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Ere e
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. C.
Advertising Ratej on Application.
fbbituaries and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
Matered at the postoflice at Laurens,
W. C., as second class mail matter.
L~mlHENS, S. c.. 31A Y 141, 1922.
"ISAltM.Ar-.\v\\"lY NO''?"
Scriptie says:
'It a strainger praise thee and notI
thine own lips."
liice it secims iet to refrt n from
any direet comment on the siubject
slated above.
Btut. as uotatrions appear not to be
barrIed. we take tihe li beiry of inviting
attention to the Following extract from
an editorial which appeare(i in 'T'le
Advertiser . Noveiber, 192t Itnder the
ca;'tion l)isarmamnt--Why Not?''
8ven though the world may not
he getting abstractly better anry
too fast, there coies in the prac
tical question of ability to pay;
and no administration of any gov
ernment (an be ex)ected to be so
blind to its own interests as thus
to miss an opportunity to material
ly deCrlease the tax-rate by sub
seribing to anr agreemTrent which,
at least on its face, is highly uli
Allowing, therefore, for all the
usual vrocrastination due to diplo
matic delays and il ternat ional stls
picions, we are of those who itn
sist upon believing that the so
called "disarmament" conference
will in the endI be far from a fail
I + * *
An irate citizen has asked The Ad
vertiser to "say something" about the
failure of peace officers to enforce the
law passed during the last session of
the Gleneral Assembly against tire Irse
of cut-outs onl automobiles. lie was
authority for the statement that the
law Is being ignored, much to the an
noyance. of those who drive and to
the detriment of the roads over which
they pass. The Advertiser agrees with
jhi citizen that the law should be en
While on the traffic laws, we might
also call attention to the fact that
autonoblles are being driven In tiA
county without 1922 llcense plates. To
rllow, this to continue is not only to
enccurage the violation of the law, but
it Is a discrimination against those
who have paid their license fees. Be
sides the money is due the state and
county treasuriies for expenses.
The Advertiser will also call atten
tion to the annoyance to travellers.of
the huge cotton trucks now found so
much on the county highways. Of
course there Is no law agaffitthis, burt
their failure to move out of tihe center
of the r'oad 'pr'omptly wvhen a wvarning
signal Is given fr'om behind is a viola
tion -of the lawv, so we are informrna.
Where suchr large loadls are canried
and the drtivers are lprevented. by 'thre
noise fr'om hearing thre signals from
b~ehindl, threy shourld be redlruiredl to
keep a watchrer ott thre r'ear end of tire
loadI to twarn tire dt'ivers of vehnicles;
alpproachring from b~ehindl.
Thle iAdvertiser is well aware that
enforcemrent of these laws, seemingly
tr'ivlal, Is dilsagreeabule butt wve believe
that tire public1 is entitled to thecir en
e' * +' * * * * * * * * * *r *
* *
* Homre Ecorinmis Exhibit at the *
* 1l1gh Schtool. *
*' (Vontriburted ' *
* *
** * * * * * * . * * * *
Th'ie 01(d name Domestic Science, as
for mer'l us~ed in r'efer'ence to studios
r'elative to tire home, has been super
cedled 'b& the term 410mte Economics.
Tire latter term is :broader in ltb
scope, inclurding study of clothing
problems and othrer arts ydl sciences
r'elating -to Ironme life as wecll as the
sttudy olt foodsn and cookery. Any
thing .yhich leads to the betterment
of homo'and comtunity is classed un
der Hom~c JEcor:'ies. A com:iitrity is
jutdgod 'by tire ty~.e
tifome Eeonormics diepar'tment of the
sghool definItely aims to build rrp the
communtiity through t?' -'".
turn, degerdves the ;suppor't of thne comr
The Home Econoiis Department of
the iLautrrns high school is In its infan
cy burt fir'eady it haft otut-grown its
spresent' uarters. The ptubltc Is invited
to visit tire dlefartment in Room 16 in
the graded school building from 3:30
to 5:30 Friday afternoon..
TWKK wf(l, . .sf *LGR'-uy c, , Le. Y
30' Meet Appointment.
Rev., t. T. Squlrds will , leet hi~s
regular, appointmient .next Sundsy a*
~;~nooi et 3:30 P. M. In the, rioep
.1 huch
Good Work Done Under Direction of
Cempetent Corps of TI'eachers.
On the evening of April 29, the clos
lig exercises of Ilickorv Tavern school
wvre rendered with imuc!h talon. The
exercises were In charge of tenth 8
grade. The following program d(1d
cre(dit to themliselees and principal: 0
\\elcome Song-Bfy class.
Invoication--lI. -1. Mahon. c
Welcome A((ress--!ass I.resideit,
unice Weathers'.
