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'Helping . County 6fficers'
Captu'ra Liquor Runners
PotliceIan Iosea Martin Killed Neat'
iLisboni Wednesday -Night- When
Luther Tinions and Munroe Wil
lard are Intercepted on Alleged
Whiske3 Trip.
Luther Tiimmons and 'Monroe Wil-i
lard, two young 'white 'men of Clinton,
were taken in charge early Thursday
morning by Sheriff Reid following the
fatal shooting the night before of Po
liceman 'Hosea Martin, of this city,
which ohecurred In the public road
ne1ar the 'Wright place in the Lisbon
'(community between Boyd's cross road
,and Clinton. The same afternoon the
two men were carried to the state
penitentIary for safe keeping.
The -iJling, which has aroused pub
lie sentiment in the county as few oth
er' erhjis have done, iwas the result of
the aA'empt of county rural police and
#amrens city police to intercept Luther
Tiumns On 'his return to Clinton
''rono the mountains with a load of
whiIaley. Offcers did not know be
fore the killing that Willard was also
Ix ith Timmons.
According to the testimony at the)
Inquest, Rural Policeman Abi'ams,
whose territory is below Clinton, en
listed the aid of Rural Policeman Ow
ens and City 'Policemen Crows, Wban
-and Martin. They set traps to inter
cent Timmons, Wednesday night about
. o'clock between here and Greenvme,
but 'he evaded the officers by taking a
renindabout tour through the Trinity
.comnunity on to Boyd's cross road
by the 1111.1 -place anld thence through
the JAqbon oininnity to Clinton. Ru
rai Poiceman Owens and City Police
utan WhAm, stationed at Barksdale,
saw Timmotis pass about nine o'clock
with another man 'later found to 'be
Willard.' They were unable to catch
uip with them, so atter making an at.
tcipt to head him off at this end"of
the'line, the entire posse ivent around
by Cl-inton to meet him coming in the
op)osito direction.
'ilhe oflicers, riding in two cars, one
in front with Officers Abrams, Crews
and Mdartin and followed by the other
with Officers Owens and Wham, met
the liq'uor ear near TAsboin alout 11
o'clock. A'the Tlminonh car sudden
-ly have into-'sight the front car of of
ficers turned out to, the right of the
road and slackened their ear to stop.
Just as the Timmons car was about
to pass, Chief Crews jumped out of his
ca, an" attempf4 '.o cut off 'he Tim
mons car from behind. P'oliceman
NartIn. who.twas sitting on the back
seat, got cut from the rear andeat
tem-pted to stop the Timnons car,
frhn' in front. As he was within a
few feet of the Tinmmons car, near the
left fender, two shots wvsre tired from
thie TPimmons 'car, according to the
testimony of the officors, and Martin
fell to the ground. The Timmons car
dlid not stop, -but turned to the left
Into a .feid beti'een the fallen man and
Officers A4brams andhiVlam, whlo hadI
just arrived. An they anade their en
calie, Officer' Martin shot firom his fal
Ien position and Chief Crews also op
'eneod fire in an attempt to stop themi,
bitt they got away.. sOne of the shots
from the Pistol of TOhief Cu'rs' hit
tne cag aboutip tuch frain the top of
the irear seat.'
Offis Oivens an3 Wham gave pur
suilt while.. the Alessrs. Crews and
A-hrams took care of Policeman Mar
tini. The two men made good their
oscape into Clinton, however, 'but the
two oificer's picked up a ten-gallon keg
*of wiskey whrich it was thought the
fleeing men droltied in their flight,
'and also an automob'le casIng Wyhich
had run off of the .left rear iwheel. Ar
riving .in Clinton, the offleers found
the ear at a, 'filling station, but the
men had dleparted. !Later In the ugight
they surrendered to Sherig Reid, who
had 'been notified of the' liomielde and
~who had gone to Cli-ntot/to sist' in
(their capture. /
Poli'cenman, Martin was hurried to
tioClinton hospital, but was in i dy
inlg conditIon when lte arrived ticern~
fle oily lived a few mingtes after
reaching the hospital. , *
* 4stifyin&' at thle; inaiuest,. Chief
Dirett~ors of the Business League Con
sider Marketing Bureau at Meting
Monday Night.
