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EIje NIbbertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. C.
Advertising Rates on Application.
Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Word.
1Catered at the postofice at Laurens,
E. C., as iecond class mail matter.
IAURENS, S. C., SEPT. 14, 1921
Elsewhere in this paper in printed
a communication .printed in The State,
from a writer signing himself or her
self "Business" suggesting Samuel
McGowan, late paymaster general of
the navy, who still holds this state as
his residence, as governor of the state.
"Business" commends the admiral as
a worthy executive principally, we
gather, on the basis of his "sheer bus
iness and executive ability".
It goes almost without saying that
McGowan -would make a thoroughgo
ing governor, one who 'would exercise
care, discretion and great executive
ability. But we fear that voters like
"Business" would no doubt be disap
pointed in the administration he would
give for, reading between the lines of
this coinimunication, we believe that
McCowan as governor could not per
form what "Business" would expect of
him, viz., a substantial reduction in the
expense of government. Any substan
tial reduction in state appropriations
would be brought about not by a re
luction in general administrative ex-'
penses, as "Business" and so many
others believe, but in a complete
change in the : olicy toward education,
charitable and penal institutions, roads
and other activities to nwhich the state
has committed itself. For these
things the biggest share of the state's
appropriations go and the expenditure
of funds for these causes are general
ly economically spent. A governor
could do com:)aratively little In en
forcing further economies except by
advocating a curtailment of the ser
vice which the state las set out to
The Advertiser believes, however,
that legislatures for the next few
years, while we are going through the
transformation from a cotton growing
state to a diversified farming state, a
'transformation that will not be pain
less, might well slow down in its am
bitious prograin of the last few years
and give the taxpayers some relief
from the ever-iwidening scope of state
activities. This would be a work for
the legislature and could not be influ
enced a great deal by a governor even
of such marked business ability as
Admiral McGowan.
The Advertiser could easily second
'tils nomination, but we hardly helieve
that the Admiral would accept the of
flce with a Ciromise to make any ma
ter'ial reduction of state appropria
tions thr'ough a more economical ad
ministration of the present stat' ma
chine ry.
* * S
In siite of the fact that we are'
wont to find fault vwIth 01ur own state
government and state Institutions, and
0our tendlency to undter'estimate Our!
progr'ess as comp~ared to other states,
we find sometimes that people on the
Otidei (10 not entirely agr'ee with us
on the estimate we place upon our
selves, The Atlanta Constitution, for
instance, in a recent editorial, called
.outh Carolina thte "Wonder State"
becauye of the great things it is dlo
ing in the cause of edulcation With its
tax system and its small -per capita
'wealth. For' those who find epleasure
in placing their state at the b)ottomO
of the list in nearly everything wor'th
while, "'e print the editorial of The
Constitution and commend It as a
sourice of comfort. It follows:
"In the I lollomon dispatch from
South Carolina today The Constitu
tion's corrlesp~ondlent calls that the
'Wonder* State," for the reason that
she dlepends almost entir'ely upon a
property tax for revenue: takes in,
all told, only about $G,000),000 a y'ear:
andl yet it is a matter' of official
record that thme state Is actueal ly lend
ing the south in school su1ppor't, in
iproportion to her' Per' callita wealthm
and white population.
''South Carolina has a population of
only I ,700.000(, or' mote t han a mill
lion lers than Georgia. Shie has no
pivat e properity. She is in debt, bot'
row illg each yeari to pay. her oliga -
tios, but she '"pays"' as iihe goes, ab1-.
solutitel y; and1( furnliishes situpot. to her
-great agricl tuiral I erllege at :'Iemron
of around $500,000) a year;' to heri in
dulst rial normal $4100.00(; to ber1 un1i
'er'sity $250,000. andl to ber' military
college atrotund $500,000, She leaves
'the responslility of common school
maintenance to the couinties hut ap
iiropriates $1,000,000 a year to encour
age consolidations, long terms, at
tendlance, efficiency, etc., through va-.
rious state aid b)onuses.
"South Carolina, like GIeorgla, is
1nnking~ arounud for a more modern and
adequato revenue system; bhut South
Carolina, unlike Georgia, Ia not let
-ting any of her institutionsq, education
al or humane, stiffer in the meantime,
She appropriated, to illustrate. In
1921. $784,000 to her state hospital.
"Indeed, it is a "Wonder State!"
She !lever has a "deficit." If she needs
money she -borrows it. She makes a
business proposition out of it."
