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s01ad Persnal Neaten. e
Miss -Ethel Anderson, of Atlanta, is
visiting her Sister; Mrs. P.- E. Can-non.
Capt. W. :N. Dyess, is spending the
Week at Glenn Springs.
5ir. ilugh Miller Leaman, of Cross
iHill, was a visitor in. the city Monday.
-Miss Frances Todd, of North Au
.gusta, Is visiting her cousin, Miss
Gladys 'Roper.
Mr. and .Nrs. Wh oel Smith, of Ab
beville, are visiting their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. \Vilkes.
Miss Izora Calvert, of Greenwood,
after a two weeks' visit to Mrs. Ernest
*Moore, returned home yesterday.
'Mrs. IP. E. Cannon has returned
from a pleasant visit to relatives at
Lavonia and other points it. Georgia.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Iloyt Camp and child,
of Hartsville, are visiting their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John N. illudgens.
Misses Margaret and Eleanor Hall,
of Columbia, are visiting lrs. NM. L.
,Mrs. A. S. Pery- and two children
have returned home after visiting
Mrs. Perry's sister, Mrs. A. C. Rose,
at Blaney.
Miss Margaret Wright and Master
William 'ramlett left last week for
Charleston, to spend some time with
Capt. IBrooks Swygert is spending
.this week In (Iendersonville, N. C., en
joying. his vacation in the mountain
Miss Charlotte McGowan has re
turned home after a pleasant visit to
.Mrs. Jas. M. Stout in Washington, ).
Mrs. 0. Ponninigton, of Augusta, and
Mrs. C. Kitchen, of Augusta, are visit
ing their mother, Mrs. Laura H'. Tay
Mr. W. 10. Meng went up to Ridge
Crest, N. C.. Sunday and brought home
his w!fo and children, who have been
spending several weeks there.
Miss Fannie lcGill, of Columbia,
spent the first )art of the week in the
city with miss Sarah Bishop while on
her way td tIasley to visit friends.
Mr. and Mrs. HRoy Powers and chil
dren, of Monroe, Ga., have been spend
ing a few days with their father, .\1r.
J. it. 1Power, near Madden.
bLeut. .1. v. iWofford, U. S. A., is
spending a furlough with his father,
Mr. J. A. Wofford, at Maddens. Lieut.
Wofford is stationed now at Fort RUley,
Masters Louis Solomon and Duckett
-Youn.gf left Monday morning with a
party of Clinton boy scouts for Lake
Tuxedo, N. C., where they will enjoy
a week's o1111ig.
Miss Mary Fuller, of Mountville, and
Miss Eloise Clardy, of this city, left
last week for Charleston, where they
will visit their aunt, M.lrs. lattie
Mliss Mary Hoper hlas return11ed hom1e
after a visit to Leesvilie. .\liss Nan
nie Kate iudgens, who went to lAees
yille with her, decided to remain a
few daysi longer.
.\ir. Wells Cilardy has been confined
to his home for several days oni ae
count of sickness. Ills sickness Jn
teirruipted a vacation in the mountains,
which lie expected to take this week.
Misses 10lla tash alhd IEthel Stod
(lard, of Owings, and Misses Pansy and
Laurie Clarke, of Anderson, have re
turned 1hom1e after visiting Mir. andic
Mi1s. -\illiam Solomon foi' several
Mr. andl .\rs. .Li. W. Brooks and lit
tle dlaughiter,' of Eden, aceym paniled by
Mr. C. F. Hrooks, sipent the dlay in the
city M\onday. Tfhey were accompanied
home .by their aunt, Mrs. BI.' A. Sulli
Mt s. WV. 1i. Whitiey with lier little
(laughter has returned0( toAlbermiarle,
N. C., after sp~endih; several weeks
here ,with heri father, Mr'. J . Ii. Sull
v'an. She W .is accomnyan ied home by
her1 sister, .\Miss jleanie Sullivan. who
wiill spend somue t ime with her'.
