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Heavy Cold? Chest
All Clogged Up ?
DON'T let it get a start, Dr. King's
New Discovery will get ri lht
down to work, relieving the tight feeng
in the chest, quieting the racking
cough, gently stimulating the bowels,
thus chimimatmig the cold. poisons.
Always reliable. Just good medicine
made to case colds and coughs.
For fifty years a standard remedy.
All the family can take it with helpful
results. Eases the children's croup.
No harmful drugs. Convincing, heal
ing taste that the kiddies like. AL all
druggists, 60c.
Dr. Kin 's
New Dlisvry
For Colds and Coughis
Feel Badly? Bowels Sluggish?
H-aven't any "pe)" in work or play.
You're constipated! The stimulating
action of Dr. King's Pills brings back
old tinic energy. All druggists, 25c.
r. King's Pills
Time to Picnt
and the best varieties of vegetable
and field seeds to plant for each
purpose is told *n the
1922 Catalog of
Now ready to be mailed, free
on request.
Rcduced prices are quoted on
Seeds, Pou:try Supplies, and
Feeds, Girden Tools and Spray
Write foi vour copy today.
I Seedsmen,
17 S. 14th St., Richmond, Va.
No Worms In a healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an us.
healthy col r. which Indicates poor blood, and as a
rule. there is more or I ess stomach distufrbance.
larly for two or three weeks.will enrIch the blood.
improve thedigestion, and actas a generalStrength
ening TonIc to the whole system. Nature will then
throw offe r dispel the worms, and the Child wilbe
in perfect health. Pleasant to take. 600per bottle.
~Why P~
W. Wonder for Me,"
Declares'TIis L'ady..
S"I suffered for a Iong
3ess," says Mrs. J. R
Simpson, of 51 .Sprucew
St., Asheville, N. C. "I
finally got to the ptac
Swhere It was an effort for
me to p. wp~uld have
bear ous ipains In
nsland backc - es
svore across my
Sside there was a great,4
deal olsoreness. I wes
nervous and essily Pp.
- allmar4oI Cad,4 p
docles Mas W N"u. I
saw ~he boet
sie * And then I
CendeL sid ~a
tonie. 'hSands and
thousatads. like Mrs.4
Siinpson, 1IV found "
Try Cardulftt orr~~
One Occasion When Monarch's
Plans Went Wrong.
Milght Be Difference of Opinion as to
Whether Joke Was on Frederick
or the Corporal.
Those who read history with anI
eye to the humorous as well as the
impressive, sometimes stumnble iponl
funny and witty lippenitgs in whlieh
the great were forced by Iumnble be
Ings or by circumstance to p.aty Il
dierous parts, writes Mark StiyVeallt
in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The
following Ilcielnt seeis as though it
had been designed to swamp with
laughter the carefully carried-out, and
often cruel plans of Fredericlk Willlin
I. of Prussia to have a corps of giant
It is sahi that Frederick's agenis
searched the world for giants. Hag
gard, to whom we are inlebitei for this
information, tells its tluit "red(erick
paid aln Irish giant, wh was 7 feet
high, tite sum111 of $t,500, to enlist, a
veritable fortune in those days.
But Frederick, who was miserly,
disliked to pay' such sums even to
achieve lils aimbitioi for an army of
giants. lie determined to breed giants
its well its to buy them. Whenever he
foumd a tall young woman he had her
married t6 one of his tallest soldiers.
No thought of the desires of either
was permitted to stand in the way of
his ambition. Sometimes Frederick
resorted to trickery to bring about his
One day when Frederick was riding
In a forest, ie camte upon a beautiful
girl about 0 feet in height. She did
not know the king by sight. This
Frederick realized when lie stopped
to talk with her. He well knew the
girl could not read, for very few wom
en of his day, even of . the highest
rank, possessed this accomplishment.
So Frederick asked the girl If site
would like to earn a thaler or two
by carrying a note to the commander
of a near-by fortress. Site sald site
would like to have the money. So
Frederick wrote a note. It read.
"Instantly have the bearer of this
married to Corp. Fritz of the Gren
The unsuspecting girl took the note
and left the king, who continued his
way in the opposite directIon. Sid
denly the girl realized that if she did
the errand slte would be late to an ap
pointment with her lover. So she hur
ried to the hut of a withered old
woman, uave her half the king's money
and the note to deliver. Then this
beautiful, stately girl hurried away
to meet the ma site loved.
