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Miss Maud Folk, of Georgetown, is
visiting Mrs. R. C. Perry.
Miss Georgia Coleman has resigned
as teacher of the Maybinton school.
"Mr. Geo. A. Langford left yesterday
for Newport, Tenn., to secure a car
load of hogs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. White, of Chap
pells, spent Saturday and Sunday with
relatives in the city.
Miss Liilie May Russell, who has
been visiting Mrs. F. J. Russell, in the
city, has returned to her home at Pros
The ladies of the Methodist church
will serve lunch during the Car
nival. Further announcements will be
made later.
Rev. G. E. Edwards, the popular pas
tor of O'Neall Street Methodist Church,
leaves today for a visit to his old home
in Marion. He will remain two weeks.
Mr. Edwards, of the firm of Edwards
r Walter, architect, of Columbia, was
in Newberry Wednesday in connection
with the matter of building the- new
Lutheran parsonage.
Mr. W. H. Wallace, editor of the
ewberry Observer, was in the city
yesterday. While here he paid The
aerald a pleasant call. Mr. Wallace is
me of the brightest editors in the
state and his ideas of newspaper work
are practical and excellent-Spartan
burg Herald, 16th.
In noting the proposed increase of the
Kollohon mill, the Lexington Dispatch
3ays: "The president of this mill, Mr.
ummer, is a Lexingtonian, having
been born and raised in the Dutch Fork
wection of this county. He is a success
%I buriness man of the progressive
ity of Newberry, and all he touches, in
ommon parlance, seems to turn to
BiccUon of Officers Caechw Council on
Tuesday Right.
The regular semi-annual election of
acers of Cateechee Council, No. 4,
?ocahontas degree, L 0. R. M., was
old on Tuesday night. The officers
were chosen as follows:
Prophetess-Mrs. Emma Huir.
Pceabontas-Miss Cora Carter.
Wenonah-Miss Helen Smith.
Powhattan-Jno. W. Earhardt.
Keeper of Records-Otto Ktettnerl
A.sistant Keeper of Records-Miss
Lnnie Attaway.
Keeper of Wampum-Miss Minnie
The appointive offices have not yet
- The~ Tie That Binds."
The marriage of Mr. Clarence Righ
rds and Miss Grace Bedenbaugh which
eurred Thursday morning, Nov. 27,
as one of the prettiest' and one
solud which was centered much inter
~st. The Rev. J. A. 81igh performed
he beautiful and impressive ceremony
>f the Lutheran church. The parlors
ere beautifully decorated with roses,
bryanthemums and everygreens and
resented a scene of loveliness.
The bride was becomningly attired in
dress of grey broadcloth, exquisite
ace trimmings, and carried a lovely
ouquet of-carnations and maiden hair
At 9:30 o'clock the bridal procession
ame in to the inspiring strains of the'
redding marcb under the magic touch
if Mrs. Dr. L. B. Folk, accompanied
a the violin by Mr. E. 0. Black, of
Thie anants were: Miss Annie
aeBedebuh maid of honor and
)r. I. M. Richards, of Valdosta, Ga.,
est man; Miss Fannie Oswald of Lex
gton, andMr. J. B. Bedenbaugh, of Po
aria; Miss Della Richards, of Sanders
ille, Ga., and Dr. C. J. Oliveros, of
blumbia; Miss Viola Kibler, of Poma
ia, and Mr. J. C. Coulter of Columbia;
iss Eunice Halfacre, of Newberry,
zd Mr. Hayne Weaman, of Pomaria;
iss Dosia Kibler, of Pomaria, and Mr.
erry Caughman of Lexington; Miss
nssie Dickert, of Newberry, and Mr.
I. C. Holloway of Newberry; Miss Lil
ie Smith, of Trenton, and Mr. Eugene
ooke of Florence; Miss Emma Julia
)reher, of Selwood, and Mr. B. M.
etzler, of Pomaria; Miss Elizabeth
)ominick, Newberry, and Mr. Chris
olk, Newberry; Miss Rubie Holloway,
if Pomaria, and Mr. Lyles Bynum of
After the ceremony the guests re
aired to the dining room, where an
elegant wedding dinner was served.
[he number of handsome and costly
resents attested the esteem in which
he young couple are held. There were
wer two hundred persons present and
t was a joyous Thanksgiving day.
Mr. and Mrs. Richaras left on the
vening train for Washington and other
:ints North. They were accompanied
is far as Columbia by a large number of
idmiring friends who showered on them
nuch rice and many blessings. Mr.