(Continued from Page One)
in the stolen car. The 'blackjack,
broken over young Brazell's head by
Fox was bought by Kirby the Thurs
day before the Monday morning when
the crime was committed, he testified.
Kirby exclaimed dramatically to the
jurIF at one point in his story, "Gen
tlemen, I've got to die for this and
l'm telling the truth. There's only
one 'wish I want to make before I go
and that is that God will take care of
my wife and baby."
Kirby admitted on the stand that
he had not been able to work for over
a year and had therefore been able to
contribute but little to the support
of his wife and 11 year old daughter.
His only defense as outlined in his
previous stories, told in Augusta, at
Ieesville and in Columbia, was that
lie was forced into hiring the automo
bile, was ignorance of the real pur
poses of Fox and Gappins, and that
he was forced to continue with the
men in their trip to Georgia after the
crime had been committed and
through all the days intervening be
tween his arrest and the trial Kirby
has maintained that he took no active
part in the killing, watching the beat
ing avd stabbing from the back seat
of the automobile.
Kirby Still on Stand
Kirby was still on the stand when
court was adjourned at about :30
o'clock, 'Solicitor T. C. Callison to
begin his cross examination of the
drisoner tomorrow morning at 9:30
o'clock, when the trial will be re
slimed. With the conclusion of Kirby's
tst4imeY the defense will probably
rest. the case going to the jury fol
lowing short addresses by Solicitor
Cll .,on arid A. D. Martin, court ap
pointed rounsel for Kirby, and the
judge's charge. .Jesse GaIlins and C.
0. Fox. also accused with Kirby of
the murder of young Brazell, will be
t:ied simultaneouslv, their case coin
ing up immediately after a verdict
has been returned in the Kirby case.
Kirby took the stand late in the
afternoon just after the state had
rested its case, Jesse Gapins, co-de
fendaint with Kirby and Fox, being the
witness for the prosecution. Gap
lii ns too: the stand voluntarily and
contradicted Kirby's original story
in essential details. Kirby, Gappim,
said, was the only member of the trio
who had any ilea of stealing the car'.
Kir'by, he swore, met and invited them
to make the trip to "get sotme girls
at a house niear Lexington," invited
FPCx and Gamipins to join him In a trip
to Lexington for this purpose. lie al
so testified that Kirby, instead of ask
inig Fox to spare young Brazell's life,
three t iies atteil)ted to persiale him
to take the blackjack and hit the driv
cr over the head. Kirby, he said, in
stead of sitting idly by watching the
other two men kill young Braziell,
was the first of the trio to grab the
driver, choking Brazell while Fox hit
the boy. Vie .swore that Kirby insteadl
of being threatenedl by Fox and Gap
Pinls, threatened his twvo companions.
The blackjack, Ga lpins also testified,
was bi''ht 'hy 1(iteby and 'was given
to Gajupins the Thumrsday before the
(rim(e was comnmittedl andI was latei',
Gappi ns said, givena by him i to Fox,
who, ''le thought,"' had the weapon
ain hs pocked the night of the k illing.
A P'roved Success as Butsliness Extecu
tive for overn~or.
Tlo the Editor of The State:
if evei' in the history of South
(aro&lina, the time rcequiired for gov'
ernor a man of proved administrative
a biltry, that time is now. Governor
('ooper, in accordance with the in
var'ialhe custom, twill presumably r'e
fralin from seeking a third term,
For successftul dlealing with big
'problems of a lpublic ehar'acter no
Southt Caolinan pei'haps has so good
a record as Samuel Mcowan, late pay
moaster general of the United States
n'ayy, who retired at the beginning of
this yeai' with the rank of rear' aa
imiral-the highest rank attainable in
his branch of the service.
Mr.Mc~hwan carnedi a nationalI
r(:'utatio~n for sheer business and ex
ecuntive ability. ie won it first in
the American fleet sailed arouind tihe
wcrldl. Time riuty fell on him to direct
:s pirovi~doning.
The "woild war' brought tremendlous
responsibilties and labor to him.
The purch ases for the fleet had to
be made by him. WVhen the 'war was
over lie had earnedl the gratittude of
the navy and of every 'branch of the
government. and not one note of cr'it
irismi has been heard of his laboi's
and achievements. Moreover, he in
tr'Odutced economies that saved mil
lions and tens of millions of dollars
for the American taxpayers.
