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News Letters From Many
Happenings of Interest to ninny Pro>
pie nil over tin; County and to Those
Who Have Left the Family Hearth,
stone nnd frone to Other States.
Hillside, Dec. 2.?Calvin Weathers,
of near Hillside, and Miss Carrie Al
exander, of Starr, were married Thurs
day in Anderson. The groom is 0
nrosperous young tanner, and ii held
in high esteem by all who know him.
The bride is a beautiful young lady of
many charms, and has a wide cir
cle of friends. Their many friends
wisli them both many joys and no
sorrow on life's long voyage. May
He that walked the waters, make
their like one of joy.
Hillside is soon to have a new store.
Bdd Bradley, one Of Hillside's
farmers will move out of this sec
tion next week. Hdd doesn't expect
to find a better place than Hillside,
anyway he can't.
C. L, Weathers was last heard from
in Atlanta.
Our farmers in both Greenville and
Laureus counties would do well to not
put quite sc much confidence, or de
pendence in cotton next year, as they
did this time. They staked all hopes
on cotton, and the short crop, and
tfemenoUsly low prices knocked out
these props, and of course, it might
have a very pleasant descent when they
fell, but oh; such a landing! The
farmers should plant more .potatoes;
sow more grain, produce more corn,
and raise more pork. Hut somehow
or other they won't do this. Maybe,
it's because that Is a new thing just
at present, and they may he afraid of
the leap. They should not be afraid
of originality. Be original. There's
no harm in it, but there's a lot of good
Whooping cough has about died
down In tills section.
Lanford, Her. 2.?The snow was
quite & surprise to every one. It be
ing a holiday, it was spent in hunting
by a great many in this section, a num
ber of rabbits and birds being killed.
Moving seems to he the order of
the day here. Mr. Hembree has mov
ed Into Mr. L. M. Cannon's house,
formerly occupied by Mr. Tien Wil
liams, Mr. Will laug having moved
to Bnoree, Mr, Wardell has rented
Mr. Cloud Martin's farm and is mov
ing his family there. Mr. W. T.
Cooper has bought Mr. Wardell out.
Miss lOtolia Lanford has been quite
sick but is able to be back at her
work teaching.
Mrs. J. S. Higglns was called to
the bedside of her brother, Mr. Wel
lie Ferguson, of Greer, whose condi
tion is critical.
Among those who are sick are Mrs.
J. W. Lanford, Mrs. H. C, Shore. Mrs.
Mary Montjoy, Mrs. Minnie Willis nnd
Miss Ruth Mattox. We wish for
them a speedy recovery.
Mr. J, Lee Langs ton spent Thanks
giving here.
Mr. W. 1*. Smith, of White Pine,
Tenn., spent Sunday night with ('apt
J. W. Lanford.
Mr. J, M. Fleming and Mr. B. H.
Moore attended the Masonic meeting
In Columbia. Thanksgiving.
Miss Bessie Brown spent the week
end with her parents near Laurens.
Mrs. W. B. Harmon and son, Johnte
Bee, arc visiting in Newherry.
Messrs. L. M. Cannon, .lohn Cun
ningham ano J, W. Lanford were In
Laurens Monday on business.
Mr. J. B, Johnson nnd family of
Gray Court, spent Thanksgiving here,
with Mrs. H. M. Johnson.
The Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Freman
Lanford was hurried at the Baptist
Church here on last Thursday.
Mr. T. J. Little died at his home
at Pleasant Mound Monday morning.
'Ho was hurried at Bethany church
nenr their old home. Mr. Little has
been in had health for some time. The
family has the sympathy of the com
. Mr. L. M. Cannon has had lightning
rods put on his house.
Mr. Clarence May spent Friday
night lit Capt. .T. W. Lanford's.
Miss Flossie Lanford spent Thurs
day here with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. J* Lanford. Mrs. Robinson
accompanied her.
Mr. Clyde and Baxter DeShlelds
spent several days last week here.
