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unaccompanied by written specific
conditions or reservations, can not but
undermine, to a degree, democratic in
dependence In higher educational in
Willing to Meet Pope But Not With
Greenville Oflice as Prize.
St. Augustine, Fla., Fob. 19.-An
other projected classic of the world
of sport went 'by the boards today
w'hon President-elect -larding declin
ed a challenge from the postmastor
at Greenville, S. C., to match skill
with him on the golf links with a re
alppointment to the postnastership as
a stake. To the challenger's manager,
Mr. Harding wrote that he regarded
himself as only a miserable player
and was unwillinig "to have the ad
ministration weakened by basing its
attitude on my incapacity at golf."
But 'he added that he liked the post
niaster's "sporty inclination," and
if the conditions of the challenge were
removed, he was iwilling to accept a
match whenever op~portunity offered.
The proposal to play for tile ipost
Ilastershi p was made in formal fash
Ion by L)uis Sie rfessee. who describ
ed hinsetf as sef-appointed ma nageL
for the ipostmaster, Thomas ll.'Pope,
a Wilson appointee.
Writing to Mr. Sierfessee, the pres
ident-elect said to MI. Pope that he
felt it. .wotid bie safer' to recomnis
sionl him onl the advice of his frilends
than to risk the apoin tment on the
fortunes of the links.
"As a matter of fact," Mr. Ilard
ing's letter added, "I an giving no
consideration at this time to .any of
the district appoiititents and I take
it that Mr. 1Pope Cit I st easy for the
present and have no worry about his
situationt. The ultiiate course of
the admiinistrat ion is (jnite another,
though 1 amt stire tlerte htas beent no
definite policy decided upon."
Greenvide. Feb1. 19.-Pos tmIlas Ier1
'Tomn au; 11. Pope. WIo cliallenged
Preuid'it-eh-:! I lading to a game ol
L to decide whOther he sholil he
'(ea()poinft d :lost master at Green
ville. lmlday announttlced that it is
algreeable with It im to wit (idLw 1t(e
!t ake. lie said ie che'isLc., a lively
desire to itt h his skill with Mir.
lilroin g ot t.e links. Mr. Pope's mtlan
a ' Ionul Sit 'ressee, suggests Ihat
thte galle he played in Waslintgton
nlext May.
We Have S4
Fortunate in being a
ure has proven the
A M)
:2:30 to
N. Y. State Federatlon of Labor As
sails H1i1m for GIft to Education
New York, Fob. 20.--An attack
against john D. Rockefeller for his
recent donation of $70,000,000 to the
general education board was made in
a statement issued tonight 'by the New
York State Federation of Labor. The
statement, made ipublic by Peter J.
Brady, head of the federation's com
mittee on education, declared the gift,
as well as other activities of the board,
were moves to place academic free
dom in control of a capitalistic sys
"The millions donated to the gon
eral education board," said the state
ment, "have been accumulated as a
result of a type of Ind.imtrial and fin
:ncial control that claracterized one
of the darkost pages on our economic
history. The acquisition of the swol
len for tune t'hat John 1). Rocke
feller now distributes would never
have beeni possible nilder an enlight
elled social system.
"I owever, apart f1rom the taint
which besirches such iealth, organ
IVzI labor objects veheimently to its
d1strih llion to educational inst.i
uti l toll. It is inlcone (ivable that un
der a proper mode of government, edu(II
vationy.zle ins titlitons that serve a vita.
Fuoction inl our11 ldy politic, slall not
deriv' nel(ded reveuiles from the mu
niicipality. tile state or the federal
governmtitentit, rather thani tle million's
froi this (10 01'.
"h'lhe $71,0100,000 donation was made
by .lr. ltockefeller a few weeks ago,
$i40.OnnOnn of which wa.8 given to va-1
rious colleges anld universities for aid
ill inlcreasingll teaIlers' salaris and
$2o.000.000 for tle iin r(o l'.n ol
medical (ilnIcatioll.
Tl labor Mtateme1nt Iiot d the frol
vral indus:trial re atlions cominms , -o
appointei d by 'ire.sidenit \\'ilson as ay
inl.Z of tle lRockefeller founlation:
"'lhe ion-ey with which the ltocke
fellr fouidation was created and Is
innainii c(onsists of the wages of
worker's in Ameirican industric-. These
wages are 1vilwihheld by ieans; of ,.' - I
0oi) I; rosslinme, 'iolation of Iv.w, cmu n
lling an(d disol I r piacticed over a;
sories of yearis by the found er and
certaili of his business associates."
volitinlied thme stalement. "1hat sIl)
1iilied tihe tatelnemlt. "Ohat sb
sidies such as those granted by the
general ediuentioln board, even thoutgh
We feel:i
This pict
Size Up Your CoUdjtlon. Look at th4
Facts Squarely.
Xost Illnesses Are -Prevented by
Good Supply of Rich, Ied Blood
Take Pento-Mangan, the Eed
Red Blood Builder
Either you gre in good health or yot
are not. There's no 'half way. Yot
may think nothing of 'beinig a little
run down. It may not worry you I
you look pale. You may think you'l
be all right tomorrow or next day
But will you
Certain it is .when you do not fee:
just right, you are not right. There It
'probably something the matter twitli
your blood. And whilo you can gel
around and do your work you are leav
ing yourself open to any of the diseas
es that are always -waiting to take pos
session of run (own people.
When you are pale and ea'.:ily tired
when you cannot enjoy your meals
when you lose enthusiasm, your bloo(
needs attention.
Take Pepto-Mangan for awhile. I1
is a great tonic. It will build ul) youi
resistance to disease, and you will
soon feel stronger. The little red cor
rPuscles are fighters. They battle willi
disease germs'and win out nyihen therc
are enough of them. Keep your sys
tomi well supplied. Then you will keeli
well and you will enjoy life.
*But he certain you get the genuinc
Plepto-Mangan. Ask for it by the full
name-"Giled's P'epto-Mangan." Soim
people take It in tablet form. It is sc
convenient. The lilquid and the tab
lots have the same medicinal value.
Look for the name "Glude's" on th(
plackage. Advertisement
Ehngraved Cards and invitations.
Advertiser Printing Co.
)d for one vote
D)pening Progre
a Production
hon Life Witi
otable film produc
n and comes to La
Iteeeives Load in Neck 'on Entering
House Mystory Surrounds.
Chester, Feb. 19.--Sheriff D. Gober
Anderson of Chester county was shot
in the neck this afternoon and is at
the Chester sanatorium, where he was
brought immediately.
Sheriff Anderson and Deputy J. G.
Howze and Constable IR. G. Smith had
gone to the McAfee place, about nine
miles from Chester, for the .purpose
of locating a still, and It was while
they were hunting the still that the
wound was received. Sheriff Ander
son had attempted to enter a negro
house, but found all doors locked, and
(went through the kitchen window.
From the kitc'hen he was entering an
other room in the house, when the
shotgun went off, a part of the load
striking him in the fleshy part of the
neck, Just below the chin. It is
thought that w-hen he opened the
door the gun, which belonged to the
negroes "living in the house fell or
bad been set so that it would shoot
when any one ca;,ened the door.
It was seen that Sheriff Anderson
was possibl)ly dangerously wounded
and those with him .imulediately
rushed hiim to Chestor for Imledlcal at
tention. Hience the actual su rrouind
ings in the house 'were not investi
gated, and it is not cortain that there
was any one iII the house at the time
the gun went off.
* * * . * . * . . . * * . .
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ble to present this n
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