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The City Council.
There was a full board present at the
meeting of the city council , Monday
night. The following bills were allowed
and warrants ordered drawn for same on
the proper funds :
McCook Electric Light Co $85 oo
H. P. Waite 2 60
] . S. McBrayer , claim $17.75 , allowed -
. lowed at 4 oo
The treasurer's report was read and
placed on file.
A committee from the board of educa
tion was present and made a partial re
port of the condition of the finances of
the public schools. It was decided that
a similar committee would meet with
the council at its next regular meeting ,
when u full statement of the school's fi
nances will be offered , and a request will
be filed for the entire amount of money
derived from the issuance of saloon li
censes. Supt. Valentine thanked the
council for hearty cooperation with the
board and thanked the marshal for his
assistance in carrying out health regula
The request from the cemetery com
mittee that C. B. Rowell be appointed
sexton of Longview was granted and the
nomination of the mayor was confirmed.
The specifications for the proposed
new court house were read and compared
and the same were adopted and signed.
The protest of J. S. LeHew against the
appointment of C. II. Meeker as super
intendent of construction of the court
house was taken up and the same was
The council then adjourned to Tuesday
afternoon at four o'clock to approve bond
of Contractor James McAdams.
At the adjourned session all were pres
ent except Councilman Perry. The bond
offered by James McAdams was duly ap
proved. The bond is in the sum. of
$5.000 , and A. Barnett and V. Franklin
are the sureties. Adjourned.
A War Measure.
A highly esteemed citizen objects to
the printing of certain patent medicine
advertisements which appear in THE
TRIBUNE , and the publisher grants the
"kick. " It is just and eminently proper.
When THE TRIBUNE was patronized at
home as it ought to be now , no foreign
advertisements found their way into our
columns , much less what might be in
any sense objectionable. But with the
meager advertising patronage given of
late years by the home merchants and
others , the sale of space to outsiders has
been necessary as a matter of self-preser
vation. It costs money to publish a
creditable newspaper.
Sudden Death of an Old Soldier.
David Keithley.an old soldier of South
McCook , passed away , last Sunday , after
an illness of not more than thirty min
utes. Heart disease was the cause. The
deceased was born in Pennsylvania sixty-
three years ago. He leaves a wife and
two children to mourn his death. Fu
neral services were conducted in the
South McCook Methodist church , Tues
day morning , by Elder H. H. Berry , who
was assisted by Rev. J.M.Bell , interment
in Longview cemetery following. THE
TRIBUNE tenders sympathy to the be
reaved ones.
A Series of Meetings.
The Christian church lias arranged to
hold a series of meetings at the usual
hours , beginning next Lord's Day morn
ing and evening , March 2Oth , to be con
ducted by the state evangelists , Lemon
and Travis.
For this occasion a large tabernacle
32 x 48 feet , has been erected just south
of the Baptist church. It will seat about
400 persons and will be well lighted and
heated. Everybody invited and wel
A Fine Lecture.
The lecture by Chancellor W. F. Mc
Dowell of Denver in the Methodist
church , last Saturday night , was a splen
did effort , well worth the hearing , and
enjoyed by all who heard it. The some
\ \ what fanciful topic of the lecture was "To
day and Tomorrow , " and the thoughts
advanced on different lines and the hand j
ling of the ideas presented were effective
and able. The lecture was under Ep-
worthian auspices.
Poultry Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the Repub
lican valley poultry association in Odd
Fellows' hall over Ganschow's shoe store
at 4 p. m. , Monday , March 2ist , with the
purpose in view of making arrange
ments for the next annual exhibition.
J. S. LEHEW , Secretary.
A Card of Thanks.
We wish in this way to express to all
those who so willingly and helpfully as
sisted during the illness and after the
death of our father , our sincerest thanks
and warmest gratitude.
visitor , Sunday.
FRED BOEHNER of Arapahoe , was in
the city , Monday evening.
ADAM GRASS of Hastings had busi
ness in the city , Tuesday.
W. H. ACKERMAN made a business
trip to Red Cloud , first of the week.
CHAS. A. JOHNSON of Lebanon was a
business visitor in the city , Tuesday.
AMI TEEL of Indiauola had business
in the metropolis , Tuesday afternoon.
CHARLES HOAG and E. R. Banks were
up from Indianola , yesterday , on busi
MRS. LAMB is here from Lincoln try
ing to work up a circulating library for
our city.
E. A. SEXSON of Indianola , was in the
city , Tuesday , attending the meeting of
R. Q. STEWART , deputy revenue col
lector , was in the city , Wednesday , on
revenue business.
