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GeorgoLji^Biaikhe; ai_a|'Touiis;" j
-. '7 Mitchell Matched. 7 v 7
Sullivan Will Figi- More Bs.ttle and Be
v'-ttrt)-^B_Jter»/fl'ai^-&t "^#r>Wff: ! a" ,;:
' ; . Boa.!. . fianc.ll,:''" . '".''■■ '-";■. ■'
1. 'tore wis a i i'.:fi<fiSiherin'g.- : of ..sii'e.m-bers
at the California C'lbti last' evening tb learn J
vh 1 1 iv is to : take pl.,ce.at aXuie.ttngVof' -fljjer
lectors. I ':e presence of George .La
■i: ,I.' at the cliili.. created suite. ']» -stir
aJnor-g the. boys, as Jtliey '_' expected "to "bear'- -
-of- him being ni.itchedj. against; Dempsey, •■
but such a ; tbiugCd'id .-.not; 'haii.pejn. be .
tt hen the meetlngJsv-_.Sioy.cr. word; Was soon - ;
passed around t!iaX,a.. Blanche and Xbung .
MitcJheiWbbtb .-. saloon keepers^ the way
— w ei e matched to J fight Jon-, tfte.'ev'e'h-in'gJSfJ.J •
June -7th for a purse .of J'S.2SQ. r - §5-_."Jt.o-sb't'b:.
the.'defeated man. 5 After .; the match was '
.niade the principals deposited ,t|i-_.spirij*Of - J
"'_, iOO each as a guarantee: i.. it -tlve'y would •
.weigh in on the div of the blWlB ■ • at, or
und 'i' the weight agreed u-p.orij.vv'liich -isTlSi;'"'
pounds. D'qfli-':_tf^t_^(Si-'i^ijd^i'^3f_^S_irJJ .
Vyer? perfectly;^ with: the tb'ii_rU'-_i-.
- ..ai left the clnb Sffl-litßg, , Itew-.idiffere'nt-it '-'••
vol be after the ;-cpn-ies.ta, _fhe iojs.er 'v-i.ir
depart with lemon- jttlce all* oyet^__,_f_.e e,-. J
while thewlnner»iil ,a:dd_tJo#is.^vn'''sm- :
those which the defeated ntau had reserved : ;
fur the occasion. J. '.'. v-- V-.V....7-- '■■''■.' o ' -..■■'.■_.■'■■■ ;
*\-..A" s . (.A1.1.A. llKfe v>..> ?llit-iV' :.;. JX *.
The Directors alio selected tha evening •
of May --1 fOrJ^libJj^tye-tietWeenCKeilUyJ^-
C tUagher and Klly :McCi»rt)iyyy .- ;V'7 'sl-'-' i
' A dispatch TroinJ.^ -Jtacka.oayesterdaj;
-.says that the cOßibiqatiQh.'^erioriiiSd : all of <
last week at Lbui's.v;iJliß . to crowded- bousesr
T-bt,y opened^^ last night .iu.:-C'inJ.>n.d_ttii : '_i:t:.
which place they ■•mil exhibit -one-week,
' Chicago will be tlit> next place iB^S-i^.tijp :
a v i sit. from. the Jd i si'ij;i liedV-fis tic isUtdia-'
tors. • Jackson- J will .suajr'- Did . BradDurnri ;
live or. six rounds: at the Battery . ,
previous appearance, af-'Sfiicagb.-* drew a '.- :
crowded house;, (^tb people- paid admission
for.the pleasuryrVl .'tety:it-r._;--.-a- "siju-int at the.' .
great Australian.!' f.isht,
" The .Sceiftaty of ll:&-' 1 ■ ot rt 1112. A-SSO- ■ '
*. elation. states in t eul.r.i'cs 5 1 tlfel.iaiiHit'aJbtJ.
race which will take 1..1 oil Jane (..that .
' Central .Park iirp..-.-i'p'.iii.ai -liiVi-d -hi'm..'v.t'rj'!
fast; among t.lioi.fct one- tiie naai-es--_f Be
ti.i.ne, i lets, J.'o i.i V:4'.'i'dVVp.i^.VA:ll:^_b.ts'.'J'--. f
• racers who iiitL'H:d'to-,t i :.. 1.1 the- race, are- .
-led by fire iiti'.-y to, .a -their .:■
.- : no!iiiiwtious. J:>;- ii'vivii-K .'» ui;Xiiirtsso..ti^ •'
--".the Lanu'ica-pper:' m-n,. I; tat .to.i,.e,.app"oi'- : .
.tuui-ty tO'.ban'_l-it";ip :ii"- '(vittv-tttii-t-s accord
ing to th ■;: i.-: '■■'■-' ,l.* '."••:ed ; .'-,- •;■',.'•..-. V ■;.'-"-,*'" '
it;77;^'J ; 7'^^^.SvJ--tJ^7.:7i9'7 : vJ"''J'7J7'7J: ; J
C" c B ga_i i. McCaffrey
;v-crsj.fii,*.,'i.r : ;".', j: . " tiieiOcc-tdSti'tai-'i ■
-Ciubi-Q- h. j ..ftJiiJS: ... .. ■ t i.eJ S iti:i i. V .of, :
tl'tv. .tii an-"' .nii.'.i'i.-. . TjHieViJiieii-httyX J
b?XVsrbjl:j > hgJ!ii'.s.iir..;c' '■-. te "A.i a i l l at _ ei^ctllV
.oSi!^vlfA T --.s6c^^iiWi : ikpS ■ i Electors, of ■
:lSe-'ci.Ul).t*opglit:-t'." ' . , u;itchlJttg-:J.t : !ieiii-au; :
■ftpptKU -iU:c t*v(.'ita;s^_ftrd_d;u_i. -
Xi>tfti:ib*W_ivitt*2oki:Wi?A)iii.V Tlfty will
,-b.tM totit V^jHi.rf'KXand 153." iKtiJicd by, :
Jt-Jp-A't'.. ■:.-■:■ 'ajti't-spbii..'"'' As neitti'l boxei -
is _i\(AA, ;\.A.h,. _!■■-, „ heavy smashing -J
'A. A,:,:.. .,2. "lV- . JJ'.-', " ' "-."---,-'.-,- J "
--. J&!JJ?> VhairiS'r*iv.-i'-.-+r^ BingJ'it"Alanl_d_v
-aiu-.ng wU-n:; .Jfclecni JC^.il'ibe'r,. MeCaft're.y.
-win go.pver to-morrow „ loin lin. J MShanJ '
.is : 1.11:; tng on the .Point Lobes road. He
is.bping looked after' by a brother of Billy
.■'_klauniu'g,"'.:..'-.-; : .\'Jt-;::.'.'.VV
" JoeChoyhsk-l ; is a happy man. Only a
few days ago- he J. Pocketed several bundled'
. doilara in defeating Billy Wilson in a conpl j
» of rbundiVnbwJ be is about to be matched to
figbit Jack Davis of Omaha. .The contest
■will take place at the Occidental Club, of
which tb-JHon. Jr.cksou is President.
1 :.e time wili be about the middle of -May, ;
and the men will fight at between 170 aud
173 pounds. The pugilists have not yet
agreed on the amount of the purse, but in
all probability the club will give them $1700.
l-EMl'.-KY's EASTERN Tliir.
it is rumored around town that the prin
cipal reason for Deinpsey's hasty departure
from this city is that he used to teach
boxing under the same roof with Jimmy
Carroll. As the pugilists have no particular
love for each other, a free fight was liable
10 occur in the club-rooms at any time.
The San Jose Athletic Association, of
Which A. W. Price is Secretary, has already
issued tickets to members: fur the fight
which will take Dlace under its auspices on
"tbe evening o_ Jill sib, |>etween i_agen
and McJ^aily. The battle promises to be
quite interesting.
Denny Kelliher is very confident of de
feating Charley Turner. The latter is train
ing at Stockton, and. will be backed very,
strongly, by, the country.sports. If Kelliher
can defeat/.Turnerhe will surprise a good
many. people who : saw him "downed"
by' McCarthy at the California Club. °"
•. l.'iilliii.dan, Chief of the Patrol of
the„_ ate Fish- Commissioners, and, Deputy
.lu'ne.s. returned yesterday from a tour of in
spection in the- vicinity of ii San Jose and
rsauta Cruzi-'wliere no special damage to the
..fisli or game Interest of the country was
being done to oe_a.sion a visit to that quarter.
:' Wbii -. '. f he • officers were enjoying them
". selves in; , the ' Country towns between this
oity and Santa Cruz, hundreds of striped
> ass have • been - taken with set nets (con
rt „ary td'la'w.).'a'i.b_ig the river in the vicinity
oi l-io -Vista. A ; visit to that quarter
'-wo_Jdtbe"remi.nfira-ive about now. ■ -... ...
■ A'd'ojuuie''-._.'-i'ulJVitss](.;. mixed handicap ten- .
./nls-tournaiiierit iviil' be played on Decora- -
' • tiou day.JMJ;;. ,y\A. ',.'J'- y . ;J ■ : V'-V.:-' J J..:'""" .',-= ■
V . '. . , ; mi;.
J Fish--j*arjis'\w*i.llsb.i'ti appear in the coun- .
try papers:. The .V, vada raid winds : 'up.-'i
-, the gaiiic-..h'ou,tiug-'se.a ; !-"'!i: wilh., .'-ttlo'-'-fO'liowV
.-ing deer stiij .1-,'"1„, (.attney informs us
. that the town of Do.lu.evli.le is at '-present '
'inhabited. by ijaite. • a - number , of- deer
that were captured during "the- '■;■ storm ;
the- past . two moulhs. ' They walk
.J around t.,vv.n ?.nd are '.-as. tame ■ as .-cattle,
."some of tit Tin go.ng sip to children on',
street-,. t0 eat food and delicacies .given
: them, ,: One band " pftfbu.rteeu were found
: near the banks of-. the riter, above town ■
They were ail ; btfMh;bd;ft: the snow and left
ever ui_.lit-.' The ; day those who found
• them: picked Jout-fli;:a.LJthe.y wanted and
, took .ien. to Jt. ,w.n,j,--liejre'jjin a few days ,
they became perfectly tame. • Some -.are
'kept J tied it'. ,.s titbits and . seme wander
- around town -at w.i , returning to the - barn
- when. they, . have hid their exercise.. The
town dog-- do disturb: them when bit
- J"SX4iTE"i<;.-M__*;.''"'-: '.i, ""J"; XX
" XA Sacramento paper 'says;: "The. State
" Pish Coinmis-iou has closed a' contract for.
two iiunired'd.bzen-Lastern'qiiSi.l,; the dis
tribution of the bi-ds to b_ in Si-crameuta
and neighboring coahtses..-'' ..: '.
