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FAV'UV COARiS,15 styles with
name, lOct. post pait. J. B.
USTZD, Nassau, Rens. Co., N. Y.
With a Cold is Always Dangerous.
ELLS' Carbolic Tablets,
a sure remedy for Coughs, and nil Iis.
e*ses of the 'Throat, Lusgs, (:best and
Muleosn Membrane.
Sold by all Druggists.
O, N. CIIITTENTON, 7 Sixth Avenue, N. Y.
/- f1 a month. AOENTh WANTUn
4 'J 0 on tour TI[1*At (Ir.AT $2
POoaJH. Tlhe Story ot' (:Cesariey
RIosM, a full account. of this great my'
tery written by his Father, beats Robin
son Crnsoe in thrilling initerest. 'The
Illustrated HANDI-noon to all nur.xuos, a
com plete nocoutt of all denomillatioUs
and sects. 300 Illustrations. A Iso Ihe
ladlies' medical guide, by Dr. Pancoast.
1110 Illustrations. These books sell at
{ ight. Male and fenhle agents coin
:noney on them. Particulars free. Jopies
1t by mail $2 each. JonN 1;. Porr11-L: & Co.
;fir Philadelphia.
1 A L hUBC A'T I V E
Nl We want 501 more first-class Sew
Ing Machine Agents, and 51) men of
energy and ability to learn the lusiness
of selling Sewing \lachines. Con pensa
tion liberal, but varying according to
ability, charoter aend qualiticntions of the
Agont. For particulars, Address
Wilson Sewing Machine ('o,
827 & 829 Broadway, New Yolk, or New
Orleans, La.
On the line of a great rail-oal with good
markets both East West.
Now Is the Time to S cure it.
Mild talimate, Fertile Soil, beat Country
for Stock Raising in the United St.at:,s.
Books, Maps, full inforaljltion, also,
Sent free to a I parts of the world.
Address, 4:. 3mo'. 3)A,'geM3,
Land Con).U, P. 1. It.
Wofderful Success . 25,000
Sold in 00 days TI. being lthe only
complete low-price work (770 ifag(es onIv'
t 2.5I.,treating of the o tire history ,graUd
buildings, wonidoerful ex'iilits,eui, ositit.s
great days, etc.; illustrated nail .$ cheap
er than any other; over body wants it.
One new agent cleared $3.: in 4 wee,
S3,0t0 agentsl wanted . Sen-i tiic ly f,
Sproof Of abo' , opinions ofof l ilh..clergy.
and press, sa pie pages, fullde,-cription
and our extra terms.
I HonnBAR Bnos., I'tcrs.. 733 i6:,Isoml St.
Phil., Pa.
Caution. Beware of 'al ely ciimed
offioial andl worthless boa s- Sand for
0n1 Gold Jewel.
drf oolbina
G un out. (on.
sixtin g of ole
:int w a I e 1.
1inin, Iladiesi'
diamond ~ r oh andtiear
sent, post..paid, for 50j ets, hiave been1 re..
tailed for *6, Bankrupt stock and( muilst
bol sold. Solid . 1l ten Gold Watches,
$10 each, for . uspecultive pur
posea, goo d timers, equjial inal pearancie
to a $200 g en)EiDne gold. "l'is reputionm
for honesty, fair d~a~ling andliberality is
uneq1ualed by any ,ad vortiset in tis
city. '-Kew l ork Dhy Book, Dec.11), 1876.
Postaigo Stamnps ta on as cash.
1'. STOCKMAN, 27 Bond St., N. Y.
Boot antl Shoe Manufacturer',
THlE undersigned re..
Rpetctfuilly annonnees to tho
~ estizens of Fairfield that ho
has removed lg Iloot and
Shoe Manufaotory to one door belo(w Mr.