Mr'. and~ NIrs';. .1 ohn .\l. TIeague sipent
Sunday in (Greenwvood with Mr's.
Tongue's iar'enlts, Mr. and14 Mrs. J. \V.
A. Boyd. Mr. H~oydl and his di aghter,
huiss Ella lloyd, ret urned w ith them
for' a visit of a few days, the latter
still 1being thelir guaeut.
I r. and .\lrs. .iamues Ii. Dowvney, of
fla!nesville, (Ga., s.ient sevemi d (ays
in tihe city last week withI .\ir. John A.
Franks and other' ielatives. .'
Doewney has a large hospital'at Gaines
vylle and is meeting .w ithi signal suc
cess in his adopted home.
Miss~ Elizabeth Young, who under
wvent an (operation1 for' appendicitis at
a hospital in Spartanburg several
,weeks ago. was brought home Satiur
day. Thiough very much impriiovedt in
health, she is still confIned to her' bed.
R. E0. Jones, son of Mr'. andl Mr's. \V.
0 . Jones, 632 East Main street, has
r'eturned home after serving one on
,listment in the navy with tihe Atlantic
fleet, lie reelved his honorable dis
chaige June 13thI at P'rtsmoumth, N. 1i.
Miss Sadie Romar', of Tiyr'ono, Now.
'Mexico, ila visiting 'Mihrs. 'Lanmar Smith.
Miss :Bomar Ia originally from Spar
tanburg, but has been in New Mexico
for a number nf yoe ha bingr nmninved
In the 'offlce of a largO' copper Mining
Mrs. Irvin Coleman and daughter,
Miss Eva Coleman,- who, have been
visiting Mrs. Coleman's daughter,
Mrs. Friday, in North,.returned to -the
olty last week' and are at theil home
on Irby Avenue. They ,were accoM
panied home - by -Mrs. FrIday's little
daughter, Harriett.
Mr. and ' Mrs. Eugelie Power have
arrived in the city from Lyndon, Ky.,
where Mr. Power has 'been teaching Ilk
the State Military college. Mr. IPow
er was elected head of the history de
i)artment at the last meeting of the
board of trustees, while IIrs. Pow r
was elected librarian.
'Misses Geraldine Hatcher, of Jack
sonville, Fla., 'M'ary Love 'Fraloigh,' of
Madison, Fla., Catherine McMillan, of
Talladega, Ala., Rose lildebrand, of
Asheville, N. C., and Elizabeth Jack
son, of Bennettaville, S. C., are house
guests of Miss Rosa -Gray on South
Iiarper street. They are being shown
a, great deal of attention by inembers
of the younger set and last night Miss
(ray gave an informal dance in their
honor at her -home.
Entertainiel In Columbia
The following account-of an after
noon tea given in Columbia by Mrs.
Cora Cox Lucas, in ;ionor of Mrs N.
B. Dial and Mrs. 11. L. Jones, of this
city, appeared in the society column
Qf The State Saturday:
One of the enjoyable affairs of the
nidsumnier was a tea which Mrs. Cora
Cox Lucas gave yesterday afternoon
at her home in the Charles Edward
apartments in compliment to her two
guests, Mrs. N. 13. Dial of Washing
ton. wife of Senator Dial, and 'Mrs.
13. U .Jones of iLaurens.
The attractive rooms were gay
with garden 'flowers, the living, room
showing a miscellany of kinds andi
colors with dahlias predominating,
and the dining room being entirely
in yellow. The table had in the cen
ter a big bowl of miniature sunflow
ers and the ices, sweets and punch re
flected their color.
Mrs. ILucas was assisted durinig
the afternoon by her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Edwin 'Lucas, 'Mrs. Charles
3oineau, Mrs. Perrin Thompson and
'rs. .James M. Green,n Jr., and the two
uninty misses serving Punch were
Misses Elizabeth Simpson of Greens
boro, N. C.. and -1'rnestine Lucas, niece
of the hostess.
