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- $1100,000,000 LEAR
Amount Paid Annually for Lost Dain.
aged and Missing Goods.
Atlanta, Oct. 26.-That the highest
loss in freight claims in any years be
fore government control became efec
five was $35,000,000 and that for each
of the paut three years this figure had
been increasaed to approximately
$100,000,000 was the statement of 1red
E. Winburn, Chicago special represen
talve of -the 'committee of freight claim
prevention, American Railway associa
tion, in addressing the Southeastern
Claim conference, which continued its
sessions 'here today. He said it was
the punpose to educate the onIployes
of transportation lines in -the iropor
handling of freight and prevent the
large claims.
"It is mlich to the advantage of the
shipper and general -public that the
loss and damage be reduced as it is
to the transportation companies-for
in its analysis the shipper and public
pay for it," he stated.
The books of the County Troasurer
will be upon for the collection of
State, County and Commutation Road
Taxes for the fiscal year, 1922, at the
Treasurer's oflico from Noemiber 16th
to December 11, 1922. Altar Doo-mber
31 one per cent will be added. After
January 31st, two per cent will be
added, and after Feb. 28th, seven per
cent will 'be added until the 15t day
of dMarch, 1923, when the books ,will
be closed.
All .persons owning property In
more than one township are requested
to call for receipts in each of the
several townships In which -the prop
erty is located. This is important, as
additional cost and penalty may be at
All able-bodied male citizens .be
tween the ages of- twenty-one (21) and
sixty (60) .years of age are liable to
Day a poll tax of $1.0i), except old sol
diers, who 'are exempt at fifty (50)
.years of age. Commutation Road Tax
$1.50 in lieu of road duty. All able
bodied men between the ages of 21
and 55 are liable to road duty except
those in military service, school
trustees, school teachers, ministers,
and students. iDog Tax $1.25, iwhich
must be paid not later than J'anuary
31, 1923.
The tax levy is as follows:
State Tax.. .............7%4 mille
Ordinary County Tax .. ..4% mills
Road and Bridge ........41/4 mills
Railroad Bond .. .. .. .. ..1 mill
Road Bonds ............5' mills
Past ,Indebtedness .......... mill
Jail Bonds .. .. . ....... mill
Constitutional School Tax .. 3 mills
Total State and County Tax 26% mills
Special Schools Laurens Twnship
Laurens City .. .. .. .. ..13 % mills
Trinity Ridge No. 1 .. 16% mills
- Prospect No. 2 ..........8 mills
Laurens No. 3.......... 16 mills
Watts Mills .No. T .8....... 8 mills
Bailey No. 4 ... ... 7 mills
Copeland, Fleming No. 5 . .. 13 mills
Oak Grove No. 6 ..........6 mills
Ora No. 12 ............14% mills
Special Schools Youngs Township
Ebenezer-Pa.tton ..........3 mills
Friendship No. 2 .......... 8 mills
Warrior Creek-R. Old Field .. 8 mills
Bethel No. 4 .. .. .. .. .. I11% mills
Gray's No. 5 .............17 mills
Central No. 6 .......... .. M1 mills
-Youngs No. 7 .. ...... .....16 mills
Lanfordl No. 10 .. ....... .. 13. mills
Fountain Inn No. @B . .. .. ..24 mills
Special Schools Dials Twnship
GIreenpond No. 1 ........--..8 mills
Nden No. 2 .. .. ........12% mills
Shiloh iNo. 3 .... .........12- mills
Newv H-armnony No. 4 .. .. .....4 mills
Gray Court-Owings No. 5 .. 20% mills
llarksdalo No. 6 Consolidated 16 mille
.Dials Church No. 7. .. . . .-. 8 mills
Merna No. 8. .-. .... ..-.--..12 mills
Foun tain Inn No. '3B . ... ...24 mills
Special Schools 'Sullivan T'ownship
Princeton No.1 '.. .... ......17 mills
Mt. Bethel No. 2 .. .... .....8 mills
Poplar Springs No. 3 ... ... ..17 mills
Brewerton' No. 7 ....... 8 mills
Merna No. 8 .......--.-.-.12 mills
Hickory Tavern No. 17 .. .. 14 mills
*Local Il.. R. Bonds .. ... .. 3 mills
Special Schools Waterloo Township
Mt. Gallagher No. 1... .. .. 12 mills
Bethlehem No. 2 .... .....-.. 4 'mills
IEke' No. 3 ...........--...17 mills
Cente e Point No.4 .. .... ..'14 mills
Oakvillo No. 6 .... .... .....8 mills
Mt. 'Pleasant No. 6 .. .... ..-12 mills
H.Mt. Olive No. 7 .. .. .. ....15 anille
Waterloo Town No. 14 .. ......8 mills
