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You Can't Trust
Calomel at All
It is Mercury, Quicksilver, Sali
vates, causes Rheumatism
and Bone Decay
The next (oo of calomel you take
may salivate you. It may shock your
liver or start bone necrosis. Calonel is
dangerous. It is nercury, quicksilver.
It crashes into sour bile like dynamite,
cram ping and sickening you. Calomel
attacks the bones and should never be
put into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy, cO. ati
pated end all knocked out, just gT to
your druggist .and get a bottle of Dod.
.sun's Liver Tone for a few eents which
is a liarinless vegelabl e suibtitute for
ihine'rous cnloniel. Take a spoonful and
if it doesn't start your liver and
strmighten- you up bet ter and quicker
huninat-y calomel and without making
yo stick, you just go back and get your
Don't take caloniel! I t, can not be
trusted an i more than a leopard or a
wild-can Take Dodson's Liver Tone
which stiaightens yAn right up and
makes you feel fine. No salts necessary.
.C.:ve it to the children because it is
perfectly I.armless and can not salivate.
The Quinine That Does Not Affect
the Head
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can be taken by anyone
wilhout causing nervousness or ring
ie: in the head. E. W. GROVE'S sig
z-ature on box. 20c.
Renew yorur health
by purifying your
system with
a ta s
The >urified and refined
calomel tablets that are free
romn nausea and danger.
. 'o naIts necessary, as
Calotaba. act like calomel
and salts combined. De.
mand the genuine in 1Oc
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see the nan~e '-Bayer" onI
package or on tablet you are not get
ting the genuine Baypzt product pro
Perihed by physicians ovez twveni.y-two
years and proved ae by nu'll!cr~c for
Cdids Hleadache
Toothache Lumbago
-1larache 'Rhegatism t
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" -package which
contains proper directions. Handy box
es of twelve tablets cost few cents. t
Dr'uggists also sell 'lottles of 24 and t
100. Aspivin Is 'the trade mark of
Bayer Manufacture of 'Monoaceticacid
cster of Balicylicacid. .
Try a sack of new
flour fromt the mill.
There ES noneG bet.
We Deliver It
United States Asked to Join European
Nations. Ambassadors Give Formal
Washington, Oct. 28.-Another re
quest that the United States actively
partleipate with tbn allied govern
ments in the settlement of European
dilliculties, this time involving the es
tablishment of peace between Turkey
and the allies and th6'-states of the
Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits,
Was received today by the Washington
Its formal presentation by Sir Auck
I-:nd Geddes, the British ambassador,
Count De Chambrun, acting for France
in the absence of Ambassador Jusser
and, and Charge Rossi, who apeared
for Senator' Ricci, the iltalian aibas
sador, who followed by an authorita
tive statement from the state depart
mcnt that the government yesterday
had instructeed its ambassadors in
London, 1Paris and 'Rome to inform
those governments that it could not.
ollicially participate in tihe Near East
conference at Lausanne, Switzerland.
At the same time .it was pointed out
that there were important interests in
the Near East in which this govern
maent !was keenly interested and treat
mcen t by them and the liansanne con
ferences Will be observed by Amer
Call representatives. Regarding the de
cisions, not to be represelte(l through
ai)Pointed delegate, At was sai(l the
I'nited States had Hever been to war
v-ith Turkey alnd. therefore, did i.iot be
lieve it Could apiropriately take lal'rt
in fraIliing a treaty of peace with that
nation in i'sociation with tle -allied
'on e rees.
SecretaryI Jtgghes' instructions to
\n ibassadors liarvey, I Ie rrick andt
"ilild, it Was understoo, recounted the
niterCsts of tih lenited States in sub
ects to coie before the 'Lausanne
lneetitig for aIjiitsInent. Outstanding f
'111mng these were sali dto be that of
rotection of caral and religious mI
orities in Turkish territory and other 0
timnianit'arian consi(Ierations, including t
hose at the great missions and educa- 0
tonal institutions.
Aipart from these, but regarded as
f equal imnporta-nce to America's wel- a
aire in the Near East, was the problem f
f opening the Dardanelles and Bos
horus straits. C
These considerations the amoassa- a
ors 'were informed warranted this t(
ountry in observing closely the pro
cedings at Lausanne. The wish also
as said to have been expressed by r
'lcretary -Hughes in his message to 8
he three diplomats, that opportunity t
vould be given American observers for
1tendance upon the xSeetings' at ILau- t
anne, where treatment was given to I
ubjects in Which the :United States r
vas interested. /
The call of the British, French and a
talaan diplomats at the state depart- v
nent was made .with every formality
nd was brief, Ambassador Geddes
leaded the party and iwas received
vith his colleagues almost immediate- F
y upon arrival at Secretary -Hughes'
uiflee.,- Their meting withi the secre
ary of state, h'owever, lasted -precisely r
bree minutes. In this brief' time, Sir
Luckland Oeddes road the formal in- (
itation as it had 'been transmitted
romi the three. foreign capitals.
