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two dollars per annum. }
than evek before
And Machinery off Kinds Made anil !!??
W27 12H0] 52
?Who Tias had KTcnlcr experience In the I
?omni iroiriilia of Imih malt! nml i
Ko.f2N. Eighth St.
St- Louis, Wo.
lit Of Olli
In the Wut, kivi'h the rnulti i>f In? lima ami ?..? dlui
practice In In, :??nr? wui I-, ju.?t published, entitled
Booklthat arc really OtilnVa rutl FrlMnMrorlor. in nl! inr.t
pertainlng to ,'imi.I nml V umunl>uo>l. atlri mini!
uoiir fiit? r~
ten pertaining to ,'hni.1 nml V
?want lone, fi-lt. Thrj uro brsutlniltj III?
language, eatily umleratood. Tins two
pagrt, ami contain, AlnaM* lnf-i-Tii.i:?.n Ibrlnitli in
?Ingle, with all then cent im jimviiu.nt. In mi ilicaltri-ali
ltcail what our home niini r* ray :
In I?r. Datlyf now works ll In nu a
ncter, but la anmrtltnii: Hint
loath.iin- viettm of early Indlrrr
Iwrfratlj healthy may tie, but w ith
of lit*, anil Ihr Woman, in
from the ninny ill* her bcx
to."?Pt. Lniiia'Joiirnal.
rcTL:.i? PRICEn ?63 er?, rnrh r'.SJL.
both In one volume, SI; in chilli aniftg*15P
Kilt.2i et?, extra- Sent under ai-al, c-uH
receipt of price in money or ?toiupf. 6K _ if.
' r.
t lh# Riin.otlimriMi
HffvLfor hittif*t*rimc
apr'l 27
to im<;nt.
mis I'rick
That large and conn
formerly occupied l>\
For terms r.ppfv lo
a?!g 11
Mr. f. It
rsj and ^lorplilno hnt.lt rjtrptl.
i in.Ori~ln.nI > Mwoim.
'? ?; s.- i .tani . |. : bviil ???k
it K?lln ; i, \i i: S.iulre,
muni ii. Cncuu Co? !u l.
A Noted Divine says
^TfSe^g are tvortii tfieir
weight in gold.
Da. Tutt:?Dear Sir: For . :n years I have been
a martyr to Dyspepsia, Constipation, and Piles. Last
spring your pills were recommended to me ; I used
them (but'with little faith}. 1 am now a well man,
have good appetite, digestion perfect, regular stools,
piles gone, and I have gained forty pounds solid llcsh.
They arc worth their weight in gold.
Rev. IX. L. SIMPSON, Louisville, Ky.
Dr. Tutt has been en
paged in the practice of
medicine thirty years, and
for along time wtu demon.
Btrator of anatomy in the
Medical College of Geor
gia, hence persons using
his I'tlls have the guaran
tee that thev are prepared
on scientific principles,
and are free from all
He has succeeded in
combining in them the
heretofore antagonistic
qualities of a strengthen
mg,purgative,anJ a pur.
ifytng tonic.
Their first apparent ef
fect is to increase the ap
petite by cuusing the food
to properly assi in i late.
Thus the system is nour
ished, and by their tonic
action on the digestive or
gans, regular and healthy
evacuations are produced.
The rapidity with which
persons take on flesh,
while under the influence
of these pills, ol itself in
dicates their adaptability
lo nourish the body, and
hence their efficacy in cur
ing nervous debility, mcl.
nncholy.dyspepsia,' wast
ing of the muscles, slug,
gishncss of the liver,
chronic constipation, and
imparting health and strength to the system. Sold
everywhere. Office, 35 Murray Street, New York.
cure sick head
cure dvspepsia.
cure constipation
cure tiles.
curb fever and
cure bilious colic
tutt's pills
CUBE torpid liver
5 .Gray Hair can be changed to a
Elossy black by a single application of
?r.TvJTT's Hair Dye. It nets like magic,
and is warranted us harmless as water.