('lass Ilstory-Te'm.i Owens.
Hickory Tavern's Favorite Song-By
Class Colors-Gertie Bolt. C
lasFlower--Neoma Alexander. I,
Fimg--Last Rose of Sm ne- el le I
Ahereromlbie anI Nellie \Vsson. v
Class Orator--Kenneth Sumerel.
Reaing-"An Old Sweetheart of
Aline."---Alelle Abereromble.
Class Will--Kenneth Sumerel.
Acceptance of Will-Sara Rloper.
Song-"Old Fashioned Garden"--Thel
ma Owens and Neoma Alexander.
Deliverv of Vertifleates. v
Awarding of prizes.
Song-13y Class.
Good-Bye I licljory Tavern--Majorie
Response-Melle Albererobihe.
Song--i-l ickory Tavern Forever.
Prizes were awarded to the follow
.\Miss Wright's room
Perfect , Atten(lance-Alphus Tripp,
Jack Knight.
Highest record for service-Eliza
beth Hald win and Arthur Knight.
Miss Henderson's room
Perfect attendance--Laura -lattison,
Agnes llurphy, Bernice Knight, Chas.
-urphy Fairthful work-Nettle Bolt. t
Highest average-Grace Bolt.
Mrs. Owens' room
Perfect attendance-Rosa M\ae Sum- I
erel, Annie Tripp. t
l1ighest average-Nellie Wasson,
Jayne Davenport. d
General merit-Melle Abercrombie. r
Faithful work, 8th grade-Sara Hel
Faithful work, 9th grade--\'ancil
General merit-10th grade--Eunice
General merit, 10th grade-Marjorie
Improvement, 10th grade-Kenneth
Nature study, 10th grade-Gertie
Faithful work, 10th grade-Gus
Abercrombie, Neoia Alexander, Thel
m.. Owens.
Certificates were awarded to the
following: Eunice Weathers, Marjorie
-Weathers, Neoma Alexander, Thelm
Owens, Gus Abercronibie and Kenneth
This marks the closing of one of the
mqst successful years in the history
of this institution. Much real work
has been done, and the pupils uve
shown signs of marked development.
Besides the great amount of school
work done, the high .school room has
taken a full course~jn nature study,
taking trees, flowers. -birds, mossad
weeds. Each puvil has been deeply
interested and found it to be a live
The high school room has not only
(lone good- work, but have found time
for many amusements. They will al
ways remember' the ,parties, candy.
pull11ings, picnics and the tru'ick ride
to the Rosemont homestead, the last ~of
TPhe election of teachers has not
been held, but It Is understsood that
part of the teachers .will not offer for
Hickory Travern has been In charge
of lhe following teachers: Princi pal,
Miss Maggie J. flecks. .Mi's. Archie
Owecns, .\i's. JI. 5'. Traynham, Miss
Pearl Henderson, Mi1ss irene W~right. I
e S'm -* -. e s - * * * *
* * * * * e * * * e * e S e
Mt.'Gallagher,.May S.-We have had
so much rain until farmers are some
what hchind with their woi'k. Some
ai'e through planting cotton. They
seem to be planting as much cotton as
usual, i'egardless of the .holl weevil.
Oats are fine throughout this section.
Wheat isn't ao very good.
Mt. Gallagher sehcol closed last Fri
(ay. An exhibition was given Satur
(Ty: night by the echildrenl. After the
-.J'ennings .Johnson,
pastor, made a fine talk. All were ver'y
mv'h e:u'yed- by a large crowd.
- V"-- --. Boab Scott, of Prince
ona, visited L".Iir Parents last week
end, Mr. afid Mrs. J. B3. 11i11.
Little ;Le~vis Brown, of Ware Shoals,
sent last wcek-end with his granwl
paenta, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Daven
port. * '
Mirs. .W. +H. :Davenport and Miss iHar
rt Knight went to Laurens on busi
ness Monday. On their way back they
stopped to see Mrg, Annie .Abererom
'Misses Agnes and Ruth Martin wvent
shoppin~ Laures last.,Saturday.
Mr. Frank Davies had' the misfor
tune 'to lose a finei horse last week.
'1ilgh somewhat late we' wish to
ongratulate 'Mr. Ben Martin and Miss
lary H1ll who were married some
ime ago.
Mrs. Octavio Jones spent last Sun
lay with her daughter, Mrs. Booth
M r. and 'Mrs. Julius Passmore spent
aist Saturday and Sunday with their
ister, Mrs. Tom Duckworth.
