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What the Fleecy Staple Was Bringing
Yesterday in the Various Portions
of the County.
(Corrected by Nat Gist.)
Good Middling ........ 10 65
Strict Middling ....... 10 9-16
Middling . . . . . . . . . . . 10 7-16
orrected by J. L. and A. G. Wise.)
Go dMiddling - - - . . 10 3-4
(Corrected by John R. Scurry.)
Good Middlilng -...-... . 10 5-8
(Corrected by Aull, lentz & Co.)
Good Middling . . . . . . . . 10 1-2
Little Mountain.
(Corrected by J. B. Lathan.)
Good Middling . . . . . . . . 10 3-4
(Corrected by )
Middling . . . . . . . . . . .
(Corrected by Smith Bros.)
Good Middling ..... (no market.)
Goes to Cheraw.
Mr. Caldwell E Fant left yesterday
for Cheraw, where he has accepted a
position with the drug firm of Theo. E.
Wannamaker, manufacturing pharma
cists. Mr. Fant was for several years 0
and until very recently with the drug 0
firm of Gilder & Weeks, of this city.
He was very popular with the drug i
trade and has hosts of friends in New- t
berry and throughout the county who c
regret very much to see him leave, but I
who wish him much success wherever
he may be. r
A -Small Fire. c
Wednesday morning at about 1
o'clock the small wooden building in
the rear of Mimnaugh's dry goods es- b
tabaishment, occupied by John D. t
Eichelberger, colored, aA a restaurant, I
was discovered to be on fire. The h
alarm was turned in and the depart
ment reached the scene in short order. n
The fire was extinguished in a few sec- h
onds af ter the arrival of the department I
and very little damage was done. The N
building was owned by Mrs. R. Brown, s
of Norfolk, Va. Her loss was very
small. The fire started in the ceiling ;i
about 6 feet from the floor and about t
two feet from the roof. It is thought h
that it was started by rats carrying n
Much damage might have been (lone a
the Central hotel and surrounding
buildings but for the prompt response t
and the good work of the Excelsior r
Fire department. The fire was dis- N
covered by Policemen Carter and e
Bedenbaugh, and the alarm was turned
ii, by them.
Juvenile Baseball. C
Newberry No. 2 and West End No. 2
crossed bats Wednesday afternoon on
the West Endl diamnondl. The score re
suited in favor of Newvberry 14 to 9. a
The features of the game were the
pitching of Joe Williams, for New berry, C
wvho struck out nine men, allowing 3
only 6 scattering hits, andI the two 3
base hits by Olen Nestley for West End.
Batteries: Newberry, J1. Williams
andl Burton; West End, Taylor and
Stone. Struck out: hy Williams 9,'by
'Taylor 10. Hits: Newberry 10, WestP
End 6.t
Mr. Mark W. Gantt to Wed.
Invitations have been receivedl in this
'city to the marriage of Mr. Mark W.
Gantt to Miss Nelle Reese, which eventa
w.is to occur at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. andl Mrs. II. I). Reese, in
A bbeville, Wednesday evening, Septem- g
ber 23, at 9.30. Mr. Gantt is now wvith ~
the D)aily Mail, at Anderson. lie was
in Newberry for time some recently
with The Herald and News, and made t
many friends while here.f
Sunday School Address.
The Rev. R. G. McLeess, who is con- e
ducting a protracted meeting at Ave- I
leigh Presbyserian church, will dleliver ni
a Sunday School address at Aveleigh t
Pchurch Sunday afternoon at half-past a
five o'clock. All Sunday Schools and I
Sunday School workers in the city v
are cordially invited to be pressent. 8
The Rev. Mr. McL~ees is a clear and
forcible p)reacher andl the meeting at
Aveleigh has been largely attended.
It will be continued through Sunday. t
Quarterly Conference.
Presiding elder John 0. Wilson wvill
I--lold Quarterly Conference at O'Neall,
treet Methodist church Saturday eve
91ng at 8 o'clock. Dr. Wilson wvill
reaich in this church Sunday evening
Mayes' Book Ad.
?,~Look out for Mayes' Book Ad. in an
er column. You will find something
wevery week.
