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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, May 06, 1897, Image 8

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.Laid in tlie Grave tor Over Thirty
A Leavenworth, Kansas, telegram
says: "After lying In a lnin's t-oHlti
for over thirty yeais, a will has been
oxhumeil, the terms of which are
likely to increase troublesome litiga
tion among the heirs of the tnau who
bad the documout bulled with hhn.
Jacob Keesengen was the man. The
will was found by accideut, because,
when Kessengeu died, although a will
was believed to have been made,
nobody could find it. So the heirs
went to law and have been at it for
three decades. A few days ago a dis
pute arose, which could be cleared up
by the family Bible. The grave was
opined and the book taken out. It
was in a good state of preservation,
and, when opened, to the surprise of
everybody, disclosed a will. By the
terms of the document found in tho
grave, tho property oi iusseugen is
divided equally between live children,
one of them residing in Germany, tnd
born of Kisscugen's first wife. This
is whero the new trouble began
Nono of tho four American heirs ever
heaid of the father's Hist marriage.1'
for it; it never fails, and is a sure cure
for consumption, coughs and cold. I
cannot hay enough for its merits."
Dr. King's New Discovery for con
sumption, coughs and colds is not an
experiment. It has been tried for a
quarter of a century, and to-day
stands at the head. It never disap
points. Fieettlal bottle at Dr. D. J.
Brannen's tlrujj store.
The Illyttio Cnso Heard In the Su
premo Court.
Washington. May 2 Tha Califor
nia Iiltliu will c.iso occupied the at
tention of tho Supic Did Court for fivu
minutes today. F. I). McKenny, u
Washington ntlnrntir, made a motion
in behalf of Wis Hinckley the natural
daughter of tint dead millionaire, who
was unaided his ehtatti by the Califoi
uia courts, for leave to docket the
cast and lilo the record to enable tho
attorneys of Mrs. Hinckley to make a
motion on May 10th for the dismissal
of the case. Mr. McKenney stattd
that an appeal had been taken by the
other claimauts merely for delay,
with the hope of inducing Mrs. Hinck
ley to compromise for the sake of
securing possession of tho property.
Chief Justice Fuller told Mr. Mc
Kenny to appear on May 10th with
tho documents and tbo court would
consider tbo request.
A Lecherous Monster.
Larimtre (N. D.,) May 1. August
Not man, a young man who bas been
making bis home at Knute Hillatead's
farm, off and on, came here yesterday
afternoon. Mr. Ilillstcad wns absent.
About 1 o'clock this morning Norman
went to Mrs, Hillstead's room and de
manded admission. She blocked the
door. He said he would kill all of the
family If she did not open the door.
She refused. Normau then went up
stair and cut tho throat of Peter K.
Ilillstcad, aged 16, with a razor. After
trying again to get into Mrs. Hill
stead's room, ho proceeded to carve
herthirteen-months-oid son, Thomas,
after which ho cut the throat of Adolpb
and Oscar, nged 11 and 3. He then
foiced his way into Mrs. nillstead's
bedroom, assaulted her, promising not
to kill her and two little girls If she
would yield. She did so and thus
saved her life and the lifo of her two
daughters. Tho oldest two sons aro
still alive, with put littlo hope of re
coery. The murderer stole a horse
and is at large.
Did God Do It.
'May God strlko medc.id if I am the
minderer of Bernardo Assenro," cried
Joseph Ciscado in tho court room at
HollUter, California. The last words
had scarcely left Ills lips when with a
shriek ho luiched forward and full
to the floor. Tho terrified officers and
spectators stood aghast for several
moments at what appealed to be a
startling manifestation of divino
retribution. Then several rushed over
to tho prostiato man and endeavored
to assist bini to tho floor. There was
no response, to their efforts. Joseph
Ciscado was dead. Tho nmu was a
Portuguese nnd bad been arrested on
a charge of having murdered Asseuro,
a Mexican rancher, whoso dead body
was found lato Saturday mornlnc in
his cabin in tho Clovoland district
Stands at the Head.