Etiehards is a native of Georgia but for
L number of years has held a responsi
.e position with the Southern Railway,
,ith headquarters in Columbia, S. C.
[he bride is one of Newberry's most
opular young ladies.
We wish for our friends a safe and
iappy voyage through life. J.
Always Good.
When people who use other brands
f flour are kicking about their flour,
users of "Clifton" are enjoying the
same contentment as of yore. Nothing
but sound wheat is used in mkn
"Clifton," hence it is alwaygod
Ask your grocer for it. If he does not
keep it E. R?. Hipp, L W. Cosby or
EHayes & McCarty can furnish it.
Fewer. alnan- Wears Lonrer.
' da tO Ue It a Grand
'dfgor Se QUeen
Cariva to be given by the
4 thias from the 29th of
. -nth to January 3rd, is
b 110 s is already assured.
_ it and when New
together with a de
i k a ncess of any
have already
.wrk making defi
tlir-the different
''a thef IOgram will be'
e aeen, which1
, is going
.; .: are located 'at i
Er's, Mayes'
itessa, and at
- oes wi be
-- .vi" a week
lihsare al
b M,4- 8 contest
~end inteesting
event of
t present,
" 4 .a+e t h e
charge of
a vlin
iaesthiur ever
LmAItAa Aa.
4are, be-y
te ar&of
v .to to
deiwto a
a sorne
d uresde
>I asj
th f n twpae
litreh, mail
n tThe
Beerso mtf
wi enderia '
t mot
1sdnanen. ]
&a 4lc a Wonall, h I
e eoc. heoldconcla
ve new tapplication fo
wi av the n~ esay1
to theappiathe Al
will ha evncome be
ro% for190witndot hav
e wrong.n The evenngy
oad lmet t ,itMon
1908, in t o theio'
as pn h e O aplictos
of thfiePeon oay, the
= ~-*J.cD. Thel, J.Cu.i S.
~aDr R. C. arlil
ad mewin thbeot Apirsnt
~~en SFeray, Januaryt
yensio applicationefr.
theelgadnt histemasloodhs
ces to the EaPiers Co.,
Pnsion udboad Toste
anBd approprite lie ftis,on
smokin Gakets, chirglove
'the elegant Christmas goods
yed by the Ewart-Pifer Co.,
a~s~Imentlonshould bemadeof the
bu~gfi~ and appropriate line of ties,
r ~3~S~6S, ~moking jackets, kid gloves
- -. -
Death of Mrs. G.A. Duncan-Getting Ready
for Christmas-Personal and
Prosperity, December 17.-Miss Mary
Swygert, of Peak, spent several days
recently with the Misses Bowers.
Another week will bring us Christ
mas. Our merchants have anticipated
this, and on every hand are displays of
holiday goods.
Excelsior school will have a Christ
mas tree on Christmas eve and then
dismiss for the holidays. Mt. Tabor
Sunday School will have a Christmas
tree on Christmas day. St. Paul's will
in like manner observe Christmas day.
Mrs. G. A. Duncan died at her home
here last Sunday. She had been sick
for some time. She was buried in the
Prosperity Cemetery last Monday by
her pastor, Rev. Percy, of the Baptist
Church. She leaves two small children
who little know at this time what a loss'
they have sustained.
Mrs. E. S. Hartman, of Atlanta, is
visiting friends and relatives here and
in surrounding country.
Mr. Geo. P. Bowers and Miss Cora
Boland, both of Saluda, were married
at the parsonage by Rev. H. J. Mathias,
pastor of St. Luke's congregation. Of
course they visited Prosperity among
the delights of their newly married life.
The groom is a brother of our most
worthy townsman, Mr. J. P. Bowers.
The firm of Messrs. Schumpert &
Counts have in their display windows
two Christmas trees laden with fruit,
and their store very prettily decorated
in keeping with the season.
Mrs. Martin, of Newberry, has been
visiting her brother, Mr. O. P. Harris.
Miss Marie Lathan visited relatives
here during the past week.
People from the border line of Lex
ington tell the harrowing story of Mr.
Joe Rauch's thirteen year old boy's
death resulting from his falling into a
Dr. Mackey spent Sunday in Colum
bia. "
The tubular piers for the steel bridge
over Saluda were unloaded here and are
being carried by the chain gang to the
Our people are commenting with seri
ous regrets that a white man is on the
gang, but they remark with a sigh of
relief that he is not a South Carolinian,
but a Georgian.
The increase in the price of c'otton
has brought some cotton from its hid
ing place.
Mr. J. B. Lathan, of Little Mountain,
was on our streets today.