O.Muller's. I amu prepared to mnanutfgeture
all styles of wvork in a substantial and
workmanlike manner, ont of the very'best
materials, and at p)rieen fully dts low as the
same goods can be manufaictured for at tihe
North or elsewhere. I keep constantly on
hand a good Stock of Solo andfUppe
Leather, Shoe Findings &c., which will bo
sold at reasonable. pfiocs. Ropairing
promptly attended to. Terms strictly Cash.
jA# riredlHides bought.
oct 12 . . . J. CLENDININjg.
XOTICE is herebyr given to all and sin
..g ul~r the creditors of Thomas Stitt,
Sdeceased, that application will be0 made
to the Judge of Probate for Fairfieldl
County, in Winboro 'at 10 o'clock~ in
the forenoon on the 7th ofMdi-oh next foi
A final discharge and letters dism~iss6ry'.
All persons eoneerned mitst'show cause,'if
anon or before thtd
Emperor William Cabbage,
F HIE best, largest, hardiest and Mnost
1.profItalble variety of wIn1taR CAnBAO:
known in Europe, and imported to this
cooutry exelo'ively by the undorsignod,
where, with little cultivation, it flour..
ishes astonishingly, attaining an onor
ious size, and selling in the market at
prices most gratifying to the produeer.
In transplanting, great earo should be
utSed to give sufficient space for growth
Solid heads the size oft he mouth of a flour
barrel is the averuge run of this choioo
variet . One package of thie teed sent
post paid on receipt of 50 cents, antd one
3 eent postage stamup. 'T'hree packages to
on1e address $1 0 I anld two :3 cent stamlips.
Twelve packagcs.sent on receipt of $3 00.
p- leacd what a well known Garrett
Co. Marylatuder says of the Ez'urEnon WIL
LIAM Cabbaget
BLooMroToN, GanuTr Co.,
Md., Jan. '2, 1877.
Mu. JAES CA5IrELL. 00 Fulten St. N. Y.
)ear Sir: -1 boughit som1e seed from you
last spring', 'and it was gob1-. : Your t
heror William Catbage silts this climate
well. On a moiuntail side the seel vou
sent me produced Cabbages weighing
thirty pounds each,
Very truly yours,
90- I am Sole Agent in the U. S. f.n
the famuous
Maidstone Onion Seed
from Maidstone, Kent' Co., England, pro
ducing the most producing the most
prolific and finest flavored Onions known
and yielding on suiitalie suils froim 8(M) to
Ut9(1 bushels per acre, sown in drils.
Mr. lenry Colvin, a - Irge m-irket garden.
er at Syracuse. N. Y., writes, "Your
English Onion Seed surprise.d mhe by its
large yiel.1, and the delicious lliavo' of the
fruit. I could h ye sold any quantity ir
this mar et at good prices. M v wife says
she will have 11o other onioils for t1e table
in futare. Send me as much aa you can
for the enclo-e'l $5,00(."
One package of seed sent on receilt
of ISO cents and one 3 cent postage stamup.
three packages to one address $1 001 awl
two 3 cent stamps. ' Twelve packages sent
on receipt of $3 (,0.
'my supply is limited. Parties desiring
to secure cithier of the above rare seeds.
should not dolty their orders All Sced
('ash must accompnny all orders. For
either of the above sleetds, address
mar 1-xt(;u t; Fulton St.., N. Y.
MARk , -*'
PaTo. JULv U, PON,
.The followuing lpeci fic points of supe-C
II-(4reat siIeiDc~ty I.. Coin
. -Deuanb'Iity.
13-Esedinagly UL.ht Rn
44Si1 Raaniung N!Mqncieuw.
5--Perfoaus~ ali Varielies of'
0--Ulesnaty of' Fliis and4
Single Machines sont on orders direct
from tihe I actory, written guarantee wvith
*JZSend for cire'ulars and parlticullars.
Add ress,
Thme 'Whlliney Mur'g. Cn.g
feb 17 Paterson, N. ,J.
Et. J.LMdCarley
')EGS to call attentiot. to his new
J..)Stoek of Bor.ts and Shoes, all sizes
anid stylos, at un~pret'edentedly low prices.
