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IEstimated Yield to be 11,
449,000 Bales
Boll Weevil infestation Estirpated at
from 71.8 to 80.2. Acreage Aian
doned to July 1 Summarized at 7.1
Per Cen;t. Scuth Carolina Condition
Placed at 60.
Now Orleans, Aug. 1.--Cotton jump
ad $8.50 a ]ale at the local exchange
today immediately after the reading
of the department of agriculture's re
port placing the condition of the grow
Ing crop at 70. 3 per cent of normal.
October touched 2-2:50 and most active
months were carried from 169 to 171
points higher than yesterday's close
within a few minutes after the re
ceipt of the government's report.
The market held quiet without much
change until just before 10 o'clock,
th' time of the issitance of the crop
condition report when it started to
bulge on tho heaviest kind of buying.
It roeo to 55 to r0 points before the
figures of 70.8 were read to the ring
and then builged an 'additional 100 to
108 opoints for the percentage was far
under general expectations.
October tra'ded up to 22.50 where
the more active positions showed net
gains on the day of 169 to 171 points.
'Toward 11 o'clock the advance was
checked by realizing sales. from the
long side.
IWashington, Aug. 1.-This year's
- cotton crop was -placed at 11,449,000
bales of 500 pounds gross weight in
the second forecast of the season an
notinced taday by the Department of
Agriculture, basing its estimate on the
condition of the crop July 25 which
was 70.8 per cent of a normal.
There wasa decline of 0.4 boints in
condition from June 25 to July 25, the
condition of June 26 having been 71.2
per cent of a normal on which the
first forecast of the season, 11,055,000
bales ef 500 pounds gross weight was
based. The average change in the last
ten years between June 25 and July
25, was a decline of 3.9 ipoints.
The conditions of the crop on July
25 by states follows:
Virginia, 80; North Carolina, 78;
South Carolina, 60; Georgia, 54; Flor
ida, 65; Alabama, 70; Mississippi, 74;
Louisiana, 70; Texas, 7Q; Arkansas,
81; Tennessee, 85; Missouri, 90; Ok
lahoma, 76; California, 95; Arizona,
'86; New Mexico, 85.
The final outturn of the crop, the de
'partment announced, may be larger
,or smaller than forecast today as con
--dltions developing during the remain
eder of the season prove more or less
'favorable than average.
Crops of .previous years and the uly
25 condition in these years follow:'
'Year Crop July 25
1.9'1 - .. .. ... . 7,593,641l 64.7
1020 .. .. .. .. .. ..13,40403 '74.1.
19)19 ..... ~.. .. .. . .11,420,703 07.1
19)18 ..... .. .. .... 12,010,532 73%
1917. .. .. .. . . ...11,302,375 70.3
1914 (record) . . .. '16/134,390 '70.4
1912-21 (avg.). .,' .. l'2,279,348 72.9
.The acreage of cotton abandoned to
July first Wvas summarized at 7.1 per
cent .the department annotinced in a
ou~plemental statetient issued tn're
sponse to senate resolutioins.
CQ~inty agents reported 80.2 per cent
atid reporters of the crop reporting
boar( estimated 71.3 'per cent of the
total acreage was 4nfested ,by the boll
4Ji t supplemental repbort the de
itinent annoulpced 21)5 replies as to
Abandonment of adrengo ha4 .'ben re
ceived from cornnissioners of igricul-.
ttire and the~agricetitural agentn )f. the
various counties in the" iotton 'grow
i states. 'There are 849 6otton grow..
n~ count-16s so that 'the 295 efleds
c'oeived .account for only'4 ~ut'a4,-per
ntilte counties. 'The number ,of
mplieic reelved from county agents
Vtdte ayeragN pf percentage of ab1)1t
dneut in tho replies by' state tf1
lV'na, O3 repies iveage 44 0'
1 65 S~thai'olitia, 0 4 d8;
6 ,: Aalt n./d3dg28apzNp's
More Men Enrolled This Year Than in 1920 While Wo
men Increase the Number.