Mr. McGowan is in the :prime of life
and in vigorous health,
Though he spent nearly 30 years in
servie,. he never 1ost tmo with smath
Jarolina, making it a point to come
iome and vote unless he was at sea.
le was born in Laurens, the son of a pC
"onfederate soldier. .His 'boyhood in
ivas spent in Spartanburg, he has re
ived and worked 1i Beaufort, Coluni- PC
>ia and Charleston. Surely he is a Ill
representative South Carolinian of fc
:he whole state. lie was educated at gi
Wofford and at the University of South lo
.arolina, where he was graduated fit
3oth from the academic and law de- bl
)artnients. ft
If the people awould have a gov- .\I
)rnor who knows how to make a dol
ar do a hundred cents' worth of work,
svho is recognized as a sipecialist in
,aving public money, who has never it
Jen a politician but is acknowledged te
o be one of the most successful of c;
miuI'tcan executives and whose pride di
n his state and affection for its peo- y(
Ae have been the passion of his life ti
-a life old in great service and yet n<
oung in years, with abundant strength E
eft to give to the state as he has giv- cl
'n it to the national, Samuel MoGow- w
An should be their choice.
Why swaste time, thought and words
:)n politicians when a man of ca-pac
ity, a man for an emergency, might
be had if -the people summoned him?
To Cure a Cold in One Day
stops the Cough and Ieadache and works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c
W~anted-By young lady of goot
character. Position as clerk in store.
Address "Hi. M." care Advertiser.
Harbecued liash-! $ill have some
nice barbecued hash for sale Friday
for dinner. E. R. -3l1kely's Market.
IeIstiching and licoting done at
216 Jones St. Phone 395. 9-It-pd U
lost-l3etweeni pulb ic square and
my home, one bunch V--keys. Finder
please return to I e Clardy. 9-1t
For Sale-Good, heavy milking coi,
cheap. Also a few pullets and several
fine R. . Red cockerels. W. S.
H omnes, 226 WI'. Main street. 9-1 t- :)d ]
Cash for Old Cars-Used parts for
all makes of cars at 'bargain prices. m
Columbia Vuie. and 'Truck Co., Co
lumbia, S. C. 9-5t-pd 0
Notice--When your nims start '
s(queaking we can stop heui by in
stalling new clamps, nuto,' bolts or C
wedles. (ity Vulcanizing Station. 9l-tf
For Itent-Three horse farm near
clhu1 rch and high school, good neld h
borhood. best pasturb in country. Will
rent chean or work on halt to right A
party. Will give interest in live stock
business. Come to see me.' Box 76,
Waterloo, S. C.. Route 2. 9-'.t-c
Hlarbecurd linsk-T will )lave some
nice barbecued hash for sile Friday a
for dinner. E. R. 13]akely . Market.
9-1t .
For lnI--Either to boarders or for
light hlousekeeping. two nice well
lighted roems on first floor, opening
onto wide porch. ?May use garage and
varden if desired. Mrs. Jno. Childress
E'.ast Man street. 9-it-pd
For iint--One three-horse farm .in
high slate of cultivation: one dwell
ing, two tenant houses. Rent'reason
able. Townes A. WillIs, Gray Court. .
9-i t-pdl
W1arni--AIllper'sons ar'e notified
andl hereby forbiddeIn to hunt ftame of
any' description on iandls of which I
have charge. This flot ice applies to
everybody. W. II. hKnight. 8-4t
Farms For itent-Sever'al good
farms near' Lanford Station, Enor'ee
and Woodruff for rent to good 1parties.
either white or coloredl, with their
own stock. Reasonable help cean be
furnished as needed. ,J. P. Gray,
Woodr~uff, S. r. 8-8t -
Meeds-Abruzzi Rye, seed oats, ('are- -
lina grown: bacging and ties. 0. II.
Owvings. Gray Court, S. C. 6-St-pd
Notiee-I have arranged to he in
Laurens two (lays each month. If your
piano needls tuning leave order with
S. MY. & E. HI. Wilkes & Co. 0. AM.
Trully, Plano Tuner., 28-tf
Bagging and Ties
Re-rolled Pattern
Cheapest'on the market.
All Prices Guaranteed.