At 'a called meeting of the directors
of the uInrens Business League, held
in the oflieb" of the Peoples Loan &
10xchangc Bank Monday night, plans
were discussed looking towai'd the es
tablishment of a marketing bureau in
LIaurens to take care of the surplus
farm produce epoected to be produced
as a result of the diversification pro
gram now being entered into by the
It will be remembered that at the
last meeting of the league 'President
Gco. M. Wright was authorized to aip
point a committee to make a study of
the problem and 'make a report at the
next regular meeting. At the meeting
of the directors Monday night, Mr.
Wright asked the assistance of the
directors in naming this committee.
After a consideration of the matter
at length, the directors suggested the
names of Messrs. N. C. Hughes, Jr., T.
Lano.Monroe and Earl Owings as most
likely men to carry out the work and
Mr. Wright appointed them.
The directors discussed several oth
er matters of current interest, inciud
ing the proposed new county Jail anu
appropriation for the maintenace of
of the county top-soil roads. In or
der to co-operate with the county del
egation in getting as much informa
tion on tplese projects as Possible it
was decided to invite the delegation
ant solioltors to attend the next
monthly banquet of the league lwhen
these matters will be discussed.
On motion of Mr I. R. Nickels, the
secretary was instructed to wrlte to
the Greenville chamber of commerce
proffering the support of the league
in swinging this way one of the hard
surfaced roads (proposed in the state
wide road system to be presented to
the logislhiturc by Gov. Cooper. The
directors of the loague took no action
toward endorsing or rejecting the Plan
itself, the co-operation of the league
being contingent upon the plan going
'.m of Late Capt. F. M. Sexton, of
WVhin V.Ifv." wed at. His !On-ie -i,
,Spartanburg Friday Nigit.
Dr. W. G. Sex{on, son of the late
Capt. F. 3. Soxtq* of this city, a well
known physician of the city and coun
ty of Sparlan'burg, died at, the family
residence on Howard street in Spar
tanburg Friday ight at eleven o'clock.
Dr., Sexton had been in bad health for
the past year or more. ' Prior to tho
time his health failed him Dr.-Sexton
enjoyed a large practice throughout
the city and county of Spartanburg.
The deceased Is survived by his
widow and the following eight chil
dren: Mrs. 'C. M. Amos and Hugh 'H.
Sexton of Day City, Texas; Mrs. Agnes
O'Shields, Miss Byrd Sexton, W. D.
and Joseph Sexton, of Spartanburg;
irs. Laura Branbam, 'of Columbia,
and Louis B. Sexton, of Chicago, and
the following brothers and sisters:
Mrs. S. S. Hunter, Greenville; Rev.
G. M. (Sexton, Ridge Spririgs; W. L.
andi Misses Annio and Allie Sexton,
of this city.
The funeral services over the re
mains of tDr. Sexton 'were conducted
at the family residence. on Howvard
street Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
by Dir. .W. L~. Ball, .pastor of the First
Bnaptist church, assisted by 'Rev. H. V.
Tamer, pastor of Southiside Bad.tist
church. Interment was. in Oakwvood
cemetery. Active palibears: -Dr. WV.
'P. Coon, IDr. A. A. Fike, Dr. J. J. Leon
ard, Dr. J. E. Cudd, Dr. A. D. Cutdd,
Dr. .0. W. I~eonard, Dr. W. W. Boyd,
Dr. 11. E. Heintish, Jr.
Honorary pall bearers; Dr. H. R{.
Black, 'Dr. 0. do -Tour Wilson, DI'. S.
0. Black, Dr. J. W. Alley, Dr. S. A.
Widoman, Dr. J. E. Edwards, Dr. J.
Beloved Woman Passed Away at lier
Home Wednesday Night.
