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KcniarkaWe Form" Shown—- The
. Palo Alto. Colt Nero.
Bico "Win Postponed Heat Race— AOreat
Kitapee Event Fa,l» to Smfax 7 'Iv
-.. -Odette's Game Bun.
"li 'yy ■ *??.■? Blood-horse Association closed the
' :,. Tegular gracing programme .of its ; fall- meet
'.^-Mng yesterday, "at-. the Bay Bistrict track.
l;. tli the. trick find weather were all that
.-'.;; could .'tie: desired; ; Tlie*' attendance, while'
'flflfl .fair. ■ has *.be'eß''*tw*fcfi ; exceeded uuiing the
; ;.r : :: .-njcetinßy-v.> 'iy-fl.- 'yl '■■ ; iflfl :_■•; .'yy
yy. ; fl ; :.: •::■".'.-' ■SEHofl riiVE for"m; \ ■=•*.'*..•.'
- in.tlife.Stcond event, the htindt'cap t^o- .
year-elds, there was. a most surprising re-.
• *ersal *'&P : T&rms'slrowti on. Tuesday last
Then the ■Pafe-.AMd'colt,, Xcro.that Trainer
* lien ry Walsh 30sXlv'ico.nsiderPd the best one
-- ' lie ever. trained, Kasii'e and Flambeau not
excepted^ co.uld'cti'ly tun a passable third to
Mnf.irxi and Clieeifirl over seven fnrluugs in i
.-.;-" the slow tijie ofcl'Si-.' The weights- were:
'-' Xirii llo, "SHifa* UO,"ClieerfuUoO. fl'flfl
■iV*'--K'*.;On':?orursdai tyet a mile, isinfas (115):
«-. : ' ran tJilrd'tß^oni>i"(Jls),atjd.Diikei of Alil
-[ -. pri.-is. (lliiV ioyi Ai%, Iheerft.'l i lu') .aUo T.in,
s:'^-lwt%^.?]eyw..ln'Jt''i>. / ;._'-. V. -'■■ * ' "•- 'li-i ' .:
On. \V«ingsdiy Xero was worked.: three- 1
.- quarti-rs in 1 1 .<*.+, a vast difference over his
... . —Sim win si h Ttit*-|\iy 7, race. '.,;"-;•-■ *' **" ■'■■'■':■
\f-iif it iy >er<v with 108.'* in • the flf teen
■■•• "Sixteenths' run ..-a sixteenth farther than he :
.*■-':'. Went on Tuesday when he was third, made.
* . ' .•- a ' liiily show of -.his "field, winning,
.:'.' .d'o'.wn.-atter-'makiug; all tire' ruhofng. by
.'.-." eijtht lengths, in the. excellent time of IrfS^.i
. --fl Hi- gave the others fully a- twenty-pound •
■:-■ -besting,' thriiish* among tliem were Conrad,
' •-. .Who heat Sinfax, and Cheerful, who neatly.'
' -defeated. Siniax also. ' She also took .the.
. -'. .*• phi. c troin Nerd When Sinfax' won, '.: . ' •'. . *. „"'
•■•Nero's' perforhianee yesterday fully jus
'- tifies Trainer Walsh's high opinion of him,
-.-.• and tlie colt will be one of the leading three
'••'year-olds.of.the country next year. ' \fl;._ '.yx
" ■■-" -'■:■' .-yirciESyWERE ABSfeSt. .*** : "" '• •". "
'.": It .may"..be nienlt'/ued, though;, that; on
Pettier President AiielLathrop,
■flfl '.Superintendent ol the Palo Alto ranch, nor
:-. ..yLlfriiiy: \\" tilsh, trainer of the running divis
•'-'. ' 'io'n,;'.-wer'e "'present at ! the track *.nud:that
race was run in the.dusk -The same
-.' '• who rode Nero on Tuesday rode him.
■'.."•.;• yesterday*;"' YY'.yfl:. fl-;:--' y..;i;..Yfl ■<•";■;•'
•*'.;■ , : '*'Y- y.l-iii^o,'.i>*ixs.,rtE;'.SEJ 7 .T* RACE.- .'..'. ;.':
. programme's first number-was"
.th.epos)poDeil heat irECfci(fc\e furlongs) of last
-Ihlir.-dSj'..^.l{ico (looj, Murphy, and, Id*
.***.. -••..Glenn lit"; Cooper,' were thfe-starlers..-- The
■ ... .. d.i.vs' ie»t ii ide ii* a stars thing for Kieo
;to witi,- wliieli ne did. tatuiily in 1:01, Ida
.yy -Glenn. getting the place odds only.*- * Had the
.racsi.^ten run o*ff.On:l b.uTgday, as the Glenn
ffl — people wished;* Jiico. woliid certainly* have
lost, as 'he- was bleeding from - the nose and
. - ..very tired. Before tlie postponement the
— - .li't"'~* offered' B,io. 5 against Pico and Ito 4
.Ida Glenn .Yesterday these: odds were re
. vfcr>ed.. Ida. tiieiin is a particularly unfor
. y tUßdfc -Twice this year postpone-
. . meats have cos t.her races which she st-enied
'-.;.■' to have, at herb ercy . .-';:'■'"■ fl'yi *"■-:-• . . '
.... TSfcltO fcITMPS HOME. iflfl * . -.
* Nero's revived gre^t reputation made him -
a cinch fa'vorite.fpr the next event, and 4 to
. 5, Ho place, were listed against him. Con.
'■■- rad'; it : '2% to. i and 2to 5 a place,. «as next
.':'•*: choke. Cheerful, T.use hud .. and Power
ranged about 15. to Si. while Sir % alter was
'sent torthe-back-viood settlements at 30 and
ItS y The., 'favorite': fiad .it ail his own way,
, ■ taking the lead from the start and finishing
ten lengths befor'«.Sir Walter, who was sec
ond, all: .jhe* taxi!, T>ut€„ 1:^5% - .Vms
jockey-never had teroiisi; his hands on him.
--'. - Conrad got. third : '.place.. The-. others Were
'.": fly beaten:6ii,.y fly fl'-fl-xyflY- ".»•"■■ :"■ • fly; „.,
■'■-'. '■■■■■■' fl flflfl: ';fl : --.-".Bvim Anr.'- '';; .'„'.:.'-/ -A —■
Purse $400. handicap iar two-year olds, fifteen
-. * * '■-'. six-te pHii-ota 11.-: lt. .- flfl -.-- ;■■•'- ■ ,"
. ."';*.: ' PalO'Alta'StMk farm's by .Nero 1 > FlooU-Que'ea - '■
* - - * , " • licss,' w.ifl:::',. ::. .'iV-. .'.'.1 ::.:; . YYY-: : 1 7
.-.;'- liiiivi uuil.Stiible 1 * 4-r,- c ,--ii Waller, by Nathan..*
".'•'"- -." Co..'Tuii^.-lit-Ssie, .I*o--- |-euiiit.-il .5 .pounds over)
. .. -:, j. \x.: y., „,< "i ■„,,=="■ '.■-,,,- E»Ti.-s i
-..'.-- - L.J. 'iiu&e's U. C: - C.uitruil... by PTuotl-liolila, 115
.*'--. ■.-:.V„..;i.-..'iv.:'.=:;;i.\-.';-:'.:>..... :.... -.Murphy 3
.;.' :'•-'- AlsO-raA: Tliiinriil * HlOjMliiliiiin Power. 91).
AVartit; T.O>e':ilU. 107-: . Koath. Won by 10 leugtha,
''■ "very. -easily. "-two between second and third.
• * -." --.* *.-■■ .'--• " -'.-'« ■*„*.-= ".•".-•:niiie,.l-:3s>.ij. '■
,- . ■':. -net-tins— Pools - : -;N'e'ro and lluoebud $75. Conrad
- .'J2o ,nem'*:''_' , : l-yoks-: Nero, 4 to 5: Coiirau. 2fl.
flfl- aud.-I'co li: ,-ir WaiU-r, 30 and 10; olbcrs, 10 to li.
. i illi-i. WINS THE ViISTAf..
. .. , , Miita'.w'-.is favorite for the. Vestal stakes,
'-- -yolie^nd'a-quarter miles, at 2 to "5, Mabel F
*..;•'-•"•- tit 2 to li'iiud' Adelaide, 30 and 8, being her
...--• '"opponents. •■';.Muta and -Mabel were nose
*-.*' •' ai.d ii. peueatly all the way, Muta winning
■■-■:'■'. li'ahiii.fy r by ■'.two lengths from whipped-out
:'.y .in -2:11>4. Adelaide ran a game last
.* ! -**race : *by*'bersell and against herself, and
'"••;'.' ..liiade iia dead heat, fully twenty-five lengths
V ■'.'■'.; "-behind leaders. ; *"•.-. •.flflyxfly fl".
.*'"'; *.; '-.;. ;.-'-.SCMMAKY— THE VESTAL STARES. ■>»'--:.'
* ..- For li'iree-yekr-old tillies(Ioal»of 1837); $25
.* -'" each; p. if., with 5500 addeo, second to receive
■•--'* ;-"-"Sloiy thi.td-.to faTe stake; closed August 15,
:*. 1888",' «ilb" tw«uty-ooe entries, of which live de
..' claieatiut.-.-..Oue mile and a quarter.
.' '. : ' PalloAlto Stock 'Farm's elm f. Uuta, by Wlidldle.
-»- .*■ .-MuUuy., 115..*.. .„ ; 1
... -Ll't . saipj>ee's b. r. Mabel P, by Longfellow-Car
;.".".. rle'lUimyss. 115............. , Morton v
.'. li 8. P^'.-t'-ick's b*. I . Adelaide, by Orlustead-Vlc
'■:■.■■: -ibrla.'lls. ...•.,."..............,... llousln 3
■j- ■'■ Woneaslly by two lengths; twenty -fire lengths Ue
■•'■;. twceu'&ecoud third.
-.' '•.-—".•.'. :"- '■:.- Time— 2:ll>4.
*.-'. .Betilng^Mula 2.t05, .Mabel 2, Adelaide 30 to 8.
-..'; ■'■■;-■ flflfl : '.a'-eattlixb race.
\ ;;•': '.-The' Holiday handicap, another mile and
. ..... a Quarter event, followed, andean justly be
- •"•""cali'e'd*as good {Trace as has ever been seen
'.'.■': : '.'at*ttie ; Pay District or any other coast track.