Mr. John Patterson- was here for
Madden, Dec. 2*?A "few of the
faithful" gathered to the call of the
teacher Thanksgiving and helped
beautify the school room. When the
prize is won no doubt we'll all say
"we did it!" Another case of "Betsy
and I killed the bear."
The friends of Uncle John Flnley
will be sorry to hear that he was quite
sick for a day or so last week. He is
up now and we trust will soon be his
usual self. For one who has led so
[ active a life as he, H is hard to be
confined to the house and as ho plain
j tively remarked. "It is a little too soon
to go into winter quarters!'
Miss Bonnie Profitt is also sick
with the grippe. We trust she will
soon be out again.
Messrs. N. C. and Brooks Martin of
Greenville, were week-end visitors to
our city recently. They were the
guest8, while here, of Mr. .1. R. Flnley
' m.s. Allison.
Mrs. Mollie Piusen and children and
e e Thompson have returned
from a pleasant visit at ICasloy. They
nsnt Thanksgiving with their rela
tes, Mr. and Mrs. Miller of Basloy.
Mrs. Pinson also stopped over in
Greenville to have the eyes of her lit
tle son. Young, treated by Dr. Car
penter. We trust the eye sight of the
little fellow win he permanently bon
efltted. .
Mr. .1. A. Woyord, Who has had quite
a serious spell of sickness Is now on
a visit to bis sister's, Mrs. Cooper,
of Greors, and Mrs. Greshaw of Simp
SOnville. His friends will be glad to
hear he is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson and
Miss Myra Wofford, were the guests
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dean.
Auditor Thompson and family were
the Thanksgiving guests of Judge and
;>?>:. Thompson.
Master John Moore lludgens was
out for the Thanksgiving holidays with
his grandmother. Mrs. Langston and
cousins, Tom R. and Harold Culbert
Mr. Claude Flnley ate a birthday
dinner Sunday at the home of his sis
ter. Mrs. Frank Martin, of Danrons,
t being the 21st birthday of his neph
ew. Mr. Roy Martin.
Dials. Dec. 2.?Thanksgiving day,
the day one is supposed to
"Count your blessings,
Name them one by one;
Count your many blessings.
Sec what God has done."
is just past, although very few hardly
attempted to count their blessings
"one by one". To have done so would
have been a stupendous undertaking,
when one realizes the manifold bless
isgs to he thankful for.
Mrs. J. S. Brooks has returned to
her home, after a pleasant visit w1
her daughter, Mrs. N. T. Nabors, of
Mr. Herbert Owings spent several
days last week with his sister Mrs.
Hattie Willis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gillespie of
Greenville, have returned to thodr
home, after visiting Mrs. Gillesplc's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harris Curry.
Mrs. .1. M. Rolt has returned to her
home in Greenville after speeding a
few days with her daughter, Mrs. W.
C. Rrownlee.
Mrs. II. Y. Simmons is visiting rel
atives in Williamston.
Mr. Langston, and daughter, Miss
Hetty, of Laurens. spent Thanksgiving
day with Mr. J. D. Curry and family.
Miss Grace Owings spent (lie week
end with Miss Sue Cook of Fountain
Miss Clarrlnda Abercromble died
' Friday. Nov. 22nd, at the homo of her
nephew. Mr. Laurens Darnell, after
an Illness of several months. She
was an earnest Christian, having been
a member of the home department of
the Dials Sunday school for some
time. The funeral service was con
ducted by Rev. J. P. Attaway at Dials
Saturday at ii o'clock.
The eyes of the Methodist world of
South CarolIsa, have been turned to
wards Anderson where the annual
conference U in session. One nOVl r
knows whom the Bishop Will See fit
to change, and to many of the preach
ers It will mean the "parting of the
ways". It is to he hoped that Mr.
(Continued on Page Four.)
John Mills, Hefty Tackle Elected
Carolina's Captain for 1018.
