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SrctTlAl WATCHMAN. ?Utabllslied April. 1*30.
Consolidated Auk 3,1881.
?lU' Jii< mm.I rYnr not?lx>; all the duls Thou Aims't UM be thy C ountry's. Thy God's and Truth's.'
THE TKL'fc SOTJTHKOX, Established June, 11
Vol. XXXV. No. 39.
\\ \im?n \nks i-i?h r-m k.iu:ssi\ 1:
ukg ihu\tjow.
araasdlng Kroger*? in Improving
<e?ndltioiiM ,t Lmfmr In Maaufac
' Bash a of HimtM a ferollna, Comaal*
of ApHculturc .UIwtapM
Haag** ?ml Aaka Pr?u>or
? t*rr>vlnloiM far KnfOrrvmtwt of
b?w- l u\..is MTorkmrnN C'laapen
In line with hla advocates! policy of
"'a prop** wad desirable ?md logical
developseea* of a mode4 .programme
af social dad economic 'legislation.'*
Conemisetuner of Agriculture E. J.
Wat sow, ta hie report to the General
J^NbbaV r takes a aamher of recem
m?nda?*?B regarding the Improve
meats a' labor oesadituraa in the n>an
afactoetaa of this ?taai, I
Bays CommlaaaaavHr Watson:
i awoat earasaatly recomrnead that
? provisions be snaaV hr law as folkaua:
To reejadr? all manufacture s
to fife reports evtth the comsahiAloe or
at leaat on* saonta earlier than !>??
earn ear 5, ae as now required.
"(1) To regjulaa all factory' Build?
ing? to be eajuWMSBd with Baa escapes
wher peraaaas avre aaaaanped above
the ground flour, and to aeuslre all
doors to cgean outward, the oommka
? toner beeng ?ttven full enhnaoplty to
aaforca tier regulation*, with ?uiequat?
panaitiea psoeaied for aaJUme to com*
"(I) Taj na? julre taw pauper aafe
itng iff ?oll dangirr? nie machinery
d bearhas* In all mamufacturtag;
ants aaansaorkAhope, tk?"comoniaairnn
r t * hag ejlven ample <e*ithority to
Ju?)ge of ll> propre anJogaiardlng ami
to prasaaa* penaiticv f>vr .failure to
"Ml Tft. confer aranm she ? onaaain
eknw r authority eaaaalnston under pen?
alties rfiah?TH for proper vsatiaatlom
ami sanitation ?a? saanu facts rtrw
pleats aa*d workr?LK*.jo?
To provide for at vtgoroew bl?
and regatta ?ou *>t bakes hop*.
ehop-^od^aX >ao
V^MsVV r*?r\iltlel
or Staltet r?guleb>rne a* to aamltarv
"(UTo prevent the auppearaace df.
chlluanti uiuter II yens* in any pr??
PMaaaaa) perform*, n ? t- oj?>n the stag
of eats aheatre er place* <T amusement.
"(7f To ellmatate ttv^ provieo.ef
the Act relating to the Hours of latar
ta tanttlle pleat*, permitting the
naakaay up of Juan time and sahst.
tuifag ths^efne ?*a h regulation* 10
coyer aiuch cowl tii*enri?* as ma? fen
The jweaent .j-rovleo eato
solui^g. nulllrtew the las and gives
rise te a conttamias stream of ousa
plaint* tri?t cnarta! be eustainetl in
law a law MhoiiM ?>?? enacted aien
fixing a definite horr for starting tee
mill in the momitig. for a <vp'ng lor
dinner, dor startin* after linner *x.d
for stopping at r.lgat. auou ntopphag
and StaatInic times being definitely
and < laarly slated. The careful e>
amlaathra of clreuiuatancesisurround
?ng doseas of eomPtnints inrilcaier
that thisyatatter nu W- hanr '? .1 s.itU
factor II y fa no ether way.