MRS. J. F. KENYON went up to Den
ver on Sunday morning , returning on
Wednesday afternoon.
W. M. LEWIS came down from Benkel-
man , Saturday , and visited over Sunday
with the family here.
MRS. M. BATTERSHALL and daughter
left on No. 6 , Monday evening , to visit
relatives in Oklahoma.
T. J. FLOYD of the Trenton Register
was in the city , Saturday , on his way to
Lincoln on some business.
from Indianola , Tuesday , attending the1
meet of county commissioners.
MRS. S. L. MOENCH departed on 6 ,
Tuesday , for Plattsmouth on a visit to
old home friends and relatives.
MRS. G. A. NOREN left on No. 6 ,
Tuesday afternoon , on a visit of ten days
in Lincoln , Omaha and Orleans.
J. S. MINARY , one of the thrifty farm
ers of Hitchcock count } ' , was in the city ,
last Saturday , transacting business.
MRS. W. S. MORLAN and Miss Mar
garet Evans have been visiting a sister
in Wymore whose child has been quite
DR. A. P. WELLES returned from Chicago
cage , Tuesday night , from taking a spe
cial course for the practice of diseases of
the eye and ear.
J. A. KIRK of Culbertson was a city
visitor , Saturday , on his way home from
attending the grain dealers' meeting in
Lincoln , last of the week.
W. S. MORLAN drove over to Stock-
ville , Monday , to attend court , returning
home on the same day , which , to put it
mildly , was something of a drive.
down from Frontier county , Thursday
morning. Mrs. Stone left for Table
Rock , Nebraska , this mo ruing , on a
visit to Mrs. C. H. Jacobs.
MR. AND MRS. L. S. WATSON returned
home , Saturday night , from their wed
ding trip to Lafayette , Indiana , and
other eastern points. They will go to
housekeeping in the J.P. Lindsay house.
LLOYD GANSCHOW has been very ill
with an attack of membraneous croup ,
this week ; but we are happy to state is
now better and improving. Anti-toxin
was used in this case with good results.
and Lulu Beardslee , Messrs. John Stran-
han , A. B. Wood and T. E. McCarl in
dulged in a pleasure trip up to Wauneta ,
Monday , returning home the same after
Hastings were in the city over Sunday ,
the guests of Conductor and Mrs. Frank
Kendlen. Mr. Stevens is a leading young
lawyer of Adams county , and is a brother
of Mrs. Kendlen.
A. BARNETT hied him away to Oma
ha , Tuesday , on No. 6 , to attend a ses-
sion of lumber dealers in that city. An
excursion up in to Minnesota , is to fol
low the meeting of the association , Min
neapolis being the objective point of the
MRS. R. A. MATHEW of LaVeta , Colorado
rado , is in the city , guest of Mr. and Mrs.
S. A. Moore. Mrs. Mathew will be bet
ter remembered by many of our citizeus
as Miss Gertie Lewis , daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Lewis , formerly of our
city , but now of Illinois.
MRS. C. B. RowELL received a tele
gram , Wednesday , announcing the death
of her brother , T. M. Stanley of Decatur
City , Iowa. He was on his way to Lou
isiana , for his health , and died in Green
county , Iowa , at the home of his mother-
in-law. THE TRIBUNE offers its sympa
An Harmonious Caucus.
A large number of men of one mind
attended and participated in the Repub
lican city caucus held in the city hall.
Monday evening , as per call made in
the Republican papers of the city , last
week , and the following proceedings
were had in a most harmonious spirit :
In the absence of Chairman C. I. Hall
of the city committee , J. A. Wilcox of
the committee called the caucus to order
and read the call. On motion of Ed.
Jordan , C. F. Babcock was made chair
man of caucus. He took the chair after
delivering a brief and pointed speech.
On motion of H. W. Cole , the editors of
the Republican papers of the city were
chosen secretaries of the caucus , and F.
M. Kimmell being present assumed the
duties of the office.
J. E. Kelley was placed in nomination
for mayor by H. H. Troth , and the nom
ination was made by acclamation.
Ray Hall placed C. I. Hall before the
caucus for clerk , and he was unanimous
ly chosen.
Dr. S. L. Green felt the inspiration of
the occasion. Felt good always to meet
in a Republican caucus and was glad to
see so many out. Said that a continu
ance of the wisdom thus far displayed in
nominations meant success. He placed
E. J. Wilcox before the caucus for treas
urer and the choice was made by accla
C. F. Babcock was placed in nomina
tion for police judge by Dr. S. L. Green.