Oni last Wednesday night, Mrs. RI. H.
Donaldson, one of the most beloved
'Women of the community, died at hor
homn; on Smythe ntfeat:. Her . death
marlfed (he e d of a log and utseful
life, 4nd causdd *grogd .soTow to her
relatives and friends.
, Mr#. tfohnidso waf eonilhed to lier
bed for eighteen monthi~ pior to her
$he is stirvived by her' husband and
three-daug~hters Mre R.-Is .'1hiompson
~ 34s~. ,J ~ o, Luros
Pack Those Days Full
Cash Prize of $7.0
urday and 100,00
Each $15.00
.* * * * * * * *
*' The following is the standing
of candidates:
* Mrs. L. Connor Fuller .. . 503,500
* Mrs. -Hayne Taylor .. ..6. ..00,000
* Mrs. J. N. Hudgens ......486,500
* Miss Honry Etta Owings 484,600.
* Mr. W. A. WAlson ......470,000
* Mrs. M. F. Medlock ......461,000
* Miss Elberta Teague .. .. 460,000
* Miss .Lillie (Mae Cox .. .. 451,500
* Miss Louise Saxon .. ....400,000
* Miss Evn Bolt .. .. .. ..306,000
* Miss Laurence Culbertson 305,700
* Miss Bessie Gillespie . . . .305,500
* Mrs. -1ogan Walker .. ... ..304,150
* Miss Mary Sue Dagnall . .301,000
* Miss Daisy Belle Owings . .300,100
* Miss Frances Blakkely ..300,000
* aiss afary A. Powers .... 290,000
*I * * * * * * * *
The follerwing are the iprize winnex
for the week ending Saturday, Dece
Cash Prizes for Renewals
ber 17th
Mrs. L. Connor Fuller, let prize, $10.C
Mrs. .Iayne Taylo.r, 2nd prize, $5.0
Mrs. J. -N. Hudgens, 3rd'prise, $3.0
Bonus Votes for New Subscriptions
Mrs. L. Connor Fuller, :let, 300;00
Mrs. Hayne Taylor, 2nd, ....200,00
Miss Henry -Etta. Owings, 3rd, 100,00
Sections Little Worked
There are many sections in th
county that have been little, if an,
canvassed. No part of the count
Should be neglected but gven a syt
JLaure'us has been worked in a m:o
thorough manner and the results she
what case done by ystom; so it b(
hooves every worker, to treat all .ee<
tions (s has boon done to this citj
However, the six rural routes out
.Timmons ajnd Willard, Held for th
Death of Policeman Martin, to Al1
ply for Bail.
W. 0. Knight, of, the law firm c
Featherstono & - Knight, retained *b
Luther Timmons and Monroe Willar
alleged alayers 6f -Policeman Hose
'Martin last Wednesday night, state
yesterday that his clients would mak
application for ball within a few day.
the exact time and place not yet bein
decided upon. Asked as to the d(
fonse which his clients (would prol:
ably put up, Mr. Knight said that h
had not had the opportunity to tal
with them to any extent and was nc
prepared to say what plea they wvoul
set nrp.
According to rumors on the street:
bo0th Timons and Wilard claim .the
neither of themi shot on the niight <
the' tragedy and that Policeman Ma:
tin's death was due to promiscuou
shooting among tihe ornicers thenr
Resident of Cold Point Died at HI
Home Early Sunday Morning.
Homer F. Wheeler, well known ret
idont of Cold d'oint, this county, die
at his home early Sunday morning. I
had been in e. critical condition fc
several weeka, having undergone
surgical, operation about a month as
In the hope of securing relief from h'
Monday morning the body was ca:
ried to , Trinity -church, in Salud
county, whore interment took place.
Mr. Wheeler was a native of SaludJ
count'y, but bhad lived at' Cold Pol:
for about twenty lears. Hie. is su'
vived by his widow, nwyho was a Mi:
Madden, and~'several small children.