Aug. J. Bogel, tho leading druggist
of Sbreveport, La., says: Dr. King's
New Discovery is tbo only thing that
cures my cough, and it tho best seller
I have." J. F. Campbell, merchant
of Safford, Ariz., writes: "Dr. King's
Now Discovery is all that is claimed
Houston, Tex., May 1. For the
murder of an old man in his dotage, a
child In its nonage and a woman in
the fiist flush of young womanhood,
the ravishment of two girls, tho burn
ing of the home of their victims, tho
two bodies being consumed in the
flames, six young negroes were last
night sent to their doom by a mob of
infuraled negroes, the victims also
being negroes, at Sunnyside, Walter
The Rev. W. H. Weaver, pastor of
the U. B. church. Dillsburg, Pa.,
recognizes the value of Chamberlain's
cough remedy, and does not hesitate
to tell others about it. "I have, used
Chamberlain's cough remedy," be
says, "and find It an exceilont mcili
cino for colds, coughs and hoarseness."
So does everyono who gives it a trial.
For sale by D. J. Brannen's Drug
Barcelona Spain, May 1. Twenty
six anarchists, in addition to those al
ready sentenced, buvo been condemned
to death for complicity in the bomb
outrage of Juno 7. last, tho feast of
Coipus Christ!, when a bomb was
thrown into tho midst of a procession
on tho way to tho i-hurch of Santa Ma
ri.i del Mar,, killing a dozen persons
outright, and wounding about fifty
otheis, wboharo sinco died of their
Tim caruagi) in which President
Brigham Young first rodo into the
Salt Lako valley in 1847 and tho bass
drum which was used by tho Nauvoo
Legion in Nauvoo, will be taken to
Salt Lake city as relics of pioneer
days, to be used at the coming festival
on July 24th next. The articles aro
both owned in Arizona, the carriage
at St. Johns, Apache county, and the
drum at Taylor, Navajo county. They
will probably besucured and preserved
by the society of pioneers. tiraham
putting the first grass fed mutton ou
tho maiket. Theie were also ship
ments of ewes to Texas points and to
Nickerjnn, Kan. Mr. S. P. Beban
bas made airanj;eiuent8 for shipping
forty-four cars this week. The pies
ent pi ice. of sheep has been affected by
the wholesale destruction of flocks iu
Montano and Wyoming during the
past winter.
Ilueklen's Arnica Salve.
The belt salvu in tho world for
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum,
fovor, sores, tetter, chapped hands,
chilblains, coins, and all skin erup
tions, and positively cures piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed- to
givo perfect satisfaction or money re
funded. Price, 25 cents per box
For Sale by D. J. Brannen.
Two years ago R. J. Warren, a
druggist at Pleasant Brook. N. Y
bought a small supply of Chamber
lain's cough remedy. He sums up
the result as follows: "At that time
the goods were unknown in this sec
tion; to-day Chamberlain's cough
remedy is a household word." It Is
the same in hundreds of communities.
Wherever the good qualities of Cham
berlain's cough remedy become known
tbo peoplo will havo nothing elso
For sale by D. J. Brannen's Drug
1 1.- m - -- -
Si8terville, Va., May 1 Last night
Mrs. Shock, an aged lady living at
Adonis, was horribly tortured and
robbed by a negro and a white man,
who forced an CDtranceioto her house.'
The fiends brutally beat her bare feet
with switches burnod them with
candKss and also burned tbo bair
from her head and roasted one car.
Tho woman finally told wbero her
monev was hidden and the robbers
secured 600 and escaped. Tho woman
will probably die.
Mrs. A. Inveen, residing at 720 St.,
Alton, III., suffered with sciatic
rheumatism for over eight months.
She doctored for It nearly tho wholo
of this time, using various remedies
recommended by friends, and was
treated by tho physicians, but re
ceived no relief. Sho thon used ono
and a half bottles of Chamborlain'a
Pain Balm, which offected a complete
cure. This is published at her request
as sho wants others similarly afflicted
to know what cured her. The 25 and
60 cent sizes for salo by D. J. Bran
nen's Drag Store.
Fourteen carloads of sheep wero
shipped out of tho valley yesterday by
tho S. F. P. & P- says tho ropubllcan.
This makes an even 100 cars for tho
week. Tho cars aro double decked
and contain each from 250 to 275
sheep, so that tho shipments for tbo
week amounted to about 26,000 head.
Tho price ranges from (2.75 to $3
most of tho shipments wero niado to
Chicago. Somo of the sheep wero
sent to tho Kansas City market. Tho
Salt River valley lias tho distinction of
Americans aro the most inventive
peoplo on earth. Tu them have been
issued neatly 600.000 patents, or
more than one-thiid of all the patents
Issued in the woild. No discovery of
modern ages has been of greater bene
fit to mankind than Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
or has done mote to lelieve pain and
suffering. J. W. Vaugn, of Oakton,
Ky., says: "I have used Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy in my family for soveral years
and find it to bo the best nieillcino I
over used fur cramps in the stomach
and bowels. Fur sale by D. J. Bran
nen's Drug Store.