*?(?> Ti. rnaka th< act relating U
the ?anpJ'gment of <UM>meu 'n mer
cantile ?ata. liahmeaiWs ag>ply tu women
serving a* cashiers r? r?-?M m ants,
barber ahopa etc, snd ,v?irkln?. In bus
"(?' To prvvent engtloy^r* fr??m
keeping w ?ui?n clerk? an work aftaff
It o'clock at alRht, though the #loor*
of the eatabliahment m.?u? have . I
cload at If eS'Asck.
? 1<)> To apaho employment agen?
cies subject to Ih-ense by the aaja>
>r. who aha 11 pre pane anil en
pfSjfpajf ruloa and regulaiiorkt Cur
the comlu? t of sueh | -<taJ>ll?hmoi.t?,
ander oroper poaalties.
"11 To provide tor the registration
.of births.
"It. To provide for workmen"? t-om
penaatlon nml Innu an-oj in msnu
faeturlng plants, up<>n the line of the
Wisconsin Compensation A? t. thus
raring for th?- human machine".
"11 T.. U\ (leflmtr atot ?? re rnl
regulations applying to al. manu?
facturing pjaajtl In th?- msttt r al tho
holding bio k of wage* of ogapp raea,
if that be possible,
'it. To i-:o\Mu ajtanaats peaalttea
upon all m.inufaetur fa"' ng to tile
statistical r- pafta\ an i? r .1 \>y lnw.
within Hal -M" ha ?I ttiue.
*if?. To saaks tho Act ipplylmj la
mess4 ng*T ImiV.m WorkiiiK it' n . I.' a|?
ply to rhildfen working in mercan
tile r*tAbliShment*, Iii- r. ofll BS
and manufacturing palBl
"t n?l? r UsS ??? \ ? ral \< ts relating to
labor thai ha1 bang aaaeted and put
Into operation in th?> lust four .> -
maaufa'-turing in South Carolina hat
advanced ..r? Iv und inaterUlly, li
bor condition* era far bettet und the
enfon ? no nt bus beel without fri ? m
PreaHlrnt Winikl lAkv to Nee ( itSMfl
Of i'idled MSUSBJ aiul QffJM JKi'taiii
< on for.
Wa.-hntL??> n? Jan. 5.?-"President
Taft ls wfclliag tu ssnmit to 'arbitra?
tion the questions *it issue between
Oreait l^ritatrt and the Unta d States
over tmrtal tolls, bet no does riot favor
arbitration by the Hagu? tribunal
Tab* fau t became know fcvre tonight
up*m the president's rethfn from New
Fork. Althougfh he has ?aot yet glWh
th> Tsattter of a tribunal mU-?h
.lUtfa*. the president probably would
prdfor a spat lal bAard of arbitration
composed of an equal 'number of vritl
xens of the United Shutes and Great
i^ m in. Sse'h was to be the cosnposi
thm of the arbitral court he pro?
posed to sattle'any trtal qneetHV* aris?
ing; between nations.'when he -spoke in
?Infhalf ?0 the atiji.tration treaties.
The president has expressed to
fi iend? r.he views that at the Hague
an Kurtpe woufrJ'oe against nnls na?
tion and that the motal prosnure on
the coart would S?a ehorss/eins "becauss
t?l 'tBnropo Is interested in *ftte Pan?
ama tolls Jost n m u< b a ? 3i f?ngl&n<.
In a court osa'ernlch only Great Brit
tarn and the TJrited State* srere res
resented. It tsj 'Argued, thrtfre would rs
a much better * chance for fair de
cvSTin. Se-vera. 1 ?nnocia. re settjgdSJgfj
have voiced Ifta? opinion that a S|ie
<nSl trlbsmaA n>? creates! ?t? arritsute
tats dispste.
T\FT> Di:t I.AViKTU)\.