SMinstrel at Barksdale
-There will be given a nilnstrol
Darkedale-Nargie 'school ihouse Fr"
day Inight, Deepber 23rd. Adii
sion will -be 15 and 25 cents. Ever:
body is invited to attend.
Box Suppera4 Youngs
A 'box supper will 'be .: iven .4
Youngs. sschool house~ Thursday evel
ing, 'Ioember. 22. The publi is co
of Energetic Effort--Last
0 Awarded Next Sat
0 Extra Votes With
in Subscription
.* Laurens have been only indifferently
* worked. Gray Court and routes,
* whero this paper largely circulates,
* has scarcely -been 'touched. This Is
* true, -also, of Waterloo, Cross Huill
* and Ware Shoals, and the extreme
* western and northern parts of the
* county. There are many smaller sec
* tions where subscription business
* could be developed; besides the work
' er need not confine his work to this
* county-go everywhere. .
A Ruling-Heed It
*Any contestant, no matter who that
*,person is, failing to turn in AT LEAST
* TWO yearly subscriptions Saturday
* IDecember 24th or 31st will be dropped
* from the list. This is not a harsh
* ruling, for any worker who cannot se
* cure $3.00 in subscriptions In seven
* days is NOT trying. Now subscrip
* tions, rencwals and past due accounts
* on subscriptions count. Be sure of
* your two and then soine. Those not
expecting a prize must work to the
end to secure a colmnission.
100,000 Extra Votes
From IDecember 17th to December
0 24th at 4 p. in. 100,000 lExtra Votes
0 will be given for each $15,00 turned in
0 on subscriptlons.
Next week-the last week-80,000
0 Extrt Votes will be awarded on each
0 -$16.00.
0 Lost Cash Prize
To the contestant turning In the
e greatest number of subscriptions, new
,or renewals, for the 'week ending De
y ceomber 24th, twill 'be awarded $7.00 in
. S8. S aro.$43havo-bee.awarded as fol
it lows: )Mrs. L. Connor 'Fuller $30; 'Mrs.
v Hayno Taylor $10, and Mrs. J. N. 1lud
-- gns $3. We would like to see some
- one who has not yet won u cash prize
make a spurt and take this last prize
f of $7.00. Try and sunprise the crowd.
Beloied Woman of Cross 11111 Passed
Away Dec. 8.
Cross Hill, Dec. 15.-Shortly after
noon on Thursday, Dec. 8th, the death
angel entered the home of Mr. J. C.
Wade and claimed the wife and
amother. Mrs. Wade had been an In
valid for ten years suffering from
rheumatism to the extent that she was
unable to walk without assistance.
She bore her affliction with beautiful
Christian fortitude, never a mumu
escaping her lips.
t Mrs. Nannie Clarke Wade was born
at Blackstock, S. C., Jan. 10, 184'1.
She wvas the dlaughbter of Buckney
Clarke and wvas married D~ec. 8, 1874 to
Mr. John C. Wade. Uer death oc
eurred on the 47thl anniversary of her
wvedding day. 'Mrs. 'Wade Iwas the
Sonly surviving .member of a family oi
sixherfou broher hainggiven
their lives on 'the battlefield during
the War Between the States.
Shei is survived by her husband and
the following children: Minta, Robert
s 'F. and 'Lawton WVade, all of Cross
11111, and -Mrs. JT. f. Jloned, of Sumter,
-two grandchildrren also survive her.
d 'Mr". Wade was a consistent mom
e -ber of Soule's 'Cha-piel Methodist
r church. The funeral services wvere
a held at Liberty Springs churchyard
o Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock con
s ducted by Rev. Luipo, assisted by Rev.
W. D. -Ratchford. The remains wvero
-laid to rest beneath a mnoundl of beau
a tiful flowers to await the Resurrec
tion Morn.
a -Our comninty deel sym ~,pathizes
it Avith tihe bereaved famIly.
Entertalinent at Mt. Pleasant
There will 'be a Christmas enter
tainent swith Christmas tree follow
t ing, iat Mount (Pleasant church Friday
- night, December 23, at 7:30 o'clock.