Week Eind Rates
'rom points on the Atlantic Coast
to Seaside Resorts, tickets on sale
Saturday, good returning including Mon
4a following, attractive schedules, uin
t*assedl service Sunmmer Tourist
' ~ets to Mountain and Seaside Resorts
lllted for return p)assage to October
81t on sale until September 30th.
* ~ r full particulars, rates, etc, call
Ofr eket Agents or write,
General Passenger Agent
Trafic Manager
Wilmington, N. C.
[he Movements of Many People, Newber
rians and Those Who Visit
Dr. F. M. Setzler, of Whitmire, was
n the city yesterday.
The Rev. S. C. Ballentine, of White'
lock, was in the city Wednesday.
Col. George Johnstone returned yes
erday from a business trip to Columbia.
Mr. Simpson Zimmerman returned'
iome yesterday after a visit to friends
n Columbia.
Miss Fannie Oswald, after a visit to
riends in Newberry, returned yestor
lay to her home in Lexington.
Prof. H. B. Dominick leaves today
'or Fountain Inn, Greenville county,
vhere his school opens on Monday.
Prof. S. L. Powell, of Newberry col
3ge, has returned to the city after
pending the summer at his home in
Mr. J. D. Shockley and family have
aoved back to Newberry from Colum
ia, and are occupying a residence on
Vest Nance street.
Miss Gena Bradburn returned home
Vednesday after an extended and pleas
nt visit to Hendersonville, Brevard,
nd other places.
The Rev. E. P. McClintok, D. D., is
i Columbia visiting his daughter, Miss
uphemia McClintock, who is president
f the Presbyterian College for Women
f that city.
Great Prophet Jos. H. Hair left on
Vednesday for Atlantic City to attend
lie annual meeting of the Great Coun
il Improved Order Red Men of the
rnited States.
Mrs. Jos. H. Hair has gone to Balti
iore to select a fall line of dry goods,
otions, and millinery for the firm re
Ently formed by herself and Mr. H.
I. Havird.
Mrs. Charles Manigault, who has
een in the city the past several days
ie guest of Misses Cora and Lizzie
Pominick, returned yesterday to her
ome in Columbia.
Mr. Joseph E. Norwood was very
imch improved by a recent trip to At
mntic City, New York, and other points.
[e spent several days at Pulaski City,
Ia., where his family are spending the
Miss Nellie Colson, who has been vis
ing at Mr. F. L. Paysinger's, has re
irned to her home in Lake City, Fla.
[iss Colson while in Newberry county
iade many friends, who hope that she
ill make another visit to this section
b an early day.
Mr. and Mrs. Waller Brown left yes
.rday for Columbia. Mr. Brown has
asigned his position with the Carolina
lutual Insurance company and accept
I a position with another insurance
>mpany. Mr. Brown's headquarters
'ill be at Rock Hill, Whither he will go
fter a visit to friends and relatives in
Harrison and Swann will buy mules
t Pool's stables tomorrow.
Mrs. E. C. Hutchinson, formerly of
opeland Brothers, is now with S. J.|
The cotton receipts at Whitmire from|
eptember 1, 1902, to September 1,
)03, were 1,750 bales.
Mr. T. 0. Stowart, Jr., has been ap-|
Dinted1 sup)ervisor of registration for
1c city of Newberry.
Dr. D. L. Boozer advertises for salei
nice little home one mile from New
erry College.
Champion mowers, Champion rakes,|
nid Buck-eye grain dirills may be found|
t Edw. R. Hipp's.
Work on cementing the sidewalksbe
an yesterday. The stake for nmeas-|
ring the first grading was driven by
ic mayor.
The telephone exchange will hereaf
3r be open all day Sunday. Hereto-|
re the exchange has been closed on
unday for several hours.
The meeting at West End Baptist|
[urch, conducted by State Evangelist|
[. P. Fitch, will close on next Sunday|
ight. Larre congregations have at
mnded the ni -irnw from the beginning
nid much good has already resulted.
reaching at night only through the
reek and at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. on
A Fatal Bicycle Trip.
The following is from the State of
he 9th. Mr. Wicker wans a brother of
Irs. James P. Kinard, of Rock Hill,
rho is well known here, her husband,
fJr. James P. Kinard being a native of
Tewberry, and a brother of Mr. Jno.
