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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, May 15, 1903, Image 4

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i'rittv lia the .Ii1niter'c l)ny For
1'erforrmifn Tin '1'tgi:.
P'robably few of the good people who
listei with rapt attt':ntioli to the sor
1nin which Is ptre ahetl to theru teab
Sltitlay. s ys th lit I 110 r 1'ost. kiloW
thait for iel l'I ::i 0 'ars Ir itlay 1118
l't't'i the ttillt' honor il tiy fol' tlle 1:18
tl' to go into his sti -ly. w'rite tl' ser
ni,il wllieh is to furiliish 'footl fer
thlio glit" to t he eoIgltg:atl to n lt t.h
fXllow ig t u t;it y. Ini s.i':litilg of this
stii1 t'itt'l: ' s t t sati s:
"\\ht'i t ('In !:sti:l ity ta t\is ir st p ul ul
g:tt't!, Il1 1i'rtnathilu. w\:Is tite'l't' xtt-t
1l ntill 1 sly. t u h :1 th1. i; as ettf1ar
1in.: a st"'i1t0n wI'\ s 111 1; NVw11. \I:tty
f ifttl illel It'\ st I t i' i or views O
\vIlrious Nlut.i -tls, 1 hen atit'dl a1 iew\
wotr s of .otd :tivitt to th1ir 1Jsttlltrs.
Ilh 1'i tt" is 't!h t n,tit tl n the
IZt1,1i 11n ('llthllit t'hllrt'b ill Ite 11 ti lt
tay. a:: I th!h thnt : v ry liuitedl1
ailu: l a'r ' itfhe 1 'ie-ts t t I' w i it 8 er
11( l11. \tIt :lli hie i' . Iowever, :ll
l iji0t) h is l'u.l h l n ll to W\hell
ithnl'y \\~ ' l:e tiertbi'' ltr was asled oD
w a i ila l I r p a re t h:'.I ii s Ir: on, he
1' 'lit'il, '(t i til la\" I n "tling, of
" \\'I'I. 31r It1't"" wr.' tlt'n't ytul th1111k
ihit i- a 'I!,[l r u st.!iitory Ihlbit fil' you
to L tI inI' ' I sit l :i 'n t i '.
"' lh no. i,"; :t :il.' repli1'tl .\ r.
4ied i. - in 11 tuiI way. 'Yt II Se ,
h e,: :1I i 'I it,tl li,I t' s 'I'nlt i4 1 1 1' 1 t i:ll
enal.l. ThIe'\ e:n I'1 'ter'\11l hot or t'uld,
10 I li t' l liti ft:til ts atll.' " t
1114 I"'rIentl tIe"nil'rey}.
lhe" ftiiIi.<\win, "t1r.'. tht l by the
W\ashin..1: 1' t. l ": !sh us to w\ondjer1
\hi1h it ,I"luh-In t.lo t iel ii,rustt'r or
hi- lite. I-t l t h lI iti c tl i-. l1 ltn
h\ hl' als : lar::, 1111.11tion of aute
lIllIl1', t1. Ihl "t ' li\.\ :1ll11 " ,il ttllt':s th e
lt 'lt tit'isill tit Ill . i t' i''l ti liive h le x
0l4-i I 1 b thet Itl 'll t ~'' i , l I ':;" tll a u
th "t wi\i Ihav i t" ti ilwii\ l I":alniliir and
Ii:,tt1 rin:_ inscr;iptuitsl> in hlis books.
,rno-, vI -r hart'1 III~ ex\ tn 11 n r,, 0l so 1,r
i ~ a ies Ilii tl :1ll \ I : i ill il1 .l'it t oif
h:1 iw riti N; Ib.n' o i I th ' ttll c ti ll.
t'I i r - il. imr:hIrl t rare ,llitiolt
o I'hallt*iT, . ne olie- 2 .t i i fi whe t'
Itlt. \\1 s " :I11, " I I . lh ,r"i . a 4 "l i li t- .\'h l ilhl
1reel'1 it ' ii..I I I : 1 I I " hrnt l l' tlt '
gItlt,iuifi t I "1 I 1 ; 114, ,1u 11,1i 4 ila 14t1
t, h,nd. T h lt '1\111 ' '- h o s it,
1111 lit' I '\ i it 1'lil ;; i 1 ltei llliti it le lIg
tlit ii I: at1 :t\ :1 't e-.