When Frederiekqode Into the for
tress that evening, ie commanded the
woman who had borne the note to be
brought before bim with her husband.
Imagiie the shock t!o the king when
he saw the withered old woman, who.
had been married to the corporall
Needless to say, the story did not
reinaLn a secret In the fortress. It
ran the length and breadth of Prussia,.
and other nations also laughed.
Up-to-Date Barges.
It is a far cry from the Erie canal
to the present barge canal of New
York state, and just as' far fronm te
mutle-hanuled catnal boat to thea latest
type of self-propelled barges whieh
were recently built to run o'n thte
barge canal. These barges, five in
number, were built In Duluth, antd will
be propelled by 140-brake-horsepower
direct reversible Diesel engines. They
are 250 feet long, 86-foot beanm, 10-foot
draft, with a displacement of 2,t50
tons each. Besides being self-pro,
pelled they are all thoroughly eqtiipped
with electric auxiliaries, having elec
tric hydraulic steering gear, electric
anchor\ windlasses, and electric cap
stan. They are all electrically lighted,
the electricity -for the various pur
poses for. which it is used being pro
'vided on each barge bf three 10-kilo
watt generators, driven by a lAd.horses
power 14eispi egine. The cargo ca
pacIties range from 1,500 to 1,750 tons
each, which, to gny one who reinem
belis the old csagt boats, will give an
Idea .of the tflt&of tramic to be ex
geeted en the exial.
Snefwhat Over-Particular.
Ane of the British miners' families
erev yery pgrtitilar duirlng the coal
drike. IA% certain mining village of
Noi .MAyttire, where the striker.'
clidn' were -being fetj by the suli
scnlptions which their parents extorted
from the rest of the eommninty, it was
fowhd that at the niiddy .meal about
TO per 'eent of the..hildren refusned to
take the soup which was offered to
them, saying that they preferred bread
or tea. The aultherittes, reaiing that,
they -weroentering for a very exacting
clientele, knewv bettet' than to tol~e of
(entse att this rebuff. andi antlounced
thu. tea would be served at 5 o'clock,
where'upon 'orge starving child ex
claImed: "That's nae guid toe me;
ma music lesson's at ive 1"
Cat Mothers Rabbit..
An interesting case of adoptioq has
*occurred on a farm In the htumble dis
* '.n-et of East Lothian,. &cotland. A
,at, whose kitteits had been 'giyen
awyy as' they gyere old enough to be
romoved fromn the mother, has -adol$t
od a votndg wild rabbit, which she
tends an~ inurses with great care iind~
affection. The cat was in the Iihbit
of kIlling and bringing in young jab
bits to fc-d Its kittons, and it is re
markable that she now should'show
ut. niiT.' aiTectlon towards an Anhnalt
aussn; iithw ni h qu nac~o.4
* * * S * * S e a e * S S S~S
V * S * * * * * * * * S S *
Ickon, Feb. i3.-Tiere has been a
-ood deal of sickness in %our ieigh
orilood for tile past several weeks,
)lit. we a*e glad to rejql.t all better.
The farmers are anxious now to see
ioie ioretty weather to begin their
slowing and other farm work.
Miss Peggy Box returned to her
i0mne in ISpartanburg last 1week, after
;pending several days with her grand
lothelr, Mirs. Ma egaret Moore, and
>ther relatives.
Alr. Lonie Moore, after spending a
'6w days witi Iis imlother, left last
xveek for Iis home Iin Cuthbert, Ga.
Alisses Ainy Madden andl Myrtle Ci
!)rtson spent Satlrday night with
\Ilss 1att1ren(ce Culbertson and mother.
Mrs. .lattie itts and children
wpent the week-end with her parents,
\Wr. and Ai.rs. L. C. Culbertson.
All'. and . M's. Gray Cooper sient
iilIday with Dir. an( Mrs. J. G. Cooper.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd (odfrey spent
;udIlay with tle latter's grandmnother,
\lrs. Walker, of the Poplar section.
Mls. Jay Cooper and -little daugh
ecr, F'elyn, were shoiping in Liaurens
M's. 'T. J. Cooper is ' spending
tvhile swith hor children In L4au1renls.
