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8 1C 6115lelllRe1
$U a 7eair Invariably in Advane,
tered ut ickens, S. C. Postoffce as
Scond Class Mail Matter.
3ARY IIOTT, Editor and Mgr.
W. Ferd.
K. Coutn. R F. L na:it J. W
Marshal. T P. Batts. American
slIicing 'M: hi't ('Y. W. H1. Baillen
inc E m :3hn o. Me.
ray Rifrig r Co and R. E.
3ructe. . If 1 L . Ce.h .
norT.d. da:4.. heL
Ih Ju '":i n:.. ('i Ir
kcns. S. c.. t I of
vetmner. I-22. I the
-hes-t bidhter en
LESDAY IN D . 1 "'.
.'g the k :al - .
ore ,ht* c : k
S. C.. ...
ill that :ta . - or
et of lane! :1 . ; . .. ..a:
aboved r.a: a :. :' . ... n of
pTr Cats. . .!. .t .\. Bal
nt, art!i .:- : tal::in. 4 acres.
ii, or. : t a nd iX ! 4.
et of hia..i tis day - sd to
by W. W. IF . r..
- pla: , . : ci.y . M t. . o
d ulrt'. + .. . . . f . I : N r
Idin, an ....,n t! , . \,1 :
in :tr . . f' u : e r. .t. a
-day 1'' ,:tn~ A~O -n v~c c
ert ; w a : : a r.ai . w
>grty: eri, . 't t . \ W. L. a2i -
Pickno. i tis :. li.F. m1 Ml4u
'png and bein ft . m a F een
'ed to L. K. C ut. '.. Mr-. I.. J
ken.; and t:,r tb e d 1 i iate i th.
-day <: J:ne. 1x 20. ti w. hich ert:t
uriene e it maE 1 . Fie.
)ne Refrigerator Cn: .12:1
shown on pIage of t a a. >lu ,o
)ne. C. ooer- 1 0 t. wi.. and 1 f
po achine ft.mhie. Freezer fi
ofr blt. deer. Two six Thre
-afil window( i lrontt Ote rna
>ra R.g H.b::.ared, inrt 1in)1 parii
.eenii Coer, In Freezer 1rpin
nainde fr.< onginted. ie inep
*l s i cooer six in h alls t
ISzer. Frl by fulc esferition No
de fro cennton <Mtaedinto C(
V.. K. Cuch, datored dune 2lek
-kensfo c5 ~nntyhttlmga(
>k . page 4age 50 to 2 ad 9
tio AMerihin implete h~aving~ fl1
.1El 41 C.nehs in (ilmeter I. 11 ine
ec fo beat fowr.llIWS Twovixie
ni agso reorunt on ornaii
enio Condeser, i stan 12o pip~:
tr o sthie tankt 23x12- oi
nto 3-11 a., adl~thelopr
ois o lshrive, byl specifclat No
9ofro t eminto Mlachine C
L. K.Couch rrie inClrk.
e h for Pickens CoVlumtyC
TECRTS: ChOMday of EA.pr
.er ItltoT payt. ohal paner. revenr
(nps. Beand fo rrdnk t amn
hedi purchasr faintifcmpy w.t
terr Wsnton thendr' wthi.o
n pdesuacbod wia ereod t
of the fomer sturdchase.' i
dated Octob .r 3:d, 1922, and to me
directed. I will sill to Lhe highest
bidder on
during the legal hours for public
sales before the Court House door at
Pic!kns. S. C., the following two
tracts or lcts of haid, to-wit.
All that :ie:.c. paicel cr lct of
land ly:ng and being in the county
a::d state fcresaid on waters of
Twelve Mile rivcr, bounded by lands
cn Nc south of R. J. Phiii;Aon the
east by J. II. Rowland, and on the
nrth . the catate cf E. H. Law
rence. and containing six acres, more
or less. as sh zwn by a dezd made to
Rid. Gint. by R. G. Gaints, et ai,
dated Jan. 3, 190'3, an: recorded in
Pickens c;:nty in Bczk C. C.. page
Also all that r'ecc. parccl or lot
d ly>ng~ andi bein-z in the State
nd etr. v :creid ;i thc town cf
Calhoun. bcanded on the north by
H.::y Gwnit, o:n the West by Daniel
E~rdh. Sc uth by Nellie Wilson, and
' . . i church lot. an:t con
*:.: --hif acre, more or less.