This week Mr. A. M. Counts killed a
hog of his own raising weighing 581
pounds. From this,hog he got 26 gal
lons of lard. Some few weeks ago he
obtained 21 gallons from one nearly as
large. Some other good hogs have
been reported in this community, but
the above report leads anything that
has reached our notice.
Miss Fannie Martin, of Donalds, has
just retq~rned home from visiting Miss
Lillie May Russell.
College Suspends Today.
The exercises at Newberry College
will be suspended today at 12 o'clock
for the Christmas holidays. Work will
be resumed on Monday, the 5th of Jan
ary.. Practically all the students will
spend their vacation at home.
Mrs. Elizabeth Schumpert, widow of
the late Sam Schumpert, died at the
home of her son, M%r. G. Fred Schum
pert, in No. 8 Township, on December
5th. She was in the 83rd year of her
Mr. S. M. Johnson, of Newberry,
and Miss Mary Alma Dreher, of Lex
ington, were married at the residence
of the bride, Sunday afternoon, Rev.
J. K. Efird officiating.
Bratn-Food NolisAD'e
Another ridiculous food fad has been
branded by the most competent a.uthori
ties. They have dispelled, the silly no
tion that one kind of food is needed for
brain, another for muscles, and still
another for bones. A correct diet will
not only nourish a particuiar part of
the bd,but it will sustain every other
part. Yt, however good your food
may be; its nutriment is destroyed by
indigestion or dyspepsia. You must
prepare for their appearance or pre
vent their coming by taking regular
doses of Green's August Flower, the
favorite medicine of the healthy ilhil
lions. A few doses aids digestion,
stimulates the liver to healthy action,
purifies the blood, and makes you feel
buoy ant and vigorous. You can get
this reliable remedy at W. E. Pelham
& Son.
Get Green's Special Almanac.
The Riser Millinery Co.
will have- wmfl pretty new ribbons
for holiday tr ade, and they are
eloing out every bat and feather in
teir st"ck at a.ctual cost.
"Health Foods" a Delusion.
The alleged "health foods" with
which the markets are flooded are "a
delusion and a snare." If your diges-.
tion is bad eat pure flour made out of
good, sound wheat, apd do not fill your
stomach with chemically prepared
health foods." "Clifton" flour, the
finest patent flour, made at Bransford
Mills, Owensboro, Ky., is the health
food you need. Call for "Clifton" when
you order your flour. For sale by
Hayes & McCarty, E. R. Hipp and
L. W. Cosby.
~yugmaw-yun oa
Ah NYoug like o young womne
whn wot Alinum toaenar ove
nue pCleda foru1903, writena torc
Houses Calendar forlege, wrumite to MC.,
fat's youswines Cege, olmbia,etun.ma.l
A..an you . wilrcie1n yrtur ail,
free of charge.itaw 4t.
20 lbs. for $1 SUMMER BROS.
F OR THE BEST assortment of candy
at 10 and 20c. per pound go to S.
B. Jones.
SEE our assortment of candy at 10c.
and 20c. per pound. S. B. Jones.
NEW AND FULL stock of Paper
Patterns just received and are
sold for cash only, at Wooten's.
IX ROOM HOUSE and lot for rent
or sale in Helena. Apply to
f&t3t Cole. L. Blease.
1 OR RENT-six rooms and black
smith shop.
Mrs. R. L. Paysinger.
T HE prettiest line of mufflers and
silk handkerchiefs ever brought to
Newberry for Christmas, at
The Ewart-Pifer Co.
O RANGES, apples, Bananas and
fruits of all kinds. The best to ne
had at S. B. Jones'.
L OWNEY'S famous chocolates and
bon bons, loose and in fancy pack
ages for Christmas presents. S. B.
Flour! Flou! Flour!
can't afford to buy before getting
our latest prices, every barrel guaran
teed. SUMMER BRO4.
MONEY TO LOAN-We negotiate
loans on improved farm lands
at ~ seven per cent. interest on
amounts over one thousand ilars,
and eight per cent. interest on amounts
less than $1,000. Long time and easy
payments. Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
Christmas Holiday Rates via Seaboard.
On account of Christmas holidays the
Seaboard Air Line Railway will sell
tickets from all points in South Caroli
na to east of the Mississippi and south
of the Ohio and Potomac rivers, includ
ing Whashington, D. C., and St. Louis,
Mo., at the rate of one and one third
first class fare for the round trip. Tick
ets will be sold December 23, 24, 25, 30,
31, 1902, and January 1, 1903, with final
limit January 3, 1903.