Secretary Hughes listened attentive.. 1
y to the reading and received a copy
>f the invitation. He informed his call
irs 'then of the steps he had taken to
Loqulaint their respective home gov
'rnments -with the attitude of the Uni-i
ed States respecting the setj~lmnt of,
he Near li~iast questions at Lausanne,
l\. 'Hughes was understood to have ;
>romised the three diplomats, -however,
hat 1ie would respond later in writing
o the invitation they had brought,
Mffort Made Several Years ' Age to 1
lHave Grave Mfarked. Promised by
Yorki Oct. 28.--Tl e death a day or
-wo aigo near York -of Hose Norman,
;he original of the character of that ~
lame in Thomks Dixon's stirring
lovel, "The Leopard's Bpots," ' has
served to remind York people -ha(\Col.
LGeroy McAfee, the original of the-"Lit
he Colonel," 'iero of 'Dixon's, "The
Diansmen," sleeps in ,an 'unmarked
grave irn Rose 'Hill cemetery here.
Iolonel ,McAfee, a gallantCo'nfederate
ioldier, 'was a native of Shelby, N. C.,
but married a York woman and spent
the later years of his lIfe in this town.
Deploring the fact that no'- stone
nia his resting place, several' years
ago the preside'nt of the Winnie Davis
ihapter, U. D, C.;' oopimunicated with,
lfs kineman, 'Thonias ixon, 'on the
subject and received the followIsg re-i
"I-t has been~ plan of - mliap for4
some time to hafa-a bronze equestrian
statue of Jiangfhlle buitti 'the-.-publto
s4dlfre of .dhelby, ehMfo h4 oganI/ed
bby lNtKliuk llan, At the same time
E hype to have his, grave in York
inarked by an abplropriato slab, I m
obliged to you for call(ng mny stten
tion 'to ,he fAct that the grave is Un
mine'as a small :boy, his home In Shol
by, my daily -haunt, and I hope o see
a beautiful 'bronze of him in klan re
gali-a, which will symbolize for .the
white :South the high principles for
which'he stood. I am now looking
for the proper artist to do the statue
and shall propose that the people of
Cleveland and York counties build a
granite pedestal of native stone."
Though this letter was written Au
gust 16, 1916, the grave has never been
marked. York people regret the mat
ter and yet hoe that some day a suit
able monument will indicate the spot
beneath the elms in Rose Hlill ,where
sleeps the intrepid "Little Colonel,"
hero of 'Thie Clansman."
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens..
Notice Is hereby given that the Gen..
eral Election for Representat(vo In
Congress will be held at the voting pre
cincts fixed by law in the County of
Laurens on Tuesday, Noveilber 7,
1922, said day being Tuesday following
the first Monday, as ,prescribed -by the
State Constitution.
The qualifications for suffrage are
as follows :
Residence in State for two years, in
the County one year, in the polling
lvrecinct in which the elector offers to
vote, four months, and bihe ppyment
six months before any election of any
)oll tax then due and payable. Pro
vided, That ministers in charge of an
organized church and teachers of pub
lie schools shall be entitled to vote i
after six months' residence In the
State, otherwise qualified.
Itegistration.-aiymient of all taxes,
inicluding )oll tax, assessed and col
lectible during the previous year. The
production of a certificate or the re
Oipt of the olcer aluthorized to col
ect such taxes shiall be conclusive
'roof of the payment thereof,.
Before the hour fixed for op)ening
he polls Mlanagers and Clerks must
ake and subscribe to the Constitm
ional oath. The Chairman of the
Joard of Managers can adminster the
>t h to the other -Mltnagers and to hlie
lng County Authorities to Assess
flcrqit a Notary Piblic must admin
ster the oath to Chairman. The aun
gers elected their Chairman and
Polls at each voting place miut be
p~ened at 7 o'clock a. im., and closed
t 4 o'clock 'p. m., except In the City
f Charleston, where they shall be op
ned at 7sa. i. and closed at 6 p. m.
The Managers have the power to fill
vacancy; and if none of the Main
gers attend, the citizens can appoint,
oni among the qualified voters, tie
fanagers, who, after being sworn, can
onduct the election.
At the close of the election, the Man
gers and Clerk must proceed publicly
) open tfie ballot box and count the
allots therein. and continue iwithout
djournmen't until the sam6 is con
lotod, and make a statement of 'the
esult for each offlee, and sign. the
ame. Within three days thereafter,
lie Chairman of the Board, or some
no designated Iby the Board, must de
iver to the Commissioners of Election
lie poll list, .the box cobtaining, the
allot and written statements of the
esult of the election.
Managers of Election.-The follow
aig Managers of Election have 'been
ppointed to hold the election at the
arious precincts in the said County:
'Laurens--'R. iL. Wolff, J. M. Clardy,
t. A. Babb.
on, H. (Ds Gray.
'Lau'rens Mi1l-J. Walt.-Hellams, N.
Power, F. T. Duncan.
Watts Mills-W. W. Stone, Geo. Cor
in, Joe Blakely.