AWIth the enrollment of men larger their books, leaving four more yet to
than In 1920 the women will swell the be heard from. The total number of
voting power of the county by nearly voters tabulated so far .is 5,970, of
2,000 more according to enrollment which 1,857 are women, compared to a
figures furnished by Mr. W. S. Power, total enrollment in 1920 of -1,023 in
in charge of the county enrollment the same numbor of boxes.
books. Thirty-two clubs have sent in The enrollment figures follow:
Precinct Total 1.922 Mea Women 1920
Laurens'.... ..................... 990 567 423 762
Shiloh . .. .... .... . .... ...... 83 63 20 61
Ekoi . .,. . .-. ... ... ...'146 96 51 113
Trinity-4Ridge .... ..6.. .... .... .... 79 68 21 new
Owings . - .......... .... .... ...... 125 88 37 88
W oodville .--. .... .... .... .... .,.. 163 '135 29 158
Goldville . -. . -... .... .... .... .... 157 106 57 81
Clinton .... .... .... .... .... ...... 736 416 320 407
Clinton Mill .... .... ....... ...... 163 123 40 '141
Poiplar -Springs ...... ............... 218 1.13 75 132
'Hickory Tavern .... .... ........ .... 212 166 46 168
Laurens Mill .... .... .... .... ...... 306 200 106 153
JIountville..... .... .... ....... 123 9.1 29 -105
Hlopewell .... .... .... .... .... .... 89 58 31 5.1
Grays .... .... .... ..... .... ...... 57 38 19 51
Cook's Store ........ --. .... ....-. 1'11 90 21 82
Lydia Mill .... . ... .... .... ...... 120 lit 9 87
(D'aniels Store ......... .... .... ......75 53 22 78
Mt. Pleasant .... ........ .... ...... . 68 17 63
Youngs .... .. ...... . .... ...... 118 86 32 77
Gray Court .... .... .... .... ...... 285 206 79 196
Cross Hill ..: -. -........... ....279 222 57 221
Mt. Olive .... .... .... 65 38 27 new
Dials.--.---............... ... 60 47 13 4.1
Pleasant 'Mound.....................126 76 48 53
Watts Mills .... .... .... ........296 273 23 269
Barksdale-Narnio .... .... ..,,..., 77 51 26 new
Stewart's Store ......... .... ........ 104 61 43 47
Tip Top .... . ....... .... .. 47 43 4 45
Thompson's .Store ...... ...... -156 105 51 98
Waterloo .... .... .... ........ ...1.16 65 51 73
Total .... ... .... .... .......5970 4023 1857 3975
Julia Irby Sanitarium, Closed About V. W. Hale and John Beheler, of Ches.
Two Years Ago, to Open Under New nier, tre Killed by Piedmiont and
Management. Northern Car.
'Definite announcement was made Greenville, July 31.-C. -W, Hale, a
this week that the Julia Irby sant- merchant, and John Beholer, barber
tarium, nwhich has been closed for near- shop proprietor, both of Chesnee, were
ly two years, will .be opened again almost Instantly killed about 2 o'clock
about September 1 under the dire- yesterday afternoon when 'Piedmont &
lion of 'Dr. S. 1IR. Black and iDr. Hugh INorthern train Nc. 6, jpartad-burg
Black, Jr., of -Spartanburg. Exact de- .boundstruck the touring car In which
tails as to how the hospital will be op- the two men were riding at the road
erated have not been stated, but it is crossing at Oflucan. The injured n
understood that the hospital and the were rushed to the General Hospital
surgical. work will be carried on under In Spartanburg, but both died before
the *prsonal direction of these two they reached the Institution.
-physiclans who will divide their time Mr. Hale had made the' trip from
between Laurens and Spartanburg. Chesnee yesterday morning to Greer
The tiwo doctors are graduates of with his wife and children, who were
/Pefferson college, Philadelphia, and to visit relatives In Greer. Mr. Beheler
have had experience in large northern accompanied the party. They had left
hospitals. They will install entirely the family at 'the home of the relatives
new equipment, It is understood, and in Greer, the two men were making
conduct the hospital on strictly mod- the trip back to Chesnee when the
ern lines. The -building is already un- fatal accident occurred.
dergoing repairs and alterations and Mr. Hale sustained a badly frac
will be ready when the equipment ar- tured skull. -both bones in the right
-rives. . Trhe entire building will be leg were broken and a large gash In
iltilized for hospital -punposes either hsfrha.lr ~hlrde'fo
at frstor s te neds equre, intrna Injriesr bOthe oftheaneth, were
ternal instantey hked tabout a n'clock
anyestra aufernoonothemno Pidmonts.