In addition to the above, upon presen
tation of certificates signed by the su
perintendents, principals or presidents
Qf schools or college tickets at these
rates will also be sold t6 students on
Dec. 16 to 22, with final limit, returning
January 8, 1903.
The Saboard Air Line is the short
ine between the north and the south,
and will oper'ate double daily vestibuled
limited trains with first class dining car
service. For rates and information call
on any aent of the Seaboard.
C.WSmall, C. P. & T. A.
J. J. Puller, T. P. A.,
1500 Main steet, Columbia, S. C.
Fair Warning.
LCouncil will be sworn in on Decem
ber 22d.' All delinquent tax-payers are
ereby notified that taxes must be paid
at once, without any further delay.
'he Town Council wilh meet tomorrow
o order executions on -all unpaid Town
axes. This step is absolutely neces
sary to mest the expenses of the pres
et Town administration.
W.'S. Langford, Cl'k. Mayor.
Call on W. H. Eddy
for your Christmnas Box.
Rosemnont Cemetery Lots.
burial lots in Rosemont Cemetery
emining unpaid January 1, 1903, will
e placed in the hands of Hunt, Hunt
k hunter, Attorneys, for collection.
y order of board of trustees Rosemont
L, M. SPEERS, Pres't.
- ~TOys!
in endless variety
Fruits! Fruits! Fruits!
fresh and luscious
Candy, Candy, Candy,
delicious and toothsome.
Don't make your Christmas pur
hases until you have examined our
Santa Claus Headquarters.
Simply DeliGious!
Bright Bananas, Fancy Northern
Apples, Bright Florida Oranges,
Fancy New Dates, Fancy Cocoanuts,
a':ey London Laper Raisins, St ick
andy, Fancy French Candies.
Almonds, English Walnuts, Brazil
Nuts, Peacans, &c.
Best Cheese, Keg Pickles, &c.
Fine L.ine Fireworks.
These are yours at the lowest prices.
Hello Central !----Give Me 48
They have all kinds of Bread
Patent Bread, Milk Bread,!
Graham Breaid, Cream Bread,
Cap Bread. R ye Bread,
Kimml Seed Rye B3read,.
Boston Brown Bread.
Lugeot asotmn of fresh, fancy
Cakes ever showvn here before.
Orders tak-n by Telephone and de
livered fre~e of charge as we have out
our new deli very wagon.
Cali ;and he us- o" ring up Phone
No 48
H. A. Meyer & Son.
J. S. Blalock's property will be sold or
the 31st of December, 1902, at
12 o'clock, M.
In the matter of J . S. Blalock, Bank.
PR. H. Welch, EsqF., Referee ir
Bankruptcy, passed in t he above stated
case deember 5th, 1902, I will sell at
Gi l S. C., on December 31st,
1902, at 12 o'clock M., to the highest
bidder, all the real estate and personal
property belonging to the estate of J.
S. Blalock, Bankrupt.
Said real estate consists of, 1st, one
tract of land situate, lying and being
near Goldville in Laurens County, State
of South Carolina, containing twelve
hundred acres, more or less, and
bounded on the north by lands of the
estate of H. M. Eunter, deceased, on
the east by lands of D. T. Copeland and
the James Place, belonging to the
Goldville Manufacturing Company, on
the south by lands of L. W. C. Blalock
and on the west by lands of W. W.
Neel and others; 2nd, one lot of land
situate, lying and being at Goldville in
the same county s.nd State, containing
two acres, and bounded on the north,
east, south and west by lands.of L. W.
C. Blalock.
Said land will be sold subject to
judgment of Mrs. M. E. Browning
amounting to Four Thousand Two Hun
dred and Sixty-One dollars, and also
that a homestead for said Bankrupt
will be reserved out of his real and per
sonal estate, the number of acres and
description of which will be given on
day of sale. Before accepting any bid
for the real estate I will require a cer
tified check payable to my order in the
sum of five hundred dollars, to be de
posited with the undersigned, which
will be returned to the unsuccessful
bidders and which will be applied to the
purchase money of the successful' bid
der, and should any bidder fail, without
lawful reason to comply with his bid
within that event the said check shall
be retained by the Trustee as liquidated
damages for such breech of his con
The said personal property consists of
Horses, Mules, Cows, Sheep and other
animals, Wagons and other .farming
Tools and Implements. Terms of sale
U9 the authority and power given
and. conferred upon me by the last will
and testament of Anthony Herbert, de
ceased, I will sell at public outcry, to
the highest bidder, before the Court
House door in the Town of Newberry,
in the State of SoAth Carolina, on the
fi:st Monday in January, 1903, between
the legal hours of sale, the following
described real estate, to wit:
All that parcel or tract of land situate,
lying and bing in the County of New
berry, in the State of South Carolina,
containing forty-nine acres, more or
less, bounded by lands of Walter L Her
bert, George Long, I Preston Cannon,
and perhaps others.