The "C" men of the University of
South Carolina last evening elected
John 1). Mills to serve as football
captain for the season of 1913. Mr.
Mills has been one of the university's
mainstays during the present season
and Is expected to make the Game
cocks a splendid general. The elec
tion took place at the home of H. N.
Edmunds, where the "C" men were
delightfully entertained.
"Big" Mills plays tackle on the uni
versity team. He is from Laurons.
He Is very popular with the men o!
the university and has shown bj hlf
playing and general work on the
gridiron that he is fitted for tli<
high honor that his fellow players
have bestowed upon him.?The State.
MIts. A. M. HILL.
Lstimahlc Woman of Cross Hill Pass
es to (he Beyond. Honorary h'scort
of School Children.
Cross Hill, Nov. 23.?A gloom was
cast over our town last Wednesday
when it became known that Mrs. A.
M. Hill would probably not live 'til!
the next day. She died Wednesday
night. Mrs. Hill had been it great
sufferer and everything that loving
hands and medical skill COUIO <'n was
done to no avail. "Death loves a shin
i mg mark." She leaves a husband
four girls, the youngest about two
years old. and a mother to mourn.
Her body was laid to rest Thursday
afternoon in the Presbyterian ceme
tery. Rev. .1. A. Martin, conducted the
services, assisted by Rev, W. I >. Hatch
The following were pal 1 bearers:
J. 0. Denny, .1. 11. Rasor. E. B. Ras
o;\ M. A. Le.tman, J. R. Wllcut and
Marvin Anderson. Ten girls of the
ninth grade dressed in white, each
ca ying a wreath and six little girls
carrying Mowers acted as honorary
escort. The floral offerings were pro
fuse and beautiful. The grase was
OVered with Mowers. A large number
of relatives and friends attended the
I,aureus bodge. Knights of Pylliias
Holds Annual election of Officers.
At the regular meeting of the I.au
reus Lodge. Knights of Pythias, held
last Monday evening the following
officers were elected for the coining
('has. P. Brooks, ('. C.i L. <!. Kofi'.
V. ('.; C. II. Casque. Preplate; Dr.
Heard en, M. of \V.; .lohn Peterson, K,
of R. & S.; J. P. Tolbert. M. of P.;
W. B. Sloan. M. of B,: ("has. II.
Rounds, M A.; Kennerly Todd, I. <!.:
Thomas Downey, O. G. At this meet
ing also, Mr. .1. A. Roland was elect
ed 1). D. (1. C.
At the regular meeting next Mon
day, the second degree will be given.
The attendance during the past year
has been excellent- and much Interest
is being taken in the lodge.
L. II. Ferguson.
Mr. V.. V. Ferguson was called to
Creer Sunday, where he went to he
present at the funeral of his brother
Mr. L. H. Ferguson, who died there af
ter an extended illness. Mr. Fergu
son was a native of this county ami
is remembered by a large number of
people here, lie is survived by four
sons, six brothers ami one sister, lie
was about 55 years of age.
At Copelnnd School.
Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock,
Prof, .1. G. Cllnksoalofl win make an
address at Copelaiid school, it will
ronomberod that Prof. Clinkscalcs
was to make an address there several
weeks ago. hut he was unavoidably de
tained. As an admission fee was tak
en up at that time and not rcttt- ned,
no admission fee will be charged this
time. However, a small donation from
those who did not attend before will
':e welcomed by the school.
Wlnonfl H?fel Leased.
Mr. S. W. Mitchell, an experienced
hotel man who has been running a
hotel is Ilendersonville, has leased the
VVlhona hotel property and has al
ready taken charge. Mr. Mitchell is
originally from Chester and is well
acquaint* d with the hotel business.
He states that it will be conducted on
the highest plane and that it will ho
a credit to the city.
Deplorable Accident In the Hurricane
Section of this County Saturdny.