Mr. Babcock declined the honor , but the
doctor suggested that it was not the rule
to decline and Mr. Babcock was unani
mously chosen.
J. A. Wilcox named C. N. Whittaker
for the office of engineer , and the nomi
nation was made by acclamation.
For members of the board of educa
tion , J.S. LeHew named E. H. Doau and
H. W. Cole named R. B. Archibald. Dr.
Greeu seconded the nomination of Mr.
Doan because he was not afraid to come
before a convention for a nomination.
Both nominations were made by accla
On motion of C. G. Coglizer the pres
ent city committee , consisting of Messrs.
C. I. Hall , J. A. Wilcox , R. B. Archibald ,
W. S. Perry and C. B. Gray , was con
A division of the house was had and
nominations for members of city council
were made as follows :
In the first ward , H. H. Troth was
made chairman. G. S. Bishop named
L. W. McConnell for councilman and
the choice was made by acclamation.
The second ward voters called C. I.
Hall to the chair. Ed. Jordan placed
the name of W. S. Morlan before the
caucus and his selection for councilman
was made by acclamation.
The caucus then adjourned , having
finished the work of the evening without
incident within a half hour's time.
The important nominees of the ticket
are strong : J. E. Kelley for mayor in
sures the city a thoroughly business-like
administration ; and the nominations of
W. S. Morlan and L. W. McConnell for
councilmen are particularly strong. Both
are well-informed , careful and successful
men who will bring to the council wis
doru and experience. The nominations
of R. B. Archibald and E. H. Doan for
members of the board of education will
meet with large approval , as their ser
vices on the board in the past have been
satisfactory. As to the minor and cleri
cal nominees , they are all well qualified
for the positions for which they have
been selected. Victory doubtless awaits
the entire ticket.
Miss Fair and Mrs. Mitchell Young
went to McCook to the teachers' associa
tion , Saturday. They report a good at
tendance and well rendered programme.
The teachers were entertained in the
high school building by the Twelfth
grade. ' The refreshments and service
were highly complimented. Miss Fair
and Mrs. Young met with an accident
on their return home. One horse fell
and broke the tongue of the buggy. The
ladies got out and unhitched the horses
and , after considerable difficulty in
mounting and managing the horses ,
they completed their journey on horse
back. Danbury Topics.
The following licenses have been is
sued since our last report :
On the I4th , Michael S. O'Leary and
Jessie Murray , both of this city. The
ceremony was performed by the county
judge the same day.
On the i6th , Emerson B. Scarrow and
Minnie A. Allen , both of Danbury. They
were also married by the judge.
THE TRIBUNE and The Toledo Blade
for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance.
THE TRIBUNE and The Cincinnati
Weekly Enquirer fori.5oayear , strictly
in advance.
CATHOLIC Mass at 8 o'clock a. m.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HlCKBY , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday-school at 11:00 a.
m. Evening service at 8:00 : p. m. Even
song and instruction on Thursdays at
8:00 : p. ui. REV. HOWARD STOY ,
Priest in Charge.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
ten. Junior Endeavor at three. Joint
church and Endeavor services at eight
o'clock of special music , readings , devo
tional exercises , to which all are cordial
ly invited. Prayer-meeting at 8 o'clock
on Wednesday evening.
METHODIST Sunday-school at ten.
Preaching at n ; subject , Anticipating
Trouble. Junior League at three. Ep-
worth League at seven. Preaching at
eight ; subject , A Wise Simplicity which
Outwits the Devil. Prayer and Bible
study at eight , Wednesday evening. All
are welcome. JAS. A. BADCON ,
BAPTIST Revival services in progress.
Rev. S. C. Green is assisting the pastor.
Every afternoon at three the theme is ,
Victorious Christion Life. Services each
evening at eight. Sunday services
Preaching at eleven. Bible reading at
three. Young People's meeting at seven.
Preaching at eight. The revival ser
vices will be continued through the week.
An invitation extended to all.
GEO. W. SHEAFOR , Pastor.
J. FLETCHER of Bartley is transacting
business in the city , today.
MRS. WILLIAM LEWIS has been visit
ing at Benkelman part of this week.
Miss HATTIE BUNNELL left on Thurs
day morning forBloomington , Illinois.
the east , this week , to live with her broth
er , A. Reischeck.
R. E. GEORGE , a prosperous farmer
from near Bartley , was in the city , yes
terday , on business.
WILL DOLAN was up from Indianola ,
last night , attending the supper aud musicale -
sicale in Menard's opera house.
drove down to Indianola , yesterday af
ternoon , to see the new grandchild.