About two score guests called after
5:30 o'clock.
* * * * * * * * .*'* * * * *
* *
* *'-*'* * * * * * * * * * *
Ianford, 183 1.-The present dry
weather and the boll weevil are the
popillar topicl of the day. Several
farmers have found small quantities
of this much-talked of pest onl thei
farins and steps are being taken to
coibat its existence. We hope the sit
itation can be managed.
Mr. Charles .i'rumntond and family,
of Simartanburg, and Mr. \V. 'T,. Dru'im
mondil~ and family of St. .\athews, were
guie.<ts at their 01(1 home this week.
Mr.' and .\i is. TI. M. Ilurnett. ai'e in
W~oodiruff visiting relatives for' a few
'-Misses Vivian and .\eilie iliirnett
are spendinig the week in Cros~s An
chor with Mrs. Julia Prince.
Mr's. WXX. T. Coopier is visiting rela
tives in Spartanbu rg and Greenville.
Mr's. WV. D. Patterson entertained
s0ome of tihe mtemlbers of hot' Sunday
School class andi a few other friends
at an excellent dlnner' last Sunday.
Mr's. "W. L. .l'tlintock, of Orat, spent
Buniday wvith heri aunt, Mr's. 0. P. Fow
ier', who wasl Very si. k last week.
Miss Mario Marttn, of Greenwood, is
speonding a few days with her' this
week oi' util Mrs. Fow.ler is be'tter.
Mdiss Ruth Coopmer .'pent last .week
with heri sister', .\Ilrs. Hoyd( 1i0, oif
Uros0A Anchiotr.
.lMs. M. WN. lFowler and MXiiss Mar'y
Mrs. J1. S. iiiggiins.
Prof. Fred D). Cox is at home from
Uoniway splendling his vacation with
hisa parents, Mr'. andI Mis. C. D). Cox.
.\fr and Mi's. TV. A. Driumimond at
Lnded the 'ilaptist Assembly andi wo
man's meeting at Grieenvillec last week.
Mahistr Pi I. A. Thomas, of Niartan
bitrig, is .pending a month w~ithi his
girandparenmts, M.i' and Mr's. .h. Ri.
Mt's. Nannie BainettI andl childi'en
tipent Sunday wvithi Mrs. Mary3 iParson
ad Mr is. Alice Mooi'e.
i'rs. M. (I. 'Illarlani has been1 speond
ig some time in Gastonla, N. C., wvithm
hiei' (daughiter', Mrs. iI. V.. H'unsinge,
who acconm'inied hei' home Saturday
afternoon, fogethier iwith several of
hthe Iliunsinger' children, wvho are visit
ing the 'iiar'lan family at priesent.
Mt's. Snalli anford, of Goidville, is
spending some time with her daugh
ter', 's. Edd Osboi'ne.
Mi'. and Mm's. 1i1. W. oJhnson, of Ar
eniith, and Mm'. J. V. Johinsoni, of Clin
ton, 'visited .\nr. and Mirs. .1. D). Johin
ton last Sumnday.'
Mr. J. 'M. lenming w~as a business
visitor in iLaurens Saturday after
'Narnie, July -18.-Rev. Martin, of
Laurens, started "a, iprotracted meeting
at this place this morning. We hope
this meeting will be a great help tO
the community.
The farmers of this section are
needing rain. The corn, especially,
needs it badly.
The Cold -Point ball team came up
Saturdar afternoon to play the Narnie
folks, but listen folks,'when you come
to Narnie next, come prepared to 'get
beat for we have a dandy team and
they have not been beaten this year.
20 to I is beating 'em some and that's
what we did Saturday afternoon to
the Cold Pointers.
Miss Virginia Culbertson has been
the attractive guest of Miss Mell Burts
this past weqk.