- The public Is cordially, invited to at-.
r- tend. Admission aMill be free.
Box Supper at Mt. Bethel
1.t There is to be a box supper and en
i- -tertainment given at Mt. Bethel echuol
E- house Saturday ni'ght, Dec. 24th. The
public is cordially -invited to attennd.
Sunday School Children to Give
Christnats Prog-ramn 'bristis Night
Prospect church 1will open its (loors
to many friends on Sitnuday night, De
cemibi- 2.5, the occasion heing a is
mias program by fifty children of the
Sunday School. The program is dI
vided into three parts under the direc
tion respectively of Mi:sses Zelle Crisp,
Azile and Kate Wofford. The time is
seven o'clock and the public is cor
dially invited. The program iis as fol
Invocation-Rev. E. W. Davis.
Welcome Merry Christnas---Song by
The prinary children wvill renler a
miscellanepus program of Christias
recitations and songs:
A Tiny Welcome.
Acrostic: C I It 1 s T M A S.
Recitations-Three girls.
Recitation-WeavO a lb]Iy Wreath.
Itecitations--Two boys.
Message of the Candles--Eleven girls.
Song: XLittle Children, Do You Know?
Dialogue: Why do Bells for Christmas
Christmas Gifts-Four boys.
Recitation-irst Christmas Gift.
Song--Luther's Cradle Song.
The Juniors number thirteen and
will give in song and story the well
loved story of the Christ-child, who
caie to us the hunble road, the imes
sage of his coming, and how the spirit
of 'Christmas may live throughout the
vear. Those. Iaking part are: Lowrie
ancham, Ifarold Brown, John Bolt
Culbertson, .1. D. Culbertson, Eloiso
Finley, Ollie May Fuller, Anice Mc
Pherson, Henry Lee Madden, Mary B.
Madden, Lillian Moore, Eddie Tes
sener, Willie Tessener and Lynt Wof
The last part of the program will
wonsist of a play, "The Longest Christ- I
mas," written by Miss Kate Wofford
for her Sunday School class. The cast
Is as follows:
The Girl about to grow up,
Maude Wofford
The Boy about to Grow Up,
Thomas Wofford
The noy front across the. Way,
Rothwoll Finley
The Girl from across the way,
The boy who was glad to be a child,
-John Bolt Culbertson
Santa Claus IIbawrence *Madden,
Mrs. Stnta Claus Allie Culbertson
Santa, Jr. 'L1iowric Beacham
The girl .who had grown up,
Mary HIudgens
Christmas Fairy, Tidings of Great
Joy, Frances Finley
irst Great Joy-Love
Mildred McPherson
Second Great Joy-Charity
Metta Culbertson
Third Great Joy-Usefulness
Annette Culbertson
Fourth Great Joy-.Contentment
Wilma Finley.
Closing Song of Thanks.
House PractIcally Destroyed %y Fire
Thunrsday Night.
'Fire of unkntown origin practically
dlestroyed the home of Dr. TI. L. Tinm
merman, on East Main street Thurs
(lay night about nIne o'clock. Dr. and1
Mrs. Timnmerman wecre both at home!
at the timo andl were reading when
neighbor's ruoshed In to tell them that
the top) of their dbwelling was in a
blaze. With the assistance of neigh
bor1s and others who came when the
fire alarm iwas given, most of the fur
ntiture was saved, but the blaze had
gotten too great a headlway for the
fire. department to save more than a
shell of the house.
Immediately after the lire Dr'. 'rim
morman sa-d that he thought his house
was fairly wvell covered~ by insurance,
butt upon the examination of his poli
cies the next (lay he found that sev
eral of them had lapsed. His total
loss was in thei neighborhood of four
or five thousand dlollars and the in
surance was about half the amount.
Mary Pickford~8 Latest Production,
"The 19re Light" t4o be Shtown on
Tuesday, Dec. 27.