1. Kinard, of this city:
Rock Hill, Sept. 7.-News was re
civedl here Sunday of the death of Os
ar Wicker, brother of Mrs. J. P. Ki
ard and Mrs. J. C. Witherspoon. Full
articulars could not be obtained, but
I was more than probable that he was
illed by a train.
lie loft Rock Hill last Thursday on
is bicycle, intending to go to his home
.t Farmville, Va. A message Sunday
tated that he had been found dead.
Ie had startedi from here up the rail
end track, anticipating an enjoyable
ide through the country to his home
Ie. expected to enter college at Hamp
len Sidney in a few days.
lie was about 16 years old, and his
Lath is a sad blow to his sisters here.
Now is the time to
make money by using
aeavy Bagging and
Ties. We sell the heav-.
est on the market.
E. M. Evans &Co.
Both Railroads Are Willing and the Com
mission Thinks There Will Be
No Trouble.
Some time ago the State railroad
commissioners met in Newberry with
the board of trade to discuss the re.
quest of the citizens of Newberry,
voiced by the board, for a union station.
The commissioners investigated th<
city's depot facilities, heard the argu
ments of the board, and declared them
selves heartily in favor of the unior
station, saying they would take the
imatter up with tbe railroad authorities
and ask that the rtation be built. The
following from the Columbia corres
pondence of the News and Courier of
yesterday is in regard to this matter:
"Chairman C. W. Garris, of the rail
road commission, had a long conference
today with Mr. W. G. Childs, of the
Columbia, Newberry and Laurens Rail
road, in connection with the building of
a union station at Newberry. Mr.
Garris thinks tit there will be nc
trouble about .ing this station, as
both railroads entering the town want
a union station. The commission has
written to Superintendent Ackert, of
the Southern Railway, asking him to
confer with Mr. Childs, presidentof the
Columbia, Newberry and Laurens Rail
road, to complete their plans for the
-rection of the station.'
I Party of Newberry Gentlemen Spend *
Very Profitable Day on Bush
This is a fish story. But it is true.
A party of eighteen good fellows from
Newberry on Wednesday caught fou
rundred pounds of fish in Bush river.
rhat is a rather startling statement,
nasmuch as it has been proved conclu
iively long ago that there are no fish in
Bush river. But, however startling, it
s true. The party fished at Langford's
nill (lam, four miles from the city, and
iot only caught the fish, but they
rought them to town and put them in
wvidence in support of their story. For
:his reason credence was given their
itatements. The pond had been drawn
n order to make repairs on the dam,
md Col. Jas. R. Davidson, the owner,
;urned it over to Mayor Earhardt and
Alderman Smith and their party to
iave and to hold and to use as they saw
it during Wednesday.
The fish were mostly carp, but there
vere some half dozen trout caught, the
argest weighing about five pound3. In
he collection there were also some
afge cat fish, white perch and suckers.
It was a great catch. Whether it was
)ure luck or whether the gentlemen of
he party are simply expert fishermen,
vho can catch fish in a stream where
here are no fish, is a question to be
lecided by those who have fished in
3ush river day in and day out, night in
md night out,. in weather in which any
>ld fish ought to be only too glad to bite
ir to run into a seine, without a single
mall catch. But howvever the unlucky
>r the inexperienced fishermen may dec
:ide the question, the fact is that the
ucky or exp)ert fishermen wvho comn
Nosed the party wvhich wvent to the river
in Wednesday hauled in a their seines
Lbout four hundred pounds of fish.
The p)arty wvas comp)osed o.f the fol
owing: Mayor .Jno. W. Ear-hard(t,
ilderman Van Smith, W. P. Heden
augh, J1. II. Chappell, 1H. E. Koon,
Thief W. II. IIarris, 1. 0. Burton, the
tev. D. P. Boyd, Alderman E'. Y.
dlorris, Bert Leonhirth, Tom McIntyre.
lome Franklin, Samps Nichols, Mark
fichols, T. S. Blair, Jno. T. Hutchin
on, City Clerk T. 0. Stewart, Charlie
saysi nger.
Several members of the party wvent
>ack to the river yesterday.
- It Rained.
