed all to scon fo. tvery
one when the timc came toA)art.
Those present were as follows: MI
and 'Mrs. J. J. Ic wis, with John
Frank, Maggie, and Gladys; Rev. W
H. Lewis, Hermie and Harriet; Mr
and Mrs. Frank Lewis, Capers, Irenc
Ihlen, John Frank, GMtrude. Francis,
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Johnston; .!
and 11lis. Hoyt Townes, Julia, Haroh!
Lucilc, and Medena; Mr. Frank Tow
nies, John 1. and lRobert; Mrs. B. I
McDaniel, Harry, Preston, EClea.ior
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Childress, Kath
leen, Clara, George and Leumas; Mi
aind Mrs. J. R. Childress, Mattie an.
Mam111ic; Mr. and Mirs. Geo. ChWidn'-:
John, Jim, Mary, George anl Saraih
Mr and Mrs. Walter Child:vss, .ay
mid, and Mary: .s. Emma Chii
dress; Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Simpsol
and Grace; Mr. an] Mrs. T. 1). Sto:.er
Edna and Eth. I; 2. r. Victoria Alli
son and .Jack; Mr. and M rs-. C('laud
Wilbanks; Ralh Si mpse.n ; ir. an
rs. Hemer F' wle'. !Rily and] Char
les; Mr. amnl Mrs. .J. E. Singltto
H(cvey and E Mrar.!.. and1 Mrs. Wa!.
ter lawis: Mils. .Jane Edens (aIntrel
Mrus. Eva Edt as Cot i.y ; Mul. R..ber
Welhrn: Mr. and Mrs. Humlr Wood
Mary, Luis. Ltulah, Rath, ius
Ernest an'd .ar.aret; \liss Zdie Sat
isfild: .lr. and .ls. J. R. Robe-:t.
Nell. 1hr::, and .1. A.: Mlr. :zil 'Mrs
J. C. James, John Frank, Ruth, Le"
E-:velyn' Mary and Lgisce; Misse,
Nun l th 'rea ampbell;.ii e
i Un iet. .\elli,- n . a . t t: .\ r. 1,
1. T Ny ev. E.. L.. Te n h
Cdlh .1. -1. A .hman, Mary El'.h
Rai-:vy; .\lis- .-Alve an
Alm~ ~ ~~- -- Rov. -ms nieSe~c
.\n 3ary 1. Do1th. I. and llr
Wn a l. (1h. WV. 11. .r.. San
. . C:::aybe .' iIar::, Nor
l-ilr. I hUn i'li. -: : it 3 iE(1(5.' W il a hI
Thr. XX . :i . u . f::ia. h li
T f.\, I i 'n : ' . :r I 1 e a o '
anil as hurt1 in 1-, sto nUeAn
a - t' af (th 2v;. !1 v *.t .\. Gw n
3:. Nai I. i. :ui ! iau hifu i sacr
'u-e 'lt inn . w E ti u
ay bn t m:- abl u:'h Ite.d thes
e'h.. otbh(' a. aUs \nitlii's tahn
-i sie await ind in cting wayh
aI in'i0.: 1101 ae wigias t eyun go
ayIii the vte ya.t Aby d~rt
Wad lvt sanet wen that audifu
Rv. OliG. Fiehly chr fan t mAn
t( the0J ei'Onil wto he hoie lad byuRn
11f. W ). ' a nsev wil G. 'i ld
turc theie hi < , t ie fura' bioth
erf IC(, s viz.: SA '.3Lon, 28.e GeV I're
iLtQ(Ie and tir disttag, oft th
be ile is an I i iat vesn w. . i
ether s th i: .j h his a nds m . i.
As the summer season advances w e all hesitate to buy expensive things
that we wl1 only be able to use for a short time, and then put it aside for
another season. To help our custome rs out in getting such articles as they
want we are making special prices on voils, organdies and ancy dress goods.
We are certainly adding to our ba rgain Shoe counter and you will ap
1reeiate the real money saving purch ases that you can make from our shoe
We also have a large table of rem nants from which you can selec.t ma
terial for a waite, skirt or dress and at a bargain. Don't forget to see
the remnant table.
Our stock of ready to wear is larg e and complete and it is our aim to
keep your wants and at reasohable p rices.
Edwards & Darsey
A Ctoraching at 8:00 p. m. by the pas- CHAl(GE.
Rev. F. T. Cox, Pastor. Epworth Lc.ague meeting every
Sundhly School at 10 a. m. Sunday at 7:00 p. nm a .e -'Lu W. Pror, pahin, anone
t I'reach( lingeery second and fourith Pr'ayer M1eeting every Thursday the i chre a- .<llows o
Suia t1 .m t8:0J0 p. im- First Suniday.---Fairvie' at'1
JI"reaching every Sunday mgtat 'n'.____________ m; Tlwelv'e Mile at -1 p.
8: 0- p in.- APPIOINT3'1ENT'S FOR PICK ENS S ('ond Sunday.-Bethehem at 11
inye Meeting ev'ery Wednesday CIRCUIT. a n;Nri tIp n
a :0P. ml. First Sunday-dPor'ter's chapel 11 .l'.;' Slis ai~'it .ehe atm.
o'clock a. mn; T'abor 3:30 p. mn. i i atunday.--aece atn.a
PRESflYTERIAN CHURCH Sceond Sunday--Betheli I1 o'clock 'I~(\....( Ilill at 11 a.
Rev H.A.Kno, Pstr, ibetya. in; Salem 8:30 p. mn. ma.:Nor t.p.m
und'. Scho.Ko asto:1 Lia. t m. Third Sunday--Tlaberi II o'clock a.
PreauSchool evraft 1:5a.d tin; ,orters chapl ::10 p. m.~
lunday morng e atr 11:15,s and thrd Furth Sunday'--31eKinney's chap- REX. . L. CL.AYTiON'S A PPOINTl
c d an fo rhSunday t 1:5 nigh e aer i 11 oclock a. im, M ENTiS.
p~o( D~~Ia d f u t u d y n g t a . P. H udson, Pas-tor.
...... -~-- irs 115unAIda-Newy Hope at 1I1 a.
GR.\CE METHODIST CHURCHal-'state you mn.; Bethel 8:30 p. m.
GILV' ME'nomsTCIILRCH h~'e n Pickens county if the price T[hit d Sunay---Twelv'e Mile 11 a. m~1
n' hi~ .v. e' Dio s at or, a ii kens is r ht. E. L. Henderson, Central, Fottrth S uday- Salem 11 a. i.;
Suidy cholat10a.m.S -C Bethlehem 8:80 p. mn.
Pickens Lumber Co.
Pickens, 5. C.
Headquarters for Paint
Our Certain-teed Prices
--House Paint Per Gal. No. Gut. Quart Pint
Outside White (No. 448) $3.50 904 Univerea-i varnish $3.70 $1.25 $0.80
3Dark Oak Varnish San.85 ~5S
Bungalow Brown (No. 435) 3.00 4 Iv internor Enarn) 1.8 1.25
CERTAINTEED paint is sold on
teproper basis; different prices for
different colors. There is no reason why
inexpensive colors should sell for as much
as exper:s&ve ones.
When you buy Certain-teed paint, you
get the highest quality paint, ,andyo
don't pay fancy or arbitrary profits. The
Certain-teccd name is proof of quality.
Sep us before painting -- it will pay you.
44US PNT04

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