■" The.iiiiijcrity. of ,' the Chinese quail pur
chased in this city .at 1.7 cents each,' were
dfstributedJonthiß ranches adjoining Sacra- .
mentov J«ow. Mr.: Boutler has -concluded
§ that -his friend-, iftd not-enough- game, and
accordingly, two nJundred dozen Eastern
quail will lis ' liberated- Jon ' -the same -
grbUndS. The -_.•» is a State appropriation
to he used in: Jgamebirds, which
were supposed, to Jb«i distributed equally .
among the lau.chjets of the State; .'Messrs.^
lioutier ahd.Pb.st :of::Saicraiuept_ will have :
some- nice exclusive.^hooting- on the for
. mer's ranch iii. two years:" hence, when it- is ;
f.i> trouglily stocked with imported" game- ;
. birds. So far'as. tne Mongolian quails are
_ccnceriind, tt ty Will not last long; in ibis
*»^cuatrjf,' especially ; on many of -the. ranches:,
-'.iw.beie they have been •• cast adrift, -.-Thei
:..birdjs cn.ngre^te-.Jil't.-hrghf.'Oh'J the ground.
.They will hot roost in trees, and as- a- mat-'
t r of -fact the foxes; cats and the : "var
mints" will .qullei si feast off them. *
"V - -tfe C, CKKX L.J. J . : -"
A cariespondent of the New Tork World
hart the 'following- :inter.view.'with. John vL::'
-Sullivan .xiia ßb_ton',CMiircli. Xl : '.••'I-con'-.'
.■:-T_"vrVth'.at-.tfi ii. Missis-ippf affair'!, practi-'
--.'.-tally. si tiled ".;'■ -s.*id the ciiampion;- '.' and I
.atit free. toj. talk-about fighting Jackson.-- As
I *' .cd -:io: -age, X will engage in "
Ijitt.u-ne.m. re':, gilt, aud Detei Jackson will
. he my opp'iJhen-l"i''if"'. bis club will" 'put up'
.. enough-money): - -When.- I said, some time'
.'ago; tliatT-WOuld'-n'ot fight Jackson lor less-*
thau tr . -i".,"!"' iiirfse.'.'l lidded that "if '.he was
' at to" fight wiinjer take all would be.
:• Vniis'lied'.W'ith a jo, purse, audi will not-
for less:. than that "iuini 1 will not
t-Jnie'etii.acltsbn.forJ.less'than 8-000 aJ side, and'
JVif he desir.esJit I wili make the -take. §25, 000.
•■' JaJside.-f-r'Fliffb -l'-fcan get backing to that
••' ; _iniii*unf.''';V.'-..-.''.' ! - '•'•' •'"•".•■.,.'•.- ' • '-'--
J • V ■' ijitj.ybii. fight J under .London' rules?"
a-.; ci the World correspondent."* -" " ..- - .
> V" 'X, iree," • replied John L., .emphatl
: CaiJyX" I've Had enough -of "London * rules,
. -Hi- 'this Vcouhtry,.*. and". l'm satisfied that it
•:-.i_a .prpfita-ble- to. break- laws. It seems al
: most i-ucredible, r but 1, actually . lost money,
i by .the.-nicliburg light, besides the unpleas-
thoughts .about the possibility of spend
:.; ing .ii .year in a Southern calaboose. JNo
more . ring-fights*, for me.- When I get
through with Jackson, win or lose, I shall
. 'retire: forever from the profession, and 1 ex-*
, liect to livqj In -New York.": • _ ..
: . "Would you light Slavin in California?"
""• was. asked. •", ».:.—"."'. °. „' . „
- .-■■- "IX ■ Jackson wont fight - I'd just as soon '
. . meet Slavin, but -I hare made up my mind ■
• -" to Quit after os'e more -fight, and. I am in- 1
clined '.. believe that the club will arrange ■
lor Jackson and myself." «•':-•' -, -<*.
)-J ' .' Were you satisfied with the McAuliffe-'
Carroll fight?" .... , -.-_ .".. ....:j .-. ■-.;.,
iS2 .-- M l.Pick ed the. winner before J the match
r was made," said the big fellow, "and'now,"
'.-*I want to see Patsy - Kerrigan , have a try
-with. McAuliffe.. 1 honestly believe that
. Patsy 'is th. only man who . can whip him.
"It was a lone, hard fight, . but I i think the .
•. *-jp's*_Jrh an won." ' : ' ° "- ' ■. v •.
. •*' Sullivan and ' Barnitt have been ' here for j
several days JmakingJarrangements to put a
.- -bigatjiletic »haw on the road. t Joe Lanuon J
.-..w-illbe the champion's "sparring partner and J
Ike. Weir is likely to be one of -the lesser i
- stars. * John l..'s father is seriously ill, ami"
. the-big fellow *is greatly concerned about.
---him.-; Soma time'a-go Stillivau the elder fell
- from a' ladder, and sustained painful .inter
nal -injuries. ' The doctors noticed a slight
' improvement in his condition to-day, how. *
:. ever,*.and John is ho}Jefu'l of his father's re
; covery-r ** V; "..''■' . .'.•■-
.-'V.'* ■ ; ■AM_aTEUB'SWf»-_IERSa. ;-" o - . . '.'•'.
'■■ The- amateur swhiuu'ing itud-di'ving. tour
■ riamen't for-t-'ie championship of the Pacific " .
,'Ci- ast. will: be held -in July under/the.
auspices.: -of ■amateut' swimmers the Pa.-
-clfic<^ast. ' The. distances' are 100' yards',
•"500 yards. One-half mile and one liitle. -• All-:
•' amateur swi _-_Qe,rS.V- bo wish to enter must' ;
■':sen_a.*n'ai-ie, : _listai_c'e''and-aEe before July 3,
,IS9O, to Ms ju.sephs6 : n-, 322 California-Street:' ■
7"'77. : v ": i?rKyASGj£iitisE.i*A.vv- 7 : '• ■-'•
■:- A lfjal I'liiiifst As t* its Production In
'V-'.'.."7'. -":'.':■• ■•' 7 /'» city. 77. •*..'•". '* ■
... : ; Jaiflga JRearderi. yieSterd'airV Heard "the suit
'.-.Of "M'.-B: Leavitt, iesstfe of the Bush-street ■ '
.': .T.h'eat_rV,''_itoii;ast Charles.' -Y.' c ll.ichi Eui il ■
JJRo-en bail iii ;. and' AL.'H'ayiffali",' to restrain : .
•'•t_ie°in;frff.m£rodui;jfig The;, play of "F'van-'
geliii." ..it the:.vKe,« ''California. Theater,:
where it : Was bii'l-d for Vast hlgh't. "V ! '-* ..' ';• •
o' s ."ltis-cl'ai'iiied. by l,__vitt. that on ttiel-Ui
" Jof . r 'ias'_'-_iu-ly" -Ricii Bosau'bauui'.cou- ,
'..ftft'-tajd wi-th hini-'tbp'er-fQfi-iiior.twb.W'eeks",'*; ,
C ijiiiie.iri'ibgApr.il'.eii-t, at : '.tli_.' .Bush-street
I Ij>..i agie(ii.u_; also perform- it
■aii .other place Hi"'" ; 'oi-ty .prior' to that " '
•itdstte: " T.hfe defendants.- it is '.iiile-geU, .broke',
'. tjoiitrtjci:; '•wire-_fbre. : : Lea v-itt. -says that.
w.i;l obliged close his .theater. for
.wo. vi' . -k£.:'',A restraining J'ordortt) prevent. •
. ■rtbe-'pro'd-ucUeriJ- •.w'as'.tbieref&re' asked for;'.-- 1
;a^p.e"iialty ; of i;;i»..bi;itt also' attached toiiiO J- ■
; c.ott.i_iCtJ.for.it- • ' ■.-;.. ." :'■■] *• .*-..:.,.-. .
Via __.t>'_t yesterday-. th_ en lid t repre-
Vsi-fted 'that'. it t __-__. Mao* -tiwiistttti in- the . •
jgbntrajctthai' jJbe.'jpl'ii:y;-.VV'as. : te';bd prbrluctd .
in lti-:i?.nti.tl:s theater -in' ; Denver _on.MJar.ii;'
°iptt',"l)'St ; l-i.at's'iibse(in'ept)>* - L__.V-lt.'uoti_i.;d
Jtl'.- .that: could ii-.-.-yihij' tl.e eo.lpp-P* .
.:7at.D'eifv_r.'.Vln coii-S-ij.-ien-e: 'of iLii.s breach-,
yef.'*." port-On : i> .'..the -.Co-h'traJJcit'.LeaYitt '.wj_'s •
:• il'btified tliaitli _'-3ati;'F.ranci'-fib'Vh'g'a'g eluent •:.
wiuliih-tveto he _ (In. d.I -hdaiii ts' -• -
beili-i'fri.U'.jig dp. -pi'tyj trie. S»X) •jenjrtty- "
' .'T'h'ey:'Vbb.«c£bd'V^ -auVJ 're stripniu.: .oiXer'
.gainst i>j lying.at .the, California Theater, .
. jts Mr Vm ■• haU:':gojh.e.fo'..e-'_a't: expert tje.'.
: i.ii..!-i'ei;*iJi rg;fJ'r pi.- -V- XX-'*. •■:-' •'.- :. ';"• ; "
•-. .T'reftsjiire.; .!3bt_lb'b'"jif Xt'li6-''B_sh;st'-ee't.
' Ti: -'..iter ;e.es ttlie'd'-'UJiaiJtlVele'n'g'agenient;.bf-tti'e-'''
J : trbJ_"pe : . :'_Jt':L_i_. it,t.'_'' Vthejiter-.': would. ...havt .