It rained for nearly sixty seconds
early yesterday a fternoon. The ground
vas not wvet and the (lust wvas not laid,
)ut nevertheless the rain wvas an event
>f importance. It was the first rain
igen in this section for many long, hot
lays, during wvhich peop)le and crops
mnd stock andl everything else have
suffered. When the little sprinkle
:me great hopes were arousedl that it
Mould continue, but like many other
iopes they were succeedled by disap
;>ointment. All signs fail in dry
veather anyway, except the oft-spoken
)f sign of the Indiani, ''black clouds all
around and p)ouring down in the midd(le.''
The Mayor's Court,
The following cases were disposed of
in the mayor's court:
On TuLesdlay morning Charlie Whit
ener, colored, was sentenced to pay m
fine of $1.00 or to serve 4 (days foi
eursing and using abusive language.
Joe Henly, colored, was sentened( t<
pay a fine of $10 or to serve 20 dlays
for creating a disturbance.
On Wednesday morning, Ellen D)aw.
kins, colored, was given $2.00 or 8 days
for using abusive language; Fannic
Boozer, colored, $5.03 or 20 (lays on thc
same charge; Enoch Rober tson, color-ed,
$2.03 or 8 days on the same charge;
Chris Starnks, colored, $2.00 or 8 dayE
an the same charge; Katie Kemp andi
Sum Kemp, coloredl, $2.03 or 8 dlays
each for fighting.
Yesterday morning Ezra Waits, col
ored, was sentencedl to pay a fine of
$3.00 or to serve six (lays for being
drunk and disordlerly on the streets.
IIarness and Saddlery.
Davis & Co., of Columbia, adlvertist
in this issue the largest and most comn
p)lete assortment of harness andl sadd(lery
in the State. They are located at 151'i
Main strent, Columbia.
The Busy Season In a Busy and Prospero
Town-Peraonal -Other
Prosperity, Sept. 9.-Our people hal
i all set their minds and heads to busine
and their hands are now obeying thei
directions. Picnics and barbecues hai
passed away with their season at
greater peace prevails among the bar
yards and to the great American grun
era. Everything is astir. The music
mower is, cutting her swath providit
forage for the faithful horse; ten tho
sand fingers from a thousand hands ai
gathering from the snow white flelk
the wealth of our Southland, and fe
there are who are taking time to coil
plain even of the dry weather.
Prosperity's new industry, the cott(
oil mill, is busy with preparation f<
the approaching season. Before ai
other moon the hearts of our peop
will be made to rejoice in the accon
plishing of a thing so long desired.
Dr. Hall, of New York, the lecture
dropped in our midst last Wed"iesdu
and lectured in the afternoon at 3.31
and in the evening at 8.30 to a fu
house, and will lecture again Thursd-i
evening. His subjects followed th
order: "What a man is," "How I
get married and remain so," "The ev<
lution of a girl." To say that Pro
perity is pleased with Dr. Hall is
very mild expression. The healthi
moral entertainment running tlrou4
his ocean of humor is truly clevatinl
I)r. D. M. Crosson, of Leesville, wi
among us last week. Everybody het
knows the doctor, who spent his bo
hood days among us.
Mrs. S. M. Calmes and her assistan
Miss Addie Werts, are busy getting v
their new goods in order in their no
establishment. In fact all our me
chants are busy, busy, busy, day at
night unpacking and arranging the
fall goods. They know that with tI
price of cotton expressed by two figur<
something will happen and they at
preparing for that something.
Mr. F. R. Fellers has returned I
Newberry and is with Mr. Nat Gist f<
the cotton season.
Mrs. G. S. Bearden and children,
Columbia, are with her parents, D
and Mrs. R. L. Luther.
Mr. Jas. D. Luther, of Columbia,
spending a short vacation here.
Mr. P. D. Simpson left yesterday I
begin school as principal of the Lodg
school, at Lodge, Colleton county. M1
Simpson had offers of schools in th
county where he had taught for sever.
years, but better offers have carric
him from his county. We wish fc
him, and feel sure that it will come t
pass, that peace and "prosperity" wi
spread her white wings over that schoo:
Mrs. Os. Wells and her sister, o
Newberry, are visiting Mrs. W. A
Mr. S. J. Kohn, Prof. J. S. Whecle
and Mrs. C. T. Wyche are delegate
from Grace Evangelical Luthera
church to the Sunday-school conventio
at Bethlehem this wveek.