'Lanford-J. S. 'Higgins, T. A. Drum
mend, L.. M. Cannon.
Ora-D. M. 'McClintock, S. J. Cra.ig,
~onway 'Martin.
Pleasant Mound--Whli Hunter,
t. W. Stewart, Guy Puttuun.
Youngs--.W. 0. Sutton, Wilkes Wal
ace, J. G. Harris.
Grays-W. ~M. Kriighton, N. G.
'homas, G, C. Godfrey.
Stewarts 6tore-IL. W. 'Hughes, W.
). Stewart, L. R. Henderson.
'Cooks Store-Z. lB. Cooper, J. T.-Ed
rards, J. M. Patton.
Thom-pson Store-JL. W. Gilliland.
'.D. Farroiw, 'Roy White.
Owings--'R. W. Curry, L. L. Temn
leton, E. Owings.
Gray Court--W. W. Yeargin, W. H.
larkodale, T. F, Babb.
Dials-L. 'R. HJ-ellams, W. R. Har
is, L. 'H-. Aberombie.
WVoodvill-Joe Wham, John Terry,
V. R~ Putnam.
Shiloh-L.' 0. 'Wal'ace, C. L.~ Wilson,
t. S. Bolt.
Hickory Tavern--W. A. Baldkin, J.
C. Thomnason, Arch' Owings.
Princeton-A. J. Monroe, B. F. Arn
Id, R. M. Ridgeway.
Poplar Springs-LW. A. Simpson, J.
I. Wood,.EH. A. Pittas.
Ekom-4A. 'R. 'Thome, C. P McDaniel,
. P. Williams,
Daniels Store-H. D. Madden, J.- B.
)lDell, TI. R. Jones.
Trip Top,~W. B3. Simme, 8. A. Taylor,
. E. McDaniel;
'Mt. tPleasant-G. H. Moore, W. -H.
Willams, B3. M. Cunningham.
Waterloo-Rex Laniord, S. H. Nel..
on, H. C. Fuller.
Cross Hill-J. U. Nance, H. H. Ful
or, R. W. Wade.
Mountville-B. R~ Fuller, C. F.
Hopewell-J. Rloy Orawford, 0. F.
luford,.eo. T. Brown.
rLydla'MiHi-T. 0. $[urphy, P. C. pald
yin. U. N. Maunsy,
COlinton-L. D. McCrary, J. W. Leak,
W.T 13. Owens, Jr.
Goldvile-.R. Crocker,. s,. Camli'
Renno-John M. Copeland, Geo. E,
lopeland, Wil~am MoMillan
L~angstoni--4. 'W. Ptanon, R., B.
The Managers at s'eaeh precinct
amed ukovo are -recrinested to dele
rate one of thefr nutnbpr to secure thei
ox and-blanks for th9 election at the
)lerk of Courta'~oe;
M3 3. WOIAW,
4 . %I 0K ELL
Commiss!oneih of Federal Election
Advertiser Printing
Printers and Publishers
Read The Advertiser and Keep
Up Yfith the Home NeWs,
Wells Clardyv Ca.
Same oodsfor ~essMone
o mpicosayol
U WitB the oe N
QuTwo ig StresLo
Ony Goslthingquares
R. . Burn WilCos
Homitue ofAlKnd
Musca IRNstrACmeT
Woe Gnvot Yor Smectioney
Laurens Coca Cola
B oinyo
Quen h st e Thirnithe a 'otl
uitB te, Criae ,
Ons Dte Sore
WeIte YouT.rInpcn
e Philosophy of Pei
&p Your Eye on Pe
Powe Drug Company
.Drugs and Medicines of Aln Klnds
Victrolas and Victor Records
Peoples Loan &
Ho-t wouldV do i.#Er
Pome Drugnitureany
Furitre, andVicto Rrsok
eromplee oan &unshr
South WATTS PfSredn
. L. RTper, Casie
-Sbeooon Saysh: lid
Ifbtor wor oudsedne
aho oldr -o it M
FLniuren StoRusroc -
teryCompm aunyer
Wardhres and rSepried
Prom r Yn ourtous.rte
HymeLaran Lrayt..m..u
sK 44
Then Princess Theatre
Not Only for Amusement But for
Diversion After Businea our
A. L. Mahaffey
Ask for Our Pullman Loaf
L. B. Blackwell
Printer and Stationer
J. C. Shell & Company
The Family Grocer
Choice Vegetables in Season
Jones-Taylor Hardware Co.
Hardware, Agricultural Imple.
ments, Mill Supplies, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Sporting Goods.
5 & 10 Cents Store
''Buy it in Laurens'
Davis-Roper Co.
-Department Store .
''Laurens Best Store--Quality
Made it So."
Easterby Motor Co.
Dodge Brothers $(otor Cars
Phone 200 Service and Parts
Laurens National
Oapital and Surplus $100,000.00
3. 3. ADAMS, Pgesi4.ent
YOU7R A000tlT# gBO1.TXBD

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