Special Schools Cross 111ll Townshii
Oross 'Hill No. 1... .. .. .....2 mills
(,roas Hi'll No. 2 .... .......8 mille
Wade No. 3........... .. 6 mills
Old 'Mountville No. 6 .. .. ...10 -mills
Cfross Hill Town No. 13 . . . . 15 mills
Special Schools Hunter Township
1A/. lsbont No. 1 ........ ......12 mills
a. 1el No. 2 .... ...... ...8 mills
'.o~k Bridge No. 3 .. ........6 mills
doW~sworth No. 4......,.....8 mills
el~derville (part of No. 4) .. 13 mills
6 Hinton No, 5 ..... .. 20% mills
> 'hodville No. 6 ,' ... . .. 4' mills
SYX d#N,4 (part of No. 6) 8 mills
'Qridano No. 15 ...........6 millh
~tuityill No. '16 . . ... ..11% mliih
al Schiels .Tacks Township
Gr (oveNo 2 .. .... ...7 milli
6 no .4., .. . ... . 8 milli
UthO No... .. .. ....3tall
e....o....6.......w. . .8mil
Na~ho. 7. ,.. .. .. 3 mIlla
..,, ,~'.~9.4 S illi
Lieut. Leland Bolt Tells of Some Ex.
periences as a Soldier In the Phil.
lipine Islands.
Giving some of his observations on
life in the Phillipine Islands, 'Lieut.
Leland Bolt. .,who has been stationed
there for the past year or so, has writ
ten the letter below to his father, Mr.
L. S. B olt, of this city, .paragraiphs of
a personal nature being stricken out.
Since writing this letter Lieut. Bolt
has been transferred at his own re
quest to service in China. The letter
Ft. McKinley, P. I.,
September 22, 1922.
Dear Papa:
I have a few mnioments to spare so Il
write you a few. lines this morning.
For the past week typhoons have been
raging around Manila and it has been
raining quite often. Our beautiful
weather has given .way to wind and
rain. The rain was needed very badly
though, for the rice 'had begun to suf
fer quite a bit, especially on the up
lands. I know you would be interest
ed to see these natives plant and cul
tivate their crops. They use the old
Caribao for all their work. It is a
kind of water animal very large and
powerful. The natives get out in the
fields In water no1 to their knees and
work all day. 'Phey remind me of old
Silas cleaning out a ditch In the bot
toms, except they probably do a little
more work than he did. gPerhaps the
hardest part is transplanting the rice.
It is irst planted in a patch like wheat
then reset in rows about six or eight
Inches in a checker formation. After
being reset all that is necessary is
plenty of -water. This land over here is
just as rich as it can be and would be
worth a fortune in the States, but dur
ing the dry season it is hard as a
brick. There are a few truck farms
scattered around where they can be
irrigated; othemlvise nothing in the
form of vegetables could be grown dur
ing the dry season.
For the past week we have been
quite busy getting everything ready to
transfer our men to Corregidor, the
Artillery station holding the entrance
to Manila bay, said to be one of the
strongest fortified stations in the
world. They are reducing the number
of white troops over here and substi
tuting 'Phillipinos for them. Also that
dark cloud at Camp Stotsenberg, the
Nnth Cavalry, consisting of negroes
and some of them the blackest you ever
saw, due to the tropical sun plus their
original color, are being spnt back on
the next transport. I don't think thb
natives will make very good cavalry
men for most of them do not like our
horses. The native horses are very
small, just little ponies, and they are
afraid of large ones.
There are quite a few of the negroes
married to the natives and they don't
want to carry them to the states so
they want to be discharged over here
The white people 'here do not favor
this ddea, as it is very hard for a ne.
gro to compete with the native labor
and the negroes can't live on rice likc
these natives, so it would -be only
matter of time 'till they would have ti
be provided for in some 'way. ,As Ionj
as tFhey are -in the army they get .plen
ty to eat, !but anyone stranded ove:
here .without a good job is rather .eare
up unless he can 'l-ive on rice. Semi
of the negroes who came over in 'thi
early days were discharged here an<
are .doing well. One runs a restauran
wvhich is quite wel-l known as Toni'
Dixie Kitchen. Another has quite 1
roputaible shoe shop, namely Casey'i
Hospital for SIck EThees.