Phone 380 or wire
U. S.Bagging Co.
Greenville, S. C.r
Lauirens Cotunty H ighwvay Commis
sioo will receive scaled bids until 11
A. AM.. September 20, 19?1. at the of
flee of the Supervisor, Laurens, S. C.,
on filling the east, and west appiroachi
es to tile new concrete bridge over
South 164 bun Creek on the Princeton
road; and the surfftclng and re-sur
facing of alvooyfmiately 720 lineal
Bids frill tfen he opuened and ptul.
licly r'ead. Each hid mumst he ace('m-.t
Ianiedl by a certilfied cheek for Fifty *
Dollars (,50.00) as guarantee of good hi
faith. TFhe right is reserved to rejec.
any or all bids.
The qtuantities are as follows:
1,600 cii. yd. earth excavation, meanH
haul not over 400 feet. 325 cu. yd
topsoil, mean haul not over 2,200 feet. O
'Further information on the above
may ibe had at the office of the En- od
gineer'. th
N, C. lIUGH lES,
Chief Engineer,
Laurens Co. Highway Commission.
Rev. Vermilion Resigns
Rev. J. E. Vermillion, who has -been
Istor of a groupof Baptist churches
this county for several years, has
signed his pastoral work to pre
tre himself further for his chosen
e's work. Monday morning he left
r Boston, where he will take post
aduate work in the Newton Theo
gicial Institute. Mfr. Vermillion
'st planned to go to Louisville, Ky.,
it changed this iplans during the past
w days. -Ills wife, who 'was Miss
iriam Brown, accompanied him.
Quillen Again on the Job
According to announcement made by
; editor, Robert Quillen, The Foun
in Inn Tribune wdil resume publi
tion on September 29. The Tribune
scontinued publication early in the
ar on account of financial condi
)ns, according to %fr. Quillen's an
mncement at the time. -Mr. Vade .
Boyle, of Michigan, will have .
large of the mechanical department
ben the plant opens again.
By Young Lady'Stenog
rapher With Experience.
Will start for $12.50 per
week to prove ability and
to make an honest living.
Greenwood, S. C.
Cures Malaria, Chills and Fever,
Illous Fever, Colds and LaGrippe, or
oney refunded.
C. Featherstone W. B. Knight
Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C.
11 Business Intrusfed to Our Care
(ill Have Prompt and Careful Atten
Office over Palmetto Bank
[r. Featherstone will spend Wednes
day of each week in Laurens.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
Office In Peoples Bank Building
0. Langdon Long
Enterprise National Bank Building
All Legal Business Given
Prompt Attention
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
Attorneya at Law.
'lnii Practice In all State Courts
rompt Attention Given All Business
At Dr. Albrighit's Old Stanid.
Trayniham Building
Phone 31
C. E. Kennedy'& Son
Motor Equipment
LAURENS, - - - S. C.
To Stop a Cough Quick
ugh~ med'iclne which stops the cough by
salng the inflamed and irdtated tissues.
%LVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
oup a enclosed with every bottle of
ould be rubbed on the chest and threat
children euffering from a Cold or Croup.
The heela efrect of Hayes'heln ovh
s skin soon stops a cough.
f tjn m ~kd earoo and the
Just ask jo..ur33. dhs. fo AvYW
Touring Car $625 Delivered.
A Better Value Than Ever.
Vincent Motor Co.
Laurens, S. C.
No Salesman Grocery Shop
Next to Fire Department
Laurens, S. C.
Princess Theatre
Don't Forget This Is Fox Week
"The Cheater Reformed"
"After Your Own Heart"
Be Sure and Come
"The Rainbow Trail"
Don't Fail to See This Great Picture.
New Low Prices op Ford Cars and Trucks,
Delivered, Full of Gas and Oil
Touring Car, regular model .... .... .... .... ....$432.63
Touring Car, with startei ..... .... .... .... ....$505.50
Touring Car, witih starter and deiounta'hlc rims .... $531.53
Runabout, regular inodel .... .... .... .... ....$401.38
Runabout, with starter . . - - . .... .... ......$474.27
Runabout, with starter an(I demoiintable rois .... ..$500.30
Coupe, with starter and demountable rims .... .... 62.4
"e(ian, With sjarter and demountable rims It.. .... ..$750.20
ChassiH, reg far .... .... .... .... . ... .... ....$364.82
Chassis, w'fi starter ..... .... .... .... .... .... ..$436.56
Truck . . .. . . . . - .-. -.. .... .. .... ..$518.54
Tractor prices remain the samne .... .... .... .... ..$675.00
These Prices Show a Decline of From $45
to $100 on the Different Models.
We Can Sell for One-Third Cash, Balance by the
Month, Anywhere in the United States.
W. C. Waldrop

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