Price $1.00, Office 35 Murray St., N. Y.
What is Queen's Delight ?
React the Answer
It is a plant that grows in the South, and Is spe
cially adapted to the cure of diseases of that climate.
Entering tit once into the blood, expelling all scrof
ulous, syphilitic, and rheumatic nflcctions. Alone,
it it a searching alterative, but when combined with
Sarsaparille, Yellow Dock, and other herbs, it forms
Sr. Tutt's Sarsaparilla
and Queen's Delight. 4
The most powerful blood purifier known to medical
science for the cure of old ulcers, diseased joints, foul
discharges from the cars and nostrils, abscesses, 6kin
diseases, dropsy, kidney complaint, evil effects of
secret practices, disordered liver and spleen. Its use
strengthens the nervous system, imparts a fair com
plexion, and builds up the body witli
As?n antidote to syphilitic poison it is strongly
recommended. Hundreds of cases of the worst typo
have been radically cured by it. Being purely veg
etable its continued use will do no harm. The best
time to take it is during the summer and fall; and
instead of debility, headache, fever and ague, you
will enjoy robust health.9Sold by all druggists.
Price, fi.co. Office, 35 Murray Street, New York.
i\lav (i
1 v
Warm 11 fed
.?lurH.. So
limns only 12.1 its
!.l l.v
' A, I l>( II LK.
Free Trade.
Congress by a vote last week per
mits articles for the Art and Scienti
fic ?Society to conio in free of duty.
How much more would it conduce to
the prosperity of the people and the
advancement of civilization, if they
would allow articles of I he first
necc sity to the laborer, plows, mills
and other inncbii.ery fcr the farmer,
books and dr?>igs for the scholar ami
professions, and tools for the mech
anic, to come in free ol duty. Such
legislation is injeed pandering to the
rich at the expense o! the po>r.
Free trade is one of the cardinal
per s of a Ue publican go'crnmcut
as much so ass free Speech or a free
press; at.d, until iu m til to wad, tho
advancement of the pooi will
be retarded It would be
infinitely better to meet the
expenses of the government by the
direct taxation of tho subject, than
by a system of duties and tariff laws
to wipe out this cardinal point, re
sold the advancement the poor, im
pede the progro.?s id' ci > ili/atiou, ami
hinder lvepu'oiican liberty in its
mi-.-i ut aiming the governments of
The bill to make the army number
25.000 came to n vole a few days ago
in Congress und finally passed with I
an amendment limilting it to 20,000 j
tuen. This will scarcely admit of the
violations of Republican principles
the coining campaign that the Iladi
cals perpetrated in 1 ?ST<i by guarding
the ballot box with bayonets. Still
cue soldier in the uniform of the
United .States ij as goo 1 as a thotH
and so far as principle is concerned.
We trust however our army of 20.000
will have enough to do on our radian
^.4-.-.itvUiwnud-?.'? .. v. sv? .)ci? io pro
?ent a distribution among Southern
States to protect bltt 'k Radical from
intimidating colored Democrats.
It is reported that Prince Fredrick
v\ il'iani of Russia, who fought so
bravely in the war against Turkey,
an** shot at by an assassin. The un
fortunatc mini was arrested, ami. in
a despotic government like that of
Kussi , his end can be easily imagi
Spnrtanhuig proposes to have a
.'own clock and the ladies have the
natter in (barge. Of course
a good one will he purchased. We
congratulate Spnrlanburg on the
public spirit of her ladies.
[?Fur the Orangeburg Times.]
Uoimi* Co., Miss., May lri78.
