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And kept it two years *
The JT at World's Fair , r.t Cljlcngo , ! n
iny ; . while it irnvc pleasure to tunny , save
jmm to iot a few nn nn indirect result of
their viKit to the White City. 1'coplc were
lnrid alotitfthc miles of wonderful exhib
its by the new marvels thnt met the naze
U. every htcp , utid did not realize tncir
exhaustion until they dropped into a
chair in some breezy comer by the lake ,
and "cooled off. " T"hat's wlint began the
trouble , in many cnrrn. Of one Mich cr.sc ,
Mrs. I.V. . Stevens , 1'ort I'airficld , Me. ,
writes :
"My husband took n severe cold and
coutfh two years BRO last October time of
the World's I'nir , which we attended. This
couch lasted over two years , was accom
panied by spitting of blood , and nothing
could be found to help him , although vari
ous remedies were tried. Several doctors
were consulted , but their prescriptions
afforded no relief. Finally , I saw : iu ad
vertisement of I > r. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral I
in my paper and prevailed upon my hus-
bnnd to yet a bottle and try it. The very
firht dose helped him ana he was com
pletely cured in a short time. We feel
In providing the dynamite bomb as
a cure for the ills of the world the an
archist has always exhibited a marked
dislike for his own medicine. Last
Christmas eve a man v.'ho lived above
an anarchists' club , in the neighbor
hood of Tottenham Court Road , was
returning home with a plum pudding
in a basin. While sear-chins for his
latch key he laid the pudding down
on the door step of the house and for
got to take it into the house with him.
An anarchist saw it there and cave
the alarm. The genral exodus was
hasty. In less than thirty seconds
every member of the club was out in
the street putting distance between
himself and the deadly instrument.
Then the owner came down stairs and
removed it. Plum puddings are known
to he subversive compounds , but their
possible uses by the London police
had not been considered before.
"Bridget , does your mistress ass'st
you in cooking ? " "Yis , very much. "
"How does she do it ? " By kaping out
of the kitchen. " What to Eat.
Why isn't the bookkeeper's lunch
the bite of an adder ?
Ask you Grocer to-day to show you
o a package of GllAIN-0 , the new food >
drink that talces the place of coffee.
< $ > „ The children may drinlc it without
injury as well as the adult. All who
try it , like it. ' GKAIN-O has that
rich seal brown of Mocha or Java ,
bu it is made from pure grains , and
ihe most delicate stomach receives it
without distress. the price of coffee.
15 cents and 25 cents per package.
Sold by all grocers.
Tastes like Coffee
Looks like Coffee
Insist Uiat your grocer gives yon GKALK-O
Accept no imitation.
Keeps both rider and saddle , perfectly -
fectly dry in the hardest storms.
Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for
1897 Fish Brand Pommel Slicker
it is entirely new. If not for sale in
your town , write for catalogue to
A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass.
very jrrateful for what Dr. Ayer's Cherr ,
1'cctorul has done for HK , and shall keep it
cotihtantly on hand in the house. " Mrs. I. .
W. &TCVKNB , Fort i'airficld , Me.
Two years of doctorinc for n cough , two
years of " remedies " that gave no help , of
prescriptions that profited only the men
who wrote them , and then n trial of Dr.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral , which helped from
the very first dose and effected a complete
cure in a short time. The difference be
tween Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral end all
other cough medicines could not be better
stated than iii this comparison of rehults.
It has curd the most stubborn and obsti
nate cases of chronic bronchitis and asth
ma. It is a specific for croup and whooping
cough. It cures all coughs and colds and
nil affections of the throat and lungs
promptly and effectively. In response to
numerous demands Dr. Aver's Cherry Pec
toral is put up in half size bottles sold at
half price so cents. More about cuies
effected by Pectoral in DrAycr's Cure-
book. Sent free , on request , by the J. C.
Ayer Co. , Lowell ,
A Dixfield ( Me. ) firm has just com
pleted an order for 8,000,000 checkers
and 200,000 dice boxes.
We are asserting in the courts our right to the
exclusive use of the word "CASTO1UA. " and
"PITCHER'S CASTOHIA"asourTra lie Mark.