Mrs. W. A. Hartman and her littI
son William, of Atlanta, after visitin:
relatives and friends in this community
have returnedl to their home.
Miss Alma Fellers, of this county, ha
been visiting Mr. and Mirs. 1H. 1
Mr. ,J. B3. Stockman's little daughte
dliedl andl was buried at thc cemeter
here yesterday.
Our cotton weigher, Mr. W. S. Gil
son1, reports over 6,000 bales of cotto
marketed here during the paist season
A Very Pleasant Meeting.
The following in regard( to the pre'
tracted meeting conduc ted in ThompI
son Street A. R. P. church last wveek
the sermons being p)reachedl by the Rev
W. C. Ewart, of Abbeville, is from th
Associate Reformed Presbyterian, Dui
Newberry, Sept. 7.--Our meetin;
which began Thursday andl closed las
ni'ht was a very lelasant one. Noi
Iithstanding the heat and (lust the at
endance and interest wvere very goot
It was Bro. Ewart's second visit an
our peop)le enjoy his preaching and hi
visit to their homes.
One of the very pleasant features c
the meeting wvas the presence andl coir
panionship) of Prof. Hood. In the earl
history of our church Prof. Hood wn
one of the ruling elders and sup)erintet
(lent of the Sabbath school. He was
that time principal of the Academy f<
girls and young women, andl some<
the best women of the towvn attend<
the Academy while it was uinder h
supervision, andl it is plearant to s<
their gratification in meeting their fo
mcer teacher. When we held the far'
well meeting wvith Miss Mary Gallowa
she stated1 to me as wn dIrove by tI
Academy that he insp)iredl her' thirst f'
knowledge. You would confer ani
valuable favor on youri readers by secut
ing from him an account of his at
Major Bradley's and Gen. Hiemphill
exp)erience as members of the Goner
Assembly in the "Wallace house" as
is known in the history of South Cat'
lina. E. P'. M.
We will buy all thi
Cotton Seed brough
to this market and wil
always pay the highes
price. Bring your see<
to us.
E. M. Evans & Co.
WVill be pleased to show yon the
nlegant. linn of Rta(,iy to wma lnt
is The Newberry. Telephone Bxchange Will
Hereafter Be Open All Day
On Sunday.
re No Sunday hours will hereafter be
3s observed by the telephone exchange.
;e Heretofore the exchange has been closed
re between 9 and 3 o'clock on Sundays,
kd but for the greater convenience of
i- patrons it has been decided to discon
t- tinue this custom. This meansthat the
[1l exchange will 1-e open at every hour of
g the day and night.
'.- The service in Newberry seems to be
'e giving very general satisfaction. Man
Is ager Spearman is courteous and oblig
w ing and solicitious of the convenience
i- of his company's patrons, and his assis
tants are aiding him in the excellent
>n management of the system.
I- Mimnaugh's Big Stock.
e The big fall stock which Mr. J. A.
Mimnaugh purchased during his recent
stay in New York has already begui to
arrive. Mr. Mimnaugh says he bought
Y a $50,000 stock. It will be as pretty
line of fall clothing, dry goods and no
tions as was ever brought to Newberry.
The only question with him 'now is to
i .d room to store it, though his store
Sup)-stairs and down-stairs, is one of the
largest in the city. Mr. Mimnaugh is
one of Newberry's successful mer
a chants. The long and successful ex
perience which he has hud in the mer
h cantile business enables him to know a
good stock wheni he sees it, and this
s year he went North in person and paid
0 especial attention to the selection of
his fall line, taking up all the bargains
within reach, anl he is prepared togive
his customers the benefit of these bar
Letter to 0. B. Mayer, Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir: Tihe cheapest thing ill the
way of sending anything over the world
e is a Postage stamp; and the cheapest
s way to shed water is paint.
IP Not whitewash; paint. Do you hap
pen to know ---it <on't belong to your
ousiness to know about paint, you
G know-do you happen to know that
or most of the makers of paint stuff it out
with lime and clay and sand and water
and air?
They do stuff it out in the can; but
not on the house. They make more 4
gallons to sell orj to buy; more money
is to pay for paint; more money to pay
for putting it on; a good deal more
money to pay for putting it on); but no
0 more beauty; more "ust; decay; disap
e poiitment.; loss.