Mrs. Troy, Owings and son, Walter
Rutledge, spent one day last week
with Mrs. Canon, of -Laurens.
.Ar. and Mrs. 10. B. Bolt were Spnday
guests of their daughter, Mrs. Thos. W.
Barksdale, of Barksdale.
-.\r. 'Willie Sanders and family, and
'Mr. F. -H. 'Burton and family motored
to Greenville Sunday, and while there
were dinner- guests of Mr. and Mrs.
T. G. Nelson.
Nir. and Mrs. 'Law .lobley, of Green
ville, were recent guests of their fa
ther, 'Mr. T. H. Burts.
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Bolt and lit
tle Alary Helen, called recently on
Mrs. E'. '3. Bolt.
-Dr. Templeman and Rev. Martin,
of Laurens, spent .londay with Mr. C.
C. Craddock.
Mr. Ludie OwingsI and family upent
Sunday I Laurens.
Mis Connic ..laye Craddock leaves
the latter part of this week for Au
gusta, Ga., where she will visit friends
and relatives for ten days.
Miss Louise lunter spent Sunday
With Aliss .Ruth Myers.
.Mr. and Airs. Z. Rt. Traynham and
son, Roy, and Mr. and -Mrs. Ross Pow
ers and daughter Mary Catherine spent
Alonday at the home of Mr. John Pow
ers, of the New Prospect section.
* * S* * S * 4 * * S * * S
Clinton, July 19.-Air. John Thorn
ley retiirned last.Friday from Pickens
after spending the week with il.;
1liss Ildna Clayton, of Central. is
the gliest' of .i\rs. Ilugh Simpson.
.\Ilsdanes l'n S. F. Giles, .lennie
Ilriggs, W. 11. Qwens, .ir., and Mir. 'Ir
vin Coleman spent last Saturday in
'\It'. and Mrs. A. M. Boland and fam
ily spent the week-end In Greenwood
'with relatives.
The u'lesday (lib met last week
Aith .\h's. Wi. Dlaily Owens. Afteir
an hour of fancy work the hostess
served a dlellelous salad course andl
iceed lea to the following guests: Ales
dames J1. 'T. Young, lIteeeo Young, .1.
Fe. Jacobs, Jri., 'W. I'. Jacobs. Kenneth
Hur'dette, JIodie Chandler, Jros. Spriunt,
of Dillon, J-as. Rt. Coiieland, .Joe Little
of Abbeville, Mlisses doi'cas Mlason.
Essie Young andl .\audfe -Sumer'el.
Mesdames Wmi. Bailey Owens and
J. I". 'Jacobs, J.,. entertained the fol
lowving iguests at a Bridge party last
Tu'iesday mior'nng: .\leaames ., I.
Cellemuati Jas. R. Coi'eland, WV. P'.
.la('obs, Thos. .Jac'obs, R. E. Sadler, J.
WV. Co'ieland, .lr., WV. ID. Copleland, Jias.
Smrut, ani e ii'iI 'Pai'rott, .J0e Little and
Rleece Young. A delicious saladI cours"e
andl iced teai werei~ si'eve.
Mir, and .\i rs. Riecce Young enter'
tained A dloze.n c'oulles at a I riidge
tea Mlonday evening in honor' of .I iru.
Jios. Sprun t, of 1)illon.
.\ lis 'Cornelia .\lch~ees, of (Green
wood, is thle guest of' .\ ts. IBob Ml bees
tils week.
.\esdamnes W. K. Owens, J. A. Hailey
andl~ W. 13. Owens, Sir., are thec guests
of Mr.rs. '.\arioin Scott at lilshopville
this wveek.
Little 1toht. .\te Lees enter'tlinled quite
a number of hIs fiends at a bi rthlday
pairty M\onday a ftcernoon.
NO'i'('E OF" itE(.IS'litA'lTION
Sltate of SouthI Ca('rolinni,
I 'ouniy of Laurenis.
