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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, March 02, 1921, Image 6

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* ilt. C.\l.lAIIlE NI S
* *
Al . ( I 'l: .;ho r, l'eb). 247. --. r. .1. It.
Ih- I anld fatilyi~ aro Sick w ith I lit at
t w ii . \\I op e thIV y will sooti
r1i . . T n l iartin i. real siclk
\I r. J. U. I il has recove red It
Tin! .1h k .- . .!(hh n d1,1A .\ ) Du y \Vc'ells
1h 1.a 1., i t illb itr :.aw tu1ill 1n) l M r. .1. C'.
Zi. .l . I (itown was a: business
isito 2a (lreelwood last wet.
\ t N. . (' . t :He -b o:' 'eler is
i i Itn i i tecr. .\Ilr . \\'. II. IDavI enit
0 V I 1.
W. li I. Ea ee la~ly niahomei his
lI 1. .. It. I r I I aI I fa; 1ily wVer '
(tI 1 a :tl ofar ir. \\'. (C igh. of \\'ark
.\ i A .\n i \i ll IIian11 . o4 f .\A GalIa
g I e r. tn I '\(I Ifr. \\'inIIsIo w 1'assm11o rev. of
W\a re Sh IoalIs, were happilIy mar11ried InI
ti11 V Y. .\A 1 . . \\h liot'a~y afternoon)I
ait fiv l'cock \\' hop ve thlem
a lon" and hlapp *y l ife. Th'lly arv mak
ilg their bInell in \are Shoals for the
Mir. Tomwi .1kw r 11a d fatnily
we 2 ihe g1:1 .* of -\1r. \'. If. Daven
anrt *t aily Sunrllay.
.\Mt. i1ti and Nit. Olive sehiols
play~d iml inIti-eu in hal.m11a1r
da:-afa~oon.:he corelang::Gto
in :ivor o 11 it. Olive.
Mir. (;11. 11111 and11 ,istor, I'lcile. the
brie and : m. . \Ir. and 1i r. 1 Is
m or , r 1 *i - I t- I:: ('r \lN I I I rn1ice
1 lavenipori sat IIIirday nihIt t.
Amok0 his' ei - nit ist I week ad
r ilevot him w, .0l Ithe content0q a
ulan it. of ni(c Ient.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is encloser' with every bottle of
should he rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of hinyes' hIenling Honey in
side the I bront coinhined with the healing effect of
Grove's 0-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin snil stopl i cough.
Bioth remini-es are oeked in one carton and the
cost of the coenbined treatment is 3S5.
.Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
For Cotton, C
Grain, Peanu
QUALITY in plai
QUALITY in ava
QUA LITY in mot
QUALITY in big
4 QU.ALiTY inpro
Dry and dIrid
Analysis as
Prnpt, cour
Iinw'i ary o4f Thec Amerien
3 saJust Try
NR For That
One Day's Tea
Tho stomach only partly digests the
foodl we eat. The procesa iii flnlshed
In thio Intestines where the food i
mIxed with blio from the liver. ii
It muist bo plaIn to any iionblbid per
on whol realizes thuis, that th<
stomach, liver and howels must worn
In ha~nrony if d Igestlvo troubles__
are to 1be aLv(oled or overcome.
TisI fart also exrplalins why
suofferera frotn indiaet ion, also
suffter more or lessi from head
nches, billousinesst and constipa
If you are one ef the many un
fortunato perison2 wh.1o cannot enat
aro constilpat4d. hw.(,lu I!!oius rpels
hondnah! (24 : (i2 1tH~rir-, had breath
va riab!4le i 4 -'.., are n 4.r. usi, 14osl n
away. i 2!o thI *n: X'> 24nd get a ho:
of N n y42 /2 U:?l 1'atlets
4 * . .ig It.
a. wa4(I or' tw
0a 0
N lW '1,A N TO If A N1i)1,E
.All Slate 1-:l'oreelielit Atrent, Will be,
istense -l W11ih ui Wiork Left to
lDeintr(inteni 1J l' < kste*s
\\'ashington. IFeb. 25.-A now plan
for enfr:'ntettof, prohlibitionl Is he
' I: dhism-.d amuolng ReplublicanI leoad
m Sa pIospective policy or tihe
:lar1 li )in iiis ratilin. t conitel
. I-Ites aboli hin the i present dal
lieni1oo1 ieetV uncini'ery o th eas
I: V t l ini e I <oparteinii ts and
(.ntailliz:t lon of full responsibility
Ild ailt hoy uode ti (,he attoriney gen
mealiublican lemters In the
nnibee of' the Presidlent-elect sa y
thi etplan 1 3 11ay be olle of llthe early ant
nou01n1cemllents in the adi istratioln's
new1 progrin ;,or re-orgI1n1 iza tilonl of
v i nenIoIl ' t i h :!wnlios. larryie .
I )tfit rtyN. who is to be attorney genI
iral, is known to liave disennssed ihe
:; .ic t dli rin- the recent confettoriie s
at the canpitol.
