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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-current, August 31, 1922, Image 8

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Locals an Personals
V. C. Manin, Esq., went to Atlanta
on buiitss lIast wtek.
Mrs. J. M1. Ganltt and daughter
2pn(t VvT al dayI ill Lib( rty the
rj-ast wek
MIrs. S. T. Wyatt, sister of the
late, 1. A. flichey. %ikited relatives
in towln hast wvk end.
Mr. and . , .r . L. . Iiller of Green
vilia-t, is vis-iting~v the latt i' m*- lothler,
A1 . J. l.. 0. Th' mponf.
Alry II.W. Sim nd daughter
ll~izat en -0 P dn'nthave been onl
Sv itto bt I. si.ter Mir:-. G;uy McFall.
Thtri wil F nrhingy at Pickvin
PBapti:t churchi net Iun..ny morimr
.lI I Ii. W lt : 4 iilli -vvee wood
ht r :Ist r .\1r . A. P. Ilam
m.,I a the Pickenis Mlill.
Mlr-. V. A. . and szn. James
- -~ 1)-.
G .41- ik :1.k. !
it v \%x t 1,41
I '.
R. E. Lewi.-:, P'rop
Yhu Will Find
iness at the S~
Ad paying the
for' produce.
}e perV dOZ foi
25e per lb. for
Hams 115 to 25
Hams over' 251
to size and (ulUlty.
Your trade is
everalt days of last Week at Gauley
.ir.. mal Alzs. W. 1). Wilbaiiks had
vs t heir guests last Sa turdIay anild
,Su nday, 31 r. and ( AlI Is. R(tI bert Lin1dsle~y
3:sAnnie, Lett and Russell Afar
till f1rom Suilt merville e visiting
-it Ile hoille of their un'11t, 31s1. 31.
C. Smith.
Mirs. Earl ILewis and children came
back to 1'ickens last Alonday, after a
(d iglit ful visit to rchitives inl Green
M 1rs. J . Taylor had for lier visi
tors all of last. week Mliss Edna Rain
vy of Norcoss, Ga., and 'Mrs. Clarence
King of, Easley.
Dr. Glymliph. the Icading eyesight
perialist. of Anldersonl, Will be her',
;ain neNt week. Read his ad inl
::n her coblumni.
l utelia Gary. niece of Mir.
ned air-- . 1'. . verd, returned to
be- ' ' ) in Anderslli after a very
\%,,t k spent il l'ickens.
l J . A nn , \1r. (;aIlnewell
H-der enljoyed a %-:Sit to
last Saturday anld
its tA. L t lr u) lar !nt) ''t
.\ k . . lonso of N . ih
n-Z s 1 I.le d r o and
. Alsse .lweland L.( tra and
M. ,spent wveral days last
4eti f 4,u1i prlt 411"1n
- a-ri 4n icha-h at (; uly
* I.
our Prescription
Phone 2 1
Me Doing Bus
une Old Place
Greenville market
eggs at present.
fryers up to 75c.
lbs. 25c,
bs priced according
Lor trade,
Mrs. M. F. Hester returiel home
Sunday fr m a two weeks stay in
Atlanta, where she ha s be at the
bed.idf of hrier diautert, mir. P. E.
Stellin.4. who has been ve ry ill.
The friends (if Mrs. Nina lilum
and children are pleased that. she
canm. back here to live after a1 stojourIi
(of more than a year at 31ltreat., N.
WV( do ict think therg is a citizen
of Pickens who ever goes away from
het-re. even for~ a day, whose hert is
not filled with gratitude to his Maker
on Iiis return for~ the beauty itnd V
granduer of our hills, for our sweet,
Ire air and the grnId old moun
tloins just a little further on.
The following jolly plIaty recently
spent a day in pienie' style at Big
Eastatoe falls: Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Hitby, 1Mr. and Airs. Cannie Cox, A
Oswald Alexander, all of Williamston;
.r. 31. J. Welborn, Mr.' and Mrs.
Stewart. I.ouise Gravely, France
Lusk. EdIna and VeInma Gravh y.
.essrs. Walter and Luther Gravley,
Robert \I. Welhcrn and Amos Ed
I0(.l. OF CO. 1). 1 th REGM1NI:NT.