,- : *..*;* -ft luimsi-ed "a red-hot finish between the
'..':-' ni-placed hordes, with several so close up
-.-..•'.- yth 1 1 until the wire was passed they seemed
'''.y lo'ha'.ve.a great chance to get a share of the
'■.'■*.:* : 'iiidhey.;."., ' y. -. - ';*'
-fly". .-■■"/ :; ■;■■-. seaely. HAD A PICNIC. ■... ,;
■■'•'•' '..'Despite her top weight of 120 pounds,
; :' ; Odette, on her run at the distance lust Sat
''v;'::'iirda'yw*ith five pounds less impost, was
■ : ..-'iiiaiie" favorite in the books over the eight
y\ v.' others. at 2% to 1. L. J. Pose made a little
..".*'• 'tOurxif 'the ring, placing hundreds on her
*'. -* '.arid soon drove her down to 8 t0. 5.'. Hot
•'.'-.- :.' spur was second choice at 3, and Sinfax at 5
: ;■"*.-. w.a> next in lavor. Marigold, Jackson and
• y."' *• .-Itiiiutlrop were at sixes and eights. iSa
•-. beau and Revolver were outside lots at 20
.->!.; -acd'SO. Etl Smith liked Picnic. The mare
was in good order and her liking for the
distance well known. The genial Sacra
'•'.;'• rnt-iit ' Secretary invested enougn on her at
.'■ . * 10 to 4to recoup him for the .—.odowic dis
• "', .aster.* Had Tommy Morton not met with
-'.*.:- that., accident, when' Lodowic fell. Picnic
. would have won at the finish.* But Morton
. •' was still sore from bis shaking up and not
' *- -' " at his best strength.*
-"•;• '■'• *:*.'•• JACKSON LEADS. *. J y'y-:
.'. ' There was a long delay at the post, caused
by seven bad breaks away. When the flag
fell' Jackson took , the lead, with Revolver
.- ■".. and , Hotspur, close up, Odette eighth' aud
. .-. ' Picnic just back with her. This was the or
'• • der at- the stand. -At the half Jackson led
..•the band by two lengths, Mabeau second.
There was a general closina-up down tlie
■• . hut kstretch. Jackson was still in front at
the three-quarters and mile, Odette second.
Picnic -third. ' Up' the stretch Sinfax ana
' * •'" Hi'tspur.joined the leaders/ Jackson falling
'*' '• back; to filth place. A rattling setto was had
'■■ .'.'•. 'coining home, the Whips Hying like flails and
■". all doing their bust. Picnic forged ahead,
.' '. '.. and, with Odette On ' hi-r Haul., seemed to
■..*'..'- have :tbe* face in hand.'- Morton watched
Odette almost exclusively, and not until too
.. ; -" '.late did 7he see tsinlax sent by WaidifrOra
• *"'-*-" the outside a 'la cyclone. '■ lie set to work
like a . steam engine; but binfax 's rush was
..;.'>'.' too. well- timed by Ward and he just lint
7 .'.-fl -vtlie. post b head. Odette was a short neck
: ',,". be fid Pico ie and Hotspur right on Odette's
•'*'. flank-.-- 7 was a great race, and Ward's
.'-.- brilliant riding : makes him about the best
.'"; ' . ' lUrlit-weightiun tin- Coast. s The time, 2:07 1 '
y :' * : wiii . remarkable, too; and snows ..Sinfax to
'*."'• ■be a colt of high class, ' '. , *„';"■ '•„ -fl*
flfl-.; 'fl'i^-k flfl flfl" OPETTK'S GALLANT KU3T.' ; .'. 7.)
■■■: Tlie real .honors, of the race belong to
'.*:..;' ;-.Odetfe,"hpwever. • She gaye the winner 30
flfl-'' poOraU.arid was only beaten a strong neck
*.- • i: 'bv**iiiiil.'-. The .long- delay with ; her heavy
•;■'••' weight at the post told Its inevitable tale."
'. To give such a good one as Picnic 15 pounds
;-'. "-. . anil then only be beaten *,a short neck by
•:'-.." 'her IS a great performance also for Odette.
: "* * -'*:'-' Il-iihai*. lipped at weight for age Odette and
' ■- ; *. - '-.Pijiiic would nave carried 118 pounds each
•:.*.•• "aii'd-Sinfax 100,.'" .fl. -.'._ -fl" :-."•' fl ;, - '.
: :, : '•■:'..'''-'•; SUMBAIIY— HOLIDAT HANDICAP. •' •
.-': - -fl Foi- all ages ; $50 each. $25 forfeit, $15 declar
■•■ .... ation; wil b $750 added; *100 to second, $5U to
-.;-. - tlilrO. Weights announced on lhe Hind day ol
yi meeting; declarations oue at 5 o'clock in the
*: • V -. ati'eit.itiiin- the day beiore the race. 1 Oneaud a
. ijuarrermlJes. :'-. ■; --„ . ■-..— ■.
■■' -c: Mulsey's b. c. (2) Sinfax, by Wlldldle-Fostress.'■-'
--■■": 00.... ...;.....:.......:...:... ...~ ...il. Ward 1
■ •'-■ L: V.. ■ Shlppee'a hr. m. (4) Picnic, by William •
.'■':■-. '. ■•■ Picswlcii-Countess, 105 ...; Mortou 2
... Wt. --Appleby's in. (4.1. Odette, by ShUoh- - -
yfl'f jajirgary, 120.'...."...:...^.. ....:...*....-.. Appleby 3
. • ■ Aisarin: Hotspur. IOS. C. Dcnnlson; Revolver,
. ... . . 105, Cooper; Raindrop, 102. Murphy: Jackson, 110,
■'* C»,ey: . ,\abeau, lot), Kavlus; Marliold. 108,— .
' .Won by.-a bead; ueck between second aud third. .
'. *'.*.'.• *-,*:' ; '• *.--' * .'Jtme,2:o7%.. ..■••"" -.-'■-■
• ',-*• y Eemuit— fools: Field *t>o. odetto »35, Hotspur
■ . .. ;,- $21. yittioii): ; Odette, Bto 5 and 3 toft: Hotspur, 3
■ :■*'. "auileveusiifiiniax, 5 aud 8 to 5: Picnic, 11) to 4;
• ;.: other*,!! to 30. - ••; -. .-. - .■ . . . :
*• -..iflfly 'fl":- flflnAicnoviynsa. ■'■:'• '7 7
*' '. ""' V-, Alfare.tta.was priced best tor the Owners'
• *■ •* handicap; an event on which the proprietors
. *.*.'*. of tlie entries place what - postage-stamp
. ■-. allotments they like on their animals. The
■ ■".. general idea' is* -to take the lightest boy to
~r- be fiiid and give him the mount at his lowest .
. • • .; weight. . -.'H aicho'B, second ..*■ choice at •2, •
. .:' and Ida* Glenn, Kildare and initiation were
priced at from" 4 to 6. ', Getaway was the
long shot at 20. ~ Ward, tlie same boy who
so cleverly rode . Sinfax, sent Naicho ,. B
at once off in front and landed him a winner
by IS lengths i from - Allarelta, Initiation
third. Getaway was second upto the three
quarters. Time for the run, 1:4234- 7 '..<"-
7' 7 •'.■ 7 : SUMMARY.
'« Purse, $400, of which $50 to second. $25 to
third; an owners' handicap for horses tiiat have
Mailed and net won at this meeting, Weights to
be named through the entry box at the lime ol
declaring, 5 o'clock on the afternoon before the
race. One mile.
J. F. Foster's eh. g., 4, Naicho B, by Wanderer- ■
Vlower Gin, 88.... Ward 1
T. B. Montgomery's l>. ' m.. 4, Altaretta, by Wlld
iille-tlain by Monday, 100 Murphy 2
• Elmwood statue's b. t., 3, Initiation, by inaugu- .
* ration-liroivn Maria. 93 Lewis 3
-Won easily by fifteen lengias; three lengths be
tween second and third. ■ - .
.. --• Time, l:42i£.
Also ram Kildare. 8:1, J. Murphy; Ida Glenn, 80,
Harris; Getaway, DO. Ms.ldeii.
• A consolation nurse of S2OO for horses
that have started and not won at the meet
ing, seven furlongs, closed the ; list of events
on. tlie' programme. Kiigariff 110, King
Hooker 80, Acclaim if, Wild Oats 105, For
rester 88. Nerva '.16, Gam bo 100 and Vinco.93
were the entries. Forrester at 3 to 1 was
favorite, with Nerva second choice at 4. The
others Were priced at from 0, which was the
winner's" figure, to 20. The names of the
jockeys Were not bulletined. Gamlo slipped
..his horses on the first come un aud won
easily by four lengths from N'erva, Forrester
.third. .Time. 1:28. ■* .
• It was stated that the association will
' probably give three days' extra lacing next
week. -■ ;•■ - ■ • 'y - -,:
Latest News About the Canal and
*. From South America.
The following news from the Isthmus of
Panama, Central* and South America is
taken from the Star and Herald of Novem
ber loth, that came by mail last evening. -
' -The steamer Discoverer, from Liverpool,
ran ashore near Cartliagena on October 261—.
She was pulled off the reef by a Spanish
gunboat.' '.'"-
A dispatch from Bogota was received at
Panama' on November Ist respecting the
action of the Legislature on the canal. The
. Senate, alter long debate, decided that four
million francs must be paid when the Canal
Company is reorganized, and four million
francs must be paid yearly for four suc
cessive wars. The .Government is to re
ceive shares to the value of ten million
francs. A delegation from the Panama
Chamber" of Commerce went at once to
Bogota to confer Willi President* Nunez and
to urge him to continue the Legislature a
few days over time, so as to finally pass the
concession. He offered to do everything iv
his power- to assist in' forwarding "the con
cession and specially to induce the members
to remit the cash payments, but he did uot
give the delegation much hope that this part
of the 'scheme would be ni' diiinl.
The- Promoter of Barrauguilla recently
said,". "respecting the Panama Canal: We
learn on good authority that the demands of
the Senate render it impossible to effect an
, arrangement, nnd that, if the new commit
tee, in accord with the desires cf the coun
try, do not show* a more lenient disposition
Lieutenant VVy.se will leave for Europe on
November 13th. Colombia wiil have repre
>eii:ed .disposition similar to that of ihe
dog in the manger, by neither reaping ad-
Vantages itself nor allowing others to do so.
The failure of the negotiations for au exten-
M"i: i. ftlu- time for the construction of the
PuUi.infi Canal ill breathe, fiesb life into
• the Nicaragua Canal si heme, and, when
.the Colombian Government becomes more
•leniently disposed, it will be toe late.
'. Kingston. Jamaica, was swept over
by a great fire, some years ago, the people
ot . Colon. sent $2000 nt once. lien the hit
ter town was devastated by fire the only
contribution from Kingston was §300, no
part of wliich was received to date. Tlie
Star and Herald says:- People in Jamaica
and the West Indies apparently imagine tliat
suffering in Colon is not to be compared to
sufleriusinvMaitiniquo or elsewhere; in
deed, that people on the isthmus are like
the fallen angels of the Miltonic mythology
punishable and un burnable. A mouth and
a half having elapsed since the catastrophe,
the worst is now over; and it seems to as
that the' time Ims passed when assistance
could be effectively rendered and very grate
fully received. * • .
. Among the bills passed at Bogota recently
were those appropriating 5200.000 for the re
lief of Colon sufferers and taxing every pack
of playing-cards 30 cents.
Small-pox at Guayaquil was epidemic. On
October 27th an incendiary tire was started,
which cost a loss of S^oo.WK). :. yy. ;■ -• * * .