? den Rm lvod With Ifearty BUWttV1
Acres* the fitter?Vhirr* Comments
Are Mrtiir
Londcci. Jan. 6.?Th* "London nam?
ing papers are heartily jteased WHtU
Preasmsit Tsft's declar-aftou ?l his
lntenthm to sjbmlt the TOknama<ra.nal
,wn'w-Tvv ^hb Oret-i 'yi ituin tu ar
bltrntfcoa. If dlplomafrt negot^* >njl
should SaII. The Dairy mail say*. "If
the ?essnta 'follows rru&ldent 'Vu/Ci
lead, the "Panama queethora is u? -good
as tstflod."
The 1>aily "X'ews desfTfbne the tt cla
ratVtm as a snout wssesssn) foeeanjge to
Ore-at Pn-itirii. and the world. "It
places fhw uriitration iftea in ltt! true
asp. , i b?'ior? the woi'ln*' udih the
The TvVeKTioh r? Kurd? "Mr. Tla't's
?speech us altogether w?r-tb> -of a
statestnem and a frlenC of n gee
throughout the world, bin fails mo see
how nrrj epeeu?l trlbunsJl would not
he open to the -same objection a > the
1 Insist oosrt.
The standard consider* rh?t al?
though "President Taft may not nave
time te? carry sut any arrangement,
there is ne need to doubt that -satis?
factory solution w< 11 be machen
Mnrrhiajc Ll?vn>e lt?rwd.
A maxriA^e .lheasre was issued
la> to .h?sej*b Do* and Ella Stew* art
of Hagi? '1
Mr. Robert 3Aaker,his been api?e?a;?
ed post master */ Silver to .sur< eetl ' .
?C Thum?? deet.i-ied.
i ? damage to tnj.one's business Ji>
deed, conditions that :vere a re
BJ*oncb to tbe StkJe hnv" glVOU w-4i?
I.ndltlOM t<? which tie State fJUJ
pntnl With pride Advert criticism*
(-hl now be ati?*'er?.d effectively
frosn authoritative sourssg. Baoh
renj statistical and other Intonnntlon
fo< s forth to the woinil tm h man?
n< a> to eoufoMtnl lb- self-ct nst it ut -
ed social and ecorotnu invest^'ator."
Tbe ro ormnendations 1 have made
look to measures designed to oirry
forward Miis Work without injuty to
any indu*ft\. but with benefit to it
and With huntpi 10 the thousands of
workers. n<* IsOy, morally ami from
tiie st.imlpoin1 of health. Thejf mem>
i> eaii for g anpper and desirable and
lofftonj de\ ? loptnent of a neoeVsl pro?
grnnstne of soonM and eoonontU legis?
httlon that is in full keeping With the
suhstnntinl prosjrena thai tbe state Is
making In ersry line <d* ? ndenvor?
The) do not call for appropriations
and additional SXpeMM worth men?
tioning, but merely for just penalties,
without Wisloh tbe enaetments will
be as worthleni and Ineffective as the
present - bouts of labor" law and
many oiler laws upon tie- statute
booki dead hitters, because those
law - do led in themselves in ike It
any nf!l< il's bugtnees to enforce them,
of ?iss declare Ihnt tbis thing and
that sh ?Ii or shall not be done, but
provide no edequjute penalty ir case
:?Tt% n an seeS ||| to snap his flngeri
ut tbe Inhlhltlon.'1
TYkki:y M'vhhs FRESH concus?
sions AND PKACi: negotia?
tions continue.
Power* Seemed to Ifacve Calmed
i irH lug Spirit of Roth Side*?
m.av Agree Soon.
tendon, Jan. 5.?The general situa
tk*?i has ameliorate** and the danger
<d a rupture of the peace negotiations
tomorrow seems to be averted
through Turkey making fresh conces?
sions which will enable the allies to
enjoy a holiday during the festivities
in connection with the Orthodox
Cht istmas,
Kechad Pasha seems to have turn?
ed into a sphnyx so full of mystery
and impenetrability is he, but from
authoritative sources It is stated that
the ponvers, through their ambassadors
here and at Constantinople have suc?
ceeded In mixing much water with
botsi the allies and Turkey's wine.