•' ; nieited.'':£iOioW-'e^ ti-'r, Jl£ w.i- far tin r •
*-.s!i'_..uJ t't-at'.w.jie- ' tea. itt",. found tha t- In".
iirtKa i-iriJ; Denver. would Jii.ot be read* by j
.vJMarjcJß"^.lt'l'htt'.'S^'nJred's'fiiitiv.r;' a-idiMitU ;
'f.thv.diyffcitHlafcts'rel^ t'tgii tu'erc --.. ■*". .'*. '. :
...Mr,.: iVistiibauiu-.ti, .ti'li-.d ■tjT.at'afrwTh'g.'* to : ' ■
the. _-*iK_r_o_ in- i); u-.tr date be iioU'ipd.,
.'JLeavrt. VjtsiV'X.Tbefcßjtb'-S'e'n^aseiii'^t;'.: "it . .
Vi'eiiV •S'tiii Mr. iijeufeiibii'-rpi,. "'-sft
i.Tji'ber. Opera lli.i-i.e St "DejiV-er-ftiF -March .
VhIJJ . It- was. tip.' until Ja'iiif.i'rf 2d thiil
•L-tavttt'.inforn_-d- In <} that . he-bad- secured.
J tit. :__:e ; .roii.:i.Ltir -Tllefater in. Denver for us-.
■ Ie iitayJin..-. But at . l-frlS, jtihie Thadalready ■•
' sirtJrtreJd'tfie T-fcer Opera H-ouje " VV
: \\ lie:_ '%■*■-■§- -'.f'_t...iHi:-ifj waai'n Judge:, "Root- ■•
"d. instated -l-fat i f; -.-■> •:'t. : baud 10 tiie sum of.
*'<"** wif, tvinif-lit-tlby the .deiendants. be- .
fore. ,> fi-itttk, ' wfiieit' a: p.' lot by
■ Mi. ii'avii.t' r .'attorneys, -'heVStould -ord. •
.that; the injunction or restrain, should hoW.
■ 'lhebwid was furbished;, with 11. Shain
wajld and il- A. JGunst* and everything, was
J tcmpor^iiy^atl.sfa:ctoTy...S.-.'' X:X ..*: -..;':.;'
h ;>. : 7^liYTlll^ ON M A KKIAGE. :;"•/ •=
Henry lie Grimt 'le»(i.i-_ He guiding Ills
•t •-',"' Views on This Subject- -. ...-.•..
•', • The cross-examination of Henry de Grpbt
by Attorney Hightdn was resumed in the
Blythe case yesteiday. \ He told all that he
could remember of conversations with
Blythe, all of which had been touched upon
in his direct examination. ° = V. • • °; -_
.JBlythe stated to him that he had regretted
naming his mining claims alter Nellie Fir
min, as she had proved ungrateful and had
caused him a great deal of trouble. Refer
ring to hi r, but not mentionine her name
lie further said tbat he believed some
women would poison a man to obtain bis
property, and Ins experience with her had
made htm more cautious in his alliances
with women. When the witness joked him
upon his lending a bacheloi's life he replied
that the Scriptures say "it is not good for
man to be alone."
He said he was not exactly married, but
lie had met a comely young person and hud
taken her into his service. ,<• c : ,
ltla-|l--> n'l.i.'.l -'*»t it* -_-*_ .-.-_ If _.-,«, a
dangerous experiment to become married,
especially in California, where there were
so many scheming adventuresses. There
was more conversation in regard to, the
physiological aspect of marriage, but the
witness did not approve or reprove what
- Blythe said, as he did not think it was right .
to contradict a man of Blythe's age. 'The
moral, social and religious aspects of mar
riage were not discussed. • Witness was in- ,
foruied-that Alice Edith was . Blythe's
housekeeper.. ="" .. .■'" V.X " , " •■'
"• Christopher T. Curtis, Superintendent of
the California Safe Deposit Company, testi
fied regarding Blythe's contract with the
compauy when be began to make deno"''-.
there. The contract was dated May „.„i8, [
but the witness did not see it signed. '1 ho
document was then offered in evidence,
with the abject of contradicting Mrs. Ford's
testimony ns to Blythe's height, color: of
eyes and hair and other features. .."
-.. The contract, sets forth that . Blythe's
-birth-place. was England, age 54, heights
■ feet 5 inches, stout,:! /complexion, hair
: gray, eyes blue.;, password, ''Suragossa,"*
: Mr. Curtis said he made o lit the contract
J .from information received from Blythe and
. from his own observation,
: JV- Mr.J.Highton cross-examined 'the witness
Xt length as" to bis recollections 01 Blythe
.aside from . the contract description, alter
-Which the further hearing went- over until
; -this morning at- 11 o'clbct.-:' ' ■ *" *•
Wx77i<.>: MOHfc SAFETY. -'; (t-i \
. --.Att'.-'J. irdbWxniih't- -Union;. -6 tops . sines.:
'•',. ■.'-'-'- •.■';'..-•'.•':'■. -'_X'*T-..- Hurri-J-lIV.- .-.:• *; .' '_ '} .■"-' .
J The Safety. lidowment "Union d'scon- '
tin lietl -business yesterday, .the -management
. .giving as the reason the extreme stringency.
Jof the 'times ; Updo', : short-time ago. tbo
: union bad: 900 members, :: but ;'tlie assess
• .'-Jiaents "becime so.Jnu.n that a third of
'.. J' file- number JTefuse.d' to .'pay in '-any more
.money - Thereupon, the safe' was ; moved
..-^j^&Jttt^e^S-e^At-prney.'A. B. Hunt, who
J;' : say's no « his property, in lieu of money
.: owed' hum by the concern II? has also tho.
; J accounts and : books and will: settle up the
" • affitlrs'."" According to the -sta'temerit issued
' in -irculari.irni.to' the, jn.ehibsrs, 846,333 90
i Fas.be.en received -from 'February'l, issu, to"
•. J March .1, I*"). ' Mr: Hunt has';, balance of *
. : -51,.-S'<«) iv hand, while $8000 "remains unpaid •
,' . on coupons.- '"-.-;■. ■"' '" *.'-.. . „;''■
: '.He explained that- .the- life of tlie- union "
• depeJaded'uppu tlio. ,p_.'y*nlen"t'.nf°"tlle' assess*
■ ___nt-V_inti.it -would .not cbjllap/ed if
:. tbeiSjX).i.rienWers bad. fii)t ' stopped contribil- •
-• ..tjiohs.:. .He. declared : the-:- business" had been
: ,- conducted honorably .•'•_"'?•• „ -.-. .•.*•.* *.::„••.*
;j '-JJ.'".' .;..- ■'■'. C. iiciirt'nt Ir*lii-_r 'Hell.. .*.'. ° A °° c i
: i.v .LastriigH't at Tr'vi'pg- Hall there was.'an
' •exceiientcdncprt.iindor the ilircctorsbip of °
: .'JMrv-J.-'J. j-jor.is.. : .The"'-?. Joists wor.. * Miss
• ': Susie " .Herti : soprano ; '"Mr.;, JE.-.*D.'" Cradalj;
.i tenor; M..!U'obert-LlQyd,-'.barytef-o;.M-. C
: •';L..P.ir'e'_tt'Jr., basso;; Master "Bennie Smith..
: V violinist Mrs. " C, ;JL,'-. Parent jr., _ "acebm
:.parifst.':".T.li_yw.ere.assisVJd'iti° the follow
: ing- programme by a. male cllofus of "fifty
: yoicesj:. -. -,: -■ °- XX ■> '",' ; *"• . „• •••
1 'J Cltbriis,.'i*C"olnrades' firm*" (Adams); solo.
"■Yeoman's. JWetfUlng aonij'i tponiatowsltl), Mr..
. Hoberl. Lloyd urtintjer, "The 'Letter'' (Lloyd;,
. Messrs. Werner, Morris Lloyd aotl Parent; solo,
; ' ."Sii'm, of the Kpbln" (libicliiitu, Mi-s (Susie Hen;
• : violin solo, tfburlh Air .Vai on a Ttrenrre ny
. Mercadaiite (Daucl. ), Master Beonle Smith; ctio
. t'u., "V, lien' Twilight Dews ar_l-"alLlir_." (Moldeu. ;
.. solo, "lleeif 111 the *.ll'i_'*(.Jude), Mr. O. L. Pa- '
■J rent Jr.'; ■ chorus, "Sallliii!" (Steele); solo, .".Call
• Me •■Back"- jUeirza),*.Mr. K. I). Caudal); chonis,
-, ".M-rcii" (Kern); solo,. "L.hoa" (Shelley), Miss
; .Susie. Hert j.kthoru!),. '"Blue^•:yes'**(Wltt).° . „ .
VMiss.H'eri's numbers were "very pleasing,
• -and' the' aiidience each time demanded an '".
encore. : The male 1 chorus, however, re- L
. ceived the, J greatest : amount "of applause,
:. showing that their excellent singing -Was
. thoroughly appreciated. V ._ ;-.; o- ."
-•■ . * .j ..'A Barren; .1,1. -V. -".
Trie Chinatown squad raided a tan game
on Dupont street, near last nignt
and arrested -five visitors. The prisoners
were of the. poorer class, known as 1 " milo
men," and are placed In a tan-bouse so that
an occasional successful raid can I be made
by the squad. These "milo men " are paid
a small sum for their term of . service, and
as they receive better food in jail than with
out, they care but little for the short incar
ceration. , Among ■ the" five •■ prisoners _ not
even a match was found on their persons. >
;] : Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
° = ° When Baby = was sick, we gave her Castoria]
When she was » Child, she cried for Castoria,
„ When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria, ;j
V' SVhen shehad Children, she ga.ftt_.___ Ca_ta_t_,l:
_-,- ,-° . ]yl7 2y TuT_S_4Wy, .'JsaS
No Sign of. Work on the Twelfth
'■"■:'.■'."Street Cable-Road. .
' •■ , • ■ . ■. A—:: ° 'A ...
.'.'.. ...a . .", - . ' :. ..
A K.etiniT =of the County Supervisors -The
. _ Sal.on-C:csinr» Movement— Bemi Chab.t'i ,
Remains Laid to Best.