Mr. tol.lw :
Last I'Viday was a gala day with
.he young people, of Dura t and
Kosciusko. The. Sunday schools o f
the Ivo towns united in holding a
pic nie at ?Saliis, a town situ it.ri d
about hall wai" between the above
named towns. The excursion l?i S i
us was the cheapest I have ever
known, the laic being only tw-i nits
^25cents) round trip. The pleasure
seekers were very much disappointed
at finding ccinparilively no prepar
ation made for their enjoyment, by
the Sal Iis Sunday schot.l, however,
.hey were determined to enjoy them
selves to their heart's content. As
soon as the Kcseiu.-ko train arrived
the Du rant train having arrived
previously) the plays ceased, and
voting and old assembled under a
large oak, whot>c friendly brunches,
nature's awning, shielded us from the
rays of a wann, May-day sun, and
(?astcd our cars on some of the bust
eloquence of the State; and having
feasted our cars and minds, we re
paired to the sumptuous dinner, at
which all of us were very eloquent,
lor * r. Editor, you know "eloquence
U action." Sailis was excusable for
not inking a part in the picnic as she
had promised, for she had been sadly
bereaved two or three days previous
ly, by the sudden death of one of her
most prominent Citizen?, Mr. Jack
Sailis Mr. Sailis was an excellent
teacher, an cxamplary citizen. His
wile died about three weeks u^o, and
Mr.^nllis had not been well si use her"
death, but no one thought bim ser
iously sick. He leaves several small
children, and a large circle of rela
tives and friends to mourn his death
His place is vacant. Ah i who cau
fill the place of a faithful, efficient
Moke Anon.
? ? ?- ?? -
Tho Moral of Russia's Humiliation .
Russia's present position fairly
illustrate* the quality of bur stat-H
manship. Afh r a Quixotic cum pat*
gn, costing h?i 8000,000,000, she
finds herself unable to hold the fruiu,
??f her victory, compelled to submit,
abjectly to the dictation of England,
her exchequer bankrupt, her Iinpcr
ial Bank verging on suspension, and
her people in a state of widespread
disaffection. She undertook to settle
compulsnrily thtj Eastern question ,
ami ends by settling nothing, but has
to submit the whole work of settle
ment to the Powers whose antecedent
joint, arrangements she assumed to
set at naught. A more complete
humiliation has rarely befallen a
nation. Stiitestnansh ip that was tin
able to .=ec- this end from the begin
ning must be regarded as either very
blind or very reckless. Either the
Russian Government have a very
exaggerated estimate of its power, or
it must have bad a very imperfect
comprehension ol the attitud e of the
European governments on the ques
tion it assumed to solve; and, in eith
er case, the. reflection upon the wis
dom that guides the helm of state is a
very serious one. A country whose
resources are thus wantonly squand
ered and which thus fails in its most
ambitious undertakings is nut likely
to become the controlling power in
European politics tint l\ ussiu aspires
,to l>i*_Jn ?h^? ;J_'jj^- -t ? p-'-rtiWtj
follows ihe development of national
liberty and commerce; and a n'titinn
that seeks to extent! its influence by
enormous armaments which it has
neither the c edit nor the resource to
support is far on the way to disin
tegration ami ruin. Unless Rtis-da
devotes the next ha if century to the
reformation of her internal po ities
and the development of her home re
sources, her status among the powers
is doomed to sure decadence. In her
competition with the higher nivi'ua- ?
lion of lhtar nations, she will find work
enough in hoi (ling her own, without
seeking aggrandise in- nt through ex
ternal aggressions. Her statesmen
appear to have no conception how far
she has been le t behind in the march
of social progre s;and until they come
to understand that, all their attempts
elevate R ?ssirt in the scale of n v in Iis I
will re oil upon tlimn w t i dis is ii\
Their country and their po ? i i- ? i
arc. at best, but ?'the lag end of crea
tion;' and imagine thai Mich ill*
teiiul ?*>i '?? ' i Iii.' Ii*d i111? a great
nil on; : . ..v r i- a lusioii
wbi i. CU.-I ii ? of a su hi i! ii ti hi j
I . ? .- uora. sLalcsnu?n>?hip. Lot !
us bone (toil-curri-ni -v,-m> niv open
du e\ es of Russian stati-:ne'i and pr - j
pare the way tor a more pacific and
enlightened policy in thill vast em
pire ??Wir York Hultrtin
The .Jew. have sulleivd terrih iy i.i
the Turkey- .ussiiiu war. Their
friends in America have magnaoi
mously given 070,000 to aid them in
their groat distress, what hav ? I he
Christians givien to their frieudl ? i
-Spi iijlt fit'.