Strong pressure in favor of modera
taim has been exercised at Constanti?
nople, while the Palkan representa?
tives have been urged to be patient
before breaking off the negotiations,
?especially as they can lose nothing
by waiting, their position being bet?
ter than that of Turkey.
The efforts of the powers appears
to be succ??sful on both aide?. This*
unless *ome sudden change develops
at the last moment, Rechnd Pasha
will present Monday new terms, whteh
will comprise another nectiflcatkm of
the Thracian froutier., bringing it fur?
ther east than provided for 1n the
terms presented Friday, perhaps to
Dcdengatch hut not yet Including
Adriaruuvle -und posslbhy the cession of
Turkerv* right 3n Crete directly to the
Afterr repPoavrntuthUKs have been
made n& them. Dr. Ifcinoff, Premier
Ycnea<Jos, M. Novakovitch and M.
Mii m*k'*vltch met today and ?deelded
to give Turkey a further pnriod of
gmee n uisidertng the new terms and
ptxxrf ??!' u dtdpo^ltirm on the part of
lion. ': hey ;uropose *to submit the new
trrTuf 4>n th?r p>v( jnment 'for study
and ?nvntt :fi irthr rnatrue-?Uons and
wJH suggest adjournment of the con
f<r?'iif? ' probably until ? "Friday, the
third day jtfter ttwir Chrlrtmns, at
the Hiijo? ttaie omj haslv.Jiu? the ab
i Hohu*?? neceatity of Turkey sheeting
th terrts o'i the aiCies, particularly
arUh neaped to Attrtanople. in the
iaeyiuttnie many 'things ma: happen.
' ?t tirnr importance among ?hsee, the
i Ball id" Jkdriar.opU wi (lid Impel Turkey
to auoopt the inevitable. The powers
oaadttnae to ccerciaa preseun at Coa>
st** t im* do. arming V? demonstrate to
Qm pome thai resi!?t.uiee woald only
JeiuJ to graver lOSPug.
The impresrton is that Turkey will
end by eeding Adrisu ople aad that
tail Will he do n- without ay seri
ot*? rosUJis, BUrh i * are always pre?
dicted by Tursish sympathisers or
fJansanksnei by Constant inople when ?
ever Turkry is engage** in a * ontllot
with ?* Christian state.
Adnunneoient kas b* en muo-e by
Kuknu and Praia-o in rholr t-fforts
to induce Italy to -ise her good offices
at Vienna with the object of turning
over Scutari to Atvntenorro initead
of including thai town in Albania it
is belieeed that Italy, as the ally of
Austria and afae beta US S ?. f relntWm
shij) between the Savoy arul Monte?
negrin royal families, may sucoeed
in acCOmpitStsae; thi?v While if the
same propoaltkaai were urged by tke
IdmlnlatraiiOh'J at Paris and St. Pe?
tersburg, it might assams th* char?
acter of the triple entente opposing
the triple alliance.
n.V/jm PASHA riuiaes in his
Leader of Ottoman Ftotvea at Confldesil
Thai ills Men will be Equal t*>
Demands Made.
Paria. Jan. 6.?Nasim Pasha, the
Turkish ministet of war, who was
asked recently by The Tempi for a
atatemenl of his views on the war, baa
asnl an interesting declaration) after
talcing time for full reflection. The
generalisslmo <?! the Turkish army
w rites
"The outbreak of the war found the
Turkish army In an unfavorable sit?
uation; was in the midst of reor?
ganisation. Nevertheless, strenuous
efforts were made t?? place it on ;< war
f< ?Ol UK'.
There wore onlj I B,000 men in
Thrace when hostilities began but
Turkey rapidly concentrated an im -
poalng fon ? t hei e It a ould be ? ?
great ml t tkc t?> judj.r the real
value of the Turkish army by Its lack
of success in ths first battle. The t'u
garlans understood this before Toha?
taij.i NS'e consider the affair ol Kirk
Roar* Relieve Last Period Was Heavy
While Rails Continue to Stand for
Light Ciop.