Whether the plan linder disettssion
conittInplates retenitionl of a1 federal
prohibiltion connissioner apparently
has not belndefinitely determined. It
is undierstood. however, that all state
tnorewnt agent will he dispensed
wxithI anld the prohibition en forcemoilent
work lft to Il illtelartuent of Juis
:tir th iroi::lh state's dlistrict attorieys
.n( liv ir lo al or ali llelited assist
'oiilmbus, Oh i.3 o, I)tli. ' t-la irry
.\. Ill h ty. w h1to is 31o be attorney
eNoral io rh liarrinenltbinet loday
ieta'dto discuirs 'tyroposed changes
n the feder-al prohlibitionl enlf'orcemenit
Arthour3wn. Ibrth 'h wnitti nr the oe
ces - v havo ho'en talked over amllong
iepliican leaWders he said hte would
not pinblicly commenlivil t oi n ossilel voiln
anTiob action, declaring that any
!shhn would have to Tr uctkor
itfd by conens. While changes
l'oen di.'alcssod, .r. I)augherty said
Reu!rnleaders: had14 not decided
u1pon anly 01-tin1ite program.
No Worms in a gealthy Child
All ciiren troubled withi Worms have an un
healthy color. which idientes poor blood and asa
rub-. th.-re i-, morm or . esi stomnch disturbance.
.nrly for- t we (.r three weeksi will enrich the blood.
im. rf%., t, d nd net as a.general Strength
au thoele ytem. Nature wilithen
et ytho worms.and theChildwillbe
a r., ; :nt h Pleasant to take. 60c pecr bottle.
orn, Tobacco,
hs and Truck
t food content.
:haicalt codton. eulra
cile worming. ote onu
lab p n yu good-~m p
yuranted.l ~tadhwyu
enos ergyicep"ad igr eie
n Nacu tuemica RCeyo. ''ibon
onlnc Sx.enuC.t
r C ut, hS.l anC.ihh.yut
youenr S.lr C. tsfclo.o
Geicyt ur rgreofd.
gest~ion assiiation afndvr
eliminat3 ilon wong 'Ialtin
tharmny ando wachl eryour
doe t' hors moey oback.ertn
Ntres NRmd B est n
tfel. teng o quikl~ yor lslgiit
clo5,ck ork, Ilhow 1your cat ed ongu(313
cliear up alnlou good I oldtime ap
you ted wnil iCehiand how your
Ju(st try it.
-sol 5 box, enFough to
(AI1VE OUT 11111,131
Natlonal elipubifelt Comittmleeman to
ie Offiieni l'e Cutlter, Says A. A.
Gre'enville Nev's, Feb. 19.
I ederal positions inl Soul-th Carolina
I"'ill be illied otn tlie recomtedation
or <ios-ph, warren Tolbert, of Ninety
Six, national commritteeman f rom
o lth (' arolina of the ''i ol 'ni of itibli
vann 1; arty, according to'n1 :0tatemlent
yestterlday by A. A. (ittes, chairman of
fIt reputtblical orgalizatiol inl this
Whlin askd concerning the s' try
.;(lit out from Washington that Con
grt'ssian aiscom Sleip. of \'irginia,
inight take a hand in tle naming of
repulicanl oile-holders4 throug hout
tih(e South, Mlr. Cates said All. SIemp
woul deal with nothing other than
the appoiltiletts in \'irginia.
\ir. Tolbert, who has been active ill
repuiblicaln circles for Iany years and
has been a meimer if the falion of
tlie repiblicanl party which is Iecog
inized Inl olicial cirles, declared' All.
Gate's, will have charge of (lie patron
age inl this state. No announcements
of any kind will he Iade until after
Alarch -1. Mir. (;ates declared, although
virtually every :appointive office inl the
stvtt has been 'spotted" and the man
to fill it has beon decided 11-poS.
Rtobert 1lann1onl. well known Spar
manburig attorney whlo has been mlenl
tiotted inl a Washington slory as likely
to get the diltict atterineyship, will
not e nailled, .\r. Gates declared. ' r.
ilt( io i , we l kitown in rIi pui blican
cirtcles ad has attended various' con
ventions but ho \%ill not he witg d int
the atitl ition for whicht fie has btlen
mn ntioned, .r. Glatets ri lerted. tr' .
Hlannon. although.1 a1 repuiblicanl, at. onec
tiin wfas a atty Ow-t fact ion
whitch bolted frmithl the g I th
w hih .\t. Tolbert is asociat d and
this and ther things in ttye fhiur itn the
appointment, it w spointed out.
.\Mr. httis reiterated the declaration
md everal weik.!t o ago at tlt Inelt
in" of t it party In hOis city that every
'ppointive position in th state would
';e fill d it the course of tim f'y a re
:-o;ienn. It may take Sotwo me o
."(.t the clinl t sch1 duile v arrin d lit,
but this will be donle eventually. The
tlpub tlicals, like the demor:>s. M \h .
tt'sfdeclared. will mev to ;ihat thil e
who have bten faithful to the partn
'A til come int for a srim of tie rI
wa rds.