A very deplorable accident occurred
In the Hurricane section of this coun
ty, near Clinton. Saturday, when
young Heeder Whltmlre accidentally
shot his younger brother, Copelnnd.
with a shotgun, causing his death. The
two young boys are sons of Mr. and
Mrs. J, P. Whltmlre and they have
the deepest sympathy of all in their
sore bereavement.
The two boys being so young and
the accident causing BUCh a shock to
thfl elder one. no connected facts as
to how the accident occurred can be
secured. However, the two were out
hunting rabbits. Heeder Wlhitmlro
seemed to have been in front of his
younger brother and walking with
his gun on Iiis shoulder cocked. Some
how or other, the elder hoy stumbled
or the hammer of the gun hit a limb
or In some other way the gun was
caused to lire, the load hitting the
younger brother walking behind. As
sistance was Bought at once, but the
young fellow soon died. He was bu
ried at the Hurricane church Sunday,
where many gathered with the parents
at the Interment.
Hurled !? Laurens Ccmeter) Yester
day Morning, Rev. L. I'. McGce con
ducting the Scr>iccs.
Mrs. Leiha Harris, wife of Mr. P.
.1. Harris, died early Monday morning
at tho home of her brother, Mr. Dick
Owings, where they have lived for
several years. Mrs. Harris had been
in poor health for several years, her
death being momentarily oxpocted.
TllO funeral services wore held yes
terday morning in the Linnens ceme
tery, Rov. I-. P. McQco, her pastor,
conducting the services.
I The deceased was a daughter of (ho
late Mr. ".lot" Owings. She is sur
vived by her husband and little daugh
ter, JaniO, and other relatives.
Moves Into Oun House.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cannon have
moved into the house recently bought
by Mr. Cannon from Mr. \V. L. Cray.
The house is located on West Main
street, between the homes of Mrs. Ann
Oar ret t ami Dr. II. K. Alkcn, Mr.
and Mrs. Cannon have been making
their homo heretofore with Mr. anil
Mrs. John P. Holt.
Sale of Kane) Work.
The fancy work, left over from the
ladies bazaar, will he on sale at Min
ier Company's store Wednesday. De
cember 11th. The display will he in
the front show window. A large num
ber of beautiful pieces are still on
hand. The ladies will dispose of them
at attractive prices.
A marriage of considerable interest
to friends in this county took place
Wednesday morning at Burlington,
N. C, when Miss AI venia Clegg Guth
rie, the charming daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. B, O. Guthrie, and Mr.
Olin Bascom Pitts, of Cross Hill, were
united in marriage. The Forest
Street. Methodist church was the
scene of this beautiful event. Long
before tlx* appointed hour. 10.4?? o'
clock, the church was mied with rel
atives and friend*. Mrs. W. .* Hives
presided at the organ and rendered
a program of wedding music. Just
preceding tho ceremony, Miss Blolse
Guthrie, Cousin of tho bride, sang
"Because". Rev. J. O. Guthrie, uncle
of the bride, performed th ? ceremony.
| The ushers wer< : Messrs. Sfv
Moore, lOrn.it Ik;:, Jooto Laxly and
I Vitus Holt. Mi. B. s v. Da me ron
was groomsman. Miss Florence
Pitts, sister of the groom, was the
bridesmaid. The groom entered with
his brother. Mr. Wesley Pitts. of
South Carolina, as best man. The
bride entered on the arm of her sis
ter. Miss Ada Guthrie. She never
looked prettier than on this, her wed-'
ding dav. ShO wore a suit of dark
blue cloth with chiffon blouse and
other accessories to match, and car
ried a bouquet of bride's roses and'
Hilles of the valley. 1
Following the ceremony Mr. and
Mrs. Pitts left for their home in
Cross Hill The popularity of this
young cotiide was attested by the
handsome array of wedding gifts.
On Tuesday evening a reception
was held at the home of the bride's
parents for the brldaJ party.
meeting of teachers.