11b , ill,a t. (, :I I a't: l t .I t
I o l Il rneit T l"e, lit'
It is is Il l i I 't Il ti, wit ho ex
I'1 Il'ia in tItII I thul "liik,1i' ~ r Jv'r ex
ilil l t 1\u~ tal -p taInItls w hen t \ l iIted
1 i:iliit l'a('ll 'tt 'i t wIts 1 1' I lte
il'r',t111 \\':1 ,"\ t', 1i I 1-ll I :ntr l l t \ "I a .1
r1 li. t I \\'hstn it- Ilate' his lutist
tien hil, fi'l sts it w\':i. \with ;1 asli tliug
, tl111 Ill't" IltSl w I it l t' y,n ng itt r
f trl Io 4 t11111111 n1. I b' I "l ig lt; I i n
w\'ili1 411u it - i ti 1 11; 1 IInI\y 1l lu} r\1'11'1'
h .;l It l ll wt l t1 1 "l- it i ons,
h sIlt t. 1i ' \ t' ll I ii h i llal\ :1t '1S
( 1412 , : 1t t i1:t :t \' w ls"i1 ' " i I'
W\'w, I1 skedt 1 by I ;',rgt' I11 . w\'lwt te het
t\ pl' .\1eit f Itl rt il, i'ue elid, "t cll1
Ifl .\'fiu ti liii ti. tel ailir ['rini
11 'I,Il' W ti :r~ ls. iIlnN-rln e i.
I aM rs. 'll'tn !,: -~In is i i i y': thedsy
Mrs h.-e Wotey q.iet f'rnia.
C8lo w ul.1n l ' i 1:1 a r b
He W'aw the Sn1ieNt, Cuulent Soldier
InI Wvl.in ton'M Aa'uy.
Jlottit It. %l)t'ar.s II I 1ti-per's deitioi
strates tIlalt.'Generitl W\ayne, "ouniuuuly
known\" :as ".\l:tl .\ IIthony," was in
t'rae lit y tli' .:t:est . (o' ltest sohlier lu
W\':1? il n' Is alrn-Iy.
"T'1'r.y v.. ltet i e hero i fl' SIo lla 'o11nt
nildthe O\.\tt'!i't'" ralpitis .\Iad .\utllhiny
Wa\t Ine. i a i a.l r. Spha 'urs. " 'lltett itle
was t ri:;11ittt t1 by\ a ta ri.h solhlier who
ad bit n exI-l i lith Iattilholisa att
the tlt:,r lt"f 'h1' ;.ni:ialatait wit!s
tat i ith by' a i.' 1.- aple t tti a of the
w idt t h.t 1 i: : ald dl t'r iit lti n
h:lattl re a ...' IItt taltl ,
But t'.l:- 't th:I1 w\l .n It war of tht,
t "h titnt itla it : 1, h libe 'i:t b' 1 It
1ttor ' t, It "n '1-t!1 s tIf h ttl t11.11 lht
11 '1.:: I.;: l I : i 1 !i\ : . ' :I lt a
t . igh i: . \
IIait, f. w ..r , I'::
'.lai th.1 w
tt l'o ,!'a a ., ii:" '.t'
t'tnI 1a si.l\ tit ti .,'. \t ',\
ttr1d.' u' h '
Illit 'i :, .t ii. Sa' \a' ;I". . \ . ~ :i
und the : intgi t .
ltA : ! it a ta t
ill u it ' it I ,' . i
il'ot Sul rtss. I at w
It:tt'1. ii tu t1" l I :i a
"a t l a l .\ th n \\i ~p
i1 Ialttt- u\; I . .
. ~I l tI : l t. It' 1't,
'h !dit I s tt r >a
f'll i a t I tillr i t:
1 i l aI I"l i iepli t1. t \ t
S li t i tt l l:t b
j i't :, 1 I 1 1:1111 I tat I'
1'a'' Iai,i i ut at ' . at'''
ah 1 ll i 1 \a .