State or Ohio, Crnrpr Toledo, J
Lucas County. ) '
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is the senior partner nf the firm of F.
J. Cheney & Co., doing business In the
City of Toledo, county and state afore
said, and that s.iiil firm will pay the
sum of one hundred .dollars for each
and every case of catarrh that cannot
be cured by tho use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my prestsneo this 6th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1886.
seal A. W. Glbason.
Njtary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials, free.
Address, F. J. Cheney & Co., To
ledo, O.
Sold by druggists. 75 e.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Oil" Sues for the Alli-nuilon of Ills
Wlfi-'B Altl'Ctlon.
Sioux Cil, Iowa A petition in
which brother noes 'rni her for the
alieilHtioll of his wife' nffeetiiillS has
just been diawn by a Sioux City at
torney. 'I Iih Hi'tion will he liied in
KosHiilh county, of tvliirh both liti
gants Hie lexhlHiitx. TH plaintiff.
John W. Lillihiiilge, MiiIi-h in his pe
tition thai in December. 1892, he mar
ried Hetiie M. Stair in Grundy county,
this slate, He settled on a farm three
qtiailei'8 of a mile, fiom ihat of his
brother, Heniv A. Lillibiidge, and un
til a year ago, s:in he and his wife,
lived happily together. He claims
that at that time his brother began
paying attentions to his wife, and
finally induced her to sue foradivoice,
abandon her home and break up her
family. Ho demands 110,000.
Is caused by torpid lirer, which prevents diges
tion aid permits food to ferment and putrlrt In
the stomach. Then follow dizziness, headache,
Insomlna, nervousness, and,
If not relieved, bilious fercr J- 1 1
or blood poisoning. Hood's III f
Pills stimulate the stomaeb,
rouse the liter, cure heartuhe, dizziness, con
stipation, ete. 23 cents. SoM by all drugglsta,
The only Fills to take with Hood's SampariUa,
There's one feature connected
-with our Corset department that
you may have overlooked, and
that is, we keep only the BEST
lines. So many to choose from
now days, its hard to discriminate,
hut if you select
there's no chance for mistake or
disappointment. . . Moreover, the
maker's guarantee is behind every
pair. Ask to see them.
Doa't Tolicco Spit and Saoio Yoir Life Away.
If you u mi t to quit tobacco rslnir easily
and forever, bouiaoo well,btruufr,jnugm;tic,
lull of now lifo and visor, Uko No-'lo Hue,
tho wouder-worlur, tliul nukis ucjlcincn
strong. Many KulnU'ti Kiiiuls in tendnvs.
Ovor400,000ourcd. Iluy No-To-I3ae of your
drucgist. under guarm'co to euro, 0) or
(1 (10. Booklet and E.implo mailed Irec. Ad.
Sterling Itemo'ri'o riiiRcoorN"'-Yoric
Fifty Cent
The best weerlnc and tnott
uuiuctorr wnite uoiuunariea
birt zaiae All linen bosom
1 and cuffn. remtoiced back and
(root, cootinuou !). made
In sbott and long boom all
I lentth ot ileeves. fcltes o(
aeckbsnas Boya Irom li to it
Inch.: men's from It to 17. Sam-
Sis 8hlrt by mall to any part ol I
is 0. B. upon receipt of price
ana iu cents nua lor posiage.
The Haberdasher
When In Town Call.
mrfni to allot itnaat. Xn.swsi, bora, fbli ast
alitututitettnu. wmiu zuy M yeut. WW
thvnea nmras suxxav,
" (if rwtfMfV. 10 U0
wuuiftot, s. c.
25 50
tntiaituod. Eitiliem
1 Jliacanuy. auoj nr
I move anr bad tots
the bream aweei ana
perfumed. It la a
runt pleanure Intake
thnm InHteaUof Cau-
aeatlng liquids or cannon ball pills.
r a l i i i i i i i i C.tKCAKETH
Innlconlaln ni)n
w i.a as nlka mlh.