I , Dr. Sainucl Pitcher , of Hyannis , Massa
chusetts , waS the originator of "PITCHEU'S
CASTOHIA. " the panic that lias borne and does
nov.- bear the fac-simile signature of CHAS. H.
FLETCHER on every wrapper. This is the
original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" which has
been used in the homes or ihe mothers of
America for over thirty years. Look carefully
at the wrapper and see that it is ' 'the kind you
have always bought , " and has the signature of
CHAS. II. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. Xo
one lias authority from me to use my name ex
cept The Centaur Conpany , of which Chas II.
Fletcher is President.
Why shouldn't the sailor's accounts
be cast p by the tea ?
SEAT-TTjE , unquestionably best and
cheapest starting point and outfitting sta
tion for Alaska and Klondike , does not.isk
or advise you to go , but you will find
Seattle's facilities , stocks and experience
unsurpassed and prices the very lowest ; .
Washington state has Kloiidikes of its own.
Seattle is the chief city. Strangers are
protected by Public Comfort Bureau. Ad
dress Chamber of Coinmorce.Seatilo , Wash.
Why isn't a medical glass a sanitary
measure ?
Ask for Allen's l oot Ease.
A powder to shake into your shoes.
It cures Corns and Bunions. Chil
blains , Swollen , Nervous , Damp ,
Sweating , Smarting and Callous feet.
At all Druggists and Shoe Stores. 25c.
Sample FREE. Address Allen S. Olm-
sted , LeRoy. N. Y.
Vice either hides or draws its sword
as soon as virtue shows her face.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Ca carcts Candj Cathartic. lOc or 2.1c.
If C.C.C. luil to cure. druKsiits refund rnouey.
A correspondent of the London Spectator
tater tells this story to illustrate the
biting humor of the late Charles Pei-
ham Villiers : "The anecdote , " he
says , "must be reproduce J with un-
othographic exactness. Half its point
would be lost if it were translated into
the queen's English. Mr. Villiers had
been asking a radical elector to suport
him. 'Yes , I'll support you. But Wil-
lars , we must have a diwision of prop-
' ' ' the diplomatic
ty ! 'Certainly , replied
ic candidate : 'I should be quite in fa
vor of such a measure. But I am
afraid that if the property is divided
there will not he enough for you and
me .nd the rest of us. ' After a mo
mentary embarrassment the cheerful
and resourceful socialist hit on a rem
edy : 'Why , then Willars , we must di-
wide again ! '
Don't get the idea into your head
that you can pull yourself out of trou
bles with a corkscrew.
Don't think that every man who
asks your advice really wants it.
Swan < = on IthenmatJc Care Co. . Chicago , Gentlemen : I thought that -would write you n statement and
tMl voti Uow I liavc sot along nlm-e I hae used your * S UUOl'S. " 1 mutt say that I am entirely well oace
inorc thnnks to your-wonderful ri-iaedy. Itbasaccorapllslicd more good from the tatnplc lottle
and the dollar bottle than the thtrty dollar worth of medicine IJisn e used of other nianufacturers. _ I tried
all kinds of mcdlcino 1 paw
f ul saircrfns till I got
' &iit half thti dollar bottle then all my rains
aln at night without any more sutTerlnp.
iinil word * enough In . pralcc of . your \vonderf ul
- - - - - -
President Swanson Hheuinntlc Cure Co. . Chicago. My Dear Sir : After suffering the tortures of the
dinnril for 1 1on- ' time from an an attack of Kheumatl m , I wl h to say that your Uheumatlc Cure "r.IHJOPb"
li-s cured mo of all mv troubles , which were all caused by one complaint Rheumatism. I had
iinnrt Tmiililp Piles Bladder'Trnubic and Constipation. I would not take ST oO and do without the remedies
pvc-i if I'onlv cured tie Catarrh lor me. which it has done. Therefore. I willingly take the agency for the
W medicines , for they are
your . IT. Y. , Peb. 8 , 1S2S.
bat have sold direct to ths con'
rurtcr for 2i years at wholc-
KIC prices , raviaff him the
dealer's profits. Ship any
where for examination.
Ererytliing irarrsated.
113 rtjlcs of Vehicles ,
K styles of Harness.