I t,1.,'. adid lut Ilt~ (.' Iaa I .. . 1
S.I I ".it14 ahi ti,. Sa :t 11 .1 lit at.. hiat:
.i t IT1, aI I: I " tt t : ti .- :5-1' i:1
Ili tt" :It II I'l , I I I i ' I t' lilt at I i l t' t'I,,v 1
w : t t ! I ' l a il i a 1: 1' C i \ i 'a' .''.1
It ist ita' lit I I ' tat a l:ll .. 1ii ' )tt lIli'S
t it t,t r wa\ ni t h -:t .1 tI Ik
.','' <it'f' t 11;1' 11t t i i s.t
I. '', ' :l Iit ''' .a'i t i111 \ In t if, 11I I it t
t ir t\atilae aal - aa u tn ie ttai
a .bou ah t t i t t ha1I :!1- i t l i ,'r I ii i't
i . lil. o t hii ' aI'.11 i'Ial a', r Itils . ho
a il I I atrni g ias \ aat ittt iii lt
atl h i' a- hit,a a' s k' : t Il' I a 11111
' I . taa 1' a' it t . -i lt'\ 'A.I i lll tt' r h lli:
-, 1 .i.i lta lat t thl l'\ it1'h ' t t hi
t ta ' h,t' il_a s e thtlh:at. Yhould
ult Itt baaaaaa iv the la':uitit t os
t i: ati h. : a tert then , hare hIs
'tli' ':iah la ''at aerlitig a ndaal\
I a kaaiiai asnS i. h tilrha.
talI tia t at heir tl lt aons whot~i
tat atla ltt taaa ts t'-ai: l ta' ait
'at ;till'iii:ia a,. ver
iiLl "aaitilII' taas t.p eat' y isili thet
as l tat I i ' \ ii'. tilatt s o l
a\ alt thit g 'ae just glif he haul
bt ut tau iet' ifiI a gir;w i ange l fro' n) ttt
si tea et tthi tat y wita'i i to itt -
titn la a ti . I e ie e v saii, h
\hal Itw tite \. lit, an t' i, the gues
iu ie i t ir a'lsa'in ipit he'l a w ll taILly'a
tt-Ig .t rc at ith t"ai waitr' aut.eto
Ifb la' talhae .tipaeid tha y IShouldttb
t' a wat r rece~i e la ti la i usbt tol
attlin io titas i'ast,h hould t a t .)a'
ltawin n ti s tale ia a al h e dlthi's
le elbe t tao 1 an it. tttait aa't. tt
sup isit ' at ttut the apd t'wttht which
thesk tealw a w ali ing tiptn.a', ttut
'''' I;h alu " h'e:. ''' x1caa lairtai d, "i, ee n
as it' y our bu Ih ng growa' I a srpdya
inall , "a auft iha' process of' aisng a t -
l"\\ alla. ,a' se I, s 'ae just ae na ti rona't'
ht',tt5 auti tain thI g round,: a vetoa the
tretmsprilei ater i.t,and in a
lug il a 'or a'i a,ll allas th ' lky 'eratt r at
ii. ''ahui ta'at'neial I.ppeal.'it
ne'iia I a. ort te l'un'a'' itin. ttt
SThe i'. lsil( t scery tefb
riIif l.un a ' own. ainngna tio,'a
''l I 'a tillsIttroably f h to wn setd
1a fia iii gaa ieihr n h r
bieIt Itow as in tsr'oubleas o ttne.
()'l uI l''t l.1wh b tny l wa l
tit it Iiis ngt andlyaaai thou which'
alal t litaa. in I tail tha e1' tail ai o r h
'a'eget it ila' It 1.
(To the Public at Large!
Seeing the need of an organiza
tion looking to giving cheap pro
tection in this county, we take
pleasure in recommending to the
people as a whole, the Workmen's
YJmn1I Protective Association of
America, as being the best thing
in the way of sick, accident and
burial benefits, in existence. We
write from the age of 12 to 65.