- Devoe is your paint, because it's
all paint, no sham, an(d full-measure.
Yours truly,
tl F. W. Di-voi. & Co.
d P. S. -The Newberry I lardware Com
r pany sell Our paint.
0 Eczema, Itching Humors, Plmples-Treat.
11 ment Free.
f Does your skin itch and burn? Dis
t.Iessing eruj)tioll on the Skinl so you
feel ashamed to be seen in comlpany?
Do seahs and scales form on the skin,
hair or scalp? Have you BCzema?
Skin sore and cracked? Rash form on
s the skin? Swollen joints? Falling
1 hair? All run down? Skin pale? Old
sores? Eating sores? Ulcers? To
cure to stay curedl take 1. B. B. (Bo
tanic Blood Balm) which makes the
e blood pure and rich, then tile sores will
I heal and the itching of eczema stop
,forever, tile skin become (lealr and1 tihe
blood( pure. B. B. 11. 01(1 at drug
slores $1. Tr'lial treat menot senlt free
s and p)rep)aid bly wvriting to Bloodl Balm
.Co., Atlanta, Ga. D)escribe your
troubIle andl free miedIical advice given.
r' Over 3000o test imonials of cures by B.
B. B.
Fresh Flour All tile Time.
- The celebrated '"Clifton'' flour1 is sold
1only t.o the retail mer'chants, and, as
tihey buy in smaIll quantities, the flour
is always fresh. Bransford's '"Clifton''
is strictly the flour for family use, and
if youir bread, cake and pastry are not
nmade of it you are certainly the loser.
-We keep1 it in stock regularly.
- 'VT.1J. HAYi's,
Successor' to Hlayes & McCarty.
waNo nted for the lReagin School in
No.8fownship. School opens) the
t fifth dlay of October and rulns seven
-months-salary $30 a mfonth. Applica
.. tions may he sent to any one of tihe
(LN, Chairmflan
5 W. Hi.LOG
S Newberry, S. C., Aug. 3d, 1903.
Manager Wanted.
..tie man to manage business in this
-County and adjoining territory for wvell
~t and favorably known House of solid
rI financial standing. $20.00 straight cash
,salary andl expenses, paid each Monday
b)y check dlirect from headquarter's. Ex
Spense money adivanced ; position p)erma
ia nent. Addressi Tihomnas Cooper, Mana
e ger, 103~0 C'axton Bldg., Chicago.
10 - thait I will sell at pubillic 0outcr'y be
rfore the Court llouse at Newberry,
S. C., within the legal hour11s of sale,
on Satleda~y iln October, 1 903t, if nlot sold1
r- at private sale be fore then, all thatt
11tidoproperty known as tile Newberriy Roller
>,s Mill, situtated one0 and( aI half miles nor'th
gof Newtberr'y, S. C. , and dtescribeod as
.follows: Complete 76-barrel steam
it r'oller' flour mill; brick building 30x40
'- f'eet, with metal r'oof; enlgine r'oom
28x60.feet, of brick, withl metal roof,
conltaimmg 8xI14 Browvnell & Co., auto
matic engine, '10 horse power' Lombardf
3 boilemr and 0one Mofifatt comb)inedl hoiler
tfdupadhater'; one 50 lighmt
tGeneral Electric Co., (d namo. Seven
Sacr'es of land will be sok Iwi th tile mill;
t also 2-r1ooml tenemient house and two
Loutbuildings. *
Te'frms of Sale : Purci'haser will 1)e re
quliired to pay three0-fourlthls cash; baul
anc'e payable within one year', secuired
by note, momrtgage aind insuriance policy
of the premises sold1. I ntere.st ait 7 pe'r
cent. annuially. Puriichaser' to pay for
Th118is'roer'ty will be sold1 to settle
the estate o,f )r'. ID. L. lBooz,er, Sr'.,
r D). I,, BOO7E,.R
-' Sent. 2nd.1 190:3 dnnsmao'
will give at least three quarters
of a pound of butter a day.
E. B. SETZLEM, College Hill.
OR SALE Olt RENT-The house
and lot on Johnstone St. now used
as the Lutheran parsonage. For terms,
etc., appl to
Newberry, S. C.
Prosperity, S. C.