An entirely now Stock oft Groceries,
&Bigai, of' all grades, Coffee, fioe, H~ominy.
IMeal; $oap, Starch, fiodaf,Pepp)er, Teai,ete.
F ine Sood Irinh Potatoes.
Choicest Brands of Flour..
Jhest Corn anmd liye Whiskoy in town.
Tobacco and Cigars, Molasses, Lard,
Thacon, llama, &c. Lowest market liies
M~ir 3 - R. 3. McCARLE~Y.
R~f~fCHANTS are tequested to comn
L pere ofur prices for Paper and Paper
Publishers and Printers
Can buy direct of tho Manufacturer on
favorable terms.
are the beg, and che:pest low priced
maciwhliein made, and141 have it 1ai naial repu
tat ion for utility and durability."-T'he
Eccrolyjper, (scaio.
Tui ANSoN If.iT 1y PAI'V.1n Oe(irei( In biy
far tle best nachine which can be o,
tained fo' i le41 pries than oe hunl'dr c.1
lolhirs. It is of great. strength. 'These
achines have always taken the higherst
stitld. It is the only unotcihiin' to which
is itlial the Patent Movalhl Guttiin.
Bonrd. Thi is idevice has a repl tation it
itself: by it, the cutting board can he in
stantly and accuirately uoved, sit that it
p)orl et ci is insured1 . 'This is 1a very it
piortiant point inl the u'bOinijue, aitl one
that'is posse(. s: by no other. It greatly
reditoos the labor (t preparation in iwork
ing the piper backward ani torwaLrd.
Me cinnot too strongly recomend tI'
advantages of this patent movable boar.
It is worth ' ptrice of this inauhine. aril
)urehusers should fully unlldorsttand how
highly it is to be tlalum."- (lco. I'. Ih,,ri
(t ( .'s Newspaper li"'porter awl i'riuer's
''i .1 in s *n'~Ili'ii)ri TT.4i3DY ('.AI:) CU
'rn is pronounced the most desirsle
Curd Cutter in the makletVct, for the genrl
uses of 1a printing ofliee.
'I'Iie well known ltucoar.rEs CAnO Currien,
with Iimy ateest. ihnproverlents. is still pre
ferred )y mny printers, and holds its
favoritismli iver' ot her iiaeh ines.
None genuiin" but those having my full
address lettered in tie e:sting.
y4 Newspapers in want of advertising
froii first p.rti s shoull s2nd for imiy
Aulllrllithle, Mass.
I will buy of those that buy of Inc.
dec 11
In the ('oul-! t ' f IOlsate.
To Judy Ford, Reubenu For]1. J-s <c' ford.
]'nnis Ford, Preston l'ir l, 'areln le
E'ggleston, Eliz:b1et.hi Richiardl-oon, Ich Im
('ason, Ithody Fordl an11 1'i eniv lord,
legal heirs of Sanders Ford, i:o d icc
iisntsate -
T OU are herehy requtiroea to appear a
the ('ourt of P'robatt- to be h1olde(n tt
Fairfieldl Court HI-se at1, e'leven) o'clock,
a, :.t., ol the tweliti day of April, A. 1),
1877, to show cause, if any you cant, w hy tho
1eal 'Slite of Sunlers iFord, decen:;mse, de.
iuribed in the petition of Louisa )ennis
tiled ll ily (lic'e, shl.l.n si t i i vitdned
or sold. allotting to the said .Judv Ford
one-third thereof, 11n1 to the paid' itellben
Ford. Jesse Ford, 1) n1is Ford, Preston
For, Caroline Eggleston, T' izabethi Wlt
arb on, Ihiaip a-0.11, Ithody Ford, Phony
Ford1 and Louisa Denn1is ('eh one-lft
teeith thereof; anltd al, o why the said
Judy Ford, llenbe n Ford, .le sse Fiord,
('aroline EJgleston. Elizabcth Itichardson,
liina Casi.n, ]hiody ford and Phnv
For should lnot accoult for the rents anil
protits of said real estate sitt '' the tenth
day of Angoil t, A. n. 1 s73, and provision
be made fr the paymet to the other par
ties ofit their respective sharles of such
rents and prtofits.