Prof. J. 0. (linkst nies will Address
Teachers ut (lie Selieol Auditorium
MIhh Wll Lou Gray, rural school
supervisor, hn8 announced that the
"? County Teachers Association
will hold Its monthly meeting In the
graded school auditorium here Satur
day morning. The meeting will op
en promptly at 11 o'clock, so all the
teachers are urged to he on time.
The feature of the day will he an
address by Prof. J. Q. Cltnkscntcs, of
Wofford college. Prof. Cllnkscales is
too well known In Laurens county
to attempt to toll who he is, the mere
announcement being sufficient t<>
guarantee a splendid meeting.
After the address by Prof. Clinks*
calcs, a round table discussion on
"The General Appearance of Schools"
will bo held. It is expected that the
teachers will come prepared to enter
Into this discussion with a great deal
of spirit as this phase of education
is receiving more attention now than
it over before. Laurens county has oc
cupied a prominent part in the move
ment to improve the school buildings
and she is now expected to show an
erpial Inten st in making beautiful
those she has by decorating the rooms
asd beautifying the grounds.
Miss Gray states that many teach
ers experience considerable difficulty
in securing conveyances to attend
?ese meetings. She requests that
; the trustees lake sonic interest in this
matter by providing a way for the
teache rs to get here. She holds that
inasmuch as the teachers are trying,
with all tiie means they llOVO at band,
to increase the OfliClOUcy of tllelll
' S0lV< - and their schools that Hie trus
tees should lend a hand and cooperate
by providing the conveyances for thoill
to attend. A horse and buggy for a
few hours Saturday would enable the
'enchors to attend this most Import
ast meeting.
union \\ wrs one.
"The School Journal" Makes a lilt In
Union County.
Prof Goodwin, a Lnurens boy. who
is teaching school in Union county,
came over during the Thanksgiving
holidays to get some information
about the "School Journal" which Is
being published by the Laurens Coun
ty Teachers Association. He Hated
thai those interested in school im
provement in Union county wore
strongly impressed witii the "Journal*'
as an incentive to bettor school work,
and bad decided to begin publication
of a similar organ at onco.
This Is only one of many score com
pliments to the progrcssivoncss of
the Laurens county schools obtain
ed through the "School Journal", In
I quiries are coming in almost every
day as to the methods used in its
publication and with each Inquiry
i comes a compliment,
It) land lloyd Dead.
News was received In the city yes
terday of the death of Rylnnd Boyd,
the young son of Mr. It. Dunk Boyd,
of the Trinity Ridge section. The
young man, just about sixteen years
of age, has been sick for some days
with pneumonia and his death was not
unexpocted. The Intorment took place
yesterday afternoon at Chestnut Ridge
church, a large number of friends be
ing present to witness the last cere
monies. Rylnnd Boyd was a young
man of exemplary character and
beautiful disposition being popular
among all of bis friends and elders.
The parents have tin- sympathy of
all who know them in their great be
Ilcniitifiil Song Service,
Tbe choir.-, of the Mothodlsl and
Presbyterian churches united at the
Presbyterian church Sunday evening
and rendered a splendid sacred Bong
service, i short talk being made- by
Rev. C. F. Rankln on the pb.ee music
and song has occupied in the chris
tianizing of the world. Besides se\
ernl duets and quartOts, a numbe r of
choruses take n from the cantata Saul
were sung. The service was largely
attended and very much appreciated.
Miss Jnnie Kentherstone Oenil.
Miss JanlO Foatht fstone, of An lor
son. well known in this City flfl the
sister of Hon. C. C. Feathorstonc,
died at her home yesterday morning.
She was Btrlckon with paralysis last
?Ummer anil never recovered, Her
death is deeply deplored by all who
know nor i:ei>>. The interment will
take place- in Anderson.
Real Estate Brought Fair
In Spite of tho Depression in Business
Circles nnd the Tight Condition of
the Monej Mnrtcet, the I,und Sales
Mondaj were Well Attended and
Fair Prices Hilled.