TEH.V': :th In day of sale; pur
chm: t. :fer all parrs, revenue
stamp:j : for rcc.rding the same.
If 1 urcha :' fails to comply with the
t'rry cf th.. =ale within a reasonable
il the larn: will be resold at the
i isk of the former PUr chaser.
Sh. ritT Pickens County.
Nv. 14. 1422
I'. P. l :: and N. E. Smith tradinir
U r'1 the .Ur inlame and style of
J. P. M1eCoy and Compiany. P'laan
H. Wi'.son LesIly. C. M. Folger.
1in-h:ir. an:1 J. P. Carey. DIefen
1' . - of a d'rctial crder
n ad. ir ta. abve state-d case and
n:' '. J. mlau.iin.
1:t Judicial circu:t. at
ais ,. the- lt :t day c.f Novemn
- A. D.. 1'22. I will sell t, the
t b'.ider .n
. rir ." the leal hoars for public
- ale- 1s ". the Court House doo
- a Pick ns . S. C.. the following des
- 1r t i Ieni estatt to-wit:
e All that ctrtain~ 1iee. Parecd o
i tract of land lying - ini Easley an
Liberty Townships, Pickens county
l . !:tair.irg thir.. -one acres. more 0
etn ad.?, inin. '.ands oif J.. M. Lesle.
-V~ F. Lesley. Frank L.-slty an
nl others. This beine~ part of my fathe
e W. 11. J. Lesley's estate, and wa
conv!eyt d to me by A. J. Boggs, cler
cto Ceurt for Pickens County. S. C
t 5&c deed book L L, page S. Clerk'
.ctfice. for Fickens county, to wh'e
i dIced reference is h::reby made.
2TERMS: Cash on day of sale, pur
f chaser to pay for all papcrs. ievenu
stamps and for re-.ordling the same
I f purchaser fails to comply wit
the tei ms of saie within once hou
after the sale the land will be rc
- sold at the risk o. the former put
r' chase~r.
I ~ R. R. ROARK.
I Shriff Pickens County.
Nov. 4, 1922.
FOR SALE-Piga and milk cows. [
~C. Baker.
A UCT ION SA LE-Nov. 22, mtule:
c'ows, wagon, buggy, farm tools, cot
fodder, etc. R. M. Lusk.
-The Taylor-Colquit.t Tie and Pol
Co. are going to give on Xmas Da
-$l00.00) in cash prizes at both Picl1
e-j and Seneen. These prizes ar
beinag g ivenI to the persons hauPna
t he most ties. Think of it. Somt
n'unna little family will h(e madle hir
py Xmas day. Why not. yours? I
you begin to haul now you will stan
1a good chanec as few tie: were haule
'inst menth on accoul. of gath~e'n
FOR SA.LE-November 29 at 2
M. Christepher's. on Mat Stewart
farm. twvo mules, ene buggy. on
wagon, Ofne turner, distributor, an
- t.h r plws one eult:vator. also cor
end fodder. Remecmber the date. No
vem11ber' 29, 1922. 2t
CAR~iITDE for sale at AX. A. Moon'
e tore cheaper than you can order it
I Sept. 23.
NOTICF.-Gin days Ttesday an,
I' iidays. W'ill buy scrap cotton an
gin quilt cotten for anyone. Arthu
W. WStorhene .e
i- NTACk, F kLE.CT1'N
Office of County Supt. of Educatioi
of Pickens County.
Whereas a petition from the free
holders and electors of Long Branch
School District No. 23 has been filed
with the County Beared of Education
Pickens county, asking said board
permission to hold an election in said
school district to determine whether
or not fcur mills extra levy shall be
levied in said school district for
school purposes, or whether the pre
sent levy for school purposes shall
be reduced five mills;
It appearing to the County Board
of Education that the petition meets
the- requirements' of the law, there
I fore, it is ordered that the trustees
of the above named school district
do hold an election November 18. 1922
at the school hcuse for the above
stated purpose. the trustees are to
be managers and shall conduct the
election as alr general elections are
conducted. and in accordance with
Section 12') f the schocl law. The
polls wili be -I e; from 9 a. m. to 4
p. 1..
By order <f the County Board of
Education for Pickens cunty.
F. V. Clayton,
Sic. and Chairman.
Complaint not served.)