Mrs. John Kernels visited hcer broth
r, near [lodges, last 'v"ck.
ir. E'ugene Madden has 1plowed his
otton seed uv and planted corn in
3Major Todd Proimoted
-Major -11. R. T. Todd, of Barksdale,
as recently promoted to lieutenant
olonel, 0. It. C., and Is now in Colum
'ia attending an officers' convention.
le will return lione in about two
Epworth League Meetiig
An anniversary day and young peo
les' day program will be given !by
he Fa),worth League of Shiloh, on next
uinday night, beginning at 8 o'clock.
1II lpworth Leaguers, as well as oth
rs are invited to come.
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms havo an tin
ealthy coldr; which indicates poor blood, and as a
ulc. there Is more or I ess stomach distuTbanoe.
irly for two or three weeks. will enrIch the blood.
mnprove the digestion, and act as a generalStrength
nlng Tonic to the whole tystemn. Nature will then
hrooff or dispel the worms, and the Child willbe
3 perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.
Charges for Political Announce
tents $5.00 in advance, except Coun
y Commissioner $3.00.
We are authorized to announce tho
ame of 0. G. Thompsou as a candli
ate for re-election to :he ofilce of
'robate Judge, subject to the rules of
lie Democratic primary.
For County Treasurer
I hereby announce myself a candli
ate for the ofilce of Treasurer of Lau- I
ens county under the rules of the -
)emocratic primary election.
For Auditor
I hereby announce myself a candi- 4
ate for re-election as Auditor of Lau
ens county and pledge myself to 4
bide by the rules of the 'Democratic
For Supt. of EdueationI
I hereby announce myself a candi
ate for the oflice of Superintendent
f Education of Iaturens county and
ledge myself to abide by the rules of
he Democratic primary.
I hereby tannounce myself a candi
late for the office of Superintendent
if Education of Laurens county and
>ledge myself to abide by the rules of
he Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
late for the office of Superintendent
)f Education of Laurens county and
iedge myself to abide by the rules of
he Democratic ri'imary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
late for Superintendent of Education
)f Laurens county and pledge myself
.o abide by the rules and regulations
)f the Democratic 'primary.
For Supervisor
I hereby announce myself a candi
late for ire-election to the office of
3upervisor' of Laurens county andl
piletdge myself to ahide by the rules
)f the Democratic primary.
BIds for Lease of Opera House
Notice is hereby given that the City
Jouncii of the City of Laurens will r'e
~elve sealed bids for t-he rent of the
lty Opera IHouse for a term of one
'eamr to commence April 17, 1922. Bids
nust b)e filed with the City Cler'k on
>r before eight o'clock P. al. Monday.
day 15th, 1922, when the same will
>e opened. The City Council reserves
he right to reject any and all bids.
['he successful bidder' will hie reqluired
o enter into a written lease in ac
~ordance wi'th~ the terms and condli
ions of tile 1)1( accepted and as agreed
pon1. Bids~ must be mnade subject to
he -regulations of the Council with
efcerence to the use of'the Opera House
v members of the colored r'ace. In
ormamstion antd particutlars may be oh
ained from the City Clerk.
flDR W. H. DIAL, Mayor.
City Clerk. 42-2t
D. C. Featherstone, W. B. Enight
Attorneys at tawr
Laurons, S. C.
All1 Business Intrusted to Our Care
Will Have Prompt and Careful Atten
Office over Palmetto Bank
~wr. Featherstone will spend Wednes
day of each week in Laurens.
Valley Farm
Dairy Products of
Quality from Tu
-berculin Tested
Federal Aceredit.
ed Herd,'
More Teachers Than Soldiers.
Costa Rica is unique among modern
nations, inasmuch' as it has more
teachers than it has soldiers.
K. of P. Meeting
Laurens IJodge No. .13, Knights of
Pythias will meet 3onday night, Nlay
15, in the K. of P. hall at 8:30 P. Al.
rho second degree will be conferred.
All members are urged to attend.
L. I. MURFF41, K. of *R. and S.
PlEr Salt-l ton truck, good run
ning condition, $250.00. 1 new 31ax
well touring car, 1921 model, never
been run, $600.00. Hipp 1ros., AMount
6'1il1. S. C. -13-.t
For Sale-Six year old mule, weight
Tbout 1100 pounds, $135.00. 111)pp
Bros, Mlountville, S. C. 413-3t
Lost--Sunday, lay 7, either in Lau-i
rens of bdtween Laurens and I-ligh
and Home church, cameo breast vin.
Reward for its return. D. E. Todd.
Potato Slips for Sale-C. D. Mose
ley will have for sale potato slips at
\loseley & Roland's old stand. 413-1t
For Sale-Salvia Plants. :Mrs. J. G.
Sullivan, South .Harper street.
Notie-The Owings swimming pool
is now ready for bathers. Come and
enjoy a healthy swim. Added im
provements and healthy surr'oundings.