Top Hussies. $33 to f 70.
Surreys , § 50 to $125. Carria
ges , Phsctoas , 'i'raps , VTa on-
r ctes. Sprias-Kood sad ililk
Ko. 7T. Snrrrj S r3fss. Price , 516.00. " Scad for lirec , free Ko. CM Sntrty. Price , uith earUins , lanrs , f nn-
As sooJ n > ' ' for { ij- aron ted Icaicrp , f C. As Good ss iclla for 30.
. .
.y - * ? !
From the Rccurd , Plerceton , In4. '
Determined to rise in lifs cboficn i > rofes-
wloa ns an educator , Erucht JCcniper , ot
IMercotoa.Iiid. , overtaxed himself cieutully
and pbyhfcaHy. Ho was nrabitious , hs !
mind wna always on liia work. From early
morn until Into at uigbt bo continually
poured over his books.
"Burned tbo candle at both ends. "
Few pcryons.even with the btrougestcon-
Etitution , can keep up under such a strain.
In addition to bis Ktudies , Mr. Komper
was teHcbin afccboobomethreeujileslroui
biu hoiriQ. Finally , his excessive study and
the exposure of going to and from fechooliu
all kinds of weather undermined his health.
He was taken to his bed with pnsumoniu
and bis overworked brainnlmofaicollupEed.
For several weeks bo was bcrjously ill.
Catarrh had taken root in his system and
his mind was in a delicate condition. Ho
was sent to Colorado wlioro
ho spent three mouths
without recoiviucr any IHMI-
jeflt. Then
a noted
- irom v _ < iuvo-
iand treated him
without avail ,
and then n hospi
tal in Chicago was
tried , Ihit all nl >
Bolutely without
benefit. Finally
bis physician re-
coinuieudcd Dr.
Williams' Piuk
I ins ior raio i-eo-
, , , ,
, , , < > , nml from the
first box he began to improve.rhon
be bad taken nine bozes bu was completely
cured. This famous blood and nerve med
icine bad accomplished what all his for
mer expensive treatment failed to accom
plish. 3Ir. Ivempcr rays his catarrh bus
entirely left him : ho is strong again and
weighs nine pounds more tnaii be ever did.
He gives the pills the entire credit. He is
starting teaching again undf eels abundant
ly able to continue the work. To prove
that the above is true in every respect , Itlr.
Kemper made an affidavit as follows :
Subscribed and sworn to before mo this
the 10th day of September , IS'.fT.
R. P. WATT , X tar > i Public.
"We doubt if these pills have an equal in
all th range of medicine , for building jp
a riii down and debilitated system.
Sixteen thousand dollars is the rec
ord price paid for a cablegram , that
price having been paid for a message
sent 'by Heniker Heaton to Australia ,
in behalf of the British parliament.
To "Washington ami Baltimore ili the
3Iomm Koute.
There 4s not a plea'-auter or more pic
turesque route from Chicago to Washing
ton and Baltimore than the Mouon. via
Cincinnati and the B. & O. S. W. and U. &
O. Railways. The train service of tins line
is comfortable and convenient , consisting
of through palace sleeping cais and
conches. The time of leaving Chicago is
2:45 : A. M. , but the sleeper is ready for oc
cupancy at any time after 0:30 : p. ir. This
route traverses tbo garden section of
southern Ohio , and j-a s-cs through the his
toric section of West Virginia in the eve
ning ami down the baautif ul and tradition
laden Potomac valley in the early morning ,
arriving at the national capital at 0:47 nnd
Baltimore T : . " ) . ' } the next morning. Taken
altogether it is : i most comfortable and
restful journey , a tour of education , that
once taken will never bo fogotten. and the
oftener repeated , the more enjoyed.
FRANK J. Rrrn ,
General Passenger Agent.
A cupful is all the cup will hold with
out running over full to the Lrim. A
scant cupful is within a fourth of an
inch of the top.
Are warranted. They produce ! We are
the largest growers in America. Low
est prices. Seed Potatoes only i1.5u per
barrel. Big farm seed catalogue with
clover and grain samples ( worth 310.00
to get a start ) sent you by the John A.