■ The schooner W. S. Bowne arrived at
Guayaquil on October 31st. after a quick run
of thirty-nine days from San Francisco.
Professor Raimondi, a distinguished natu
ralist, died at l'aea-unayo, Peru, on October
26th, after a long illness. lie had lived
there for many years and was engaged in
preparing an elaborate natural history of
Peru, lv collecting material he. made lung
trips in the interior and among the cannibal
tribes who live at the headwaters of the
Amazon. His death was regarded as a na
tional calamity and a monument will be
erected to him,* while a pension will be
granted to his family.
.Work on the reconstruction of the Ver
rugas Viaduct was begun under the direc
tion of Mr. Dogberry, a distinguished Ameri
can engineer, but" he was a victim to the
dreaded Verrugas fever and was sent to the
Luna Hospital, It is not thought he cau
recover. , : '.■-;■
A report on public instruction in Peru lias
been submitted to Congress, which shows
1117 schools of primary instruction are main
tained; 71,435 scholars are enrolled, 53,270 in
public schools, 14,17.*; in private schools,
9984 in schools of benevolent societies.
- • After January 1, -1891, Celiac will be the
only port through which opium will be per
mitted to be landed. y ~ :■■-.-
Dr. Cnggswell Will Have to Pay Ber
■ Sl 150 for s"erTtieii Itend.red-
A decision was rendered yesterday by the
Supreme Court on lhe peal of the defend
ant in the suit of- .Clara S. Foi I z to recover
851,00 from Dr. Henry D. Coggswcll for
alleged professional services in connection
with and also the preparation of ■ the act en
titled,."An act authorizing and empowering
the Kegents of the University of California
to convey certain lands."
The services, it was claimed, were rendered
by her between March, 18S3, and March,
1885, while the defendant claimed to have
contracted with her to pay $200 for her ser
vices, which was done. The trial jury ren
dered a verdict for £1450, she proving that
she was at Sacramento trying to secure the
passage of the act, but that she found she
would not have the time and returned to
San - Francisco. Dr. Co^gsweil then urged
her to go back and consented to pay her
"well." She demanded $5000, which not
being paid suit was brought.
The appellant claimed that the services
rendered were lobbying and not giving legal
advice nor acting in the capacity of coun
selor, as claimed. The Court, after explain
ing the difference between lobbying and
promoting the real meiitsof the bill, affirmed
the judgment
New California Hotel.
The New California Hotel on Bush street
will be opened for business tomorrow. It
has nine, floors and contains over one hun
dred and forty rooms, and will bo run on the
European plan. ... '-yy":':
letter From Him. .}. IV. Hasted. .
Hon. James W. Iln-ted, who Is serving bis
sixth term as Speaker of the Assembly of the
State of New York, wiites:
"State or New Yokk, Asskmrly Chamber )
' - AI.IiAMT, Jan. 10, 1800. J
I desire once more to bear my testimony to the
value of Allcock's l'oitous I'lasteks. 1
have n«ed lliem for .twenty-live years past, ana
can conscientiously commend them as the best
external remedy that 1 have known. Year* ago,
wueu ilnow from a carrlane and seriously m
ii..cd. I gave lliem a ihnii'Ufrli trial, lv a very
slorl time the pain that l.wi-s [suffering disap
peared, and wlllnu a week 1 was entirely re
lieved. On another occasion, when suit nun
Irom a severe cough, which threaten' d pulmon
ary difficulties, which 1 was I . mended to go
to Florida- to -relieve, I determined to test tbe
plasters again, - 1 applied tbem to my chest and
l.'i'lwi-i-ii the shoulder blades,' ami In less than a
foiiDlglit was entirely cured. On still another
occasion wbeu suffering front aa attack of rheu
matism In the shoulder to such an extent that I
could scaicely raise my arm, I again resorted to
Ilia plaster*. Mini within a few days tbe rheuma
tism entirely disappeared. 1 have them con
stantly by me. whether at home or abroad. My
family as well as myself have found them- to be a
sovereign remedy, both for external and internal
troubles. i never bad but one kidney' difficulty
In my lile. .mil the application of the plasters
cured me hi a week, 1 desire, as I said before,
to bear, my testimony In a public way to men
efficacy, and 1 know of no bitter way of doing It
than by giving you my persouaiexpeneuce." *
• St. Andrew's Bhotiiihiiiood. — The first
open meeting of the Calltoi nia Local Assembly,
or Federated Chapters ol the Biothcrhood ol HI.
Andrew, was held in Grace Church dv Friday
evening. Kleveii chapters weie represented liom
Ibis city, Oakland, Beikeley and Alameda. This
meeting was a local assembly, but it was also
somewhat of a heiald for I «eiles missionary
meeting* beginning to-day, St. Andrew's day.
Law I. lbmrj 11 .-ml -;
* Any person having law library for sale can find
-purchaser by addressing M., Koom CI, 321 Pine
all eel; state pi Ice. ■■- -- ■■ . ; • ■•.-•■
' Bank of Mabtinkz.— Bank of Martinez
has been examined by Commissioners ; Kulßlit
and Hun- n. "ot, wbo report resources and | liabil
ities, $605.004 OAfl-fflfly-fl"-:--'- -■ —■' flflyflfl -fl
'.- lir.KTEi.mo lias the oiny reliable methods to
fit detective eight.. 427 Kearuy street. *
Condition of the Real Estate
Market During November. . y-y
Large Easiness Sales— Prices Aflvancioej-No
Hope of Seduction of Interest— A Plan
to Believe Tax-Paying.
From advance proof sheets of the Real
Estate Circular, published now for twenty
six years by Thomas ilagee, we extract as
follows: — ."
In the month of November, 1889, 853 real
estate sales were made, amounting to a
total of 52,718,C77, while Ihe number of sales
made in November of .this- year (that is, last
month) amounted to 500, of the total value
of $2,317,850. ■ In commenting on the sales
of November, 1889, we then said : : ''It may
now be truthfully said that all kinds of city
real* estate are jn good demand. All prop
erty, too, is bringing good prices, while iv a
few places high rates prevail." We cannot
now give as good a report. The present de
mand is not as strong as it was then, and
prices in but . few localities are advancing.
In other words there is a lull. • This lull is
not likely to last long, although its
doing so would be no. permanent injury
to the city, which is growing fast, and lias
for five years been enjoying ah unusual de
gree of prosperity. Nearly everybody in all
departments of "manufacturing and com
merce has been doing well. There has yet
been no noticeable decrease in prices. Buy
ers have not been granted many concessions,
although they have held out long and stren
uously for them. The worst specimens of
low prices was the sale of the Varney estate
property two montlis ago, on Valencia, Fif
teenth and Sixteenth. All the. lots were
sold below their real value. Al the confir
mation, the advance of 10 per cent was only
made on tho lot 70x100 feet in size, north
east corner Valencia and Sixteenth,
and on one or two . other " lots.
The buyer of that . corner * had
Instructed his lawyer to bid up t0. 543,500f 0f
it. It was first knocked down at the auction
for §30,800 : 10 per cent advance was §10,480,
which was 83120 less than the price which
the second buyer was. willing to pay for the
property. Four or five sales of large busi
ness properties were effected last mouth.
The chief demand now is fer income prop-;
erties. Pacific Heights lots, with fine views
of the bay, are still advancing in value.
During tho past two weeks about $-1,000,-.
OiH) in gold have been paid into the. United
States Sub-Treasury here, and pail out again
by telegraphic order from the Treasuty in
New* York, to relieve the monetary famine
there. This money is still in San Fraucisco,
but it might as well be in New York or
London, for it is as effectually locked up as
if it had actually been transported across
the continent or ocean. 'ihis withdrawal of
such a large sum of money from a city of
300,000 people has created no famine. It lias
tightened the market only, and no more. It
has especially done so in view* of the fact
that the melancholy month of December is
upon us, in which taxes have to be paid or
delinquency and 5 per cent penalty incurred.
Ttieie events have blown to the winds the
hope of a reduction of the rale of interest at
two of our largest savings banks, which
was impending one mouth ago. They bad
granted some choice loans at o*4 per cent,
and it was likely that one of them would go
back tv (i per cent again, but they are now
all firm a3 a rock at the 7 percent rate, '1 he
total number of mortgages recorded last
month was 294, of the total value of £1,101,
--821. The releases of mortgages amounted to
ITS, of the total value of $802,300. The net
increase of real estate debt in November
was but $35'.)..">21 only.
Taxes for city and State purposes will
have drawn from this city, between the
third Monday of October and the third
Monday of December, 84,610,262, if there
ore no delinquents, which, .'of course, there'
will be. But allowing for them it is safe to
say that still nearly $4,000, C00 will be- gath
ered iv from city real estate owners by the
third Monday of December. Of the total
amount due of $4,610,262, the city is entitled
to $3,106,062 and the State to $1,610,200.
This is a learlul sum of money to be taken
from the. city, this year above all others,
fur tome four millions nave already been,
taken out of circulation within a month,
paid into the Siib-Tretsur.v here and paid
out by telegraphic orders in New York. Al
though this money is still here, it might
almost as well be in Africa,- for it
is locked up and cannot be touched..
There is always . some lively work
In ban Franoiscu to meet the insatiate Tax
Collector's demands, hut this year will be
the most severe. . And some future remedy
must at once he applied, This can be done
by allowing tax-payers to pay their taxes
any time up to the first of the following
July, the city charging them not to exceed
6 per cent a year iv the interim. until pay
ment is made. No delinquent tax list must
be published until after the Ist of July.
Tiiis last is important, for if a delin
quent list were to be issued •at the old
Hate, in March, the majority of prop-
erty-owners would pay up at any sacrifice
rather theu have their names appear in it.
This relief for tax-payers and the city must
be made at the next meeting of the Legis
lature iii January.
The old Academy of Music property on
north side of Pine, 77 ili feet east ot Mont
gomery, 82 feet front by 97:6. and li.} in depth,
is repotted seld for $11)5,000; not yet of rec
The property occupied by Wells, Fargo &
Co.'s Lank on the northeast corner of ban
some and California streets,' has been sold
for $230,000. The lot has a lronlago of 45'
feet on Calilomia street by a depth of 90
feet on 'Sansome. This oroperty was sold
before, in October, 1872, for th» same price
to thb National Cold Bauk and Trust Com
pany, and was again sold in May, 1876, by
that company to Thomas. If, Williams for
5287.500. The rents then were $2250 a
month. ' They are now about $1600. The'
building was erected by the late 1-aac Fried
lander and cost $110,000. . The vacant lot
was sold in August, lsiiS, for $00,000. .
A large tract of land, containing about 300
lots, between the west end of Lone Mount
ain Cemetery and First avenue, California
street and a point about 1000 feet north of
the Cliff House road, was lately sold. The
price paid to the four sellers was $313,000,
of which the cemetery company was paid
8110,000, ■ X. B. Valentine $70,000, Mally
$32,000 and Brown . $00,000. One of the
daily papers reported the price to be
$1,000,000 and another placed it at $500,000.