It costs $2.1t) tor a policy, and if
you are sick one week, we pa'
you per week; and at the death
of a tnember $50 as a burial fund
is paid. Any one wishing protec
tion against sickness or accident
at cs.et cal get it by applying to
eitttr 1 -u t'ten S. Weris. Secre
tary ad Treasurer .1. JW. Ear
hadt. lt'rsident, or J. W. leedr,
Net"\ t''e \ . . '. \ltu.h Tl. 1903.
" .' : t ce'S' h t Iam a etun.ber
Uedl, "u t 0..a1 t01' .
WV. S. M1EL tiN.
.I \I iin 1 't ars
lW a\ lllt \ ((111' I(tls. ilness.
H ave :unle (( I;leilit'S to
ar(tiun uul;t t' 1 O t "elS-.
The Commercial Bank
C~~ ALE.
F ir t no n em nto
I have bogh the stcI o out
lIiTker,adIo oingto Bandut a
of Nwhery ndisrroudny cun.
J. H. WOdrig andELnc H.NSSh
will b Wgta t se thm.%rnnS
WFist announcda eentso
thaned etorem
W in erds
Wdaces SClock,
W eing and irtaPent
S Quolily
Counts !!
In all the affairs
of life, it's quali
ty that counts.
'ho mon at the head of the world's
groatost institutions today, the mon
in tthargo of vast entorpries, tho
mt who load in thought and action
tttmIn of quality. The difforence
beavnsuccss aInd failuro is mnarked
1':' ,tt it6 of tho work tkuo byv
Goods called for and
ielivered anywhere in
he city any day.
Let us know
your wants and
we will do the1
L. B. Aull,
Don't Hait
For some one to tell
you, but com'e and see
for yourself. I am now
offering special bar
gains which will inter
est you in Wrist Bags,
Pocket Books, Pic
tures and Box Papers.
YOU will save 25 per
cent on these goods by
buying in the next 30
days. I am sacrificing
these goods in order to
make room for our
Fall Stock which will
be the largest we have
ever had.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 23,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
. ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A mnn wvorkuig by theii rhu :
for the timei hie puts in at w~ork, 'ai
w.hen~ t ii hat ma saves a d1o'lIar f .
day's labor it. worksa (or h: og.
as well aa dlays; netver lays iil on a'
co'unt of had( weather and nier..
sick, but goes right ont earniing
an1 mIcomIo. It's a ic t0'hinig to w rk
for mioney, but it's tuuuchi li<i
have money workingy for1 yon. a
It--oenV savings ae(( 'nnit wi b .
anIil got some mon0t1y working for 5
Make a deposit ini the Saving a.
1-artmet today and lot it hogrit
work for you. Intterest compjuto.1 -
4 por cent January I al July3 1 , f
each year.
\ ' 1
A *H OOe,
Addrcss SOUTI lE
Two Daily Pullman Ve:
Between SOUTH ai
The Best Rates and Roi
Via Richmond and \
Norfolk and Steam
Nashville, Memph
Louis, Chicago, Ne
Points South and South\
and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
r-rFor detailed information
man reservations, etc., appl
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent., Columbia,
Th Great Highway o
nm.M.ng Servdce Quick*
Any Trip to a Pieas,
Yr=voi via T HF. S Ot.
The Finest Dining--Ca:
For detailed informnation as to Tic
watlons address the neoareot Agei
a UIUHTO . 0. c. .WASO
Flor id a
A passenger servic<
and comnfort,equipped
Dining, Sleeping and'
For rates, schedule,
tion, write to'
avo made Drop y andits com
1itoatlop a spocialty for twenty
vears wit. the most won4oerfal
mu oQes. avocured manythous
an cases.
DR. U. U. QRX 1'0 0411W.
Bo Atlanta, Ga.
)A R D'
-- EAST -- WEST.