Salzer Seed Co. , La Crosse Wis. , upon
receipt of lOc and this notice , w.n.c.
Yet jMias Anne Cunningham Saved
Ulount Vcrrson to the Nation.
The story of how Mount Vernon was
saved to the Nation by a woman was
entertainingly told to the Boston
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion by Miss Alice Longfellow recently.
Miss Longfellow's story was about
Miss Anne Cunningham , a. gentlewom
an of old Virginia , who , when passing
up the Potomac river one day in 1853
and hearing the steamer bell toll when
passing the grave of Washington , be
came possessed with the desire to re
store it. The place was then occupied
by a great-grand-nephew of the first
president , John Augustine Washing
ton. It was in a state of decay , and
the generous hospitality of the owner ,
who treated every passing stranger as
a guest , made the expenditure of money
tor repairs utterly impossible. When
Miss Cunningham ventured to tell him
of her plans he was filled with horror
that women should do that which
should so emphasize the degeneracy
of men. But the determined woman
sent out urgent appeals. Her first call
was to the women of the south , and
on July 12 , 185 i , the first meeting
was held. Edward Everett was one of
the first to offer his services , and as
a result of his lectures ? 6S,000 was con
tributed to the fund : Northern people
withdrew when they learned the prop
erty was to be turned over to Virginia ,
but on March 17 , 1856 , the Ladies'
Mount Vernon Association was formed.
A certain congressman had vowed
he would defeat the association , but at
a critical time Mr. Washington showed
his loyalty , and just at the time when
Miss Cunningham was ready to die
from over-anxiety and discouragement
a definite conclusion was reached. Af
ter that she lay in a stupor for three
weeks. In addition to the actual price
of the plantation , $300,000 had to be
raised for repairs , and when matters
were progressing finely the Civil war
broke out and confusion was the re
sult. Mount Vernon was neutral
ground throughout the bitter struggle.
When the strife was ended Miss Cun
ningham went there to live , received
the aid of Sumner in gettting aa in
demnity from the government , and
went on with the noble work she had
Didn't Mean It Jast That T7sy.
It was a Chicago clergyman who , be
fore preaching a charity sermon , an
nounced that a collection would be
taken for the sufferers at both morn
ing and evening service.
Klondike BrJde : "And do you stil
think I am worth my weight in gold
love ? " Klondike Bridegroom : "Wortl
your weight In gold , pet ? Why , blame
my eyes , if I don't think you're wortl
your weight in canned goods ! " Puch
Hypnotic "U'omlcrx.
No one need go to Paris to see all
that is marvelous in hypnotism. In
the hypnotic wards of many hospitals
an ; subjects that a mere glance will
throw into the trance state. But in
order to overcome that obstinate kid
ney trouble , the persistent use of Hop-
tetter's Stomach Bitters is necessary.
When a man begins to move others
he is generally called a "crank. "
Thus cays E. Walters , Le Raysvillc ,
Pa. , who grew ( sworn to ) 2f 2 bushels
Salzer's corn per acre. That means 2-
liOO bushels on 100 acres at 30c a bush
el , equals $7SCO. That is better than
a prospective gold mine. Salzer pays
$400 in gold for best name for his 17-
inch corn and oats prodigy. You can
win. Seed potatoes only $1.00a barrel.
Send TJils Notlco-iiml 1O Cts. ! n Stamps
to John A. Salzer Seed Co. , La Crosse ,
Wis. , and get free their seed catalogue
and 11 new farm seed samples , includ
ing above corn and oats , surely worth
$10 , to get a start. w.u.c.
There are sixty different kinds of
wood grown in Arkansas.
Colorado Gold Ptelil.
Colorado is the banner gold-produc
ing s'tate in the Union. Production in
1897 over $20,000,000. This vear prom
ises to exceed § 30,000.000. New strikes
are being made every day. Nothing
like since the days of 'J9. Would
you know all about these things ?
Then send twenty-five cents for a six-
months' trial subscription to the
"MINING WORLD , " an eight-page
illustrated weekly paper. Regular
subscription , $1.00 a year. The news
iest mining newspaper in the world.
Address "World. " P. 0. Box 1011 , Denver -
ver , Colorado.