Mar'y Pickford's latest 'production
"The Love Light", written and~ 4
(dected by Frances MarIon, is a thought
so exquisite, so rich in detail, so full
of human pathos and lovely comedy,
that we do not hesitate to recommend
it ito our patrons a the greatest suc
cess in Miss Pickford's -roemarkable
career. To be showni Tluesdav. nee 27.
Suggests State Expendi.
ture Around $34,000,000
lRvienue for ifxtensive Road inprove
mnent, to lie Secured from Other
Sources Than Those Fromt Which
State Revenue is Now Received.
Conies Up lin Jmuury.
Columbia, Dec. 27.--When the Gen
eral Assembly meets next month Gov
ernor Cooper willlpresent for the con.
sideration of .the legislators a -plan to.
expend $34,000,000 in a road building
program covering a period of six
years. The idea does not content
plate an increase in the state levy..
'rhe plan proposed is to -build 4,000
iniles of improved roads, 600 miles
of which would b hard surfaced.
The sources of the revenue to be
used in the road building -project are:
Federal aid for the next six years, $6,
500,000; an Increased automobile Ii
cense so a, to produce $1,300,000 a
Year, which would be $7,800,000 in six
Years; approximately $6,200,000 from
te two-mill property tax already on
the tax books; approximately $3,400,
DOO from a tax of one cent a gallon oni
ifasbline; and a state bond issue of
Details of Plan
Under the plan 2,000 miles of soft
murfaced roads uwould 'be constructed
o cost around $10,000,000, Including
ninor bridges and culverts; 600 miles
)f hard surfaced roads, . Including
;rading, minor 'bridges and culverts,
tc., to cost around $10,000,000. all
he state highway bridges not yet pro
tided for would be built at ap'proxi
nately $5,500,000. The plan would
provido %. sufficient maintenanc fund
:f about $6,500,000 for the six year
period; provide around $1,200,000 to
naintain the state highway depart
nent for six years and Interest and
,inking fund of $1,800,000 for the
Counties' Shares
lin this $34,000,000 program the
tmfounts to be received out of the $20,
)00,000 road constructions fund alone
A-ould be as follows, for the four lead
ng countio:
Charleston $1,180,000.
Greenville $1,140,000.
Richland and Spartanburg $1,100,
)00 each.
Anderson, $920,000.
Proposed Bridges
Some of the major bridge projects
pr'ovided for under the proposed pro
grani include four over the Great Pee
Dee; four over Lynches river;- two ov
Fr the Santee; one over the Cawitaba;
one over the Congaree; two over the
Broad; two over the Pacolet; twoover
the Tgyer; two over the Enoree; six
over the Saluda; four over the adiato;
one over the Ashepoo; one over tile
Combahee; and I wo over the Sayan
Undl~er the proposed six year .buildl
ing program the total mileage in the
state highway system is 3,414 mIles.
Of this mileage, 1,600 miles have been
conlstructed or provided for, leaving
S,8 1.1 miles to 1)e construecd.
Successor to Late Poliemrant and
Also Track Ut-lver are Elected.
At the regular meeting of the City
Couucil Monday night Mr. Guy L~.
Watson, former city policeman, was
elected policeman to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of officer Hosca
Martin. There were about twenty ap
rilicants for the place.
Mr. 'Paul Alexander was elected
truck driver to succeed Mr. Guy
Fooshe, mwhose resignation was re
(luested upon charges of neglect of
dnty filed by W. rMl. Switzer, chief of
the fire departmnent. The specific
charge against Mr. Foonho was that
he loft his post of duty without leav
ing someone in charge of theiruck.
Wednesday Club
The W1ednesday club will meet with
Mrs. IU,. F',Fleming Wednesdaf, IDec.
21, at 2:30 (P. M. Subject for tscus
sion: "'ITo President ahd H{Is Cabi
net". Those takcing part on tlie pro
gram are Mrs. J. 'L. M. Irby, Misa. P. A.
Simpson and Mrs. eam'l HI. Temple-'

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