New Orleans, Jan. 5.?This week
the cotton market will probably be
chiefly affected by opinion concerning
the pending report on ginning by the
census bureau. This report will be
important, for it will go a long way
toward confirming bullish or bearish
ideas regarding the correctness of the
government"*' estimate of the total
crop of under 14,000,000 bales. Proba?
bly no report of the season, thus far,
has caused mch wide divergence of
As the matter now stands, the bears
are of the belief that the ginning of
this last period, tl\e two weeks which
end December SI, was rather heavy
and much heavier than could possibly
have been were the crop as small as
many built daim it is. Bears started
in with estimate? of over 600,000 bales
ginned for the period, but are now
talking of figure. < a little under 500,
000 bales. Some bullish claims are
that not ever 380,000 bales were
ginned during the period but probably
the average conservative bullish trad?
er thinks that something over 400,
000 bales were turned out. It is safe
to say that a report of 400,000 bales
or under vrould cause a good advance,
unless manipulation should step in,
while a report of 450,000 bales or
over would cause a decline. The
report will be issued Thursday morn?
ing at 9 o'clock, New Orleans time.
Probably considerable liquidation will
be In evidence the first two days of
the week bcause Wednesday is a holi?
day in this market, it being the anni?
versary of the battle of New Or?
Rumors of the talked of January
squeeze in New York market and
tr. turns fad twists of Europeanjmlf
fcics are bonfflPto nave more>rf 4e?s
Intluence on the market, although the
votton trade has at no stage given
the importance to the Balkan situa?
tion ths;t has been accorded it hy the
1-stuck markets of the. world. Any fur?
ther developments tending to show
Important bullish operations In th>?
spot market in New York w dl have a
tendency to cause the future market
to work higher.
dames Edge's Throat Cut and Ills
Storv RobtMnl.
Union* Jan. ?>.?J?.nics Edge, a
white matv, who has f<?r several years
conduct**! a store at Herbert, in the
b.w. r part of this county, was i\vund
dead this morning, with his throat
<CUt from oar to ear and eo-nsiderably
beaten up.
Edge lived silone in his s?ore house.
He was evi*W-ntly murdered for the
jvurpo.se of robbrary, as his pockets
eere found to have been rifled, the
?none) dramsr baoken open and tho
Shore generate disturbed
Magistrate W. E. RafJChford, of
Oaf lisle, weira down to bold the in
qunst today, and Sheriff J. G. Eong
went t?? the acena of the murder, but
thm far thene is no news of nicy clue
BS tft the perpetrator of tSftS crime.
Ettlllsneh as an unhappy ssrcideaxt,
"Th- - Ottomam army cuai not be
to haw been beaDen at Kirk KUlisaeh.
We hare suceoeeled In mending all
that at Tchatalja and in showing th-.
real worth of the army. Today along
the Tehatalja lines la n newly formed
and more determined lira- and an
army which has been tested by the
terrible ?? r j ?-; 11 at Kirk Killisseh ^ind
from which the rotten members leave
i<'i?r*d off.
"We cxj??? t great things from ibis
army .and this time WO shall not lxe
deceive*! Ardor, stimulated by the
misfortunes which nave smitten us-,
stirs the blood In the veins of our sol?
diers, and the diu being cast, the army
at T< hatalja will be found equal to
the supreme demands made on it."