Over 60,000 oil wells have been sunk
in the United States.
tteport From itev. o. nutcftcll-Scrun. .
ton , loins.
"I have used the box of Dr. Kay's Lung
Balm with the most pleasing results. I can
recommend it for coughs. A lady hero
who had a cough two months cured it com
pletely -with one-half of a : > 5 cent bos : cf
Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. " Send yo'ir ad
dress and give your s-inptorn3 and our
Physician will send free udvlco j-.nd .1 free
sample of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm and Dr.
' Renovator and of "Dr. '
Kay's , a copy Kay's
Homo Treatment , ' ' a CS-pngo book with Til }
excellent recipes and many valuable pro
scriptions for nearly all 'disease * . Ask
druggists for it or address Dr. B. J. Kay
Medical Co. , Oraaha , Neb-
Your ideal may easily become your
idol , unless your ideal is Christ.
Don't Tobacco Spil anil smoke r-our Life Aivav.
To quit tobacco easily and forever , be : ui2- :
letic , full of life , nerve and visor. ttUe Xo-To-
Unc. the wonder-worker , tiiar makes weak men
strong. Allclriuj- , 50e. oril. Cure Kiuiran-
tccd. Booklet and saraplu free. Address
Sterling Keme.Iy Co. . Cluou-jo or New Yorl-
When a man makes a fool of him
self he generally does the job well.
The kaiser and the czar are said to
he lovers of bric-a-brac.
Coe'o CoiJCji 35nl ain
Is the oldrst am ! best It will lircaK up a co'ii ouiclcct
than anjtUintelse. It isalwajs irliaole. Try it.
The governor of Idaho , Frank Sten-
nenhyrg , never weais a necktie.
Sirs. VTin lo\-s Snoibinz ; Syrup
For children t'-'ctht'ijj.voften- [ iiimi-.rrilm e-inflnm-
cialion , alleys pain , fines " \viud cnn- . .ri centra l.uulf.
Maine people are shipping pine
to the treeless plains of the west.
Take L.uxtivc Jirorno Quinini ; Tablets. All
Drafergiss icfund the money if it fails to cure.i c
The population of Germany increase 5
at the rate of 600,000 a year.
I < UTI Farms for sale on crop payment. ? ! per
acre cash , balance lf crop yeaily until paid for.
J. Mulnall , Sioux City. Iowa.
Ten jingoes can make more noise i
than a thousand peaca advocates.
J never used so quicK a cure asPiso's Cure
for Consumption. J. B. Palmer , box 1171 ,
Seattle. AVat > h. , Nov. LT > . IbST .
Potter Palmer is o5ng to build a
home that will cost $3.000.000.
Star ToliRoeo is tne Icr.diag brand of
the world , because it is tbo best.
To profess Chr'st is a challenge to
tlie world , not a defense.
To the March number of the North
American Review n sug cstlvo dis
cussion of the question "In the Con
stitution Outworn ? " JH contributed
by Professor Goldwln Smith. Under
the title "Do Foreign Missions Pay ? "
the Rev. Frances 13. Clark , D. D. ,
President of the United Society of
Chriiitian Endeavor , 'furnishes an
authoritative and carefully pre
pared paper. A most Important na
tional subject Is elaborately treated
In an article from the pen of Com
modore 0. W. .Melville Chief Engi
neer , U. S. Navy , on "Our Future on
the Pacific What We Have There to
Hold and Win. " while Charles F.
Thwing , D. D. , President of the
Western Reserve University and Ad-
elbcrt College , contributes an essay
of timely Interest on "Personal Mor
als and College Government. "
Don't imagine that the man In the
orchestra chair gets a hotter show for
his money than the boy In the gallery.
HOU-'H TillI
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot bu cured b '
Hall s Catarrh duo.
I- ' . . ) . l'lIKNEV & CO. . ToU-do. O ]
NC. the iindPiMgncd. have known I''J.
Cheney for the last 15 years , and believe him
perfectly honorable In ail business transac
tions : uul financially able to carry out any
obligations made by their linn.
\Ve > t A ; Truav. Wholesale. DrucKlsts.Toledo.