.r. i Gttil te s repeated the statem ent
that thle r i expect to have
a strIon org anizlton inl the field inl te
congressF!ionll rave of 11,22. 11e v aid(
iat he i tore onlicerned with efforts".
t btid I a I. rv;mbe lican part y
r' thl floI h dI lait and il the etire1
tiet th o i g t the w distbo ution
I le' n .in . Thot otil al' chrel
rs n ite ' ie ht no tiilant iaou e.
mn1 :t wil tltte t after o
t iTO ('MEtu'
fro Inte est itiy O Nt I by i't i ll I.,
-i Lb- ei t rten fon e I- ii ed Sat.
li nanc.e0 I en t' nto] reprtd tioday
ha "o cot i'n Im ;-red. -in fI.orfspecia
xee t to i (le toi. ti su~e t ileft
ti: rig titt' by tt t hhe il ti n t Is .1 t
bihti h a bi-parI 123 ti t mttn (altc as
itt the proteedtrhl, 'Ft t e i llth
hIIy t (I rts andi (tl foew 11, litpublians.
Ieraie toth'te eivpulietf(nn Iis manage
en ashtai s tae t lrvienst ofe to'
vroienitV( Imoc'1rfatisnator de
tP~ad tatI the wol atak ith I n e-i
ittemti to aId ithe formeraservc ameno
ottis an e ith b' Ia ll Inil t an r 1 ,Ot
T'ake notice that on tke 17th day of
larch, 1921, I will render a final ac
count of iny acts -nnd doini:t; an Ad
ininistrator or the estate of Iugenia
Davis deceased, iII thle olice of tlie
. udge of Probate of l,auirlenls coity,
at It o'clock, l. Ill. m.and oil t-i saili
day will apply for a finial disch.argc
from iy triust as Administrator.
Any person indebted to 'smkid estate
Is notified and re(iired to niake ay
imint on that date; and alt personsI
having claims agalnst ,lSaid estate will
present them on or before said date,
dilly provel or be forever harred.
Feb. 16, 1921.- :11 -t-A
The Quinine Thaot Doe:; Not Affect The
lecauso of Its tonic and laxative ero",
lets) can be taken by anyone withoit
causing nervousnicss or ringr" v-, I'e
head. E. V. GIROVEC'S signature on
box 3oc.
The Fei
and potash ma
mixed and properl
and chemical mate
food throughout ti
Swift & Compa
right: trained cher
Buy Swift's Re
Atlanta, Ga.
AS a esultof tihe I
pressedI finatnci
grown cottn la
laying the beginning of'
A long with other I
aside anid dlelayed. Su
eleveth hiour a'trraniget
for a suiccessfulI crop.
Facing the p~resentl
essential, for the sake<
very highest. Thle oil
when the price is low, it
best lint can only be:
varicties on a restricte
Write for our neu
DAVID R. C0KEft, Pros:dont
Dept. 50.
' Hartsville,
Webbier, I inrisvil Ilic D lie
Queen of Palmafesta
My choice for Queen of l'aliafesta is:
Name ...........................................................
A dd ress ... .. . .............. , . . . ....... .. . ..... --. .. .
T'his enIpon good for one (toe
ctilizer That Makes
the Most Profit
-tilizers containing phosphoric acid, ammonia
ke you the most profit. They must be evenly
y propcrtioned from carefully selected organic
rials. This insures an even supply of plant
ie growimg season.
ny has everything necessary to make fertilizer
lists-agricultural experts-modern machinery.
d Steer Complete Fertilizers and make the most
rift & Company
Charlotte, N. C. New Orleans, La.
Put It Off
resent low price of cotton and general dle
di conditions many planters, who have
rgely in the past, are hesitating and de
another crop.
lings their seedl arrangements are puIshed
chi delay will result in hurriedl, makeshift,
ents for the most vitally essential element
-the seed.
low prices for cotton it is fundamcntally
>f aprof'It, that the gradle of cotton he the
y way to make cotton planting profitable
to prVoduce a better grade of cotttm. The
producedl from the best seed of the b~est'
dI acreage that can be qulickly gathered.*
Spring Catalog.
Price Per Bushel
CEE 4Y* oker'sJl'edigreedI I)elwaype~ \Vebber. . $6.00
H. I WEBIR u~n Mg. Coker's l'edbgreed Webbewr No. 49.4.. 4.00
Cokers a edigreed Webber No. 49.3.. 5
Coker~ I PEdigreedI Webbder No. 822 3.00
Cokeri Peudigreed lIaIrts~ville 14...2.50
~~ C Pedigreed C oker-Ci~*leeb1nd............2.50
P edigreed Jlegi.'eir Wilil Hesistant.300
fIt rite |or qwmitity prices.
and( C:oker-Clevelandl. ___________
I . I IAA M i l1 . 81*m11 m ~

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