Monday was snlesday of December
and ilie usual largo crowd was in tho
city. A large number or boIos woro
made by county olllccrs and by private
patties, sonn? of the land bringing
very good prices considering the short
i crop and complain! of tight money.
Clerk of Court Sales.
In tho case of .loci lllackwell, et al..
vs R. A. Cooper. 100 acres known as
the Thomas Coats place on Itahun
creek, bought by It. A. Cooper for
In the case of Lucy II. Hunt, et a.,
vs c. I). Dnrksdalo, et a.. 122 acres
known as the .1. Wash Williams place
near MoUlltvlllo, sold to A. M. Hill for
In fee case of Hcssio It. Smith vs
John T. Hill, acres of land in Cross
Hill township, bought by .1. II. M.
Smith for $1.77.'..
In the case of Dr. Krank M. Lander
, vu draco .Matthews Lander and l.nl.t
W. Allen. lOfi acre- in Cross Hill
township, bought by Dr. Frank M.
Lander for $1,000.
In the case of M. s. it. Goodwin vs
It. hi. Goodwin et al., 12-1 acres known
as the Goodwin home place, bought
by o. P. Goodwin for $1,000.
In Iho case of M. S. Pulley K Son vs
Watoroo Itapttst church, two and ouo
half acres with church thereon, bought
by It. t. Dunlap for $.135.
In the case of lOllgOllhl Nichols et.
al., vs IL L, Roper ami l>. A. Mar
lin, et al.. all tracts bought by II. I.
Roper for the total sum of $0,110.
Sheriff's Sale.
in tile case of the hlntcrprlse Rank
vs Ursula M Wallace and Thus. M.
Shaw, both tracts were bought by R.
Y. Wallace, tract No. 1, a house and
lot on Laurel Btl'OOt, for $2,700; trad
No. 2, another house and lot on Lau
rel strict, at present UlQOCCUplod,
in tho cast of Clara II. Rabb vs
.lohn Williams et. al., a lot on Green
street, bought by Ren Madden for
$ I".'..
in tho case of Laurens Trust Co.,
! vs F. R. Tcinpieton. .1. 0. Tomploton.
et. al., six bits on place known as
lladgott InndH, Umght by Lauronlfl
Trust Co. for $500,
Probate Judge's Sales.
In the ease of Annie B. Hopkins
ami .1 W. Ralontlnc vs Wellie R. Rai
ontlne et. al., 40 and K7-I00 aorc-H near
Ware Shoals, bought by Annie R. Hop
kins for $500.
In the case of M L. Nash, as ad
ministrator of the estate of .lames A.
Austin, vs Mary hi. Austin, 152 acres
of land, known as the Samuel Austin
home place, bought by M L Nash for
$1,475; also, house and tot on South
Harper street, bought by M. L. Nash
j for $4,000.
Private Sales.
In addition to these sales, several
I private sales were made-. W. I!.
Knight, as administrator of the win
i and testament of Margaret M. Dial.
I -old inn a eres near Rnrkslale station
' known as tho "Quarter". This was
? hOUght ill b.v the estate ::t ?'i7."..
Dr. .1. S. Wolff bought in for himself
(!:?? tract of 80 acres put on sali- by
him, $1.500 being the highest bid.
The Mo aoros advertised for sale
by Mis. M. F. Farrow was bought in
by her representatives for $4,000.
Samuel McGowan to \ecompanj \i
I?>lIt* Flee! as Paymaster on Voyage
lloglnnlng Januarj
Washington. Dec. V. Pay Inspec
tor Samuel McGowah was today de
: tnehed from the navy pay office at
Philadelphia and is in Washlsgton to
settle accounts preparatory to becoin
! Ing fleel paymaster of the Atlantic
fleol January ?"?? After remaining
I bore a few days, Mr. McG?wftn will
I go to South Carolina and say good
bye to the poople at homo boforo,
starting or. bis long cruise. The stato

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