Given under iimy hand14 andn seal this the
twelfth day of Februairy, A. 1. 1877.
0. i. 1'IOMP.ON,
feb 11-l'a'w8t. J. P1. F. C.
Dry Goods Establishment
~r[ IE SOneess attending the disposal of
.. r OU i MoNIicFN~rTTic, wthichitne pu~t
upioni the market, early thlis seasonf at such
low figures, convinees us th.at. the public
appr~eciate 0our eff'orts to suippay thiemi with
thbo eal t oid 11ost styl ish goods.
huying:as we de fromi the first hands
and for cAsut, enables us to offerT
Wo are now receiving a new tand elegant
stock of
Iwhich wiil be sold at the sar11e low r~ulting
.popu.lar plrices4. We -cxpect to do a uv
P1'Hi5NG IWSiNiIss, alnd brins~i1l will be
offer' d daily.
''A word to the wie ist suifilont,"
p#ie Samples senlt on application and
expriago pae iiid on bills over $10.
Grand Central Dry Goods Establishmlent.
T. A. McCnniny. B. B. MoOnr'tn,
13. A. IIAwLs, WaM, flonK 41,
feb 20
$.,25i0,40 worth of spaco in. various
neowapapers distributed throiugh thirty
S tattes will be0 sold for $700 cash; Accurate
insertions galarantceed, A list of the
papeors, giving daily and weekly oironia.
tion and printed schedulo of rates, soni
free on a >plication to GEO. P ROWF-Li1
& CO., ocwsppor, Adyisa Ag. et
No. 41 tarkfew, N'v .
LI''7: IN TL1 L,'J'TltRy WORtLD.
A Grat Resoption--Natablo Asmi
blago o' PIent, Ga a ;o and Rovor and
Soi ;n-ors--Pen Per. r its of Nun o .ots
Ctilot ritie 2--A Fealt Qt feLson au l
Flow of Soal.
ew York Curresp wIience of the Capital.
"They all ltonk," said a bello of
Murray lull salon, glancing down
the line of nutal)ilities gathered to
gether in the elegant parlors of A,
J. J. Johnston, the publisher, last
night, "tLiy all look like signers of
the (ecIara1tion of I mlepondence.
And did not they ? "Most potent,
grave and reverend seignior" every
one, they carried their eminent
heads with an heir of conscious
power, and made the lesser lights
present flickr and flare as though
abashed before them. Di ines rose
up : 1nd called t heir neighlubors bless
ed on every side ; poets were thicker
than the traditional loaves in V al
lanbrosa ; magnates of collegiate
renown b baine.l benignantly on the
scene ; artists seemed to sketch in
their minds' eye the dazzling vista
of the spacious roos111, perfmed
with flowers and muuelodiouis with
the music of a sequestered orche
tra ; literary people of all shapes and
sizes were amongi us, taking notes
and, like a snow-drop in a mn:ss of
laurel and and exotics, stood one
sweet singer, once of Chapin's Isra
el, now of the operatic stago. This
reception was colui)mhtentary to
the cditori-in-chief of J ohuson's
Universal Cyclpedia-P-I'resident F.
A. 1'. Barnard :id Professor Arnold
Guyo0-::m l the associate editors,
whose thues make ia small legion,
The conlpletion of a work that had
its inception in thegiant brain of Hor
ace Greely, who depended on the
hard pan of facts to such an extent
that hie appireited th uses of a
cyclOl)cdia that should be univers:al,
was justly doemed Worthy of sone
mnaimiflestation of social cliarateLer.