Tliis transaction was nmde to appear to Ire
an era in ban Francisco real estate. - We
have so often referred to the dally papers
and sensationalism in real estate that we
need not here again refer to the subject.
The vacant lot northeast corner Washing
ton and 'Buchanan, 57:0 on Washington by
107:8. has been, sold for £14,000; sold pre
viously— about eighteen months ago— for*
$10,000.' '•■-..'
The vacant lot northeast corner Jackson
and Lagiiiin, 80 on Jackson by 127 -on
Lamina, ha* been sold for §28,1-00— 5350 per.
front foot. This land was sold before, in
April, 1880, for $25,500.
The property on east side of Castro, 26:6
south or Twenty-third, 25x105 in size; has*
been sold fur $1500; not yet of record. .
The properly southwest corner of Fill
more and Greenwich, 06 on Fillmore by 100
ou Greenwich, has been sold for $7000. . ,
The vacant lot on the south side of the.
Cliff House road, 77:6 east of Ferric street,
37:0x125 in size, has been sold for $2000;
price put in deed, $10:
"I he property on the south side of Pacific
avenue, l. 7 east of Webster street, ;Wxll7 iv
size, has been sold for $11,001); nut yet of
record. . •
The filty-vara lot on the southwest corner
of. Golden Gate avenue and Steiner street,.
In been sold for $25,150; not yet' of record.'
| 'Hie middle filty-vara lot on the north side
of Union street, between Scott and Devisa
dero, lias been sold for $11,000; not yet of
record. -..-..**• ■ •':* 77 * y 7 : * *- y*!
* The property on the west side of Valencia
street north of Twentieth, 86*100 in
size, Las been sold for $8350; not yet of
record. . '■ ."-'■ " "•'
The property on the south side of line
street 188:6 west of Laguna, 36:6x137:6, has
been sold for $5500; not yet of record.
* The property on north side of California
street, 08:0 east of Stockton, 48:9x137:6, and
extra lot on east in rear, 20x77:0, have been
sold for $10,000; not yet of record. * - »-*■■,«
The property on west side of Franklin
street, 50 north of Washington, 08:9x137:0 in
size, has been sold for , $16,500— 5240 a front
foot. *-S!Si__lß^E-_SSi*'^ u ty*yß-S^l^
I * The property on north side of Page street,
95 west of Ociavia, 20x120 in size, to rear
street, has been sold for 84850; price put in
deed, $10. .i '„;• -.-- :■-■--. -■_„::.. -..--.. '.
The property on s northeast fl corner of
Pacific and I'olk streets, 127 ;8 on Polk by
137 on Pacific, has been | sold for $14,000;
not yet of record; this is the Pixiey ' Hall
property. ...fly - -yfl- .- - '--*■ '-,- ■'■ — :.--.*;,
'. - The properly on south side of Washington -
street, 172:6 west of Walnut, 75x127:8 in .size; .
has been sold for $7500; price put in deed
810..,*. -..'■ fl'flflfl,.::,..^:, ...y,,y ,yyy.y-y
y- The property '• on northwest , corner of
California street and Sclma place, between
Dupont -and Stockton, 30x55 1 in size, bas
been sold for $8500; * price "put in deed, 810.
Tbe property on north side of Cliiy street.
75 :6 east of Locust, (2x127 :8 in size, has been
sold for $4500; price put in deed, $10. ■ ,y~
.The property on southeast side of Market
street, 250 southwest of Fifth, 25x155, to
Stevenson m rear, has been sold for 395,000 ;
not yet of record. ■ ■-." .'•".'-.'■-'• '. fl' -.'•'.' ' ' *''-*-•
The property on north side of Sutter
street, C 2:6 west of Hyde, 25x50 in size, has
been sold : fur $0000 to adjoining owner.
.Price put in deed, $10. . -■ — •: fl
The property on - southwest corner of,
Stockton and Pacific streets, 132:0 on Stock
ton, by 105 and 84 deep, has been sold for
$35,000.* Price put in deed, $10.. '- ■
The property on southwest corner of Gold
en Gate avenue and Steiner street, 137 :6_
137:6 in size, has been sold for $25,150. Next'
east of convent. . ----■-■ -yfly fly fl;.
Brignai'dcllo Accused of the
Shooting at Wildcat Creek.
An Oaklonder Horsewhipped by a Matron.
Scan Recommended to Mercy— A Mission
for Two Weeks— W. H. Creed's Estate. ■
Sheriff Hale has been working upon* the
mysterious shooting case of Wildcat Creek
ever since the two men. Giovanni Brignar
dello and John Jardine, were brought to
Oakland, but he .could learn nothing definite
out of either of them as to bow they re
ceived their woiir.ds. llrifrnardello has said
he would tell all about it when Jardine died,
and Jardine refused to -tell the truth about
it until he went to San Francisco, although
he did tell several rather, contradictory
stories about himself and tho Italian having
been attacked by a third person, Who did
the shooting. As the scene of the affair is
in the Contra Costa lines, Mr. Bale notified
Sheriff Rogers of Martinez to come down and
take the prisoners, Jardine being so far re
covered as to be able to go up there. Mr.
Holers came down yesterday, and when
Jardine found that he would not be permit
ted to go to San Francisco ha asked to see
Brignardello. He was taken from the Re
ceiving Hospital to the jail, and when con
. fronted With the Italian charged him with
the shooting, and wanted to compromise, so
it is said, saying that he understood Brig
nardello had money. He said he was
not - going to be shot to pieces for.
nothing and demanded SSOO. The Italian re
fused to say anything. They were afterward
placed in sepcrate cells and will be taken to
Martinez to-day. Many theories have been
advanced with reference to the affair, some
being that the' two attacked a third person
for the purpose of robbery, and either made
away with him or were worsted in the en
counter, but the general impression is tliat
they had a quarrel between themselves. Jar
dine's lelt eye is ruined by one of the shots
he received. He has several aliases, it is
said, aud was known at l'etaluma as An
derson. Sheriffs Halo ana Rogers drove up
to Wildcat Creek yesterday afternoon, and
from what they learned they concluded that
Briguardcllo did the shooting. He will be
.charged at Martinez with the crime and
Jardine will be held as a witness.
An excitement was created for a few min
ute on Broadway, below Seventh street,
yesterday afternoon by Mrs. David Howell
entering a saloon and horsewhipping a man
named M. H. Murphy. When tlie latter ran
out of the place Mrs. Unwell followed ahd
used her whip until- he ran into Howell,
whereupon the men clinched. They were
both arretted on charges ot battery. The
Ilovieils claim that Murphy, while rooming
•in their house, became Infatuated with Mrs,
Unwell, and then he was asked to find an
other boarding-house. Mrs. Howell claims
that he has since annoyed her on the street
and by sending her notes. This Murphy
denies. .
L. 11. Dyer has deeded 118 acres of laud at
Alviuii'lo to the Utah Sugar Company, in
which lie is interested. His company will
erect a large factory. -yflfl-
Tlie official bonds of County Assessor
elect Hobert S. Leckie, Myron Whidden,.
County Auditor., and A. L.Stone, County
Tax-Collector, have been filed lor record.
The jury in the case of the People vs.
Michael llean yesterday brought in a ver
dict finding- fiim guilty of assaulting J. W.
Kidd with a deadly weapon, and also rec
ommended him to the mercy of the Court.
Judge Gibson will pass sentence next
Wednesday. - : '
* A two weeks' mission will be held at St.
Francis de bales' Church, on Gruve and
Twenty-first streets, commencing at 10:30
o'clock this morning, by three |Lazarite
lathers from St. Louis, Mo. There will be
masses at s and 8 o'clock in the morning and
at 7:30 o'clock iv the evening. V • '-"•'■*
William Ardel), the young man who at
tempted to steal a tray of diamonds afew
evenings ago, was held in $2000 bail yester
day to answer the charge of grand larceny.
The estate nl William 11. Creed has been
appraised at $02,662, of -which $11,263 is in
Alameda and San Fraucisco counties and
5-.-.1 ,400 in the counties of Tulare aud Fresno.
The sum of $33,000 is in the stock of the
Fresno Loan ami Savings Bank.
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Cook lias filed her final
account as executrix of the estate of Silas
M. Cook, and asks that the $5211 14 in ber
hands be distributed.
Dr. Jerome 11. Trembly, the well-known
weather observer, who has been hovering
.near death, is reported much better. - .■..-*- * *•
■ J, J. ilanilin has given a mortgage to the
Oakland Bank of Savings on three pieces of
his property for 561,000. • . -. yy X y.
A .strong effort will he 'made' to" have
bituminous rock laid on Park street before
next summer.
C. B. Moebus, an express wagon driver, is
willing to serve on the police force in case
of a vacancy by Uie resignation of Police
Officer Si-braeder. *
* The Boys' Brigade connected with the .
Presbyterian church will give an entertain
ment in the - inch parlors . next Friday
evening. The proceeds will go toward pur
chasing guns for the brigade. *.we y
The room of a man named George Shaw
in the Alameda* Hotel was entered on Fri
day night and a gold watch, a purse con
taining- $28. and a veteran Odd Fellows'
badge were stolen. The door of the room
was unlocked, Shaw is employed in the
Custom-house; Snn Francisco. -■■■-■
Justice of the Peace-elect Tyler has filed
bis flit ml bond in the sum of $2000, witli
Philip Gocbnnuer and J. W. Clark as sure
ties. Constable-elect Movies has filed bis
bond, with H. Koerber and Frank Kalis ns
his sureties. The sureties of Constable-elect
Cramer are A. Frank, Charles Miuturn,
Harry Trausue and Joseph Pierce. *.
It t-rk.-lr-y.
* The Board of Freeholders has appointed
Messrs. >letcnlf, Barker, ; Gaines, Lloyd,
lcickard and. Kline a committee to draft a
charter for the city, to be submitted to the
full board* next Friday evening. ;
The. repairs to the boilers and furnaces of
the- Jii.dsnii Ironworks at Emeryville are
progressing, and, it is said, will . take three
or lour weeks'- time. In the meantime the
strikers are uot allowed within the works or
the grounds.
A Drnmmf r Drrcitrd for llnvlng Inde
- cent Siii-i'iiii and Flci uree. -
The Society for the Prevention of Vice re
ceived complaint a few' days ago 'about a
young man, a commercial traveler, who was
in the habit of carrying and exhibiting ob
scene pictures and literature.', jj;;* 7 . '*
Agent rllennett,- after 'ascertaining 'the
identity of the salesman,. went before the Po
lice Court on Friday and I secured search
warrants for th" person and -premises of
John Doe at 146 Eleventh street .,'-:,. * fl:,.
fl The warrants were. placed in the bands of
Officers Dillon and Crockett for service, and
last evening, accompanied by Bennett, they,
.found J. D. Wakefield on the corner of How
ard and Eleventh streets and i took him into
custody as the person described in the war
rants as "John Doe." '-y . yy
Upon being searched a number of screeds
and filthy pictures were found, in his pock
ets, and he was locked up at the Southern
Police Station.