The latest letter received from
Gen. (itami. gives assurances that,
under no circums.tau -es. will ho ac
cept any p diticul or other office. lie
yearns for privacy, or says he does.
Perhaps, however, when he reads
some of the speeches in Ooti^roeS he
wili change his min 1 ?' 'iironidv. und
At one of ihe schools in Cornwall
England, the inspector u.skod the
children if they could quote any text
of Scripture which forb.de a man,
having two wives. One of tho child
ren sagely quoted in reply tho text
'No man can serve two masters,"
Tho Thonograph.
Mr. Morey reached Augusta,
^yesterday, with Edison's celebrated
phonograph or talking machine,
fchich has been attracting so much at
tontion all over the country. A test
exhibition was given last evening,
hefore Mayor Meyer, Col Rains and
other gentlemen and several ladies,
und was highly satisfactory. ?Tbc
wonderful instrument does all that ia
claimed for it. Mr. Edison has done
what has hitherto been deemed im
poj&sible; he has made inanimate mat
te'r take upon itself thu human func?
mm of speech and speech, too, doli -
veied in a tone perfectly intelligible,
llo.v or why it does tins Mr. Edison
idruself caunot explain. lie only
knows that it does it. East evening,
whistling,pinging, coughing, sneezing
and recitations were correctly repro
ducedL to tin.* no .small amusement of
the listeners. Tue words art- spoken
or the Song *ung into the ok,nth piece,
the diaphragm vibrates, minute holes
are punctured on a piece of tin
foil and your words are captured,
bottled up, as it were, for future use.
All that is necessary for their repeti
iiou is to turn a crank and they are
thrown baok at you with startling
distinctness. And they can be repro
duced a thousand times if desired.
Arriving at the end of your words,
tho cylinder is pushed back and a
start ia made from the beginning
again. ? t 'Uronicle und Constitutionalist.
A Satisfactory Reply.
A successful merchant, not far
away, was once a teacher'of what was
termed *an "old field school," in, one
of the rural districts, and like most
teachers, was particular as to tho
Ernies', of '.:!! the 'child reu that came
?Jf- jjtth at: s>yc- to vvln?>?^rrc3jioi.?iih*l -e*
lor their tuition, wtien the following'
transpired : Three children Und been
coining from thesaino place for sever
al days, but ou the morning to which
we refer a fourth came wi h them, a
boy a little older than the others, who
did not a togelherseem to resemblethe
others in lud, although from the same
house. The teacher aforesaid inquir
ed his mime an 1 was promptly in
formed that it was' Bill." "Well,
what else besides IiiII ?" "That's
all." "Well, Did, what is your lath -
""cr's minie V" upon which inquiry h e
seemed a little nonplussed, but a
bright liitle half brother of bis of
iiliout 10 years, old leplied, "Bill
ain't got no daddy, he's a Oman's
chile." The explanation was sulli
eient, though in a few words, and the
, children were told to get their lessons .
mil Dm t* ? ? ? i -
ICvery ? ommunii v is cursed by the
[ presence ol a class ??t people who
make it their business to attend to
everybody's business but their own .
I Such people ore the meanest speoi ?
mens of depraved humanity which
j mi All-wi.-o Providence permits to
I ex ist on I his earth, Iii-, well known
I ? . .