7 .On tbe Xh of October, 188., 0. B. Kan- ■
,dol, E. F, rrestort, M. H.„Grossmayer and
Mothers" secure a franchise for a cable-road
-.-.on Twelfth street, or Central avenue, from *
tlie west Tine: - of .'Broadway to : the- Six
teenth-street depot, the - work to be com-:
.'uieuced in six . .months. It was : said
: by-, some at • The . time, j tliat . the | road
never would ' .be . built, as the- pro-,
jector* had no "money to 'back tlicm and
would. have ; to" depend on the .-sale ". of
J bond* to even start the work v -It begins to
' look as' if .the prophecy : _werß true, as notb- .
me has. apparently been-' done.' The six
'.luun'tlis :} will be up on the '_'9th inst.,
: and "there .is'J nothing .tin* the 'ground
along tlie';. line' tp .'indicate the- com-
• mencenient of excavating and putting in
.the' roadbed.. Ti is even alleged that the
* o s'_jveys'.h!ive]n'W"l)ee'ii;nia'(le.*. A bond- was
. given to the city in'the sum of $20,000. The
■ coj-ipaTiy ' has' twenty-nine -days yet in
* .which.,, to ..onftiiencS-'the; work, but it is
stated by. friend- 1)1" tire company that bonds
, i-ii've .been issiied'tfpd are being negotiated
.and.work will be cqiliinenced in .time;**. '-■".•.
'•' • Tlie : Qiik'lai_d'"City iltjiird* of JExahiiners
■ p 'has fixed' the"' date..'.of the" semi-annual .-:.'
amination, for ; 'l the ' £-.1 = lust.- A
short meeting ojf.iUe.buaid Was held at th
'•'office, of „Superiutende."nt.''McClyhionds at
'.■the-'Citj'' Hail yesteVda'yafferno'pn to make
the preliminary arianKenietifS. / .. * :• -■
** -.The, Italian scaychgers ate worrying Siiiii
* ta-ry Inspector' Sinitii -very -ranch by : ddmp-.
fiirbidtie.it' piiiSes. and- dodging him
; SpJ thathe.cannbt.Caiu.se' tliwr- arrest. °
•' j, .-':'* • -TilE'.'.CO UXT V.-JSUEKKIT- orts^'J * - '
.. .'At- tlie" meeting of., the 'Alameda County
Board -of Sirpe.i visi yesterday Chairman
Mb_g'an,.'Who.. lias. -been "111. .the- .. past two
wee.ks,' was present a- portion * of. the. time,
but was too tweak to preside, and H, -Bailey,
occupied. the ..tliair. The petition ."from i."
. id-ii'ts with reference- : to .fixing the water
; rate?" for : paycrs'outsideof the. incorporated
. citi.es and town's was read, 'and referred to.
.•.ir'lHeetliig of llie.Cen.'niiUee 'of the Whole,
to be Ir.elU oii.Ftiday.", Tiie 'petitfoji to. raise.
■the County liquor licenses was also referred-'
't_ "the. .ciiiiiin.t:. The construction
'• of. 'two bridges on tlie iiiiheris Landing road
•t-wav.r.-f-ircdj: in Sii|iervisor Martin, Jin "
wfros'e -district- they are situated. They
. wrijl be. trestles about fifty feet long etch.
'1- board to- day take, a trip to the
■Kedv.obd Canyon to examine the coudUion
of- the road in' that locality. ' . -..'. •■ •.
"i '"! lie second «ias--ini'etiug in favor "of; the J
passage'- of a city ordinance whose object
■ is ta. close Hie saloons from Saturday even
ing until .Monday morning will, be held in
Hamilton Hall this evening" The speakers
. will be Key. Dr. Dickson, Key. Dr. McLean
. and Key.. Dr. Bentley, and there ..vvillbe
•gebd and appropriate music. , ". •/ .
' J'Mussxs,.°W.'K. Davis and W. ; V. . Foote
• liavpacceptcd ibe..":iiosition of counsel for
.:tlie Oakland Citizens'.- Committee of Ono'
JHiindr-dih-the suit to oust the City Council
: i-r malfeasance office. <° - . . ,"
'•.:Kev.-Dr.*'Horton.will leave for the East .
to-day to be none two months, during which
he will attend, as one of the Commissioners,
the Geueral Assembly to meet at Saratoga
in May. ,_ y■- ■ . ■■■ •_° „ ,• .
,y: ° " IN response TO A citatiox.
Mrs. Josephine Greeu-Boyer appeared in
court yesterday in response to the citation
to show cause why she should not turn over
to her daughter, Mis. Mary I. Donovan, the
notes and mortgages partitioned to her in
the estate of her father, Dr. Thomas Green,
two years ago. Mrs. Buyer's counsel stated
that they were willing to give up the notes
and mortgages when they are given a re
ceipt for them. The attorneys for Mrs.
Donovan declared that the receipt required
was to be in full for all claims against the
estate,' which they refused to -sign, there
being a difference of about $100 between
them. " The court ordered tho notes and
mortgages transferred to Mrs. Donovan,
and the matter was continued oue week to
settle the differences. The matter of the
piano and bric-a-brac ■ sued lor has been
set for '.lie middle of next month.
The wife of Teamster Timothy Hayes de
clined to prosecute him yesterday on tho
.... .-•'.>- - —.'--.: life-- pWtfrrrr-4 ' _v
Saturday evening, nut he Was held on a
charge of resisting the officer who arrested
him. Mrs. Hayes keeps a lodging-house In
Oaklaud, while Hayes lives in San Fran
cisco and drives a team. When he is over
loaded with beer he annoys his wife be
cause she will not live with him.
Another arrest under the code of a land
lord for misdemeanor, in renting premises
for illegal purposes, was made yesterday
afternoon, The accused was Julius Schun
hoff, the owner of 1520 Seventh street, rent
ed to Mongolians who conduct a lottery
game there.
The term of J. D. Keefe in the Oakland
City Prison for petty larceny is about up
and he will be turned over to officers from
Fresno County to be tried for grand lar
. Mrs. Anna B. Beaugner was divorced
yesterday from William S. Beaugner, who
is in Arizona. '*~ 0 c . ". ; ;
Tho funeral of Semi Cirabot, tho capital
ist, took place yesterday afternoon from his
late residence, at the corner of Madison and
Eleventh streets, Oakland.-. Key. Dr. Sieb
bi'ns and Key. C. W?-Wendte conducted tlio
services, * The pall-bearers were: J. G.
Eastland. George. Grant, "Henry- Pierce,
' Wallace Eversen, Frederick Delger, George
W. Grayson; 1). U. Hinckley, F. K. Shat
tuck," E. D. Sawyer, John" Crellin, C. O.
Br.igr.a_i), O. H. Burnham. Among the
Hp-slr'. decorations were handsome piece .
from the Fabiola Hospital Association and
the employes of Contra Costa Water Com
pany., * .' -. v „-..%■-.
. in is*; D. "Cleland and J. D. Davis en
tered into a copartnership as contractors
and" builders. Davis, sued yesterday for a
dissolution and an accounting, alleging
. that Ci.iand kept- the books and made in
. correct entries by which the plaintiff was
defrauded out of about S:«o, and that he
continues to collect moneys for his own
■ profit. .Davis Also asks for an Injunction
and a" receiver. • The assets of the firm
.-.aniount to about 51200. • '.:_ - " . ' " - :
. A "deed abas, been placed on record con
veying from the late Kerai Chabot to Henry
• Pierce 1 and others "- lot 2., Poena Vista
Homestead, Oakland; also 134. 5 i; -teres ad
joining „the i'ierce Tract' and 133.16 "acres
"adjoining' the Bagge Tract in Eden Town-
Ship. - ■■_> - ; .". °
' .;; Frank M. Btirnliam has not lived with his
" . wile for two years and lias n.ot provided for
! lie) maintenance, so May K. states in a com
j-aim ior divorce yesterday afternoon.
:James 11. Broderick Of Milford, .V. 11. ,
wauls the address of his father; a carpen
° ° ter, who was recently at West Oakland.
• '_-'■■ THE (JOITXCIL MEETIXO. 'V . c
. " .At the meeting of the City Council a reso
• lution was passed instructing .the City
. to" record with' the County Kecorder the an
i nual statement of the Contra Costa Water
o Company; under the law. The report of the
.Commissioners for the opening ot filbert
.•street was adopted. An ordinance was in
troil-f-d'appropriating S2OOO for the "m
--, piovcincnt ot Harrison square; also §3oo fur
Kfotmsel lees in' the suit of Adams against
"the city. An ordinance was also introduced
prohibiting laundries in the fire limits. '.
'•_ At the" meeting of the vestry of St. Paul's
Episcopal Church lust night Rev. Hobart
Chr-twood, tliß-._e.-or, tendered bis resigna
tion .and it was | accepted. - The reason as
signed by some was . that the rector de
sired to go Hast, but it is believed' that
differences have arisen between the rector
and members. », iluch reticence is main
', tamed among the vestrymen and the rector
in regard to the matter. „. „«
•The two : Passat boys, who were Injured
,j by a train striking a wagon in Which they
were riding, « the same time that John
.Brown wasliilled on Tuesday last, are now
'„ improving The smaller boy was
at first supposed to be fatally injured, but
the doctors ait confident of his recovery.
= l Alamedn. V i- ° " :
'■ °:. : . The Board of Free Library Trustees will
"hold their stited monthly meeting this even
ing. '"■ 7 7o- ■ „•:-'■ .-■ ■; -xx
' ° Two young men. named Albert JRoden
beck I and William Burnett, indulged in „ a
knock-out with gloves last Sunday night in
a barn opßuena- Vista avenue. There were
three rouids and Burnett was declared -to
be tbe vhtor. • -
;;i A womin nanicd Hart was arrested last
evening on i High street, on - charges of
drunkeniess ; and J. disturbing . the peace.
.Her actons were _ quite ludicrous. -She:
placed hr hat a pump,' and then stand
ing off .few paces gave it a lecture on tem
perance tud wound up by trying to slog it.