So all the litcra: y world was Lid.lon
to t1i statehv m11115ion th!at stands
wi thin a stone's th ow of the arsenal
in Central Park, and whien, from
basement t) y,trr. t, is u )dde:eJ,
aftor a fashzi m toLt c >mbine.s e;o
gance with con1venIiC1nce.
y11'1(ar(d(; w1oi, as the French say,
tlls g r0u1) of divmies tIt acidenit
hasL ja.kle I t I.g.Tm in t'U m )ving4
n1,ass urni.er t:ie brilliantly lit chlan
lelier1S cldose t) the Iank of hyacinths
that penetrate thel roomislike incI(es
froml thieir .stationl (11 the mntel..
piece. The Rev. E. 11. C wapin, who
looks like IY.rvin and talks like him
self ; the 11ev. Dr. Ormi.ston, ap
List to the core, Scoteh in his
s peech, and cro nol a ith bushy
black luiaic that hans been saisi to ro
.fa:ub)e heaven, becauise (excuse tho
age of this joke-it was once a dar-,
ling, but it is growing old) "there
is no parting there;" the Rev. 0. B.
Frcthmgham, who is tall and slen
der, and looks Is pleased as a main
ca~n in a black frock coat that inter
fores with the natuiral rights o fhis
cravat, and1( searcely leaves roomu for
a stiff whiiW rim of hia collar;
andi tihe Itov. William 1K Alger,
whose mild blue eye takes every,
b ody iln umn obtrusively and as..ist~s
him ill forming his~ own-.-conclusions
considera.ly quicker than .Jack IRo
binson coul bie said 1by thO aIveralge
sinner. Mr. Alger's recent sermon
oni the theatre, which "the profes
sion" are0 urginlg him(1 to repeat, was,
by the way, ma chapter' from "'The Lil'o
of Edwin Forrest," wvhich hie is now
wri tinlg. 'The suuill, active mnan,
withI thec fine forehead, and a pretty,
m~odost younlg lady oni his arm, (his
daughter,) is tile Rev. Win. T1.
Clar ke, one tihe editor of the Gohl
den Ag1e, anid now and always of
the Graphic staff. Mr, Clarke has
given upI up preaching regularly, at
Unity (o tal Harlem, but he is
still foremost inl many good works
of con-phosition). Heore, too, is fan
othr Gapic manlf-W. A. (roff'ut,
a poet. D). 0. Croly, tho editor-in
chief of the same entorprisin ~'jour
nal1, is conispicuous in the brong.
With him is his wvife, best known
as "oJonnie June," who wears blue
belles in the rare lace at her throat,
Apropos, I heard recently the way
tis clever writer camie to take her
zoin dC plume. When 81he ws a
child a friend of her famnily Bent her
a book ci verses, one poem among
which wvas entitled "Jonnie June."
Th le giver wrote that he sent the
boo0k to her because she Wvas the
June iest girl lie knew; and when
she: grew up and began to earn her
living by her pen, Bile remembered
tl)'s, and took the name for what hais
since become a~ widely :known sig-,
Come we nto'w tn thenets. -Thaf
eyes are not in a fine frenzy rolling,
but one of them is certainly unique.
His name is Joaquin Miller. Since last
I gazed Upon that child of nature he
has let his hair grow, and it now
falls on his shoulders in a miss that
resembles molasses caniidy ore yet it
has ben thoroughly pulled. He
wears with this tawny chevalure a
nee'ktie that is of the color of the
lilac blossoms, to conforln to poetis
cal parlance, and a jewel, as bright as
that dazzling gom which the tunors
far we-.t would tQrmu his "intelleek,"
sparkles on t ho mauve surface. To
speak a1s the scribes, and not as one
having the authority of personal
comn(flion, I should not hesititato
to pronounce Joqminin too bright, too
beautiful, to last in the good opinion
of society. It is a law of social in
tercourse tlit the gereral good
5houl(1 be held against individual
glr101' ificntion. Hence these tears
over the songsters of the Sierra.