Henry E. Maw, individually and as
executor cf the last will and testa
ment of Rosa 'Maw, deceased.
fhn law. Olive Maw, Annie W.
lams. Walter Maw. Joe H. Max'
Lorette Maw, Ccnn tte Maw. M -
r:ie Williams, Bessie Martin. Rig
ard Maw. Whitner Maw. Al .:
Mav. Julius Maw, Will Maw. Mar.
Stevcns. Martha Jewcli. John Mrw
R'S)er: Maw. Mary Gam.away
Charie Gassaway. Elizer Ga -
w:;. Paul Gas: away. Traywv
Gw nw.y and Martha A. .Arr.
Tc the Dcfendants ahoved a~'*d:
( aeu c hereby sunnoned and re
etir ed to answer the compsint i:
this action. which is Iiied in the of
:ce- of the Cle.rk of the Court of
C '-nmnw Picas for said County, aid
to serve a copy of your answer to th<
s id comrlaint on the subscriber a
1. is office at Fickens. S. .C., withii
twenty days after the service hereof
r c.cl'- vi of the day of such service
rri if ycu fail to answer the corn
air.t with'n the time aforesaid
r the plaintiff in this action will appl
to the Ct.urt for the relief denande
in the cocmpikin:.
r C. E. Robinson.
. Pia~n:iff's Attorney.
0. S. Stewvart.
-Clerk of Court.
Da~ted Nov. 1, 1922.
Netice is hereby given that we wi
make application to N. A. Christc
pher Esq., Judge of Probate for Pick
r ens county, in the State of Sout
-Carolina, on the 25th (lay of Novem
her. 1922. at 11 o'clock in the fort
noon. or as soon thereafter as sai
application can be heard, for leav
to make final settlement of the per
sonal estate of M. F. Williams, d<c
ensed, and obtain discharge as es
Scutors os said estate.
Maymie Williams.
John M. Williams.
We, the undersigned hereby prohi
bit all persons from hunting, fishing
cutting timber or trespassing in an:
manner upon ouir lands, under ful
penalty of the lawv.
S. S. ChildA,
S. WV. Williams,
J. M. Gillespie.
J. E. Gillespie.
J. A. Hunnicutt,
'J. D. Stancell,
L. P. Stephens,
- IE. D. Ohildress,
f I B. E. Ptorter,
J. F. Lecwis,
-I J. M. Brazen,,
-' J. T. lDillard.
B. R. Parrott.
- ~ T. II. Hlolliday,
E. F. Collins.
T. R. Merek.
I ~ 1W. L. Pressley.
1 ~ ~ Mack blurhami,
R . B. Hlunnicut t.
I ~ S. E. Mauildin,
Tulley H. Hlolliday.
J. HI. Powers
J. L. Murphree
J. C. Stewart.
I B. H. P'ower-r.
J. D. Davis
Hovey- Murphree,
Notwithstanding the fact that
r.:ccs on.mrrchandise has advanced
cn a basis of 15c cotton, and will be
tions, Ladies' Ready To Wear, Met
Buggies .nd Wagons, Furniture a
Go-: . L ght right sell themsel
Gr: C :s. Stetson Hats. (
'ed S>as. Ir.erwoven hosiery. B;
r : -.Nw Hnme Sewing .,
led C: -: F:.i Mattresses.
The home of Walk-O'
Stetson hats, Inter-wov
Home Sewing Machines
Lady Corsets.
(lothili. Shoes, I
::e collect'on of
taxes will be open
=. 1922, to December
S refer to can pay in
with 1 per cent addi
Th:e who prefer paying in
Feh a-*. 1923, may do so with 2
r-: cert additional. Those who pre
fer paying in March 1923, to the 15th
of said month. may do so by an ad
dition of 7 per cent. After said date
the books will close.
Those who do not wish to come to
the office can write me and I will
furnish them with the amount due
. and they can remit me by check
money order or registered mail.
- Flease do not send money withoul
registering same, as it is liable t<
get lost and it is at senders risk.
State Levy, 7 1-2 mills.
Ord Co., 10 mills.
Const. Schools, 3 mills.
Road Bond, 3 1-22 mills.
Special Roads, 5 mills.
Total. 31 mills.
Road Tax, 83.00.
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R
Bonds. Hurricane township, 2 mills.
L~evy for interest on Pickens R. R
Bonds, Eastatoe township, 2 1-2 mills
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R
Bonds. Pickens towvnship, 2 mills.