Count yon Mnltke has refused the duke
dom which the Emperor not only offered but
pressed upon him. ■;--.', , ■ .- %■-■-■:■;
mirth, marriirft anil death, notices sent by mall
will no; be Inserted, Tbey mast M handed la - at
either of (be publication uiQ.oi and be Indorsed
with tne name and residence of persons authorised I
tobavotae Mine puoiisbetLJ - '■-.- • -, y yyy-yy'
.. .. ~ ... ■ ,■ . - .... ■-.., • .: . -. . - .'- .-■— :..:-.■ '„ :
iflYy-::- '■' 7 ynonti.Y. .'--.: 7 - 7 '-y*--^
SUMMERS— In this city, November 2.6, 1890, to the
- - wife of But us A. A. Summers, a son. -.
Ml'UltAY— ln tbis ciiv. November 22, 1890, to tbe
wire of 1 tiumiit Murray, a son. .:. ;* - -
HIOGINS-ln this city, November Its, 1890, to the
wire or W. J. lllftgliu, a dau.bter. . «=o*y- .-ks^w.'
Fl'.ltKlMlt-in this city, November 27. 1890, to tbe
-j wife of 8. Ferrler, a son. , ! . - 1 - ,-,.y - <-y,,
lIAHT-lii this city, November :17 1890,' to th*
<rire of John Hart, a sou.
HART— In this city, November 29, 1890, to the"
wife of A. L. Hart, a daughter. ; -.- „..:.-.
FRF.ITAS— In South San Francisco, November 17,'
IS9O, to the wire of Frank Freltas. a daughter.
LAMBORN-In Alameda. November 7, 1.890, to the
wife of L. H. Lamboru, a daughter. y ..- ;' --'--:
NATHAN— In : GrangevlUe, - Oal., November ■ 23,
1899, to the wire of v Nathan, m daughter. '-..:- .
HVROP-Novembar 27. 1890,, tothe wife of P.'
Ilyrup Jr.. a daughter. ': :-~,x ■-.
fl- MAKKIfcD. ".*■'..
FLOOD— KENDRICK-In this oity. November 19,
189_, at St. Peter's Churc by the Rev. P. S.
Casey, J. C. Flood and Annie Kendrlck, both of
Ban Franclaco. .-
MAYUECK-GASTEN-In this city. November 27.
18.90, by the Itev. Thomas Chalmers Easton, D.D.,
Johu May beck anti Dora ua-ten. - y. -,v
MAKSCHALK— JUDD— In this city, by the Rev. J.
J. MeCue, J. A. MarscbalK and Susie I. Judd,
*, both or San Francisco. -., ' y, ". -. - y
HARMON— GRAHAM— In this city. November 27,
j IS9O, by the Rev. 1/r. Stebbins, Wllilam S. Har-
mon and Mamie Graham. ..--,. ... - y,
KENNEY— O'MAIIONY— Id this city. November 27.
1890. Joseph J. Kenney of Santa Cruz and Isabel
francos O'Mahoney or San Francisco. -
WHITACRK-In this city. November 26,
1690, George W. King and Hannah D. Whltacre. •
BEKGSTKOM-TEKKIN— In this city, November
.- 26, 1890, J. Hector Bergstroin of San Fraucisco
to Josephine Terrlu of Minneapolis;
KREAFT— MOORE— In this city. November 27,
- 1890, Peter Kreaft and Annie Moore. - . .
KAMLADE— CULLINAN-In this city. October 19,'
1890, by the Rev. Father Scanlon, Fred C. Kam-
lade and Mamie E. Culllnan, both of San Frau-
cisco. - . „-. - .fl , ..... . _ . .
CL AEK-DOUGHEItTY-November 19. 1890, by
be Ri-v. Father Griffin, F. p. Clark and K. A.
Dougherty, both or Sau Fraucisco.
McDONOOGH-BLAKE-In this city,': November
20, 1890, by the Rev. Father John Nugent. Martin
J. McDoaough and Maggie A. Blake, both of Sau
McCULLOUGH— FAIR-In this city, November 27,
1890, by the Rev. Father Duffy, Dennis Me Oal*
lougu and Mamie Fair, both or ban Francisco*.
LYMAN— O'CONNOR— In this city, November 26.
189l>, at St Joseph's. Church, by the Key. Father
Coyle, John K. Lyman and Louise O'Connor. .
HALL— COLESON— In this city, September 18,
1890, by the Rev. Father lirennan, Andrew L.
Hall and Maggie A. Co'leson, both of San Fran-
cisco. .:--..
LEFEBVRE— MORRISSEY*— In this city, Novem-
ber 23. 1890, by tbe Rev. Father Kuiiuier, Al-
pbonse I.erebvre and Mamie E. Slorrlssey. •
uiKp. . yflyyyflflyflflfly^
Bassett, Anne E. * Lippold, Reinhar.lt
Bllscher, Joseph Lot-* wood, Charlotte
Barron, James M:iudler,Alfred Eugene
Burns, William •_ Meagher, James Henry
Bo'.'iau, Joseph McDaUl, Louise E.
Curry, Nora Hotter, Henry H.
Cortbay, i.ouls D. Nelson, Bridget A. . -. -
Cooper, Mary Olson. Nells O.
Cooley, Francis Morgan Paterson. Sarah A-
De Guerre. Stella Peltier, Napoleon
Bawling; Patrick Russell. Catberlu* "
Ferlerz, August Kotli, Rosa
llasklu. Enoch William Sullivan, Daniel J. -:*'".*•
Johnstone, Muriel . Truebner, C. F.
Kohn, Herbert Williams. Katie F.
Keogh. Mary Wlebaik, Ernst N. D.
Kroger, Catharina E. Weeks, Theresa Nora
BOHAN— In this city,- November 27,' 1810. Joseph,
beloved son of -Thomas and Elizabeth Rohan, a na-
tive of County Meath, Ireland, aged 11 years. aud
10 months. - ....
Jt?~Frlends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral THIS DAY Sun-
day;, at 2 o'clock p. m., from the residence of bis
parents, 58 Crocker street, between Brady and
Hermann, Market and West Mission, interment
Mount Calvary Cemetery. **
COOLEY— In this. Ity, November 24, 1890, Francis
Morgan Cooley, late Chi.. Eleventh United
States Inrantry, and Brevet Ltenteuant-Colouel
United stales Army, a comrade of Lyon Post, No.
8, O. A. R.. anil a companion of the Loyal Legion,
a native or New York, aged 55 years, 10 months
and 6 days. _•
Atri' rleuils and acquaintances, and comrades of
the ii. A. R. and companions of tho Loyal Legion.
are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral
THIS DAY (Sunday), at 1:80 o'clock p. m., from
- the room of' U. H. Thomas Post, No. 2, O. A. X..
330 Pool street." Interment United States National
Cemetery, Presidio. . . ■ ..^■aqiiiWi'- 2
KROGER— In thiscity, November 2S, 1890; Cath-
arina Elizabeth, beloved wife of August Kroner,
- and sister-in-law of Han. 1 * Kroger, and aunt of
Mrs. Charles Stichel and Mrs. Martin Meyer, a na-
tive of the Province of llesseu, Germany, aged 55
years. 'A months and 27 (toys.
gar Friends ana acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend, the funeral THIS DAY (Suu-
day!. at 1 o'clock p. v., from her late residence.
Twenty-seventh avenue and San Bruno road. In-
terment I. O. O. F. Cemetery. **
NELSON— In this city/November 28. 1890, Bridget
A., beloved wife of Charles Nelson, a native of
. County Ktldare Ireland, aged 48 years, 10 mouths
and 2 days. y - m -
St*" Friends and acquaintances arc respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral THIS DAY (Sun-
day), at 8:15 o'clock a. m.. from the' parlors
of the United Undertakers, 27 and 29 Fifth street:
lit- nee to St. . Mary's Cathedral, where a
requiem high muss will be celebrated for the
repose of -her soul, commencing at' 9 o'clock
a.m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. - «*
PELTIER— In this city, November 28. 1890, Na-
poleon, beloved husband of Josephine Peltier, a
native, or Montreal, Canada, aged 51 years.
Friends and acquaintances nre respectfully
invited to attend the funeral THIS DAY: (Suu
day), at 1 o'clock p. v., from hts late residence,
912 Bryant street- . lutennent I. O. O. V. Ceme-
tery. . ***
KEO'iH— ln this city. November 23, 1899. Mary,
beloved mother of James and John Keogh, a na-
tive of the parish or Cam, County Koscumrnou,
Ireland, aged 73 years.
JS"i"Frteiid.s and acquaintances are resnectrully
Invited to attend the funeral THIS DAY (Sun-,
day>. at 2 o'clock p. m.. from the parlors of
J. C. O'Connor A Co., 767 Mission street, between
Third and Fourth. Interment Mount. Calvary
Cemetery. . ■ 2 -
WILLIAMS-Iu this city, November 25. 1 890, Katie
F., beloved wife of Frank B. Williams, a native or
New Orleans, aged* 35 years. [New Orleans and
Chicago papers please copy. J ' . - •'.
t: r» - ; ii>:."" • are respeciriillv luviteo to attend
tbe tuneral services THIS DAY (Sunday),
at 2 o'clock p. ii., at her late residence, 107 . ell
street. Interment I. O. O. F. Cemetery. 1
COOPER— In this city. November 28, 1890, Mrs.
Mary Cooper, a native of San Francisco, aged 35
years; - . -•■-.•- * --
*"S~ Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral THIS DAY (Sunday), at 2 o'clock
p. m.. iroin her late residence, l.2.ii,: Valencia
street, Interment Laurel Hill Cemetery. *
OLSON— In this city. November 29. 1890, Nells 0.,
. only and beloved child of John and Hilda Olson,
a a native of San Francisco, aged 23 dsys.
49" Friends ana acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral THIS. DAY (Sun-
day),- at 1 o'clock p. m., from the family resi-
dence. 116 Berry street, between Third and
Fourth. 1
Mi -DAID— In Valiejo, November 28. 1890, Louise
Emily, beloved wire of Air x. McDald, and daugh-
ter of James and Mary U Mason, a native of san
Francisco, aged 22 years. 1 moirth and -22 day-*.
JtSrlrlends anu acquaintances are respectfully
Invited toattend tbe funeral THIS DAY (Sun-
day), at 1:30 o'clock p. m.. from the parlors of
Ilslsted A Co., 946 Mission street. Interment
*.-. _ O. O. F. Cemetery. 1
CORTHAY— In Connecticut Valley, near St. Helena,
* . November 27. 1890, Louis li., eldest and beloved
sou of Catherine and the late Louis Cirtliay. a na-
tive of San Francisco, a:ed 27 years and 7 months.