O. ; uaiding. Mnnan & Marvin , Wholesale
Dtugdtt.s. Toledo o.
Hall's Catairh Cure is taken Internally ,
acting direct iv upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the -ystcin. TcMlnmnluls .sent
fn-e. I'l lee , T."ic per bottle. Sold by nil drug
Hall's family plbs are the bent.
A teaspoonful of salt , pepper and
spice is u level teaspoonful.
Jlotlicr CJruy's Sweet I'omlert , for Children
Successfully used by Mother Gray ,
nurse in the Children's Home in New
York , Cure Feverishness , Bad Stomach
ach , Teething Disorders , move and
regulate the Bowels and Destroy
Worms. Over 10.000 testimonials.
They never fail. At all druggists , 25c.
Sample free. Address , Allen S. Olm-
ated , LeRoy , N. Y.
A cup holding just a half a pint is
the standard measuring cup.
IScauty T.S rliooil Deep.
Clean blood means aflcan slin. No beauty
without it. Cascarels. Candy Cat hartic cleans
your blood and keeps it clean , by stirrinK nn
tlie la/.v liver and driving sill impurities ; from
the body. Megin to-day to banish pimples.
: ioils , blotches. hlac ! < hi < ads. anil that , sickly
bilious complexion by taking Cascarets.-
beauty for ton cents. All < lrugglhts.bati.sfac
tion guaranteed , lOc. > c. COc.
A tablespoonful of flour , susar or
nitter is a rounded teaspoonful.
Smoke Sledge Cicnrcttes. 50 for ficta.
A heaped spoonful is all the spoon
will hold.
The Mnrcj number of the Century
openH with n paper on "Tho Mam
moth Cave of Kentucky , " written by
John II. Procter , formerly State Geologist
elegist of Kentucky , and aeeompa-
panlcd by many striking Illustra
tions by CtiHtalKnc. John oidnoy
Webb describes 'The River Trip to
the Klondike , " with plcttireH redrawn -
drawn from photographs Larit
summer Mr. Webb made a tour of
investigation along the entire coawl
of Alaska , and up the Yukon as far
as the Klondike mlncH , on behalf of
the Alaska Commercial Company.
HlH investigations , therefore , In
cluded not only the famed Klondike ,
but the other creeks and streams
tributary to the Yukon.
Many churchgoers , like little llsli ,
only nibble at the halt. Ilam'.s Horn.
All dry materials should be sifted
before measuring.
Joiiu I'aient Oftlri ) Kt-port.
Des Moines , March 0 , 1898.
Wo receive frequent thanks and
commemhitions from inventors for
waom we secure patents , but have never -
er published them. But the following
testimonial from one of the largest
publishing companies In the west wo
make an exception :
In reply to a letter from A. II. M. ,
of Albion , Neb. , March 7. 1S98. to the
editor of the Iowa Homestead in which
the writer said : "I would llk to
know if the Iowa Patent Ofllce Is a
reliable concern. , " the following was
voluntarily given him :
"Your favor of yesterday is at hand.
The Iowa Patent Olllee is entirely re
liable and has been doing b'.iainons In
this city for a quarter o. a century
or more. It will give an opinion on
patentability of a device with tualruc-
lions how to proceed , without charge
for such service. For subsequent ser
vices it probably has its regular scale
of fees.
Very trulv yours.
( Signed. ) HOMESTEAD CO. "
IT. S. Patents have been allowed aa
follows : To J. S. Lord , of Dos Moinos.
for ii bicycle attachment adapted f ( > r
carrying a t-ccond person at the nido
of the rear wheel. To J. D. Coon , oi
Mathrop , Colo. , for a hreech-loadini ;
[ louble-barrelcd gun.
Valuable information about obtain
ing , valuing and selling patents ssent
to any address.
Solicitors of Patontw.
Dr. Mary Walker's famous i ns
iase has been dec-idea against her.
No-To-lIac lor Fifty Cent * .
Guaranteed tobacco habltcnre. makes weak
strong , blood pun : . . " . ( > t.5I. All
Everything comes to him who waits ,
Init a lot of other things wait for him.
Should Get Mrs. PinMiam'a Advice The "Whole Truth can bo Told
to her Because she is a "Woman.