Also all that ltof land situate in the
Town of Newbry in the County of
Newberry in the State of South
Carolina, contamnmg' 'one-fourth of
an acre, more or less, bounded by
lands of Eliza Boston, D. H. Wheeler,
the old "Village Cemetery", by Cald
well Street and perhaps by lots of
Terms of sale-Half cash with the
balance on a credit of one year with in
terest from the day of sale to be se
cured by the bond of the purchaser and
a mortgage of the premises sold, with
leave to paysalcash. Purchaser to pay
Executor, etc., of Anthony H[erbert,
Year s
Wdding Goods,
DMrhday Presents,
All to be sold at
Eduard Scholtz's
Jewelry Store,
Your AiientiolbPIease,
There's every reason why you se
let something useful for your Christ
mas gifts.
Jamleson Suggests
Neckwear, Hats,
A Suit of Clothes,
An Overcoat.
A fine selection in best qualitie~s
for all Christmas buyers, at the
Clothing and Dry Goods Emporium
and the Shoe house of Newberry.
The combination of the useful and
ornamental makes an ideal Christmas
gift. Our prices are the lowest.
Head ton Foot Clothier.
we want you to read,
'e want to talk to you
)f our merchandise and
want to impress upon
iever separate quality
how low the price, the
rerything we sell is of
a is one of the elements
rake the price so low at
acter of our merchan
iyer can offord to buy
ist in our lines which
Is, Silks, Velvets,
Trimmings, Buttons,
Vhite and Red
lered Flannel, Hand.
derwear, Corsets,
Calicoes, Homespuns,
Outings, Flanelette,
ce Curtain, Counter
ises almost anything you may
Millinery is one of.our strong
ry fine,. We can please you in
ood shoes for all. We do not
romen's Shoes, Boy's Shoes,
.,et us fit your feet in solid
ok well, wear well and cost
ao Shoes for Women,
il Shsoe for Children,
iine our stock. --
iscovered that Wooten
the least money and
the Business
nods for same money!
pr less money!
gett.ing everything you want in the
' Furnishings, etc.,
we will endeavor to make your visit
d don't forget
it Your Money's Worth.
th at only 49 cents.
11 lbs. good Rio Coffee for $1.00).
Fruit Jar Robbers at only 4e. doz.
300 pairs Ladies' Slippers worth
$1.50 going at 69e. a pair.
13 bars Good WVashing Soap at
only 25c.
4 boxes of Star Lye at enl. 25c.
China Plates, Cups rs
at only 10c. worth ch.
Deal Everytime. -
Here Is
Here is something
and read carefully. W
about the good quality (
our low prices, and we
you right here that we i
and price. No matter
quality is still there--e\
standard quality. HerE
of ow success: We rr
all times and the char,
dise so high that any bi
of us. We are special
Dry goods, Dress gooi
White goods,
Embroideries, Laces, I
Flannel, Embroi<
kerchiefs. Hosiery, Tu
Domestics, Jeans,
Bleachings, Shirtings,
Ladies Wraps, La
panes. Yankee Notion
In fact our large stock compr
ask for, all priced to suit you.
points in all grades, cheap to ve
this department. Seme solid, g
sell shoddy. Men's Shoes, VA
Girls' Shoes, Baby Shoes. I
leather Shoes, the kind that to
Walk Over Shoes for
Regina Shoes for Won
- Come and exan
~c,6,s I
Almost every one has d
sells the best goods for
We Are Doing
Because we sell more g
Same goods fc
And you may always count upon
way of
Dry Goods, Notions,
at the very lowest prices.
Come and inspect our line and
both pleasant and profitable to yo,u, aii
The Place Where You 61
20 yds. Sea Island Cli
80 lbs. Special Drive T wist Chew
ing Tobacco at only 25c. per lb.
6 packages (16 oz each) Wash
ing Powders at only 25c.
Mason's Fruit Jars-i doz. i gals.
at 99c., 1 doz qts. at 73c.
100 pairs Children's Slippers
worth $1.25 at only 61c. a pair. r
12 lbs. Arm and Hammer Keg
Soda at only 25c.
10 yds. 40 in. Heavy Sheeting at
only 49c.
- A Fair and Squre

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