S. C. 1111. 43-It
Men Wanted-To sell our goods in
:ountry and city. Why work for oth
crs when you can have a business of
vour own with a steady income. We
ell goods on time and wait for our
money. Team or auto needed for
ountry work, no outflt nenler in city.
[-Experience unnecessary we train in
;alesmaship. McConncn & Company,
Winona, Minn. Mlentwi this paper.
Listen-If you have an automobile
igh tension magneto you wish to dis
)osc of, bring it to Laurens Machine
Shop, and let us see if -we can agree
)n price. 37-tf
For Sale-My property on Sullivan
street, consisting of 9-room brick
iouse, large garden, orchard, garage,
tc.; several vacant lots and 6 'cot
ages. Will sell at reasonable price,
art cash, balance with good security.
Airs. J. J. Pluss, P. 0. Box. 485, Bra
lentown, Fla. 35-tf
Money to Loan-On Improved farm
ind city property for a period of years
it seven and one-half per cent inter
,st. Bomar, Osborne & Brown, At
:orneys, Spartanburg, S. C. 34-tf
Government Wagons-For Sale, or
offered in exchange for corn, oats, .hay
or lumber. Wagons in good condi
tion. Dixie Ice and Tuel Co., Clin
ton. 16-tf
Rim Repair Parts-For all makes of
cars. -Rim bolts, wedges and clamps.
City Vulcanizing Station. 40-tf
For Salo--1,500 acres of land known
is' the Speer place in Abbeville coun
V situated -between Savannah and
R ky rivers, five houses, part in cul
tiv tion and over a million feet of
marketable timber, close to railroad
towns, schools and churches. 'Price
$12.00 an acre, 1-3 .cash, remiinder
easy terms. B. M. Wolff, Laurens, S.
C. 1 42-2t
Money to Loan on improved farm
land at 7'1-2 per cent. 1H. S. Black
well, Attorney-at..Law. 42-ti
Wanted--Position as stenographer,
by young lady, with some experience.
Can furnish references. Write "Sten
ographer" care The Advertiser, 'Lau
rens. 42-2t-c
Potato Plants-,Million pure Porte
Rico and Nancy Hall potato plants,
grow~n from best prolific potatoes,
treated with corrosive sublimate .be
fore bedded. Immediate shipment,
Dollar fifty ipej thousand shipping
joint. Guarantee safe arrival. G. J.
Derrick, Lancast'r, S. C. 4'2-2t--p
Electrical Work
Radiator Repairing
Acetylene Welding
All Work Guarantee~d
Terracing : Leveling
Gray Court, S. C.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carojuna
Office in Peoples Bank Building
C. E. Kennedy & S~&
Motor Equipment
Simpson, Cooper&B Babb
Attorneys at Layv.
Broadcasting stations in c
concerts, lectures and n
talk every night to thousi
playing and singing to gr<
you enjoying this new er
No knowledge of electri
perience necessary.
Shipment expe
I am Prepared
Service on Yo
I bought the Vincent
Chevrolet parts and
uine parts from the
car if you want prom
W. Laurens St.
A Lttle
in the B
Comes in
sickness or
ed needs.
Laurens N
J. J. ADAMS, Pres.
This is the .
your pencil for sor
buildin g jobs ahead
repairs to old ones. '1
wilconfront you wi]
I use?" There's or
For farm., ho~uses, bar
gallery supports, columi
all "exposed-to-weather
such ever-lasting satisfa
wood of the Southland.'
Here is something else't
For matnyludes the /ower
and save you some real
know wh dt your work c
"fRuy the Grad
Write us for list of FREE
the meantime insist on "C
your local lutnber dealer --r
Southern Cypress!
2&8 Orahuam Bldg.. Jack
11 large cities are sending out
we nightly. Prominent men
inds by wireless. Artists are
,at invisible audiences. Are
city or previous wireless ex
cted in a few days.
ans, S. C.
:t Owners
to to Give Prompt
ur Chevrolet Car.
Motor Car Co.'s stock of
have filled in with gen
Factory. Bring me your
pt service.
n's Garage
Jas. H. Thomason, Prop.
mighty handy
Prepare for
ather unexpect
Try it and see.
ational Bank
GEO. H. BLAKELY, Cashier
time to sharpen
ne close figuring on any
of you, new buildings or
'he very first question that
1 be-" What lumber shall
iiy one answer to that
ns, outhouses, fences, walks,
is, rails, floors and steps, and
'uses, no other lumber gives
iction as Cypress, the ".prized
o remember, too.
grades itill answerjust as well,
noney. Your lumber dealer will
ails for and will advise you to
That Fits the Job."
PLANS for farm buildings-but Ia
VPRESS and no substitutes" frbm
o miatter, for what purpose you buy.
ionvllle, Fla.
PPLr rOU. I ig 8,j

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