The suffering and pain endured by some working women is almost past belief.
llere is a letter from one of tlie multitude of women who have been restored
to health and itsefulness by Mrs. Pinkham's advice and medicine :
DKAIJ 31ns. PIXKHAM : I feel as though your advice had lifted me from the
grave. I must have been very near it. 1 suf- *
fcred terribly at time of menstruation , was
constantly troubled with
cold haids and feet , was
extremely nervous , could
not sleep well , was trou
bled with frightened
dreams , had heart trouble
and a feeling1 as though
my breath was going to
stop , also had leucor-
rhcca. I tried to get
help but all remedies
failed , until I wrote to
you. I cannot thank
you enough for your
kind advice , and I wish
totelleveryonetliegreat . , .
good your remedies have 7 jg j \ * _ --j
done me. TAMMA C. " = ! -y ( )
HOOVER. Wolfsvillc , JId.
Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for a quarter
of a. centiiry has been helping woman to be strong and well.
The following statement from Hiss II. PATTKKSOX , of 2.VU
Lawrence St. , Philadelphia , Pa. , should interest all working
women who are troubled with female complaints :
" DKAK Mr.s. PJXKIIAM : I must write and tell what your medicine has done
for me. I am a working girl and have to stay at my work all day. I suifered
greatly with bearing-down pains and backache. I * as advised by a friend to
try your Vegetable Compound. I did so and can say positively I am cured. I
have recommended your medicine to all my lady friends , and would adviseany
of my sex suffering from female weakness to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Com
pound atrial , forl know it will cure.5
Mrs. Pinkham invites all women troubled about their health to write to her
at Lynn. Mass. , and secure her advice free of all charge. All such letters are
teen and answered by women only.
AsK Mrs. Pinfcnain's Advice-A Woman Rest Understands a Woman's Ills
' >
Pf >
, is
$ & $ .
ST.FtlVOPt.FftD Of31 o 0 (
I-JE WOR5-D. . . . f'Cfis ' 5
* * t I , S IS-
The Columbia Chainless bicycle has already passed harder tests than any *
bicycle ever made , and has proved itself the best. Other makers may decry the , >
Columbia chainlcss , yet they offer you en untried imitation in the same breathi i
REMEMBER THIS We make but one quality of Columbian , and that is
the very best. There is no varying of material , construction cr quality. All ;
Cclumcias are made of 5 % Nickel Steel Tubing v/hich costs twice as much and < ' > ,
4 ! is 30"o stronger than any other tubing known. i > .
Columbia. CIis.inAheels , Frico
Hartford Bicycles , so < ,
\7edette J33eyclos , ' - * er ' { 1C !
POPE MFG. CO , , Hartford , Conn ,
Catalogue free from any Columbia dealer , or by mail for one two'ccnt stamp.
W. N. U. OMAHA. NO. 12. 1993.
'Aitca Acsv.'cring Advertisements Kicdly
Mention This Taper.
Larc" iprovr i-of Gni a"1' Clover ScoilM
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flee. THC .Y 2-.NJf.Ll iu : iv : > . , I 11HIIA. 1. J.
Late Principal tstcnaer U. S Ptzrioa liortaa.
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adses Wanted
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perinanrnr p iit . , n. sutpcr i-.unth and a. ' e\f.eiiM's.
I * . \ \ . Zlt-tiLt-'K K CO. . Pas Usarhorn t-tn-ct.CliJ.-ajro
Wt > O E3 . f f < 'EW D ISCO VERY ; s a
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r& " " * Sir.dfor bouk of te-ifnioinalHaml lOiJaya *
treatment Jt'rcc. Dr. JiU.iiUEiLVbisOas. itiaata. Ua.
t'so Ki G for un
irritationi or
of miicocg
i ? . cad not astria-
or cent Sn plain \rpper ,
1 .7 express , prepaid , for
1 fO. < ir3l < iJtp"$2.7s. !
Circular Eeat ca lujassl ;
Ka } Guaranteed
" ° S ,
J j
toctiru d iep-
sia. constipation , livc-r and kidney diseastis.bil-
liousness , bead&chc , etc. At druggists i i : ! ! .

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