CUnai Vf uiuii-
ernl poison. Tber
are made of the Iftt
eit nmedle dlncoT
orort and. lire ft clen
tiflo combination
Deter before pat together la anr form
a an . WTB
nreintlepUc. lba
i,ieanah:r atopiin
aigented food from
nourlnitln the atom,
acb, prerent ler.
mentation In the
ia . mnA II 1 OM
mm s .M oerrai ot anr
klua that breed sndtetd In ttaa arttem.
io"o tha etomach and
tbo iar ""'.faS;
In2 It work. Tber
els ami puttbem Into
condition, making
Increase tlie flow of
mllkln narsiRitxnoth
en. A tablet eaten
by tbe mother make
her milk mildly purg
atlTo and bus n mild
butcertnln effect on
uiu uauii iiiw unif - -
safe JaxaitTe for tbe babe-l it-arms.
aro liked by ibecbll
dren. Tbuf tame
Ituuu niiu uu v'Ut
top ulnd -co Mo and
cramp.. and kill slid t TUt PUII ItRCU I
Orlte off wornjl. and lilC bniLUnCH
all klnda of oara
It.a th.t ll In tha S
bowela ot tlio growing child.
taken patiently, pet
aluUmtlr.areRuaran. teed to euro any caso
ot conatlpattnn, po
matter bow old and
obstluaie. or pur
chase money will he
ctaeerfullr refunded
by your own druglU
.... CASUAKKTa ,)
sreeoid by all drui-a
Slats tor ioc. sat, a
Oe a box, sccn-d-1
lnr to lite. A lOer
box will proTe their I
uerttand put you on f
tbe runt road to per-
t. strut tMrtnsititint S
health. Don's rlak dols7
General Machinists)
Bicycle Repairing a Specialty.
their aetloo easy and natural.
o wwt tnuuu mi; 9. iv c . J it f U -a.
Th Trrnifmoncvbacfc! Lariref boxes. 25c ot 50c
only genuine gamole and booklet mafled free Address
eware oi - -
Imitations I 6TSRUN0 REMEDY CO.. chicaiioi M0rti, eaavi stw ve. ass
bsbT iiiimZ m A eurcs Tobacco Habit or money refunaed Makes weak men
IOaTOaBAC Iuods- Sold and euaranteed bj all dnmbta. Get booklet.
Dealer In
Fine Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
St. Louis Bottled Beer a Specialtr
Quietest place In town Mo gamUlBf
Fancy Groceries,
Fine Cigars,
Tobaccos and
Fresh Candies.
Hawks' Hotel
Best and cheapest hotel on tho line
of tho A. Si P.
MEALS, 25c LODGING, 50c.
J. F. HAWKS, Proprietor.
Range, San Francisco Mountains.
Notice The range comprising 160.
OOO acres, IsoDerrd lorsalr; or, will
Irase same lir sheep or cattle, la
-whole or In part, to suit lessee.
General Manager, Flagstaff, A. T.
Ear marks, silt In each ear; bortes aad
coulee. Al, right Itlp; Increase, Al on rlRhi
shoulder. P. O. address. Flagstaff. Arlxona.
Fiuaa M. LnamiORi. General Hanacsr
Postofflce address,
Flairstaff. Arizona.
lUnee. Clark's Val
ley. Moeollon Mts.
Brand as per cut.
All vounir atock
branded on both
sides, with swa low
fork and underblt In
eacb ear. Also own
lite fnllnwlnv . Rnnt
T.cll, mijwheroon the xlde of the animal:
Boot cattle, road brand W on right slde:T
cattle oneon right side; horse brand. O. O.
3. A. TAIL.
Ranee eight miles
southeast ot Flag
staff. Coconino coun
ty. Cattle branded J V
on lcftribsiearmarks
square cut on right
ear overslopeon left
Postofflce address:
Flagstaff. Arizona.
Pmnnlo.r C.tireA Lost Manhood. Sexual
and Weaknesses ot Men quickly cored by Dr
White's Eloctrio Pills. Absolutely sofa. No
sensation except increasing vigor.
fTn Innnlrn ennfidencfi we send bv mail, sealed.
onr rognlar ft box of pills, on receipt ot IU
cents to corer postage. Bend for Book.
Address Q- WHITE
. (cTasuHCDtaa) .
128 N. Main Strtst, Let Angeles, Cat
A Bora Thins; for Too.
A transaction in wbicnyoucannotloMita
sure thing;. Biliousness, sick headache, fur
red tongue, fever, piles and a thousand other
Ilia are caused by constipation and sluggish
liver. Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the won
derful new liver stimulant and intestinal
tonio aro by all druggists guaranteed to euro
or money refunded. C. u. ti. are a Bare
thing. Try a bos to-day; luc, 35 , 089.
Baxaple and boo:et free. Bee onr Dig ad.
'"ftlsSMrqt , gg;

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