;tibuled Lirnited Trains
ite to all Eastern Cities
Vashington, or via
ers. To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
vest--To Savannah
all points in Florida
rates, schedules, Pull
to any agent of The Sea
3. 3. Puller, Traveling
st.G(enl. Pass. Agt.,
rime Convenle,, .krhedules
are Tr-ap to those who
r Service in the World.
teta. Rrates and Sleeping-Car reser
unexceiled for iu:zury
'vith the latest Pullman
Thoroughfare Cars.
maps or any informa.
eraI Passenger Agent,
Wilmingtn N. C.
. 0. BEA' TIE, Receiver.
III 1I6ii t June 8 1902.
wl .1. . " - 41re.,U t.nd W auballa.
r ,rl7etN'.- WZETDOUNII)
AaltttVE. LBAVE.
Mlixed Mixed
No. 1. No. 12 datliona. No. 11 No. V
1'. 1. A. b1. P. M. A. M
3 10 9 65...............Wilt l t............... 8 20 10 60
248 933........anderson F. 1)......... 340 1110
2 45 11 30...... . lers(n P. D.. 3 45 11 16
........ 1 25........W est Ante son....... 3 49 ........
........ 4 09 ...............Denver.............. 369 .......
........ 902............... Auttin............... 4 05 ........
........ 8 5 ........... ondleton ........... 4 11 ........
........ 8 11 ..............Ch rry............... 4 18 .
........ 8 14. ... ..Attlns... ..... 4 21 .....
8 28 .....Jo.danla Juoct ...... 4 3:3 .....
.....8 2) ................ ueee.............. 4,351 .....
4.40 ........
........ 81)6....... ..W est Uuilon ......... 50- ....
800. . . W alhalla ............ 6 09
All roular trains froi Belton to Walhala,
have precedence over trauns of s1no clas
I, uving il th i( O>posito diroettou uinless oth
c, wiso specilied by train order.
Will also stop at the following atations t.
take on and let oil >assengers: Phinney':
JaIes anti Sant prirngs.
J. h. AN Lt ut14, Superintendent
iJlarcsto anl Western, Carolina Rwv Co,
Augus ia and Ashevillo Short Line.
(8chedaulo i (Cl'eet Mach 1, 1903.)
(Ilead Down.) (Head Up)
12.46 pu.........Lv Newberry.........Ar 3 pm
1.(0 pmn . . . Ar Laurons.............Lv 2.02 p
2.07 pin ........Lv Laurons.. ..i.. A .Ih
3.30 pn1.........:Ar Spaurtanburg.....Lv 12 01 p
3. p pn......... Lv $part anburg.....Ar 10.26
5.32 pill......... Ar Salud I ...............Lv 3. 39 am
'.11 .........Ar lJouderonvillo Iv 3.06 am
7 IS 1111..... r ,tjIeVlUlO.....Lv 7.06 am
14.4ts pu...l.v Newborry (c..&t..) 3 10Op
1.6) ll) ..Ar Laur'ens ............. Ly 2.032 p
1.55 p...Lv Laurn..........Ar .45 p
I p1. At Uroonwood. Lv 12.44 p
u.20 in. Augusta..........Lv 10.1O pn
S p lv Augut...........Ar 11.25 aa
1. .......A r ei fort.........Lv 7.0 tt
7.15 pin.......A.. Port levyal........... Lv 7.40 amu
2 46 pin.....l.v Nowberry (0 N.&L.)A r 3.10 pin
1.60 pm.... Ar Lauren:..............Lv 2.021p
p. pin.....Ar Lronv.ll.........Lv 12.16 p1
For lunrthe r In forumat ion rolativo to ratelr
'+c. c I i , . A r tre nw od .........L)1.4
(IE(P. T It14 RN"\t, 0u. Abb Glroeuv111o,8S
Au .i ta, - ..
1'?l . its 1 -om', '1rallt Idnn v1l er.
0~~........................Ar.at ot...............50an
C.ombi... A e r Ro .. L LC .
(mArt:n Landad ..T. 0.)
'Z1Nlltlhbuitill. Northbjound.
ReIn (111u in M11eu. August 26th 1902.