Not ice is hiereby given that books
of registiat ion for the i'egistrmaton of 1
elector's foi' the Osleia Ibond1( elections, '1
to be lhi Oil A ugust 23rid, I12 I, on
he luiestlin of issuing $'70,000 of
bonds by tihe (Ulty of Laurtens for \Va
4cer Woi'ks hImpirovement, anid E'xtenu
sin, aind $35,000 of bionds for thle
pur mpose of Street I mlrovemienlt, and
$20,000 of bonds for l'xtension andl Iml- 1
pr'or'emenlt of thle E.ewer'age 'System,
will be ('losed at 12 o'clock noon1 Onl
FrIday, the 12th diav of August, 1921.
'Tie saidl book's ai'e opent at the or- .
lee of the under'signedi, Lauriens. S. C.
The priodluction of a Cei'tlfleate of1
Rtegistration from 6he Board of Regis
ti'ation of the County entitling the
alppIlicant to vote in a polling plrecinct
within the corp~orate limits of the City -
of lalurlens is a condItIon iprer'equiisite
to obtaining a Certificate of Rleglstra
tionl for the said special . bond eec
t.ionis, andl the appliceant must be a cit
izen of tils State, andI of the Ulnited 1
States, twenty-one years of age, or
moi'e. a resident of the State two venrsj
Trunks-Hand Bal
That are made to stand year
constant service; a size or s
Ourc prices are most reas<
them over.
S.M. & E. H.OW
)r finore, at resident of the County for W r .-1 .JteF
meo Year or more. anid a resident ofB.O es Wad6T.M
hie City for fouri mon01ths or. more, and W ale,1.T od
mist have paid all taxesi assessed Atsi lc m l(!p
tgaainst him due, and collectible for oetda 'lc l
hie fiscal year 1920. adcoe t- 'lc
,IR. M0. BABBl, mn Atsi l tm
Sulpervisor of Registration.fld reit ed lcos
uly 44th, 1921._
Thatha ref badetoh Caraya,
guesionostaopn Hsrie;aszeof
he thty of the Sum o f
mrement of thE re Counyfrate id m. wods lYEi
Wherea orm a esient of lector Wam
oity orh foremohoes o thre, anCity aheIE1. od
>fs a es aid allas om the t Ati ieetinth
11.ks ofHAaidCnoon.hAt baid eleed wnth
-es skng thatso o Re itrio on h lel d , eitrd e tr
nul said hit o9f1 ofaurenrnatshallhhshal
> __su mitte tohahethualafledtelector
>fisaidnityhehe thseion fOissuin
~ti~e ii Soth CroliaWad ond shal F. oe,
('ouly f I~nres tB.n hes Word 6,yT.'M,
tW. .\aihnt. T. sTiodd
Notleeof SpeialEectionon At sha oeidiotecion taeip
lie 'ili of anrns I le S atnd lyoderdo ate 'CityC
noon.N o SwrgeEtnso lidsi Aity ofi l3ec14ti
Wheea, awrttn lettin a oa Lauen Osal A. eni
03'lv of hefi'eloldu ofth C T ha A t he blltsshl
if l3L~leii, asappars 'i'm thpt n theml~*: the CUtiesn
ioos o sid '11',hasbeei~le W t e aid words "Yel.
'ensdaskne tatlectlctiofhavoring -
ii sid ity f laurns t wich sha bonds shall) vote
e su bmitteaioithethetiworded"yle"tor
tfsiiCt h Ilsiino sun I~ Of gist the ('ssueiof
'Btpt o~so 1( iY o 413Ps (Oiyoe of~ lteniy
orty yearsafromCity'oflatauofnsstho
em inSulih Clt'' ' 'lCW erak ad Tesurer
Wheeas th ''it' Cuncl f te moity of the farolna,
ity of ~a ios hs di l ('315(l~'Cd C ofu inye ~a af in r .