- SW Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral THIS DAY (Sun-
day). In the morning, from the residence of bis
mother: thence to the St. Helena Catholic Church,
where a solemn high mass will be celebrated for
the repose of his soul, commencing at 9 o'clock
a. m. sharp, .2
RCSSELI In this city. November 28, 1890, Cath-
erine, beloved wire of Edward Russell, a native
of Ireland, aged til _ ears. . .
1*: ,.';..!- are respectfully Invited toattend
the funerai TOMORROW (Monday), at 8:30
o'clock a. «., from her late residence, 5 Polk
street; thence to St. Joseph's Church. Tenth-
strict, where a requiem mass will be cele-
brated for the repose of her soul. .commencing at
9 o'clock a. it. Interment Mount Calvary Ceme-
tery. - - ■ - -. - *** - -
WIEBAI.K-In thiscity, November 29. 1-890. Ernst
Nicholas D., beloved husband of wretchen Wle-
. balk, and father of Mrs. F. schannlngbausen and :
August, Annie and Uattte Wlebaik, a native of
Westevolde, Hanover, Germany, .aged 56 years, 5
mouths and 3 days. *. ■ ■-:■■-
Fllnlifll and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited toattend the funeral TOMORROW (Mon-
I day), at 2 o'clock -p. M.. from the Masonic
Temple, corner' Post and Montgomery streets.*
Interment Masonic Cemetery. . y **
MOLLER-In tbis city. November 29. 1890, Henry,
11.. only and - oeloved son of Fred and Serine
Hotter, a native of Oakland, Cal., aged 10 years, 6
months and 3 days,
4E7"Fr!ends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited toattend the funeral TO-MORROW (Mon-
day), at 1 MO o'clock p. m., from the family resi-
dence, 11l Chaitnuootra street, between Twenty-
second and i wenty-thlrd. . _ 2
MEAGHER -In this city. November 29. 1890.
j .iiiiii'*- Henry, beloved son of James F. and Julia
Meagher, a native of San Francisco, aged 1 year,
- 5 months and i 2 days. -iwjii am,
nrii-Tlie run oral will take place TO-MORROW
.: (Monday), at 10 o'clock a', m,. troin tho residence
of the parents, 326 Eighteenth street. Interment
Mount Calvary Cemetery. . - •*...:••
BURNS— In this city. November 29, 1890, William
| Burns, a native of Ireland, aged 50 years, -..■-■v.™**-*
6;'r I'i'i-'i.i! • and acquaintances are respectfully
. Invited to attend tbe funeral TOMORROW (Mon-
dai ), at' 9 o'clock a. m., from his late residence. -
812 Buchanan str.et: thence to Sacred Heart
. Church, where a requiem mass will be celebrated
9 for . the repose of his soul, -■ commencing at
-- ' 9 o'clock a. m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.**
Dt'WLlNO— ln this city. November 29,1890. at his
-late residence. 130 Green street. Patrick, beloved
1 husband of Mary Dowllng, a native of Emo,
. Queens County, Ireland, aged 64 years, -x-fly
• 09- Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral TOMORROW (Mon-
day), at 9 :-:io o'clock a.m., from St. Bridget's
.-Church, where a solemn requiem high mass will '
. be celebrated for the repose 'of his soul. I inter-
ment Mount Calvary Cometery. ----- - - ** „
BARRON-ln Oils city, November. 28, 1890, Cap-
tain James Barren, aged 62 years. ..
. - tfg'N otice of funeral herearter. . . — - * i
CURRY— thiscity, November 29. 1890. at her
lute residence, 14 Bond street, Nora, relict of
. the late Michael J. Curry, aged 51 years. - Rich-
.. mood (.lud.) and New York papers please copy.] -
JSTNotice ot funeral hereafter. „ .. *
LIPPOLD-ln this city. November 29.1890. Reln-
< liurilt. beloved husband of Dora Lippold, and
I father of Dora. Fred and Edward Lippold, a na-
tive of Frlcaberg, Darmstadt. Germany,
. a member of Verba liueiut Lodge, No. 14. AO. U.
-- . VV., aired 46 years. 1 mount aud 17 days. ---
- 49~Notlce of funeral hereafter. Remains at
tbe parlors of Theodor Dlerks, 957 Mission street,
between Fifth and Sixth..'-.. ■ y.v* :-..*:.
DE GUERRE-In this city. -November 29, Stella,
. beloved- daughter of P. If. and Mary de Guerre,
: aged 13 years and 9 months. „:
LOCKWOOD— in tills city, November 27, Charlotte,
*-. relict or Albert Luckwood, a native' of Massachu-
: setts, .—x.flxx -.-fl- ... .-.. -y , : -:■ — -x ...X
BLIScnER— In this city, November 27, Joseph, be-
loved husband of Marie Bllscher, a.uativo of Aus-
tria, aged 46 years. -;; -.•■•>. — *• • -
KOHN— Iu this city, November 28, Herbert, beloved
I non of Sell.: man and Bertha Kohn, aged 2 years, 5
,". months and 13 days. ---
SULLIVAN— In this city, November 28. Daniel J., 7
-„ beloved husband of Johaunah Sullivan, a native of
... Ireland, aged 54 years. -■-■...—: -:.-■ ■„.
TKUEBNER— In this city, November 26, Proressor
C. F. Truebner, a native of Germany, aged 72 j
.. years. ■:.--::■■.. ::..- .:■-,-■.- :; ■ f- .-.-.- ;-,.. .' !
PATERSON-In this city, November 27, Sarah* A.","
beloved wife or John Paterson, auatlvoot Eng-
land, aged 48 years. ■;; ,: ,y ■ i, w->i-iy- —'fly- '. ,
BOTH— in this city. November 28, Rosa, belovod
, widow of the late Ambrose Roth, a native or Sau
Francisco, aged 36 years, 4 mouths and 24 days. -
JOHNSTONE— In Oakland, November 28. -Muriel,
■ Infant daughter of J. C. and L. Johnstone, a na-
tive of Oakland, aged 2 years, 8 months and 22 :
.- ' days. *.*■: .-■-;.*. %-.- ...yyy -'-„.>■ x-.-:;..:-:.-:-- fl
HANDLER— In Alameda, November 28. Alfred Eu-
gene, son of Frederick and Rosa Mandler, > na-
:- tive or Alaiaeda, aged 2 years, 4 months aud 6
days. *.';*'.-;. .- . - \.y.,yr. y-.; : -"x ..' ►;-,}---.-; y* .:
WEEKS— In San Antonio. November 26, Theresa
Nora, wife of Henry J. Weeks.-, .-,; ..;.,*-y
HASKIN— In Chicago, November 27, Enoeb Will-
■ lam, son of Joseph W. llasklu, aged 38 years. - -->*
BASSETT— November 28, Anne Elizabeth, daughter
---- of John nud Jennie Bassett, and step-daughter of -
,;. W. Chase. ,; i-;.. :-■-■'. -,-.-,—.■, —Yfl
:;" y CITY ANU COUNTY AI. MS IliU'fK. yfl'-fl-, V
FERIERZ— In the. City - and I County Almshouse,
November 29. August Feilerz, a native ol Franca, j
I aged 66 yearly.,, -,-■ -,-..-;,..:
• „:...-..--. r ,^ .■:.; y..y ■--:■■_ _•■-• •-- yy^; Y-'y."- -vs.-.j-i „ , , v -> 5, .-. -
How a Woman's Life Was
*-'- ■='"' ; -;' * '.. ■ ' -'y • y ..■' " .
■*.' Mrs. S. G. Smith, residing at 1705 MarKet street,
has been a sufferer for a couple or years. Sbe Is
the wife of Mr. S. U. Smith, connected with Kan-
some's Concrete Apparatus, 503' California street.
A reporter found Mrs. Smith In her comfortable
little home yesterday. **l was dying for a year
and a half, and would hare been in my grave to-
day bad it not been for the Cosmopolitan Dispen-
sary," she said. ** I was a victim of malaria and
womb troubles, and had been treated by several
prominent physicians here lb San Francisco, but
they did me no good. ■ Then I want to the Woman's
Hospital, but was just as bad alt 3. ward. ,r?^
y-:/- ' MRS. S. Q. SMITH. •;
" I hid to keep a nurse in the house to attend me,
and she persuaded me to go to the Cosmopolitan
Dispensary. . 1 refused at first, but finally consented.
They examined me thoroughly, and I began treat-
ment. That w.'S three weeks ago. To-day lama
well woman. Their medicines apted like uiagto.."
Mrs. Smith Is a prepossessing lady, and is- the
mother of as handsome a baby as was ..ever born. .<
."{ S. G. SMITH; ~
Mr. Smith was as enthusiastic as his wife; and
said her cure was simply woiiderful . She bad been
in bed for months, and after being under treatment
st the Cosmopolitan Dispensary for one week was
able to get up and do a large family washing. Both
Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be pleased to corroborate
tbe above statements to any one,wbo desires to call
upon them. 1 Their experience Is simply a repetition
of that or hundreds of others who have been cured
after baring been given up by other physicians.
Mr. H. E. Snooß.an employe of tbe S. F. Undertak-
; Ing Co. of 10-1 Market street, writes: "This Is to .
certify that I "have suffered from catarrh for eight
years, and tried many physicians, bnt to no effect.
I have been under, treatment a.t the Cosmopolitan
Dispensary for three weeks and am very much im-
proved, and feel certain of a permanent cure.."
" I was so weak 1 could scarcely walk up the stairs
to the Cosmopolitan Dispensary last week," said
William P. Kane, an employe or the California Fur-
niture Company, yesterday. "I was suffering from
asthma and catarrh. - J had a continual pain in the
side and could neither eat," sleep nor work. Theirs
remedies did me so much good that now I sleep
well and Am working attain. -My appetite is good
and I really believe they will effect A permanent
cure In mv case. other physicians failed to do me
any good." " . " ,
Mr. Kane has .been a- resident or Ran Francisco for -
twenty-ereht- years and liv.is at 1718 Post St.. where
be will correborate.the above sutcin-eiit at any time
except during working hours, when he can be found
at the-Callfornla Furniture Company on .Geary st.
Charles Hempler, a sailor oii a coasting vessel
'. plying between Frisco and Coos Hay, has been deaf
for six years.
" >\ lien 1 went to the Cosmopolitan Dispensary I
was so deaf I could hot bear a clock -tick,'.' be said,
"and after one single. treatment 1 could plainly bear
a watch ticking .two leer away from me. They per-
.- formed 'a wonderful cure where- other physicians
had failed." . _ .'
" Mr. Hempler resides at 502 Davis- St., this city,
and will corroborate the above statement.
- James H. Scott of Sausallto writes:
S **1 have been suffering Tor a couple of years with
a tapeworm which lias made my life miserable. . A
friend advised :n«v to go to the Cosmopolitan Dis-
pensary, as he was under treatment there. .- ' •
ME. JAS. H. SCOTT.. : 3 >
"1 failed there and the doctors prescribed for me.'