She has been: arrested -before on similar
charges.'-,.-' 1 ' -V .;
, Tbe v grade** on J Taclfic avenue havo
reached street. -. As • yet - no rock has
° been plaed on the avenue, but the owners
of - the Laundry Farm Quarry, who - have
. 0v contract for the improvement iof the
avenue, say that in a few weeks : they-,, ill
be prepaied to commence macadamizing.-
pf At the meeting of the City Trustees Ist
evening ■ an * extension iof * sixty . days was
granted -tot, the Alameda Macadamizing
. Company in which to complete its contract
for the : . Improvement :of : the avenue. c The
, action lof i the San Francisco Bridge Com
: pany, contractors for the tidal-canal exca
vation, in pumping sliekens : from the estu
ary on to the north side sewer, created con
siderable ' discussion, and the t matter was
referred to the. Chairman of the board and
; the City Attorney, with instructions to ap
ply . to a -court for an injunction if neces
. sary. - ! It * was '. decided not ' to ' make . any
change in J the ordinance fixing the license
' of peddlers. ; A few weeks ago the butchers
of Alameda became alarmed over a pro
spective competition - from a cold-storage,
company, which intimated that it intended
to run delivery wagons in this city. The
Trustees were then petitioned to increase
the peddlers' license to $100. with a, view of
. preventing any . such competition. ' Last
evening the matter was discussed and the
.Trustees '.• came to _ the . conclusion that a
.little competition would be a benefit to the
many and refused to make any change. An
ordinance was adopted making it a misde
meanor to play ball or fly kites on the pub
. lie streets. .■- • - ' •*
■■'• -'• "-. ' » Berkeley.
,-° Mrs. John Hart who was taken from her
j home in this town last week to the asylum
for insane at Napa, died' there last Satur
' day. ■-•'.'"•' ":-..'.-••'":.,.■• °.'". '.- ■;.'
V, Mrs." Brown, the widow of John Brown,
who was killed last Tuesday, denies* the
report that the railroad has offered her or
that she litis yot asked any damages.
The new time-card for the local train
took effect on Sunday. By this change the
last two trains arrive at Berkeley at 12:15
and-, 1:15 o'clock. Also the last trains at
niitht leave North Berkeley at 10:20 o'clock
' and 11:20 o'-lock respectively. „ ■ . . • ".*
". James W. 'Bow land was drowned in a'
water tank of the old California Watch
' Works aX 'Berkeley. - It is supposed that he
fell iv while examining -the tank."' He was
■.a pioneer of '411. .■■ ." .. "
; .Sixty. Holders Said, to Be 'Coming.
7 . '„'. From the East. :° 7.-..
,y : X'x/'":. ;. ; -7- •;•<"••:' ••'_
'The' Bisdon,.- Fulton, City arid Union Iron
Works Obtain More. Men— Enmbrs of ' .
.-•:..'• .Disloyalty Among the Strikers. °. ;•-
The fifth week of the iron-molders' strike
.began yesterday with the employment of
two Eastern molders at the JRlsdou, one at
• the ' Fulton, two at the Union and one, at
the City Works. All these are said by the
union's Executive Committee to be incom
petent, The proprietors, on the other
hand, declare that they are first-rate me
chanics, who come from the Fast of their'
own accord. = ."• 7 " ' - ,° 7" "
. The managers of the JRisdon assert that
..they -have sixty men upon the floor ami are
confident that the strike will soon end in
favor*- of the manufacturers. JMarshutz &
J Cantrell, proprietors of the "National Iron
Works, say ihey are doing well and will
never again be ruled by the union. The
junior member of .the firm said last night
that tin re is. work enougbt in the State to
.keep all . the molders busy if they would
only permit the manufacturers to pay for
_ labor just what it is worth.
' "It is said that you have erected bunks
in the foundry. What are they there for?"
"Well, not for ornaments." V.V - -:
. "Do you expect more men from the East?"
"We expect sixty men from the Fast next
week, and we have taken care that they
will not be like the first lot. The associa
tion's agent has engaged them after testing
their ability. We would have had more
men here long ago, but we wanted no more
Henry T. Scott exhibited a letter which
he had received from a molder in Detroit,
who had seen an advertisement for non
union molders to come to San Francisco
and obtain employment at £3 per day. The
writer said he was willing to come and
bring four other molders with him. He was
given a cordial invitation to come right
away and partake of the hospitality of the
Union Iron Works.
It was reported yesterday morning tint
Thompson Jliros., proprietors of the Eureka
Iron Works, had closed their foundry for
the put pose of assisting the Manufacturers'
Association. A Call, reporter who visited
the works was informed that the establish
ment had closed on account of changes in
tli« 01. rmar. i.i.nr, would soon r. linen.
A member of the Manufacturers' Asso
ciation states that bo has good reason to
believe that many of the strikers will go
back to work before the end of the week.
"When asked how he had obtained such im
portant information be said he had it from
a drayman, who bad been . talking ' with
some of the molders.
The drayman told him that the molders
who are at work are weary of paying assess,
ments to support the strikers. The manu
facturer quoted averred that several of bis
old employes wore auxious to be taken
back, and were only awaiting a leader to
head a revolt in the ranks of the molders.
The Executive Committee waited until a
late hour in the night to intercept molders,
who the - had been informed were coming
from the East, but they found none.
Agents of the Kisdon and Union works
state, however, that several competent
molders arrived aud will be given employ
ment to-day.
One of the apprentices employed in the
Industrial Iron Works was taken out on
Saturday evening by the strikers.
Barbaric I)._j.l_y by Hlgiibluders Over
, „ , . III* Burial. r
Chinatown was very sensibly impressed
yesterday by the most magnificent and elab
orate heathen funeral rites ever held there,
and also by the Influence of "Little Pete"
and his highbinder society, the Gi Sin Seer,
thus made manifest. ... Gy Ah Wy, the mur
dered Chinese, obscure among his people,
but a henchman of "Little Pete," and a vic
tim of a rival faction, was buried. It was
owing to his connections and peculiar death
that -.the occasion of his exit to the region
of flowers was taken advantage of by his
" society to show how powerful are the high
binders. ° The display was one of barbaric
° splendor and Oriental lavisbiirss, and when
the funeral procession wended its way out
of Chinatown there were about ninety car
riages in live and crowds of Chinese follow
ing on foot. * _ - '- "" ' „°
Close by the headquarters of the ' Gl Sin
Seer, on Stockton street, near Washington,
a lingo platform bad been built upon the
street. Covering it was a canopy of fine
white cloth, tinder which the funeral serv
ices were held. On the front of this plat
form lay ? the coffin containing W y's
remains— a gorgeous casket, bound and deco
rated with gold and silver ornaments —
purchased by the ■ highbinders at ; great
expense for the dead slave-dealer. Around
it were placed whole ' carcasses of roast
goals and pigs, roast chickens and ducks,
and eggs, fi-h, pies, puddings, candies, nuts,
fruit, birds- nests, and, also a handsome
opium outfit, with an ample supply of the
seductive drug prepared for smoking— all
for the dead man a use iv the other world.
a Wy's widow sat upon a matting beside
the Ca-ilitt walling and lamenting his fate,
while near her wereoWy's three slaves and
.family. Two priests, clad in glittering rai
ment, performed • mysterious rites with im
mense cymbals and wind Instruments and
c a crowd of young Chinese women in white
. silk poured tea over the platform and upon
the mourners' beads. Immense quantities
of tire perforated papers used at Chinese
funerals were ; scattered broadcast v over
many blocks, and the heathenish ceremonies
lasted nearly two hour* before Wy was be
lieved safe Jroin.thc Prince of Hades. V
The police believe that the funeral will
arouse the bitterest feeling among Wy's
friends, and another murder is expected to
take place at any moment in Chinatown.
A Panel Selected to Serve for the Feb
iffiHnE_r^_fgJ||ffiti ruary , Term. V'':_Sa3__H_B__-jS
A Federal Grand Jury, to serve for the
February term, V was : Impaneled > in J the
.United " States District J Court • yesterday.
. Following are the names of those who will
serve: "'.' - -:' . ":..-"
"■■ "Columbus ' VVaterliouse, 0 foreman j- Alexander
Henry, David llawes Allen, Thomas W. Badrter,
: Charles F. lsassett, Alexander T. iJatllnirr, Will
lain I. Buidelt, John M. t.'arinaiiy, Daniel E.
Cotton, Z. s 8. : Kldrldge, William Efle. James M'
Grant, - Albert lleu-.l 1. Herman 11. Ilenck : /
John H. Holder, Clemens llayuert. Edward '.tf
J.lufortli, .10l. 11 .1. -lcliih.-K 11, Louis A. 1" 1,.
Ueorge -E. Farmelee, William 1. V. .-c!i-. X,
Jeiome B. Staolprd and Thomas.!*. Valleau. -•''.;,
- The following whose names were drawn
< failed to appear and a citation was issued
i for them, returnable on Thursday next at 11
o'clock: *• Wm. A. Corn iff, Henry do Veuve,
Joseph -L. - Hess, - Adolph JUochstoiu ' and
Hen jamin F. Norris. J „J : . - - *
"- • . —.1 am ■ ■ ■ ■ :.
Id the Interest of tlie Minora. '
7': Joseph Coblenlz yesterday; applied to be
appointed guardian of Hattie, Pauline, Syl
i via and Isaac Coblentz, minors, 1 ":. who i have
an interest in lands in this city, and in Ala
meda, Monterey and Contra Costa counties,
J Inherited from their mother.-; A suit in par-
J tition ; has -. been commenced against . the
minors, hence it is ■ necessary ; for I them, to
i have a legal guardian.
Willey's ; Followers < Form an In
. trial Army.
They Appeal to the Government for Belief— Aid
V" for the Striking Iroa-Molders— Cooks' and" :
Waiters' Election of Officers.
When the laborers who have been given
employment by the Citizens' Relief Com
mittee ended their day's toil in •' the I park
yesterday, they were addressed by Willey
and his lieutenants, who ■ advised "them ' to
form an army after the manner suggested
by Edward , Bellamy in " Looking : Back
ward." . A ■. '■-..'
The . suggestion was approved, and the
'"arms" was .organized, with the following
officers: \ Colonel • First. Regiment, : Indus
trial Army of the United States, >. W. M.
Willey; J Lieutenant-Colonel. Michael Ryan ;
Major . First, Battalion, J. M. Burcke : Sec
ond Battalion, Charles E. Ringgult ; Third
■ Battalion. Frederick Steinhauer ; Adjutant, |
C. JB. Sedgwick ; Captains— Company •A,
Charles Atkins; Company li, A. Alkerson;
Company C, C. E. Company D, H.
E. Williams: Company JE,* John Barker;
Company F,C. K. Welch; Company K. W.