n1( 1 ithe lmof $20,000, thae i'a(t axhosinsi CtI
'oryn e ar rm the date1iel ii~hi of i'se,-113t(,akn hta
tn barn tat rate of int5oflere S i ote r- e uh telt
f o the purolie ofsea e exnd sio n ' lcoso ad''t3
11snd l cmproeme nd lo n the 15 sew irae o sys iIn 'i n hoso
l e reas,(1) the City Ouned I iof athebn o n h iil f$
1t e of Lauren hasl ( d u ly conidered itl i f 1' e sfo
21atd etien canvasedo the same, and3 )0ls . n en gai
ound t to h blle si niit(1 ) thoe ormt and 131, fi ie p 'i
lged byn th re i red ( mtmber' of free- iili'~eie3til t 11Ci
itderf Ta rescrbe by p'ia lOtli Wi( '( the Consti-it
uon an ed iStatut L o 1 a id (of 3'h o St te Ct i arn a
n such31 cans an~l'2d (lay cofsid gutIti 'i 1i Petot.Cnii:
NOd 'hall bHeFsubited Nto te I ulllC ignh. o r~ii3(
iy gof Lares i at S pecial Ele t Ion l reodr.a irs'' )
t to ofl is uind fond the tahd Ci of 3 1(1eae,301uo
f arns n the Sird dayIf 0O*pAust, of'ohtd i O'
>yl githn foi'ty Syeral E' olec te wifilel l1to lue . l
55rde dayh ofeAigu st, at21 npot the 2 ,ta it P'1 ro
luction sof (6)in bonds (' oi 0'f l~iib iat( 11ta the Cily
0'tif 'La rn in3') C o th e u o ,000. ipay- (fs~~l1)3(5 h~
ion313(1loiroenintof 114 3~ve'a" Njic le of 11 1:1 ledla El
Qytu ftl iy(I d~'f5 ~ll e ton of ssin Cofi
ilaes ~,bu~lI.at ~t Cerk; 11cc;' he 51CIty f lAuren is
Vard2, t Sit"r'sStoe; ~1~id $3 u ,000~ of r gstre 1 mpr.
i~~~~~~~~~Ct flaurens Cto il tr;Wr ~ OV'II~~'~, ap
wtJnsTyo'ia'wr o tio ih 1the( I ty Counc(i of
Vard . atC~tyPowe ilose; hel3~d iny ofi Auut. of Laur
ho i~ll~i'n~ lave ilcn a ilihall'4 be10 iu (fsumtte i ti(o~
angr tooitctte1111(11 103?o aurens i te sm of$.
Var 1 J.Fl Tllion J 11 'ho li-allwiti forty ar ls o
on, . T Burs; ard2, .oli ~ it-lsnue, and hearing aitcie
;er o~n I. unnngam,.1.B.Sex c~lno ixe (n -sixet(en
on;~Vrd3.Wate leltiiis S fiatnenum, lfo te ofuSrpt
ey, Vile owr;Where, .~*ii a , it. Said elct
andiJ.C aso.J W.Fwe fod it t obowing pr1l:
~s-Suit Cases
s and years of hard,
tyle to suit everyone.
>nable; call and look
S. C.
ed F'uller, 11. at City Clerk's Olllee; Ward 2, at
tek Ropler, 0. S.witze's Store; Ward 8, at Isa~uries
Cotton .\l ill Store; Wardl 4, at D avis
olls shall be Hoper' (o. Store: 'Ward 5, at .Jone.s
he Forenoon TIaylor Hardware C'o. Store; andl~ War Id
In the after- ti, at City Power I louse; that the fol
ily t he tinall- lowIng hiave been a ppo01ited managers
of the City to conduct the said election: 'Ward I,
tited to vote.. J. E1. 'Tollison, J. J3. Thompson, W. 1.
have 1)rintedl 1311rns; :Ward( 2.1 .lihn Swiltzer, John
o he submIt- 11. Cunningham, J. I). Sc:xton ; Ward
"and "NO'", 8, WValter'. letllams, S. J. Avery, Willie
the issue of Powers; Ward *l, N. 1W. Martin, .T. C.
ballot con- W~asson, J. W. 1owler; 'Ward 5, RI. F.
nd the eec- .Jones, Fred Fuller, 1I. It. Owens;
said bonds 'Ward 6, T. .Mackt 'Ioper, 1H. W. Miachent,
ing the wor'd 1. TI. Todd(.