In two hours after taking the medicine I passed a
tapeworm 39 feet in length. I am a more healthy
m.in now than 1 have been In ten years." ■
The Cosmopolitan Dispensary -Is a Medical and -
Surgical Institute, located permanently at the junc-
tion of Stockton, .Kills and Market streets, for the
cure of all Diseases. Afflictions and Deformities. A
staff of competent Physicians, graduates of the best •
American and English Colleges, skilled, experienced
and able, are in constant attendance.-' No Mineral* -
or Poisons us d. The latest improved methods of
Surgery and the most recent discoveries in modi- '
cines of Kurope and -America adopted. • A Pharmacy
is attached and all prescription's filled free of
charge. | Sufferers from Kbeumatlsm, Asthma, Con*'-,
sumption. Catarrh, Dyspepsia, indigestion, Scrofula,
Female Weakness, Cancer, Heart Disease, Bron-
chitis, Km pi tons. Salt Rheum, Baldness,- Tape-
worms, Deafness,- -Lost Manhood, Malaria, .Files,
Bowel Troubles, or any o her Disease, should call at
once. Low charged, within the reach of all, com-'
bined with the best Medical and Surgical skill. Con-
sultation, Advice and Thorough Examination Free
to Patients. A friendly talk may save you thou-
sands of dollars or years^of suffering, and perhaps
your life. Young, middle-aged or old men, suffer! us;
from the effects or- follies and excesses, restored to .
perfect health, manhood and vigor: Each visitor
seen privately, and all communications received in
sacred confidence. If you arc out or the city, aud
cannot call; do not rail to write. -COSMOPOLITAN.
DISPENSARY. Stockton, Kills and Market streets, -
San Francisco, Cal. ■'■-'- ' noao de_ 2t
<_»_. clfex
them, go to the Optical Institute for your Specta-
clesand Eyeglasses, it's the only, establishment on
this Coast where tliey are measured -on thoron^b
scientific principles. Lenses ground It necessary to
correct es^h - particular case. No vlsnal defect
where glasses are required too complicated for us.
We guarantee fitting to be absolutely perfect
Knottier establishment can get the same superior .
facilities as are fonud here, for the Instruments an 1
methods used are my own discoveries and Inven-
tions, and an far in tha lead of auy now in usa. •
Satisfaction guaranteed. ------
L.A. IJIKIKLIXJ, Scientific Optician,'
437 DO NOT FOKUET THE NUttlSfiS, 497
■ ■-.*' licit) tf cod .
* For all Irregularities. SUKE and SAFE Better
than Tansy. Feunj royal, etc. - They will not. harm
the moat delicate. Ity mail, 1; . Uli. DALE. 1020
Market St.. 8. F. v - ..---. .---. noilOeoil Ist ■
| . UNITED ON K.K R9* "y .. |
- kterjuiiu.' Keiiulsltefor First-clais FuusraU 1 '
- .. at Reasonable Kates, --y - . .1
Talephone 31tf7. - 'Jt and *9 Flfta street. -. | - .
i — ■■■■■ ■ * ' ■-..■.- — ■■■ ■ i - ' ■
(Successo-a to ff 11. H. I'OKTERI,
Funeral Director* and practical Kmbaimera,
ji >- -»-.«. .. ■ -,-■ Illi lOildj Str-out. c ,-.'.-■■ ■*• -«■ :-■ -.
Telephone S'2'2o. aps cod tt |_
-y , :;t> FIFTH , STREET, . -
.''.■■",:-.'*■. .- Oppoilt. Lincoln Snhnol. .
Telephone 3*Bo. :,.,■ yy v ..-.- '• ocl7lBm ; *:
A. Smith. President. ■ rl. scK__nru£ Secretary.
-j...^--. .- .- T. M. Mi;Kari.ank. Manager. --
( Successrirs to W. T. Hamilton), General Under-
takers and Kmbaimera, SW. cor. Qeary and Stoclc-
ton ata.. 8. F. 9 «J-Teli.phone No. 971. Jyl cod tf
IKtQE.SK 55333 - TUOMAS 33555 v
*,' - -.. .McHINN'BWOTJIKItS."-; * -
P* (Sons of the late JAMES McUINM,) . 'fl' *J
•*' Funeral Directors and Em men,
■ Sl Eddy St., iipu. livoU Opera Ho ti.e. I
.-■ -sy *__>___ Wo. ___• - am SnTuTh v
• .^^ _. __■. __.— . SS -
I JO llaxan, late of Hagan liroa., Valencia street, 1 1
j 17 City Hull Are., Nr. Market and Bth. I
*■ Telephone 3432. ■»- -■"-— -- ui>9 SuTulh lin *
'fl---" - :, .-_■:. X x-Y ■'.
■yyl~Ji~~~YY~:Yy.;yy:y.y^ AMUSEMENTS. :: -' ;; y '^'"''yfl^flyy^'y '■'■■' ':"- -""-"'•'
MR. At. BATMAN.*.;.,..: [..'.Lessee and Proprietor | .MB. : * ALFKEDB6aviEK:;;n.-.*"..V.V.'::.~Maa»i»r.;.
y g_&__3gSggf* } MONDAY, DECEMBER 8.
* • REGKUXjAR THEATER,' PRICES. : . "■■; '*'"''
'5, I^O . <3>_=»__H.A.» \^7*3Cl_l_ BE .' CZXANGEI). '':'""■
. ......a.*.....-...-, ....... .,,..;...,.:.... ...■■.•■,..•••■-" ...|...-.i**.....-..-. ... .-.•^•. ••■•....-..•, -
-•NEW ARTISTS! -'• *NEW OPKRASI :■-'- : MOST BEAUTIFUL '"•' „•.-...;.. :
;: NEW CO Ml' A NEWCOSTUHESI : * : •• .".OKANU OPERA.. >."-." " : - .
: fl; THE ABBOTT TOILfcTS! „ : * .: ■' .IN existence! j.
Tii© Illustrious Diva, of Hiigllsla Opera-EMMA .-*•.•
l/lf f^'/^^flT~^fl' <^* i "^' i!^ >^ t ~i*-w
fIMMMMMMMM mmmmMVMM w*4*< Mflk
KcsccatMc ii ii i) ii i tmttmmttmi wxwwa •;> a^ : -"'."Vv:*-V.'" K . Viflfl-yfl
AND HER INCOMPARABLE' > ■ "- : ' -.^V: 7 '
Laree-t, Strongest and only successful English Opera Comp.anKfh'Am»ri*.».- : Brilliant : .'.:'
array of- Artists : ABBOTT, Aiiiinn'l.ili... .Mi.relln. Mdii>len'». ; PacWs,:ißHdblpl«l,;-' .;•;■•;
— fl, liii Bpig, Pruette, Broderick. Koady, Karl. .Udro.ik, M i>> Broil crick, '„■'£""."
'-■ •-"- • .'- . ' *ill«»rlii|rtoii. Vernon*'.*-.' *° - : " \. . : '■:. 'fl ■: "■ :*".*";'- 'ii.-i ; -Yxfl
lIERK ALBERT KRA1T55E. :'.:.,■...'...'..; :',.;. : : .j-....-.^.'.v^.^,^;-.<^l^;piKßi^xb_y yy
...■'■ — r ■ -XX THK FOLLOWINO B"aiLLi-A^T"-npSr'K;RVhjß'^'_* ; -. ."-^-^'''.Oj.*;--'.: fl-fl-i"'' flfl^ i'-fli fl-'i
WEEK <>_?■' X>'_3o. - 8. -. . -WB_J_C>OI?.*Ij 7 J!Ci 13, y
MONDAY— Heroic Opera EKNAN'I. EM-'. I)AY-I>o.iifsett' jjis'tonlcai Opera <Srst •'".■'
- MA ABBOT land Entire Company, „-:.'■ . . time on -EiigllsiyJv-ANNKiBOLKYMiiS
TUESOAY-IWHo's Tuntful Opera BOHEMIAN ■• : EM.MA ABIIUTPVai Qneea Of England. :: Entire. *-.
■ GIRL. EMMA ABBOTT and Entire Company.* • Company.; ;'• :'•■•'•;•*.'.*."•* *:.*« .' : ■•"•*'• ■_ •••-•••:-'•
WEDNESDAY- MATlNEE— Planquette's Charming TUESJjAY-Kelllni's y Grand ; pberi;-. NORMA ! -
i-pira CHUCKS <>X «1 .IN.IiV, . Two NORMA KESISA-'ABEarTrau^l. Entire Com- Ifl
- Prime Doiitie and Entire' Company. •. - . pany. ' "•*- .':•.*:•: ■:. y ■'-■'- --'--.. '•,•.:-••:
WEDNESDAY, By. m.— Balle's Sparkling Opera WtDNESDX* JIATINEErAUWr'a Romantic Op»ra,
* R"S l i F- CA-TILi:. .EMMA ABBOTT as ERA I>lAy»>to. 'Two Prime Doniie and Entire ' '■:
Queen or Castile. Entire Company. The -Most -Company:*. '. - ■*'*"*.:■.'.':.*',''>" .'y-.'.'. ! ■' - : *- '■'■;■ ■••-
-* Richly Dressed Opera on the American Stage. ■ WEDNESDAY, '8,, p. »t.— i.VercUfs Ilrllliant Opera, ■-■■■■
THURSDAY— Verdi's ■ Grand Triglc. Opera- IL* • 11ASRE&. BALt;: EM-MA'-AfißßTTand En- -s*
TKOV TORE. EMMA ABBOTT and Entire' ■ tire Conipanf. .i •■...." fl-fl .r : ■.<:■ ■■:.■■■:■■■
-Company.. *:■-*.• THCRSiiAY-Verdj's: H.CToW-.Opera:EKNANI. .- " -.
FiIIDAY-Yerdl's Brilliant Opera (Brst time in San ABBOT.T.and Eilfire I'iimp any. -*• - -.--.- ,-i •-.-.
•Francisco) MASKKD BALL. EMMA ABBOTT FKIDA-V-Ueu'iioil'<s Immortal lyric lCO.»lEO AND -
and Entire Company. • • - ' JUWKT.- EIIMA-.-ABisoTT as- Juliet • Entire -
SATURDAY, ABBOTT MATINEE — Flotow'S. • Company... -..fly :-.'-..? fl- : fl. :■■;.: flfl fly flfl ' :■■ fl — ■■■
' Charming* Opera M > KTIIA. Abbott's "Last SATUItDAY.'ABBOTT •■■-MATINEE -Donizetti's .
-Rose of Suiiimerl" EMMA ABBOTT and Entire • Great lUst.i*l<*al. Opera Y.N.EMMA v
■ Company. • -"■ ' ' ABBOTT-asrljuecii of-Eh^laud: -Entire Company, ■.> ■
■ SATURDAY, 8 P. M.— Anber's Roman tie Opera* - SATI'KDAY, *-JP; V.-E V ll ■;■«• EL i ! Halle's . .
.- I'IAVOI.O. EMMA ABBOTT and Entire Tuuetul Opera.= R(»H HAN GIRL. EMMA .:
Company. -•-' ■' ABBOTT and Entire Company. '..- ..',:■-,.,.