BIest wishes to all,
Fast 4iame Expected at Clinton Frida;
Afternoon .BetIrneen Freshles of Olin
ton and Due West.
Clinton, Oct. 30.-VictorIous in thro
contests out of -four Coach ?,fcMillan'
Presbyterian Blue Sox, otherwis
known 4s the Freshman eleton, en
counter 'the young Ef'skine Seceder
niext F3riday, N~'ov. 3., in 't-he secon
game Qf the seasoli on 'the hom
grounds, Going, down in glorious de
feat before :the 'ltlUaralina rooster
in ,the Jirst gam0 of tahe season by
6-0 score, the Slue atoolkirge of to
morrow have raintailled a -Dorfec
record and kepvt an inviolate good M1n
in defeating the Wofford Puns 7-0, tb
Davidson 'Wid lXittens 7.0, and t'h
INewberry eapooses *0. An exthibi
tion gamne with Rock Hill bigh - scoc
the day tqlowng .the ~Ason conte
yeaulted 5in a 04 Ie,4 t e t'ehe t
IServes takcig the reink 1lt i tII$ oiltem'
Needlens,,to sa, tmhe ,itt)I 8u lQi
i0g are deterrndit et6iliilate the
flg4tset by t4i fko~es I#4
ifegting thedi e c
Furthelrorelle- is uinst'ubtbg hiw Biue
iox in the gentle art of +igorously
counter-charging; Liko the varsity
the 'Presbyterian Freshies have a fast
backfield. Clinton is especially fast,
and his brilliant 80 yard run to touch
down against the young Indians last
Friday was a noteworthy accomplish
mont, a feat second only to the famous
103 yard return from kick-off made by
Jack Wilson against the iErakino varsi
ty in 1921. If 1ossible the young-Mc
Millanites are going to better the feat
of the Immortal Johnsonites w'hen they
entertain the E-rokinites on November .
4, at home. Captain Robinson, of
Chester high school fame, Is determin
ed to lead his team to a victory' in
what (promises to be a great game of
The game will be called at 3:30 P, M.
promptly, at College 'Park, spectacular
playing by a flashy backfield and a
steady line is in store for all foot-ball
lovers wrho come out.
"Warm Underwear" at "Red Hot"
Prices at Burns'. Some Hot eh?
Citation for Letters of Adminlsation
Stato of Souti carolina,
County of Laurens.
By 0. G. Thompson, Probate Judge:
'Whereas Mrs. 'Mamie Aj IWhite
made suit to me to grant her Letters
of Administration with will annexed,
of the estate and effects of L. j. White.
These are, therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred
and creditors of the said L. J. White
deceased, that they be and appear be
fore me, in the Court of Probate, to be
held at Laurens Court H-ouse, Laurens,
S. C., on the 16th day of November,
1922 next, after publication hereof, at
11 o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, If any they have, why the said
administration should not be granted,
Given under my hand this 31st day
of October Anno Domini 1922.
16-2t-A J. 1P. L. C.
We Sell For
Cash Only
Yorfall and winter
I is 'here at a price yc
gladly pay
$3.00 to $6.54
- - The wiihole towni hfts te
-to the idea, of weai
them all season
$6.00 to $9,00
Madras, percgles and
ing Pajainas ; otustoi ni
- 'tailoring
$1.75 Up
Stomach Trouble
Orverhaul motor......$16.00
Overhaul rear axle .. 4.50
Replace universal joint.. 2.60
Grind valvesi clean carbon 2.50
Reline transmission .. .. 2.00
Install piston rings .. .. 4.00
Tighten 1 con. rod- .. . . 1.50
Tighten all 4 con. rods . . 3.00
Rebush front axle 1.75
Overhaul generator .. .. 1.26
All Work Guaranteed
Send Us Your Next
Repair Job
Authorized Dealers
Laurens, S. C.
- '
- .. . e..
Do Youi
ken. Co pi
;$200 Q
- 1 T [~r
4-ml/ion men
hIve turned to
One Eleven
-a firm verdict for
superior quality.
15for 10
We Have One
Price Only
& 1
* 6 i
Wi* 81~~
Considdring - their ocep
r C high qua-ity'is 6
lothe * Value $
of to $1.50the
i*eturing at excep
iih grade silk Nokwear
value~giving pxieo
~.Soc tb-sz;0'
ctgodClothes z
...4h em has012s-.
ttQ0e asb a 11*
'~~ $1.005
0-1 .4 youuy
'0 Wed
- r Y

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