DR. AND MRS. W. V. GAGE returned ,
Tuesday night , from their visit of ten
days to her parents , Supt. and Mrs. J.R.
Phelan at Alliance.
"SNAPPER" KENNEDY spent a few
days with friends in the city , this week ,
and will leave , next week , for the east ,
where he will play ball the coming sea
G. M. CHRISTNER , late with the
Woodmen , was in the city , Wednesday ,
being fitted out to enter the work of or
ganizing for the Star oY Jupiter. He will
direct a number of deputies in the state
Harry Walters returned , Sunday , from
a two weeks' visit in Dundy county.
The spinning of tops is a fad in a viru
lent form among the smaller pupils.
Misses Maud Doan , Maria Gibbons
and Lulu Beardslee were school visitors ,
Wednesday afternoon.
J. H. Fowler found time to tear him
self away from his study of medicine ,
last Friday , and visited the school.
L. E. Gilcrest made a record of two
songs sung in the assembly , Thursday
afternoon , and gave a few selections from
his graphophoue.
Leo Enright , the five-year-old sou of
T. F. Enright , was painfully hurt on
Tuesday by having a cellar door fall on
him. The doctor took three stitches in
the lad's face.
A Great Success.
The supper aud musicale given by the
Calvary cemetery committee in the ope
ra house , last evening , was a success of
large measure. The committee realized
a considerable sum which will be used
in beautifying Calvary. The supper was
simply splendid and the musical feature
was highly enjoyable. Congratulations.
The highest market price paid for cat
tle , hogs and chickens at Brewer's old
stand. EVERIST , MARSH & Co.
The Clyde saloon was the scene of a
lively scrap , late yesterday afternoon , in
which the marshal finally took a hand ,
putting the non-resident combatant in
the cooler over night , after using his club
with effect. That drinking place needs
the attention of the city authorities.
C. H. Cox is visiting his brothers ,
Walter and Ed. , of our city.
Conductor L. E. Gilcrest was a Denver
visitor , Monday and Tuesday ,
Brakeman William Shinsel and wife
were Oxford visitors , Sunday.
Conductor George Beck had the pay-
car over the division , Saturday and Sun
A daily passenger service will be put
on the Hastings-Oberlin branch , Mon
Switchman J. R. Vanllorn of the Red
Cloud yard has gone to Kansas City for
medical treatment.
Trainmaster W. Josselyn was up from
Orleans , Wednesday , between trains , on
business of his branch.
George Campbell of the Seventh grade
and Glenn Hupp of the Ninth , were Cul
bertson visitors , Saturday.
Brakeman Emil Farnien of the Hast
ing branch who has been sick , went to
work on Tuesday of this week.
Mrs. Frank Kendlen went down to
Hastings , last evening , with her husband
and attended a grand ball there with her
Brakeman and Mrs. C. J. Snell left on
No. 6. Tuesday , for Prairie Du Chien ,
Wisconsin , to be absent thirty days vis
iting relatives.
Brakeman William Shinsel had his left
hand squeezed between the drawbars at
OxfordSunday morning. He had a nar
row escape from losing the hand.
Brakeman B. C. Monpleasure went up
to Boulder , Wednesday night , to see his
wife , who is in a hospital at that place
being treated for consumption.
Conductor C. W. Bronson went to Chicago
cage , Sunday , on No. 6 , to attend a meet
ing of the general grievance committee
of the O. R. C , of which he is a mem
Supt. A. Campbell went in to Lincoln
and Omaha , Tuesday , on No. 6 , on busi
ness connected with the new time card
to go into effect on the Burlington , next
Chief Dispatcher J. F. Forbes went
down to Lincoln , Wednesday , on 6 , to
get out the new time card for the West
ern division , which will go into effect ,
Stephen Belles will retire from the
company's service , next Sunday , and
leave early in the week for Seattle ,
Washington , where he expects to enter
the shops.
A large number of citizens went down
to the depot , Thursday afternoon , to see
the immense cannon in transit to the
Pacific coast. The cannon was 38 feet
long and was loaded on a special 16
wheel car.
Switchman William Throop had his
hands badly burned in a gasoline fire at
house over in West McCook , a few days
since. He was moving into a house
over in that portion of the city , and only
had a portion of his goods in the house ,
when in some way the gasoline can took
fire. In attempting to save the goods
already in the house aud the house it
self his hands were badly burned. All
the goods in the house at the time were
destroyed or damaged badly.
Pay Your Delinquency.