Sholl ; Company L, C. .M. i Conden; Com-"'
pany M, P. J. Frish; Company T, I. F.
KKnrser.' ■■ -' ' • -■' ;' °. ■■- ---; .. .", , ■"_
■ . "You have left : out a j few .letters," sug
gested The Call reporter, to wnom Willey,
gave the rosterbf officers. . -: : .-"° ■
o "What letters?" ..•;."'. '": '7 V -
; ; " AVell li tter ' I', for instance. v .. '° ' 7
. * "Oh, William Humphrey is Captain of .
Company I." " • «." .* o .'.. ..- •' * V
"Why did you organize?" .'■ " *' "-. '".' ; -..'•'
"To protect th". country." •'. -'
■ But the country Is protected." * -•• •"•:
' "You must be a fool. .The country is not
protected. There are thousands of idle men
who cannot obtain bread to eat."
"How do you Propose to get it for them ?'-*,
. "We have sent au appeal to the President
of the United • States," said Willey,
exhibiting .a neatly printed circular, in
which Mr.- Harrison . was asked 'to see
o that the unemployed;, workmen of the
t nation are engaged upon such national work
as is acknowledged necessary for this city
anil Coast, such work to be done under the'
War Department, without the intervention
.of, contractors. To the end* that this may
be accomplished willing followers nave en-'
rolled themselves as members of the indus
trial army of the United States and have
.taken the following pledge; .". .
We solemnly swear to support" the Constitu
tion of the United stales, and maintain the peace
thereof, even unto dealt,. We solemnly swear
to cfileienily discharge the duties assigned to us.
We solemnly swear that hunger shall uever In
duce us In thought or action to break our alle
giance to our - country, or -violate her laws.
riiott^li Iced to succumb beneath the Iron
Hand of starvation, wo will reiualu true 10 our
flag and oar country^ . -." .« .. .
V Coital S.'-iiit'li.
Tbe Coast Seamen's Union buried a mem
ber of the Seattle Longshoremen's Union
named John Grady, who died in this city.
The union turned out in uniform and Rev.
Father McCue of St. Mary's Cathedral con
ducted the funeral services in the Coast
Seamen's Hall. .The union donated 8100 a
week to the iron-nnlders while on strike.
Communications were received from the
Atlantic Coast and Lake Seamen's unions
tbat prospects are brighter than they have
ever been. New branches of the union
have been organized in . Philadelphia and
Baltimore. John Muller was elected First
Patrolman, vice Boslin resigned.
II _•-.>! a Iters.
At last night's meeting of the Harness
makers' Union two candidates for member
ship were initiated and three propositions
were received. Seven dealers in this city
and eight in the country have promised to
boycott W. Davis & Co.
Cook- -nd lVnlters.'
The Cooks' and Walter,' Union has elected
the following officers : : C. Harvey, Presi
dent; 11. Tollman, Vice-President; G. H.
Fries, Recording Secretary; Y. Schroeder.
Finauclal Secretary; L. L. Fries, Delegate
to Federated Trades.
Slereilore. 1 Union.
The Stevedores' Protective Union adopted
resolutions, last night, of sympathy for the
striking molders. They will donate 23 per
sent cf -.!:<■ receipts of their picnic, at
Badger's Park, next Sunday, to the strikers.
I . .1 --i i tint. II _(.(a«i__,rtf>r_.
The Cigar-makers' Union have offered
their office at Fifth and Jessie streets as a
headquarters for the Council of Federated
Trades, aud their offer will probably be
accepted. ■ _______ ■
' ''A- Brewery Workmen.
The i Executive Committee of the Brew
ery Workmen's Union met last night, and
donated £100 to the striking molders.
They -Till Present Many Celestial ('learns
of Cuu-'.j.l Interest.
The April evening skies, always an at
tractive study, are this year favored with
many celestial gleams of unusual Interest.
The first full moon after the 21st of March,
the pericd of the vernal equinox, has soe
cial significance in ecclesiastical reckoning.
Its effulgence nas long been the herald of
the Hebrew feast of Passover, and since the
Christian era, it lias been the harbinger of
Easter, | the J observance of J which festival
was.assigned to the following Sunday.': As
tronomically, the paschal full moon differs
little from a similar ■ phase in our satellite
at other seasons; but the recent crescent
may have been, noticed to gleam horizon
tally, like a floating silvery strife in the
western sky, while the waning moon will
poise perpendicularly above the east hori
zon, toward the middle of the month beforo
daybreak. These seemingly reversed atti
tudes are really : due to the position the
morning and evening horizon hold to the
moon's path at this season. Its autumn
similar effects occur, but in a reversed
order. At 1:15 A. m.„ April sth, the fully
illuminated disc is turned earthward, and
If the midnight hours are cloudless, it gi'ds
our landscapes more effectively than at any
other time during the present lunar month.
; After the 10th inst. the . moon,' having
passed its descending node, will lie south
of the celestial equator, aud on the 13th.
being In. perigee or the point of Its omit
that lies Dearest tlie earth, will be many
thousands of miles less distant than usual.
The lesser lights of the firmament, pre
viously lost in its rays, will commence to
glimmer out propitiously for observation in
the second week in the month ; many stars
of the first 'magnitude being visible in the
.evening hours, while several planets dispel
the gloom of dawn and dusk, or lend their
luster to the midnight sky.
First in radiance is Venus, now an even
ing star, which may be seen glimmering in
the west after sunset for nearly the re
mainder:, of I tie year, at varying distances j
from the horizon, toward which it gradu
ally sinks as darkness increases. -
teen through a telescope, its silvery disc
is at present gibbous like the moon a few
days before.or after, its full phase; but, be
ing •at a distance of about -■ 150,000,000
:of miles from the earth, the apparent size
of Venus is less than when in the crescent'
phase, and at one-sixth the distance, as it
will be : some timo hence."- In either phase :
the fair planet is the brightest of all stellar
] lights, | Jsut as ; it ' shines . with s borrowed
uster, to the mental vision, the I seemingly I
inferior fixed stars | are a grander study, as
of marvelous ! size, and with a ■ luminosity
entirely : their v own, they .£ shine down
upon us ' from the far-off depths of j space.
Those .of the '.first magnitude I havo each
some peculiar aspect * well-known to the
practiced , observer. The ~ following ■: de
scriptive - remarks ? may enable ; those ; un
familiar with their aspects and positions to
readily recognize a few that are conspicuous
in the present season : .-- - ■ :. a -.-*■ ■■■-,
X Looking southward nt dusk we see Pro
-cyon, awhile star.net very far from;,- the
zenith. "" It may be better identified by no
. ticing tiie faint orb of I the fourth magni
tude that lies near it in a northwesterly
direction. : Farther north and nearly in the
zenith : are ; the Twins, Castor and Pollux,'
much alike in size and tint, though Pollux
is now slightly the larger of the two. There
i is ' some evidence ' that their relative sizes
have changed: within the last few centu
ries. • .-.-.a yr-A... ■ a.;"' A' a : ■ a- a -;.■
- * '■ Northwest is Capella, represented on an
cient star-maps as a goat with kids, a* few:
small but bright stars to the south, in the
form '; of ' au , acute - triangle,'* marking i the 3 ;
place of the latter. In the opinion of i the'
superstitious ancients these little orbs glis
tened with ill-omened fires, to which belief;
the Greek poet, Callinia.hus, alluded when'
he wrote, more than 2000 1 years ago, "Shun
the sen, vO sailor,* at the setting of ; the
kids." £ JJX".- AAi.-....,_....>. ,';: .A ,-..-:
-. '.. To the west is Aldebaran in Taurus, and '
southwest the well-known constellation of
Orion, and v Sirius, next .. to ?- Venus, the !
brightest star in the western heavens. Via'
the -eastern: heavens may; be seen the con-;
: stellation of Leo, and the mane of the lion,
also known as the Sickle, is not far from
the meridian at dusk. JKegulus, a pale star
scarcely equal to others of first magnitude,
j with which, however, It is classed gener
ally, represents the < handle, but tho planet
Saturn, at present a little to the north of it.
'-"■*-*'".'■"■" ;■"..-'-;"'■. ■'■■ "'-':■ "'AA- -.--.: • • -■'■■ . .-■■:. .-.■Zx*.f_:\>- ..--.
lends a temporary gleam to tho celestial im
plement of agriculture. "~ '■% :.:=..''; ;*-.".'.■
v Directly, east i and seemingly about mid- :
way between the zenith and the horizon is
orange-tinted Arcturus, one of the largest
of ■ the fixed stars visible in northeply lati
tudes. Mentioned in the Book of I Job and
other very ancient writings, its 7 peculiar '
name, though of unknown derivation, is r
doubtless a word of great antiquity. Soica, J
a white ; star in " the , constellation Virgo,
may be i seen directly I southeast, nearer to
the horizon than Regalus at dusk in the be
ginning of the month. . As the . month pro
gresses : all these [ stars, with the exception
of -Venus, will be seen more and more to
the west in the evening hours; and toward"
the end two beautiful orbs will arise in the
southeast at a seasonable hour for general
observation. ~As alike ;in tint and size as
they are unlike those previously described,
the accustomed star-gazer will Instantly
recognize the ruddy planet Mars as soon as
he glances above the mists of the horizon;
while the only star in -the entire heavens
that can- rival his hue follows closely a
little . to- the south. Antaresa' the nine of
the latter, signifies "the rival of Mars,'.' for
it sends forth through the depths of space a
close imitation of the fiery glance of the
god of war. Their present proximity, so
convenient for • comparison, is an interest
ing periodic event occurring every two
years. „■-■' ..:."'.. ■ ; ... - "-'_..- .'•-....