J. e aranCut Trot WthRazr. W'nohn Clemn Nt, theparan'
FoundDead yBroher.tho twas dmengwr iia the tris otdtat
Proser~ty July'29 - W rossng car ia mnan. ah nu mat en1
man wel kown'Prspeityc~tenmieea oure t the corner'l inospt
eoniittd susid lat nihtcutinghl n Spartanburg yesbthedy afer
his hrot itha raom.~Mrlama thoon reahe t.Moheadstht onduto
iyln Inblsyardnea th ~aig t r.nr Hary hld ha t the acidento
a~bizt'F.:'~ 'y is brohe, 0 Hr-wat s nvidae and chlodgednwo ware
*n~ato visetirelaalreadyndGreer.oMr.heehgain
losocompani s Cemet.epry hyhdlf
'he aum obat.te iom ol the meassves
Mr. at'ian hadbeencophi i tn Gedr the tndwoode aseresakln
reenlyoffolngunel~~"~i hs fthe cisibak o ene he h
familysksaw.noboth Bbones in thesrigh
illngssreibrouenosed -a large ledhhin
to tae hi own ife, hufres the Mr.y teor ited i for
'He fisto asi the years reand intSernaelijuurist. te hnh n
survved'bylil age 'm~ Ms. rnanuces erstied ma nmber
PROSPiEt"iRTY hi r s DrNof valong, dehurghes o -hiy hlat Sun
flariaj of TAKESrr and for iFtErs body, hois rigt ankll -ben brokedi
Mrs Lt ~b BaloicMrs C chm-agn his yuferd Uner theo plnure
J.r W. Mss ag Harman ousTrotWt ror.fl' Wan soement, bthe morgan
operitydMs Wul .2.. W.n of r- evening, wasl movhng at th rat ofa10
manle. lkon'Poprt ciznmls a chour wit the 'orontis miniust
wasFund, derieserei ng'd clthsat vercing tem.n' Tteet. wohun
lyirngo at hi yardoc nat thigPrasperityoransrthe seyvhees that thehaccin t
.nt. He wassblreriane andrmMethodiststchlement
loss-.oJf eunod, . l-,Thetomob rvies ll 'b. masslo
M.Hra ha -ee c pn tnhe te'espectid wodasrs -reach
recentey hoof eling unw erson'ut ois to of the ion. chuch
Gamiy Courw nea sins.tp co ocnylltepupt
ha-lth.'th M e hole geeratio his (INIONSRVIESIN_ AUGUS
toQ ,~ltakohsow lf. hucesoftent to UnedinFu
urjvd y~ hitgd mogioa er,'J Mr. nnunemnt weremad in athe
Harrie H4aman, his brthrs Dr. varous I~ churc e of thzeitiy9tJun
U. Barn an o ~rosperit ardJ rddyta h uuluinsriepo
Wins First Game 3 to I and Second
laio 8 to 6. Three Ganes Here
aitter Part of Week.
As predicted by the sportswriter of
the Greenwood tindex-Journal the
"worm has turned" and Laurens, with
a fast aggregation of ball players but
a tendency to lose, has begun to rise.
After suffering a mild defeat by An
derson Thursday, nking four straight
for the week, and being saved, Friday
by a happy shower of rain, she invad
cd the camps of the Electricians at An
derson Monday and Tuesday of this
week and walked away with two games
In the Monday game Moseley pitched
air-tight -ball, letting the Anderson
crowd down with .four hits, winning
the game 3 to 1. While details of yes
terday's game were lacking when this
paper went -to press, it was learned
authentically that the score was 8 to
6 in Laurens' favor, .but the hurler
could not be learned. 'It was thought
that "Old Man" Bobo had broken his
streak of hard luck and pitched -the
locals to a victory.
Greenwood comes to Laurens .Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friday of this
week for a three day session. With
two fresh games in the winning side
of the bag, the locals will no doubt go
out to re-arrange the percentage col
unin so that Laaurens will soon be
higher up. Thursday has been desig
nated as Ladies' IDay by the.local man
ageient and a -big day is expected as
the ladies will be allowed to come in
the gates without "putting down" the
In all probability -'Elton Owings
will pitoh the opening game, Moseley
the second and Bobo the third.
Two Leailers of Carolina Textile
Lengue Play Crucial Gome Here
Saturday Afternoon.
Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock Mills
El, leanding the 'Carolina Textile
League, will go up against the locals
of 'W1atts Mills on the Watts Mills
ground -in what vill be thb crucial
game of the season. Watts is traIling
the mill leaders by only one game and
it they succeed in downing the Green
ville aggregation Saturday they will
be in position to cop the next game
and win the pennant for the season.