8 10:m. Im v La.traut (s.A..) Ar. 8 60 pt
.050'hin Atlloat,i . 6 19 1p
i 6 all , orlbattoll 17 pm
: .S T)n Abevlllc 4 05 pill
' 22 pin (4ruelwaodI 3 3 tunl
2 '5p Alr (1lnton (I in'r) 1,y. 2 45 pin
N1 -T W.:.: Lv (liAi, prng. Ar 4 A0 pm
12 l1 t(11: E pstrlanburp 3 30 pil
12 < Ur,i ville in3 2. pi
(Inarrit Spri1g9)
1 22 pra Wtrlooti 2 36 3111n
1 I: i, A r Latren (1)u'1r) Lv 2 45 pin
10 Aru. byGIinSrng M.4 0p
'U2 'i .urnv n Ai 1 60
(I'arkrs rAi n 42
2 '- . W. 1tl 3 p
2 31 LurIndilli 1 17
241 ..KInard.. 110
211t ...(ary... 1 01
2 64 .Jlalapa.. tO
: 10 Newberry 1241
3 '21 Posperit3 1$32
:4 34 ....8lighs.... 1 :
33911 tt. Mountain 32 17
3 (1 ...hapin.. 10
:3 57 Hilton 1202
1 03 Whuite Koclt 11 69
4 (t7 allonntin 11 14
4l 17....Irmno ... ...11 46
4 21 ...eaphan.. 1140
4 45 iOO11 blt,LV 11 20
pm - anllt
I 6i LvColu)irblat (A.C.L..)Ar 11 10
6i 20 Huantur 9 60
9 20 A r Clhi'rlston Lv 7 00
'1aIns ::3 1(1 112 arrive adti depart from
110W unitn tlopol
Trai s22 mnd 81 from A. C. L. freight depot
For 1tates, Tlnao Tables, or further Iiformla
tion call on any Agont, or write to
w. (4. Cil D-, T1. M. EMERS0N,
Pres8len01t. Traffic Manager.
Sot. A gt. 1en'3 l"rl. & lPass A t.
Columnbla. 5. C. wilinligtors, N. (I
CUill)D BY
No taste. No 0dor. Can be given in
glass of wvater, tea, or coffee without
patienit's knowvledge.
White R ibbon0 Remiedy wvill cure or'
des5troy the dliseased appetite for alco
hohec stimulants, whether the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a '"tiper*," so
cial drinker or dlrunikardl. Impossible
for anyone to have an ap )t .e for alco
holie lhqors after using White Ribbon
1Indorsed by Memb)ers of WV. C. TI. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendenlt of
Woman's Christian Templerance Union,
Ventura, Califor'nia, writes: "'I have
testedl White Ribbon Remedy on ver'y
obstinate drimlfkar'ds, arnd the cur'es have
been many. 11n many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I checerfully recomn
me'n< and mndorse White Ribbon Reme
d y. Members of our3 Union arle deL
Sih hted t.ofinid an (eonomical treatment.
to mid us5 iln our templerance work."'
Driuggists or1 by mail, $1. Tria l pack
age t'ree by writing Mrs. A. M. 'lown
sentd (for year's secretary of a Woman's
Christin 'I"lImance njlion,2 218 TIre
mnont St., Hoston1, Mass. S0o(d in Newv
berriy by Gilder & Weeks.
.Get the Best!
'10i NUJO|lIY BC Id 311 ii New
'1l11 80llll-WccoIy Ncws flid Collrier,
All theI( te'('legraph, State and1( general
new~s youl canf read.
k('ep up th the news of the world,
111 henat loln, .he St ate and yu 01'county.
el 3. two lor' a song (only Two Dol
,lars t or a yea/s' subscrTipltion to both
'Ill3. Sst~-W :lgi-Y II IRALDl AND Naws.
'TIllE Se -ERs. Ni:wx AND) COURiER.
Yot k ,l)ow all abt)tl. Thle Herald and
N ews. lImhe SenmiWeekly News and Cotr
ler,~111) pbis:hedl at (Charleston, S. C., is the
lmost com)1plete and11( bOSt genieral semi
weekly you (enn1 get. It. publishes 16
pages a we(ek, or' 10.1 irsues a year.
(he all thet teIlegaphic and State
ii( Ws, general'7t and1 Sp)eclal stor'ies.
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