Another poet is a mai of the worl t
agrooablo, well informed, and th.
reverse of conceited--Edgar Faw
cott. A graduate of Columbia Col
lege, a scion of an "ole" and first
family, a member of the Union Club,
nothing could be more opposite than
his hearing and deportment (though
he has had blushing honors and will
have more), from that of "some
people," But, ap rpo dCs bottee,
enter William Cullen Bryant, who
looks as though he might he made
up for "Lear"- "at very poor old
man." Mr. Byrant grows more in
firm, as is the common lot, but his
presence is still full of dignity if de,
void of warmth.
Look where one will, one's oves
eneounter a celebrity. Ex Governor
Iloftinan, the noblest Roman of them
all mn appeartnco, i 1111 whose nas,
sive jaw betokens the iron will of a
leader : Constant Mayer the artist,
bland with true French suavity ; Dr,
HIIlland, "Bitter Swet;" Mrs. Groot,
ia leader of society, whose Sunday
even:'.t receptions are among the
pleasaltest 1in town ; Frank Carpen
ter the artist ; Mrs. Greatorex of
the sam guild, her silvery hair
worn short in soft enrls about her
head ; her daughters, artists like
their mother ; and one, a piquanto
brune, in a pink silk robe, cut low in
the neck in the old Elnglish style,
with long sleeves edged with lace
Mr. M. L. Marks, editor of the ID.
tustratead WCeekl.y ; two rival piano
anuilllfaltlllrors, the handsome
Chickoring and the vivacious Vebor;
Miss Mary L. Booth, the editor of
Ilarper's lazaar, her strong face,
with its shortsighted eyes and wide
nostrils, engrossed with the scone ;
Thornltyko Rico, a man of fortune,
who 1has taken up his 1)011 on the
North A meriea Review. Samuel
Bowles, with Adams, Murat Hals
stead, with Bowles ; the Rev. Chas,
Dooms of the Church of the Stran.,
gers, Mrs. Barrow, ("Aunt Fanny,")
petite, with her still rounded arms
emerging from her dress of dark
blue silk ;. John Cochrane, a reforir,
or to the core ; Dr. Willard Parker,
Professor Murray-.Nairne, Scotch,
sir, Scotch, and versed in belles..
lettres, sir ; Mr. Lake, the merchant,
and his wife, glistening in diamonds;
Mrs, Martha J. Lamb, author of
"The History of New Tork ;" Gene,
ral Newton, crowned with Hell Gate
rocks figurativ~ely ; Junius Henri
Browne, Stephen Pearl Andrews,
Mr's. Mary Olommer, Mrsa, Laura
Cuirtis Bullard-in fact, a host wor
thy of the hlost of tihe occasion.
Not tile least interesting person
age present was Miss Emma J,
Abbott, who, superbly attired ini
can ary-coloredl silk, with wvreathls of
h oily berries as garniture, (en)tered
thle room on tile arm of her husband,
Mr. Woetherecll, Miss Abbott was ex-,
pectod to sing, but the rooms were
so wam, and the buzz of convprsa,,
tionl Ao great during the perform
ance of a selection by a pianist
wvhoso powerful touch could scarcely
make the instrument bo heard above
th e oattor,. that she decideod not to,
There is vr'y little doubt but the
first note of her voice would have
hlushled the assemblage, bursting as
it was with small talk, but it is not
especially encouraging for a& singer
to conmc forward wvhile a honuso
swarms like a boo hive with in'teleet
out on a holiday and cravif g -free
spcfh. Among the pictures on the'
walls of Mr'. Johnson's parlora~ iso
of Horace Greeley and one of ANicg
Cary, Tile portraits of the dlead'
poetoss is a fine one in oil, and con
veys a strong impression of the darlC
face of her who sang "on oneO pure
harp to divers tones,' The lustr'ous
eyes alm~ost seem to speak.
the death of Mrs. J. .0. Ha~good, the
'ivife of the late Dr. J, 0. Hagood,
and mother oif General Jono
Iaoo. '

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