SIM) FIX \1. ? OM>| rioss
lly Tin-.- Tiirkc} VTU1 Retain Iririnn
opl<\ It i? SUid,
Constantinople, Jan. o.?it Is stated
<?n good authority that the Turkish
p< m deU gates at London have sub?
mitted privately to the allb s Turkey's
final conditions According to these
the western frontier will follow tin
rivera Maritzn ami Tunajn, Turkey
win retain Adrianople, i>nt Kirk Klllis
aeh on the northern frontier will be
Will Canvass Field Thoroughly Before
Muking a Beiectloa?Ma> Im? Late
Princeton, N. J., Jan. 5.?President?
elect Wilson tonight made it clear
that nobody in the United States
knew as yet who was going to be in
his cabinet, or wn.U would be the
programme he r.oul I suggest for the
next congress. He declared that he
had not offered a single cabinet port?
folio to any one thus far and had
as yet reached no conclusions as to
plans for the extra session.
Mr. Wilson stated that while he had
canvassed a variety of subjects an? ?
had talked over many names w" O
Democratic leaders, he had not t ^ .
a definite intimation in any AT on
either as to what his selec* or
his course with respect to i elation
would be. He indicated, however,
that he expected the extra session
would not be devoted exclusively to
tariff making and said he would, In a
special message, specify some of the
subjects upon which he would like to
se?j legislation enacted.
The president-elev,t admitted that
he was finding the task of cabinet
making very difficult. He said he
would delay any announcement until
he names his entire cabinet.
"I don't like to make scattered
announcements," he said, "and it may
be that I will not annoulWc the cabi?
net until the last minute. Sometimes
I hear somethlhi about a man whom
1 had not considered that makes me
prick hp my ears and want to know
more about him. The field of choice
j is constantly widening."
tl was suggested to Mr. Wilson that
' if he delayed his announcement until
the last minute some of the men
chosen might find themsselves embar?
rassed for time in winding up their
**0h, 1 probably shall choose men
who are footloose, ? said the gover?
nor, "and then if they should need
time to wind up their affairs, they
could he sworn in on March 4 and
spend a little time o,n it aftrer that."
He indicated that h* Intends to
? -ecupy as mvih of. his t?.ne as possi?
ble between BOW fuul March 4 m can?
vassing the Held, from whic'n he will
pick a oahthet. He said his mind
1 was st.111 t.pen and that as soon a*
h?- rt^chi (I deeisiotts as. to all the
men he wished, ho probably would
makal K*?.?>wn the oftricers simultaneous
ly. The prvsldere-elect -was saked it'
he intended to f.elivtr his inaugural
kdifl r?s? ext emporaneoussly.
"I think I'D iprepan the inaugural
addrvss/' he. s*\t"i, ":?s< these address I
*re more lake documents than
1 The only *fice?h the governor has
hntnpajrad in advance ahnen his nomi
'nition at Baltimore wj?.s his speech
? of a<-eoptun * .-, as he d<re? not like to
read, ipeei ii*t-.
with rnnpect to nppointmenta In
forciign BOTVte, Mr. Wilson let it be
Knciwn that he toad not yet given them
. definite nonvjldnratinn. He had been
shown a n?wsp:iper ?1:?patch coneern
[infj the apiKMiitmiont Of a new ambas
an Bor to Id t/xieo.
* 1 haWC m<?t any more idea w ho is
j *x<?-5ng to has nmbaenador to Mexico
I thnn 1 hii*-<- M to who will be the
jjlirnt mv.n 1 Ml greet when l reach
I AV;tshin*?t?ri," he said. 1
Jt u? kofvii .also that Mr. Wilson
has not eoonidered whom ho will ap
potnt as atnbaeaador to Great Britain.
Th?e governor was asked it* ho had
read President Tafts speech in New
Torji yesterday.
?1 only saw the headlines," was the
Mi*. Wilson spent the day at home
?with his family.
<hie killed njid Nim* [njtured by Then
While an Iftyliim Fire i> Poilghl si
r.h-i-. ltortugal.
Elvaav Portugal, Jan. S. -One per?
son wa^ killed and nine others se?
riously Injured tbis morning by a
group of live terrified maniacs \\h<>
had been released by tlremen from
an Insane asylum In the outskirts ??!
this city, which had caught Uro.