At said election the polls shall be
()uneil o1f the oplenedl at X o'cloc'k in the foi'enoon
I 4th (day of and closed at 41 o'clock In the after
noon. At. saidl election only the <lual
"IlANKS, Ifled, registered electors of the City
Mlayor, of Laurens shall be entitledl to vote.
That the ballots shall have printed
upon01 them the Aluest ion to be submIt
_________tedl andI the words "yes" andi "no", annt
-- the elector favoring the issue of said
'1('E bonds shall vote a ballot containing
the word "yes'', andl the elector
against the Issue of said bonds shall
vote a ballot containing the word
By ordler of the City ('ouncil of the
tIlon on the 'saidi if'ity of Iau rens, this 141th day' of
on Bonlds of July. 19~2 I
the' Sitim of JNO. A. PItANIKS
V4ieit. At test : Mlayor.
etition of a STlANlEHY W, 'gIRKWS,
der's of the Clerk and Treasurer.
ars fronm the
as bteeni tiled~
the City of NOTICE OF ELE("'TION
election bo State of South Carolina,
'ns, at wshich I County of 141auren's).
lhe qlualified W'hereas, petIt ions signed by a legal
'Iuetstion f numbi~tl er of t he qualified elect ors and
the City of free-holder's rosiding in ilaanford
,lt00~, payable school d istict No. 1t0, I anurents coun
thle dlate of ty, South Carolina, anfking Cor an e'lee
e of' interei'st tiont Upon the question of v'otin'g an
'er'eent. per' additIonal :1 mnill tax ui:on the prlo
Sc of Street pierty in said sc hool (listrtict, to bie
;and, usedc~ for school purposes, hav~e been
CouncIl ot filed with the 'ouintIy boarid of' educa-.
duily c'onsid- tion, an election is hereby order'ed up
ed the samte, on sal i tuestion, saidl elect ion to he
eri form, and held on the 28th day of' .liuly 1921, at
number of Isattford School Bluilding, in sa I d dis
by t he Con-- trlct, uinder' the management of the
of the State trustees of said school (list rict.
tnd prov'idled 0or personal property for taxation andi
'onsiiea tion Only such electors as return real
inanee andl wvho exhibit their tax receipts andI
lay of .July, rejfstr'ationt edrtiflentes as reqIulred
I t' 'petition in the general election shall be allowv
est ion of the ed to vote.
I he submit- Those favoring the 3 mill additional
y registered tax shall vole a bal lot containing the
I~aurens, at word "'Yl'M" wittenI 01' prlit'd there
dI itn andI for ont. Those pigainst the 31 mill addi
on the 23r'd tional tax shall vote a ballot contain
ing thle w~ord( ''NO" written or printed
tic( is here- ther'eon. Polls shall open at the hour
Cleetion will of 8 o'clock In thte forenoon and shall
lrens on the remain open until the hour of 41
1upon the o'clock In the after'noon w~hen they
of the City shall be closed and the ballots count
$35,000, Itay- ed.,
rOmt (late of TIhe trustees shall report the resuilt
t at not ex- of the election t~o the county auditor
per annum, and ('outy~t supier'intendlent (If educa'
[mprovement tion within teit dayf ther'eafter.
on shall he R. T. W'A12SON, Supt.
'es: Wa rd 1. 52-3t.A Byorerm of Conty nroar.

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