ABiiOTT GRAND OPKRA is complete and perfoet in every : diet»ii^Artl«ta.'Cliorn* and . 7 .
Grand Orchestra forming an ensemble which fur majfuiiuile aud: merit his never been-.
equaled In Kiiflish.Opera. ***' •- " fl
Handsomest Theater In the World.
MR. AL. lIAVMAN...; ; Lessee and Proprietor
SIR.UARRV MANN.. , *...... ..Manama* .
The Theater >"ot llari^e Euonjrh to Hold the
i'.eople Who Want tv See
— -NKXt WEER —
li, the Latest Comedy Hit,
. Seats ON' Sale TnnasDAY. ' *
KKKLISii BROi.^'.., lToiineton and Managers
This (Sunday) Evening, November 30th, -
Ami Dtirlng the Week,
D.DOOR R O O T.H H • V -
* Popular Prices— 2sc and SOe.
tMjfej *L&~'j'i*A g H^g _w_lj__i___|
MS. M.B. LEAVlTr..... .....Lessee and Propnewc
MR. J.J. UOTI'LOB Manager'
' — fl:}} '- TO-NIGHT AT 8:15. '■ fl fl'-y.
';* — N EXT WEEK ;
tee OLYMPIAN cldb . ;
•'-.:.'.. (Entire Mechanic*' I'avllion)
Kowot>enas a flrst-rlsss place popular amuse*
--■ incut, where good order and decorum are
. . •• • rigidly. enforced.
5000 Fairs of lie Latest Roller- Skates.
* 60,000 Square Feet of .New Maple hurface. .
ADMISSION,- AFTERN00N5... .......A.. 1p0
'.■. . -EVENINGS, «sc. "'■-,'•,,'*.*,'.' '
W. 8. MAI.TBT, the Worlil'ii , Champion
I'yi'lisl, has been engaged for Three •
NiehlH Only, Dec. Int. 2d ami 3d, 'fl -fl
■ , at an enormous expense. .
N. B.— Mr. Maltby has a standing challenge or
tlOOll to the world. - - -• ■*■*•' noSU tr
flfl '- Yfl : NoTerabcr 30, 1890. * ' ."fly '
r y~~i.\ BERATI'S
■ "1- V' ' * ■.'.'-"' ~ * • .''.*'.• - " -'_'.'',"''-
. FARKPA, Prima Donnas. - y :
\BIO.' A. LIIiERATI, Cornet Virtuoso, y
Yflfl And All the Soloists of the Band, 'fly
Admission, Xlle. - Reserved Seat*, 7 SOe.' .
.. ,- ■ .;■ ■•■ .. --—■ no3olt. - ----- ■■■■-•- -—
-.*-•- 139 Post street: - '
MR. AL. MARKS .Lease* and Manager
ft Wednesday Afternoon, December 3d,'
T!&'-f*^r—flXky±--- at 3F. m.. anil .-;••. ■*- '■"f^'-tIK
fl Satnrday Afternoon, * December ; 6th,
- at 3 p. xt.. Positively Last Appearance ol- .-
'fflfly, - ADEI.E AUS DER OHE,;!!**'-
-sjj*^??KHei~. America's Greatest flanlste. • 7
—': TICKETS, » I . Ni.ihmg Extra to Reserre. : •■
I Tickets on sale at Matthias l.ray Co.'s, 200 Post St.,
on and* after Monday. December Ist. * -■■- - n0304t ■
einy, 71 No* Munts^oinery st— New ar- 91',!
raiiftemeuts; tuition reduced; dancing learned f^k.
at little cost; Ueuts exclusively | (bei;lnners). Ull
Mondays, - Wednesdays: ■ Ladles (beginners), I'ua*. *
days.Tuiirsdays; soirees Saturday eveuuigs;prlraM i
lessoimHlly. . -,„:---:::- ,-.-. daUat -'•
•' .t)E,fIEW:O?|RApSE. y-
■ Gt'STAV Waltkk/:. „.jS<!l« Proprietor, and Manager ,
TO-NlGttT (gulida*} .. ; NOVBSTBEE -SO 111
H. I : '<^-Y&ii-Xia;Xlfl '*"' TO, '•
'"■*' ......B.V **-HK...-;.i*,.:--. ■/ "^
Produced with the full Strength .of -.i I><»1 ><» Company, -.
GUTHRIE, r.*!ERT£MS, ; 7
>- " ■■* ... ln.tUe;Cast^^- .
Admission )85c," :.'Re»t-rved Seats 50o' and .; •■
75c. Box Seat*.*!.. V..';*, * : y'.. "fl '.--■ '-': ': '• '--.fl -'■-...
IN* PREPARATION— ERNANI.; "■■'.fl '-flflfl--
WAII.ESBOt> Jt SIfOCKWEtIi. Lessees and MftQa?_rj.
-fl.flyfl -last; tme of— -— ■ flfl
ausustin Daly's Comedy, ■■■'- y:
INTKKPRETEp:*,' ■ v - f J
I To-morrow, Monday, December Ist. : .yv\' :
' -AußUKtln pßlr .lielodrmua — '-■
. AT SEATS NOW ON SALK. _fe> *„ ,/ flflfl
will taxe ftlace at the "<ld Fellows' Hall, cor. of! .;
Seventh and Market streets, on Di.reuibrr 14th, at 8 -- ;
>. M. under the direction of' PKOFESSOR P.YIC- * ■
TOR AUSTIN.-for the.beh.ellt of establishing a bouse
of worship ami a.' Hebrew^ school, ' .THe --fallowing '-.■■
prom-.ueut artists of this' city hAve knijly ottered
their services gratis r F. Victor AUttln-, vi.itfui'ftlme, '
Ida Valeria, soprano; MrS."Tlllni.Morcsiey; soprano;
Mrs. Eunica W^stwiter, contralto t Cantor S: PI»llo 4 ..
. barytone-tenor; Signor H. Martinez,', pianoi^MT. A., ■'.
Lada, cello solo and quartetr Mtts Klen K. Austin,
pianist and accompanist,, and r I'roleisor Austin's -
famous Quartet. : '-• ; ■;--.-•.- ':,'■•". r— '. '"-•■ '.- : \}fl
. Beethoven's Quartet in Eb' will be played. by the ..'
orchestra,* and Mendelssohn's Concerto In Kma or ; .-
by F. V. Austin. Vocalists and lnsfruuientallstsbave :
selected a. strictly classical- programing for. that -
evening. All seats reserved, ♦!. Tickets for sale At
Sherman A Clay's, Urav's and air.inuslc-Morcs In •'
tbis city. Box-f-fflceat the bai. will be open De-
■ cember 1 -tn. at «F. M. * • no3t) de 3 7.1- 14.6t:-' -„
.: ; "EYENlBGSvra:pAoAli;^y;f !;
yflfl "^ Metropolitan Temple. ■"•/:'•- ; ,;'..f'VV'
■ To those wbo enjoy refined entertainments, ire-"
are pleased to anuounce the appearance of '•-'-"-'•..":/....:■■
r -'.;. -s * MR. E. B. WARMAS, : ' : yi •'! "•>''■ -.*•
The Distinguished KeadeT, Lecturer anti Author, In '■
•f TRUE AND .FALSE;- *fi-tqC*e.TION,"V;i ;
With illustrative readings, -on December 6tb; an. V
exposition of "The Delsarte Philosophy, of Expres- -
sion" on December 9tb and 13th; "A Critic,*! Analy- -. -
sis of Poe's Raven" on December lßth, and on IK-- '
cember 20th "An Evening With the Pot ts.".'; - --• r
Tbese "Evenings" will ailord a rare treaty-Ad-. .
misslou, BOc. Season tickets (transferable), •tl'lii' .**
Circulars and tickets at Sherman; Clay A C<-.*s. It*
"Of all sad words of tongue 1 or:'pet»-Vlft^"" .
saddest are these, 'It might have beea.' '.'. ;.; ; .v ;
- ■'* A DURABLE, : LIGHT-RDNNlirff : -^ Z ] -
Instead of tbat cheaply made machine tor whle_: .
good money was foolishly squandered. " 0 -° ".' ' : •':
Bny a "JUOJIKSTIC" nnd enjoy your. fn-:*, :'.
vestment. -..' r . =- ;* ■■•■°i ; ;' ?'Z^'\',.^' J ;■■•."•-..'>.";-"■
J. W. EVANS, Cen'l Agent,; ::
&6 Post Stroet. . ■-'*.
*•■.-■... .*.*■■■ au*l7p tf . ■ -,--.". . .:.■; ,-y . ■
MERC ? TAILOR. yfly:
Aof flne Roods. conslsting-of the: I.r.test.. Pholcost .
ami most select Styles' of .Woolens. 1 sli»l|.pl.»re; -.-
these Roods before me -public «t prices 25 5 per sent . .•
lower than any other " house. . M>r. »^l (ability «i! ; -..
goods, lit anil workiuaushlp anil economy in price 1., ■
defy couipetitiiin.*'. An examination of my stock aqdi;: ;
a comparison of my -resp.-cctnily solicited., f :-*'-',
230 Thilrd Street^
Uet. li..\. ii -: i-i-i 1* ■' s-.iii. near T«ti':iliia. ■- -.
-■ ; . • .. ' iio2o Thsotiii ).ri . ' . .*■.*■' ■'. :" ■'■'. ;.
fc^S^ P*^ *ur* mA _!•»/» wJi»t4«. ' c I.?iri!c a. «*!(- .
J 7 — ii.' DruiTii!"' '■' l»Duiniid H?-nni!.'.'> red rt_rt»«io j
I <«. Jf boxes, mwl with Wm ribbob.';,'l v »t« ho-btken ;*.
I■» .J8 t*en«l -Uf. (»tp»> for p»mc_r»p- »«■' "Rrltef fwr ,"
JV IF l*aUc»S'in'.etter,hyrvtanir%iull..Xa'i**F4p~ .
jT. CMeb«*t»rChe_*.t''f M «»-'>^*Si^i , _ilj_, *».•.■
-° "- " . . octo TufbSnASvy ir, ' «*•* " ." ■. - .
THE WEEKLY CALL contains in cv- *
cry number choice reading mat-.'
: . ter equivalent to three hundred
y pages of magazine size $1 25 v
• -ya:yeax,jp6s^s^7;fflyy,yffl.y;'.
Mil I llED6 Balsnin cures Enarosi*
Waif I i 7 »l;*rr.uXi^^ .
i jnatt lor wil* by aUdraaajstsi or at offioe.' Forolrco. '
j Mra and testimonials address, with stamps. Dr. O. W.V. - -
Bsrrosa. 243 State St., Chicago. ; . ..
$&- Ask your Druggist to order it for you. -
fl''-- ■- —'X'- TaThSaguaWy ••..*■•■•,■■ ,'
fly ".; flflX.:- a, toiUi B«T«r- to J»l 19 ...y. ....

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