The Watts Mills players are iputting
in heavy practice each afternoon and
expect to enter the game Saturday
with everything in a !winning condi
tion. It is thought that "Lefty Sur
ratt" former Greenville hurler will
be on the mound for them while Mills
.is expected to put up the best hurler
it has in stock.
The Watts Mills ')and will furnish
music and a ,big crowd is expected out
to support the home club.
It Came!
The .big cantaloupe that- Rural Po
lceman Owenis said that iW. E. Gald
well asid .he :was saving for the Garden
IEditor of The Advertiser. It Airr'ived
Thursday morning and was a whopper.
*Bys. actual measurement it was 40
inches around in One way, 32 inches
in another and lacked two ounces of
weighing 19 pounds. The Garden Edi
tor was ti'eated'again Saturday when
Mr. Ifl. B. Jennings -brought in anot~her
large cantaloupe . ,woigling 15 1--2
pounds and of delicious sweetness.
16, and 2.-2 and' Missou'ri 3,: and 0.'7.
Trho estimate of acreage of the crop
reporting bhoard issued July 2, IwhIch
was 34,852,000 acres related 'to cotton
in cultivation on June 26 after prac
tically all of .the indicated abandon
menit had taken glao,'-the department's
staternent said.
'Rleplies from commissioners of agri
culture -camie afrom seten states.. Flere
'Ida's commissIofi .ipdp'ted aibandone
menit "not appreciable'd, 4labaina "less
-than one pel' cent'"; Micsissippi, "no
statfitsfcs"; ' Louisiana, "fe'ry little"i
Texas, "4 per cent"; Arkansas,' "not
over 0,2 per cent," and Tennosee,
"about 16 per cent."
The portion of acreas'e -in South
Carolina now infested by the -boll wee
VI)Is estimated at 99 per dent by coun
ty agenits at #1.449e cent by 'cotton
repotters and St 1,00 iei' bent by the
90a pi derit of datzrage to tihe cotton
.r1n South ar~hlna caused-by the
1Q1ceill'i e Mtniati!d at 21 per cent
6"blli~tageh!30.7 per. cent b
Former Supervisor unbert Announc.
es That. His Name 31111 lie Retained
as fin the Race,
The close or the tinie for filing
Pledges for County oflices has seen
several additional names Placed In the
races. In another column of this pa
per will be found a communication
from 'Mr. W. Lb. Gray announcing that
he will make the race after being
placed In nomination by friends. 'Mr.
-1. 11. 'Humbert, former county super
visor, in a telephone message to The
Advertiser last night, said that lie had
decidrjd to accede to the request of his
friends and lay his services before the
people. However, he said that hle
would not be able a make a thorough
campaign or attend all of the cam
paign meetings.
Another candidate to announce for
sulpervisor is -Mr. AW. M. Nash, of the
Merna section of the county. Mr. IEl
more G. Bramlette, of Barksdale, also
announces for Auditor.. Mr. J. C. Mc
Daniel also has a formal announce
ment for the legislature In this issue.
ft Was rumored here yesterday that
Mr. Charlie Owings, of Owings, was
considering making the race for the
'House. Messrs. L. S. Bolt and R. D.
Boyd, 1previously mentioned as possi
ble candidates for the House, have not
as yet made formal announcements.
The time for filing pledges expires
Saturday afternoon at 6 o'clock. Can
didates who do not file pledges by that
time will be debarred from the races.
Sports from All Over Piedmont Ex
Pected Here to Take Part In Special
A special program for a big "shoot"
of clay pigeon marksmen to be held at
the Bois Terre country club next Ties
day afternoon has been announced by
L. C. Barksdale, secretary of the lo
cal gun club. Devotees of the sport
from all over the Piedmont section of
the state are expected to be on hand
and a big day is exipected. Interest
In' clay pigeon shooting has been on a
steady increase since the traps were
placed at the country club and the
special shoot is expected to prove the
first of a number of such events.
The following Is the program an
nounced by 'Ir. Barksdale:
100 16 yd. targets-4 events-En
trance $7.00 including targets at 2e
each. Class shooting-four classes
money divialon 25 per cent of purse to
each class.
1st gun class A-50 per cent class
2nd gun class A-30 per cent class
3rd gun class A-20 per cent class
1st gun class B-50 iper cent class
'2nd gun class B-30 per cent class
3rd gu nlass B-20 per cent class
1st gun class C--50 per coat class
2nd gun class lC--4~0 per cent class
3rd gun class 0-20 per cent class
1st gun class D-50 per cent class
2nd gun class D-30 per cent class
3rd gun class D--20 per' cent class
50 targets, 2 events, entrance $3.00
ineluding targets at 2c each.