In view of the better times , and higher
prices for grain etc. , the publisher ex
pects those indebted to THE TRIBUNE
for subscription to make good their de
linquencies at once. During the con
tinued hard times and failures no effort
was made to force the collection of sub
scription accounts , but now that the con
ditions have changed greatly for the bet
ter it is expected that these delinquencies
will be promptly paid up. Statements
will be sent out to all in arrears and with
the expectation that all will appreciate
our past indulgence and respond at once.
For the Cubans.
The Cuban relief social held in the
Methodist church , Tuesday evening , at
tracted quite a fair audience. The pro
gram and refreshments were enjoyable
and about $17 were realized for the bene
fit of the victims of Spanish inhumanity.
Wanted-Cattle to Pasture.
I want 125 head of cattle to pasture on
the Stewart ranch , at 25 cents a month.
Plenty of water two new large cisterns.
J. A. RESH , Manager.
The highest market price paid for cat
tle , hogs and chickens at Brewer's old
stand. EVERIST , MARSH & Co.
Remember the millinery opening to be
held by the Lowmans on next Friday.
McMillen's Cough Cure ; 250.
Culicular soap at McMillen's ; 150.
Buy a Kimball piano , and get the bes
WANTKD Shorthand pupils by L. W.
Take advantage of the special sale of
Kimball pianos.
The Kimball pianos are sold for cash ,
or on easy payments.
UNE office. Best in the market.
THE TRIBUNE and Leslie's Weekly for
$3.00 a year , strictly in advance.
THK TRIBUNE and The Prairie Farmer
for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance.
Try McMillen's Poultry Powder and
Egg Producer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
THE TRIBUNE and The Chicago Inter-
Ocean forl-35 a year , strictly in advance.
Try McMillen's Poultry Powder and
Egg Producer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Be in the swim. Buy one of those
wonderful Vive Cameras from II. P.
The Kimhnll piano has several special
features which would have to be seen to
be appreciated.
Attention is directed to the advertise
ment of H. P. Suttoii to be found on the
editorial page of this issue.
James McAdams commenced prepar
ations , Tuesdaj' , for making the brick
for the proposed new court house.
The O. L. Everist & Co. dray barn is
receiving some repairs , this week , a new
shingle roof on part of the buildings , etc.
An original pension has been granted
to Robert II. Hume , and increase from
$4 to $6 to Alfred II. Bell , both of Indi
Everist , Marsh & Co. are selling some
of the finest meats we have had the
pleasure of seeing hung on hooks for
some time.
The members of the Christian church
are building a temporary tabernacle just
south of the Baptist church , and will
hold services therein when completed.
That fine black polled heifer which
was shown on our streets , last Wednes
day evening , was purchased by Everist.
Marsh & Co. for their new me.-it market.
Postmaster John Peterson of Zimmer
and Phillip Roeuiersheuser of Osburn
made proof before the local land officers ,
Saturday. Also , J. W. Ilartman of our
The water works people are rearrang
ing one of their pumps at the pumping
plant so as to make it a compound pump ,
thus utilizing the steam twice and sav
ing fuel.
The A. P. A. brethren held a social in
Oddfellows hall , Wednesday evening. Y
A lecture by a visiting brother was a
feature of the evening. Refreshments
were served.
"Where are you going , John ? " "Oh !
I am going down to Everist , Marsh &
Co.'s meat market where 1 can get nice
fresh meats and courteous treatment , and
such a big steak for ten cents.
C. B. Rowell has been selected by the
cemetery committee to superintend the
work on Longview cemetery during the
coming summer. This guarantees that
the work will be carefully done and well.
The following letters were advertised
on March iSth : Mrs. James Buckley ,
Mrs. C. R. Cox , A. J. Corkins , James W.
Cutter. Mrs. Milton C. Jay , Mr. Henry
Rinley , J. H. Stephens , John Walker.
George Wilfong , W. S. Woods.
If you prefer to have your clothing
made to order , leave 3our measure with
us. First-class work , good trimmings ,
and a good fit , as well as lowest prices ,
guaranteed at
The consolidated Nebraska Farmer
and Cultivator , now published weekly at
Omaha , the commercial metropolis of
the great Trans-Mississippi agricultural
region , the most popular , best known and
best liked home and agricultural journal
in the west and THE McCoOK TRIBUNE
all one j-ear for $1.65.
Messrs. Lemon and Travis , the Chris
tian church evangelists who will conduct
a series of meetings in the Christian tab
ernacle , are just fresh from successful
meetings in Seward and Plattsmouth.
At Seward they organized a church of
ninety members and at Plattsmouth they
received seventy-five additions to an al
ready large membership.

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