C. S. A.
-'tllotwing :I a roll of Comn ,isany 11.
A rm, ra~edinl Pickens and aO
sn ctount Re0i. It C i he
. . \V.. i h
Bryant. J hn t'.. 2nd 1.. unt na nt.
StOne. J. V-.. 2n1.1 1,, n~ t
A:w ) -.. V..s er ca t
. T..
'I fh. rn t
I V .\ T F'
.\ 1,
.1 J .~ ' %)
S t \
.hy .\l.l *\\.
Co~i, W%
I . ' W
II.t (;
I li n. J Ihnt-lci. 'i
I-:ir. W ...
F. r !, I'
-. n \ .l
I n. (bP nh
- and. Alle
th IItit.4f is . G W itlt
liii!.~t hapy(d : inoe.. T toehr
net' whch at h am. T hom ~as
s p cat it ~le th hai trsield, ll
* Iv lit this ti h'. ..'.t J .\li t
vil. lDAY ~Vt'Fl.F hv ie
irelato ll m t lun ay A uit'u lilt t
tt e h< m t <.f .ilr , :. ': Ph t r t
e<!e rat he och birhd, 1 t w
nethc t t oe houtwa
As the gumimer sea:
that we w.'lli onily be ali
vant we are making s]
Wu are vertainly Ad
pe:a(te thle reA lmone
Wt also have a 1arg
terial for a waiyte, ski
'' 0 remnanet tablde.
Our stcek (f ready I
'kmtv your wants and;
- .- . iC<, Pa utor.
Sum~ayFehoo at 1 a. .
ur day t: 1 a m 17. atl v~
- . m .
Sun'b!:: SI:e'i at 11.^ a. e.
Out: i de r Whre . 448) .
1 . .. ( thDes I aoper, Pais;, .. fir
(unday co1 olorsa..Thr is.
get ide hiete qio. 448
d the pyfroper rb itdifra
diferiien os hr is rd
When u buy Crtain..te i
Certainter~i . is ?r
See us.r~. befor
,on advances w e1 all hesitate to buy
>le to use for' a short time, and ther
Ip our customQ 's out in getting suel
)eeial prices oin voils, organ(ies an
dling to cur ba rga inl Shoe Counter
y saving purch ascs that you can ma
,e table of rem nants from which y
rt 6r dress and af. a bargain. Don
:o wear i- larg e. ar(d (;mplete ant
it l2(reasona le p rice.
nt8 ar~n: 11 a. mI.
, 7: . .
ayerI' .\!r-eti- every Thurtsdayv
-'I') IN I'' E ~N TUS l-'I1 PI(': ENS
. m: Ta r :.0 1. m
1unda --H the II 'lc
m b :1 -- Ta e 1II 'h i;a
* I e~tpn enuty if the price
Is Lumb<
Pickens, 5. C.
[quarters for P
Certain-teed Pric
d3 1-:k. Oak Vari
es't) 3.00 " :'stro
46 0~ , I.ridge' (
ent prices for
10 reason why M
il for as rnuch
ed pa'nt, you
aint, and you
of ouaclity. UW. -
-i ."- CL07 H & R !.LAT..~ C' MD .'.
expensive things
put it aside for
I articles as they
Ancy (ress goods.
alPS. li
Ind you will ap
le from our shoe
u canl .select ma1.
t forget to see .
it is our' aii to
~- t OiN. -I(tirvt- :tii 8!
N ' a 1 P. m.
'\:.'d Sun la.-itthlhm
P.m ;N r is at a p. m.a
:.: N - :::at ;' .m
uI*v. (). 1.. ('I. \YT()N'S .\PPOJNT.
m.; ethe :1: : p. m .
TIhirdl SuilhiyV-- -Ivelv( \l il<- i a .
l'out ti I Sitimla hy- S em ] I a.n
h-t hhu hemi :::: p. mt.
er Co.
rer Per Pe'r
(Gut. Quart Pint
nsh $3.70 $1-25 $0.80
uish stain .8 .53
FKnnmel 1.25
(-- >-Pt. 1.'
sios ur.~o weri 4

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