Hun annost. v. r person is sometimes
j disposed to t?pt'iik evil of others, and
j talt'in^ is a sin from which very few
i mi claim to be entirely exempt
But the subject ol our present arti
cle is to speak id that, distinct class
of tattlers who make tale bearing the
constant husi ess of their lives They
pry into the private affairs of every
family in the neighborhood; they
know the exact state of one neigh b >r's
feoungs toward another; they under
Bland everybody's faults, and no little
blunder or misdeinouiinr ever escapes
their vigiluut watchfulness riiey
are particularly well posted upon
everything connected with courtship
and matrimony, know who ate going
to ninny whom, and can guess the
exact lime when it will tako place
1 h?y watch every movement ?f i
lit-s suspected of matrimonial m .'li
tmus, ?nd if there is the slightest
chance locreaiea disturbnu????, exuit
jealousy or 'break up' a match, they
take immediate advantage .1* ii and
do all in their power to keep people in
a c instant state of vexation. The/
glide quietly from goutletnan to lady ,
from mother to daughter, from fath
er to son; and in the cars of all they
pour their dark, hitter whispers of
slander and abuse, and at the same
time pretend to be the most sincere
friend of those they talk to. Their
black and nauseous pills of malicious
slander are sugar coated with smiles
and honeyed words of frit ndship,
- ? l -
A Family Fight.
The W-s and tho F-s
are. the two principal families in
Northeast Georgia, and it is a popu
lar superstition that a man born bore
is nearly or remotely connected with
one ot lb ose two families. As is
usually the eas3, the W-s are
jealous of the F -S, and the
F-s make war on the \Y-s.
If a \V-and an F-get into a
quarrel, others are embroiled, and a
personal dispute oftentimes assti mes
mammoth proportions before it is
definitely settled. They toll a very
good story at Dahloncga of this pe
culiarity. Circuit Court was in ses
sion and an F-was on tho bench.
The court and county officers were
about equal I v divided, among the
two families. Tin: court house in
Dahloncga is arranged with the
court-room in the second story, the
first floor being used as ofliees for the
county officials. A wide hallway
rims through the building and two
flights of stairs connect the first floor
with the court-room. Court was in
session, and the room was paeked.
A noise liubbub in the hall below
arrested the attention of judgo, jury,
attorneys and spectators. .Curses and
loud words were plainly heard. It
was evident a fight wasgoing on.
'?Mr, Sheriff," commanded tho
jjidge, "take thoie disorderly parties
into custody and hnng them up
here. 1 will teach thetn. to have
proper respect for this honorable
Tim directed the sheriff left the
room, lint did not return. The tu
mult waxed louder and the quarrel
was evidentIj increasing i in lea d of
decreasing. Occasionally a pistol
ahot was board. Several of the spec
tators a id one or two of the attor
neys left the room. The judge look
' ed around and espying a deputy
sheriff directed him to hasten to the
assistance of his chief. He went,
but did not return. Tho coroner
Evas s nt; he, too, remained below.
The uproar grew louder and the re
ports of pistols more frequent. A
constable, two bailiffs, another depu
! tv sheriff and the clerk of tho court
I weie in turn commanded to preserve
the peace and uphold the dignity of
I the court. Not one of these officials
! returned, and the room was nearly
I cleared of attorneys and spectators,
while the "twelve good men and
true" twisted uneasily on theirbenc b
in the jury box. The face of the
honorable court, became crimson with
shame and enger; and as the solicitor
general laid down his ho iks and pre
pared to leave the room he dismissed
the jury, and coining down off the
I bench was heard to remark that
'?he'd see if this court was to bo trea
ted with contempt!" Flushed with a
consciousness of tho great indignity
being olfercd bis worshipful person
by the rioters below, his honor hasten
ed down stairs. A crowd was surg
ing up and down the hall, mad with
passion. Pistols were brandished,
bowie-knives flashed ami the air was
heavy with smoke ami curses. Paus
ing for a inoine.it on the stairway,
tho better to survey the field of battle,
the honorable judgo Bttddeiilv threw
off his official robe, pulled a murder
ous seven shooter from bio belt, and
with the cry of "(Jive 'ein Ii ? 1
boys!" jump ted into tho crowd and
lost hi> official idonti y in die general
i rush The F-s and the
\V??s were at war, ami not until
tin latter party was at last vanquish
co did the judge return to his bench.