Although 35 lunatic* were set free
and these rushed howling through the
streets for some time. Thirty of
them, hoa'cver, were eas l> gathered I
together and confined in the muni?
cipal building, bul tin other ti\<- se
? ii red ? ?nie Iron rod fi om crap
heup find attn " i il ? ery one the) met.
Several hour? patsed before they were I
<>?. rpi \\ered.
'Only the Resignation of the Presi?
dent Fan Save Is." Declares One)
Mexico City, Jan. 5.?Anticipating;
early developments in the relations
between the United States and Mexico,
the keenest interest was shown by
Mexicans in the return here today of
the American ambassador, Henry
Lane Wilson. The ambassador was
besieged Hy reporters at Vera Cruz
and on urival at the capital, but
was v _ amunicative.
Sf of the more sensational news
Pf ?tf print strong criticisms of the
W .
.. .nistration charging incompeten?
& . One paper published extra late
ast night, an edition with a big cap?
tion reading: "Only the resignation of
the president can save us."
The article set forth that this de?
mand is contained in a note which
Ambassador Wilson will soon de*
The administration continues to as?
sert that the relations between the
United States and Mexico are friendly.
The senate, however, has asked the
sub-secretary of relations, for a state?
ment, and as to the American-Mexi?
can status.
The sub-secretary has asked for.
time to prepare the statement, for
which, however, he says, there is no
A request of the executive that the
40,000,000 pesos bond issue recently
authorized by congress be increased
to 100,000,000 pesos, has not yet been
Skirmishes between the federals and
rebels occur almost daily in several
States, Villages, are raided and towns
sacked. Many ;rbels captured recently
have been summarily executed.
Denial is made that Francisco Car
bajal, president supreme court, has
i been appointed to succeed Manuel
IgCalero as ambassador to th* United
States. It is generally DvlieVW, how?
ever, that he will be named.
Negro Preacher is t liarged With As?
sault Ag"insi Wile Of Florida Or?
ange Giowcr.
Ocala. Fla., Jan. 5.?Troops were
tailed out here this afternoon to pre?
vent the lynching of-J. J. Johnson, a
nego preacher charged with assault?
ing the wife of a Oitra, Fla., orange
planter late yesterday. Tonight the
prisoner is being guarded in the Mar?
li n county jail here by tho local mili
j tat y company.
Johnson was arrested earl:/ * 'i5*
morning. The sheriff s posse was guid?
ed to his home here by bloodhounds
end the negro is alleged to have made
a confession.
When news of the negro's capture
Waa made public, citizens from the
PUrrounding country began to assem?
ble here. Fearing; a concerted attack
on the jail, the local trCT* wara Diet1
?dout Wi? -
The ?oman was dragged f>,,>
'? which she wt rf ?maV"
the alarm. ** h",m' ??<? Rave
BqmrtHMc a. From ????
Washington, Jan. 3.? Tf Secretary
of War St imson's recommendations
arc adopted the War 1 Vpartment will
seen have at Front Royal, Va., the
niest complete end beat ennlpped
[Government horeebreeding and train
ting fnrm In the country.
Mr. Sttmaon sent to Congress today
a recommendation that $150,000 bo
appropriated for the pur pone of es?
tablishing st il us for horses and colts,
barracks for enlisted men, quarters
for officers and < building for officera
at the Front ROyal remount station.
The recommendation was sent to
the House Mill > -' drs Committee,
of which Com ~ ti lames Hay, of
?h. l oit Royal district, la chairman.
The floverni in already bought
considerable lund in the Valley of
Virginia, near Front Royal, for its re?
mount station. Men ?han $r::?,ooo
i i been Invented in buildings con -
ti teted or now under construction.
The :irs? Monday in the yet r
trough! in u ^r?; . many ? >f the do
mquenl taxpayers, who had to pay
me p? i cenl penaltj on their taxes
lecause they did nol paj before the
rat .i the year, [*he tn teurer Ig
tili busy g<>tt " his bo >ki In shape
fter hla two hard days las! wa k.

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