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Active In 'Congressional Primaries,
-gays Oompers. Meetbng of Council.
W4shington, Fob. 25.-Pursuing the
policy instituted in 1920, the Ameri
can Federation of Labor through its
non-partisan political campaign com
mittee will enter the congressional
vrimaries and elections this fall with
the object of obtaining the nomina
tion and election of candidates favor
able to organized labor.
This decision was announced to
night. by Samuel Gompers, -preeldent
of the federation at the conclusion of
the quarterly meeting of the federa
tion's executive council. -
"It is proposed to go into the pri
niaries everywhere 'to. make certain
that candidates favorable to the rights
and interestf of the workers are
nominated" said the annWuUmeL
"Labor will place such candidates in
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-the field wherever .necessary,
It need occasioD no surprise If there
are in many. districts candidates
placed -in the geld by labor as a
difect result of antagonistic attitudes
6n tht part of candidatts in' both
'Republican and Democratic parties.
. In the opinion of labor the present
political and economic situation
makes imperative the most energetic
political %ction.
' Mr. Gompers declared the campaign
committee doubtless would -be guided
in its work .by the Issues involved in
tse uhtmploynent situation and the
possible methods of alleviation which
the government might adopt, in the
use of court injunctions in labor dis
putes, in tie elimination of tax sys
tems which "remove the burdens from
the rich and of the predatory and
place them on the shoulders of the
poor," and in the general field of
labor legislai~ion. In this connection
he declared, congress iwas "in the
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W. Laurent Street Old
midst'of an amazing kind of muddling P
with tax and tariff questions, where ti
little regard is had for the interests 8l
of the masses of our people," and was j<
"no more constructive in dealing with rJ
transportation than it has ibeen in t
ofher fields. 11
.State labor organizations were said 6
by Mr. Gompers to be already ipropar- 11
ing details of the campaign, and the e
standing campaign committee was au- v
thorized by the executive council to e
take up and cooperate in the work. t
Before concluding its quarterly ses
sion, the council also adopted a resolu
tion opposing the National 'Woman's e
party constitutional amendment which
would remove all legal inequalities be- I
tween men and women. President
Gompers said the step was taken be
cause of the danger to legislation t
guaranteeing working women and t
miners special consideration. I
Washington, 'Feb. 25.--Samuel Gom- X
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sault on the wages and rights of the
A Correction
The Advertiser hag received the fol
lowing communication from Mr. Tom
Duncan, of Cold Point, pointing out
inaccuracies in the news Item carried
in our issue of February 22 in regard
to a calpture of whiskey in the Cold
,Point vicinity:
Editor Tho Advertiser:
I would appreciate very much if you
will correct he item of last gepk
about capturing whiskey in my house.
The whiskey was not found in my
house but in the "well house". Also
it was Ed Duncan arrested for driv
ing car under influence of whiskey
and not Ton. You will do me a great
favor to make this correction.
Thanking you in advance, I am,
Laurens, I. F. -D. 4.
:aged in
RiIme~ St
x a Seia
..ot Id fP le
ers, president of the American Fed
'ation of Labor in the forth .oning is
tie of -the organivation's offlcial
urnal, declares that the national ag
cicltural conference held in -Washing
)m last month was "controlled abso
itely" by a group of "aproximately
0 railroad presidents, trust mag
ates, bankers, and auti-trade union
mployers." Its objective, lie asserts,
ras to "drive farmer; and wage work
rs into hostile camps," and the mot
o of the controlling group was "that
f all profiteers-after me the flood:"
The article, which will be publish
d 1within a few days, recites Mr.
lompers' version of the conference
iistory, stating that during it "every
.ttack on the workers was greeted
vith an expression of approval," and
hat lie considered it "apparent from
he start that it would be practically
mfpossible to prevent action by the
!onference reflecting the nationwide
)ropaganda of big business for an as
Is the
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