-Handicap committee to 'be composed
of throe shooters selected on the
Purse divided to high gun as fol
lows: 1st score 3'5 per cent; 2nd scores
30 .per cent; 3rd scores 20 tpeir cent;
4th scores 10 per cent; 5th scores 5
per cent.
Two Trophies Offered
One to high gun 16 yard line.
One to high gun handicap.
Shoot'ing to start at '2:30 o'clock
sharp. All entrances must 'be made
before 2:30 on shooting grounds.
Shells for sale on grounds at $1.00
'per box.
Additional information cAn be0 ob
tained from L, C, Bairksdhale, Laurens,
S. O:.
Singling Congentlon
..The South Laurens singing Conven
tion will meet at Calvary 'Baptist
'churchi Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
All singers and the public are cordial
ly invited .to attend,
Sentiment Expressed For
More School Support
Meeting of irustees, Teachers and
Ministers Satiirday Goes on Record
as Favoring Necessary Taxation for
Belter Educational Program in Ru
tal Schools.
For the purpose of arousing inter
est in the educational program, and
a san expression of the attitude of
Laurens county in this big forward
step an educational rally waa held
here 'Saturday at the county court
house. Thc mneeting was a success
InI ever-y respect, bheing attended by
t district trustees, teachers and the
ministers of the county, these being
especially invited to attend the rally,
which was held under the auspices of
the state fecderated clubs.
The crux of the meeting yesterday
may be sumimed up from the tenor and
tone of tle following resolution 'whici
was adopted unanimously: . "That
South Carolina .is able to give and
should give to every child a seven
months' term in school.
'That the members of the general
assembly of South Carolina should
work and vote for an apipropriatIon to
carry out the law.
"'That the legislature should make
provision for coal and other inci
identals, and that we assembled are
willing to pay the additional taxes In
cident to the carrying out of tle pro
The meeting was presided over by
IMrs. J, S. Bennett, president of the
Laurens Civic League. The purpose
of the meeting was stated by James H.
Sullivan, former county superintend
cnt of education.
11y invitation, Col. E. H1. Aull,'coun
ty superintendent of education of
Newberry county, was present and he
discussed In an inforiiing manner the
question of relieving the situation re
garding school defects. He eiipha
sized the need of the state acting as
a unit educationally, and the state
must take united, foi'ward steps to
achieve its place in the matter of edu
cating the children of today,
Superintendent Wilson, speaking of
the local situation, explained that
many school districts were now in
debt because of the fact that the ap
propriation was not sufficient to car
ry out the law though the school
terms were not curtailed.
The meeting, as stated, was consid
ered as a forward movement in a cam
paign for improving scnool conditions
and for .informing the boards, teach
ers and preachers of existing condi
tions today.
The central education meeting' Sat
urday 4s to be followed by district
meetings In every school' districtlnext
Tuesday afternoon and night. Sbeak
er's iwill be provIded for each' achool
and the message of incireased educa
tional advantages will be carried to
every school patron who Is wilin'ig to
hear it.
'With (lie exception of the two
schools of Youngs No. 7 and TrinIty
Ridge, which wIll hold their meetings
at -8 P. M., all of the other meetings
will be held at 4 o'clock in the. after
noon. The following Is a list of schools
wilth (lie speakers for each, so far an
James HI. Sullivan, Friendship, Sul
livan '17.
Charles F. Brooks, Youngs.
Z. 'L. Madden, Brewerton.
'H-. S. Burdette, Grays.
W. P. Culbertson, Center Point,
Carroll D. Nance, Mt. Olive.
-James 'Browning, Mt. Pleasant,
S. 'FH. Templeman, Gray Court--Ow
C. B. Owings, 1Eden.
Miss 'Kate Wofford, Sandy Springs.
iMrs. (E~. C. Owelis, Long-Branch,
N. C. unghes, Blarksdale-Narnia,
I. 'N. Kennedy, Trinity-Iidge
'Shiaw Johnson, Ora 12.
'Ti. S. Bllackwell, Prostpoct.
R. 'E. 'Babb, Gr'een Pond.
W. P. Wingo, Lisbon.
C. HI. Hicks, Oakville.
Supt. 'Wilson said yesterday that lie
homed that .the patrons all Over the
county avould attend the meetings and
lend their influence to the~ odnatnans

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