Poll tax 81.00 . (One Dollar.1
Every male person between the ages
of 21 to 60 years is iable cxcept thos(
excused by law.
.Commutation Road Tax, $3.00. Al:
.persens owing dloes are required tc
pay a tax of $1.25 pn each (log. Dog
txmust he paid by February 1. 1923
. Special School tax by Districts
District No. 1, 7 mills.
.District No. 2. 11 mills.
DistrX't No. 3, 8 mills.
District No. 4. 8 mills.
District No. 5. 12 mills.
District No. 6, 8 mills.
District No. 7, 8 mtills.
District No. 8, 20 mills.
District No. 9, 20 mills.
District No. 10. 16 mills.
District No. 11. 24 mills.
District No. 12, 10 mills.
District No. 13. 15 mills.
District No. 16. 8 mills.
District No. 17, 20 mills.
District No. 18, 14 mills.
District No. 19, 8 mills.
District No. 20, 11 mills.
District No. 21. 8 mills.
District No. 22, 8 mills
District No. 23. 10 mi11s.
District No. 24. 10 milks
Distr(ct No. 25, 14 mills
District No. 26, 14 mi'll.
District No. 2-:. 12 mills
District No. 2S, 8 nils.
District No. 29. 10 m'ills.
District No. 80. S mills
District No'. 21. 20 mi ls
District No. 22, 8 ills
Dis:riet No. :22. 11 n ills
Distric No. 2n. 8 mnt 0.
Distr'e: N. ii 1 mills.
D)itric N . ~. mills.
District No. :. "16 mills.
Di rft N . 'M 1 mils.
P .ti- N\ . c'1. a il s.
P stpe N '. '2 2 mills.
isrict No. t4. 18 mills
Dist.N. 4 I. 8 ils
Ditit No. 410, 15 mills,
Dis-.e No. -47. 14 millk.
Distr ic No. 418. 15 mills.
DititNo. 419. 15 miils.
District N o. 50, 8 niills.
Ditrc N'. 51. 8 mills.
DI)trit No. 52, 8 mills.
Dis~i No. 55, 10 milks.
Dti No. 56, 8 mills.
I (O. T. Hintcn
Connty Tiere
AND WINTER 1922-23
cettcn has advanccd to much higher prices than' most people expected,
vcry little. All our fall and winter goods were bought at the lowest point,
s ed accordingly. This applies to our entire stock of Dry Goods and No
i' and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Underwear, Shoes, Hardware and Groceries,
d House Furnishings.
es. It doesn't take a Special Sale w ith a brass band along to sell them.
',rhart Overalls. Walk-Over shoes, Eindicott-Johnson shoes, Red Riding
r.;cr Brown hosiery. (Good since T ige was a pup) Ivory garters, Iron
Lh.es. Chase City buggies. Blue R ibbcn spring, (Guaranteed 25 years).
rer, Red Riding Hood and Endicott Johnson shoes,
en hosiery, Griffon Clothes, Carhart overalls, New
Irun King Stoves, Chase City buggies, American
lats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
4 4
4 T
4 O
4 Torn .Satr--.----.-..*...-6.0490
4 Rodtr4li-- - - - . ... 6.0360
'4 R aseSatr --.-- ... . 3.0490
4 Rodtr tre N E W.Rm . .6.0450
4 T yr-- -e -- ---- 0.- B. Pric- Delivere435.00
4 dTuring. lIf e-r-order-is-placed-n-w2we.ca give6re0
4 Torin . Strer SIT------ TON Jr.6S0 49O
4 Touthotrie and and Ri ordson33.0 465.00r
epk CasPp la -- -to -N. -A. -Christ -23 .00 ap2iaio7t . 00hiso
0Casi. tar2thda-o- No- n--- ens-- county0. 3nth67ae .0Sot0Cr
b er. n 19- - - - - - -9.0a01ococ ntefre n ia on6he25h.da0o Noem e
en Trcnto rd for---eave-to--make --eaqbe herd3or5ev .t0mk0fa
4 F e ttlee t f ith pr s o rallosttlment of ORD perona esat o
a de LydIf G res acl. M ns J. can Wade, rea sead oti
de e, an t discharea. ichg s ad iitao f si
uno izod andtFte.sestate.
Leonhrd B. WilickenGur si S. C.Wa

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