A few hours before daybreak Jupiter, nt
present: a morning star, appears in the
southeast, its | golden ray being lin striking
contrast to the rose-tinted orbs at that hour,
passed beyond the meridian. On account
of size and brilliancy Jupiter is easily
recognized, and its matin gleam is not. the:
least interesting of the planetary. Tights
with which April is favored in the present
year, ; ■-• . . . -V .x> * . . ° „ -■■ .--.X
-.'• " Held In Custody. =.„="-'' "o ■-'
G. A. Brenner is under arrest at the City
Prison on a warrent sent from San Bernar
dino charging him with obtaining money"
by 'false pretenses. He came -to . this city
last Friday and: was found in the American
Exchange Hotel by Officer Helms.' ;"."" V
. The Spring Opening * Mrs. Adcock, 10
Kearny stieet, occurs to-day and coniiniies dur
ing the week. All the latest novelties in the
millinery line.. . • " . " A,„ -■_.*; *
«',— T^W,.'^, "1— " O - „. I
Special Administkatok.— Herman H/Ive^
'ineyer has been appointed special administrator
of the estate of Gerhard I. lveuieyer, which is
valued at $9000. . .. ' ■ .'■„:• •■ °
' ' -■ , =, ■ — _ ° Q °
ABE UNLIKE all oth_b PILLS. °_ No purg
ing 01 pain. Act especially on the liver aod bile.'
Carter's Little Liver l'ilis. One pill a dose. * .
" "*_.■■. m ° .
Bebtei.ixg has the only reliable methods, to
lit defective sight, 427 Kearny street. " ' c»'"'
' '*-' : °,° "y. Divorce .Matters, f "7 -° "1 „,-
. Llllie H. Sprague'was granted a divorce
by Judge Lawler yesterday . from Morri3 F.
Sprague on the ground of extreme cruelty.
Kate A. KJers.U was divorced from Adam
Kersell on the ground of his cruelty. .
Elizabeth Bitner has sued John Bitner
for a divorce. ° ,J,° •' .X- >
, .-* — —^ — r . — o ..' - O
Ilonrd'nf Ilenlth ChanJees. ".J, . £.
: Dr." Yeamans will be City Physician from
to-day. and bis place will, be taken : by ex-
City Physician Williams. Dr. Yeanians in
tends," however, to continue his supervision
of the Receiving Hospital; • -V p ■" ? -"■ ..
lilf - TAKE „ -'\:\y~*
Sims Liver; Eeplatof.
Bad Breath. / °
Nothing Is so unpleasant as bad breath, generally
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; Jaundice/ x;
Simmons Liver Regulator soon eradicates this dis-
ease from the system, leaving the skiu clear and Ire©
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Sick Headache.
The stomach imperfectly digesting its contents
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rcr?ons living in unhealthy localities may avoid
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Simmons Liver Regulator to keep the liver in
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Should not be regarded as a tripling ailment. Na-
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Yellow Fever.
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Chills and Fever.
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-■ ' ■ ? noB 3y ' *-
and thirst for pleasure. The ruling passion
5 of the human faintly. In 'aaplngn rich-
es the brain is taxed, the nervous system
■trained. In the pursuit of pleasure th» body-
Is tortured by fashion's despotic swuv; the ;
. hours designed for repose are devoted to ex- '
hausting revelry; the stomach is ruthlessly
imposed upon; pure water, the natural '•
drink for all created beings, is ignored, and
liquid fire is substituted until, ere we are -
aware of it, disease has fined its Iron grasp
upon ns. Then we look for tho "remedy." •
* To the victim of these follies, we commend
Dr. Tutt's Liver pills. : They stimulate tlio-'
liver, strengthen the nerves, restore the ap-
petite and build op tlio debilitated body. ■;
Tutt's Liver Pills
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Sick Headache S
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, ./ / '-"on now have an opportunity to\\
, I fooj * buildln- lot in the geogrsphtcal\\
/ /heart of the city, and directly on the\\
' I /line of the cable extension, for $100 to\ \
I I*4oo, according to size and ) location.) I .
,1 Those who desire to pay cash may do so. I I
I IThose who prefer can pay $'.25 down and I / 1 -' "■
I \»l5 each. month until paid for, with / /
7 \ Untcrest at bank rates, 7 per cent per// : :
\annum. These lots are now within / / °-°':
stone's throw of the Valencia-// '„ b
\\ street cable-cars and the// •' 'a.'. .
J\\. Mission - street horse- je/°* '". • ' °
\7s^car line, which 'ISA/* ° ' "
■ r -' a ' .__r \^^ __Pa_k ■- ■ ______BB_I^ N *V. C.
■ //is soon to be' changed to a cable\\ • ■'•
/ /and also directly on the line of the\ \ *-"
1 j /Howard-street cable - extension. Th_\ \- '°
I /locality Is , rapidly building up. It is\ \ =°
' I (perfectly: healthy, and there is no sand.) I !•
I The view IS superb, embracing a pano-l I °.°<-
. l Irama of the whole city and the bay,/ .
A \ While in the distance the hijrh Sierras../"/-.'.""
! \\\vith their snow-capped summits,/ /°. 5
i \ Vcom piece ta, grand ? and beautiful// ° y
. - =V\ picture. » The lots are all ready// ■* "...
X- \\for building, and there are-// ','?*'"
° °° \ \ many nice houses IhjTy/ „.'J .":
o ° \\. tlie itamtil- \J^V/*- "■ '";":.*;' ...
//ate vli|nlty...» This Is,: tho last\Y J*.„°."'„
6 //chance yon will- ever" have to buyVV ';• -°
„; ., / /really o good lots at such cheap pricesA \ " .
ISt /and it is your golden opportunity toy V "°
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•> I at very much higher figures in a^compata-l | '■"'
if \ I .lvely = » short time. S We ocon*Sdentiy0 con*Sdentiy re-/ '/ »' °.
_ \ \ commend as a safe and profitable/ / °- ';."
'.A \ investment. ° 0 °□ ° ° .c-t '•' ' °_■ 7 I'
.' °\\ We abstracts of title and// 7.-^
~ =\ \ give immediate possession. • i /'/. ■".•'.'
"° ' \a\ There t are nearly 300 // '■' '.- *
• .• \/\, lots Included In y.l\\z~/y/ /* .»„"•".,
-" ° 7°'" \^X^ sale, and A^C*" ' o°''-'°°0 °''-'°° '."
°d / *^E\f^vW ;
°* ••„•//• O Lt'- xvs • • =
. o y / * mt *. o X\ - - o
o '' //there are plenty of corners." * \\.,';'."'
_Z //have bptßii esidence and business" lots\ V ■> * *„
7 / lot various sizes and wo can suit everyA \ ?•; •"
■ */ /body, but. you must- come at once to\ \ •
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... I Istreet cable, line," ready to ° take you to I 'I : :
\ Uhe lots, Tree or charge, every hay. "//".' _
c A V '_ Salesmen and maps on the ground/ / - 0 •„'
c ' \\andatthe oaice. = = -s- '-"•/'/ "• ' •
; 607 Market Street,
i °.Ki'A-= ■ mr__ 7_ lit ■ ..= -...:-_'.■:
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eft? 00.,
(Retiring from Business),
Paints, Oils, Varnislies,
Brushes, Lubricating Oils '■■;■,,
, and Painters' Sundries,
, mr'23 _nTtiTh-t ■ -
havln? foretold that a TIDAL WAVE will de-
stroy San Francisco and Oakland on the 14th day
of April It behooves all those who do not feel good
enough to die so soon, or who hope to make any-
thing by living rigbt along,. to betake themselves to
elevated heights until after the deluge, , -
Are 1000 feet ]ii«rli above tide water and
hence give the desired security, as well as furnish ft
pleasant resort with good table, comfortable beds,
hot and cold baths, and all the accompaniments of
a first-class watering place, -• n G
- x ■ JACKSON * VTOOSTEB, Proprietors. ?
' . .;■- rorliieodlSt. ■= , . x n. ■■-■
-1 2 V dealers of the State for the purpose or organ! z- .-
ing a "Retail Lumber-dealers' Protective Associa-
tion" will he held In the Chamber of Commerce,
San Francisco, on WEDNESDAY, April 9th, at 10
o'clock a. St. Opeclal reduced rates of fare have
been secured for all dealers residing outside the '
city of San -Francisco, who will attend this meeting.
Special printed notices, with circular setting forth
objects of this organization, have been mailed to
every dealer; but In case of non-receipt of said no-
tice by any- dealer, such dealer ls requested to notify
the Secretary at once.
A _ A. W. STARBIKD, | „-
o W. c. LITTLE, - ".Committee. 1 °
..-'- ° W. I. REED, ;-'■ -
IlgN'Rf Ron Kits. Secretary. mr'_B 30 apl 36 8 ,
-*~__nMigJ_Ll3K'' i/bX^ * n^ othen suffering- with
__4-f^C*<-£-^___F*-**-*s^?*\ rlienmntisni. neuralgia, kid-
B^^.-^^i7T^r^»^iisl^ney and exhausting chronic
r^siCCTmtßtVe^ : a d ' Kue3 premature decline o
_^^%Z3~ r £,2^ii&r ot iW oroldareposltlvely
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E. J. IMHAtfS. Proprietor Pacific Coast Branch J
410 Kearny street. S. P. -. i . -o fe9 tf SuTuTh.
*}***- 1 ■ ■ »- DEBILITY; WEAKNESS of BODI
v %J _X.li ___i Arising from Early Indiscr-tiona.
; Rohmt HKII.Tn full- Rmlo-M. «!>,ointelT l'.f,lll«r HOCK '
TKKAT_KNT-l_,_. 111. I_ a,d.J. B._te.ll^f I Sri*?_,_i"
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DEPOT, 118 Montgomery st, adjoining %__se_
Occldental Hotel entrance. - lylM tr cod •
THE WEEKLY CALL: is a most \ ao-
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■r x CHAS. LEVY, : " :
Salesroom— s36-538 Callfornlast., below Kearny '
Regular Salesdays Tuesdays Fridays, .at 10 a. it ■
.''-': THIS DAY. 7' : ; SBM
Tuesday. ;..... ......:.,..V.::.Aprn I,' 1800;
;■" ; > At 10 o'clock a. ii., at Salesroom," '*
536-538 California Street, below Kearny,
'-.--° *"---' ...I WILL SELL. ... *../" _. .; ,.- — - ".
The Eleffant Furniture, j
. : Parlor Upholstery, Carpets? Ranges, etc. „• J I
Also, aa Assortment or Offlce. Furniture. *-."'' - A\
»Pl It „. '.- CHAS. LEVY, Auctioneer. -• • , ;
:* ;77:xCHAS.LEVY.77 '.•■" .--;;
• Salesroom— California Street. *"
*:'v.\y :.{;.■•} THURSDAY. "_; ■■* ~ . -
* Thursday ..:..*.'.. ......■-....•..;. °.'Aprir3,\18e0,
_-. A At II o'clock a. M,. on the premises, '
■•'. ''•'-.'.• X WtX-t, SKLL, AT. PUBLIC AUCTION,
f^XjijFlCjfiXCH AN<Gi;7 HOTEL.