The obelisk they are now about to
set up in London weighs 1S2J tons,as
nearly as can bo.
Insurance on the Tibar.
'Marcus Ctclius,1 Cicero s tic! to his
legal fricud, meeting him one morn
ing on the other side of a screen under
the Capitol, 'what shall it be ?'
CnTins said he would lake a little
spiritus frumenti oplimus, straight,
and the orator remarking that that
was about the F-i/.e of his, went on :
'I wish you would get out. the neces
sary papers some time today/aud
bring suit for m* against the. Yellow
Tib'ir Fin: and Marine Insurance
Company for the amount of its poli
cies on my villa at Tusculum and my
town house.'
M. Call nslooked up in umn/.cmcnt.
'Why,' lie exclaimed, 'when did
they bu.rn down ? And what was if?
Accident? Mob? ?ome of Codius'
people ?'
'No,' Cicero said, 'they arc intact ^
as yet, and, in fact, I haven't, insured
them ?yet, but I tun going to do so to
morrow, and I want to bring suit
against tho company now.so that if
they ever should happcu to burn, I
won't have quite So long to wait for
the money.'
Codins saw that the orator's head
was level, and brought suit that after
noon. Kl-veii years afterward the
villa at Tesculum and the town house
were both destroyed by fire. Tho
suit had by that time been in five
different Court-, and bad been cou
Gr med, and reversed, and remanded,
and referred to the mas er to take
proof, and stricken from thd docket,
and amended, nud rebutted, andsur
rebutted, ami im pleaded, and r-joiu
dered, and filyd, and quashed, and
continue ! until nobody knew 'vlut .t ?
was about, and Cicero was notified,
three w eeks after the fire, that he
would have to prove willful ar.d'otig
cnn?!"od qlv,cnrn and no^lo ?: '???? \y*
Could not ?ft a decree simply on
grounds of incompntability of temper ?
nmcnt And when he went f-> the
Secretary oft he company, that official
told htm the company didn't k low
any thing about the fire and had uu
time to attend to such things. The
company's business, the Secretary
said, was to insure houses, uot to run
around to fires, asking about the in
surance. If be wanted any informa
tion on those points, be would have
to nik tho firemen or tho newspaper
reporters. The more a man reads in
these old histories, the more he ia
convinced that the insurance business
in the days of the p retard wasagreat
deal more like it is to-day.
A Word to Families.
Nothing presents a sa i lor commen
tary upon the present condition of
society than the large number of
families, both in town and country,
but more especially in the latter,
that subscribe to no paper of any
kind. Hundreds and thousands of
families are thus growing up uttorly
ignorant of what is transpiring in the
world around them?ignorant of the
mighty events of the day. But who
can tell the vast amount of injury
that is being indicted ou the rising
generation?those who are to take
?Air places in the busy world at no
distant day?growing up without any
knowledge of the present, and study
of the post; this ignorance, too, boing
imbued into them by the sanction of
tbose who should, ami doubtless do,
know better, did they only think of
tho injurious effects of tlfl-ir insane
course Let the head of every family
think ol this ?nd place in tho bauds
of those for whom ho is responsible
the means of acquiring some know
ledge of the moving panorama in
which we act the diflTardu pir:s.
"Habit" is h ud to overcome If
you take oil'the Sir . lottei il does not
change "a bo* ' i: yi u. take off
another you stil havc a "bit'Mef If
you take oit sti! ti r, u. < ,\ io!e
of "it" remains, ff you take off
Another, it " torally used up.
All of whie.l lo bow that if
you wish to be r?d : n "habit," you
must throw it off alio^cth.r.

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