Mrs. Carl Culbertson and little
l'tighteri, 1.1 ''wee, visited 'Ware
31hoals Saturday.
We weOe very sorry to hear of the
illness of' Dr. J. IL. Donnon and hope
'or him a speedy recovery.
Aliss Dollle Culbertson spent Fri
lay night with Mr. and -Mrs. Roy Cul
Alr. and Mrs. Berkley Redden and
little Ruth, visited Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Jodfrey recently.
ir. Todd Knight and family spent
3a.turday with their m1othler, Mrls. Lu1
'annie McDanlel.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Cooper spent
Sunday with I'Mr. and iMlrs. Clint Cul
Dr. Cooper and wife visited their
.ster, 'Mrs. Lolu Culbertson, Sunday
We have
you can't afI
dress you we
Consists of one big
kinds and colors
Goods, the very nic
width up to 52 int
worth up to $2.50;
One big' shipmei
boys' "Sure-Fit" C
Other S~
State of South Curollina,
County o' Ialurens,
11y- virtue of the ordler of the Pro
bate Court for the County of Laurena
and said State in tihe clse of S. If
Gogginls individtIally nd as execut i
of the will of 'rs I. .ley M. I)ennly It
Ceased, plllaitiff, againlst .Jamaes 0
I)enny individually and as executor ol
the will of Mrs. lucy M. )enny de
ceatsed, Mrs. Annie Bi. AtcIiso, latl
rino Denny, Annie )ennitv and Saral
Widemnan j)Denny (efenldants, I will
sell at public outcry to the h iglhest
biddel- for cash at ILaurens Court
110o S. C., during the legal hours
'O R T H
three big Tabl
Ford to miss.
Lnt on these tab
[ot of all Consists of or
af Wool kinds and C
est kind; Goods, the b
hes and
all oing can buy; worn
going for
Arrived .
at of young men's and
ips, the newest of the
iecial Prices W
Our Store
aurens' Best Store.
of .putblic sales, on Salesday In March,
1922, being the 6th aay of the imoiith,
all that tract of land situate in the
comity of Laorens, inl "'aid state, coil
taining 170 acres, beil g tie wvesterin
part of the Gill tract ,A nid outside of an
exclusive of the dwelling house an d
tein b iildinigs alpertanlait therito a111(l
being bounded on thle north by latids
of T. Ii,. Neel and Alrs. .\alissa Cole, on
the west by hinds of ..ls. Malissa Cole,
.1. C. Wade and -.lrs. . Hanie l oil
tle south by land of S. ]I. 6, o.,!ins
111d on the east by the reinainling por
,don of the said Gill tract coiitaining1
75 acres, inore or less.
Terills of 8ale: va sh, the purchase:
to pay for deed and revenne statu s.
Food supreme! Train
and-Milk habit. It as
sturdy, stalwart type,
is rich in the life-giv
ing vitamines that build
nerve, bone, muscle.
Ask your grocer.
e Bargains for t
(ou can get mos
les at a most giv<
E NO.2 T
Le big lot of all For thi
>lors of Wool be
ing place
est that money are still I
h up to $3.50; bargains,
piece go<
worth up
New Steti
One big lot men's
the new blocks and ce
Pr.nces .
1i Be Shown Tbi
This Week.
--Quality Made it. S
No bid shall be accepted without pay
inent of I wenty-five ($25) dollars by
the bidder as a guaranty of good
faith d it (I II the piurchaser fails to
(omly)I Y witi the 0rn11 s of sale the land
shall be resold on the sainle or on soin
sI 'ia'sient saed':h A Ie risk of such
deul11111 n purchas r on the same
0. G. TH!MoYSON,
.J. L2. C.
Fej. 1:, 1922. 1 t -A
Piles Cured i 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money IPAZO 01 NTM NT fails
to cure Itching i m, Blelledinug or Protruding
Piles. Instantly relieves Itching Piles. and you
can got restful sIep after first applicatiou. We.
/lik, Heigho!
the hiddie8 in the Bread
ires Americans of the
iis week that
t any kind of
e-ayay price.
3 past week this table
a very popular gather.
for we have had and
>utting on it some real
of most any kind of
>ds you want. Pieces
to $1.00, going for
10c Yd.
on Hats
Stetson Hats, in all

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