.-*.-./.";■ , '.;." ALSO.'....
_„"' ■ * '',"' A -bar and r'-jl'cukb-- :''.. " 5
• •:„";hci__se, buggy, HAK?jESS,* etc.
■ IV Can be bought privately pre. ioui to sale on
the jlay of auction. . .- -,,-. . :. -.- A
.". apl it "■.■;,.. --„ CHAS. LEVY, Auctioneer. ■■
:/t7 GEO. F; LAMSON, S^7^ 2
. . ; '° - 42S Keamv stX between California and Vina. '
• •'7';7;^;;;;^his day.7 •;. : ' *;.", ._-_
Tuesday 1i.../} i...... .April 1, 1890,"
" ■ 7\V»**-*** o'cloSkA, m.; on the premises.'-'/ 1 *'*• /
" NO. .■loll'.';Mklii_._iT 'sJT.,'.NE,vi_ SIXTH,
'";.*'-, ". •■'■ .'.^-.i:':--, 1 WILL _____,:.., '*■ • ','.'
•. 0 -.. On account of tearing dawn building,' yoiv.rv
•;"„.■.••.*•„ V. •*»'-•'. •3000 worth , ; ; ■*'
MagDlficent Forniture and Uphols'ery. •!
Beiru. Entire Balance 'of.' Stock in Above
'„. °. °..*'.. '.'.'.. . *.":._":'.' Store.' .' .':„•*,- ' . l "
,* ~y '"'"■.'•' \^y "J 1..\.~.tx>-tratHiftii,.2. ■ .■'•'J'** J • i- -
53^ve'n°S_a'gnl,8-ent°Parlo_ Sets, .4, 5 and 6 pieces
• ' .each, -uidioUteted In costliest brocades, tapes-
■;.- tries and plushes. Elegaut ■ Siugle Chairs and
3 •;,*■ Rockers; Ladles' Desks, Cabinets and Chill.
. . .erst in walnut or antliiuH mi ; Wardrobes and'
*.■", Hat-stands: Elegant Sideboards and Extension '--'•.
.., » •.Tables; Magnificent Lounges and Divans: Office
„%,C hairs: "-oak. Walnut Dining Chairs,' with a ,"
'_ . '.; large "mi amity of other articles. •. •.. -2 '. ;.* . .
_¥¥* The above furniture is all of the newest and
. -hottest style? aud : ha» been Imported from the' East
"since January- Sale positive and' peremptory on .' •
account of beimr-compelled to vacate the building
forthwith.-; [3-1.23 _IEO. I*. LAMSON. Auctioneer.- ' V . !
: '<' AUCTION^SALE - : :v:: : ; - ;
*. - ';.'-> WILL seli; to-_iiiki:o\v. ".' A-''. - :'',.
"WeJlhesrtiiy < '^Jif.*.sX*.'' j :.*.,Vr.>\Aiiril S,' 1890. .'■ "
. "° .At 11 o'clock ... ... at the residence of • " '. -•■'","
"■' ,°" -.'■;"■ Mug.. J, liA.NIIAI M. •.•,-: .A. "
All of'the Nearly Ne .r Parlor, Bed-room v .
, %■•'. •". s .- j|nd=Dininfi;-room'. ..'.---"•.-:-.-*,'.- -
- °'° 3B»„x*aa.x_riT'cr._c : _.E:V'"''.'-7;,
Frencb-plate Alan tei Mirrors; Fine Pic- : -'« :
'. ttnres, Clocks, Di-fjues, French China, \
o ° _ Glass wiirn, etc., ",—•..' '-I.. ..',"- J. •' .• " ' "'
°y c ° o/. ....cpU-.Biai_.ciy c ..'- •".;..' '■'•'•-■. 0 _
, Parlor Set, In French"? velours °? atlji," with cherry *
frames the latest -styles; Odd Parlor.' Chairs ..
. and Divans, in brocaded -silk' and other fancy. -*•
>. covers; Cherry Cabinet r.ud Fancy (Tomer Stand;
s „ tiold-frame irench-lilate Mantel Mirror; .'« .' ,°
Fine Steel Engravings; Bisques and- other Par!.,!-
, Ornaments; English Body .Brussels . Car,..,.
' with borders of the latest design; 7 ':"•... •' - „- A-
Massive Walnut Hed-romn Set, 'e'o'str $250;
Oak Red-room Set, with French beveled mirror; '
Chiffoniers; Reclining Lounges aud Chairs;-.- *• . ' "
Fine Hair Mattresses, Down Feather Pillows and
. other Bedding; . '"-->„-'.-.. --.._
"Walnut Sideboard ; Pedestal Extension Table, with _S
Chairs to match: Fine French China and Cut.-'
Glassware; Body Brussels Hall and Stair Car- "-■
- pets, and a variety of other household goods.
apl at M J. SIMMONS, Auctioneer.
Eeal Estate Atrents and General Anctioneers,
311 California st, bet. Sansome and Battery. •
TO-MORROW. ; '.'» 7
Wednesday : ...„..;... April 3, 18UO, *
At 11 o'clock a. m., on the premises, _"
37 SHOTWELL STREET. Bet. Fourteenth
and Fifteenth, Howard and Folsom,
THE VERT ____££-___«_ /FURNITURE
". . '." . COMpniSINO ik PART....
Very Elegant Parlor Suit, upholstered In crimson - ;
embossed plush: Magnificent Easy Chairs; Ori-
ental Lounges and Fancy Reclining Chairs; Ele-
gant Oil Paintings; Steel Line Engravings; the
Finest of English Velvet Carpets; Fancy Stand-
ards; Elegant Chenille Portieres and Lace Cur.
tains: Magnificent. Chamber Suits; Spring and
Curled Hair Mattresses; Massive Hall-Stand;
Elegant sideboard; Extension Table: Dining fl
Chairs; Chinaware; Glassware: Platedware. ,
etc.: Magnificent Range; Linoleum, and Kitchen * I
Requisites complete. - -
_ : THE ARTHUR B. HKIi ,', S CO.,
apl 2t c Auctioneers.
JD At Auction!
tuesday ° apr.lB, 1890, v
■ - , --'-'- - - ; '-.- ,- ■ . -.- a,
1 c AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON, AT LSI! VIM, ' ■ '**
618 Market Street, opposite Palace Hotel.
d 7 th, Uranas and . Minma -, Sis., •-> Corbett
•■• ' ' Road, " Park Lane and Oljnfpns St., ''
. BlilN'O BART OF THE 'X'_
;7}' MAP. .NO. 04, ° - -':.-J 0 °-
MAP NO. 4,
' lOO— -
y Grand View. Excellent Drainage. .
Are sheltered from the summer winds and fogs.
Are upon the warm southern slope of Mr. Olympus.
Are all ready to build upon. 0 -
Are upou tbe best cable system in thb world. 2a
Are near Buena Vista and Golden Gate Parka. * '
.- Are certain or a very-radical advance ln price. . •■*** '
,Are to be sold upon exceedingly liberal terms.
'!>_■■-" ■ ' '. o - ■' '- . ° A ■- i .--.
o«3"The0 «3"The Mark«t-st. Fxtenslott will _m.-« .
near these Choice Home Lots, and will tri- :
ple the value iv a short time. - .. )
A Golden Opportunity >
!;' o ° TO IJNVESX. "i-'S; - \-
SAVINGS I- --0.-1-7: ppr \JT
SAVINGS 'BAISK9 are paylnj. but 4 per },'
ecu. we. annum interest to depositors. ?
These HOME LOT!, are certain to par from ,1
' four to fire times that amom.t In advance '
In prices durinjr the next few years. -
2= °
Tnl-. property is east ami south or Mount Olympus, ■
on which is l*ocated°the Oodde^s of Liberty (wbtcti
is to illuminate the surrounding country by a largo
electric light), and a short walk from the junction ot;,' -' -
"Aifdafew minutes' walk south or Halgtht-st. cable .
road at Ashbury,. St. This property 1-. located in :_ ]
very pleasant part of this city, and certainly In a 10-: =
ration that must advance very radically in value, i*
The view irom these CHOICK home LOTS cannot l'"~
be excelled In this city. Wo commend nil parties 'J
desirous to invest in a HOME LOT, and where at fa
least 25. per cent per annum advance is almost a I
certainty, to Invest at this auction sale, < This Isa j
chance ln a lifetime. " „■, j..;.
Title guaranteed perfect to the fall lip
: amount of the i*urchu-.e money -by the oil
TUIST COMPANY for the notuiud sum - *. 1C * '
SO for each lot. * . -o0 gd .
"° -. °' V ' . ° 3 ■'" •=' t„ .'J-
TKKMS— One-fonrth only cash; b'
— 5 equ;d semf-annnal paymeo' B •
£.by in<u;;;i;*'. Interest oni* . <••■ --° ■ .' f Q -.
-p. per annum, Including mo*. . ... ... . ,
'■" able semi-annually. ..-,'- :'y.° . -
Do Not Fail tf}j:'j;:77 : -'./.. '
-tf* ar to 17 th-»t.,
V ortakelialgi.t-
past _.-•- °:°. - .. i .erty the property;!
pss'-- .ertytothnproprrty;
our larct. . .: . :•• • .. ' „on the premise
,** sot catalogue,; t.rm., etc.. inquire of V 7
'" ASTON, E______3_DOS & C 0.,., *l i.
. Anctloneer«,°«!B STarUet St., S. F. ?
-■ >•- mr3'J anl-:i-5-B-7-8 ° -- *' - j
WEAK ¥&* ft*- How to Act! ;
I » __•!« .-- i- » 3 Lost Vigor, premature decllno.etc, i
' ♦***»_ ' cared wUXoal Stomach Medicines.';
*»ta _J_Ti rti^i*:"led Treatise, valuable to every
?_Tl3f_r__ <_ maa ' tma - MARSTOJS CO., 1. -fast
**l_lU_»Wplao»- New Yorlt. - -.; --„. „,■. -:-. .
jy. Iy TaThSaJtWy

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