"ORSAL' A nice little home only
F one miile from Newberry College.
Well built, neatly pailited lhoilse, goo(l
stable, you'lo orchard and vineyard,
MIlht acres und1ler good cultivation.
'erms- - one-hal cash, balance in one
year at 7 per cent. interest.
Apply to
Dit. 1). 1'. Boozmlt,
f&t 2t Newberr.-. S. C.
Paints We have just added to
ur stock a coniplet line of, hariess,
hardware and pamtits am art prepared
to serve your wants at lowest possible
pric..s. A partment ad joining grocery
store. Come in anl inspect our line.
Dar nails just received.
ARM FOR SAI,-. Good Sixty
Acre Farm, nema town, for sale.
Apply at this office.
LENN Springs Water is the great
G dysplepsia cure.
S001) M EAl s. Doglas
is conlit ing a filrst-lass Iestau
rant on lower Mai n street inl coilk-etionl
with his grocery store. For good meals
at right prices call on hi Im. Ile is also
selling a gallon ol vineg'ar for 2) cents.
lring your jug.
ASK your . OIruggist for -;lenn
A Springs Gilger Ale.
.0LL1EC(TOR Trustwortby yotng
man to travel; no canvassiig;
salary $18 weekly and expvises; chance
for promotion; ;,xperielce unecessary
must be sober ald steily. Adlress ,.
A. Martin, Charleston, s. C.
U week at the soda fount and the
savings will enabl' you to drink ithe
very best Morning l tory ('ol every
lay durimy t-e mllonthll. Try this high
Trade coilev. Sold owly by I>avinport
A factirir wants rcliahl m1im to
leliver and collect; horse al wagroi
mAd $150 deposit necessry; $21 a week
mnd expenses, permanment. Franklinl,
lox 78, Philadellhia. 'a.
1,'LENN Sprinigs .lMinoral \Vater
clears thn cm1lexion and softens
,he skiml.
irsi clari.s J-w'iry -'re. -i a lin,
4Ld i r 1 i- k .if 4i .I. 1E|,-,, (1ha
yilla Im-go-sles to 11if
(;I'Y' I.\NINA,S.
our stock I! sil cvpItpoo with
ivorythilng pretty in tie :\illinory
Call and Hoo" 'or ribbon., 1lowrs
md hats hefo( Im. il
500t goodl (ust omiers to bury Iie ir o
eries, produrrc, fruiits, et c. ofI us . We
arriy a fuill line. Wa bu'y andrr sell
ountry prioduce. Waill lay mrarkLet
irice for sameli. We want to gain yor
Onfidlence. It vohrl give us a t:iir show
rg wve feel sureua we will purve tao yoiu
htwe are woith Iof' your conrthl'ne
tnd( iat.io,lage. ''Sal ui itron is wort h
I gold mine." We ofr't'i it t o youri tir.
Russell's Old Standl.
Main Street.
We have finished
verhauling our Gin
nery at an expense of
several thousand dol
lars, which pre pares us
to Gin 125 bales of
cotton per day. Bring
your cotton where you
can be served prompt
ly and given satisfac
We also pay highest
market price for Seed
and furnish Bagginu
and Ties at market
Newberry Oil Mill,
Teacher Want,ed.
Lschool will meet at the school
huouse on Friday, September i, for the
)Lurpose of electing a teacher for the
vinter school at a salary of $30 per
nonith. All aplJ)11ications rnust b)e in
rands of the undersigned by that time.
LSchools will open on 21st Septemr
orc, 1903. White pupiils without gradle
ardls will repor t to the Superin ltendlenit's
flice for examination and classifica
ion the 17th and 18th at 9.30 a. m.
solored pupils will repiort al Iloge
chrool at the same time.
The Supeiintenident will he in Ihis
flice at Hon dary stirelt school from
to 11 o'clock on the l70'r anid 18th
nista. for consultat ion wvithI Ipatrons;.
Seo>. 17. 1903. Superintendrent
B E D S,
3ither single or in suits
TABLES.of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
verything found in a
irst--class Furniture
tore. We make a
pecialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
"Wears Like Iron"
'For Beautifying the Home?"
Newherry Hardware
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tcll its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure MYumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
stomach, Colic, Cholera
PVorbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15c and 25c

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